Author Topic: The Simazing Race: 5 Worlds, 5 Challenges  (Read 7346 times)

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Re: The Simazing Race: 5 Worlds, 5 Challenges
« Reply #90 on: August 05, 2019, 04:46:10 PM »
I did myself up a spreadsheet in which I listed the residents by world. I didn't want to spend time making friends or playing chess with people not of the world I was in for that part of the challenge. I did fishing in Newcrest, Tip Making in San Myshuno, Gym in Windenburg, Best Friends in Willow Creek and Chess in Oasis Springs.

Windenburg was my Sim's home base, and I did the challenge there last. I didn't know the tricks around making friends, or trait lots, or whims, or aspirations, as demonstrated by my score, but I did kind of invite myself into the Pancake house and befriended the two pancakes and then Goth house where I made friends with the family (except for Mortimer). I purchased the Observant trait, probably based on my experience with the Sims 3 observant Lifetime Reward.

Chess, from what I remember involved me going from house to house in Oasis Springs, firstly houses with multiple people to play chess in their houses and then ones with singles (for houses with chess tables). I should have investigated that pre scoring file, because it turned out that few had chess tables at home. So I went to a park and waited and waited and waited some more as people wandered around.

For fishing, I investigated the fishing spots in Newcrest to find a place with a couple of them within easy reach of each other pre game and went into one. From memory, she caught enough of two or three of the fish to stock her home pond in Sims 3 before she managed to get her five different types of fish.

Tip making, I just went into a park in San Myshuno and played the guitar.

Looking at my sim (and it seems that level 5 fitness was her last challenge) I used satisfaction points on purchasing instant hygiene reward potions. But that didn't help with her pulled muscles and she picked up a couple of them.

It was a fun challenge and I did learn a lot form it. Congratulations @thekatie0409 and @Rainbow Dash and thank you challenge team.

Edit to Add: Following is a screenshot of the spreadsheet I created. As I said, I wanted to know which Sims lived in which town for the friend making and chess playing parts of the challenge.
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I only did Oasis Springs, Willow Creek, Windenburg and San Myshuno because I figured that would be all I would need for this challenge. I also only focused on the sims with houses, not homeless sims. I also thought, let's see which of the home worlds is oldest on average. To do that, I gave sims a score on a 7 point scale, where 1 is nooboo and 7 is elder. I listed the residential sims in the world by family grouping and then went through and assigned them the number 1-7 based on age. I added up the scores, divided it by the number of residential sims and extended it to 1 decimal point. Homeless sims weren't included because for the friends and chess challenges I thought "sims with houses should be who I focus on". I checked the spreadsheet when sims were going by, if they weren't on my list, they weren't approached.

Results were
Youngest with an average age of 4.8 and a resident population of 26 was Windenburg.
Next with an average age of 5 and a resident population of 14 was Willow Creek.
In third place with an average age of 5.1 and a resident population of 15 was San Myshuno.
And bringing up the rear with an average age of 5.2 and a resident population of 12 was Oasis Springs.

Of course, my boss would tell me "it's a blunt instrument, round to the nearest whole number - in which case they all average out to Young Adult - which makes sense.

I found it interesting that the lack of elder residents in Oasis Springs didn't bring them down, and that despite having the most elderly residents (2), Willow Creek came in 2nd place.

I'll be interested in extending that to the residents of the other worlds at some time to see how that impacts on the above figures.

Can you tell that statistics and numbers in general fascinate me? In high school, when most of my classmates were playing sports or watching movies, or hanging out or fishing, or whatever, I was on my computer creating spreadsheets for imaginary competitions. I would work out the roster of games, the scores of the games, and then do up a table with for and against and points for victories. I am an accountant for a small business who does online surveys of clients and their staff in terms of corporate culture. I love nothing more than working with the ratings when it comes to the time for report writing to the clients to explore what has gone up and gone down and producing graphs and tables and so forth. Yes, the kid who spent time creating spreadsheets in high school for fun is doing that for work now. Who'd have thought it. :P

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Re: The Simazing Race: 5 Worlds, 5 Challenges
« Reply #91 on: August 05, 2019, 05:47:27 PM »
Congrats @thekatie0409!

