Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 153697 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #270 on: December 07, 2016, 04:24:02 PM »
I'm so envious of your wedding. The first time I tried having one in Myshuno Meadows, nothing worked right. But congratulations, and Tallulah makes a wonderful flower girl. I didn't realize though that she wouldn't be able to marry Jorge. (Or if she did marry him, he wouldn't be able to move in.)
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #271 on: December 07, 2016, 04:42:58 PM »
Haha, Tallulah is trouble with the capitals SR!
Amidst all my hardy laughs, I believed I laughed hardest at Otto's appeasing remark to Karla about swiveling the camera around!
Yes, Otto, you are definitely the King of Romance and Comedic Panache!
Truly, the two of them make such a dashing wedding couple! Their dusk to evening wedding was so lovely!

In my dynasty, I had both the Gen7 and Gen8 heirs get married. Their relationships gave me something of interest to do besides slogging through the remaining ambrosia requirements and watching the dust collect on the immortals. ;-)

Looking forward to more of Morris' culinary snobbery and Tullulah's romantic conquests!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #272 on: December 07, 2016, 06:21:52 PM »
I feel you Tallulah, buttercream is my true love as well. Too bad Karla doesn't share your love for it. One piece certainly wouldn't hurt would it?

The wedding looked great, I love Myshuno Meadows as a venue. Tallulah is going to be an absolutel heartbreaker, I love how all the boys are scared of her. And good luck Morris in your quest for new and exotic foods.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #273 on: December 08, 2016, 08:43:12 AM »
Just spent the last couple hours bingeing your dynasty story! Love it and love the Spiffendales.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #274 on: December 09, 2016, 01:40:27 PM »
@laurenannie Yes, poor Jorge. Poor guy goes through quite a lot. I feel bad for him, but he's such a useful narrator!

@MarianT Thanks! I just love Myshuno Meadows as a wedding venue. What a bummer that it doesn't work well for you! Yes, no room to move in a spouse this generation, which is why I picked Serial Romantic for Tallulah to begin with. I didn't count on becoming so attached to Jorge, but them's the breaks. :)

@oshizu LOL. Yes, trouble indeed! As you know from my technical difficulties thread I'd love to get Tallulah married, but the game is not cooperating. We'll see if I can find a good way to spin it when the time comes to write those chapters. :/
Glad you liked the camera-swiveling shot. It's another one of those that I almost didn't include because I had so many pictures of the wedding, but now I'm glad I did. :)

@NexttoNormal Agreed on the buttercream! Just don't tell my husband. ;) Thanks for your kind words.

@jillz Thank you! So glad you made it all the way through!

Chapter 65:  The Thing About Big Moments

Morris:  Okay, letís go, letís go, letís go! Finish Ďer up! Grampa Morris is under a deadline here and I still need to look up what nuoc cham is supposed to taste like so I can make sure that food cart was doing it wrong.

Tallulah:  Grampa Morris, can't I stay home tonight?

Morris:  Nope. You've got to skill, and I've got to criticize. We've got to be active and on the same lot, now let's get that extra credit taken care of, pronto!

Arianna:  Aaaaah. At last. A nice, elegant ambrosia meal with no beanies, swim trunks, or other wardrobe malfunctions.

Wendell:  Whereís Morris?

Pernille:  *smirks* Oh, heís probably off being conspicuously inconspicuous and expecting us not to notice.

Mallory:  *chuckles* Thatís my Dad for you.

Morris:  Sorry Iím late guys. I just got super in to my yoga routine there. Had to finish up. Phew!

Mallory:  Uh-huh. Sure, Dad.

Wendell:  Why do you smell like Bhel Puri?

Morris:  What? How do you know what Bhel Puri smells like?

Arianna:  *sigh* Just change, Morris. I only hope you havenít spoiled your appetite.

Pernille:  Now that weíre all dressed appropriately Iím not sure what to talk about.

Arianna:  Thereís a lot to be said for a dignified silence.

Morris:  Dignified silence, eh Mom? Sounds more like a dignified sawing of logs to me.

Pernille:  Hush. Sheís had a long set of lifetimes. She deserves a bit of a rest.

