Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 153307 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #375 on: January 17, 2017, 11:46:33 PM »
What a great update!  I'm so happ-eus that you are continuing!!  That picture of Thaddeus and Izumi and your comment ... perfection!  When I saw Rieko's reflection in the mirror, I silently hoped she would be the one.  You never disappoint.  The way you write your couples is magical.  Each one has their own flair.  Thaddeus and Rieko are so young and fun.  She looked beautiful in her bathing suit.  And...I really liked the pic of Thaddeus on the yoga mat.  I bet he's glad that he got up and kept trying.  The geek in me is really enjoying their romance.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
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I'm very happy that Jorge is getting so much love after all of his unrelenting devotion.
How wonderful that Thad has found a lady who gets him! Haha, Rieko and her love for gaming statistics!

But I'm happiest that the saga of the Spiffendales continues.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #377 on: January 18, 2017, 01:17:30 PM »
Very glad you're continuing, evenings would not be the same without a fix of Spiffendales and Mori's.  Off to read about the Mori's next. Happy days (and I'm not addicted to these stories, honest I'm not :) )

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #378 on: January 18, 2017, 07:34:52 PM »
@MarianT I'm pretty bummed about your Zargons and Bairds. They were our first introduction to the RDC! But I'm comforted that the Zests are still going strong, so that makes me happy. My solution felt right to me, too. As soon as I came up with it I stopped being sad and started to get excited about writing again, so I knew it was the right thing to do. :)

@wfgodot Thanks, yo! I can feel your affection for the Behrens family in your writing, too. These little pixels love to break our hearts. Oh, and I'm glad you enjoyed the reference to Cam earlier. I just can't imagine anyone else in that shirt. :)

@Caterina Oh, your comments make me the happ-eus Watcher/Writer in the world. :) Thank you for the giggle. I was bummed things didn't work out with Izumi because she made awesome faces. Rieko is sweet and adorable, though. Yay geek love! Oh, and I wanted to say how happy it makes me that you and @Candyd have given Goopy such wonderful new lives! It makes me very happy to imagine him walking around your neighborhoods and having little purple burritos!

@oshizu Thank you! Oh, I neglected to respond to your earlier comment in all the hubbub, but yes that's teen Salim in the collage. He's so cute before his beard has grown in!

@HelenP Thank you so much! Honestly, there are far worse things to be addicted to. :)

Chapter 92:  Sabotage

Tallulah:  Hello, again!

Jorge:  Yes. Hello. Again. Imagine my surprise when you called the second I left to invite me over again.

Tallulah:  Youíre devoted to me! You should not mind.

Jorge:  And I donít! Not at all! I just think you donít need to worry quite so hard about me dying just yet.

Tallulah:  Itís not going to happen the second you step off the lot? I get this horrible feeling in my gut as soon as you disappear. I just donít want you to be alone when it happens.

Jorge:  Not everybody hates solitude. A nice, peaceful not-in-world slipping away actually sounds fine to me.

Tallulah:  Oh! Speaking of that! We just realized we havenít used our one-time world re-population option yet, so youíre moving into Daisy Hovel. Pack your bags, Formerly-Homeless Townie!

Jorge:  Shouldnít you be using those spots for people Thaddeus can potentially befriend?

Tallulah:  He only needs six friends, and I need you to be safe and comfortable where I know youíre not going to be culled at any second.

Jorge:  Well, if itís my comfort youíre worried about, perhaps we should continue this conversation in the hot tub.

Tallulah:  Ugh. I hate that hot tub! Stupid, evil hot tub!

Jorge:  Since when do you hate the hot tub? I thought everyone loved the hot tub. Itís really nice.

Tallulah:  Everyone hates the hot tub, okay!? Weíre selling it as soon as we get the chance.

Jorge:  But we spent our honeymoon in that hot tub-


Jorge:  Um, okay, sure. Moving on, could you set aside your hot tub hatred for a few minutes so we can do some canoodling?

Tallulah:  Yeah, okay. I guess. But youíd better stick around for awhile. This better buy me enough time to ask you to spend the night.

Jorge:  Mmmmm. Now thatís more like it.

Tallulah:  Iím getting out. I canít stand this hot tub. You know, youíve gotten cheekier since we got married. You never used to give me a hard time about anything.

Jorge:  A wedding is a funny thing, my love. I havenít felt this secure in . . . well, ever. But really, if anyoneís being cheeky right now itís you, dear.

