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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #315 on: January 03, 2017, 08:24:45 PM »
@oshizu LOL. Ten Kisses for Tallulah. August's hot tub hat is cc that crops up in the weirdest of places. NPCs are always sporting it for sleepwear or swimwear. Poor August.
Yeah, Jedediah does not make the Baby Daddy Short List. Sorry, dude. No pears in this dynasty.
Three Gold Medal Dates coming up!

@wfgodot Yaaaaay! Welcome to the party! I kind of love the "old news' comments. It's a very nice walk down memory lane. I'm especially going to have to go back and read the Lucien chapters with Matthew McConaughey's voice. Too funny!
Anyway, you jumped in at a good time because you'll (fingers crossed, knock on wood) hopefully catch up just about the time we're ready for the big finish!
I'm so glad you like Arianna. She's actually my best attempt to re-create a Sims 3 sim that I played a million dynasties with. The red in her hair was more subtle in Sims 3, more like a highlight, but that's not really an option in Sims 4, so I went all out. :)
I have a failed dynasty attempt somewhere in my save files where the Pancakes line died out as well, but mine was due to an unfortunate series of sons. I think I've made up for it this time. :)

Chapter 78:  As Good as Gold

Diego:  Hello there, lover.

Morris:  Hello, dear.

Diego:  Here we are again.

Morris:  Yes, but this is our first date thatís actually a date!

Diego:  Morris, honey, they were all dates. All of them. You just didnít know it.

Pernille:  Well, this is nonsensical. Why are we all sitting at different tables . . .on different floors?

Morris:  I donít know, but it is going to be all over my column in tomorrowís paper and I am positively giddy with anticipation.

Pernille:  Well, at least the foodís still good.

Morris:  Eh. Itís passable.

Billie Jang:  Um, excuse me? Hi, um, Iím Billie? Tallulahís girlfriend?

Morris:  Oh boy, here we go.

Billie:  Has she been sick or something? She hasnít called me in a week, and well. . . Iím really worried about her. She said we were kindred spirits and . . .I just donít understand.

Pernille:  Oh, honey . . .

Otto:  So . . . youíre Grampa Morrisís boyfriend, huh?

Diego:  In the flesh.

Otto:  You got any dirt on him?

Diego:  Truckloads, but I donít kiss and tell without a book deal, sweet face.

Tallulah:  *sigh* I hate dining alone. I really need to finish this aspiration so I can stop hiding behind a partition when we go out to eat.

Tallulah:  Hakim . . .

Hakim:  Tallulah . . .

It was her last night as a teenager, and she was only three gold medal dates away from completing her aspiration.

They danced close . . .

For hours and hours . . .

Eventually, she lured him far, far out of town . . .

They chatted, surrounded by swirling mist. It was like something out of a fairy tale.

Including the mysterious apparitions.

Giggling, she challenged him to find her in the maze, and took off running. What choice did he have? He followed.

At last he found her, and was rewarded with a kiss.

A kiss as brilliant and precious as gold. The same gold that made up the medal she earned for that date. As the sun rose over the Von Haunt estate, her aspiration completed, Tallulah left him standing there by that bench, savoring that last kiss, as she headed for home, a birthday cake, and a well-earned rest.

It took him three days to find his way back out. In a way, I envy him. Heís free now. There are many of us who will continue to wander that maze forever, searching . . . searching for Lula.

Morris:  Heaven help us. Sheís got three age groups to choose from now. Almost no one is safe.

Tallulah:  Oh, Grampa Morris, itís fine, donít you see? No one will be jealous, anymore. Iíve freed them from that. It was a difficult, painful journey for me, but itís worth it because now all the people I love can live in harmony with one another.

Morris:  And you can be free to date whomever is convenient without fear that the other ones will find out about it.

Tallulah:  Exactly. Everyone wins! My dream has come true. I really can love everyone.

Morris:  Well, yay! Have you decided on a father for Generation Eight yet?

Tallulah:  No, I was thinking about gathering everyone together and having a vote. What do you think?

Morris:  Oh, yeah. Thatís bound to go well.

Wendell:  Thatís three drinks. Can I dance now?

Billie:  Iím fine with this. This is fine.

Tallulah:  Oooh! I think I got prettier! Who knew that was possible?

Arianna:  Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Diego:  Woohoo! The great outdoors!

Pernille:  Youíre excited? I thought you were a total city slicker. What gives?

Diego:  Oh, Iím just tickled to have been invited on the family vacation. I feel like Iíve really arrived. Plus, I havenít breathed air this fresh in decades. I might be a little high from the oxygen.

Tallulah:  Ah! Back to the woods!

Morris:  Agh! This is so primitive! Why, oh why, did I forget to pack my miniature blowtorch?  Making símores the old-fashioned way is just impossible!