Wendell:  What?  Iím sorry, I canít hear you though the door, and ever since the Rainn incident Iím not allowed to talk to any of Ottoís friends. Nice outfit, though. Love the hot pants! Pink is totally your color! Iíd better go.

Tallulah: Itís different this time because itís me. You may think youíve seen children leveling creativity a million times before, but doesnít the glitter seems a little sparklier this time?  Thatís my goal:  to add a little extra sparkle wherever I go.

Karla:  The thing about big moments is, they look exactly like little moments. Youíd never know I just completed Musical Genius, because I look exactly the same as I did for the last hundred hours or so, banging away at this piano. Oh, well, on to writing books.

Wendell:  I have to say, Grampa, youíre really doing us all proud. Youíre a real inspiration, starting all over so late in life.

Morris:  I have no idea what youíre talking about, but I've never yet turned down a hug!

Otto:  Gwendolyn, I appreciate the support, but donít patronize me. Itís late. Iím tired, and so are my jokes. Iím just grinding out my daily task so I can go to bed.

Gwendolyn:  Whoís patronzing? This is literally the highlight of my day!

Otto:  What do you do for the rest of your day? Not exist?

Gwendolyn:  Yes. Duh.

Otto:  Okay o-KAY! Now ghosts are really my people! You guys are the real heroes. Coming out night after night to watch my shows. Donít get to rowdy, now!

Dimitri:  You think weíre rowdy now, you should see the after party.

Dimitri and Goopy:  Woooooooo!

Dimitri:  Oh, yeah. It doesnít get better than this. Good times.

Goopy:  Same time tomorrow?

Dimitri:  You know it!

Pernille:  Well, darling, are you all ready for school?

Tallulah:  Yes, maíam! I hope there are some cute boys there! Iím so excited!

Pernille:  Donít you already know a bunch of cute boys?

Tallulah:  They get increasingly less cute the longer Iíve known them, unfortunately.

Pernille:  Ah, inverse correlation. I know it well. Never applied it to Sims before, but I believe the basic principle stands.

Tallulah:  I know, right?

Karla:  Here goes everything!

Karla:  Oh good, Iím still perfect.

Mallory:  Woo! Old lady dance party!

Arianna:  Weíve still got some darn good moves! Work it, Tyler Behr!

Pernille:  Rainn, you should leave. Itís elder time, now.

Morris:  So, itís called ďfuh,Ē right? But itís spelled P-H-O. Isnít that wild?

Wendell:  Huh?  Oh, sorry. I was distracted by that goofy-walking vision with the red hair over there. Do you think I actually had a shot with her?

Morris:  Not if sheís into conversation. You havenít heard a word Iíve said all night.

Wendell:  Actually, I get the impression sheís more into dancing than talking.

Morris:  Well, then buddy, you are in.

Morris: Heh heh heh. Thats right. Moving on up. Champion of the food world. They donít give these plaques to just anybody, you know.

Morris:  One of everything, please!

Vendor:  Are you sure? You got some pretty wicked heartburn last time.

Morris:  You must be confusing me with yourself after you read my review. Now dish it up, and no skimping on the condiments this time!

Morris:  Well, it ainít shish kebab, but you canít argue with the smokiness.  Just a couple of notes here to keep my memory sharp. Letís see, how many ďpísĒ in the word ďdeplorable?Ē

Morris:  Oh yeah, thatís the stuff. They listened when I said more turmeric. Iím always right.

Morris:  Ooof. Okay, I may have been wrong to ignore that advice about heartburn.

Morris:  I love this. I really feel like Iím living the life I was born to live. It only took five or so lifetimes to get here.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #275 on: December 09, 2016, 02:10:31 PM »
I'm so glad that Morris gets the chance to rejoin the work force!
He's looking very youthful and very handsome! Love his new outfit--all the white with the light-blue shirt really suits him!

What a laugh that Wendell's been banned from socializing with Otto's friends. (Who banned him? Grandma or Mom?)
He still seems a bit fixated on Rainn, though...

Old lady dance party for the win! Shake it, hot mamas!

