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Re: Something to Hide
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Welcome to the Island

"Well this is it."

Adam placed our suitcases at the foot of the stairs. I looked around wondering what this island had to offer us. It was a nice warm day and the sun was just beginning to set leaving a nice glow over the sand. I dug the tip of my shoe into the sand leaving a small hole. Adam picked up the suitcases and headed up the stairs bringing our things inside. Walking in the first thing you saw was the open floor plan which was shockingly nice looking. Normally I liked each part of the house to be behind walls and to have it's own purpose, but it flowed nicely here. There was a small bathroom by the front door and if you walked a little bit farther in was the bedroom. There was a nice deck in the back where you could overlook the water and there was a picnic bench and a grill outside as well.

"This is nice." I told Adam once I walked inside.

"I think we'll like it here." He smiled.

I should introduce myself.

My name is Sierra Lawson and I was originally from the city. I was adopted by my mother Laura, may she rest in peace. My birth parents signed over their rights with the agreement that they wouldn't be in my life. I had no desire to find them after learning that, if they didn't want to know me then I was fine with that. My mother may have been a single mother but she was able to give me an amazing life. One thing that I loved about the idea of living on this island was being in nature and just learning more about it. I was able to land a job as a a Conservationist which was my dream! I wanted to save the planet and help others realize how they could help as well.

This is Adam Lawson, my husband of three years. We met in high school and have been together ever since then. He lived a few cities away from each other throughout high school before moving into a small apartment once we graduated. We pretty much lived off of canned soup and crossed our fingers that the power would stay on just one more day. His parents weren't in his life, but not for the lack of wanting to be. They were tragically killed in a car accident one night and Adam took it hard. We had already been living together when it happened and he turned to alcohol to numb the pain. I stuck by him until it got to be too much and I threatened to leave if he didn't pull himself out of it. I hated making him make that choice, but I couldn't sit by and watch him kill himself as well. He pulled himself together, but he still has his moments of grief but leans on me for support instead of the alcohol. He wanted to be a chef and I was not about to complain about being his guinea pig with new recipes that he wanted to try.

"How was work?" Adam asked.

"Frustrating. We grouped up and went door to door, got a lot of doors slammed in our faces, and I think all of our new neighbors hate me." I told him.

"Screw them, if they can't see that you are trying to better the world then they are blind."

I smiled.

"You'll get them next time, one of these days they will have to listen to you."

"Thanks babe."

On my days off I enjoyed just being outside.

The house was lovely and with it being almost a shack with big windows the breeze was amazing. However nothing beat the calmness of the water as you float on a pool float.

"You need to be careful!" Adam scolded from the balcony.

I opened my eyes to look at him.

"I am being careful." I told him.

"It's daylight and there's people outside."

"I'm aware that."

He sighed and walked back inside.

You see, I was hiding something.

Something that the world can't know about, something that I've been hiding ever since the beginning of high school. It was the reason we had to leave the city and move to where no one knew us. I loved this thing but I had to hide it and it killed me. Because if the world knew my secret then I had no idea what would even happen. What is this secret you ask?

I was a mermaid.

I found out I was a mermaid in high school. It was during a school field trip to the beach and Adam and I had snuck out to the beach at night. The moment I touched the water is when I fell face first into the sand and where my legs once were appeared a mermaid tail. Adam was totally spooked at first, like I fully expected him to start running down the beach screaming. He stayed though and managed to drag me far enough away from the water that my legs came back. Since I had no connection with my birth parents I had no clue how any of this was possible. Was this even hereditary? What made me into this? We found nothing on the topic at the library, and very little sightings had been made remotely close to us. So, we had to keep it to ourselves. Which meant if I went into the water fully it had to be at night where people were inside. Other than avoiding daylight swimming there was no other restrictions.

It helped a little that my hair changed to red when I was in mermaid form but Adam still didn't want to risk it. We weren't really sure what exactly we were scared of, like would I get locked away for testing? Would they somehow plan to chop my legs off? Would I end up on every single newspaper in the entire world? I loved being a mermaid after I got used to the idea of it, it was so freeing. I could go anywhere and stay underwater for as long as I wanted too. I understood where Adam was coming from though, he was just worried of losing me.

"You're pretty tan there bud, are you using the lotion?" I giggled.

"Yes mom." He grinned.

"Hey, if you want to be a crab then be my guest."

"Would you still stay with me if I'm a crab?" He asked.

"Hmm, that's a rough choice to make." I giggled.

He just rolled his eyes.

"Hey!" A kid screamed.

Adam quickly got dressed.

"Hey little man, what's up?" He asked.

"You have a mohawk like me!" The boy grinned.

"I do, but you wear it better!"

"Are you new here mister?"

"Yeah, my wife and I just moved here."


"You better get going though, I'm sure your parents are looking for you." He told the boy.

"Maybe I'll see you around?" He asked.

"Sure thing bud!"

I smiled as Adam came walking back.

"Maybe I should talk to him about the environment." I giggled.

"He seemed cool."

I may have something to hide, but I sure as hell would fight to stay here. It was a neat little island that I could see us raising kids on.

So I was finally able to get Island Living and I am loving it!!! Again, thank you all for understanding about Rising Above. I am truly sorry again! I'm not 100% sure of where I want to go with this one as I had to think of it on the spot pretty much but I am excited to see where it takes me! I hope you guys enjoy it! =]
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Re: Something to Hide
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Ooo, a mermaid! Love it. She's beautiful ^^ And that little mohawk is one of my favorite hairstyles! Looking forward to seeing how Adam and Sierra carry on.

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Re: Something to Hide
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Attack of the Gnomes

"Ummm Adam?!" I gasped.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"There are gnomes in the living room." I told him.

"Really Sierra?"

"I'm not lying!"

He giggled and shook his head, he was currently trying to fix the sink that had broken this morning.

"Adam! Seriously! They look like they are about to kidnap the TV!"

He sighed and turned around.

"What the?!" He gasped.

"I told you!!" I shrieked.

"Does that one have a vacuum?!"

"I think he does!"

He looked around before grabbing a bin.

"Put them in here and I will drop them off at the market tomorrow, maybe we can sell them for some extra cash." He told me.

So we packed them into the bin and placed it by the door.

"How is the sink going?" I asked.

"Frustrating." He groaned.

He walked back over to the sink and grabbed his wrench.

I rubbed his back, "You'll get it babe."

He smiled.

I walked over to the computer desk that Adam had bought me. Part of Adam's requirements for work was to learn mixology so we sold the picnic table and bought a bar for the deck. It made it more cozy, but that meant the laptop had to go as well. So he bought me my own desk and a new laptop! It was perfect!

