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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty
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Note that the entire prologue here took place in a separate save file.

Aislin: Nothing more pathetic than the outsider drinking alone at the local bar, am I right?

Nina: I mean, Iíve definitely seen some more pathetic stuff happen around here, but yeah, I guess that rates up there on the list.

Aislin: Huh. Well, good to know Iím not the worst loser in the world.

Nina: That remains to be seen. You want another?

Aislin: Nah, I donít need to get trashed in a strange place. JustÖI just needed to dull some of the pain.

Nina: Iíve heard that before.

Aislin: And no doubt you will again.

Aislin: I mean, itís just a penny. No harm in throwing it away on the odd chances itíll bring me a little luck, right? If I were the sort that believed in wishes, Iíd probably make one right about now. Wish for all this to go away, wish for a better life, wish for something to hold onto. But I donít, so Iím not. Totally not wishing.

Aislin: -sigh- Yeah, I didnít think the nonchalant pretend to not wish thing would work, but it was worth a shot.

Sai: You rang?

Aislin: Whoa, huh, what? What is happening? Who are you? Oh, god, I drank too much, this isnít happening, you arenít real, oh god.

Sai: Bahahaha, that never gets old. Oh, gosh. -wipes a tear away- Itís been a while, so thank you for giving me that laugh.

Aislin: Uh. Youíre still here. Shouldnít the hallucination end already?

Sai: Darling, you are not hallucinating. I am very real. Your wish is about to be granted.

Aislin: But, uhÖI didnít make a wish? Not really, anyway.

Sai: Oh! Oh my, I senseÖI sense power within you. It is but a flicker of the flame it once was, but itís there all the same. Power Iíve been waiting many centuries in the hopes of ever seeing it again.

Aislin: I really have no idea what youíre talking about, lady. I should probably get going.

Sai: Wait! Donít go just yet. You are Doran blooded, arenít you?

Aislin: Um. Thatís my last name, so I guess, yeah, I am.

Sai: Mmmm, and it all comes clear now. Do you know of your heritage?

Aislin: -sigh- More than I ever wanted to, and not enough at the same time.

Sai: Hm. You know of The Witch, then.

Aislin: Witch? What witch?

Sai: You are the descendent of a very powerful witch. She was unrivaled in pure talent and skill, and her knack for the craft was almost terrifying. You, thoughÖyour blood is diluted, you lack the power to call upon your heritage. And yet, there is something left inside of you. Your blood contains some last vestiges of her power. You will do.

Aislin: Iíll do for what?

Sai: I need you to start a dynasty, to chase the treasure of ambrosia and live far beyond your natural lifespan. And I need you to teach your children and childrenís children the ways of obtaining that ambrosia, so that you can amass a dynasty of eight descendants. Eight living generations of Doran bloodÖyes, that would do it. That would bring together just enough powerÖ

Aislin: Enough power for what?

Sai: Never you mind that just now. There are more important things for you to know before you can begin this quest.

Aislin: Whoa, back up there, lady. I never agreed to be a part of your crazy mission, and I donít think Iíll be signing up for it, thank you very much. See, Iím not suited to the whole Ďeight generationsí thing. My family line was cursed a long, long time ago. Weíre wanderers, unable to settle down. Something always happens to push us out of where we are, keeping us always on the move, and relationshipsÖthose donít last for long, either. Iím afraid I wouldnít be able to keep a husband or live in a house or anything like that. So, youíd better keep looking.

Sai: No! This might be the only time I will ever find a Doran, for several more centuries at the very least. I cannot wait much longer. I have little power left inside of me, but what I do have I can use to break your familyís curseóor, more specifically, to lift it from you and prevent you from passing it on to your descendents. I can offer you the freedom to start a home and a family, to have one lifetime of love and to be surrounded by your family for generations. I will give you this gift.

Aislin: A family? IÖOh god. A family. Yes, Iíll do it. Anything for that. But I need to knowówhat are you doing this for? What do you need my family for?

Sai: All will be revealed in time.

Sai: Stand still now, dear, this will only hurt for a moment. I must reach into your soulÖ

Aislin: Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?

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Another rika story! Yesssss! Oh my watcher! Hehehe, Doran is a popular name. One of my families is also Doran.

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Ohh a immortal Dynasty, and what an intro, cant wait to read more, hope that Aislin will get a loving family.

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So, I'm totally not going to do that thing where I do 100 image posts on my blog and then split it into parts for the forum. Strictly 25 image posts from here on! Which...I'm a bit of an insomniac, so I was up all night playing, and had to force myself to stop when I got 25 images, lol. I'm going to try very hard not to get too far ahead of my posts, but considering I'm an author, and set my own schedule and so have very short work hours, I kind of play a lot, so that's going to be challenging. Expect frequent updates!

@Shewolf13 Oh yay, I'm glad you're excited! That's so sweet. I'm all warm and fuzzy inside, hehe. That's funny, that one of your families is Doran! I picked it because it's an Irish Celtic last name that, according to the totally reliable, means "descendant of DeoradhŠn", where DeoradhŠn is a given name meaning "exile, wanderer". Which I thought totally fit for Aislin's backstory of having a family curse that keeps them wandering, never able to settle down.

@LenaLJ Glad you liked the intro! I'm stretching my legs at actually trying to weave in a story to keep things interesting. I'm really excited about it, actually! Aislin...Aislin is going to need a little encouragement in the whole 'family' department :P

Chapter 1: Help Wanted

Aislin: All right, nothing weird going on here, just a girl playing chess at the park. Iíve got this. What do I got? Nothing. Diddly. Squat. I donít even know what to do next. -sigh- I wish Sai had given me a few helpful hints instead of just a list of requirements and stuff.

Bella: Hello!

Aislin: Oh, um, hi. Yeah, hi.

Bella: -giggles- You look a little lost. I think you need my help. Mind if I sit down?

Aislin: Oh, well, lost is kind of my thing. Iím always lost. But yeah, sure, take a seat.

Bella: Iím going to cut right to the chase, Aislin.

Aislin: Uhhhh, how do you know my name?

Bella: Hahaha, silly me, Iím always forgetting such mundane things as introductions. Iím Bella, Bella Goth, and I know you because the spirits wanted me to know you. They know you need help in this, and Iíve always been an open channel for them, so you see, they sent me to help you.

Aislin: Wow. Help me how? I mean, not that I donít appreciate it and all, but like, do you know what youíre talking about? Because it all sounds kind of crazy when youíre surrounded by such realistic stuff as this park and chessboard. Thereís no ghost lady here to convince me.

Bella: Precisely why Iím hereóso you donít lose your nerve. The spirits can speak through me to you, and they have given me knowledge that will help you in achieving your quest. I hope youíll accept my help, Iíd hate to see you suffer through this alone.

Aislin: WellÖyeah, I can definitely use some help, and Iím not about to be the kind of person that turns it away. Sure. What, um, what happens next?

Bella: Invite me to move in with you, of course, silly! And then youíre going to need to find helpersóother sims that can assist you on your quest and make the transition smoother. I know the perfect pair, in fact.

Aislin: Thank you so much, Bella, for finding me and helping me andóoh! Youíre a hugger!

Bella: Youíre darn right, I am! Bring it in. Everythingís going to be okay, just you wait and see. Now, go on, go meet your helpers!

Aislin: Hrngh, I really hope Bella knows what sheís talking about. This is so weird, just going up and knocking on someoneís doorÖoh my godÖI canít believe Iím doing thisÖ

Aislin: So, um, hi! Nice to meet you, Iím Aislin.

Geeta: Aislin, thatís such a pretty name, and for such a pretty girl, too. Youíre just adorable. In the market for a husband, by any chance? Iíve got a nice young lad that would do you very nice.

Aislin: UhhhÖno. Not right now, no, thank you. I, umÖ

Geeta: Ah, it was worth a shot. That useless son of mine is never going to give me grandkids.

Aislin: UmmmÖ

Geeta: Anywhoo, dear, you must have come knocking on my door for a reason. What is it?

Aislin: So, yeah, basically the long and short of it is Iíve been chosen to do this dynasty thing, and Iím really new to all of this and donít know what Iím doing, so I could really use some help on this one. I know your son has really high cooking and gourmet cooking skills, and that would be really useful, and you could totally retire and just fish in your free time instead of having to work all the time, you know? Doesnít that sound nice?

Geeta: What about grand babies?

Aislin: Um. Thatís not reallyÖyou know what! I can promise you grandbabies. I mean, it kind of is up to your son on that one, but as long as he can get up the gumption to do what needs to be done, he can totally have some kids. And you could be like an honorary grandparent for mine, too, if you want.

Geeta: More babies? Sign me up! Raj, honey, weíre moving!

Aislin: And with the money that Raj and Geeta bring in, we can finally have a house! Itís really more of a shell right now, it doesnít have a lot in it, and the roof is hideous, but itíll do for now. Who knows, I might get antsy and just completely redo itÖ

Raj: Ah, a nice big kitchen, at last! Iím not cooped up in that little apartment anymore, I have the freedom to create whatever I want! And now mother has that Aislin she can hound for babies, instead of me.

Geeta: That little Aislin is such a sweetheart, letting me retire at last so that I can enjoy the rest of my days in comfort. Fishing is just the best! How did she know I would enjoy this so much? Sheís such a good girlÖShe might not marry my Raj, but sheís my daughter now, I donít care what anyone says! Mama Geeta is here to take care of everything.