Wow, Karla didn't age at all after her adult birthday! Yes, dear Karla, you remain as perfect as ever!
Wonderful update! Thanks for showcasing what the oldsters have been up to. :D

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #276 on: December 09, 2016, 09:41:53 PM »
Sorry for not posting.  Been reading, (and laughing hysterically), right along but now there is so much to comment on I don't know what to say.  I absolutely ADORE little Lula!!  How can we possibly stand the perfection of her love?  The combination of her mom and dad are......well....perfect in her.  Can hardly wait to see what she does as a teen.  I'm actually dreading having this story over.  Oh, and I forgot my broken heart over the Goopster.  These people must never end, they are just too funny.   Oh, and the query about did he put in enough fart jokes.  (Leaving the room quickly roaring in laughter and fearfull of embarrassing myself if I don't make it in time.)
What?  Grannies can't play games?
I speak perfect Nooblik, (and some Simlish)!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #277 on: December 11, 2016, 01:56:23 AM »
I'm so happy to see Morris making the most out of his immortality. :)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #278 on: December 12, 2016, 12:20:42 PM »
@oshizu I'm going to say it was Arianna who put the kibosh on Wendell talking to younger ladies. She does like to keep up appearances. :) Glad you like Morris's partywear. He almost never gets to wear it because he's always the caterer at parties. He was just in it accidentally when I took those pictures, but it does look nice. I might use it more often just because.

@Joria You're such a faithful reader and commenter. I knew you'd be back! Missed you of course, but I'm so glad to hear that you like Lula and that you appreciated my fart jokes. :)

@laurenannie Thanks! Me, too. I'd just let most of the elders be idle or go fishing for awhile, but it actually seems to make much more sense that if they want to live forever, they'd want to do something with their lives, so I'm really happy to have found something for Morris to do.

Chapter 66:  El Lobo

Tallulah:  Aw, come on! Cut me a break! Itís 11 p.m. and Iím starving. My grampa Morris wonít let me go home until heís done reviewing and you know how long he takes choosing adjectives!

Vendor:  Your grampa Morris has cut my business in half. Iím losing money right and left! Plus, Iím pretty sure youíre dating my son and that kind of creeps me out.

Tallulah:  Oh, okay. Iíll pay full price. But go easy on the spice. Iím just a child.

Tallulah:  Zero stars. Terrible service. Clearly hates adorable charming children.

Tallulah: That witch! How did she know?

Morris:  This is an absolute masterpiece. Itís an unimaginable crime that itís going to run next to the ad for Diamonds are for Sims VI. Next week Iím lobbying for the front page. No more small time for Morris Spiffendale!

Tallulah:  Thank you so much for coming over, Billie! You are so awesome! I know itís late, but I really need one more friend and it just has to be you. I love you so much!

Billie Jang:  Well, Iíve thought it over, and it really thing surrendering to your every whim is the best course of action for me, even at 1 a.m. on a school night.

Morris:  Ah, the Spice Market. Letís see whoís going to be crushed under the wheels of the Morris Machine today, shall we?

Vendor:  Iíve got teas! You want teas! I have a plethora of teas! Iím not teas-ing you! Iíve even got tisans! Artisanal tisans!

Morris:  What is this nonsense?  I canít review this! I could make this at home! Be off with you!

Tallulah:  Excuse me, maíam? Iím a poor lost little girl, abandoned by her relatives, but Iím determined to do well in school despite many setbacks and I was wondering if youíd like to help me with my homework?

Rando:  Honey, if youíre doing your homework in a karaoke bar you got more problems than i can solve, but youíre cute so I can try and dredge up some geography from the back reaches of my mind.

Tallulah:  Oh, thank you so much! Youíre as lovely inside as you are outside!

Rando:  Listen, kiddo, Iíve been hanging out at this bar for awhile so Iíve rejected much better pickup lines than that. Now letís get down to business before the contest starts.

Morris:  Hey, wait a minute! Arenít you El Lobo? We work together at the Times! Oh, gosh I am such a fan! I heard after you reviewed a sculptor last week he tried to fling himself into the giant Hole of Death in Uptown! Youíre a legend!

Diego:  Oh, well. It was nothing. I mean, those glass barriers are so high he never even got close. Always overreaching, that guy. As were his artistic endeavors, so were his suicide attempts. But hey, I loved your piece on the Myshuno Meadows food carts. Deliciously insidious.