Tallulah:  You see? Butt jokes! Since when do you make butt jokes?

Jorge:  I blame the aromatherapy oil.

Tallulah:  Me too. *darkly* For everything.

Jorge:  Everything  . . . ?

Tallulah:  Just go with it, dear.

Jorge:  That is what I do best.

Tallulah:  Well, at least that hasnít changed.

Otto:  Yes! Sabotage! I finally get to use this ability! Awesome! Huh . . . so I guess when I sabotage things they donít break instantly. More of a delayed-reaction thing. I hope Thaddeus doesnít need to finish this aspiration anytime soon.

Thaddeus:  *loudly* Boy, I sure hope this recently-sabotaged sink doesnít unexpectedly break on me while Iím innocently getting a glass of water.


Okay, forget this. Letís just buy a new sink so I can upgrade it.

Thaddeus:  There we go. Much better. Now to try and break the microwave.

Thaddeus:  Well, it didnít work, but on the plus side, now I have a delicious microwave pastry to eat!

Karla:  Iím proud of you, dear.

Thaddeus:  Thanks, Grandma Karla! Say, do you think you could possess something around here and break it? I still need to repair or upgrade a couple of things.

Karla:  Sorry, dear. Iím perfect, and perfect ghosts only provide encouragement and do the dishes.

Thaddeus:  Yay! Upgraded teapot!

Morris:  Yeah, and now that weíve fired the kleptomaniac maid we might actually get to enjoy some upgraded tea!

Morris:  Oh! There it goes! Finally!

Tallulah:  Yeah, too late for poor Thad, though. I guess itís only truly sabotage if it breaks when nobody wants it to break.

Omar:  So, Thad? You think your Mom is into younger guys?

Thaddeus:  Dude. Sheís married. Lay off. Hey, give me your e-mail password so I can fix your spam filters.

Omar:  Okay, sure. Thanks, man. Itís ďT-H-A-D-D-E-U-S-S-M-O-MĒ

Thaddeus:  Dude, seriously? Thatís your password?

Omar:  Oh, right! The ďOĒ is a zero. Makes it more secure.

Thaddeus:  Ugh!

Jorge:  Thatís a lovely blend from the Monte Vista Valley area. Pairs excellently with poultry, though honestly I think itís rich and full-bodied enough to hold its own with a pork chop.

Tallulah:  Honey, youíre off duty. Just enjoy our home-date. I donít need to know the lineage of my nectar.

Jorge:  Many people say it enhances the nectar-drinking experience!

Tallulah:  Many ladies say that to you because they think youíre cute and want you to keep talking to them.

Tallulah:  A toast to you, my love, my most faithful Jorge.

Jorge:  Darling! Iím touched!

Tallulah:  Well, the option to make a toast comes about so rarely, I just had to seize it.

Tallulah:  Oh, sweetie! Your poor neck!

Jorge:  Not the worst pain I have endured for your love by a long shot, my dear, and very worth it!

Tallulah:  Mmmmmm.

Jorge:  Mmmm. Honey, I should probably get going I-Mmmmmmm

Tallulah:  Nope. Staying here. Never leaving. More making out.

Thaddeus:  Definitely not hacking! No idea why there are scary red boxes all over my screen but itís definitely not from hacking!

Pernille:  Ten bucks says Salmaís a total dart shark.

Wendell:  Youíre on!

Salma:  *scores bullseye*

Otto:  Oh! I knew it!

Thaddeus:  Hey! Hey! Itís my birthday!

Thaddeus:  I look exactly the same, and Iím celebrating all by myself. Two things I am totally okay with.

Watcher:  I think you got handsomer.

Thaddeus:  What? HUH? VOICES?!?!?!? Oh, no! Oh no ohnoohno. Whatís happening?

Watcher:  Oh, I was getting bored so I made you insane so you can talk to me. Yaaaay!

Thaddeus:  Sweet son of a llama there it is again! Ahhhhhh!

Watcher:  No no no! Itís okay! Stop screaming! Iím the Watcher. Iím nice and good and you like me. Man, Catherine was a lot more easy-going about this. She must have been insane from childhood.

Thaddeus:  Crazy Grandma Catherine?

Watcher:  Yes, but you should probably be more respectful. Youíre easily as crazy as she is, and youíre not exactly crazy, just . . . extra-perceptive.

Thaddeus:  Huh?

Watcher:  Look, just  . . . get a job and then Iíll give you some new hair, because I feel like the manbun is not quite right for your face, and then weíll talk some more, yeah? Itís all going to be okay. Okay?