Aislin: So yeah, I think Iím doing pretty well. I got the Rasoyaís, just like you suggested. Geeta was totally on board the second I told her Raj could have some babies, and that she could look after my kid.

Bella: Who, exactly, is he having these babies with?

Aislin: Beats me, thatís up to him.

Bella: As long as it isnít me. And sweetie, Raj really shouldnít be having a lot of babies. Thatís actually what I was going to talk to you about nextóyouíre going to need to bring in, a, umÖhow do I put this delicatelyÖ

Aislin: Just spit it out, Iím not some innocent flower.

Bella: I believe theyíre called Ďpollinatorís. Youíll need to bring in some local talent with great genes that can, well, pollinate the town so that the generations will continue on and you donít have to worry about running out of options for your descendents.

Aislin: Thatís awkward, but okay.

Bella: And, I donít mean to be rude, but RajÖheís not so lucky in the gene department, dear. And I just donít think heís suited to the taskóheís unflirty.

Aislin: Right, well, Iíd agree with you on that, he definitely isnít really the kind of guy that wants to go out and do all that. But Geeta really wants at least one grandchild, so, I think itís only fair that if Raj is up for it, that he meet someone and you know, get to do all of that.

Bella: Of course! I just wanted to clear that up. Iíll do some sniffing around to see if we can find some good talent to bring in. Oh, and thank you for getting me out of that dress, it just isnít veryÖelegant.

Aislin: No problem!

Bella: Now, donít you have things you should be doing?

Aislin: Right!

Aislin: Gotta get that pomegranate. Ugh, cities suck. And might as well get some strawberries and carrots while Iím here. Oooh, is that a food stall I smell over there?

Aislin: Score! Food stall! I can still get me a little adventure in the city! -mutters under breath- But what on earth is that suit?

Diego: Excuse you? I will have you know that my suit is the epitome of art in fashion, not that someone asÖwellÖas you could possibly comprehend art.

Aislin: All right, buddy, you can shove your snobbiness where the sun donít shine, you hear me? Iím getting food over here!

Aislin: Why, exactly, are you sitting with me?

Diego: I never pass up the opportunity to give my cruel opinions to those who clearly need it so much. Your outfit, darling, is positively atrocious. You are in dire need of a fashion consultant.

Aislin: Iím gonna pass on that, thanks. My outfit is functional, it doesnít need to be stylish.

Diego: ÖYou dare to disagree with me? Diego Lobo?

Aislin: Buddy, I will disagree with you until the cows come home.

Diego: This is unheard of! Such fire, and you arenít intimidated by me in the slightest. Itís soÖrefreshing.

Aislin: Yeah, you clearly need someone to take you down a few notches, but I donít think thatís a good use of my time, ugh.

Diego: I think Iím in love.

Aislin: Now, this is more like it. Out in the fresh air, getting some gardening done. I mean, gardening isnít on my top ten list of things I enjoy, but at least itís outdoors! And not in some smelly city.

Aislin: Oh, and the snapdragon is ready to harvest! Score! And it looks like that lily over there has bloomed, too!

Aislin: You are not going to believe the absolute rude jerk I met today while I was off getting that pomegranate. Ugh, he was so stupid.

Bella: Oh?

Aislin: Yeah, with his stupid outfit, and his stupid perfectly sculpted cheekbones, and stupid beautiful hair. Absolutely stupid.

Bella: Uh huh. Thatís very convincing.

Aislin: What are you talking about?

Bella: Nothing, nothing at all. Iím going to let her figure that out for herself. Oh, not to change the topic, or anything, but have you given any thought to your spouse? Youíre going to need to find someone soon, you know.

Aislin: UmÖdo I have to? Like, listen, I know the whole dynasty thing is important, but do I really have to have a spouse? I couldnít justÖgo get some anonymous donor or anything, right? Iím kind of noncommittal, itís in my genes.

Bella: You know very well that itís in the rules that you have to at least live with the father of your children. I thought you wanted a family?

Aislin: A family, yes. But a husband? I justÖYou donít get it. My dad left early in my life, I donítÖI have trust issues. I donít know if I can do that.

Bella: Well, youíve got some time, but youíre going to have to get over that.

Aislin: -sigh- Iíve got other things I can work on right now, though, right? Like, the whole garden, and one of my aspirationís.

Bella: Oh, AislinÖYes, all right, you can work on that right now.

Aislin: -mutters to self- Stupid beautiful hairÖugh, I canít even concentrate on this book!

Raj: So, are you sure this was the best idea, mom? I mean, donít get me wrong, living in this house is far better than the little apartment we were crammed in, butÖ

Geeta: Raj, darling, I love you, but youíre an idiot. We were never going to have anything close to a life if we stayed there. Here, we have at least a chance. Now, get with the program!

Raj: Oh, I caught one! Look, mama, I did it!

Geeta: Good job. Iíve already caught two, but good job, I guess.

Raj: -sigh-

Aislin: Is it any real surprise to find me back in Selvadorada? Out here, I can just feel my nerves settling, the anxiety easing away. Thisótraveling, discovering new thingsóis what I was made for.

Aislin: The first thing I do now that Iím back is pay homage to Madre Cosecha. I know that, under her guiding eye, nothing truly bad can happen to me.

Aislin: And of course, I just have to taste the local cuisine! I love new experiences. IÖmy spice palette is not up for this, though. But Iím sure I can make myself adapt to it!

Aislin: So yeah, howís life in Selvadorada? Do you ever get out into the jungle? Nice pants, by the way!

Maria: Thank you! Itís nice living here, I have to say, but I donít personally do a lot of exploring in the jungle. I heard there was an awful plane crash out there a long time ago, but no one ever found the planeÖyou donít know what ghosts could be haunting that jungle.

Aislin: Oh, believe me, ghosts are so not a problem for me.

Aislin: Before I set off into the jungle, I canít help myself. I toss another coin into the fountain, half hoping to see Sai again. I could use a little reassurance that Iím doing the right thing, that Iím not totally messing this up, and maybe a little advice. But, she doesnít visit me. -sigh- At least I have Bella.

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This is so exciting! I'm so glad you've started a dynasty! It's the perfect way to be able to get back to playing while catching up with your legacy. And such an intriguing start! The backstory with the diluted blood is fantastic. I'm very intrigued and I can't wait to see how it all works out.
Plus, you've recruited three of my favorite Sims for your household. The Rasoyas are wonderful (and I love the way you're writing them), and Diego Lobo has a VERY special place in my heart from his involvement with my Immortal Dynasty (which you can read if you ever have a thousand million years on your hands. Diego comes in closer to the end.).
Best of luck to Aislin! I'm excited to see what she gets up to in the jungle!

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This is so exciting! I'm so glad you've started a dynasty! It's the perfect way to be able to get back to playing while catching up with your legacy. And such an intriguing start! The backstory with the diluted blood is fantastic. I'm very intrigued and I can't wait to see how it all works out.
Plus, you've recruited three of my favorite Sims for your household. The Rasoyas are wonderful (and I love the way you're writing them), and Diego Lobo has a VERY special place in my heart from his involvement with my Immortal Dynasty (which you can read if you ever have a thousand million years on your hands. Diego comes in closer to the end.).
Best of luck to Aislin! I'm excited to see what she gets up to in the jungle!

Yay, I'm glad you're excited! I'm pretty anxiously excited. With my legacy, I've done so many attempts that I've internalized all the rules, so I'm pretty confident about the whole sharing my story bit, but for this, I've read the rules about 10 times (lol) and I'm just going to jump in with both feet. Not having tried one before, though, makes me really anxious about potentially messing up in front of everyone. I also really love the Rasoya's, they're adorable and sweet and I can't wait to spend more time with them. Diego... :P He's beautiful, and snooty, and so cultured and civilized, which is just the complete opposite of Aislin, so it really could go either way with them--I love opposites attract stories, but I'm also going to allow things to develop and see where the story takes me. BUT OMG, YOU HAVE A COMPLETED IMMORTAL DYNASTY?! How did I not notice that before? I mean, your writing rates very highly in my top ten, so I'm just SO EXCITED to have another story of yours to read! I'm going to go devour that now hehehe.

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Eeee, Diego!!! So happy! He was an amazing spouse and father in my Townie Dynasty ^^  Ha! That's exactly why I picked Doran as well! I love Celtic names.

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So, I'm starting to wonder if the aspirations I've planned out were the best ideas. Aislin has Jungle Explorer and Super Parent--I totally didn't plan these based on what would be easy to complete, and instead was all "what would match characters best?" I tried to match aspirations, careers, and museum contributions to personality/character. Aislin has a touch of wanderlust, well more than a touch, but deep down wants to be a mother, and a good one, more than anything, so those two aspirations really make sense for her. Super Parent I'm not worried about at all. But, Jungle Explorer might have been better for an heir that would have more time to work on it, if I was going to use it at all, because of teen years. I don't know, I've never attempted this aspiration because it's so new. Oh well! I can't bring myself to change things against characterization, so we'll just have to see if I totally screw it up!

Maybe I'll create a new file with a test sim to try and go through Jungle Explorer and see how long it takes, to see if I'm doomed...

@Shewolf13 Aw, yay, I'm glad people are pro-Diego! I was a little worried initially that, because of the snooty way he's kind of introduced in the games description, that the general consensus would be disapproval. I had no idea so many people like Diego, but that makes my heart happy! I'll have to check out your story to see more Diego love <3 Unfortunately, he's not terribly present in this chapter, but his time is coming... ;)

Chapter 2: No Luck, No Love

Aislin: First things first, Iíve got to check the recommended supplies list and make sure Iím covered. I grabbed some supplies at the market before I left, but just gotta be safe. HmÖwhatís this about extra machetes? Iíve only got the one, and the market vendors werenít selling extras. Ah well, Iím sure itíll be all right.