Morris:  You read it? Oh, wow! I canít believe you read my column! Iím sorry to gush itís just, I mean . . . youíre El Lobo!

Diego:  Oh, no. Please. Donít apologize. I adore it. To tell you the truth, people donít fawn over me nearly often enough.

Diego:  First samosa, huh?

Morris:  *coughs* Wow. Yeah. That was unexpected.

Diego:  I know itís dramatic, but to be honest I think they amp up the spice when their stock of potatoes goes bad. It masks the flavor and has the added benefit of incinerating any bacteria.

Morris:  Oh, thatís good. Really good. Can I use that?

Diego:  Of course. Consider it a gift.

Morris:  Iíd love to hear your thoughts on Chez Llama. Itís been my favorite for ages, but I really feel like theyíre in a rut lately.

Diego:  Would you believe Iíve never been?  I mean, Iíve heard all about it of course, but Iím such a city guy I can just never bring myself to make the trek out to Willow Creek.

Morris:  Oh, youíve got to let me take you some time. Theyíve got this crazy wall sculpture that Iíve always suspected is completely derivative, but Iím not an art guy and I canít figure out what itís derivative of.

Diego:  Okay. Itís a date.

Tallulah:  Dad, pick me up. My homework is done and Grampa's been locked in a karaoke booth with a guy in a flowered suit for hours. Send help.

Diego:  So he said my outfit was loud, and I said I wouldnít know because his most recent performance had left my ears ringing so hard I was temporarily rendered completely deaf.

Morris:  Amazing! Diego, you are my kind of guy!

Diego:  Morris, darling, itís mutual. Itís so seldom I meet someone whose disdain for the inadequacies of the world matches mine. I think the two of us could really cut a swath through this town.

Morris: So, listen, I donít want you to feel threatened by me. I know we do the same job at the same paper and Iím just a much, much better cook than you, and El Lobo just told me that my metaphors are leaps and bounds ahead of yours, but I really think our work environment will be much better served by our keeping at least an appearance of cordial civility, donít you?

Geeta:  I just came down for some tea.

Morris:  Right. Thatíll sooth your nerves. Good for you. And hey, listen, youíve got tenure at the paper, so Iím sure theyíll keep you on in some capacity even as my popularity as a columnist grows and grows.

Geeta:  You used to be a chef, right?

Morris:  Thatís right! And a Master Mixologist!

Geeta:  Iím going to send my son down to talk to you. Itís time he learned what happens when you grow old and bitter all alone.

Morris:  He wonít learn that from me! Iím absolutely at the top of my game! And Iíll have you know I had a very successful and loving marriage back in the day.

Geeta:  Oh, yeah? Did your wife die just to get out of talking to you? Iím considering that right now.

Morris:  Didnít work for her, and it wouldnít work for you, either.

Geeta:  Good night, Morris.

Vendor:  Hereís your next course, Mr. Spiffendale.

Morris:  Hang on, Iíve got like two more bites here. You got the last one started yet?

Vendor:  Itís on its way. You sure you want to eat everything on the menu all at once?

Morris:  Iím a serious journalist on a deadline! Now, keep Ďem coming!

Tallulah:  Thatís right. You heard me! Iím going to mop the court with you, sucker!

Tallulah:  Spiffendale crouches for her signature shot. History will credit this iconic player with bringing the granny shot back into prevalence, as well as making the sport of basketball a million times prettier.

Raj:  So, my Mom told me to come down here and get a glimpse of my sad, miserable future if I donít find a wife and give her grandbabies soon, do you know anything about that?

Morris:  I know your mother is an unpleasant harpy who wouldnít know a decent croquette if it smacked her on the nose.

Raj:  No kidding! I mean, sheís my mom and I love her, but the woman is a real nightmare sometimes. She even reviews the food I cook at home, except instead of stars she uses babies. You mind if I stay down here with you for awhile?

Morris:  Raj, welcome to my office! Letís trade old chef war stories, shall we?

Morris:  Hang on just a second . . . ďtastes like a wet sock rolled in rancid buerre blanc.Ē Okay, just didnít want to let that thought escape, now what were we talking about?

Raj:  Wow. I hope you never review my restaurant.

Morris:  Certainly not. Weíre friends now. It would be a conflict of interest.

