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Toddler Surprise! Challenge (Building Challenge #1. 2017)
« on: January 17, 2017, 07:30:46 PM »
Toddler Surprise! Challenge

Like many of us the Beehda Family have been taken by surprise. Suddenly with a toddler their tiny apartment is just impossible to live in. The only problem is they do not have enough money to move and only a very small renovation budget. They need so many items to ensure their darling toddler has the best start in life. Unfortunately Arun Bheeda got carried away and decided that a total change was needed and sold all their furniture ready for his 'Grand Renovation Scheme'.

Your challenge is to renovate the Beehda's apartment. Your build must include all the toddler basics; bed, chest of drawers, toy chest, highchair, potty, stacking blocks, bath and microwave. You must also provide a separate bedroom for the parents and for the toddler, a fully functional kitchen and bathroom, a dining room table and 2 chairs, and a sitting room space with some sort of entertainment for the tired parents to enjoy once the toddler is in bed at nights.

On top of all this, your renovation has to reflect the parents personalities.
Jesminder is a busy mom working in the art industry. She is a hot-headed vegetarian who loves romantic time spent with her husband.
Her husband, Arun is an ambitious fellow who wants to be fabulously wealthy one day. He is very family focused and is also a vegetarian.

At any time you can ask MrsFlynn or Playalot for clarification or the rules or post any general questions here in this thread.

S4 Building Challenges Rules

Your budget is $20,000. You must bulldoze the lot and start with an empty apartment. You will need to enable testingcheats on and then use the cheat money 20000
However, there is a twist. If you keep your budget between the following figures you can gain extra points towards your final score.

So $18,500 or under =3 points. Under $19,500= 2 points and bang-on budget at $20,000=1 point.
If you go over 20,000 the build is not eligible for judging

Packs Allowed: Any and all.

MOO: Not allowed.

CC: Not Allowed

bb.showhiddenobjects Not Allowed

Enlarging Objects is Allowed

Setting Up Your File:

Start a new game. Make a random sim. Place this sim on any lot in Willow Creek and immediately enter "Manage Worlds". Select San Myshuno and then select the Bheeda Family to play and then select the Play button.
Pause your game and go into build mode. Once build mode loads click on the bulldozer and bulldoze the lot.
Next, enter testingcheats on into the cheats console and it 'Enter' (Control+Shift+C). Next type money 20000 and hit Enter. Finally, type testingcheats off and hit Enter.
You now have your budget in place and an empty apartment. You are ready to go.

Live Mode:

You may enter into live mode as often as you need to check that items placed are accessible or to change the lighting etc. You are not allowed to send any sim to work or gain any other money through live mode. Live mode is merely there for you to play test your build and for you to have access to for your entry screenshots. (Note for this challenge you do not need to include one photo at street-level view with roof up and walls up as everyone's apartment looks the same!)


The quality of the energy rating of the parents bed will count towards the final judgement. As will every toddler necessity included. Extra points for design features that make the over all renovation attractive and have the appearance of spaciousness. (Good luck with that one!  :P ) And of course points for items that reflect the parents personalities.

For Those of You Without City Living

This challenge is still possible for you to enter as you can download the empty apartment (room) from my Playalot2002 Gallery Account and place it on a residential lot. Just remember that there is no garden space as it is technically an apartment building challenge. You may place an outside bin and mailbox outside the apartments walls (in the garden) as this simulates the apartments common area. I have included an outside bin in the room download so you are not at a budgetary disadvantage and mailboxes are free.

There is an area inside the apartment that is unusable due to having a fuse box there so I have indicated this space with black floor and wall coverings. This area is not to be changed or built on, as it is this way for those with the CL expansion as the fuse box does not bulldoze but is a permanent feature in a vanilla game. You may color the walls and floor to match your design but may not place any item in that space.

I have changed all the windows to Base Game. They look slightly different but take up the same amount of wall space. You may not move the windows or the front door. You may not add any windows or delete any. You may not add anymore external doors. This is because these areas are unable to be edited in apartments.

You may build any internal walls you like and place any amount of internal doors.

Gallery Details:

Playalot2002:  Name of the Room: Bheeda Toddler Challenge #bheedatoddlerchallenge #carlsguide  It is uploaded to the Gallery now as people who have City Living can go look at the Bheeda residence, so now can you. If you would like a screenshot of the original unchanged apartment let me or MrsFlynn know and we will post a screenshot for you.

Toddler Surprise! Challenge Entries Thread and Winner Announced!!

Lesleyj42 is the winner of the Toddler Challenge

See Lesley's Entry in the link below:
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