Author Topic: 2018 Building Challenge #4 (Cancelled)  (Read 989 times)

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2018 Building Challenge #4 (Cancelled)
« on: July 10, 2018, 12:09:50 PM »
2018 Building Challenge 4

Water Water Everywhere

Ever looked at those amazing water themed builds on the gallery and wondered how on earth the builder did that? Well, now it's your time to learn. This build is to be not quite all about water, but mostly. Take a community lot type and imagine it with water. Simple, right?

Dates and General Challenge Rules:

2018 Build Challenges Canceled - Read more in the post linked below:

With the cancellation of the challenge, please feel free to share your entry in the challenge discussion thread. - Link below:

At any time you can ask Playalot or MrsFlynn for clarification of the rules or post any general questions here in the TS4 Building Challenge Discussion Thread. Link here.

Details and Information:

Challenge Background
This build can be any design and lot type from any pack (except Residential, Park, National Park or Generic lot) but must be functional for normal game play. The build must have water as an obvious build theme. Water can be used in any way, shape or form from pools to fountains to decorative water features to ponds. Your build can be any shape, size, color or style. Your builds exterior does not need to match the lots actual use or interior design style either. Anything goes! Your build can be set in any Season you wish.

Restrictions and Rules:
No Residential, Generic or National Park Lot Types
All packs are allowed.
No CC.

No budget restrictions on this build.

Career unlocks, items that are from party rewards and debug items are all allowed.
MOO allowed.
Enlarge and decrease items sizes allowed.

Allowed Lot Types:
Arts Center, Bar, Cafe, Gym, Karaoke Bar, Library, Lounge, Museum, Nightclub, Pool, Restaurant, Retail, Spa, Vet Clinic

Unique Decoration:
Must clearly and obviously have water as the main theme/inspiration.

Set Up:
Start a new save file. Make a sim, choose which Season you wish to set your build in and place this sim into a starter home somewhere in Willowcreek.

Go to manage worlds/map view and click on any 40x30 lot.  Evict the household (More>Evict Household) if sims are living on it and then click build on your chosen lot and bulldoze.
Lots that are community lots/venues are also ok to use as long as bulldozed clean.
Your lot must be completely empty before you start your build and have no sims living there.

If you want to take 'live' screenshots do this after you have saved your build and made note of your 'Final Build Price', by moving any sim into the house and going into live mode for the purpose of taking screenshots for the forum.

Saving Your Lot:
Please call your lot "2018HouseChallenge4" and include the hashtag #carlsbuild2018 in the description of your build when saving it to the library.
Include the cost of your build when sending in your 10 screenshots and also what type of lot and main functionality your build is. (i.e. vet clinic, restaurant, bar, library etc etc and so on.) Please also include an explanation if your build has a duel purpose/functionality. (i.e. evil lair posing as a cafe and so on.)

This year we are asking builders to upload their builds to The online Gallery with the hastag  #carlsbuild2018. But not until the challenge has ended.

Note that any builds from this particular challenge are not eligible for the RDC hashtag as career unlocks and debug items are allowed.

General Considerations:
While your build must be a fully functional lot don't limit your creativity! Sims don't have to be able to access the entire lot for normal game play to occur but please play test to ensure that sims aren't constantly trying to route to any inaccessible areas your build may have.
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