Tallulah:  Yet again, Spiffendale popularizes a revolutionary technique, dazzling the crowd. Some call the two-handed dribble uncouth, old-fashioned, even totally-against-the-actual-rules-of-basketall, but Tallulah Spiffendale calls it perfection.

Raj:  *coughs* Whoops! I guess the potato stock went bad again.

Morris:  Poor guy. Been there.

Morris:  What do you say, kitten? Should we do it again tomorrow?

Tallulah:  Grampa Morris, I canít help but feel that itís not exactly appropriate for me to be hanging out in a big city practically by myself until all hours of the night.

Morris:  Oh, we gave up on the appearance of normal, appropriate childhoods generations ago! Just ask your Grandma Pernille! You hang in there, honey. The day will come soon enough when youíll get to call the shots.

Otto:  Is this thing on?

Watcher:  Hey! About time you showed up! I have so much to tell you about! You would not believe the new kid. Sheís a holy terror! And wait until I tell you what Morris is up to!

Catherine:  Hush. Iím listening to my grandson tell jokes.

Watcher:  But . . but . . . but . . . I have things! Things to say! Oh, you look so happy. Darn it! Never mind. You enjoy.

Catherine:  *sigh* This is the life.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #279 on: December 12, 2016, 04:18:23 PM »
The Food Critic career was created just to allow the witty culinary condescension of Morris Spiffendale and his Watcher to gleam and sparkle!
It's so obvious that Morris is loving what he does!

What a brilliant move to make Morris and El Lobo (lol) comrades in arms.
Diego has never really interested me (well, he would have no place in my current game anyway) but you bring his conceited self to life, snooty walk and all.
I can't wait to see the two of them at Chez Llama.

Wow, Tallulah does spend a lot of time literally alone in San Myshuno. Maybe get some random adults to mentor her in violin or piano?
No, that wouldn't do since you're playing an Immortal Dynasty. She is really precious and I like how we get little cut shots to Tallulah whenever Morris is out and about.

Awww, Catherine is back. I love that she finds contentment in her adorable grandson. Otto is too cute when he's telling jokes.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #280 on: December 13, 2016, 09:14:25 PM »
It does seem like Tallulah does well entertaining herself. And the more people she meets out with Morris, the more people she knows to twist around her little finger.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #281 on: December 14, 2016, 12:46:45 PM »
@oshizu Thank you! Honestly, I don't think I would have even thought to put Morris in the Food Critic career if you hadn't suggested it. It's been such a blessing, though, because it's really kept this stage of the game interesting and fresh for me, and I know from reading other stories that it can get to be a grind this late in the game. It really is perfect for him.
I'm glad you're liking his kinship with Diego. That was one of the first things I thought of when I decided to have him become a food critic, and the two of them really do get along like gangbusters. I can't take credit for calling him "El Lobo." I think it's in his official household description.

@laurenannie Yes, indeed. I think Lula is pretty good at holding her own in the big city, or at least finding other people to hold it for her. :)

Chapter 67:  The Uptown Beat

Otto:  Listen, youíve got to give me a bonus. Iíve discovered a whole new audience. They come out every night, they drink like fishes, and they give me instant feedback because they change color. The ghost scene is going to blow up, and youíd better not forget who told you first.

Morris:  Oooh! They finally gave me the Uptown beat. Okay, young lady, I want one of everything and make it snappy!

Vendor:  You want a fork or chopsticks?

Morris:  Donít insult me! Iím a world-famous chef and critic. Of course I want the chopsticks! Authenticity is key to an enjoyable dining experience.

Morris:  Stupid authenticity. Canít review it if I canít get it into my mouth. Fiddly things!

Lily Feng:  Do you mind if I join you?  I love watching people fail at things.

Morris:  Well, this is awkward.

Lily:  I know. Itís delicious. I hope it lasts.

Morris:  HaHAH! Made it into the mouth.

Lily:  *chuckles condescendingly*

Morris:  Oh yeah. That oneís Ďgramworthy.

Morris:  Okay. I know your pink-haired colleague was holding out on me. Give me the pufferfish. I can handle it.

Vendor:  Are you sure? Iím not supposed to until I complete several more levels of training.

Morris:  Youíre talking to Morris Spiffendale, sweetheart. Now bring it on.