Tallulah:  Iíll eat it. I like the burnt ones.

Morris:  How are we even related?

Tallulah:  Well, I have to spend five nights in this thing, but nobody ever said I had to spend them alone. Situation, you are about to be remedied.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #316 on: January 03, 2017, 09:00:45 PM »
Great news about Tallulah completing Serial Romantic. Whoa, she really cut it close with her young adult birthday. Well done!!!
And it seems she's on the final lap of Outdoor Enthusiast as well.

Awww, too bad about Jedidiah being a pear!
That being said, I'm wondering who she'll choose as the baby daddy!?
And by the way, I love her exotic camping outfit! I agree that ageing up softened her features and boosted her allure (like she needs that, though).

Otto, I'm expecting some favorable news in the next update, yo!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #317 on: January 04, 2017, 01:54:05 PM »
@oshizu Yes, I confess to boosting Tallulah's "allure" a bit when she aged up. ;) Thanks, cc overlay! She doesn't really need any help, but I thought it was fitting, and kind of fun.
Otto has some good news for you today! I was actually going to drag it out for one more chapter, but I managed to edit things down so we could have a more exciting day today. Nobody really needs to see that many more pictures of Tallulah kissing new people, do they? Anyway, hooray!

Chapter 79:  Don't Think Too Hard About It

And for that brief, precious moment, she needed me, just me, and I had her all to myself. It was just like we were kids again. She was as fresh and glowing as the day I met her.

I find it difficult to talk about this part.

Tallulah:  Grandma Mal, can you take a break real quick?  I need to get re-focused. I just know I can max this skill today.

Mallory:  You got it, honey. You just wait here, horseshoes, Iíll be back in a minute and then youíre going down!

Tallulah:  Wait . . .youíre playing against the horseshoes themselves?

Mallory:  Yeah. I donít know the rules, so I just made them up. My version is very competitive, and a little violent.

Tallulah:  I love it! Teach me!

The next day she gathered the last plant she needed to identify, she raised her skill to level 10, and we all headed home. Back to reality.

She got a job working in an office, fetching coffee for a bunch of blind corporate drones who neither knew nor cared that an angel walked among them in a suit she bought at the flea market for two simoleons.

She introduced herself to a couple of new faces . . .

She didnít need any more boyfriends, of course, but bringing in the final generation of a dynasty is an enormous responsibility. She wanted to make sure she had all of her options open. And they were open. Very much so.

Salim passed all tests with flying colors. Particularly the ďhas an interesting noseíĒ test. She didnít want to take any chances.

The elders smiled and patted themselves on the back.

Her father continued to fulfill his own obligations.

The elders fulfilled theirs.

Tallulah got up each morning and went to work.

She came home stressed and in need of comfort, which we, her admirers, were only too happy to provide.

Eventually Tallulahís potential was recognized, and her suit upgraded.

And then one night . . .

Arianna:  You know, this is a lovely picture if you donít think too hard about it.

Wendell:  Agreed!

Karla:  Why are we joining the jokesters side? Iíd much rather be spreading preposterous rumors and stabbing voodoo dolls.

Arianna:  Ottoís headlining on the comedy stage. Weíre showing our support. Our boring, socially-acceptable support.

Otto:  Iíve got to say, itís nice to get out of the house. Itís great that these festivals started happening at this point in the dynasty. Iím sure if they go on much longer weíll just start ignoring the notifications and doing our own thing at home, but the fact that this is the first time for us means we made a point of taking the time to come out, and that makes it really fun and special.

Wendell:  Oh, Otto, stop trying to be meta.

Mallory:  Yeah, we donít really do meta.

Otto:  Sheesh. Fine. Itís time for me to go on, anyway.

Otto:  . . . and the guy says, ďThatís not my friend, thatís a hot dog!Ē Oooh! Iím feeling the glow now! Who else is feeling that glow?  Where my jokesters at?

Wendell:  Whoa! Awesome hair, dude! Really. Totally on point. Why on earth are we not using you as the father of Gen 8? You are ideal!

Arun Bheeda:  Well, Iím happily married for one.

Wendell:  Oooh. Bummer.

Arun:  And also, Tallulah is dating my daughter.

Wendell:  Yup. Thatíd do it. Shame, though. You really are my kind of guy.

Arun:  I donít know how to respond to that.

Penny Pizzaz:  Youíre creepy. This is all going on my blog.

Otto:  Good night, San Myshuno! Youíve been a beautiful audience! See you on the other side!

Otto:  Come on, level 7! I gotta make it into that ambrosia room! Letís do this!

Otto:  Oh, hey man. Thanks for coming over! Turns out I need you after all. My friends keep dying, and Iím just a cake away from immortality.  How are you feeling, by the way?  Do you think you have a few more hours in you?

Victor:  Itís touch and go, but if you let me play your motion gaming rig Iíll probably manage to hang on for awhile just to keep playing.