Thaddeus:  O . . . kay?

Watcher:  Thatís the spirit!

Thaddeus:  Okay! Tech Guru. Just what Iíve always wanted to do. This is a no-brainer.

Watcher:  Ummm . . .

Thaddeus:  What now?

Watcher:  You sure you donít want to shake things up a bit? You could do Criminal. The Boss branch needs handiness and youíve got that in spades. Or the Oracle branch does lots of hacking! You love hacking!

Thaddeus:  What? Youíve been watching me hack? That was supposed to be on the down-low!

Watcher:  Oops.

Thaddeus:  Do you watch me in that bath, too?

Watcher:  Well I donít, like, ogle you, but Iím usually around, yeah.

Thaddeus:  What do I wear while Iím bathing, then?

Watcher:  A very tasteful yellow sundress, but Iím pretty sure thatís my fault. I downloaded some custom content that messed up everybodyís nude outfits.

Thaddeus:  You took a PICTURE?

Watcher:  Wouldnít you?

Thaddeus:   . . . This is a disaster.

Watcher:  Nah. Itís kind of cute. And you fill it out surprisingly well!

Thaddeus:  Okay. Shut it down. Back on track. Joining the Tech Guru career because I need it for my aspiration. No further discussion.

Watcher:  Bah. Youíre no fun.

Otto:  Bzzzzt! Nice! Youíve got a little alien in you after all!

Thaddeus:  Sweet!

Thaddeus:  So . . . when Grandma Catherine talked about the Watcher . . . did she mention any way to turn it off?

Wendell:  No, but I think she really enjoyed it. Made her feel important. Sweet lady, your grandma. Her ghost comes around sometimes. You could ask her about it. Are you hearing voices, Thad?

Thaddeus:  Ummm. I gotta go do my makeover.  See you later.

Watcher:  Oh, yeah! Now thatís a hairstyle that fits your head!  And that jacket makes me think you should definitely do Interstellar Smuggler. Come on! You know you want to be an astronaut!

Thaddeus:  I do not. I want to stick with the plan and sit in front of the nice, safe computer for the entirety of my career.

Watcher:  Bleh. Fine. Youíll regret it when youíre spending hours in the Happy Bathroom in front of that stupid mirror.

Thaddeus:  I need charisma regardless of what career I go into and excuse me, but why do I have to be the level-headed one here? Isnít the point of the Watcher to provide guidance and stop us from doing silly things and keep us on task so we can finish successfully? Werenít you the one who planned for me to be a Tech Guru from the very start?

Watcher:  Yeah, yeah but itís Gen 8 and Iím stir-crazy. Youíve seen how many makeovers Iíve done this week! I made that plan when I was young and innocent and hadnít done Tech Guru six million times. Oh, shoot! I gotta go. Your Grampa Morris just passed out.

Thaddeus:  Youíre not great at this whole Watcher thing, are you?

Watcher:  I do okay. I got you this far. And a few days further . . . Yeah . . . Iím not super great. I try!

Thaddeus:  *sigh* Whatever.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #379 on: January 18, 2017, 08:08:44 PM »
For me, this chapter's highlights were:

Omar's password. Smart move substituting the letter o with the numeral zero--you are 100% hack-proof except when it comes to Thaddeus...
Lula moving Jorge into a house to live his remaining days in non-culled comfort. Awwww.
Otto discovering that his grandson can do the secret alien handshake.
Thaddeus in the tub wearing a yellow sundress. Good thing the color didn't clash with his facial mask!

The list could go on forever so I'll stop here. Thank you for making me laugh often and loudly!  ;D

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #380 on: January 18, 2017, 10:16:33 PM »
Ooooh, the yellow sundress!!!!!  That's too funny!!!

Don't you have Jorge (his poor neck!) in a club?  Well I guess you've already played through so it's too late but anyway.  My clubs go on and on until I end them.  The sims stick around, too.  I've watched Tony bathe.  He practically lives there without living there. 

Loved Morris passing out, simply cause Matt just did exactly the same thing (He loves the basketball court).

Also loved Thaddeus with his pastry.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #381 on: January 19, 2017, 07:08:40 PM »
@oshizu Teehee. I think we agree on the highlights. So glad you enjoyed it!

@wfgodot Yeah, the sundress. Cracks me up every time. Poor Thaddeus.
Jorge is in Club Cosplay, but I get sick of everyone running around in full face makeup so I can't tell who is who. I probably should have started a "Just Lovers" club for him and Lula, but didn't think of it in time. Next time I want an urn badly I'll definitely be employing that strategy!