"What are you going to work on?" He asked.

"I have a few articles to write for tomorrow." I told him.

"I'll trade you."

I laughed.

Later that night I decided to go for a swim while Adam slept.

"Ellie?!" I called.

I waited and looked around.

"Ellie? Are you here?"

I sighed, I guess she was off exploring tonight. Ellie was a dolphin that had hung around a lot of the time, and we had formed some kind of bond. I splashed the water while looking around the water. Suddenly a thick fog formed around the water, almost like a green mist color. I looked around but saw nothing around that could cause it so I felt best to leave the area until I could get to the bottom of this mysterious fog.

"No one saw you, right?" Adam asked when I walked back in.

"No, but something strange happened." I told him.

"What's that?"

"Some kind of green fog appeared just across the way there."

"That's strange, did you get away from it?"

"Yeah, I don't know if it's poisonous or not."

"That's good."

I decided to write up a report about it. It wasn't much of one because there wasn't much to tell other than the green misty fog, but maybe I could convince someone to come look at it tomorrow. I hadn't gotten out much to explore the Island but maybe some of the neighbors knew something about the green fog. For all I knew it was normal and harmless, but I've never seen anything like it.


"Smile!" I said.

"Do I have too?" Adam groaned.


He sighed before smiling.


"My husband is hot." I said staring at the picture on my phone.

"You bet I am."

I giggled.

It was such a nice day today and we both had a day off was very rare for our schedules to match up. I laid my head back on my floatie and soaked up the sun taking a deep breath.

"This was a good idea." Adam mentioned.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah, I've missed just being able to relax with you."

I smiled and blew him a kiss.

Later that night we decided to build a sand castle.

"I have no idea what I am doing." I giggled.

"It's okay because I have no idea as well." He told me.

"What is it?" I asked.

Adam tilted his head, "I had no idea."

"Well, I guess it could be some kind of cow?"


I looked around and noticed that everyone had retired into their homes.

"Can I go out in the water?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to go learn some new recipes." He said before heading in.

My favorite time of night was when my feet hit the water and I could be free. It never got old how free it felt just to swim and go anywhere the water took you.

"Ellie!" I called.

I whistled.



"There you are!" I giggled.

She smiled at me and sank back into the water.

"What have you been up too? Huh? Staying out of trouble I hope." I told her.

She squeaked at me.

"You're such a good girl."

I remember the first time Ellie appeared, she scared the crap out of me. It took a bit for us both to warm up to each other but when we did we became best friends. Imagine telling that to my neighbors that not only was I a mermaid but my best friend was a dolphin. I would have the first trip to the loony bin that was for sure.

"Well Ellie, it's getting late." I sighed.

She made a sad squeak.

"I know, but you know I can't stay forever."

I pet her a few more times.

"I'll call again in a few days okay, stay safe out there girl."

I gave her a kiss on her beak.

She swam away and I did the same.

"How was the swim?"

Adam was on the deck working on mixing drinks, I had grabbed a plate of food on the way out.

"It was good, I saw Ellie." I told him.

"How is she?" He asked.

"She seems good."

He smiled.

I was glad to have a husband that understood me and didn't think I was crazy. I knew that he didn't like restricting me to night time swims, but both of us agreed that it was the safest for now. Maybe on day I could swim freely no matter what time of day it was, but right now I was content with my life.

Meet Ellie! I hope you guys are enjoying it so far!
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Re: Something to Hide
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A mermaid, a dolphin, and a cowplant sand sculpture -- fun!

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Re: Something to Hide
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Fighting For It

"You're never here!" Adam yelled.

"Well I am so sorry! I am trying to get this promotion!" I snarled.

"I understand that, but it's embarrassing. Do you know how many times I've had to tell them you weren't home?!"

"Adam, I get that it's embarrassing, but I am not about to pass up the opportunity to get this promotion for some stupid gathering!"

"It's not stupid! They are being nice to us Sierra!" He screamed.

"I'm thankful for that! I am! But Adam they are constantly showing up!" I screamed back.

"Because it's what neighbors do! They help out!"

"We don't need more food! Half the time you cook so much that we throw some out, and that's not saying that you cook too much! I support you and your career! All I ask is that you do the same for me!"

"Sierra, you know I do! But they are working you do death!"

"Oh give me a break Adam, I am fine!"

"You come home and barely eat something before going to pass out!"

"I can't do this anymore, I can't keep going around and around again. I'm willing to try to make it to more dinners, but I'm not going to make every single one of them. It's too much for me personally. So if you can't let that go then that is on you!"

I walked away and slammed the bedroom door.

When we first moved here I was so excited to have neighbors that actually interacted. Our last neighbors wanted nothing to do with us, but this Island was the complete opposite. They were constantly here and bringing plates of food over. I tried explaining to them that Adam was working towards becoming a chef and we had plenty of food but they always insisted. I could see where Adam was coming from and I'm sure it was hard to constantly have to tell them that I wasn't here. However, I was so close to this promotion at work and I wanted it so bad. Not only would becoming and Environmental Manager help the planet, but the pay alone was better than what I am making now. I just wish Adam could understand my point of view. I decided some sun bathing would help me relax and hopefully even out my horrible tan lines. I needed to be better at this.


I sighed and turned around. Adam stood behind me in the bathroom.

"I can't fight about this anymore Adam, I literally do not have it in me." I told him.

"I don't want to fight." He said.

I just looked at him.

"Look, do I wish you were home more? Yes. However, I realize how important this promotion is to you and I was being a jerk before. I'm sorry."

"Thank you." I told him.

He grabbed my hands and squeezed them.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too, and I will meet you in the middle."

"How so?"

"When I get this promotion, I will work it out so that I am home at 5 every night, no matter what. If I have any extra work it'll have to be something that can be worked on from home."

He smiled, "I would like that."

Marriage was hard. It was a learning experience for sure but I think we were getting the hang of it.

"Ouch, that sun burn looks great." I laughed.

We decided to spend the day outside, and lets just say that someone forgot their sun screen.

"I don't want to talk about it." Adam winced.

"Oh, but I do!" I giggled.

"What are you doing with that?"

I took my phone out.

"Sierra! No!"

"Come on! One picture!"



"I hate you." He muttered.

I laughed as he walked into the house.

I looked around and noticed that there was no one outside. I bit my lip before turning towards the water. No one appeared to be around, so what could a little swim hurt? I dove into the water and did a few laps around. I was hoping that Ellie would appear, but this wasn't our normal meeting time. The water felt great mixed with the warm sun beating down and warming it up. I was floating on my back when I suddenly heard a motor of a boat roar out of no where. I gasped and dove under water. I watched as the boat soared passed before quietly coming up to see who it was. It was Susie who lived a few houses down from us.