Otto:  Good plan! Letís do this!

Otto:  Woohoo! Boy, if Iíd known becoming an elder involved this much jumping and spinning I would have focused on my athletic skill more.

Otto:  Here we go. Made it just in time. Hello, beautiful Comedy Books. Itís a shame you will never see the light of day.

Otto:  Going solo. A nice quiet time for reflection and appreciation of the fact that no one is hassling me about my cargo shorts or baseball cap. Feels pretty good. Feels pretty darn good.

This post in loving memory of Victor Feng, who passed away almost immediately upon Otto achieving immortality. Ask him the secret of his success, and I guar-

Victor:  TIMING!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #318 on: January 04, 2017, 02:10:52 PM »
Congratulations, Otto! And I love Tallulah's solution for the 5 nights in a tent challenge.
When the Zombies Come(Completed)--100 Nooboos Nabbed

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #319 on: January 04, 2017, 02:17:13 PM »
Yay, Otto! We all knew you had it in you! Smart move to have made back-up friends!
Congrats on become the sixth Spiffendale immortal!

Tallulah, I'm not sure I've ever seen that particular yellow version of the suit with frilled blouse.
I wonder if the game chooses the suit color based on certain factors, like hair color.
What a relief that you're wearing sensible black and white now. You're looking sharp.

And now a new countdown begins for the birth of your final heir. Can't wait!
Great update!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #320 on: January 05, 2017, 09:27:50 AM »
Congrats, Otto!  Haha!  I find myself laughing inside that I am congratulating a digital entity on an achievement.  Congrats FrancescaFiori on your sixth immortal!  That's better.  I was happy to see Jorge/Gorge get some time with Tallulah.  I love him.  So sweet in his devotion to her.  I'm am excited to meet the new Spiffendale and to find out more about Arianna and Don's Top Secret mission!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #321 on: January 05, 2017, 12:21:15 PM »
@MarianT Thank you! Yes, Tallulah is a very creative problem-solver. :)

@oshizu Thanks! Yeah, I had the worst luck ever with Otto's friends. These days the heirs are getting pretty much everything done by their adult birthdays so they've got three long weeks of nothing before ambrosia. I get impatient and start making them friends and then they all die or get culled. I'm going to try to restrain myself in future generations.
I'm curious about the suit colors, too. Mysteries of the Sims! Alas, the sharp black suit is short-lived.

@Caterina Otto and I both thank you! I like to speak on behalf of my digital entities, so feel free to congratulate them directly if you like. :) I love Jorge, too. Truly his love is as deep as a gorge.

Chapter 80:  Perfect Timing

Tallulah:  I am going to throw the best corporate retreats anyone has ever conceived.

Tallulah:  Heck yeah, mergers and acquisitions!

Karla:  Stop that or I will literally kill you.

Otto:  Awwww. Come on. Be cute with me.

Karla:  Oh, okay, but only because the lighting is pretty right now.

Tallulah:  Check and Mate. Speaking of mate, Iíve decided to put you on the short list of candidates for fathering my child.

Salim:  Oh? And when will the final decision be made?

Tallulah:  Well, not until after Mom dies, so weíre not under any sort of time pressure now, but I was thinking it might be fun to add an element of randomness to the whole thing, so I think Iím just going to Try for Baby three times in a row with three different candidates and see what happens. What do you think?

Salim:  It makes about as much sense as anything youíve ever done.

Tallulah:  Right?  I think itís fitting.

Salim:  Just as long as Iím your favorite boyfriend, Iím willing to go along with anything.

Tallulah:  Oh, yes. Of course, darling. Youíre my favorite.

Karla:  Wow. Family dinner. This is weird.

Wendell:  Yeah. If this were a legacy, weíd earn a point for this, I think, but itís not so  . . . can I go watch TV now?

Karla:  Is it this awkwardly formal when you all eat ambrosia together?

Pernille:  Oh, yeah. Easily.


Everyone: . . .

Morris:  Sorry, Iím just really excited.

Morris:  There she is! There she is! I have to call Diego. I want him to come over and see.

Arianna:  Salma. Welcome. Weíre delighted to have you.

Salma:  Iím delighted to be here, Maíam. Please let me know if thereís anything I can do for you.

Arianna:  Well, hereís the thing:  We donít want you to garden because Karlaís still trying to finish Freelance Botanist, and we donít want you to cook because Morrisís food never spoils so heís in charge of that . . .

Salma:  It will be my pleasure to clean, fix things, and prepare drinks for you, Maíam.

Arianna:  Yes, well . . . Mallory does the fixing of broken things, we have a maid for cleaning, and Morris and Wendell are both very accomplished bartenders.

Salma:  What is it you require of me, then, Maíam?

