Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 153670 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #345 on: January 13, 2017, 05:13:38 PM »
@Caterina Many thanks from both Jorge and I! Sadly, no, the house it all full up, so no Todd-ulahs will be forthcoming. :) I'm kind of relieved that I don't have to figure out toddlers while wrapping up (knock on wood) a dynasty, but man would that have been cute!

@oshizu Oh, man. Jedediah's intrusion was unscripted and mildly horrifying. Maybe I should have had Lula finish her break-ups after all. :P Jorge is a bit delusional, yes, but he's happy, so we'll let him have his delusions for awhile.
Speaking of delusions, I'm just going to pretend that Morris and Diego will never ever have to be apart. I adore them and I'm not looking forward to . . . well, let's not talk about it.
Oh, and your wish is my command! A freshly de-cc'ed Jung Muse awaits you in the Gallery (fernandez5000). I can't speak for his fashion choices, but he's certainly a cutie-patootie. He's a clumsy, art-loving, insane person who's dying for somebody to give him a successful lineage. Come on down!

Chapter 87:  A Solitary Man -or- A Dish Served Cold

Thaddeus:  Hey, guys! I found a way to gain social skill without having to make anyone cry!

Thaddeus:  Some men were just meant for solitude.

Thaddeus:  Iím doing all right. The monkey bars are just as much fun alone at night.

Mallory:  Can you believe it, Grandma Eliza?  Weíre finally on the last generation!

Eliza: I never thought Iíd live to see that day. Well, and technically I didnít, but itís happening, and Iím still around!

Thaddeus:  Oh, wow. Friends! Actual, human friends! The touch of another human being is so warm and comforting!

Omar Yassine:  Yeah, okay. Donít get weird on me, though. I just needed someone to battle voidcritters with.

Thaddeus:  You mean thereís a way to not just play against the computer? Seriously?

Omar:  Yeah, I mean, the battle station has two sides.

Thaddeus:  Oh, I thought that was just so I could switch to a different position when the sun got in my eyes.

Omar:  You know, youíre a little strange, but I like you.

Thaddeus:  *eyes well up with tears*

Omar:  Holy smokes! Donít do that!

Thaddeus:  Oh, sorry! Iím trying to get a better handle on my emotiveness.

Yasmine Yassine:  I find it captivating.

Thaddeus:  Yeah, I noticed.

Thaddeus:  Hey, Mallory! Iím developing social skills and you look like youíre going to age up really pretty. Want to be friends?

Mallory Greco:  Gain another couple of levels and weíll talk, okay?

Pernille:  Honey, try not to horrify your potential friends too much, would you?

Thaedeus:  Iím just describing my imaginary friend . . . who happens to have razor-sharp teeth and tentacles coming out of his nose.

Izumi:  I want to go home!


Arianna:  Well, this will kill a few hours.

Diego:  Seriously, Morris?  A coffee shop? Thatís whatís been preventing you from retiring?

Morris:  I have some unfinished business here, my love. My dear friends the Moris had an unpleasant visit to this particular java purveyor, and thatís not going to go unnoticed as long as Morris Spiffendale is on duty.

Diego:  Youíre so handsome when you get all self-important.

Morris:  I know.

Morris:  Okay, just a quick minute while I metaphorically burn this place to the ground and then Iím all yours.

Diego:  Iíll wait.

Morris:  All right then, dear. Just give me whatever you recommend.

Barista:  Iíve been told that when youíre nice, Mr. Spiffendale, is when you are at your most deadly.

Morris:  Youíve been told correctly, but your preparation will not save you.

Morris:  Jorge, my good man! Congratulations on finally managing to tie down our dear Tallulah, and welcome to the family!

Jorge:  Thank you, sir!

Morris:  Please remember, though, that you are still my best waiter, and I intend to keep it that way. There will be no fraternizing at work. In fact, as soon as I let go of your hand you are not to speak to me again, ever, understood?

Jorge:  Absolutely, sir.