Tips: Oasis Creek, at their gym
Fitness: San Myshuno
Friends: Windenburg
Fishing: Newcrest
Chess: Willow Creek

I don't have too much to add, but I liked my chess strategy: I went to the Spencer-Kim-Lewis house in Willow Creek because there are 5 of them and they have a chess table upstairs. That way, I didn't have to take any chances with people not being there, and I could just queue them up and not waste time moving around.

For fitness, instead of getting a moodlet solver, I brought the level 1 and 2 fitness books with me so that she could read the appropriate one if she pulled a muscle.

I took the Quick Learner aspiration trait to help with the fitness, but taking the Friend of the World aspiration seems like it was more effective, good thinking! I got the Incredibly Friendly reward trait, but it still required a bit of talking to get them to friend level.

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Re: The Simazing Race: 5 Worlds, 5 Challenges
« Reply #92 on: August 06, 2019, 03:01:23 PM »
Congratulations on the win, thekatie0409! Especially the super-fast friend making.

So far I only shared my total, which was composed of:

Chess - Willow Creek - 621 minutes
Fitness - Newcrest - 599 minutes
Fishing - Sulani - 460 minutes
Tips - San Myshuno - 188 minutes
Friends - Oasis Sprins - 101 minutes

My Sim had the active, loves the outdoors en family oriented traits.
For chess, and later friends, I made the mistake to go to the park first. In both cases, I changed my mind quickly and went to a residential lot. There are too many non-residents in the public places (especially from Sulani, it seems).
I also noticed (during practice) that the people of Willow Creek are much more into chess than those of Oasis Springs.

The community lot I placed in Newcrest was a gym, with the fitness-boosting lot trait added. When my Sim pulled a muscle, I had him swim (lapses are greyed out, but you can still click 'swim here'). This built fitness skill, but quite slowly. I remembered the existence of moodlet solvers only as the moodlet was disappearing.

I wanted to do fishing in Sulani, since it is pretty central to that world. I'm not sure it was any advantage, though.

When playing guitar in San Myshuno, my Sim had the advantage of the great acoustics lot trait, which helped him skill faster. The main thing is that it was quite crowded, though. Sims will already give tips even at level 1.

I also collected some aspiration points. My Sim had quite a few wishes to buy something, and since buying and selling was not restricted, I indulged him. This, and switching between the aspirations, gave me enough to buy Incredibly Friendly.
This gave a good boost for making friends. Bragging about family was enough to do the rest. After four friends, he also had a good reputation, which was enough to get that fifth friend upon a friendly introduction.

Finally, I never had an unplayed vampire bite my Sims before (probably because I have someone awake in the household at most times). So of course this happens while playing a tournament challenge... So I had an extra long rest period between fishing and tips to allow the uncomfortable moodlet to pass.

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Re: The Simazing Race: 5 Worlds, 5 Challenges
« Reply #93 on: August 07, 2019, 08:06:33 AM »
First of all, congrats to @thekatie0409 for beating me and winning this race, that was impressive!

Hey guys, thanks so much for the congrats, I've been sick and stressed and I won't lie, I was really hoping to hold onto that first place, I didn't get home until late tonight, so here's my strategy at last.

My Sim's traits were Quick learner, cheerful, loves the outdoors and materialistic, all chosen for quick happy mood boosts, I stayed away from any traits would give them an emotion I didn't want. I was originally going to take Gregarious instead, I wish I had now, I think that might have been a mistake on my part. I think I didn't switch to the correct aspiration in one of the challenges, so I fell short of buying Incredibly Friendly, something I was hoping wouldn't cost me the win but sadly it did. I did however, take Gym Rat for the fitness challenge.