Aislin: And, of course, it isnít! I lose my machete attempting to clear the first gate, and end up very embarrassed when I travel through it because of my poor charisma when attempting to get through a villageÖmaybe coming straight here without building skills at all was a bad idea?

Aislin: Without a machete, Iím pretty useless out in the jungle, so I head back to the market to see if anyone is selling one. When I get back, Iíve popped an embarrassed whim to call someone! I jump right on thatóthatís a requirement I can cross off!

Bella: You have cell reception out there?

Aislin: Oh yeah, totally, in the market at least. Not out in the jungle, obviously, but I ran into a bit of a snafu trying to get through a gate, so I had to head back.

Bella: OkayÖsoÖdid you have something you needed?

Aislin: Nope! I just popped this whim, so I wanted to grab onto it, who knows when Iím going to be embarrassed again, heh.

Bella: Oh, good job! Multitaskingóworking on your aspiration and your whims at the same time.

Aislin: Yeah! Okay, Iíve got to go, thanks for helping!

Aislin: The vendors arenít selling machetes in their actual stock, but Iím in luck! Someone is selling two of them on a table, so I immediately buy both. I donít want to head out with just one and get stuck again!

Aislin: Yeah, that could have gone better.

Aislin: Iím not gunning for archaeology or anythingómy heart is too adventure bound for thatóbut I am going to need to get some skill points there for assembling relics eventually. I found that plane! No ghosts, though. Kind of disappointing.

Aislin: -sigh- This is the life. I hate that I canít stay here any longer, but I really only have time for a day trip. Time marches on, and as Bella keeps reminding me, Iíve got a pretty important task Iíve been neglectingÖBut at least I got a bit done today, and being out hereóhaving to focus solely on survivalóhas taken my mind offÖother things. Whoops, donít think about that!

Bella: How was your trip?

Aislin: Fantastic! The food was so good, and being out in the jungle, breathing that fresh airÖah, my god, that was glorious. I canít wait to go back.

Bella: Well, youíre going to be waiting a while. We canít waste any more time. Your aspirationsÖare not the most ideal. One you canít start yet, and your current one will require you spending more time in El Salvadora, which I just donít think is wise at the moment. You need to earn enough satisfaction points to buy connections, as well as find a spouse and bring in the next generation.

Aislin: -sigh- I know. And, I donít want you to think that I donít want thatóI want a family more than anything else in this world, I just wish I could somehow do that without having to make a commitment to someone. And, I donít know what to do about the aspiration problem.

Bella: I have an idea that might solve both our problems, actually.

Aislin: Oh?

Bella: You need to meet some men so that you can find a husband, and you need to earn satisfaction points. Why not do serial romantic? Itíll require you to meet and date several different sims, so you can test compatibility and see if anyone sparks an interest in you. No strings attached.

Aislin: ThatísÖthatís not a bad idea, actually. I could do that. Maybe. Iím not the best at the whole Ďtalking to peopleí thingÖ

Bella: You can do it! Now, go get started.

Aislin: Yeah, one sec, just popped an energized whim to do push ups!

Bella: -sigh- Of course you did.

Aislin: All right, Iíve got this. Iím at The Shrieking Llama, here to meet some people. I can totally woo the pants off someone. I am not charismatic at all, but thatís okay, I can stillÖtalkÖto peopleÖIím the best at talkingÖoh god, I am so not.

Aislin: So yeah, hey, Iím Aislin. Um. Whatís your name?

Aarush: Iím Aarush, and I actually have to go right now. Bye!

Aislin: Well, that had better not be an omen of how the rest of this is going to go.

Aislin: Um. Hi?

Dominic: Hey.

Aislin: You, uhÖyou playÖthat gameÖreally well. Yeah.

Dominic. Yup.

Aisling: Um. CoolÖyeah.

Aislin: Stars are pretty cool, huh?

Dominic: I guess so.

Aislin: I, um, I really love the outdoors. Itís really nice to be out in the open air, you know, experiencing nature.

Dominic: Really?

Aislin: Uh, yeah?

Dominic: I hate it. I want to move out of this country town and into the city.

Aislin: Okay, so this guy is not baby daddy material then. Breathe. Youíve got this. Just need to kiss some dudes for the aspiration, donít have to like him.

Aislin: Right, so, youíre umÖyouíreÖgood looking?

Dominic: Oh, god, no! Do not even think about it!

Aislin: ÖIím going to go hide forever now. Yup.

Aislin: Canít hide. Gotta finish what I started. WoooÖhere we go again! Hey! Youíre um, youíre cute.

J: I know, right? Thanks for noticing.

Aislin: UhÖoh, umÖyeah, no problem, dude. So, like, you want to go on a date?

J: Yeah, sure, why not.

Aislin: So, this place is pretty cool. Really nice building, great landscapingÖ

J: Is this your idea of flirting?

Aislin: Is it working?

J: Youíre lucky youíre cute.

Aislin: So, right, this date is going pretty well. Youíre cute, Iím cute, itís working, right?

J: Yeah, totally. Iím having fun, but Iíve got to tell you before you get any ideasóIím majorly non-committal, I donít want to be anyoneís boyfriend, and I definitely donít want to get married.

Aislin: Oh, thank god.

J: What?

Aislin: Iím sorry! That was totally the wrong thing to say. I didnít meanÖitís not that you arenít attractive, you totally are, but like. We donít really have anything in commonóyou talk about yourself a lot, and you arenít very adventurous, and Iím going to take a wild guess on your whole shtick that you donít want a family, right? Iím super non-committal, too, but even if I wasnít, that wouldnít jive with me, but also Iím just not ready to take that step. I mean, I do need to have like, a couple boyfriends for this whole aspiration thing, but the whole settling down thing is not for me at all. Donít worry, though! You donít need to be my boyfriend, you can just be one of my kisses.

J: That totally works for me. Yeah, I donít want to have a family in the traditional senseóI just want to have fun. But you are super kissable.

Aislin: Sweet!

Raj: SoÖyou need to stop being flirty all the time. Itís weird. And gross.

Bella: You need to stop being so uptight. Trust me, Iím not going to come on to you.

Raj: Oh, good, thatís a huge relief. Sorry, I just get really antsy around women, because my mom is so on the wholeóhave babies and a family thing, and I justÖI donít really have any of those urges, you know? But my mom is really persuasive, and she does this thing where she somehow talks women into flirting with me, and itís just really stressful. Iíd be so happy if I could just live my life without ever being romantically involved with anyone, and justÖcook. Just cook delicious food, forever.

Bella: ThatÖthat was actually really sweet, Raj. You know, I think we could probably get your mom to come around to that idea, since thereíll be a baby in the house for her to dote on anyway.

Raj: Yeah, thatís what Iím hoping. I mean, mom already seems to have kind of, sort of, adopted Aislin, you know? She just instantly loved her. Iím actually starting to think she likes Aislin more than me. But, thatís really okay, because the more she thinks of Aislin as family, the more likely she is to be happy with being an adoptive grandma instead of a real one.

Bella: I doubt thatóher liking Aislin more than you. Youíre her son, Raj. Thatíll always matter to her. But, the whole, blood family thingÖSheíll still be a real grandma, even if she isnít blood related to the baby. Family, itís about who shows up, who loves you, not about who youíre related to.

Raj: I can see that.

Raj: Ah, yes. Iíve maxed gourmet cooking. That is a delicious looking sandwich. And soon, I will attain the ultimate goal of any chef thatís ever livedóI will cook ambrosia. Iím so lucky to be here.

Aislin: So, that was exhausting. A whole 36 hours of non-stop dating and kissing. I just want to lie down and not talk to a single other person for like, five weeks.

Bella: No can do, girl! We need to talk. I canít believe you marathoned that so fast, that was incredible! You bought connections, right?

Aislin: UmÖdonít be mad.

Bella: Donít be mad about what?

Aislin: I may have goofed a little bit.

Bella: ÖWhat did you do?

Aislin: So, I know it sounds ridiculous. But. Um. I may have not been paying the most attention, and accidentally bought fertile instead?

Bella: Oh, dear god. We agreed that was going to be a unique reward for gen 7! No risk of twins for them!

Aislin: Right, yeah, I hear you, I know. But, itís not that big a deal, right? I mean, I can just swap one of my unique rewards with them. Itís not like Iíve bought any of them anyway, so no harm done.

Bella: Except now you canít buy connections. -rubs temples- Okay. All right. Weíll just have to deal with you starting at level 1 in your career. Tell me the whole thing wasnít a waste of time, thoughóyou met someone you like, didnít you?

Aislin: You are going to be so mad at meÖ

Bella: Aislin. You met someone, right? Tell me you met someone.

Aislin: UhhÖseeÖI donít want to lie to youÖso I canít tell you that.

Bella: You dated 10 people, and you didnít like a single one of them?

Aislin: It does sound a little ridiculous when you put it like that. I meanóokay, so, I didnít like him in the sense that I want to be with him, but I did meet someone that I like as a friend, that could totally fill the pollinator role? Heís a nice guy, a little too into himself, and we didnít really have that kind of chemistry, so, heís definitely not for me. But I think heíd be cool with the idea of moving in and just having a good time for the rest of his life. So, not a total waste of time?