Diego:  So, how is it?

Morris:  Oh, itís delicious. Perfectly balanced. Not too sweet, not too bitter. I even got a nice moodlet from it.

Diego:  So youíre not going to write a devastating, business-ending review?

Morris:  Of course I am! Some things are more important than a good cup of coffee. Consistency. Reciprocity. Reputation. This place is so going down.

Diego:  But, Morris, it was weeks ago! I doubt the Moris even remember it.

Morris: I remember. Like the great, grey elephant, Morris Spiffendale never forgets, and also like the great, grey elephant, I stomp on things I donít like, and crush them out of existence. Oh, do you want a scone?

Diego:  Nah. Carbs.

Morris:  Okay. More for me.

Watcher:  And again, would have been a truly beautiful painting had I not forgotten to change my game settings. Curse you, retina display!

Morris:  Donít look at me like that.

Thaddeus:  Like what?

Morris:  Like you know something awful is going to happen and you pity me with all your soul.

Thaddeus:  Well, I mean, life is full of awful things. They happen all the time. Moreso to you, I guess, because youíve lived for so long. Youíve had more time to experience the heights of joy and the depths of despair. I mean, just mathematically you have to admit youíre more likely to experience tragedy than most people.

Morris:  Okay, when did you embrace this soulful, bottomless eyes thing and start trying to be heartbreakingly philosophical?

Thaddeus:  Oh, I havenít decided on it. Iím just trying a little something new.

Tallulah:  Here I go!

Omar:  Youíre still gorgeous, Thaddeusí Mom!

Tallulah:  Thanks, kid.

Omar:  She acknowledged my existence! I am the happiest kid on earth!

Thaddeus:  And my imaginary friend has sixty-seven eyes and claws the size of butcher knives!

Pranav:  Yeah, thatís cool. Say, is your mom single?

Arianna:  You know I planted that dragonfruit over seven generations ago, back when I was a young adult and we had no idea if this dynasty was even going anywhere.

Salma:  Impressive, madam.

Arianna:  Itís a family heirloom, and very precious. Those dragonfruits saved us when we had no other reliable income and they almost shut off our electricity.

Salma:  Yes, Madam.

Arianna:  Overwater it and youíll regret the day you were born.

Salma:  Of course, Madam.

Arianna:  Awww. This is no fun. Youíre totally unflappable.

Salma:  My sincerest apologies, Maíam.

Lady:  Iíll have the lobster.

Jorge:  Very good choice, Maíam.

Lady:  Youíre a very good waiter, you know.

Jorge:  Why thank you, Maíam. I enjoy my work.

Lady:  Youíre pretty cute, too. What time do you get off?

Jorge:  Iím happily married to the blue goddess in the pink dress over there, Maíam, and as far as Iím concerned, my job is to make her happy, and I never get any time off from that.

Lady:  Fine. Get me a big glass of nectar, too, would you?

Jorge:  It would be my pleasure, Maíam.

Morris:  Excuse me, Oumaima, my extremely handsome boyfriend just walked in. Iíll check up on you again later. Diego, honey, ready to head upstairs for a little exclusive tete a tete?

Diego:  Not today, Sugar Bear. Iím here as a customer.

Morris:  Really? Youíve never done that before. Whatís the occasion?

Diego:  Oh, no occasion. Just crossing things off the old bucket list.

Diego:  Psst! Oumaima! Howís the duck?  I hear they got a new chef and I donít want to be disappointed today.

Morris:  So the chef gently filets the pit beast with a mahogany-handled- OH! There it is! I knew weíd get the five!  Five stars from Diego Lobo, everybody! Iím going to have a plaque made. This is an achievement. I honestly thought youíd keep me in suspense longer, you sly little zorro, you.

Diego:  Oh, I didnít stand a chance once you started talking cutlery.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #346 on: January 13, 2017, 06:25:32 PM »
Before I comment on this fine chapter, I want to thank you for Jung Muse. I've downloaded him and await some opportunity to play him.
As for Jedidiah doing that right in front of the groom, I'm relieved that he didn't spoil the wedding but had to giggle a little (internally, of course).

