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Sims 4 - Recover A Game Save (In-Game)
« on: May 26, 2017, 11:29:22 AM »
Sims 4 - Recover A Game Save (In-Game)

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When you use the Recover Save feature, the button seen below: (Click a saved game to see this button.)

You can load earlier versions of the save game file, also known as backup saves. This means you can recover  an earlier version of the save game, to bring it back to how it originally was. In other words, you can rescue your earlier version of the save game.

Quickly Recover A Saved Game:

1. Click the "Load Game" button, from Main Menu.
2. In the Load Game Menu, you'll see thumbnails of all your saved games.
3. Click a saved game, and click the "Recover Save" button -- which is next to the play button. 
4. Rename the saved game. Go back to Main Menu and then Load Game Menu to see your recovered game - Enjoy playing your recovered Sim family!

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How To: Recover A Game Save (In-Game) - Detailed Walk-though:

(Click on images to see larger view)

1. In the Load Game Menu Click on the saved game of your choice, and then click the Recover Save button, to bring up the menu.

2. Click a game save and click the Recover button.

-- It will bring up a note that says: Recovering this save will create a new game save slot, with the word "Recovered" appended to the end of the name. 

3. Click the checkmark to the above message, and then it will look like this:

4. From here, type in a new name for the save, then click Load.

5. Save the game, then exit to main menu and Click the Load Game button to get back to the Load Game Menu.

Now your game will be recovered and have a color thumbnail of your active household.

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