Chess: I thought about doing this challenge at the Spencer Lewis Kim household but decided not when I saw their only chess table was on the third floor, I didn't want to waste time waiting for Sims to climb three flights of stairs. So I did this challenge at the Goth household instead, where they have two chess tables on the first and third floors. After a quick Ponder Moves to get focused I beat all of them and had my last match with Bob Pancakes at his house.

Fishing: This was done outside my Sims house in Oasis Springs, I surprised myself by beating my time in my practice run, my Sim turned out to be a natural Angler although I think that being focused and getting lucky helped out.

Tips: This one tripped me up as I ran into something unexpected, the GeekCon festival stole my spot and I had to move to another, grrrr! >:( I chose the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno instead as it also had the Great Acoustics lot trait I wanted, a quick cloud gaze got my Sim inspired for quicker skill and bigger tips. A Celebrity showed up and started posing for photos right in the doorway where I was standing playing guitar. At first I was annoyed but in worked in my favour as the fans would tip once they were done going crazy over the celebrity.

Friends: I chose Sulani for this one as Sims from other worlds don't visit there so I knew I would only find locals, my Sim hung out at the The Sand Bar and socialized with all the patrons that turned up.

Fitness: I placed the Burners and Builders gym in Newcrest and gave it the Breezing Braces and Sunny Aspect lot traits, I purchased Gym Rat and made my Sim drink an energized potion. Don Lothario was a Gym Trainer and mentored my Sim the whole time.

I rushed through this one and if I had paid a little more care would have been able to afford the reward trait I wanted and would remembered about the festivals too. So I know I can do better but I'm still proud of my efforts. :)

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Re: The Simazing Race: 5 Worlds, 5 Challenges
« Reply #94 on: August 24, 2019, 02:06:03 PM »
Although I didn't win, I was really proud of myself for my preparation. I did 2 run-throughs and both times, it took forever to make friends. So, my first goal to get with my aspiration points was the Incredibly friendly trait, which gave you instant friends. Second, in my run-through, the fitness skill was a killer, so I decided to have my "real" sim, Danica Racer have the Bodybuilder Aspiration. With that comes the ability to "drink energy juice" which helps at the gym. So, Danica Racer had the Bodybuilder Aspiration, and genius, music lover and outgoing for her traits.

Fitness: Her residence with some bare essentials was in Newcrest. I gave her a bed with comfort 10. I downloaded a Maxis built gym, Luxe Health Club and a Maxis built spa. The spa had tubs so that if a sim had sore muscles or was stressed, they could soak in the tub. She then headed over to the gym and worked on that fitness skill. She found the fitness instructor and asked them to mentor her, which increased the fitness skill faster.

Chess: Went to the Willow Creek Library and sat at the chess table. Pondered moves and when a pre-made resident of Willow Creek walked in, Danica challenged them to chess. There is a bathroom on site, and other sims bar-b-q by the water out back, so great location. She was really lucky and won the games very quickly. Just lost one, but then won the next one.

Fishing: Went to Oasis Springs and fished at 3 different sites there, then went to the secret fishing spot at the back of the lot. Danica was incredibly lucky and fished out not one, but two violins which is what I was hoping would happen. This took a bit longer because she was catching some other items, like cowplant berries, and not fish, and sometimes caught duplicate fish. But she finished and I was really happy with her time.

$50 tips: Headed to the art museum in San Myshuno, and played the violin she had fished out in Oasis Springs. She just played her heart out and in no time at all got those tips. She didn't need to fish out a violin, as there are some available on the 3rd floor, but I thought this was going to be her lucky instrument, and it was. The bonus here was that this lot has a lot trait of "Great Acoustics"

5 Friends: At first I was going to head to Sulani because the islanders are friendly, but then changed my mind and went to Windenburg to the South Square Cafe, where the Avant Gardes also have their club meet. This was a very popular spot and because I had purchased the Incredibly Friendly Trait, I had 5 friends in no time.

I really liked this challenge a lot. Congrats to the winners :)