Thaddeus is truly a gift! He's so different than your founder and previous heirs, or at least you've made him so and are moving to the end of your dynasty with a fresh face and personality.
The Mori's thank you for swooping down and writing a negative review of South Square Coffee. Though, if Morris liked his coffee so much, maybe the cafe is under new management.

The shot of Morris and Diego in front of the illuminated tree is too adorable for words.
The ever-faithful Jorge--strike down that cougar!
Finally, Arianna and Salma's interlude was hilarious. Go back to your holiday crackers, Arianna. (Did you complete the collection?)

Oops, sorry for such a long comment!

How I love the Spiffendales!

P.S. Now that I'm your Gallery follower, I'd like to suggest that you add the @carlsguideRDC hashtag to your Singleton Starter and Family Starter (tho it's just a little bit pricey for a starter).
Maybe I'll build and upload some starter homes for the RDC, too.  ;)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #347 on: January 13, 2017, 07:22:10 PM »
Even the young male children are under Tallulah's spell!  Morris and Diego are so special.  I'm sure Diego will be around in spirit at the end ... el ghosto.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #348 on: January 13, 2017, 07:59:32 PM »
@oshizu (and anybody else who should happen to take a fancy to Jung Muse) Just wanted to let you know that Jung was close to the end of elder stage when I saved him and aged him down for better gallery appeal, so he might be close to the end of the YA stage when you place him in game. You might want to age him down to teen and cake him up from there to ensure he gets a full lifespan. (I got burned that way once by a gallery sim so I didn't want you to be disappointed.)

The starters in my gallery were created for The Captain's Challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed but never finished, so they're made to those specifications. If I can make a base-game-compatible version for the RDC I'll definitely tag it as such! Thanks for the suggestion!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
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I just keep loving this more and more! There really are no words that could do it justice!
because... Math *Pippin The Most Tenacious Simmer*

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #350 on: January 15, 2017, 09:10:11 AM »
You're getting closer! I loved Morris's restaurant. So happy to see that Diego rated it 5 stars.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #351 on: January 15, 2017, 05:38:43 PM »
So . . . somebody (*cough* @oshizu *cough*) challenged me to try and finish this bad boy before the release of the vampire pack next week, and I've just done the math and if (a) I step up the posting and (b) if Thaddeus doesn't do anything terribly interesting or photogenic for the whole of his adult life and if (c) I actually manage to complete the challenge we might just be able to squeak it in. That's a lot of ifs, but I love a challenge and I'm really excited to be so close to the end, so we're going to give it a shot! Everybody with me? Hands in! Gooooo Spiffendales!

@oshizu (sorry to tag you twice!) Glad you're enjoying Thaddeus. He is something new and different for sure. Cutie.
I never did complete the holiday crackers collection. I love the little plushies, but cracking crackers got tedious fast. :P
Never apologize for long comments! I live for them!

@Magpie2012 Thank you so much! Loving your new avatar, by the way. Is that our Brandy?

@MarianT Thank you! So glad you like the restaurant! I was honestly a little nervous about Diego's review. :) He's got such a reputation as a fierce critic. I was very glad we were able to pull off the five stars!

Chapter 88:  With a Wink and a Smile

Thaddeus:  Yes! Taco night!

Tallulah:  Thaddeus, baby, every night is taco night.

Tallulah:  So, Thad, Iím a good Mom, right? You donít mind that Iím pretty much a single parent and a workaholic or anything?

Thaddeus:  Nah. Iíve got all kinds of family and I know they all love me. Dadís a good Dad, even if I donít see him much, and Jorge is a really nice step-dad. Just, you know, donít start dating any of my friends, okay?

Tallulah:  Thaddeus, your Mom is a hunter. I canít be anything other than what I am. Youíre just going to have to accept that. Jorge is keeping me satisfied for now, but heís not going to live forever and well . . . I am.