But the question was, did she see me? Certainly she would have reacted if she had.

"Sierra!" Adam hissed.

I quickly swam to shore and went inside.

"Are you insane?!?! What happened to the only at night rule?!" He scolded.

"No one was out there! I didn't see the harm in it!" I told him.

"Well, clearly someone was there." He said.

"I just wanted a quick swim." I whispered.

He sighed and walked over to me.

"Look, I know, and I hate it as much as you do. We just have to be careful, okay?"

I nodded as he kissed the top of my head.


"I GOT IT!" I screamed.

Adam came rushing out of the bed room.

"You did?!" He yelled.

"You are looking at the new Environmental Manager!"

"I knew you could do it baby!"

He picked me up and spun me around and I giggled.

"I am so proud of you." He told me.

"Thank you." I smiled.

Then it happened, my stomach started spinning again. It was the third time today that it had happened.

"Are you okay?" Adam asked.

"I don't know, I don't feel well." I told him.

"Come on."

He put his arm around me and led me to the bathroom. He got me there just in time because suddenly everything I had eaten since the last time I got sick came up again.

"Have you been sick all day?" He asked.

"Yeah, it started last night." I told him, washing my hands.

"Did you eat something bad?"

"I've ate everything you have."

He looked at me funny.

"What?" I asked.

"Could you be pregnant?"

My eyes went wide.

BUM BUM BUMMMMM! Cliffhanger! =P

Also, have this derpy picture I got of Sierra, not sure what she was doing haha

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Re: Something to Hide
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Climbing the Ladder


I stared at the little white stick before looking at Adam.

"Well, ready or not.." He said.

"Do you want this?" I asked.

"I mean, I know we didn't plan on it just yet but I think we can do this."

"Even with our busy schedules?"

"We'll figure it out." He smiled.

"So we're doing this?" I grinned.

"Yeah! We are!"

We both started laughing before hugging each other.

"We're having a baby." I whispered.

"I can't wait." He said.

What I couldn't wait for? The sickness to go away.

I was throwing up less and less, but the nausea and the room spinning was insane.

"Feeling any better?" Adam asked.

"A little." I groaned before sitting down on the couch.

"Can I get you anything?"

"I think I'm okay."

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths.

"I think once I get farther along I might ask to work at home a bit more until the baby is born." I told Adam.

"I think that might be best." He agreed.

"Speaking of work, I should go get some articles written."


"THIS STUPID THING!" Adam screamed.

I walked out of the bathroom.

"What is going on?" I asked.

"This stupid thing is broken again." He hissed.

He had a wrench out and was cranking away at the kitchen sink. I walked over and stood by him.

"Do we need to replace it?" I asked.

"No no, I can fix it."

"Really, we can afford it."

"I got it."

I giggled at his stubbornness.

The first trimester went insanely fast.

"Are you guys excited?!" Amelia, one of the neighbors, asked.

"We are very excited!" I smiled.

"Do you think it'll be a boy or a girl?" She asked.

"I think it's going to be a boy, but Adam thinks it'll be a girl."

"Boys are so much easier, especially when they get older."

"I've heard that a few times." I giggled.

The visits from neighbors have toned down a bit, especially since I became pregnant. Adam was determined to keep my stress level down since he read that the baby could feel when I was stressed. The second trimester came faster than I ever thought it would. I was definitely getting bigger and bigger every day that went by which caused my back to hurt more and more.

I was able to finally get an answer as to what the mysterious green mist was. It was harmless, they couldn't tell me exactly what was causing it but it wasn't appearing to harm anything. Which was good because one thing that relaxed my back was being in the water. Which was bad in a way because I couldn't be in the water until night time unless it was the bath tub. But my tail couldn't be completely in the water when I was in the bathtub.

But how cute was my stomach?

"Is it kicking?!" Adam asked.

"It is!" I smiled.

He rushed over and placed his hand on my stomach.


I giggled.

"Do you think the baby will be a mermaid?" He asked.

It was a question I asked myself almost every day.

"I don't know, maybe? It at least has a 50/50 chance of being one I suppose." I told him.

"Could be cute, a little mermaid."

"Yeah, but I have mixed feelings about it. I don't want it to grow up being hidden from the world in a way."

"I know." He said, giving me a kiss.

In other news, Adam got promoted to Head Caterer!

"I'm so proud of you!" I told him.

"Climbing up that ladder!" He said.

"You are!"

I gave him a kiss.

"Look at your cute little outfit!"

"It's not cute." He huffed.

"It is."

If I thought that the second trimester went by fast, the third one came faster. I literally felt like a whale, and I spent most of my time in the water because of that.

"You aren't a whale." Adam told me.

"But I am." I argued.

He shook his head and walked back inside. I had taken some time off work, but still worked from home. Most days I would lounge on the couch while doing my research and writing my articles. That was when I wasn't munching on chips or taking spontaneous naps. Being pregnant did have its perks.

I was becoming more and more anxious about becoming a mother. Was I cut out for it? How would we balance work life, romance, and raise a kid? What if the kid was a mermaid? How do I explain to them that they can't just swim when they wanted too? So many questions and I couldn't come up with any of the answers. Adam assured me most days that I would be the most amazing mother on this planet, but I was nervous. It could happen any day now and that scared me.

Kind of a blah chapter, but is it going to be a boy or a girl?!
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Re: Something to Hide
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Welcome to Parenthood

"Looking good mama!" Adam whistled.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah right."

"What? You do!"

I was big. Big as in if I grew anymore the baby would just explode right out of me. It had gotten to the point where I didn't even want to swim because any sudden movement would said the baby straight into my rib cage or bladder. I swear I was going to pitch a tent in the bathroom.

"It's crazy to think about that soon we will be parents." Adam said.

"I know, I'm not sure if I am ready for him or her to be outside of me yet." I giggled.

"It is probably easier having them inside you."

"I am ready to meet them though."

He smiled up at me.



All I was doing was getting some work done, when suddenly sharp pains started happening.


I gasped.

Where was he?!

"I was outside! What's wrong?!" He gasped, out of breath.

"I think this might be happening." I groaned.


"No, next week!" I hissed.

Another pain came and I groaned and grabbed my stomach.

"Okay, don't panic. Where is the bag?" He asked.

"By the door!"

He walked over to the door and slung the bag over his shoulder. He grabbed my shoes and helped me slip them on before slipping his own on. We made a plan to have the baby at the hospital since it was just down the street. That and I wasn't ready to brave having a baby at home.

"Are we ready?" He asked.

"I'm scared." I cried.

