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Crashing Issues/Stopped Working - Sims 4
« on: April 12, 2015, 02:19:09 AM »
General Crashing Issues/Stopped Working

We're sorry for this exhaustive tips list, but something from this list is sure to help fix the issue.

Quick Links:
- In-Game/Origin Tips
- Tech Related Tips
- Relieve Freezing and/or Game Lag
- How to reduce loading time, so it loads faster? (Tips)

In-Game/Origin Tips

1. Repair Game:
In Origin > Games Library, right-click on Sims 4 and select Repair. - Do note this repairs the game's install files for the actual game. It does not make any changes to the saved game files. Meaning that your saved games are safe, they won't be deleted. If you'd like you can copy the Sims 4 folder to a USB key.

2. Deactivate Origin in Game -- Open Origin, Select Origin > Application Settings > Origin In Game and deselect or turn Off to disable Origin In Game.

[Origin in-game is a feature that allows you to see friends online in-game as well as other game stats. However, It has been known to cause problems having this feature turned on.]

3. Try running Origin As Administrator - Right-click on the Origin icon on the desktop and select Run as Administrator.

4. Try playing the game in "Offline" mode -- In Origin, go to the Origin Menu and select Go Offline.

5. Start the game in Windowed mode:
In Origin > Games Library, right-click Sims 4 and select Game Properties > Advanced Launch Options and In the Command Line Arguments, add the following text: -w and click Okay.

6. If you feel the crashing/lag and freezing are game related, you may want to report it to the Sims 4 AHQ forum - and offer to share your game saves and/or crash files with the Sims Team.

[INFORMATION] How to Send User Files to The Sims 4 Team

7. Sims 4 Stopped working -- If you have more than one Origin account. Make sure you are logged out or offline while using other Origin accounts.   

8. Log out of Origin. -- *If exiting Origin isn't working, open Task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc) search for a file called ts4.exe. Click on it and select end process.

9. Make sure that Origin does not automatically open when starting Windows.
In Origin - Application Settings - Start-up options - turn this off. It's on by default and can cause issues, if you have multiple Windows user accounts.

Origin Startup Options

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Tech Related Tips

1. Make sure drivers are up to date

Troubleshooting graphics on PC

If the above doesn't help, try uninstalling your graphics driver and reinstall it. -- You may need to search on the manufacturer of your video card (Nvidia or AMD) to help find your graphics drivers.
 -- If you have a dual graphics card system, make sure the game runs on the card and not the chip.

2. Move the mods folder to the desktop, clear your game cache and delete the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder located in your Documents folder to help with troubleshooting.

Try playing the game again, to test. If it loads okay, it may be that some of the mods/cc have become outdated.  - Read how to fix outdated mods/cc in the post linked below.

How to Fix Problems with Mods/CC

3. Even if you do not play with mods or custom content installed, it's a good idea to clear game cache and the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder.

Delete both game cache and Origin cache files

-- Delete Game Cache and localthumbcache.package out of the Main Sims 4 folder.

-- Delete Origin Cache

4. Try resetting the Sims 4 folder --  Sims 4 Factory Reset - (What & Howto)

5. A hard drive that is low on space may cause the game to crash. It's best to move extra files such as game videos, game saves, screenshots to an external drive or usb drive if you're running low on hard drive space.

6. The crashing could be a potential power supply or overheating issue. Try cleaning out your computer. If that doesn't help, you may need to either have a friend help clean it out or take it to a repair shop to get it cleaned out. You may also want to have them test the power supply to rule out issues with that.

7. It has been reported that screen capture/recorders, instant messengers/video chat or VOIP programs, like Discord may cause issues with Sims 4 and may need to be turned off or uninstalled if issues are severe. Also turn off any overlay those programs may cause issues as well. This is to be sure the program and it's overlay isn't interfering with the game.

8. Disable Game DVR and Game Bar. These are known to cause issues with some games.

How to Disable Windows 10’s Game DVR and Game Bar

9. Check that you do not have any programs running that my cause conflict with Origin.

10. Ensure that Antivirus or security software is not blocking the launch of the game.

Search on your antivirus or security software to see how to unblock Origin and Sims 4.

Add an exclusion to Windows Security

11. Try running a Clean Boot as this will help with stopping any other programs from interfering.

12. If you get an error like faulty application is TS4_x64.exe this means various things, but one of the things may be that it's a faulty or missing .dll file.

VC++ and .dll errors with Origin

13. Restart computer if you haven't in awhile. This helps to refresh the computer's memory.

14. Run Ccleaner and it's registry cleaner:  (Standard Edition is Free)  -- PC -- Mac

-- This helps clean up temporary files, internet cache files and other files that are left behind that are no longer being used. * While this won't help stop the crashing, it's a good idea to clean up the registry from time to time. As it helps the computer run smoother overall.

How to use CCleaner to fix PC issues

-- It has been reported that older and lower end computers are crashing and getting the Stopped Working error due to the systems not meeting the recommended specs of the game. As EA/Maxis offers more packs and game patches the more the game demands of the computer. Leaving older and lower end computers not being able to run the game.

15. It's strongly recommended to play the game on a computer that meets or exceeds the recommended specs. If your computer doesn't meet the recommended specs, you may have problems running this game. Meaning you will run into crashes, lag, freezing, slowness and other general headaches like the stopped working error. - Integrated video cards lack the dedicated video memory to allow for good gaming performance.

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If none of the tips above help, please post about the the issue at AHQ's Sims 4 Tech Help Board:

EA Help - Contact Us

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