Arianna:  Youíre here because it makes Morris happy to have a butler. So, if you could just stand around looking butler-y, that would be great. And, well . . .

Salma:  Yes, maíam?

Arianna:  If you could find it within you to tolerate Morrisís constant critiques and incessant advice on how you could be doing your job better . . . that would be worth the price of your salary in itself.

Salma:  I understand perfectly, Maíam, and let me assure you that maintaining composure and equanimity during absolutely any circumstances comprises an entire year of training at the Windenburg Butlering Academy. It is the very core of the profession.

Arianna:  That is so good to hear.

Morris:  Honey, itís amazing. You just ring a little bell, an actual bell, and she comes right over and does whatever you want.

Diego:  Oh, Iím so getting one. How did we ever survive without butlers?

Morris:  I have no idea!

Morris:  Oh, Salma!

Salma:  Yes, Sir. How may I assist you?

Morris:  It doesnít bug you that I rang this bell even though youíre standing right there?

Salma:  Certainly not, Sir. I appreciate your direct communication as well as your eagerness to take advantage of my services.

Morris:  That is just the neatest.

Salma:  What was it you wanted, Sir?

Morris:  I got so excited I forgot. Could you just hang out there for a second until it comes to me?

Salma:  Of course. It would be my pleasure, Sir.

Morris:  Every day of my life before today seems unbearably primitive.

Salma:  Yes, Sir.

Otto:  Hey! Letís do Soul Mates, you down?

Karla: Yeah, okay. I donít have anything else pressing going on.

Otto:  We donít have to do this in the cemetery, by the way. It actually seems a little gauche.

Karla:  Nah. Itís a helpful reminder of the time pressure weíre under. I donít mind.

Otto:  Okay, then.

Salma:  Ahhhh. Thatís the stuff.

Salma:  *splash, splash*

Salma:  *tears up the dance floor* Well, I did list it on my resume.

Mallory:  More graveyard dates, huh guys?

Otto:  Yeah, Iím actually getting really fond of this place.

Karla:  It definitely has the best landscaping of any spot on the property.

Mallory:  Okay, guys. You do you.

Tallulah:  Okay, Why are you chuckling?

Arianna:  Oh, itís nothing. Youíll find out in about six moves.

Tallulah:  I swear, you are the only Sim ever to find chess hilarious.

Arianna:  It gets funnier as the years pass.

Karla:  Well, this was not perfect timing. I still have two aspirations left to finish. Is it really time?

Otto:  Honey?

Salma:  This is horrible! And on my day off, too!

Otto:  Karla?

Tallulah:  Hah! Take that! Grandma . . .? Why arenít you congratulating me?  That move was brilliant!

Arianna:  Oh, sorry honey. Um, just donít turn around until youíve gained that next level okay?

Tallulah:  Oh, did someone die?

Arianna:  No . . . .?

*several moodlet solvers and some detox secrets later . . . *

Tallulah (knight in shining armor):  Okay! Welcome to a very special meeting of Club Cosplay! Tonightís the night! Weíre going to conceive Generation Eight of the Spiffendale Dynasty! And one of you lucky masked fellows is going to be the father.  Billie . . . we all appreciate your tribute to Carrie Fisher, but you can go home now.

Billie:  I still maintain that we can make this work.

Tallulah:  Look, Iím still a little cheesed off at you because your refusal to vote for anyone besides yourself and break the deadlock trashed my first plan for choosing my baby daddy democratically, so make like a tree, already.

Billie:  That looks impossible.

Tallulah:  Come on, Boba Fett, letís go see if we can make a baby.

Tallulah:  Oh, Rebel Pilot, care to accompany me to the tent?

Pilot:  You betcha! Iím just making sure my hands are warm enough to touch your precious body.

Tallulah:  Awww. How sweet are you? Come on, though. Weíre on a tight schedule.

Pear-Shaped Pilot:  Billie, for real. Itís not happening. Just go.

Billie:  Oh, please. Youíre pear-shaped, even in that costume. Youíve got as good a chance as I do.

Wendell:  Thereís a metaphor, here, Iím sure of it.

Boba Fett:  Iím trying not to think about it.

Tallulah:  I guess I should have known this night would get a little too hot.

Arianna:  You good, Salma? You regretting working here yet?

Salma:  Yes, this is a marvelous hamburger. Very well prepared.

Arianna:  Thatís not what I asked you.

Salma:  De-licious!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #322 on: January 05, 2017, 01:59:26 PM »
Rest in peace, Karla. I'm sorry to see you and your sassy self go.
One of the most attractive elders ever to grace our simverse! Pernille, be forever grateful to your mother for her awesome genes.

Even though it's tiresome waiting those three sim-weeks before the elder birthday, I still prefer to finish the ambrosia requirements early.
Last-minute near-failures are the worst (*glares at the Detective career)
At least you don't have to worry about Tallulah getting bored or needing friends. She can enjoy toying with her thralls and conquering new hearts until eternity.

