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2018 Building Challenge 1
« on: January 02, 2018, 10:18:54 PM »
2018 Building Challenge 1

Building Crisis Hits Newcrest
Needed desperately 4 bedrooms homes with many extra features for the estate-savvy purchaser. The Plans have been approved by the Newcrest Council all that is needed now are builders talented enough to rise to the challenge.

Dates and General Challenge Rules:

Start Date: Tues. Jan.9th
Photos Due: Wed. Feb. 14th
Voting: Fri. Feb. 16th - Fri. Feb. 23rd
Winner Announced Mon. Feb.27th

2018 S4 Building Challenges Rules

At any time you can ask Playalot or MrsFlynn for clarification of the rules or post any general questions here in the TS4 Building Challenge Discussion Thread. Link here.

Details and Information:


Exterior must remain true to the image in The Plans both in shape and color. (The one exception to this is the garage: see 'Requirements'.)
Interior must remain similar and recognizable to The Plans.
Base Game items only.

The lot at time of saving must be worth $70,000 or less - Final Price you see when you save it to the library. More information Link here

None. To be clear: No MOO, no career unlocks, no items that are from party rewards and no debug items.
You may enlarge and decrease items sizes as this is not a cheat.

Great Room must be altered to allow for exterior windows and yet you must remain as true as possible to the exterior walls of The Plan as much as possible.
The garage must be turned into a normal room and the length must be decreased to be approximately shorter than the front porch.
Must cover certain age spans in the bedrooms: toddler, child, teen and adult.
Some skilling items that would allow sims to complete Aspirations and develop skills must be included.
Landscaping as an approximation to the image in The Plans at front of house to be included. (Any other landscaping is up to you.)

Set Up:
Start a new save file. Make a sim and place into a starter home somewhere in Willowcreek. Go to manage worlds/map view and click build on Tranquil Crescent in Newcrest to start building. If you want to take 'live' screenshots do this after you have saved your build by moving any sim into the house and going into live mode for the purpose of taking screenshots for the forum.

Saving Your Build:
Please call your lot "2018HouseChallenge1" and include the hashtags #carlsguiderdc and #carlsbuild2018

This year we are asking builders to upload their builds to The online Gallery with the hastags #carlsguiderdc and #carlsbuild2018. But not until the challenge has ended.
This is to allow your wonderful creations to be used by the challenge participants and their stories.
Link to Challenges Board
Link to Legacy and Dynasty Stories
If any builds are used in stories the builder is acknowledged and tagged.
This is not a requirement but we are asking you to please support us in making houses for the Challenge Team as the housing stock is a bit low! It's also pretty fun to have your house star in someone's story!

General Considerations:
Interior walls may be moved, removed and changed.
Real life plans always include rooms that our sims can't use, turn these spaces into rooms our sims can use such as bedrooms or powder rooms, a study or skilling room and so on.
Although this must be built with Base Game items only consider leaving spaces for Get Together wardrobes as most players want to add these.

Tips for New Builders to Real Life Plans:
If you haven't built from real life plans before consider starting with a box that is one of the corner rooms and slowly add boxes/rooms from there. It can take quite a few hours to get the basic plan and shape of the house done so leave plenty of time for this.
This particular plan is not 1:1 so you will need to create your sims rooms sizes. Start with a 5x5 box for the top left bedroom in the plan and take it from there.
Building from real life plans can be incredibly rewarding and really open you up to developing new building skills as you problem solve and design. We want you to have a lot of fun this year so if you really are stuck PM Playalot and ask for help. I'm more than happy to share what I know.

Note: This post has been locked, as it's for informational purposes. If you have any questions regarding the S4 building challenges, please post them in our building challenge discussion thread.
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