Thaddeus:  But my unique best friend . . .

Tallulah:  I donít usually need to be friends with them, honey. Youíre probably fine.

Salma:  *faithfully stands guard*

Tallulah:  So . . . youíre okay with just being friends?  The friends thing is becoming pretty important at this point.

Jarrett:  Hey, Iíll do my best. *wink*

Tallulah:  No, Iím serious. I just want to be friends. I really need good friends.

Jarrett:  Sure thing. *wink*

Tallulah:  See?  This is the wedding. You were there. This is you catching the bouquet. Iím married now.

Jarrett:  Oh riiiiight. I sort of remember that.

Tallulah:  Donít wink! No more winking!

Morris:  And then you gently, ever so gently, float the creme de menthe over the top, preserving the other layers. Got it?

Salma:  Yes, sir. Highly informative, sir.

Morris:  Youíre sure Iíve never shared that particular mixology secret with you before?

Salma:  Certainly not, sir. I am careful to store away each and every secret for future use.

Morris:  Whoa. Iíd better ask Salma what secrets Iíve shared with her about not singeing your eyebrows.

Morris:  Well, it looks like only one member of Upper Echelon will be making it to the gathering tonight.

Morris:  Hereís to you, my love. You opened my eyes to new worlds, and youíll forever be immortal in my heart.

Jorge:  Well, this is fun. Impromptu dance party!

Tallulah:  Well, if it isnít fun now, itís about to be. Care to take a trip to the party bush with your lovely wife?

Jorge:  Nothing would please me more.

Tallulah:  I never get tired of that butt slap.

Jorge:  Me, either!

Tallulah:  You think anybody saw us?

Jorge:  I jolly well hope so! I want everybody here to know exactly who Mr. Tallulah Spiffendale is!

Tallulah:  Thanks so much for coming, Grampa Wendell! Youíre a real party lifesaver!

Wendell:  No problem, honey. I am always ready in a party emergency. Weird, though. Who forgets to bring a portable bar to a dance party?

Wendell:  Hey, is that your old boyfriend Genji on the turntable?

Tallulah:  No, thatís Genji. I mean, heís also named Genji, but heís not my ex-boyfriend Genji.

Wendell:  What ever happened to Genji?  Last I heard we hired him as a chef at the restaurant but he never showed up for work so we fired him.

Tallulah:  Thatís right. Heís still around, though. Oh, look! There he is over there talking to Genji.

Wendell:  I think I need a drink.

Wendell:  So, let me get this straight, you fail to bring your own portable bar to this party, and then when I set up my own, instead of making drinks you just steal my bar and make it disappear.

Bartender:  You got a problem with that?

Wendell:  Well, since Iíve already got my drink, not so much, but I still think youíre lame.

Jorge:  Watching the sunrise with my beautiful wife. Iím pretty sure life doesnít get better.

Tallulah:  Well, juggling an army of lovers is pretty thrilling, and maintaining a savvy investment portfolio, now that is a real good time-

Jorge:  Honey . . .

Tallulah:  Just kidding, baby. Monogamy has its thrills as well, and your arm around my waist is chief among them.

Jorge:  Díawwww.

Wendell:  Stand aside, there, young fellow. Let an old dog turn it up a bit and party with his buddies for old timesí sake.

Genji:  You got it, man!

Wendell:  Chi, good to see you! Candy, Yuki, looking good. Eduardo, I see you back there fire-dancing! Letís get hyped one last time, and then weíve got a birthday party to go to!

Thaddeus:  Here we go! Last Spiffendale teen birthday!

Wendell:  Come on Bustamante noooooooooooooooooose!

Thaddeus:  Holy smokes, Grampa Wendell! Close your mouth! Thatís terrifying! Who do you think you are, Jacob Marley?

Wendell:  I am keeping my mouth open this wide until your nasal status is confirmed. Now lay it on me!