Chapter 93:  The Longest Day

Watcher:  Have a good day at work, sweetie!

Thaddeus:  Much as I resent your voice in my head, I have to say . . . I look pretty sexy in this hair.

Watcher:  Thatís the spirit!

Tallulah:  Hey, girl! So good to see you! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you not getting culled. Iím actually close to elder now and everybody is just peace-ing out. Itís maddening!

Ciera:  Hey, I do my best. Look, heís kind of a jerk, but if you need friends you could try my husband. Heís around as long as I am.

Tallulah:  Hmmm. I donít love the idea of putting too many eggs in one basket, but Iíll give him a try. Itís either that or start trolling the playgrounds for child friends.

Tallulah:  So youíre evil and you hate children?

Ritvik:  Yup!

Tallulah:  I feel like this will be easier if we donít talk much.

Tallulah:  There we go! Friendship building with zero conversation. Perfect!

Tallulah:  I should really invest in a tarp. It is way damp out here.

Yasmin:  You know, Iím really more interested in getting to know your son with the pretty eyes.

Tallulah:  No way. His friends are his own problem. Iíve got dibs on you and my problem is more urgent.

Thaddeus:  Stop taking pictures of me! Iím trying to program!

Watcher:  Thatís going to be a no. You know, if you became an astronaut you could hide from me in your spaceship. I canít get in there to take pictures.

Thaddeus:  Enough with the astronaut thing!

Pernille:  Weíre getting so close! Next time we sit down here, Tallulah will be with us!

Morris:  How did you score the head of the table, Wendell? Mom always sits there.

Wendell:  Oh, I won it off her in a darts game. Itís the only thing of value we have to wager these days.

Morris:  I want in next time!

Wendell:  Okay, but we play dirty.

Watcher:  Oh, would you just eat!

Otto:  *sigh* I could just hang out in this room all day.

Watcher:  And stop trying to read the museum item books! Those are for display only!

Otto:  Yup. All day long.

So then we arrived at the final day. We had less than 24 hours until Tallulah was due to become an elder. It was probably the longest day of our entire lives. Iím active, and I felt okay, but Iím nearly two weeks older than my lovely wife, and Iíd survived much longer than anyone anticipated. I was still her unique best friend, and she was determined not to take her eyes off of me for one second until the hour of her ambrosia-tasting sounded.

We employed the usual methods of passing the time.

I pointed out to my darling Tallulah that if her goal was to keep me alive through the day we should probably think of something else to do, but as I said, Iím active, and I kept up with her pretty well.

We engaged in a few less strenuous activities.

I always say, when all else fails, take a nap.

Thaddeus brought home a promotion. Heíd taken to posing outside the house for some reason. We were all grateful for his increase in self-esteem. Boy were those whiny teen years rough! So we didnít say anything and soon enough he buried himself in his programming.

I had a tense moment late in the afternoon, but it turned out to just be a bit of indigestion.

With a few hours to go, we decided a change of scene might do us good. I again tried to remind her of my age and potentially delicate health, but nobody can say no to Tallulah, least of all me.

I attempted to beg off a few times, but the second I hit the door, Tallulah summoned me back.

Her grandfather had a cake all baked in advance. And finally the moment came.

My Lula. Always light on her feet.

She immediately teleported to the secret room where her destiny awaited her.

While I slipped quietly out the back . . .

Immortality acheived, she swiftly raced back upstairs and after me.

Foolish Tallulah. She should have known Iíd never be far away. Not ever. No matter what.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #382 on: January 19, 2017, 07:39:14 PM »
It's quite dazzling when all the immortals sit down in the ambrosia room in their formal (party?) wear. Arianna is so right!

Too funny about Lula brushing aside that girl's desire to befriend Thad with the pretty eyes instead. The nerve!

Heartfelt congratulations to Tallulah on achieving immortality. Her portrait is spell-binding!
I just love how Tallulah has become so genuinely and deeply attached to Jorge over time.
Silly (but active) Jorge, harping about too much woohoo, lol.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #383 on: January 19, 2017, 08:01:26 PM »
nooooooo Jorge.  It's so sweet how Tallulah keeps herding him back to the house.  But I can tell the next update is going to be a sad one.  Poor Jorge, spending his last day ill.

Well, happy birthday, Tallulah.  You made it. 