"Don't be scared, at the end of this we will have a baby." He smiled.

He grabbed my hand and we were out the door.

The hospital wasn't very big, but the staff was patient and kind during registration. Paperwork was thankfully easy to fill out, but Adam had to do that because the pain was getting worse. Before I knew it I was changed into a hospital gowns and little blue booties and we were on our way to the room.

"Will you stay with me?" I asked, looking up at Adam from the table.

"I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else." He told me.

"That was cheesy."

I heard the doctor giggle.

Hours Later

"I just signed the release forms." Adam told me, walking back in the room.

"Okay." I said softly.

He walked over and smiled as he looked down at the baby in my arms.

"A baby boy, can you believe it?" I asked, grinning.

"No, he is beautiful." He told me.

"We make pretty babies."

"What should we name him?"

I thought about it for a while, and I had a list of names in my head picked out for both genders. But once I saw his face I just knew, I knew that was the name for him as long as Adam liked it as well.

"Well, I think I have one, it's unique and not a lot of people use it." I told him.

"What is it?" He asked.


He looked at me and smiled, "I love it."

We finally made it home and I was exhausted, Adam told me to go lay down for a bit and he would watch Griffin. But I didn't want too because I was afraid of missing things, I know that is silly but it was his first night home.

"Is he taking the bottle okay?" I asked.

"Like a champ." Adam giggled.

"Is he cold? Should we put some pants on?"

"He's fine babe."

Night time was a whole new ball game.

Every hour he was up crying.

Every. Single. Hour.

"He has to sleep at one point, right?" I groaned.

"I got him, go heat up a bottle." He told me.

I yawned and shuffled out of the room.

"What is wrong little man?"

"Can you die of sleep deprivation?" I asked.

We finally got him back down and crawled into bed.

"I think we are about to find out." He groaned.

"I feel like jello, my entire body just straight up jello."

"Is it too late to return him?"

I laughed, "That's horrible!"

In a matter of minuted my eyes closed slowly, but it didn't last long.

"Griffin please, please mommy needs some sleep." I cooed.

He looked up at me fussing.

"You're going to be the death of me, but I love you so much."

Motherhood was off to an interesting start, but I couldn't wait for more.

Welcome Griffin!

Sadly Griffin will probably already be a toddler in the next update because for some reason baby to toddler is SUPER fast! Hope you enjoyed!
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Re: Something to Hide
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Getting a Hang of It

There was no amount of books or articles a person could read to understand the stress it was to become a parent.

A few months have passed and Griffin had finally started to sleep through the night. I couldn't tell you how amazing it felt to sleep for more than two hours at a time. I felt like I could conquer the entire universe that first night. It was amazing though watching him grow into a little person with a personality. He quickly found out that if he became fussy enough that one of us would come to his rescue so we were trying to break him of that habit. I struggled with it most times though because I just wanted to hold and love him. Each day it got easier and easier to know what he needed and what each cry meant, when we first brought him home everything was in chaos. We weren't as prepared as we thought we were but we were finally getting a hang of it.

"How was work?" I asked.

"Fine, how Griffin doing?" He asked.

"Better, I called the doctor. She said to bring him in if it gets any higher."

Griffin had a fever and overall he just was feeling crappy. I walked into the nursery with Adam as he scooped him up.

"How are you doing buddy?" He cooed.

Griffin smiled from ear to ear.

My heart was full when I saw Adam interact with Griffin. Was it possible to love someone this much?

"I love watching you hold him." I smiled.

"Hard to believe he is going to be a toddler soon." He replied.

"I know, time for another one I guess."

He just looked at me.

I laughed, "Kidding!!"

"I wouldn't mind more, but maybe not quite yet."

I nodded.

"Okay my turn!" I said.

All the rules of not overly babying him went out the window when he was sick. I just wanted him to feel better and if holding helped even a little then that is what I would do.


Griffin grew up to be a toddler! To celebrate we took him to get his hair cut for the very first time and boy was he looking sharp!

"We're going to need a stick to beat the girls away." Adam shook his head.

"I mean look at him." I gushed.

"We're going to have to figure something out about a room for him." Adam told me.

"Maybe we could expand our room somehow." I mentioned.

"I'll contact someone to come out and look at it."

Thankfully between our two jobs we were living quite comfortably even after paying the bills. I had gotten a few other promotions before Griffin was born so that definitely helped.

"I'm going to go out for a bit." I told him.

"It's still light out a little bit." He told me.

"It'll be fine."

I walked outside and headed to the water. There was no one outside so I took it as everyone retired early. I took a deep breath before walking into the water, it was a bit chilly tonight but I knew it would warm up once I was used to it. It was nice to be able to swim again since I wasn't able to do it very much with Griffin needing more attention. I needed to get out more though because that small bathtub was not working anymore.

"Ellie!" I called.

I looked around.

"Ellie! Where are you girl?"

I heard her chirp before seeing her swim over.

"Hey!" I giggled.

"It's been a while, huh?" I asked.

She danced, making me giggle in return.

"I'm sorry, there's been someone stealing me away for a while. I hope one day you can meet him!"

We wouldn't know until Griffin was a child if he had the mermaid gene or not. I was nervous, and I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a small part of me hoping he wasn't. I just didn't want him to live his life in fear and secrecy. I was lucky enough to have Adam who understood and supported me, but what if he was laughed at? Or called a freak because of it?

"What have you been up too?" I asked.

Ellie just chirped, telling me in her own language about her adventures.

"I'm sure whatever it is has been amazing. What I wouldn't give to be able to swim freely all the time."

She looked at me.

"Well, I better get back and check on my little guy."

I gave her a kiss.

I watched her swim off and waved goodbye.


I froze.

"Mom! come look! A mermaid!!!"

I whipped around to see a kid behind me and he was pointing right at me. His mom walked over and I knew she saw me but I quickly dived underwater. What was I going to do? How did I handle it? More importantly, how was I suppose to get home? They would follow me if I went straight home so I decided it was best to swim low, literally, for a while. After about ten minutes I came back above water making sure that I was behind a rock before peeking to see if they were still there. Thankfully they seemed to be gone so I hurried on shore and back to the house. Adam was sitting on the couch when I walked back inside. He was going to be upset.

"How was the swim?" He asked.

"Fine, where is Griffin?" I asked.

"Bed, he went down without a fight."

"That's good."

I scratched the back of my head before slowly walking over and sitting on the couch.

"So, I have something to tell you." I started.

He turned the TV off and turned to face me.

"I was spotted."

"What?!" He gasped.

"A little kid saw me, and I think his mom saw him as well."

"Sierra." He groaned.