Thaddeus:  Kapow! The nose lives on! Also, manbuns are apparently hereditary.

Arianna:  Look how full the table looks! Isnít this great? I can almost taste victory!

Mallory:  Iím pretty sure what youíre tasting is staggering, desperate relief to still be alive.

Wendell:  Yeah, Iíve got to say, the decision to wait until our second notices to eat ambrosia is wreaking some serious havoc on my peace of mind.

Otto:  Yeah, I hate the way my bubbling age bar feels. Itís like being tickled by the Grim Reaper.

Arianna:  But we donít have to go fishing, anymore! And no more potion-farming! If we can stick it out, we can just rely on our pre-made stash of ambrosia until the end! Plus, we all get the warnings at the same time. We might miss one, but thereís no way weíll miss all six! Weíre going to be fine.

Morris:  Are you sure weíve got enough stashed to get us to the end?

Arianna:  Well . . .maybe. It turns out that while many of us have maxed logic, nobody is any good at math.

Pernille:  Yeah, every time I try to calculate how many weíll need my head goes all fuzzy and I have to go take a bath.

Wendell:  Well, hey! Whatís life without a little suspense, right?

Pernille:  Well, I think itís probably secure and pleasant.

Otto:  Yeah, but it smells like fish. Letís try this. What have we got to lose?

Morris:  Um . . . everything? Literally everything weíve worked for our entire lives.

Arianna:  Okay, ten more. Weíll make ten more plates of ambrosia. Is that enough of a cushion for everybody?

Mallory:  And weíll drop everything the instant we get our second notices and come right here?

Arianna:  The very second!

Pernille:  Well, all right. As long as it means we donít have to do math.

Arianna:  No math. Promise.

Otto:  Nice distraction. She didnít say a word about my slippers.

Pernille:  Itís your skin. You look fancy no matter what youíre wearing because youíre blue.

Otto:  Whatever works!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #352 on: January 15, 2017, 05:49:30 PM »
I am so enjoying this story. Still have a long way to go to get caught up.  ;D

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #353 on: January 15, 2017, 06:21:06 PM »
Oops! If the short timeframe eats away at your enjoyment of your Spiffendale Dynasty's final days, please feel free to ignore the white glove I threw down.

Oh no, Upper Echelon for one. That can only mean.... *sobs
Morris is taking it pretty well--I thought he'd shave his head and join a monastery. Oh right, he can't leave the dynasty house, doh.
Seriously, Morris and Diego have to be the most memorable pairing in this dynasty.

Lol, Thaddeus asking his mom to lay off his friends and Lula not being able make any promises. I know you will give us a close-up shot of the lad in the next chapter.
Waiting for the second notice to eat ambrosia? Watcher, you are playing with fire!!!
If the elders aren't fishing, what else can they do unsupervised for hours on end? Meditate?

I love Salma--she never fails to amuse. Plus her dreads are the same shade of Spiffendale turquoise!
Good luck to Lula with her friendships. She'll have no trouble--it's like Serial Romantic without the flirting and smooching. ;-)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #354 on: January 15, 2017, 09:05:17 PM »
It took me a minute to realize why Morris was alone.  It was a sad moment indeed.  I'm still enjoying the ambrosia ceremonies.  Please be careful with waiting to long with your elders to eat their ambrosia.  I failed my immortal dynasty because my founder didn't drop what she was doing when she got her notice and eat.   I hope trying to finish in a week means more updates!  Go-o-o-o SPIFFENDALES!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #355 on: January 16, 2017, 02:27:58 PM »
@sdhoey Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoy The Spiffendales half as much as I enjoyed Colt Brooks and his family I will be a happy camper, indeed!