That's an awesome shot of Thaddeus programming.  Haha, I love how you just have the jolly holiday snowman just chilling in the yard all the time.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #384 on: January 20, 2017, 01:01:19 AM »
I really liked the picture of Thaddeus at the computer too.  What a great angle!  The bit in the ambrosia room about winning the spot at the head of table in a game of darts was very funny.  Where do you come up with this stuff?  Congrats on another immortal.  Tallulah was beautiful with grey hair.  I liked how you could see her blue skin through her exercise outfit.  I never noticed that before.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #385 on: January 20, 2017, 02:51:45 PM »
@oshizu Thanks, man! I'm glad you like Tallulah's portrait. They're such a pain to get these days, but I think they're worth it. Also glad Arianna's (and my) obsession with getting everyone properly dressed for ambrosia time is appreciated. :)

@wfgodot Yeah, poor Jorge. But suffering seems to suit him, so he'll be all right. Oh, and the snowman. Yeah, the Spiffendales and their watcher have similarly lazy attitudes toward taking down holiday decorations. He may be there awhile.

@Caterina Glad you liked the picture of Thaddeus programming! He's always at the computer for his job and skills but it's really hard to capture because of the walls. I have to get creative with angles, so I'm very happy you appreciated it! I like the sheer exercise top, too. Fancy and a little sexy. Perfect for our Lula.

Chapter 94:  These Things Come In Threes

Morris:  Do you think Jorge is getting too secure and comfortable in his position here?

Tallulah:  Aw, let him be. Half the customers leave before theyíve ordered, anyway. The restaurant is hopelessly bugged.

Morris:  Shame. Weíre so close to five stars. Iíd really like to make it there.

Tallulah:  We still might, someday. Letís just enjoy what weíve got for now.

Jorge:  Shame they canít edit other lots. The bed at Daisy Hovel is mad lumpy. Iíd almost prefer the tent here.

Morris:  Boy those two are sappy.

Arianna:  Hush. Theyíre sweet. Theyíre savoring the last days.

Morris:  I hate the last days. Iím even sick of savoring. Are we about done with spouses here, yet?

Arianna:  Youíre going to miss Jorge, too, huh?

Morris:  A darn fine waiter, dang it! And a real shame! I just donít know if I can bring myself to train anyone else.

Arianna:  Okay, honey. Time for your emotionally-influencing pre-work pep talk.

Thaddeus:  Huh? Yes! Not hacking! Simpedia! Very interesting facts about . . . marmosets.

Arianna:  Honey, Iím incredibly old and very difficult to shock. Youíre fine.

Thaddeus:  Oh! Says here marmosets lack wisdom teeth. Fascinating!

Pernille:  Hey! Check it out! I maxed painting! I wasnít even trying!

Mallory:  You know, itís nice to have company out here, but itís a little odd that youíve maxed painting but not written a single book since you retired.

Pernille:  I guess I missed my calling.

Thaddeus:  Honestly, how great am I? Thatís all three skills maxed. What a wonder is Thaddeus Spiffendale! All that and a bag of pretty eyes!

Watcher:  Okay, first of all, . . . .gross. And secondly, your Charisma is a very disappointing level two. Time to get cozy in the Happy Bathroom. I put a new painting in there for you.

Thaddeus:  You know, for once when Iím talking to myself, I wish I could actually just talk to myself.

Watcher:  Yeah, yeah. Hey! Do you want a hot stone massage before you start? Morris is still up and . . . never mind.

Otto:  This is fun! Nobody ever asks me to do the Wellness stuff!

Thaddeus:  I think weíre all afraid youíll start tickling us or stealing our towels or something.

Otto:  Those are amazingly good ideas! How have I been neglecting the mischief side of wellness until now?

Thaddeus:  *sigh*

Jorge:  Hon . . . do you have to do that now?

Tallulah:  Sorry. Itís Thaddeusí best friend. Heís so funny. Kidís got a thing for older ladies, I guess.

Jorge:  Well, I guess Iím glad to know youíll be taken care of once Iím gone.

*ominous foreshadowing music*

Watcher:  A rare look into the psyche of Salma the Butler. Apparently in her downtime she researches tropical vacations, fancy cars, and turkey recipes.

Morris:  Oh, dear. Echelonís first death.

Tallulah:  Oh, no! Itís not-

Morris:  No, no. Itís cool. Itís not Jorge. Just that Yamamoto fellow who used to wear the fluorescent hiking shirt.