Bella: Ö

Aislin: Youíre mad. I can tell, youíre really mad, arenít you?

Bella: Iím not mad, I promise. But this just means that youíre going to have to go back out there and meet someone.

Aislin: Right. Okay. I can, maybe, possibly, try to do that.

Bella: Now!

Aislin: All right, going back out into the world to meet someone, andówait, I got a text. I should check that. What in the world? How did he get my phone number?! BELLA!

Bella: Hm?

Aislin: Would you like to explain to me how Mr. Perfect Cheekbones has my phone number?

Bella: I have no idea what youíre talking about. Shouldnít you be leaving?

Aislin: Yeah. I guess Iíll justÖwhere should I go?

Bella: Oh, the cityís always got a lot of people milling around. Why donít you head there?

Aislin: Oh, sure, okay.

Bella: -discreetly pulls out her phone to send a quick text- She needs my help on this one.

Aislin: -deep breaths- Okay, Iím just going to get some tea, calm my nerves a bit, before I start looking around.

Lady: Are you talking to yourself?

Aislin: Öno?

Aislin: This is pretty cool, I guess, I donít really get it, butóohmygod, no, no, this isnít happening. He is not here. What do I do? What do I do? RUN!

Aislin: ohgodohgodohgod

Diego: Now, what are you doing all the way in the city, at a museum of all places? We both know your heart doesnít lie with art. And did I just see you sprinting out here?

Aislin: -gulp- IÖIÖumÖ

Diego: -smirks- Youíre adorable when youíre tongue tied.

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Eeeee!  Is it bad that I can't help but squee whenever Diego comes in?  I think the two of them make such good foils for each other lol.  I also loved the whole "whoops, accidentally picked Fertile instead of Connections" bit.  And Bella's interference makes me happy.

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I do love the "opposites attract" angle going on here. I think Aislin and Diego could definitely keep each other on their toes.
Bella is such a wonderful counselor. I like the dynamic between her and Aislin as well. She's doing a great job of keeping things on track as Aislin runs off in different directions. For all her hesitance, though, she really did get through serial romantic in record time! Good going, girl!
And J as pollinator is a marvelous choice. I have a soft spot for him, too. :)

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@Shewolf13 Not bad at all! I love Diego  ;D And the fertile thing, totally my bad, I was watching a show while I was playing and not paying attention, gah! Bella, I thought, deserved to play a good role in one of my stories after paying her penance in my legacy for destroying my heart in oshizu's rival dynasty, hehe. She's actually doing a good job at it, too!

@FrancescaFiori Eeee, I'm loving the dynamic between Diego and Aislin. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 3: What The Heart Wants

Aislin: Listen here, I donít appreciate you justÖconstantlyÖshowing up all the time. Iíve got important business to take care of, and I donít need to be distracted.

Diego: So, you admit that you find me distracting?

Aislin: Er. Um. Crap. Anyone would find that suit distracting!

Diego: -chuckles- I think we both know that isnít what you meant.

Aislin: It is entirely what I meant! IÖI donít have to sit here and listen to this. I donít. Iím. Iím going!

Diego: Now, just wait a moment there. What are you so afraid of? Iíve heard about you, andó

Aislin: Um, Iím sorry, what? Youíve heard about me?

Diego: -smirks- Did you really think you could break a dozen hearts and no one would talk about it?

Aislin: Oh, crap. Thatís not mortifying at all.

Diego: Never fear, I like what it says about youóyou wonít settle for just anyone, you need to be challenged, you have high standards, and youíre not afraid to seek that out. But you are afraid to take it when itís right in front of you. Why is that?

Aislin: Oh, what, you think youíre my perfect match? Hah! I canít stand you.

Diego: Liar.

Aislin: Okay, Iím going now. Thereís nothing you can say thatís going to change my mind about thisóyou are insufferable, conceited, and thereís no way you could ever possibly enjoy the things I do. You need to let this go.

Diego: The things you enjoy? One look at you and I can take a guess. Youíre right, Iím a city man. I like the finer things in lifeóand I suspect you would, too, if you would just believe that youíre deserving of themóbut, dear, I would gladly trek through a jungle to spend a moment by your side.

Aislin: IÖThose are pretty words, but they wonít sway me. Goodbye.

Diego: Now, waitó

Aislin: No! I said goodbye, and I meant it!

Aislin: All right, Bella, enough is enough. I trusted you, and you set me up. You gave Diego my number, didnít you? And then you told me to go to the city, and Diego just happens to show up? Fess up. Youíre behind all of this.

Bella: Well, someone had to do something. You canít possibly be blind to how attracted you are to him. Have you even given him a chance?

Aislin: No, and Iím not going to. I know his type, heís notÖhe wouldnít be happy with someone like me, not for long. No one ever sticks around, everyone always leaves, anyway.

Bella: Oh, Aislin, I know what youíre afraid of, but that shouldnít scare you anymore. Sai took that away. Heís not going to break your heart.

Aislin: What would you even know about that? You left your family.

Bella: Ö

Aislin: Iím sorry, that wasnít fairÖ

Bella: Do not presume to know why I did what I did. I have my reasons, just as much as you have yours for undertaking this task. I love my children, and I loved Mortimer, and I did what I did for them, even if theyíll never understand that, even ifÖeven if Iím not allowed to see them ever againÖI know what it is to love someone more than your next breathóand I know that you have a chance of knowing what thatís like. Donít let it pass you by.

Aislin: Bella, Iím sorry, Ió

Bella: Iím sorry, I need to be alone right now. Do whatever you want, Aislin, I know you will at the end of the day. I just hope you take my advice to heart.

Aislin: Wow, I really put my foot in my mouth there. All right. Bella thinks Iím being a chicken. Well, Iíll just prove her wrong. Iíll prove both of them wrong. Neither of them are going to stop until I Ďgive him a chance,í so Iíll do that and then they can leave me alone. Ha!

Diego: So, this is where Aislin lives. How charming.

Diego: I knew you wouldnít be able to keep away for long.

Aislin: Oh my god, get over yourself. I just invited you over to talkóso that you can say your piece and we can both go our separate ways, and everyone can stop telling me Iím running away from something. Iím not afraid of anything.

Diego: From the sound of that, Iíd say youíre still running. You arenít giving me a chance at all if youíve already made up your mind that it wonít work.

Aislin: Listen, I know you, buddy. I know your type, and thatís how I know it wonít work. Weíre from two entirely different worlds, and on just a basic level, weíre too different from one another. Youíre going to get bored, and youíre going to hate not living in the city, and youíre going to hate me, and Iím justÖIím not interested in living with that for eternity. So, what on earth do you think you can say that will change any of that?

Diego: Cherie, you are adorable when youíre all worked up. Youíre right that weíre very different people, but youíre so wrong if you think I could ever be bored of you. You have a fire in your heart that will keep me on my toes for the rest of my life, and I have an inkling that you will drag me on many a fine adventure. The moment you spoke to me, you laid a brand on my soul that ruined me for any other womanóI will never hate you, I will never leave you.

Aislin: -teeny tiny squeal-

Aislin: No, uh uh, no way, Iím notÖIíve got toÖ

Diego: Running away again, are you?

Aislin: I canít think around you! This, whateverís happening here, itís dangerous.

Diego: Oh, the best things in life are. Is life truly worth living if we arenít risking something?

Aislin: IÖI donítÖDiego, I canít, not with this, not with my heart.

Diego: How can you not believe me when I say I will not hurt you?

Diego: How can you deny the fire that burns between us?

Aislin: You canít just do that, Diego!

Diego: And why not? You can be afraid if you want to, but I wonít. Iím willing to put it all on the line for you, I will chase you with every last breath in my body, and I will not give up.

Aislin: I am afraid. Youíre scaring me. This is scary to meóI live for adventure, I love the idea of plunging into the wilderness and not knowing if Iíll make it back out. But I watched my father walk away, and I saw what it did to my mother, and death has to be kinder than that. Being in love, thatís scarier than a mountain lion right on top of you.

Diego: Then be afraid, but do it with me. Let me be here every moment to ease your fears, to sooth you when those memories come for you, to comfort you when you cry. Let me be the one that holds you in the night, and know that I will always be here for you.

Aislin: You canít promise those things. You canít promise you wonít hurt me, because you canít know what will happen.

Diego: I do know. I am more certain of this than Iíve ever been of anything before.

Aislin: WellÖIÖyouÖI hate you, so how about that? You should go.

Diego: Youíre running again, cherie. I wonít let you push me away.

Aislin: Iím not running anywhere. I said I would give you a chance to speak your peace, and Iíve given you my reasons, and you havenít convinced me of anything, so if you donít mindó

Diego: Actually, I mind quite a bit.

Aislin: Youíre a jerk.

Diego: Shut up, you love me.

Aislin: I hate you.

Diego: No, you donít.

Aislin: This will never work.

Diego: Nothing will ever work as beautifully as this.

Aislin: Iím super afraid of commitment, and Iím probably never going to want to get married, and I get really freaked out if I have to stay in one place for long, and Iím always wanting to go and find new things, and see new places, and Ió

Diego: Aislin, I would love nothing more than to pledge myself to you, but if it will ease you, than I can promise you I will not consider our relationship any less important just because we have not signed a legal document about it. We donít have to get married. We can go on as many trips as you want.

Aislin: I want a family.

Diego: Nothing would make me happier, except of course, you finally admitting you want me.

Aislin: I hate your suit.

Diego: You love it, and you love me.

Aislin: Ugh. Do you want to move in?