Regarding Wendell's legacy joke, I forgot to mention that I loved the meta-narrative humor in your previous chapter as well.
I've never used a butler and want to ask you: could a butler completely do away with the need for a maid?

Oooh, the suspense builds. Who will father the final generation? I love how the Cosplay Club is now filled with Lula's potential baby daddies. Hush or go home, Billie.
Loved this update, too!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #323 on: January 05, 2017, 02:19:19 PM »
Even in your comments you make me laugh.  I couldn't remember for sure how to spell Jorge's name.  Maybe not a metaphor but Betty might have the makings of a new song.  "Stick-Knee-Weenie, Stick-Knee-Weenie, Tallulah breeds tonight".  (sung to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight") or maybe a little Meatloaf..."I would do anything for love".  Where's Jorge when you need him?  Is he one of the suitors?  Wow, I was punny without even trying.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #324 on: January 06, 2017, 01:21:01 PM »
@oshizu I was super bummed about Karla, too. I missed her warning notices somehow and it came as a total surprise to me. I'll miss her, but she was a total workhorse and potion factory so she left the dynasty in good shape.
Tallulah's friends are actually kind of tricky because if she's been a romantic interest with anyone she can never get past "acquaintances," even if the green bar is totally full, so she has to go out and find people she's never dated to be her friends. Those are scarce. :) You're right, though. She's never going to get bored.
I'm glad you enjoy my bits of meta-humor.
Yes, the butler does away with the need for a maid. Even with everything else Salma does, she keeps the house clean enough that the maid just comes to the door every day and says, "Nothing for me to do, I guess. See you tomorrow." I still never got around to cancelling the maid service, though, until the maid got all glitchy and refused to leave the lot.
Yeah, Club Cosplay has proved very useful. Tallulah got asked to join and I accepted on a whim but it's turned out to be really great for story and rounding up boyfriends even though I'm not using any perks or skill boosts, anymore.

@Caterina Oh my gosh! The "stick-knee-weenie" song cracked me up hardcore. That is just too funny. "Suitors," also. You are really on a roll! Jorge was there. He was actually the leader of Club Cosplay briefly before Tallulah took it over. I won't say which one he was, though. :)

Chapter 81:  Icarus

Pernille:  It was sweet of Tallulah to offer me this bug juice and poison plant concoction to alleviate my sadness about Karla dying, but Iím just going to wait until sheís out of sight and give it back to the earth from whence it came. Iíd kind of rather be sad.

Arianna:  *sigh* I miss Karla. Wait a minute . . . we have a butler, now! Sayonara, false morels! You are so somebody elseís problem.

Tallulah:  Oof. I donít feel so good. I guess last nightís festivities did the trick.

Tallulah:  Awww. Come on over here, you! Iím about to seriously cheer you up!

Talllulah:  Come on! Donít make me tickle a smile out of you! Youíre going to like this date, I swear!

Jorge:  Okay, okay! Iím cheered up! Now whatís this all about?

Tallulah:  So . . . I want to ask you something. I need a favor. A really, really big one.

Jorge:  Anything. Literally anything.

Tallulah:  Okay, good because-

Jorge:  Iím serious! We play a game in Club Cosplay when youíre not around called ďWould You, If Lula Asked You To,Ē and I always win. Always. The only time I ever said no was when the question was, ďWould you kill Lula?Ē because I just . . . I just couldnít, baby. *chokes up* I try to imagine a world without you and I just . . . I *whimpers*

Tallulah:  Okay, okay! Donít cry! Thatís not what Iím asking.

Jorge:  Oh, thank goodness! Do you need me to kill someone else? Because Iím all over that.

Tallulah:  Um .. . no.

Tallulah:  Listen, I need to complete Soul Mates. The family still needs Potions of Youth, and thatís the quickest way to get them. Itís a big deal because I know Iím . . . Iím not exactly wifey material. You know what Iím like. I get ansty and Iím hard to handle. I need someone whoíll stick by me even though Iím not perfect and well, . . . I canít promise to be faithful. Itís not who I am, and it doesnít make sense to me, but I need someone who can make an emotional commitment, and youíre my best friend. Youíve been with me through everything, and youíre the one I want to call my husband. What do you say?

Jorge:  Oh, Lula. All Iíve ever wanted was to be what you need. If you need me, then Iím already the happiest man alive. I love you just the way you are. Making a lifetime commitment to you will be the easiest thing Iíve ever done.

Tallulah:  Okay, then. Letís do this!

Jorge:  Oh, honey. Thatís just beautiful. Okay, Iím ready. Go ahead. I have been sufficiently romanced. You can propose any time.