"I know! Okay? I know, I didn't see anyone! I didn't even recognize them!"

He sighed and looked around.

"Are you mad?"

"I mean, no, but I told you to be careful!"

"I know, but what do we do now?"

"Hope that they don't know where we live, and that they don't spread it around."

I looked at the ground.

"We'll figure it out." He said, rubbing my back.


"Are you sure I should go to work?" I asked.

"Yes, it's best to act normal." He told me.

"Okay, do you work today?"

"Nope, I am home all day with this little man!"

"Alright, well try to keep him tamed." I giggled.

"If not I will just tie him up."

I rolled my eyes.

The hours at work went slow but thankfully no one said anything so I was hoping that it was just a tourist. We did get those a lot so it wouldn't be too far of a fetch and it would mean that I would just have to be extra careful. I was glad to come home though, but I was less glad to come into what I did.

"Griffin! What did you do?!" I gasped.

He was standing in the middle of a puddle of paint.

"How?! I literally just went to the bathroom!" Adam gasped.

I giggled.

"What are you doing you silly boy?"

He babbled a few things before pointing to the couch. I brought him over and set him down before cleaning up the mess.

"I have a surprise for you." Adam told me.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Follow me."

I followed him into the bedroom to find out that the room was expanded! Griffin had a room of his own almost!

I heard Griffin babbling behind me. When I turned around I saw him sucking on his finger, which usually meant he was tired.

"Are you sleepy?" I asked.

He just looked at me and nodded slowly. I picked him up and placed him in the bed before covering him up.

"Sleep tight baby boy." I said.

I leaned over and kissed his forehead.

Once I was done tucking him I heard someone at the door. I couldn't find Adam so I assumed that he was at the beach. I walked over and answered the door, it was some lady.

"Hi, can I help you?" I asked.

"Are you a mermaid?"

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Re: Something to Hide
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Walking on Shells

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Are you a mermaid? It's that simple." She asked.

"I don't know what gave you that idea." I huffed.

"My friend and her kid are visiting, and they said that they saw a mermaid."

"That's interesting, but how does that narrow it down to me?"

"Well, they think they saw you walk here."

I just looked at her.

"Are they wrong?" She asked.

"Look I don't know who you are, but I think your friend is wrong."

"Hmmm, interesting."

"What is going on here?"

Adam stood behind her.

"Babe, this woman is accusing me of being a mermaid. She just showed up out of no where." I told him.

"I see, and what evidence do you have against her?" He asked, walking up to me.

"Well you see my friend and her child saw a mermaid and the believe that they walked to this house." She told him.

"So that automatically means that she is a mermaid? What would that even mean if she had been?"

"Well, I'm sure the lab would want to know." She said.

"The lab?" I questioned.

"Yeah, they have been wanting to catch a mermaid to do some testing."

I tried to keep my eyes from bugging out.

"I'm sorry, but your friend seeing a mermaid walk to this house isn't enough evidence to accuse my wife of being a mermaid. So go collect your prize somewhere else!" Adam hissed.

He tried closing the door on her, but she stopped it with her feet.

"Tell me something though..." She said.

I just looked at her.

"Why do you never go swimming?"

The way she looked at me, so accusing, sent chills down my spine.

"I'm not a big swimmer." I told her.

"I see..." She muttered.

"If that is all, I would like you to leave now." Adam told her.

"I'll be keeping an eye out." She told us, before turning around and walking.

Adam closed the door and I turned around and covered my face. That was it, someone saw me and now it was all over.

"Hey come here." Adam said.

He took me in his arms and I cried into his chest.

"Testing Adam! Testing! If I get caught I'll be some lab rat!" I cried.

"It's not going to happen! She is off her rocker." He assured me.

"She was so close to breaking me, if you hadn't shown up I don't know what I would have done."

He rubbed my back.


I bounced Griffin on my knee gently as I stared at the television. Adam was at work and Griffin was having a fussy day, I was trying to be patient but my mind was elsewhere. There was some children's show on the television but I wasn't paying attention. I didn't want to be that mother that let the television baby sit their kid but that's what was happening today.

"Griffin please." I asked.

He began to get fussy again.

"Do you want a nap?" I asked.

He just nodded and I scooped him up and carried him to his room.

"Book!" He said.

"No, not right now." I said.

"BOOK!" He yelled.

"No. Go to sleep."

He began crying but I just walked away.

What are we going to do? -S

I have some ideas. -A

Like? -S

I'll tell you when I'm home -A

I groaned.

I decided to waste time by sitting down at the laptop and work on some articles. Writing articles though turned into researching this lab that the lady was telling us about. Sure enough, they had a whole page on wanting to catch mermaids. I began to read on the process of testing them which included cutting off scales, part of the tail, blood work, and so much more. My stomach twisted in knots the more I read, it sounded horrible and painful. I was a bundle of mess by the time Adam got home from work. He took care of Griffin's needs for me before sitting down with me on the couch.

"So, what are these ideas?" I asked.

"Well, we could go about our business and not change a thing." He told me.

"They're going to be watching, there is no way I can swim!" I argued.

"The second option is we go on how things are, but you can't swim anymore, even at night."

I sighed, "The third?"

"We move."

I looked at him.

"But I love the island." I told him.

"I know, I do too." He said, grabbing my hand.

"This island is big though, maybe there is a place far enough away that they wouldn't know where we were."

"It's something to think about."

I nodded.

So there were our options, and at this point the third may be our best. It would be yet another move, but maybe this way Griffin would have more room. We would have to take out a loan for a new house because we were no where close to what we would need. Thankfully my job pretty much went with me, we would just have to make sure that Adam could keep his job and position wherever we went.


"What did your boss say?" I asked.

A few days had passed and Adam told me he would ask his boss about relocating.

"Well, since the restaurant is basically in the middle of the entire island he said it shouldn't effect anything." He told me.

"So is that what we want to do? Just move?" I asked.

"Let's give it a few more days and see what happens."

I nodded.

"It'll be okay, we got this." He smiled.

"I'm sorry about all of this." I sighed.

"Don't be, just another bump in the road."

He grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

"Mama!" Griffin said.

"There's my little man!"

I picked him up and swung him in the air causing him to giggle.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"Good!" He said.

We've been working with him more and more on talking. He couldn't do complete sentences just yet but he was getting there.

"Have you fed him yet?" Adam asked.

"Not yet." I told him.

"I'll get it started."

"Daddy is going to make you some food!" I told Griffin.

He danced around.

I smiled at Griffin, would moving stink? Yeah. But I was coming to terms with it because as long as I had my boys with me then everything would be alright.