Diego: That, and something else.

Aislin: What?

Aislin: Yeah, all right, I can get on board with that.

Diego: I thought so.

Aislin: Okay, donít freak out.

Diego: Freak out about what?

Aislin: So, I know we werenít exactly trying, and that we still have a lot to figure out, and I still kind of hate youó

Diego: Iím starting to think thatís your special way of saying ĎI love youí.

Aislin: óbut um, I may have felt a little nauseous this morning, and so I may have taken a test, and it turns out that well, um, Iím not sure how to say this, butó

Diego: Oh, please, do not play with my heart. Are you saying what I think youíre saying?

Aislin: Iím pregnant.

Diego: Yes!

Aislin: Oh good, youíre happy. I was a little scared. Because we didnít really decide anything last night, and I know you havenít made any promises, andó

Diego: I believe, actually, that I vowed to never leave you last night.

Aislin: Yeah, but, see, Iím pretending I didnít hear that so that when you do leave, itíll hurt less.

Diego: Youíre a silly woman. Iím very happy to be starting a family with you.

Aislin: So, guess what!

Bella: What?

Aislin: Iímóhey, you donít look so good. I mean, you always look fabulous, but you look kind of sad. Are you okay?

Bella: IÖI think you should share your news first.

Aislin: OkayÖIím pregnant!

Bella: Oh, Aislin, thatís wonderful. Iím so happy for you.

Aislin: Thank you! Iím really happy, and so is Diego, so thatís good. I guess I should thank you for that, huh?

Bella: You donít have to, I only gave you the nudge you needed.

Aislin: So, what are you looking so glum about?

Bella: I really shouldnít be. Itís a happy thing, it is, but it brings memories to the surface that Iíd rather not dwell on. I donítÖI shouldnít burden you with this, but it impacts you as well, so I canít see how to keep it from you.

Aislin: Well, donít! Just tell me what it is.

Bella: As it turns out, I am expecting as well.

Aislin: Oh my god! But, I thought you said you couldnít see Mortimer ever againÖ?

Bella: I canít. Itís not his baby. Itís not anyoneís baby, actually.

Aislin: What do you mean?

Bella: -sigh- The spirits, in all their wisdom, saw fit to bestow a child unto me.

Aislin: I donít understand.

Bella: Can you bear the thought of your child losing a sibling?

Aislin: Oh. No, I canít. I never thought about that.

Bella: You have the fertile trait. It was bound to happen, soÖthis is their solution. I want to make it clear, thoughóIím not unhappy about having another child. I already love this child very much, Iím just a little sad, because itís made me think about the children I had to walk away from.

Aislin: Of course it does. Oh, Bella, Iím so sorry. But at least you have a chance to raise another child and keep them close to you. And our children can be best friends! Isnít that wonderful?

Bella: It certainly is. That does warm my heart.

Aislin: Good! Now, I need to go do something. Are you going to be okay here?

Bella: Yes. Iím actually feeling a lot better already.

Aislin: So, hey, thanks for meeting me here, J.

J: No problem at all.

Aislin: Iím afraid itís not that kind of meeting, though. In fact, would it be okay if we were just friends?

J: Oh, sure, thatís fine. What did you call me out here for, then?

Aislin: Well, for one, I needed to get carrots. For two, I have a job proposition for you!

J: A job? Eh, I mean, I am getting bored at my current oneÖ

Aislin: Right, so, this is going to sound really awkward, and I canít think of any other way to phrase it. Do you want to move in with me, quit your job, and sleep with a bunch of women for the rest of your life?

J: ÖWhatís the catch?

Aislin: Uhhh, no catch? See, Iím kind of doing this dynasty thing, and so I and my family are going to be around for just about eternity, and so the rest of the town is probably going to die off eventually unless we do something about it, and youíre the solution! If you go have a bunch of babies, then the town keeps spinning, see?

J: Oh, children. You want me to have children.

Aislin: Yeah, thatís kind of a requirement to the sleeping around bit. You donít have to raise them, but you do need to have them.

J: Iíll feel kind of bad, though. I mean, Iíll be fathering children whose lives I wonít be involved in.

Aislin: You can be exactly as involved as you want to be!

J: Yeah, all right, sounds good enough.

Aislin: Oh yeah, Iíve totally got this dynasty thing. I am not panicking at all. The idea of spending my life with a man who could totally break my heart does not terrify me even a little bit. I am growing a child in my body that I could totally screw up if I do or say the wrong thing, but thatís not scary at all. Woooo, breathe, itís all okayÖIíve got this. Just gonna water some plants. That, I can do.

Diego: Hmph, mathematical diagrams are so unworthy of my talent, but ma coeur needs them to keep her focused while she gardens, so this I will do for her. This, and anything else under the sun. She is the light in my life.

J: Aw yes, quit my job. That is awesome. I am so awesome.

Aislin: Youíd be a little more awesome with a makeover, though!

J: Rude. Very rude.

J: Hey, Zoe! Thanks for coming over.

Zoe: No problem! Nice place youíve moved into. How are you?

J: Oh, pretty good. Want to see the upstairs?

Zoe: Sure!

J: Best. Job. Ever. I mean, I could do without the woodworking, but someoneís got to earn the real money in this house if weíre ever going to have nice things, and I need nice things to impress those ladies.

J: Did you just walk right up to the bedroom door, stare at it, and then walk back down the stairs?

Lilith: Vampire break in! Rawr!

J: But you didnít even try to bite anyone. Weíre all standing out here. You just stared at the door.

Lilith: Vampire. Break. In.

Aislin: Still not freaking out. Definitely not. The reality of all this responsibility is not just now hitting me.

Geeta: Darling, are you all right?

Aislin: Totally! Iím fine. Why wouldnít I be fine? Itís not like thereís this man around that has professed his undying love for me but doesnít know that Iím going to live forever and he isnít and so is totally going to abandon me and his unborn child the second he finds out about it and I really should have had that talk with him before the baby thing happened, but the baby thing was unplanned, so now itís too late and the whole world is going to be ruined? Everythingís fine. Iím fine.

Geeta: Oh, you poor thing. Just tell him. Itíll all work out.

Aislin: Heís going to leave me.

Geeta: He is not going to leave you. You are a treasure, and that man knows it.

Aislin: Iím pretty sure he hates me.

Geeta: Maybe you think that because youíre afraid to love yourself, hm?

Aislin: What? Who would everÖI certainly do notÖI meanÖCome onÖWhat?

Geeta: I love you, but sometimes, youíre not very bright. Just trust Mama Geeta and go tell him the truth, and then come tell me how right I was when he doesnít leave you.

Aislin: So, um, thanks for coming here right after work. I wanted to talk to you in private.

Diego: Oh? Howís my little boy doing? Heís going to be so strong and amazing, just like his mother.

Aislin: Diego, I need to tell you something important.

Diego: Yes, sorry, darling. What is it?

Aislin: So, something I didnít tell you. Whoops. Sorry. I kind of got roped into doing this dynasty thing that may involve me, um, living forever, and it may be against the rules for anyone other than my heirs to join in on the immortality thing, and so, you knowÖthis isnít a normal life weíre going to have together. You didnít sign on for this, and Iím sorry, and if you want to leave now, Iíll totally understand, I wonít blame you, Ió

Diego: Aislin. Breathe.

Aislin: What?

Diego: Youíre panicking again.

Aislin: Oh, was I? Heh. NoÖDefinitely not.

Diego: What did I promise you?

Aislin: Um. That you wouldnít leave me.

Diego: And Iím not going to. Not now, not ever.

Aislin: Oh. Well. Thatís good, then. Good talk.

Diego: I love you.

Aislin: Shut up.

Diego: Haha, you love me, too.

Aislin: Maybe.

Diego: Iíll take it.

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Awwww!  Omg, I love Diego so much!  Now, more than ever lol.  That was such a lovely chapter.  And the way you write Aislin's panic is masterful, truly masterful ^^  Bella tugs on my heartstrings, btw.

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I am so glad that Bella is guiding her though, even though Aislin does not always listen. And Diego and Aislin are a lovely couple

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Diego: Cherie, you are adorable when youíre all worked up. Youíre right that weíre very different people, but youíre so wrong if you think I could ever be bored of you. You have a fire in your heart that will keep me on my toes for the rest of my life, and I have an inkling that you will drag me on many a fine adventure. The moment you spoke to me, you laid a brand on my soul that ruined me for any other womanóI will never hate you, I will never leave you.

Aislin: -teeny tiny squeal-

I melted. :)
It's a good thing Diego is so confident and determined; Aislyn sure puts up a fight! I'm so glad she's (slowly, slightly) giving in to the idea of love, and I'm super excited about the baby!
Bella's pregnancy is an interesting twist, too. She's becoming quite the fascinating, tragic character!

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@Shewolf13 Aww, thank you! I love Diego, too, and I really like the way he handles Aislin. She's very rough and he's just very self-assured and confident.

@LenaLJ Yes, Bella is an excellent mentor! She and Diego, in combination, do a really good job of keeping Aislin calm, hehe.

@FrancescaFiori  ;D I'm glad you liked that part. Diego's lines are some of my favorite ones ever.

Chapter 4: A Family At Last

Diego: You are looking exceptionally beautiful today, my dear.

Aislin: I am swollen and grumpy, do not mess with me.

Diego: Positively glowing, Iíd even say.

Aislin: -squints- What? Whatís going on with you?

Diego: Me? Nothing. Iím just drinking in your beauty. Because I can. Because you love me and couldnít bear to send me away.

