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2017 TS4 Building Challenge
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:13:08 PM »
The 2017 Building Challenge is now live with our first challenge being dedicated to toddlers. Each month we will post a new challenge with it's own rules. You can enter just one or them all. Of course we hope you will enter them all but that is entirely up to you.

At any time you can ask MrsFlynn or Playalot for clarification or the rules or post any general questions here in this thread. Please do not post anything that is a strategy or tip so that we can ensure everyone has a fair opportunity for completing each challenge.

Let the 2017 Building Challenge Begin!

Here is a link to the rules and challenge:

S4 Building Challenges Rules

Toddler Surprise! Challenge (Building Challenge #1 2017)

Start Date: Wed. Jan.18th
Photos Due: Wed. Feb.22nd

Entry Rules:

1 entry per member, per contest.
8-10 photos of the build including one birds-eye view with roof down and walls up and one photo at street-level view with roof up and walls up.

Take photos without drawings/text on photos. We need clear shots of the build. Write a description either under the photo or link you send as part of your entry.

Example Entry Photos:

Street View
Bird's Eye View

How-To Enter:

1. Upload photos of your build to an image hosting service.
2. Share the image link and description of build with us via pm. (How-To: PM)
- You can use Imgur for example:

Photo Sharing Using
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