Just a short little chapter! I know this one was no pictures, but there will probably be multiple today seeing as the Sims bug bit me!
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Re: Something to Hide
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Messes to Make

"Island." I said.

"Land." Griffin said.

I giggled, "No, island."

He looked at me for a moment.

"Say it baby."

I saw him struggle a bit.

"Okay, look, eye," I said pointing at my eye, "land."

"Island!" He said.


"Okay, word of the day finished! Ready for your nap?" I asked.


I smiled and tucked him in.

I walked out of the room and looked around.

"Adam?" I questioned.

I walked outside to find him laying on his stomach.

"I sure hope you remembered the suntan lotion?" I said.

"Yes mom." He said.

"Get out of here." I laughed.

I sat down on the blanket next to him.

"It's nice out today." I said, closing my eyes.

"It really is." He agreed.

"I have work to do, but I don't want too."

"Where is Griffin?"


"Then you should go get it done while you can."

I groaned.

"I hate when you are right." I said.

I stood up and walked back into the house. I sat at the laptop and stared at the screen before beginning my research. Things have been fairly quiet but that probably was because I hadn't been out swimming. Every night around the same time that lady sits on her deck just staring at our house. We contacted the police about it, but since she was on her property there was nothing that they could do about it. It was worth a shot even though I still think it should be a form of stalker behavior. I mean, who sits on their deck and deliberately stares at someones house?

I must have been working for a while because Griffin came out of his room fussing.

"What's wrong Griff?" I asked.

"Hungy." He cried.

"You're hungry?"

I stood up from the computer and walked into the kitchen. I opened up the fridge and got a plate of spaghetti out.

"I'm going to make you spaghetti, but you can't make a mess okay?"


He had became a fan of spaghetti a while back ago, Adam had made it for us one night and he had become hooked ever since.

"Alright, get up on the couch." I told him.

He climbed up and patted his legs.

"Be careful."

It was wishful thinking though because in ten minutes not only had he gotten it all over himself, but now we had a spaghetti rug to match.

"Alright, now it's bath time!" I told him.


"I'm glad you're excited!" I laughed.

Adam finally came back inside and sat on the couch.

"Made a mess I see." He said.

"Yeah, we tried spaghetti." I told him.

"I will clean the floor up."

"Thank you."

I sat on the floor across from Griffin.

"Now, what are not going to do?" I asked.

"Make mess?"

"That's right."

"Good! I love you."

"Lub you!"

I watched as he toddled away.

"So, did she give you any issues today?" Adam asked.

"Nope, but she is out there now." I sighed.

"What do you think we should do?"

"Talk to the bank about a loan I suppose."

He nodded.

I guess we really had no other choice, but a bigger house wouldn't be that bad of a thing. We honestly could probably use it.

Seriously, isn't Griffin adorable?!
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Re: Something to Hide
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Wasn't Expecting That


"I'll be right back." I told Griffin.

I left him in his room playing on the ground.

I walked over to the front door and opened it.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Well isn't that a neighborly welcome."

It was the lady that accused me of being a mermaid.

"It wasn't very neighborly what you did before, so I guess we are even."

"I never told you my name, it's Sarah."

"Okay, have a nice day Sarah."

"That's not all."

"Of course it's not."

"Have you heard anything else about this mermaid?" She asked.

"If I remember correctly you were the one who was asking." I sneered.

"Look, I'm just trying to gather information." She told me.

"Of which I thought we made it perfectly clear there was none here."

"Mama!" Griffin said.

He walked over and hugged my leg.

"Cute kid." Sarah said.

I glared at her, "He's not a mermaid either, in case you were wondering."

She just looked at me slowly.

"I think we're done here, I need to take care of my son."

"Fine, but you let me know."

"I'll make sure not to do that."

I closed the door and picked Griffin up.

That lady was here again. -S

What?! What did she want?! -A

To "ask" if we knew anything else about the mermaid. -S

Oh my god. -A

Her name is Sarah, because we were so curious about that. -S

"Alright Griffin." I said sitting on the couch.

"Watch TB?" He asked.

"Sure, but only for a little bit."

I waited for Adam to come home, and thankfully it didn't take too long.

"How was your day?" I asked.

I greeted him with a kiss at the door.

"Long and boring." He groaned.

"I hate those days, they last forever."

"Any more contact with Sarah?"

"No, but she saw Griffin."

"I don't want her anywhere near him."

"I don't either. I don't trust her at all."

The next morning we dropped Griffin off at the local daycare and went to the bank. We decided that it was best to just go a head and take the shots to moving farther up the island. Worst case scenario was that it didn't help at all and we just move to another city all together. I would do whatever it took to protect my family, even if it meant that I could never swim again. The appointment went fast and the guy at the bank seemed hopeful that the loan would go through. On the way home we stopped at a few houses and we found at least two that were in the budget and had enough room. We picked Griffin up from daycare and headed home.

"Well, I think we will get the loan." Adam said.

"Yeah I have a good feeling about it." I agreed.

"You know what I'm going to do?"


"Bake us a pie to celebrate!"

"Can it be apple?!"

"Coming right up!"


My heart dropped and I ran into the room.

"What is wrong Griffin?!" I gasped.

"I hit my foot!" He cried.

"Do we need to cut it off?" I joked.

He didn't find it funny though and cried harder.

"Mama is joking sweet boy!"

I picked him up and carried him into the living room.

"Is he okay?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, just hit his foot." I told him.

Adam wiped his hands and came over.

"Are you okay buddy?" He asked.

"Daddy!" He cried.

"Aww come here!"

I handed him over to Adam.

"Ready for airplane?!" He asked.

"Fly!" Griffin said, half crying and half laughing now.

I watched Adam spin Griffin around and suddenly my stomach did flip flops.

"I'll be right back." I told him.

I walked to the bathroom and closed the door before rushing to the toilet.

I walked back out of the bathroom to find Adam cleaning up.

"Wow, where did I find you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Adam asked.

"You cook, you clean, it's every wife's dream!" I laughed.

He grinned.

"Where is the kid?"

"In his room."

A Week Later

I was in the bathroom when I heard the phone ring. Adam picked up but I couldn't hear what he was saying. I quickly washed my hands and went into the living room just as he was hanging up.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"The gentleman from the bank." He told me.

My stomach took a leap.

"What did he say?!"

"We got the loan!"

I gasped, "We did?!"


Adam rushed over to me and kissed me.

"This is great news!" He said.

I smiled and laughed nervously.

"What? Isn't it? We can move!" He said.

"Well, it is good that we can move, because I'm pregnant."

Plot twist!
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Re: Something to Hide
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New Beginnings

"Is this it?!" I gasped.

"This is it! Our new home!" Adam said.