Aislin: I could still do that!

Diego: Nope! And I wouldnít go, so there.

Raj: -grunt- Gotta get the -grunt- stupid rocket -grunt- built. My hands werenít made for this!

Aislin: Ugh, donít mind me, just the super pregnant lady going off for her first day of work. Stupid swollen ankles and stupid morning sickness. How am I supposed to make it through a whole day like this? I miss the jungle. But donít worry, baby, mommy still loves you, and sheís going to show you how beautiful and vast the world is, just as soon as you stop tap dancing on her bladder.

Geeta: Look at that!

Raj: Iím not falling for that, mom.

Geeta: But I think I saw something! What if itís a vampire?

Raj: You are not going to cheat at this game, mom. Itís not going to happen. Give it up.

Geeta: Youíre no fun at all.

Bella: Oh god, this hurts, so much. Itíll all be worth it when I get to hold my child, but my back is killing me right now.

J: Katrina, my beautiful darling, how good of you to come and visit me.

Katrina: Oh, hehehe, youíre so sweet. It was a pleasure.

J: Not yet, but it will be.

Geeta: Donít think I donít see you sneaking around back there, little boy.

Diego: Moi? I am not sneaking anywhere, I assure you.

Geeta: Uh huh. You had better not be.

Diego: Now, what could I have possibly done to warrant such a greeting?

Geeta: Iím just letting you know that Iíve got my eye on you. Aislin is my sweet little girl, and no one is good enough for her, and you had better know that.

Diego: Oh, Mrs. Rasoya, I assure you, I know with all my heart that Aislin is a force of natureóyou can love a summer storm, but can you ever really hope to hold it? No. I am only grateful that she chooses to let me love her.

Geeta: Hmph. That was good, Iíll give you that.

Aislin: Oof, being a charity organizer is no joke. Iím running around all day long, and it is not easy on my back, especially with this belly. Why do I get the feeling someone was just talking about me?

J: There! Iíve reached level 7 handiness. Now, for a quick tripÖ

Aislin: Make it really quick! Weíre getting close to push time over here.

Bella: Yeah, I do not want to be in labor for longer than I have to be!

J: Yeah, yeah, Iíve got it.

J: Now, what is the big deal about this guy? I donít get it. Itís ridiculous. Too big to be real, and it isnít even decent art. A complete waste of wood. But Aislin says to make Ďem, so Iíll make Ďem.

Aislin: I know weíre both huge, and uncomfortable, and weíve got t-minus ten minutes till the big event, but I just wanted to hug you and let you know how much I appreciate how youíve been here for me. I couldnít have done any of this without you, and I love you so much.

Bella: Aw, honey, I love you, too. And donít worryóeverythingís going to be okay.

Aislin: What? Whoís worrying? Iím not worrying. What are you talking about?

Bella: You think I didnít hear you muttering about escape routes ten minutes ago?

Aislin: IÖI have no idea what youíre talking about.

Bella: Donít make me get Diego over hereóthat man will dote on you until you forget whatever you were worrying about.

Aislin: Ugh, I know. So lame. I donít love it at all.

Bella: Uh huh.

Aislin: Oh god, itís go time! This hurts. A lot. Why did I do this?

Bella: Arghhhh, just breathe, itíll be over in a minute with a spin and some sparkles. Just breathe.

Aislin: Ahhhh!

Diego: Oh god, whatís happening, what do I do? Cherie, do you need anything? Can I do something?

Aislin: Just shut up and let me push!

Diego: Oh lord!

Aislin: Hey, little guy. Sorry for all the screaming a moment ago, but I promise, mama loves you very much, and is very happy youíre here. Youíre the apple of my eye, Niall.

Bella: Oh, youíre so beautiful, Aurora. Worth every moment of agony you put me through. Just you wait, darling, the world is yours.

Carla: Did I hear someone screaming downstairs?

J: What? No. Certainly not.

Carla: Yeah, Iím pretty sure I did.

J: People are definitely not giving birth downstairs, I promise. Now, allow me to distract you.

Carla: Well, all right!

Geeta: Oh, whoís a cute wittle guy? You are! Yes, you are! You are just so scrumptious. Iím gonna eat you up. Eat you right up! Oh, little babies, so cute!

Aislin: Aha! I can graft now! One step closer to immortality. Got a baby, got a hot guy-who-might-possibly-love-me, got a cool house, about to grow a deathflowerÖyeah, this is all working out. ÖReally well. Working out really well. A little too wellÖ

Diego: My ĎAislin-is-panickingí senses were tingling. Have I told you today how much I love you?

Aislin: Three times, I think, but letís go for ten.

Diego: I will tell you as many times as you require, ma coeur. You have nothing to fear.

Aislin: What if Niall grows up to hate me?

Diego: He surely will not.

Aislin: What if I totally mess this whole thing up?

Diego: I do not believe that will happen either.

Aislin: Okay. Uh huh. I hear you. What if you hate me?

Diego: That could never happen. I love you.

Aislin: Mhm. You say that now, butó

Diego: Darling. Breathe.

Aislin: Right. Breathe. Okay. Everythingís fine.

Diego: And it always will be.

J: So, hey, Katrina, Iím glad you came byóoh my god what are you doing?


J: ÖIím gonna run in the other direction.

Katrina: ARGH.

J: Well, I got one girl! Guess Zoe and I are going to have to spend a little more time together.

Aislin: So, are you ready? Are you super ready?

Bella: Iím ready to eat another bit of salad?

Aislin: Good! Because thatís a gold medal for me, and itís time for our kids to grow up! Iím so ready!

Diego: Wow, darling, youíre very excited.

Aislin: Itís time for him to say his first wordsóI hate youóso I can prove you wrong!

Diego: Ah, there it is.

And a little gratuitous baby collage time! Here are Niall and Aurora, with their parents. Niall got his momís violet eyes, squee!

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Diego: My ĎAislin-is-panickingí senses were tingling. Have I told you today how much I love you?

That line right there... has to be my favorite one ever!  Love it, love it, love it!  Also, loved Geeta and Diego's little moment there lol.  He is such a silver-tongued rogue.  My favorite mwhahahahahahaha.

Also loved Diego panicking hehehehe

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Oh another great story. And I like Diego very much too. He made a great spouse the only time I played him, and he seems perfect for Aislin's uncertainities. (Even if i'm always a bit wary of people pushing their way in and promising they're the only thing one needs to, but he seems to really be here to lift her up.)

Bella seems a bit unhappy with her presence in the house, is the reason she had to leave her family part of a bigger plot to be revealed?

You didn't choose the easiest way with your aspirations, but all is finally moving forward. I'm really impressed by everyone sharing stories and you're juggling with several at once. And a full house... I have a hard time really controlling more than 4 or 5 of them. Welcome little pretty babies, you're all very cutes toddlers.

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Yay! So many babies! And the two in-house kiddos are extra adorable. Hooray for passing on the violet eyes!
It seems like Aislyn and Diego have really got their "panic-and-reassure" routine down these days. Good for them! Nice and smooth. Freak out and keep moving! :) I continue to love their dialogue, and I really love that he calls her "ma coeur."  *sigh*

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@Shewolf13 hehe, he's a very attentive not-yet-spouse. Always there to calm her down when she needs it. I love him ^-^

@Tynynounours I'm glad you like it! I agree, pushy people can sometimes squick me out, but it helps to keep in mind that, with Diego and Aislin, Diego had Bella's help in knowing that Aislin really did like him, and that she was just afraid because of her family history. If she didn't--and I was debating it in the beginning, I had to wait and see what their chemistry was like--he would have respectfully backed off. He also--and I hope I've shown this--knows that he isn't the only thing that Aislin needs to be happy. She needs adventure, at least, and he promised her she'd have it and that he'd go with her :) For Bella, yes, her plot isn't done yet, and her reasons for leaving her family and joining up with the immortal dynasty are yet to be revealed. Actually, her plot is kind of going to continue after she passes, and while it might fade away for a bit after that, it won't be completed until the end of the dynasty. She's all tied up in the middle of it :P I definitely didn't choose the easiest aspirations, but I'm feeling much more confident about completing Aislin's now! Niall's will be a piece of cake, lol. My house is definitely full LOL. It gets a little hectic now and then, but I'm a huge micromanager, so everyone's always busy with something. If someone doesn't have something to do, it's off to fishing for them! The only thing I'm bad at is pollinating, rofl. I keep forgetting to do it. I think J's had like maybe ten babies.

@FrancescaFiori Yeeees, violet eyes! I'm hoping they'll stay in the family for at least a few generations, fingers crossed. I'm glad you're still loving Aislin and Diego  ;D  I adore them.

Chapter 5: Geeta's Farewell

J: Well, thatís interesting, there are just little mini-sims here now. And theyíre staring at me. Why are you staring at me?

Niall: Bwock!

Aurora: Is a man? Ish man. Wha man doing?

Niall: Man bwock!

Aurora: Ooooo.

J: ThisÖthis is weird.

Aislin: -sigh- I wish I was spending time with Niall, but I just found out that I donít need to hit archaeology level 7 to complete my aspiration. If I can find a crystal, I can send it off for refinement and just bring it with me to assemble a mystic relic. I want to get that done before I go back, so that means a lot of digging for me right now.

Diego: You are just so precious, darling. I mean, how could you be anything else when you have your mother and I for parents? But good on you, as well. Youíre going to master this before you know it, right?

Niall: Pawty?