Morris:  Oh, yeah. Cheating death. Whoever said food criticism wasnít an extreme sport was a fool for the ages.

Morris:  Oh, come on, you! Get in my mouth!

Morris:  Ooooh! So close!

Morris:  Okay, forget it. Iím just stabbing this. Iíve been fiddling with these things so long that Iím starving now.

Morris:  Thatís right. You are looking at a true pufferfish survivor!

Diego:  Very nice, Morris. I have to say, Iím impressed. Youíre becoming a real city native.

Morris:  Oh, thank you, El Lobo! You have no idea what that means to me!

Diego:  Oh! Oh, weíre hugging? Okay, then. Not really a hugger, but I suppose I can make an exception, and please, call me Diego.

Diego:  You know, Morris, underneath that chicken drumstick hat youíre a really fascinating fellow. Thereís just something about you; something that really sets you apart.

Morris:  Wow! Thatís such a compliment coming from you. You know, I was just about to hit the Spice Festival, would you, maybe, like to go with me? I mean, Iím sure youíve been dozens of times, but-

Diego:  Something tells me this time will be different. Count me in.

Morris:  Okay, first things first. I want to do the curry challenge. Iíve been training for days and I feel like Iím ready to handle the spice.

Morris:  You game?

Diego:  Is that a dare? I can never resist a dare.

Morris:  Nope. Nope nope nope. A whole lotta nope.

Morris:  Phew! Thank goodness this bar has Soft Shadow Avornalino. Nothing soothes a scorched palate like some smooth tannins.

Diego:  Couldnít agree more. I mean, itís not the Von Haunt Estate Meloire, of course, but what is?

Morris:  I know, right? Whatís up, Lula Belle? Do you need Grampa to order you some sparkling water after that curry?

Tallulah:  Nope! I totally conquered the curry! Iím the curry champion! Isnít that neat?

Morris:  Your very first curry and youíve been crowned champion?

Tallulah:  Yup! *giggles*

Morris:  You know, I was going to say something about not getting used to having everything in life handed to you, but Iím thinking that might not apply in your case.

Tallulah:  Yeah, everythingís just pretty easy for me. *shrugs* And people are extra nice.

Morris:  Why donít you run along home to bed?

Morris:  Iím so glad I met you, Diego. Itís nice to have someone to talk to who isnít just completely beneath me.

Diego:  Oh, I concur. Youíre a real breath of fresh air, Morris.

Karla:  Okay, creepy but necessary. I hope you can breathe down there, little guy.

Wendell:  So, books, huh?

Arianna:  Yeah, it looks like weíre going to need a lot more potions of youth than we have currently stocked, so weíre all doing Renaissance Sim.

Wendell:  Whoa. I think this is one of Pernilleís books. Itís pretty steamy.

Arianna:  Oh man, yeah. Wait until you get to the part in the igloo. Itís wild.

Wendell:  Well, itís certainly a page-turner, but Iím not sure Iíll be able to look her in the face at dinner.

Arianna:  Heeeey, Zoe. Listen, I really appreciate your interest in joining the club, but I really only let you join because I was sad about Dennis Kim getting culled, and now that youíre here you do nothing but start fires and take baths in the good bathroom when Ottoís trying to get ready for work. Could you maybe stop being so terrible?

Zoe:  I mean, I could try, but itís really all I know.

Tallulah:  Just going to check my progress on my Aspirations 4 Kidz app, and oh, look! 200 new texts! And theyíre almost all heart emojis. Awww. My friends are so sweet.

Morris:  Iím warning you. Donít eat that.

Pernille:  I thought food never spoiled around here. Whatís going on?

Morris:  Food that I make never spoils. Food that you fools have the audacity to make using my kitchen when Iím not looking goes bad in about five seconds.

Pernille:  Well, youíre always out on your mysterious adventures these days. We were getting desperate.

Morris:  No excuse. Thereís always cake.

Morris:  Oops! Guess I canít read any more today. Iíve got to be off.

Arianna:  All right. Iíll keep your spot on the couch warm for you.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #282 on: December 14, 2016, 03:42:32 PM »
In his orange hat and matching frames, Morris is so full of win! So much fun to watch him struggle with his chopsticks. The pufferfish nigiri had me a bit worried...
When I see him with the slender Diego, though, I wish Morris could get an Insta-Lean potion...