@oshizu Nonsense! My enjoyment is greatly increased by a little time pressure. Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator!
I felt bad for Morris almost the very moment I got him together with Diego because it wasn't until then that I remembered two great loves means two great losses when you're immortal. I think he's hurting deep down, but is a little more philosophical about it this time around. Poor Morris. Life is not easy for Watcher's Favorite.
There is a lot of competition in my mind for Most Memorable Couple. Ooh! That makes me want to do a Spiffendale Yearbook with a bunch of silly superlatives in it! Cutest Couple. Best Nose. Most Likely to Be in the Graveyard Mourning. That could be fun. :)
Close-ups of Teen Thaddeus coming up! Thank you for reminding me!
As for Lula and her friendships, I think leaving out the flirting and smooching is the hard part for her!

@Caterina Okay, you and oshizu have convinced me. I've recounted my ambrosia stores and I'm backing off the "wait until the second warning" plan. It's too nerve-wracking, and I think we've got plenty in the stash so we'll all breathe a little easier from here on out. :)
Finishing next week definitely means more updates! One a day unless Thaddeus does something really interesting in which case, two. Let's do this!

Chapter 89:  The Randomizer is Not Kind

First things first:

Thaddeus:  Oh! I guess I was on fire at some point! Am I experiencing memory loss? Is spontaneously producing soot a new part of puberty? Should I just not worry about it and do my homework?

Tallulah:  Saya, honey! I just love the individual components of your outfit! Itís so amazing how theyíre each attractive, yet manage to clash so utterly when put together!

Saya:  Iím insulted, but Iím going to get back at you by being culled before your elder birthday, so weíre cool.

Tallulah:  This good friends thing is turning out to be harder than I thought.

Thaddeus:  You know, Iím kind of liking this look. I feel kind of mysterious. I think Iím pulling it off!

Tallulah:  You know what, Kengo?  Weíve got a fair bit of time to kill, and I think you can do better than that fluorescent hiking shirt.

Kengo Yamamoto:  But itís sweat-wicking!

Tallulah:  Yeah, but I feel like youíre just inviting comparisons to Cameron Behrens, and Iím afraid youíre not going to fare well in that scenario. Okay, letís go. Closet time. Your wife, whom I also hope to make my good friend, can thank me later.

Tallulah:  Oh, thatís much better. I can look at you without sunglasses now.

Kengo:  Well, it ainít polar fleece, but the sweater is wool, and I can respect its ability to keep me warm even when wet.

Tallulah:  Letís move on from talking about fabric now, okay?

Thaddeus:  Ugh. I donít wanna. My finger hurts. Stupid handiness.

Thaddeus:  Okay, my teenaged mood has swung back in the focused direction. Now, knife block, allow me to release you from your wooden prison!

Pernille:  So youíre who, again?

Saya:  Iím Saya. Iím Tallulahís good friend!

Pernille:  Okay . . . ?

Saya:  Iím also your maid!

Pernille:  Iím afraid none of that explains why youíve been on our porch for the past 48 hours.

Saya:  Iím also pretty friendly with your mailbox!

Pernille:  Iím going back inside now.

Saya:  You could invite me in!

Pernille:  Yeah, but youíre a kleptomaniac and we just got a new coffeepot.

Tallulah:  Donít worry, Ciera, I can fix this.

Ciera Dempsey:  Fix what?

Tallulah:  Oh yeah. Thatíll do. I may have overshot, though. Youíre way too cute for your husband, now.

Ciera:  Eh. What else is new? I should get way better tips at the restaurant, anyway.

Saya:  Good Morning, mailbox! Ready to start a wonderful day?

Mailbox:  Please go home.

Tallulah:  Oof. The randomizer is not kind. Come in, Matsumi, letís get you fixed up!

Tallulah:  Oh, hey! What do you know? Sheís a Mori! Not quite cute enough to be a real Mori, and her hair isnít nearly cool enough, but sheís pretty.

Watcher:  The other way we know sheís not a real Mori is that she was also culled before Tallulahís birthday. A real Mori would never have been so inconsiderate. A waste of a good makeover!

Arianna:  Thatís odd behavior for Salma. Just standing there reading while the puddle of water grows underneath her feet.

Morris:  In her defense, itís a book about Butlering.