"This is beautiful! How can we afford this though?!"

"That was what the loan was for."

I just stared at the house in complete shock.

It had so much space! It was a mansion compared to the old house. It even had a nursery all set up for the new baby. I was already in my second trimester so to know that he or she had already had a room took so much stress off. Adam showed me our room and it was beautiful! I even had a bath tub by the window where I could bathe and look out into the ocean.

"I can't believe this." I told Adam.

"Welcome to your new home baby." He said, kissing me on the forehead.

"We have everything we need here."

"I know, I wanted to give you everything."

"I love it." I smiled.

On top of the new move we celebrated Griffin's Birthday!

He was super excited to have his own room and he got to pick out how own bed. We let him decorate the room how he wanted as well, I couldn't believe how fast he was growing up. We did have to sit him down though and tell him about me being a mermaid.

"Are mermaids real?" He asked, after we told him.

"Yes, but Griffin you cannot tell anyone that your mother is one. Okay?" Adam told him.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Because, some people want to hurt mermaids and if they found out then your mother wouldn't be safe anymore."

He looked sad.

"I'm fine right now sweetie, we just can't let anyone find out." I reassured him.

"Am I a mermaid?" He asked.

"It's possible."

"How would we know?"

"Well, I thought that when you grew to be a child we would know. However after I researched it more it won't develop until you are a teenager."

He nodded.

"Do you have anymore questions?" Adam asked him.

"No, can I go outside now?" He asked.


I decided to join him, only I wanted to get some sun time in. I spread out my towel and laid down groaning at the thought of having to get back up.

I felt more relaxed being here and away from Sarah. Of course we couldn't guarantee that she would never show up ever again or that anyone else would catch on but it was a new beginning. I rubbed my belly thinking of who he or she would grow up to be. I secretly hoped for a little girl and how perfect that would be to have one of each, but I would love him or her no matter what.

"How was sunbathing?" Adam asked.

"Amazing." I said.

"That's good, and how is the baby today?"

"They are kicking like crazy!"

He grinned as the baby kicked his hand.

"That is so crazy to feel." He said.

"Isn't it?!" I giggled.

"Can I feel?" Griffin asked.

"Of course!"

"Whoa!" He gasped.

"Cool, right?" I asked.

"Does it hurt?" He asked.

"Sometimes, but it depends on where they kick."

"I wanted to ask you something mama." Griffin said.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Could you teach me how you back float?"

"Of course!"

He changed into his swimsuit and we headed to the water. He was a little nervous and awkward seeing me as a mermaid, but that was normal, even I was a little nervous about seeing myself. He warmed up to it after a while and soon we got the back floating thing down.

"That's great! Just like that!" I told him.

"I'm doing it!" He cheered.

"You are!"

"How was the water?" Adam asked.

He was standing at the waterline in his swim suit.

"I did it dad!" Griffin said.

"I saw! It was amazing bud!" He smiled.

"Can we build a castle?!"

"Sure bud."

While they did that I headed inside to relax a little bit.


The third trimester came in full swing and brought along the back pain and the swollen feet. I was so tired all the time now which made me feel guilty because Griffin wanted to do all of these things with me, but I was just tired.

"I should just push through it." I told Adam.

"No you shouldn't, you need to relax and he understands that." He told me.

"What about when this baby gets here? I won't just magically have all the time in the world. I will have to juggle work and a new baby and Griffin."

"And you will do that, but baby you aren't neglecting him."

"I feel like I am."

He rubbed my back.

Along with the third trimester, we decided to redo the back deck into an outside theater. It turned out really well too and it was peaceful at nighttime.

"It really is cool here mama." Griffin said to me that night.

"You like it?" I asked.

"Yeah! There is so much room and I love being by the ocean."

"Me too baby."

"What's your favorite part about being here mama?"

"Hmmm, how peaceful it is here compared to the old house. We constantly had neighbors in and out and that kind of bothered me. I haven't seen a single one yet."

"I don't like strangers."

"Me either."

Tomorrow he started school and he seemed nervous but excited. We gave him a few days to adjust to the new house before throwing him into school. Maybe it was the wrong choice, but I was his mother and I didn't want him to be stressed out. I was anxious to meet this new baby though, and I just hoped that it was sooner rather than later.

I LOVE this new house I found! I tweaked it a bit with decorating, but it is so gorgeous!
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Re: Something to Hide
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Adam's POV

"Hey dad?" Griffin asked.

"Yeah bud?" I said.

We were having some father-son time on the beach. Sun bathing because I was becoming whiter than a piece of paper.

"Are things going to change?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"When mom has the baby, are things going to change?"

"Well, yeah. But this kind of change is good bud, but if you are worried we won't have time for you then you would be wrong."


"Of course we do."

Later that day I was cleaning up around the house when Sierra walked out.

"I thought you were resting?" I asked.

"My legs are restless, I have to move around." She told me.

"Still no sign of baby?"

"Nope, he or she is being stubborn."

She was exhausted this time around and I could just tell that she was over it.

"How was your day with Griffin?" She asked.

"He's worried that we will be too busy with the baby for him." I told her.

"It'll be hard to balance, but we will figure it out." She said.

"Yeah, now turn around."

She gladly obliged and I started to give her a massage.

Sierra's POV

Another day and still no baby.

I was getting mad at this point. I just wanted the swollen everything to be over, the constant pain, and most importantly, to meet the baby. I heard Adam walk through the back door and put something in the closet. I walked over to him and before he could say anything I nearly pushed him against the closet and kissed him.

"Well hello." He muttered.

"Hi." I said.

"What is going on?"


I smiled and kissed him again.

I heard him slide the closet door open and he gently pulled me in before shutting the door.


"How was school?" I asked Griffin.

"It was okay." He said, playing with his food.

"Just okay?"


I knew something was wrong.

"What's going on over there in that head of yours?"

"People are laughing at me in school, because of my Mohawk."


"They said it looks stupid."

"Do you like it?" I asked him.

"Of course." He said.

"Then let them laugh, they are probably just jealous. Eventually they will get bored and move on with their life. Do not change yourself for anyone other than you, you got it?"

He smiled and nodded.

I decided to take a nice hot shower to relax my muscles.

"How was the shower?" Adam asked.

"It was wonderful." I smiled.

"That's good."

"Yeah, how was- OW!"


I hissed in pain.

"Was that?" He asked.

"I-I don't think so." I said, rubbing my stomach.

I went about my day like normal, it was probably a false alarm. I decided on a piece of chocolate cake that Adam had made. The baby liked chocolate anything really so maybe this would calm him or her down a little.

"Do you like this?" I asked my stomach.