I really adore their friendship. This is classic Morris:
Morris:  Iím so glad I met you, Diego. Itís nice to have someone to talk to who isnít just completely beneath me.
Diego:  Oh, I concur. Youíre a real breath of fresh air, Morris.

Hah! They're both such snobs, I love it! Tallulah has (relatively) quietly been counting off the days until she bursts into the spotlight as a teen!

Oh, Karla has new hair! It looks splendid on her! We need a closer look!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #283 on: December 14, 2016, 06:23:54 PM »
Oh Morris! You can't be playing fast and loose with the dynasty like that. I suppose he really wanted to impress Diego. And is starting to seem like Tallulah is going to just breeze through this dynasty stuff.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #284 on: December 16, 2016, 12:37:12 PM »
@oshizu Thank you! I'm glad you didn't get too sick of the chopsticks photos. I adore Morris, but even I started to title my screenshots things like "enough already," and "this needs to be a collage." I couldn't help myself.

I think about giving him an Insta-Lean pretty much every time I go in game. It's a unique reward for Pernille, and I'm pretty sure it's fine for Morris to take one as long as no one but Pernille actually purchases it, but I really want to triple-check the rules first just to make sure, and I keep forgetting until I get back in-game, and then I just throw up my hands and make him do yoga. But yeah, he works from home every single day and often one of his task is "eat four meals in a certain neighborhood," and sometimes both of his work-from-home tasks involve eating four meals, and he usually has a nice breakfast at home, so he's eating nine meals a day some days and . . . it shows.

Oh, and closer look at Karla's hair coming up (but if you need a collage to fully appreciate it just say the word . . .;))

@laurenannie Sorry to make you worry! I made sure the pufferfish was good quality before I let him eat it, I promise. :) Yeah, Tallulah makes it look easy. She's a natural at everything.

Chapter 68:  My Dinner with Morris

Tallulah:  Like this?

Mallory:  Yes! Thatís an excellent thoughtful head cock. Now try stroking your chin with your thumb and forefinger and saying, ďHmmmm.Ē

Tallulah:  Hmmmmmm.

Mallory:  Nice.

Tallulah:  Will this help me play chess better?

Mallory:  No, but your opponents wonít know that.

Otto:  If anyone thought that I would not instantly take advantage of the ability to perform comedy in space, that person was very much mistaken. To the moon!

Karla:  Okay, watching comedy routine done in space. Same as comedy routine done in living room, except smaller and grainy. But Iím a supportive spouse, so I guess that makes it worth it. Maybe.

Karla:  Okay, Lula. Get ready. Iím going to parent you now.

Tallulah:  Hang on. I just need to text Jorge back. Heís been hounding me about my favorite flower all day.

Karla:  No. Now. *grits teeth* I will read you this book, and I will be good at it, because I am good at everything.

Tallulah:  Okay, whatever. Jorge will wait.

Karla:  Well, this isnít so bad. I like how youíre gazing adoringly up at me.

Goopy:  Excuse me, Miss Thing! Iíve got a bone to pick with you.

Karla:  I am doing expert parenting right now Ghost Father-In-Law! This is not the time to mess with me!

Tallulah:  Oooh! This just got exciting!

Karla:  And just for your information, Pernille has been very annoyingly pining away for you every five seconds since you died, so you donít even need to be coming in here with any sort of attitude when you ought to be attending to the needs of your grieving wife-now-girlfriend.

Goopy:  Really? What did she say? She mentioned me specifically?

Karla:  Who else would she mention? The woman is eternally faithful. Now, listen, you simmer down and be quiet and Iíll let you listen in on the rest of this wonderful story about unicorns or something, expertly read by me. I have been mentored by Wendell in not only music, but also animal voices, so Iím ready to roll and if you want in youíd better jump on board right now.

Seth:  I thought you were going to tell her off. What gives?

Goopy:  Oh, Iím Team Karla now. Go Karla! Sheís the best!

Karla:  Thatís right. Now be quiet. Weíre just getting to the good part.

Goopy:  Can I come closer and see the pictures?