Tallulah:  Sadly, he did not live it down.

Morris:  Gah. What is Makiís deal today? Sheís moping around like . . . . oooooh, right. That was her husband who just died upstairs. I should probably give her the day off.

Tallulah:  Normal walk. Normal walk. Normal walk . . . Sad walk. Oh, Jorge. My most faithful and truest love. I really wanted to be with you when it happened. I love you, darling.

Tallulah:  A good time to stretch the old herbalism muscles.

Tallulah:  This works not at all. Seriously, how many vials of this do I have to smear on myself to shave off a couple of hours of mourning?

Wendell:  Rockiní party, Thad!

Thaddeus:  Thanks, Grampa! Nice to see everyone up and dancing. Too much mourning around here, lately.

Wendell:  Yeah, makes me nervous, too. They say these things come in threes and Jorge makes two. Who's going next, I wonder?

Thaddeus:  Let's not think about it.

Mallory:  Awww. Look at you two! It makes me incredibly happy to see you together. Almost unreasonably happy. Dangerously happy, even.

Watcher:  Thad, do you think I've overdoing it with the self-referential foreshadowing stuff?

Thaddeus:  Foreshadowing what? Is something going to happen?

Watcher:  Oh, right! You don't know yet. Sorry. Nothing. Carry on.

Wendell:  You, Mom! Itís your time!

Mallory:  My time for what?

Wendell:  To shake that groove thing, of course!

Arianna:  Wut wuuuuut!

Thaddeus:  Wow, that looks amazing!

Morris:  Yeah, well I needed to balance out that totally lame and pedestrian garden salad you forced me to make earlier.

Thaddeus:  Sorry, Gramps. Party goals.

Morris:  You want a bite?

Thaddeus:  Nah, Iím good with the carob cake. Itís surprisingly tasty given that all the ingredients are boring and awful.

Morris:  Thatís just because you donít remember what real cake tastes like.

Wendell:  You happy yet? I gotta go do the ambrosia thing.

Thaddeus:  Iím good. Maybe just a couple more passes over the lower back.

Wendell:  Okay, but if I start bubbling itís on you.

Thaddeus:  Wheee! Iím so excited about charisma now! And for approximately the next 24 hours!

Mallory:  Oooooh! Nice form!

Tallulah:  So graceful!

Pernille:  Thank you, thank you. Iím glad you noticed. Iíve been trying out a little something new with the dismount.

Otto:  Iím liking those space prints. Thad made a nice choice for museum items.

Mallory:  Yeah, they really brighten up the room.

Arianna:  It was a nightmare getting them all up there. I almost had to raise the wall height. Thank goodness for the move objects cheat.

Wendell:  Yup, the museum is all full up now. No room for even another bestseller!

Wendell:  All we need now is a butt in that seat right there.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #386 on: January 20, 2017, 03:20:48 PM »
What's with your restaurant clientele leaving before dining? Is that a new post-Toddlers glitch?
How disappointing for Morris!

Awwww, no. Tallulah missed being with Jorge at the very end, despite her many efforts! ;_;
When Pernille came floating into the Ambrosia Room, I thought: "Who's that blue intruder back there?" Then, I realized it's Lula.
It's because we rarely see our sims in formal wear, which is another reason your Ambrosia Room is so cool!

Loved the peek into Salma's private time.
Dreading what's to come.... (but then immediately feels better because butterflies and rainbows will surely follow)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #387 on: January 20, 2017, 05:00:08 PM »
Hmm I have yet to fully play with the Spa Day pack.  I have the mats out and that's about it.  Now you've made me curious about those massage tables.

Sad about Jorge.

I'm jealous of your formal wear tradition.

I loved all your foreshadowing, it cracked me up.  Especially Wendell picking his mom out and it's her time.  Haha.  I really like Wendell a lot, I think he is my favorite.  Poor Mallory, you're so innocent looking.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #388 on: January 20, 2017, 08:51:33 PM »
Sad Tallulah was very pretty.  R.I.P.  Jorge.  One more butt to go!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #389 on: January 21, 2017, 02:47:25 PM »
Sad to know what is to come, but, glad that everyone convinced you to continue! I adore these guys!

And yes, that is our dear Brandy in my profile pic. After 4 years of having my TS3 Gen 4 heir as my avatar, I decided that 2017 was the Era of Brandy! I'm debating changing it for every heir, but, she's the most gorgeous born-in-game sim I've had so I might keep her longer than that lol
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