Tallulah:  Okay . . . here goes. . . . . . ..Huh . .. .Thatís funny.

Jorge:  What is it?

Tallulah:  Um, huh. You know that moment in a tragedy where the hero has this moment of recognition and everything in their life kind of gets turned on its head?

Jorge:  Yeah, sure. Anagnorisis. Followed by peripeteia, or tragic reversal.

Tallulah:  Yeah, like in Oedipus Rex where Oedipus realizes heís married his mother and killed his father and his whole life is a mess and itís completely his own fault.

Jorge:  Yes, of course. Why?

Tallulah:  Well, . . . wait. Why do you know that word?

Jorge:  Oh, you mentioned once that you really liked musicals, so I got a degree in theater history. I did it online. Also, musical theater performance. Do you want to hear me sing ďSome Enchanted Evening?Ē

Tallulah:  Oh, um . . . no thank you. Listen, maybe this isnít really a good spot for a proposal. Why donít we travel together to a different lot and see what happens?

Jorge:  Okay, Sure.

Jorge:  Mmmm. You were right. This is a much better spot. Itís so romantic. Go ahead and propose any time. Iím ready.

Tallulah:  Um . . . . okay. Uh. Hang on. You, um, youíve never been employed by my family, have you?

Jorge:  No. Iíve never been employed by anybody. Iím completely unemployed. I stayed that way on purpose so thereíd be no chance Iíd be at work if you needed me for something.

Tallulah:  Right. Huh. So thereís no way I could dismiss you from my service, then, huh?

Jorge:  Well, no. Why?

Tallulah:  Oh, itís nothing. Itís just . . . whew. Youíre gonna laugh. You are. Itís just too ironic. Itís just . . .

Jorge:  Lula, whatís going on?

Tallulah:  Well, I canít propose. Like, I want to, but I physically canít do it. The option is greyed out. The message says it would be inappropriate. Funny, right? The moment I actually want to commit to someone after years of philandering it becomes totally impossible.

Jorge:  Oh. Oh yeah. Really funny. Hilarious, even. Um, Iím just going to go jump in the pool, and um, you know, probably drown myself. See . . . see you around.

Donít pity me, dear readers. The fault was mine. The tragic hero in this scenario was not Tallulah; it was me. Like a lovesick Icarus, I flew too close to the sun. No man should ever seek to possess such perfection. She was never meant to be mine. My wings of wax melted, burning me and weighing me down, and I fell. I fell.

Tallulah:  Oh. Pregnancy confirmed. Woo.

Salma:  Uggggghhh. *shuddershuddershudder* So gross. I really would love this job if it werenít for the dust. Ick ick ick.

Arianna:  So, Salma, you look really dignified standing over there facing the wall, but . . . what exactly are you doing?

Salma:  Butlering, Maíam.

Arianna:  Okay. I donít get it, but okay. We get free services. Iím not paying you to do whatever it is youíre doing-

Salma:  Butlering.

Arianna:  Right, so carry on.

Salma:  Very good, Maíam.

Morris:  You know, I thought no power in the universe could convince me to change out of my Curry Champion t-shirt, but this smoking jacket fits like a second skin. Iím kind of mad I ever wore anything else in my whole life.

Tallulah:  Stocks, yíall. Woo.

Pernille:  I should not have gone swimming, and I am duly ashamed. I will now go nap to sleep off my exhaustion and I will never do anything so foolish ever again.

Watcher:   . . . Is what she should have said. Shame, Pernille! For shame!

Tallulah:  Additional stocks. Woo. I am not annoyed at all that it takes more than one but less than two cycles of ďResearch StocksĒ to complete my daily task.

Tallulah:  Right. Better eat some of these before itís too late.

Pernille:  Hey! I remember this song! I used to love dancing to this when I was pregnant with Otto.

Tallulah:  Yeah. Itís all right.

Pernille:  You seem down, sweetie. Are you okay?

Tallulah:  Yeah. Iím okay. You ever get the feeling that youíve wasted your entire life and all you do is hurt the people you love the most?

Pernille:  Well . . . no. You know, youíve got a lot of hormones going on right now. Maybe we should skip to a happier song.

Tallulah:  Hey! Thanks for coming over. I wanted to share the big news with you. Iím pregnant!

Jorge:  Oh, wow! Thatís amazing. Iím just so glad that youíre going to pass your loveliness on to another person. The world is in your debt. Truly!

Jorge:  Um . . . so I hesitate to even ask but . . . is it mine?

Tallulah:  Oh, I honestly have no idea. It could have been any one of you at the Club Cosplay gathering that night. What were you dressed as?

Jorge:  Boba Fett.

Tallulah:  Oh, well then youíve got a one in three shot of being a father. Congrats!

Jorge:  Okay. Um, a third of me is thrilled and honored!

Tallulah:  Cool.

Jorge:  Yeah.