The second I said it I felt a gush of water and intense pain.

"Oh no!" I hissed.

"ADAM!" I screamed.

He rushed out.

"What?!" He asked.

"It's happening, it really is happening." I cried out.

"Okay, let's get you to the hospital."

A Month Later

"Shhh, shhhh."

I rocked back and forth, bouncing gently.

"Everything okay in here?" Adam asked.

"Everything is fine so far, just a little fussy." I told him.

I looked down at the baby in my arms. I could not believe that a month ago I gave birth to a perfect little baby girl.

"Hi miss Aria." Adam cooed.

I smiled from ear to ear.

Adam picked the name this time since I got to choose Griffin's name.

"She is so perfect." I said.

Adam cried at the hospital when we found out that she was a girl although if someone asked him he would deny it. Griffin was so excited that he wanted to share a room with her, but I told him that she needed her own space as much as he did his. He was so in love with her and it happened almost immediately. When he first was able to hold her he held her for what seemed like hours.

"Do you love your baby sister?" I asked him.

"She's pretty." He said.

"She is, it'll be interesting to see who she grows up to be."

He smiled as we looked at her in her little bassinet.

"Was I this little?" He asked.

"Yes, with cute little toes." I said pinching his cheeks.

He giggled and brushed my hands away. I kissed his head and walked out of the room. One of the things I was excited to do when we got home was to decorate her nursery.

Adam told me once it was finished that it looked like someone had just spun around and puked pink and purple everywhere. I was excited to have a little girl though, boys were fun but I was excited to be girly with someone else. It felt like I was only away for a minute before she was crying again. Adam was there before I got there and he was getting some skin on skin time in.

"Is she okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think her tummy is upset." He told me.

"Should we get the medicine?"

"Not yet, we're going to wait it out, huh princess?"

My heart was full.

"How about you go lay down for a bit?" Adam suggested.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, I got this."

I gave him a kiss before heading to the couch. In the month that she has been with us she was a pretty calm baby and at this point she was sleeping through the night. I still was feeling stretched thin though with her feeding schedule, taking care of the house, work and Griffin. I was slowly getting it together though, just had to take it one day at a time.

Rest was for the weak though because an hour later she was up.

"Griffin, where is your dad?" I asked.

"He had to go to work." He told me.

"That's right, okay. Are you doing okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, do you need help?"

"I think I god it. Thank you bud."

I walked into the nursery.

"Little girl, what is wrong now?" I asked.

I scooped her into my arms and rocked her.

I was in love with this little girl.

If something didn't make sense or it felt rushed it's because I wrote this when I was half asleep. I've been opening more at work and I am exhausted but I've been wanting to get a chapter out for a while now! I hope you guys enjoyed!
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Re: Something to Hide
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Business Trips

"Hey, can we talk?" Adam asked.

"I hate that sentence, but sure." I told him.

I finished up with Aria and headed to our bedroom. Adam shut the door and my heart skipped a beat.

"You shut the door, this cannot be good." I said.

"So, I talked to my boss today." He started.


"They want to send me away on a trip."

"What kind of trip?"

"It's a course on improving cooking techniques, he chose me and another coworker of mine to go up there. He is paying for the entire thing himself."

"How long is it?"

"About two weeks."

I bit my lip while I thought. He came over and sat on the bed next to me and patiently waited.

"Well, I could work from home more. Then the days that I absolutely couldn't I could hire a babysitter." I told him.

"If you aren't comfortable with this, then I do not have to do it." He told me, grabbing my hand.

I hesitated for a moment. I didn't necessarily want him to leave for two weeks, but I didn't want to be that wife that kept him from his dreams.

"I think you should go." I told him.

"Really?" He asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, it's your dream and I want you to follow it."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

He gave me a kiss.


"Hey bud, how is she doing?" I asked.

"She's sleeping mama!" He said.

"Good, she has been restless all day."

I walked over to him, he was just looking at her and softly talking to her.

I smiled and headed downstairs.

"Mmm, something smells good!" I said.

Adam was standing at the oven, shirtless I may add, and making dinner.

"I'm making soup!" He told me.

"I can't wait!"

I grabbed a bottle of water and stood at the counter.

"Have you told Griffin?" I asked.

"Yeah, he seemed sad about it. But I told him that when I got back I would teach him how to cook." He told me.

"Isn't he a bit young?"

"No, I can have him do things that don't require the oven."

After dinner Griffin went to work on his homework. He hated school, but I hoped that he would learn to love it. He didn't fuss about homework though and his grades were decent. I walked into the nursery to find Adam already there.

"I'm going to miss you little girl." He cooed.

She smiled up at him.

"Don't you forget daddy, okay?"

I put a hand over my heart.

She was going to be a toddler tomorrow. Tomorrow. How did that happen? She grew so fast.

"Do you know when you leave?" I asked.

He jumped, but thankfully had a grasp on Aria.

"Jesus!" He gasped.

"Sorry." I told him.

"My boss just called, I leave next week."

I looked at the ground.

"I'll call, every night." He told me.

I nodded, fighting back the tears. He wiped one that escaped away before going to put Aria back in her bassinet.

We walked downstairs and Griffin stood there.

"Hey bud." Adam said.

"Hi." He whispered.

"Everything okay?" He asked.

"I heard you tell mom you leave next week."

Adam looked at him and stroked the side of his face.

"It'll only be two weeks, I'll be home before you know it."


Griffin started to walk away.

"Hey Griff, how about this? How about every night you and I spend time together? We can do whatever you want." He told him.


"You betcha!"

"That would be awesome."

Adam bent down and hugged him.

"Can we watch a movie tonight?!" Griffin asked, excitedly.

"I would love that!" Adam said.

I giggled, "I'll make some popcorn!"

"Thanks mom!" Griffin said.

I watched my boys walk to the back of the house.

We blinked and tomorrow came. Which meant little Aria grew up to be a toddler!

"She has your hair!" Adam grinned.

"Griffin has my hair too." I pointed out.

"Time for a third one." He shrugged.

I laughed.

Adam looked at me and kissed me softly.

Griffin walked into the nursery.

"Are we having cake?!" He asked.

"The important issues." I giggled.

"We have chocolate downstairs." Adam said.

"Yummy! Hi Aria!" Griffin cooed.

She looked up at him.

"Hi Aria, I'm your big brother!" He smiled.

Aria just continued to look at him.

"I promise to be there to protect you." He told her.

My heart.

He pulled her into a hug which made my heart explode even more.

I had some amazing kids.

Aria is so cute!

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Fighting for Them / Something to Hide *Complete*
It's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me going.
And when it's dark out, no one's around, it keeps glowing. <3