Dimitri:  Oh, you getting some late-night mentoring from Grandma Mal? She was the handiest person around in my day!

Mallory:  Oh, mentoring has been offered, but somebody here is being a little too proud to accept it.

Thaddeus:  Back off, guys! I can do this.

Mallory:  I donít know. Looks like you might need a tiny little bit of mentoring to keep you from making a horrible, irreversible mistake. Just saying.

Thaddeus:  Iím doing fine, Grandma Mal! Sheesh!

Tallulah:  Have I told you today what a wonderful husband and waiter you are?

Jorge:  Oh, tell me again.

Morris:  Ottoís late, again.

Otto:  Iím here! Iím here! Nobody eat mine.

Arianna:  You know, with all the complaining youíve been doing about cutting it too close with this stuff youíd think youíd be more punctual.

Mallory:  Yeah, Otto. You starting to enjoy that bubbling feeling after all?

Otto: *shudders* Ugh. No. Itís awful. I just somehow seem to be doing something every time the notice comes.

Tallulah:  I should probably redecorate. These flea market treasures are not exactly fitting for a business tycoonís boudoir.

Maki:  Why is your son making that face?

Tallulah:  Iím not sure. He might be trying to distract everyone from his sorrowful eyes or it could just be your standard, run-of-the-mill dissolute teenager face.

Maki:  Huh. My teenager doesnít make that face.

Thaddeus:  Ugh. Stop talking about me, you guys!

Tallulah:  Stop being so insufferably teenaged! Who do you think you are, Harry Potter? You know we only forgave him for being so whiny and grouchy because he saved the world, right?

Thaddeus:  *huffs and puffs*
Tallulah:  Come on, Maki. Letís cloudgaze and let Eeyore over there start on his homework.

Maki:  Sounds good to me!

Thaddeus:  *sighs*

Morris:  Feeling okay, there, sport?

Thaddeus:   *sighs* Fine.

Morris:  I saw your friend Mallory Greco came home from school with you today. Sheís awfully cute.

Thaddeus:  Is she? I canít tell. Sheís always wearing that giant hat so I canít get a good look at her face.

Morris:  Oh, well let me send your Mom down to talk to her. Sheís crazy for makeovers these days. Iíll bet she can get Mallory into some more convenient headwear in no time!

Mallory G:  Proper sun protection is extremely important!

Tallulah:  Hey, girlfriend! Letís go have some fun, okay?

Mallory:  You got it! Youíre getting quite a reputation as a stylist, you know. My momís going to be super jealous.

Tallulah:  Yeah? Well, I have nothing to do until my elder birthday, so send her around when sheís ready. Makeovers are my new favorite thing.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #356 on: January 16, 2017, 03:04:08 PM »
Yay! Thanks for the collage. I'm unfamiliar with City Living residents and can't recognize the boy in the lower left. Is that a teenaged Salim Benaldi?
Whoa, Thaddeus got the Bustamente schnozzle in spades! Accompanied by pouty lips. Are you floating on clouds these days?

I really giggled at how much your game loves dreads on female sims! So many of your makeovers involved dreads.
When Saya showed up for work I got worried about the elderly Salma, then realized Saya is a maid not a butler replacement.

Why doesn't Thaddeus want to be mentored? He's decided, as the future eight immortal, to do everything the hard way?

Your makeovers--I saw one of the ladies and thought, omg, she's really pretty, then read your comments about the Mori's, lol.
Also, I'm surprised that your game has a Maki, too. She's very pretty.
Another Mallory? Are we getting an early look at a possible love interest?

Love Lula's new look in the last shot. She wears those patterned slacks like no one's business tycoon!
So are we just waiting on her elder birthday now? The culling of good friends is awful--why can't the simverse pick the other sims?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #357 on: January 16, 2017, 11:50:10 PM »
You had mad me at Eyeore!  I had a pair of those printed denim jeans back in the late 80's.  The big flower was more of a red, they were a little short in length like Lula's, and I wore them with a faded maroon hoodie.  I actually may still have them...   As for Thaddeus' it.  I pulled that some look earlier after falling on ice.  Everyone walk like a penguin and stay safe.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #358 on: January 17, 2017, 03:11:24 AM »
Chapter 90:  So This Happened . . .