Tallulah:  Okay, then.

Jorge:  Yeah . . .

Morris:  So . . .?

Diego:  Morris, Iím sort of angry that you ever wore anything other than that smoking jacket.

Morris:  I know, right? Thatís exactly what I said! What was I thinking?

Diego:  Iíll tell you what Iím thinking.

Morris:  Whew! Iíll tell you one thing, Diego, you can pose. Nobody poses like my man.

Diego:  Darn skippy.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #325 on: January 06, 2017, 03:20:14 PM »
Awww, I got such feels over Tallulah finding that she couldn't propose to Jorge. What a terrible letdown for the eternally-faithful Jorge. :_;
I loved that interlude with the theatrical jargon, too. Of course, Jorge would get an online degree in theatrical history to ensure he would be Lula's ever-so-fascinating conversationalist.

Thankfully, the rest of the chapter was hilarious. Oh, Morris, you were born to wear that smoking jacket!
Haha, Morris in his smoking jacket and the sunglass-wearing Diego in hot pants with camo-vest really made me smile.
Morris seriously brings out Diego's best side! And Morris has been fabulous since he was in grade school.

I can't help but hope against hope that Jorge's profound love will not go unrewarded... Does that make me a sap?
Loved this update!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #326 on: January 06, 2017, 03:39:27 PM »
Jorge + Tallulah = Day Made!  I bet you didn't know I was a math major?  You've written love struck Jorge so well.  He's lived his whole life for her.  I really like the Morris and Diego bits too.  I think yours is a story I will be rereading.  I will miss all of the Spiffendales when your story is over.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #327 on: January 07, 2017, 12:01:59 PM »
Aw no, that's too bad that Lula can't propose! But at least Jorge can, for a brief moment in time, be with her. And who knows, maybe he is the father. I'm sure he'll act like the father, regardless.

Also I love your butler, Salima. She's a great addition :)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #328 on: January 07, 2017, 12:28:44 PM »
I'm not caught up yet, I just want to say I can't get mine to propose either!  Ill be writing about it in the next few updates.  A real shame cause it means no wedding party.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #329 on: January 09, 2017, 01:15:17 PM »
@oshizu I tell ya. It gave me the feels, too. I really wanted to give him some sort of reward for being such a trooper and a useful narrator, but alas . . . I don't know if it makes you a sap, but if you are then so am I. I'm a total romantic, so if there's a happy ending to be had, I will find it!
Glad you enjoyed my theatrical jargon. See? That Master's Degree came in handy, after all! Also glad you enjoyed Morris and Diego. I have a lot of fun with that pair.

@Caterina LOL! I had no idea you were a math major! I'm so glad you enjoy Tallulah and Jorge and that their particular equation brightened your day. I'm very flattered you think my story is re-readable. I confess I revisit earlier chapters from time to time, but then I'm extremely fond of my Spiffendales.

@NexttoNormal I think you're right. Jorge will be a great bio- or step-dad. Anything to do with Tallulah is worthy of his devotion. :) Glad you like Salma. I'm getting very fond of her, too.

@wfgodot I'm pulling for you! I really hope you can get your proposal problem solved!

Chapter 82:  Troubleshooting

Salma:  There are some problems even a clandestine mud bath canít solve. Some things require the night air and a nice slice of cake.

Tallulah:  Sorry, what did you say?

Pernille: *sigh* Honey, I said you need to focus. You need this skill point for your next promotion, and you need to max logic for your requirements. Where is your head at, girl?

Tallulah:  I just donít know, anymore.

Otto:  Mrs. Pringlefeather, you dog! You could stop an old manís heart talking like that.

Tallulah:  Oof. I get promoted, yet the suits keep getting worse. Whatís up with that?

Otto:  *sings* Playing in the tent with a flaaaash-liiiiiight! Itís more fun when you can see it live!

Tallulah:  Okay, that doesnít feel right. Time to evict this little parasite.

Tallulah:  You still with me, Jorge?

Jorge:  One third of me will be here in spirit, okay? Forgive me, Lula! Iím weak and I just canít bear to see you in pain! *disappears*

Tallulah:  Hey, so Iím at the hospital, and thereís a very good chance Iím having your child. Do you think you could maybe make it out to hold one of my legs or something?  Okay, well, if you get this message in the next couple of hours you know where to find me.

Tallulah:  Well, kiddo, looks like itís just you and me.

Many have doubted its existence, including, I am ashamed to admit, myself. However, I present here proof positive that Tallulah Spiffendale does indeed have a heart.

Tallulah:  Aww, look at him! Bless his heart, he looks just like his Daddy! Welcome to the world, Thaddeus Spiffendale!

Tallulah:  Yeah, so I just gave birth a couple of hours ago, and Iím still planning on coming in to the office today. You will be giving me a bonus.