Diego: Thatís right! You go in the potty. You do not dirty your diaper, because that is not what nice and proper sims do. And youíre the most proper, arenít you?

Niall: -cocks head to the side- Wha?

Diego: Donít worry, youíll get there.

Aislin: So, J, I know I promised you that you could quit your jobó

J: And I did! It was glorious!

Aislin: Right, so, Iím going to need you to join the scientist career for just a few levels.

J: What, why? Thatís not in my job description.

Aislin: Well, I need a cloning machine for my big plan to knock out my aspiration in two or three trips.

J: You have a master plan?

Aislin: Yes. It involves a cloning machine and moodlet solvers.

J: WellÖall rightÖ

Niall: -giggles- I watch, I watch! I watch pwetty!

Aurora: -twirls around- I daaaaaance! Dance fun!

Niall: So pwetty.

Aurora: Wha?

Niall: IÖI dance!

Aislin: And then the brave adventurers rushed into the dark cave, heedless of the warning signs posted in front of it, determined to find the ancient relics theyíd head myths about! They plunged far into its depths, battling plasma bats and giant spidersó

Diego: Darling, is that really an appropriate story? Is that even in the book?

Aislin: Itís a better story!

Niall: Bats? Wha bat?

Aurora: Oh, a bat is this little rodent like creature with wings that will suck all your plasma out, sweetie.

Niall: No bat.

Aurora: No bat, nuh uh.

Diego: Ma coeur, apple of my eye, my most valued treasureówhat did you do?

Aislin: Hm? Oh, me? I didnít do anything. I certainly didnít get restless and tear down the house.

Diego: Why would you do that?

Aislin: I didnít!

Diego: Then where is our house?

Aislin: UmÖThatís a very good question.

Diego: -sigh- How much did you spend?

Aislin: We might be incredibly broke.

Diego: Do not do this without consulting the rest of us again, please?

Aislin: Whatís the harm in a little renovation? I mean, it doesnít have anything in it aside from the furniture we had before, and the only wall and floor coverings are on the outside and the patioísÖbutÖitís all good, right?

Diego: -sigh-

Aislin: Do you think weíre good parents?

Bella: I think weíre doing the best job we can.

Aislin: I really donít want to screw this upÖ

Aislin: Aha! I did it. I found a crystal. Now I just need to send it off for refinement. And wait for Niall to max his toddler skills, because we canít take away from his time doing that. And hopefully weíll have a little window of opportunity between my work days and his childhood birthdayÖGah, this is stressfulÖ

Geeta: Darling, I need to tell you something.

Aislin: What? You donít like the house? I tried really hard this timeÖ

Geeta: No, the house is magnificent. I havenít seen anything this huge! You built a mansion.

Aislin: Yeah, well, Iíve always kind of lived in rentals and hotel rooms and shacks, so I figuredÖif Iím going to live here forever, I might as well live out my secret dream of having a nice, classic home.

Geeta: Youíve definitely accomplished that. Now, dearÖ

Aislin: Oh, right! Whatís up?

Geeta: My time is coming soon. I want you to know that I have loved every minute that Iíve spent with you and your son, and I am so grateful that you took us in. I got a daughter when I moved in with you, and you have been the best daughter a woman could hope for.

Aislin: Oh, Geeta. -tears up- I donít want to say goodbye to you. You mean so much to me, youíve been there for me for so muchÖ

Geeta: Silly girl, Iíll still be here for you. Iíll just be a little less solid.

Aislin: Do you think so? Do you really?

Geeta: Of course! Now, címere, I think you need a hug.

Aislin: WooÖbreatheÖin and outÖdeep breaths. Everythingís going to be okay. Geeta isnít really leaving. I donítÖI donít need to cryóohmygod!

Aislin: -sobbing- Oh, god, oh god, oh god.

Raj: Whatís wrong with you, woman? You ran over here like you were on fire, and now youíre crying?

Aislin: IÖI tore down the houseÖand I got really tired after moving all of our furniture into the family inventory, and then I started knocking down the second floor falls and I got really impatient so I just bulldozed everything to start from scratch, and I forgot about the basement room where we had the chest with the angelfish in it, because itís just a little room with no stairs so we never go down there, and now itsí gone! And I wouldnít care if it was anyone elseís angelfish, we can just catch more, but Geeta caught almost all of them, and now sheís almost gone, and I ruined her lifeís work, and Iím going to hate myself forever, I donít know what to do. I canít believe I ruined everything she did for us.

Raj: AislinÖtake a deep breath. We all know how prone you are to unnecessary panic.

Aislin: How is this unnecessary?! How can you be so calm when I ruined everything your mother did?

Raj: Because you didnít. Go buy another chest and then open it, and see whatís inside.

Aislin: UmÖokay. Why?

Raj: Because all the fish will still be there, I promise.

Aislin: Are you sure? Oh my god, thank you! -runs off, then yells- YOUíRE RIGHT, THEYíRE HERE!!!

Raj: Knew it.

Geeta: Thereís my sweet little boy. Give your grams some love, and know that she loved you with all her heart. Youíre my very sweetest little grandbaby, and Iím going to love you until the end of time. Donít you worry about that. Youíll always have me in your corner, no matter what comes.

Niall: Grammy grammy grammy! Wuv grammy!

Geeta: Oh, honey. I love you, too.

Geeta: Oh, sweetie, you didnít have to bring me out here! I would have been just fine with a dinner at home.

Aislin: Donít be ridiculous! Weíre going to do up your final days in style. Youíre going to have the best food you can possibly imagine, and the best nectar, and the best -sobs- time.

Geeta: Hey, hey, shhh. Smile. Smile for a life well lived.

Aislin: Youíre such an amazing woman.

Diego: You are not going to believe what they have on the menu here, Geeta. Itís simply out of this world, you cannot imagine.

Geeta: Oooo, how intriguing! I canít wait to see.

Diego: Simply the best. Perfect for two snobs like us. -winks-

Geeta: Haha, Iím sure youíre right about that.

Aislin: So, um, wait, this food isnít normal food?

Raj: Itís the ultimate in fine cuisine! How could it possibly be normal?

Aislin: I canítÖI canít just get spaghetti?

Raj, Diego, and Geeta: -gasps in unison-

Aislin: Oh, dear.

Diego: Just amazing, look at this pit beast! Itís still wriggling. Would you like a taste, Geeta? You have to pour the sauce on it first, to kill it, and then itís scrumptious.

Geeta: Oooo, Iíll have to try that!

Aislin: Iím just gonna drink this nectar. At least this is safe. Liquid diet for me.

Diego: I simply must capture this exquisite dish. Art in food form! Itís magnificent.

Aislin: I think I might tryóohgodno, this was a mistake, should have stuck to the nectar.

Diego: Are you all right, dear?

Aislin: -gags quietly-

Diego: I hope you donít mind if I order for the table, but we all simply must try this fine dessert!

Aislin: Can I have more nectar?

Diego: Malcolm, hello!

Malcolm: Oh. -sweats nervously- Hello, Diego. What brings you over here?

Diego: I just was physically incapable of sitting quietly while you had the audacity to wear such a suit. Have you heard of a tailor? Oh, donít be silly, of course you havenít.

Malcolm: Iíll have you know, this is the finestó

Diego: Oh, darling, do not mistake Ďexpensiveí with Ďgood.í

Aislin: Are you done berating the other customers?

Diego: For now.

Aislin: Youíre lucky youíre cute.

Diego: You love me and my audacious attitude.

Aislin: Hmph. Maybe. Iím thinking about it.

Diego: Thatís progress, at least.

Geeta: Oh, silly girl. We all know youíre hopelessly in love with him.

Diego: See!

Aislin: -blushes- I donít know what youíre talking about. More nectar for me.

Geeta: Ah, that was such a nice day, but Iím so tired. I think I might justÖlie down hereÖ

Raj: Mom? Mom what are you doing?! You said you wanted to fish!

Geeta: Alone, darling, I wanted to fish alone.

Raj: ButÖbut no oneís here! Aislin will be destroyed she didnít get to say goodbye! I have to go get her.

Geeta: Youíll do no such thing. I wanted to spare you this, too, but you just had to come fishing with me. No, I donít want Aislin to be sad. You stay right here.

Raj: Oh, mom, no. This is terrible. What am I going to do without you?

Aislin: Youíre a horrible woman for hiding from me when it was your time. I canít believe you did that. I loved you so muchÖMaybe this will strengthen your presence here. Iím going to build you a nice resting place, just you wait. Please, come visit me. I donít know what Iíd do without your guiding wordsÖ

RIP Geeta. You were an amazing helper, and you genuinely loved Aislin and Niall so much it was almost too much to bear. You left the house with a supply of angelfish that is almost terrifying to look at. Iíll miss you!

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--cries-- RIP Geeta.  I hate seeing the helpers go. Poor Aisling.

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Geeta's such a rock! I'm going to miss her, and I'm sure Aislyn will, too! So nice that she got a send-off at Chez Llama, though.
Diego standing up to go over and insult Mr. Landgraab's suit cracked me up! True, true. Expensive and good are not the same thing.
What a rollercoaster with the fish in the chest! I'm so glad the magically reappeared! And I'm really glad I know that happens now. I will feel much safer about putting things in chests.
Loved the moments with Niall and Grammy. :) So, so sweet!

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Oh goodness!  I got here just in time to see poor Geeta's departure.
Loved the whole thing so far.  Aislin is delightful!  Her panic attacks bring a smile to my face  :=)  Her relationship with Diego is just priceless!
So much good stuff in the many updates I read that I just can't remember all the things I thought of saying as I went, so just in general...loving this!