Karla:  No. You have to sit over there. Use your imagination. Thatís what itís for.

Karla:  Okay, now I have some quibbles with this portion of the story because itís not entirely accurate.

Tallulah:  You mean there are parts of this tale about talking musical cats that are accurate?

Karla:  Well, no, but only the musical parts bother me. A violin is just not a typical polka instrument no matter how you pluck the strings. Really itís all about the brass. And honestly, this rhyme scheme is a mess.

Otto:  Ow! Dang. Youíd think after years and years of doing this Iíd learn not to whack myself in the head with this thing. Oh well, it gives me a good idea for a microphone gag. Iíd better write it down before I get to dazed to remember it.

Morris:  Hey! You made it! Welcome to the Ďburbs, city slicker!

Diego:  My, my, my. You clean up awfully nice, Morris. I hardly recognized you without your baseball cap.

Morris:  *blushes* Oh, thanks. Haven't gotten to drag the old suit out in awhile. My family asked me if I was going on a date.

Diego:  And what did you tell them?

Morris:  Oh, I said yes! Itís fun to keep them guessing.

Diego:  You do like to keep people guessing, donít you?

Morris:  But my outfit is nothing compared to you. Youíre going to be the best dressed guy in there.

Diego:  *chuckles* Oh, this? This isnít even my formalwear.

Morris:  Oh, we donít need to wait at the host station. They know me here. Iíve got a regular table.

Morris:  Iím so excited. Iíve never been able to share this place with anyone who could really appreciate it before.

Diego:  Iím honored to oblige.

Morris:  So I know this thing backwards and forwards, and I can make practically all of it at home. Just let me know if you have any questions.

Diego:  Itís so fun to see this side of you, Morris. Youíre really in your element.

Diego:  Now, I want the pate, but keep the jus to a drizzle, if you donít mind. I donít want it to overwhelm the main event. Would you recommend a red or a white to pair with that? Iíve already decided what I want to drink, but I want to see if you have any idea what youíre talking about so I know if I can trust your dessert recommendation later.

Morris:  Look at you, ordering like a pro. Youíre going to put me out of business.

Diego:  Well, I do put a lot of people out of business, so to speak, but donít worry. Itís not your job Iím after.

Diego:  Morris, darling, youíre staring.

Morris:  I apologize. Itís just such a delight to watch you discovering my favorite things for the first time.

Diego:  Oh, Iím not complaining. Iím very handsome and I love being stared at. I just wanted you to know that I noticed.

Morris:  Diego, you have such a lovely voice! I had no idea.

Diego:  Iím full of surprises.

Morris:  Thank you so much for today. I canít remember the last time I enjoyed myself like this. Youíre really a great friend.

Diego:  *sigh* Yes. All right. I suppose Iíll take what I can get. For now.

Diego:  Really, Iím honored you wanted to share this with me. Tell you what, next time weíll go to my favorite place. Sound good?

Morris:  Itís a date! *chuckles*

Morris:  That was so nice.

Morris:  I do look pretty good for my age. I bet some people in that restaurant actually thought we were a couple on a date.

Arianna:  Malllory, your dadís new flame is so cuuuuuute! Heís got this spiky blond hair and he wears these snazzy floral suits. Heís a total catch.

Mallory:  Dad, you really are having a bit of a renaissance these days. Are you sure you can keep up with such a young guy?

Morris:  Now, now. Diego is just a friend. A very, very good friend. For whom I am baking this fruitcake, so neither of you touch it. Heís coming over later and I want everything to be perfect.

Diego:  This is a real treat to see you in your home environment, Morris. I love the cardi, too. Very Mr. Rogers. You look so at ease.

Morris:  Thank you, Diego. I mean, itís no penthouse, but itís home. Iím so glad you like it.

August Starnes:  Sheesh, guys. Get a room.

Morris:  Do you like the fruitcake?  Donít tell me if you donít, but do tell me if you do, you know? I made it especially for you.

Diego:  Morris, itís exquisite, just like the man who baked it.

Tallulah:  I donít know. I think itís kind of weird.

Diego:  Youíre cute, but no one asked you. Why donít you go play on the monkey bars or do something else childlike?

Tallulah:  Okay, but only because I was going to, anyway.