Yes, I'm afraid that's exactly what it looks like.

I guess we could all use a few seconds to let that sink in.

I'll wait.

Basically . . . It's over.

It was a lovely Sunday evening. Thaddeus had just thrown a very nice dinner party, his fourth gold. Everybody was feeling pretty good. The elders had eaten ambrosia earlier in the day. Mallory had felt a touch of gas and giggles coming on, but had taken some medicine and thought she'd kicked it. Everybody was pretty tired after the party, so while Thad toddled off to the Happy Bathroom to work on his charisma the elders conked out for the night. Mallory opted for a snooze in the hot tub, where some fool had left the playful aromatherapy filter on and when she woke up a bit later . . .


It's pretty late now where I am, but I was finding it hard to sleep, so I thought I'd get up, pour myself a nice drink and philosophize for a moment or two.

I'm shook. I am. I was just joking earlier today about jinxing myself by downloading a bunch of family portrait poses to use when I had eight immortals and wanted to arrange them nicely on a couch. Those aren't going to be necessary for awhile. To be honest, I think I'm feeling much the way Thaddeus felt when he aged up to Young Adult and I gave him the insane trait so I'd have someone to talk to for the last generation:

Overall, though, what I'm feeling is gratitude. I'm so grateful for all of you who have hung out with me through this journey, you who have gotten to know my characters and come to love them almost as much as I do. I'm going to miss my Spiffendales. I really wanted immortality for them. I wanted them to live out their days on the Completed Stories board, delighting those who'd come along and want some inspiration or just a good story to read. I really grew to love this family, and sending them to the graveyard, pixels though they may be, cuts me pretty deep.

So what else did you miss? Let's see . . . Tallulah's immortal:

Thaddeus got some new hair and, in his Watcher's opinion, got even dreamier:

Jorge hung out long enough to be Tallulah's unique best friend, and for a surprisingly long time afterward.

Lula invited him over several times a day for weeks on end, but he eventually opted to slip away on his own, depriving me of the right to swipe his urn and have his ghost haunt us for a few weeks. Speaking of ghosts, they're all still there, even Bob Pancakes.

I don't know what more to say, except thank you again. More even than my virtual family, the family of friends that I've met through sharing my story on this forum has meant so very, very much to me. This has been my creative outlet, my social life, and some days my motivation for getting out of bed. It's given me purpose, and I couldn't have done it without you all reading along.

I'm going to take a bit of a break, I think. Make some toddlers. Make some vampires. Make some vampire toddlers. Maybe take up woodworking. From what I can tell it's, like, the funnest thing in the entire world.

I'm not sure what my next project will be. Probably not going to try the Immortal Dynasty again for a bit. If I'd gotten to the point where I got asked the question "What was the hardest thing," about doing one of these, I was going to say starting over. Getting up the courage and motivation to try again after a failure. I've had a bunch. There's a reason I titled all my files for The Spiffendales "Immortal Dynasty First Try." (Though I'm pretty sure Emmeline Vanderspiffen, the founder of my first failure would take issue with that, too. I called hers a practice dynasty.)

Anyway, if you've sat through my self-indulgent eulogy for this close-but-no-cigar Immortal Dynasty, I thank you. The Spiffendales thank you. We can never thank you enough. Sul sul, folks. Catch you on the other side. :)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #359 on: January 17, 2017, 04:26:48 AM »
I've read this post several times with a huge lump in my throat.
You were so very, very, very close to finishing, darn it. I'm just stunned.

I'd like to write something persuasive about taking the time off you need then returning to grace us with a new story, but I can't find the right words.
In the meantime, I will miss your addictive storytelling and await your comeback.