Wendell:  So, kind of a mixed bag this time, huh?

Otto:  Yeah, I mean, hooray for the new baby and all, but Tallulah really seems bummed out.

Mallory:  I wish there was something we could do. I mean, weíre all about defying the rules around here, what with the living forever and all. Itís just odd to find ourselves in a situation where we canít at least find a workaround.

Arianna:  I know. Itís strange. I mean, weíll get by without the potions. Weíll figure something out. Whatís really troubling is to see Lula so out of sorts. She just doesnít seem like herself, poor thing.

Morris:  *ahem* Well, itís a long shot, and it will require tremendous personal sacrifice on my part, but I think I may have an idea.

Tallulah:  Wow. Youíve really got your Daddyís dewy eyes. Itís kind of unnerving. I feel like youíre staring into my soul or something. I love you, kiddo, but I hope you grow out of that.

Wendell:  Okay, what did you do?

Otto:  You automatically assume it was me?

Wendell: Who else would it be?

Otto:  I just wanted to see what would happen! Iíd never realized I had the option before.

Otto:  Aaagggh! Itís a conflagration!

Wendell:  Well, what did you think was going to happen?

Otto:  I donít know! I thought maybe it would just be like when the game ends really dramatically and thereís a tiny mushroom cloud. I didnít know it was going to be an inferno!

Wendell:  Okay, well next time you discover you have the option to light something on fire, maybe just donít, okay?

Otto: Okay, okay! Iím sorry! Grab a fire extinguisher, would you? Maybe we can at least salvage a confident moodlet out of this.

Mallory:  Oh, poor Dad. This is going to be a real blow for him. I canít watch.

Morris:  Salma, I want you to know that this is no reflection on you whatsoever. Your service has been exemplary. The family is just experiencing a glitch and weíve got to explore every avenue in trying to fix it.

Salma:  Of course, Sir. I understand completely.

Morris:  Oh, Salma. *sniff* Youíre so gracious, even as youíre being dismissed. I want you to know that Iíll never forget you!

Salma:  No, Sir, of course not.

Morris:  And I hope youíll put those Mixology secrets I shared with you to good use.

Salma:  Naturally, Sir. It was more than generous of you to share them.

Morris:  I know! *sobs* Oh, Salma. May I hug you?

Salma: It isnít . . . customary, Sir, but if it would give you comfort . . .

Morris:  It would!

Salma:  Then by all means.

Morris:  *breaks down*

Morris:  I hope you all appreciate the sacrifices Iím making for this family!

Wendell:  Pouring your own drinks from the globe bar counts as a sacrifice now?

Morris:  For the briefest of times I tasted true civility! And now itís gone! All gone!

Wendell:  You know, if anyone should be put out, itís Grandma A. She has to go back to weeding the garden now, and you know her knees arenít what they used to be.


Watcher:  This would have been a really nice painting from reference if I hadnít forgotten to uncheck retina display. As it is, itís just a very valuable masterpiece of a blank canvas.

Tallulah:  Jorge.

Jorge:  Tallulah.

Tallulah:  Iím glad I caught you.

Jorge:  Iíve been jogging past your house several times every day since we met.

Tallulah:  You have?

Jorge:  Do you really have to ask?

Tallulah:  I guess not. Hey, so we fired the butler.

Jorge:  Oh?

Tallulah:  Yeah, so I thought maybe that might help the situation and I wanted to check with you.

Jorge:  And?

Tallulah:  Nope. Still grey.

Jorge:  Okay, then. Iíll get back to my jog.

Tallulah:  Wait. Thereís something else I think we need to try.

Jorge:  I should really get going now. Thanks for hanging out with me! Bye!

Tallulah:  Jorge! Wait up! Stop running. I really canít run well in these heels.

Jorge:  Please, Lula. I donít know if I can take this.

Tallulah:  Listen, letís just get it over with. It will only hurt for a second, and then we get to have the fun of building our relationship back up from scratch!

Jorge:  Lula . . . no.

Tallulah:  Jorge . . .

Jorge:  Please . . .

Tallulah:  I think-

Jorge: NO!

Tallulah:  we should just-

Jorge:  IT HURTS!

Tallulah:  be-


Tallulah:  friends.

Jorge:  Yes. Let us cool off our romantic relationship for awhile. That is wise.

Tallulah:  Okay, then! Starting over.

Jorge:  Darling! Oh, I missed you so much! I thought I was going to die. Youíre so beautiful! Never leave me again!

Tallulah:  Okay, then. That was easy.

Jorge:  I am not insulted.

Tallulah:  All right! Re-boyfriending achieved and . . . . proposal option still grey.

Jorge:  Yup.

Jorge:  Okay, Iím not saying it was worth it, but Iím also not complaining about how Iím feeling right now.

Jorge:  And again, not complaining.