Author Topic: Retirement Dreams Challenge (S4 Building Challenge #2 2017)  (Read 1984 times)

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Retirement Dreams Challenge (S4 Building Challenge #2 2017)
« on: March 02, 2017, 06:51:21 PM »
Retirement Dreams

Ivan and Sarah have been looking forward to their retirement for some years and can hardly believe that finally that day is here. They've worked hard all their lives, bringing up a family of three girls who are all happily married with children of their own. Ivan now really appreciates Sarah's financial skill as they have saved $50,000 to build the retirement cottage of their dreams. Ivan's parents left him a small parcel of land in Windenburg* (Rustic Residence 30x20) and they have both been planning this last build carefully.

Being a good sim Ivan insisted that both he and Sarah make a list of 'needs, wants and dreams' and hopes to include all his wife's list as a surprise, Sarah, unbeknown to her husband has done the same for Ivan's list. This couple are true soulmates and love each other dearly.

Sarah's List:
Traditional Country Cottage Style build
Light and bright kitchen for baking in and trying new recipes
Space for her lovely dining room table and for hosting dinner parties
Bath for long soaks
A spare room for when the grandchildren come to stay
Traditional Formal English Garden to sit in and enjoy the flowers and the uninterrupted views over the countryside**

Ivan's List:
Traditional Country Cottage Style build
Fishing Spot
Veggie garden
Some sort of workshop/garden shed/man-space with a work bench for projects
Comfy chair for snoozing in front of the fireplace and reading

Start Date: Thurs. Mar. 2nd
Photos Due: Thurs. Mar. 30th

2017 S4 Building Challenges Rules

At any time you can ask MrsFlynn or Playalot for clarification or the rules or post any general questions here in the TS4 Building Challenge Discussion Thread. Link here.

Packs Allowed: All and any
Budget: $50,000 (after the lot has been purchased)
MOO: Allowed but only in the garden (flowers, trees, shrubs etc basically anything outside can be MOO-ed)
bb.showhiddenobjects: Allowed
Enlarging Objects: Allowed

Setting Up Your File:
Start a new game. Make an elderly couple.  Place these sims onto Rustic Residence, Windenburg (30x20). You can choose to bulldoze the lot at this point of the move, or...
Pause your game and go into build mode. Once build mode loads click on the bulldozer and bulldoze the lot.
Next, enter testingcheats on into the cheats console and it 'Enter' (Control+Shift+C). Next type money 50000 and hit Enter. Finally, type testingcheats off and hit Enter.
You now have your budget in place and an empty lot. You are ready to go.

Live Mode:
You may enter into live mode as often as you need to check that items placed are accessible or to change the lighting etc. You are not allowed to send any sim to work or gain any other money through live mode. Live mode is merely there for you to play test your build and for you to have access to for your entry screenshots.

*Note any 30x20 lot in Willowcreek is also valid if you do not own the expansion pack Get Together.
** A Formal English Garden can actually take many forms. Check out the images in this google link for inspiration.
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