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Which Pack Should You Buy?
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:04:53 PM »
Which Pack Should You Buy?

The Sims 4 players can choose from multiple packs that bring a variety of different features to the game. Some players own them all, but many will buy only those with the features that interest them most. Questions like this come up often but there is no right answer. Only you can decide.

Any posts asking questions like this will be locked by the staff.

However, please look at our game guide, the Sims 4 Console Page, the Sims 4 store linked below to help you decide which packs are best for you and your play style.

Sims 4 Game Guide

What's available on Console

Sims 4 Console Edition - About the Packs

Sims 4 Store

Click on each pack's photo to get more details on what the pack features and photos of what items are in the pack.

** All packs aren't available for the console as of yet, but EA is planning to release more packs. We don't know what will be specifically released and when.

Note: This thread has been locked as it's for informational purposes.
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