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How-To: Save a Sims 4 Game In-Game
« on: April 14, 2017, 05:40:22 PM »
How-To: Save a Sims 4 Game In-Game

1. Press the Esc key or Click the Options Menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

2. Click Save As and type in a name. Using Save As when first creating a new saved game is recommended.

It is not recommended to use the Save and Exit option, because it can cause problems with the save and may corrupt the save.

If Save is continually used, the game progress gained or family played maybe lost. This is why it's important to use Save As, give the save a new name, save often and back the files up in case they maybe needed later.

Tip: You may want to make note of date/time modified of the save file. So you can match the game save
in-game with the one that is in the saves folder. 

More information on saving a game can be found in the post linked below:

How-To: Recover a Saved Game

Here's a photo walk-though of How to Save a Game

The game will save a copy of the Sim or household after you've created them in Create a Sim (CAS) as a saved game. This save will have a generic name of My Saved Game 6, for example. This happens regardless if you exit the game or move into a town after creating them. - Click on images to see larger view.

To give the save a name or to change the generic name, click up on the name and type in a new name.

Play for a while then use Save As. A new thumbnail pops up (the one on the left). The correct name is already there, so all you have to do is click on it and then click the Save icon (in the lower right).

It will keep the same name as the previous save game, if you don't type in a new name. So keep an eye on the time/date stamps to tell the difference. - Newest current save game is always the one on the upper left. The two images below have the same name, but different time/date stamps.

Note: This post has been locked as it's for informational purposes.
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