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Oh no, Geeta.  :(
At least she got some great time, and babies to light her heart, but still, a sad thing.

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@Shewolf13 I cried. When I got her second notice, I immediately quit my game and refused to play for a hot minute because I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to her. She was such a trooper, I couldn't have asked for a better helper. I wish I could bring her back. I've never not pleaded for a sim before, so it was really hard to just watch when it actually happened...It does make me feel better when she pops up, though.

@FrancescaFiori I'm glad you liked her send off. I thought she deserved to be pampered for once. She worked so hard for the family, she of all people deserved a nice send off. And omg, the fish chest. Another time I literally cried when I realized I'd deleted it. I was so excited for my first time really trying to build something big and cool--the house isn't as function oriented as my usual builds, but I think it's pretty--that I just bulldozed the lot once all the furniture was in the inventory. And then I remembered the chest, and I quit the game all over again and cried about it, because I thought all of Geeta's hard work was for nothing. And then I finally mustered up the energy to load the game and start fishing again, and when I went to put an angelfish in the new chest, I discovered they were all back! And my eighteen cowberries rofl. Biggest relief yet. I wish I could put the ambrosia in the chests, it would make me feel a bit safer about them, but they just won't go. I was really nervous the first time I quit my game after making seven servings of ambrosia and putting them on shelves in the museum room, because when I was playing a rival dynasty I had one of my heirs make ambrosia for their museum contribution, and I just slapped them up on the roof where no one could get them, but when I rotated away from the family and finally came back to it, they were all gone! So, I was scared my ambrosia would disappear again. But they didn't, thank goodness!

@PeregrineTook Welcome aboard! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D I think an immortal dynasty is kind of perfect for me, because I can actually play ahead of my posts without worrying about it, since there's no heir vote, so it's nice to know the story's enjoyable for others like it is for me.

@Tynynounours I know :( Losing Geeta was really hard. But at least it'll be a little while before we lose anyone else...I'm so not ready for the eventuality of losing Diego. He's captured my heart like no other sim has before. If I do another immortal dynasty in the future, I'm going to have to think long and hard about bringing in a helper that's already an elder. Losing someone this early was really tough.

Chapter 6: The Uncontainable Awesome

Aislin: Now, listen closely to this part, Niall, itís very important. This is when the knight finds the treasure and proves her worth to the kingdom.

Niall: Tweasuh?

Aislin: Yes! Treasure! Good boy.

Raj: Ah, thatís the pinnacle of success for any chef. Ambrosia. Well, I guess there are no more mountains for me to climbóIíve done it, Iíve achieved greatness.

Aislin: Okay, deep breath. I know I said I would never do this, but, wellÖlosing Geeta really brought things into focus for me. I donít want to leave anything unfinished between us. I want to be your wife.

Diego: Oh, Aislin, nothing would make me happier! I canít believe this is actually happening.

Aislin: You havenít said technically said the word yes yet. Are you going to? This is very scary.

Diego: Of course, yes, yes, yes!

Aislin: All right. Phew. Your mommy and daddy are going to get married for real. Thatís pretty exciting isnít it?

Niall: Wha marry?

Aislin: Um. Itís a very scary thing that everyone should be petrified about and think long and hard before doing. Letís hope itís worth it. Now, can you say ďIím sorry?Ē

Niall: No, sorry! Why sorry? Niall not sorry.

Aislin: No, no, you donít actually need to be sorry for anything. But, you need to learn to say sorry, because mama needs you to grow up with three positive character values for her aspiration. So, work with me on this.

Niall: No! -stomps feet- Not sorry!

Aislin: -sigh- Come on, big boy. Just do me this favor.

Niall: Ice cweam!

Aislin: Ösay sorry, first.

Niall: -squint- Sorry.

Aislin: All right, victory!

Geeta: Hmmm. Reading. Not terribly interesting, if Iíll be honest. Whatís everyone else up to?

Geeta: Howís the little monster?

Aislin: Terrifying, but spectacular at the same time. Arenít you?

Niall: Niall da best! Hi grammy!!

Geeta: Hey, buddy. Are you being good for your mom?

Niall: Maybe.

Aislin: Yeah, heís a little mini me, all right.

Geeta: Good.

Raj: I was wrong, I had one more achievement to cross off! I got a UFO for the family. Not quite as exciting as making ambrosia, but itís still a plus in my corner.

J: Booyah, I got promoted! Now, I just need to get one more breakthrough and then I can invent the cloning machine, and I can quit another job.

Bella: Good on ya. Youíve never wanted to actually max a career?

J: Heck no! Thatís too much commitment for me.

Aislin: All right, baby boy. Itís time for you to grow up. I canít believe how fast that went! Iím so proud of youómaxing all your skills.

Niall: Wuv mommy!

Aislin: Aww.

Aislin: Are you ready? Deep breath, then blow!

Niall: Wheeeee!

Diego: Aw yeah, one more birthday in this house, too!

Bella: Aurora was a top notch toddler, too.

Niall: Iím very excited for Auroraís birthday, but, I resent being photographed before my makeover.

Aislin: Sorry, darling, canít risk interrupting the party.

Aislin: What do you think, Bella? I think we made some pretty gorgeous children.

Bella: -smiles- I think so, too.

Diego: Welll, of course we all did! Weíre three of the best looking sims in the world. They didnít stand a chance.

Aurora: -blushes and mumbles- Stop, itís embarrassingÖ

Niall: Whaaaat? Itís the truth. Weíre awesome. The world isnít ready for this dynamic duo!

Bella: Oh god, oh god, gotta pee, gotta pee!

Diego: Just a sec, Bella, I just need to make this toast and then we can unlock the doors. To Niall and Aurora, the first children born into the dynasty house, may you take the world by storm and achieve everything your heart desires!

Aislin: Aw, that was really sweet.

Bella: Can I pee now?

Aislin: All right now, sweetie, youíve got your makeover, so letís get down to the homework business. Iíve got to get four hours of helping you with your homework in, so strap in.

Niall: No offense mom, but Iím pretty awesome. Too awesome for homework, to be honest. Look at meóis this the face of a striking young man that does homework?

Aislin: Young man, we do homework and get Aís in this house. Youíd better get used to that idea.

Niall: Grrr. Fine.

Niall: Booyah! First day of school! Gonna beat the crap out of this day. Blaze awesome all over the place until no one can even see straight.

Aurora: Um, that sounds really intense. Couldnít we just sit quietly in the back?

Niall: Heck no! Everyoneís gotta get a piece of Niall. I was born to shine.

Aurora: Oh dear.

Aislin: Look, buddy, I get it, youíre lonely, but youíre a grand master vampire and I just canít have you hanging around my front door. Get going.

Aislin: Hey, Miko! Nice to meet youó

Miko: We work together. Every day.

Aislin: Which is exactly the reason we should be good friends, right? And you should totally donate to my cause while youíre at it. What do you say?

Miko: Isnít it kind of a conflict on interest for me to donate to your cause?

Aislin: Uh, no? We have different causes.

Miko: Right, so I should focus on mine.

Aislin: But weíre good friends!

Miko: I donít think we are?

Aislin: Well, we should be. Iím gonna need a few of them. Eventually. I figure I might as well get a few lined up ahead of time, so I can just pump you up again on the big day.

Miko: What?

Aislin: Nothing!

Aislin: Whatís up, uh, Akira? You want to save the trees, right? A little donation would go a long way to help us save the trees!

Akira: Yeah, I could spare some coin.

Aislin: Awesome! Hey, you seem to have some pretty great geneticsÖ

Akira: Oh? Thank youÖ

Aislin: I might have a job for you. After I get a little farther ahead with these donations, thoughÖ

Diego: And then I just completely crushed this poor sapís hopes and dreams at his gallery opening. It was gloriousóyou should have seen his work, absolutely awful. I already announced to everyone there everything wrong with it, but thatís not enough, Iíll have to do an expose as well.

Raj: Thatís pretty cool. Iím glad youíre not a food critic, though.

Diego: Oh, you have nothing to fear. Your food is absolutely divine.

Raj: Oh, thank you!

Diego: Your clothes, though, are a little off.

Raj: Right.

Aurora: Couldnít we play chess together?

Niall: No can do, doll! Niallís the best chess player there is, it wouldnít be fair to you. Iíve got too much awesome in this body to risk playing you again. It could be devastating. I mean, youíre pretty awesome, too, which is why I donít want to risk destroying you.

Aurora: Oh, okay.

Aurora: Itís no big deal, Iíll just play the piano on my own in the music room. I wish I knew where I fit in this household. Niallís always so busy with his heir requirements, and mamaís so sad all the timeÖThere has to be a purpose for me out there, right?

Niall: Volcano time! Iím going to beast the crap out of this school project. Itíll be just as out of this world as I am.

Aislin: Darling, donít you think youíre being a littleÖextra?

Niall: Nothing can stop this awesome train, mom. Donít even try.

J: There we go! Finally getting a cloning machine in this house. Maybe now I can get back to the fun.

Diego: Oh, Geeta! Itís such a pleasure to have you back in the house. No one understands my criticisms like you do.

Geeta: I know, darling. The other side just isnít as up to par as you and I were.

Diego: Iím sure itís a thousand times classier now that youíre there.

J: Well, that ought to do it. I didnít go overboard, did I? Aislin should be able to blaze through the jungle now. No one can say I do anything halfway!