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Re: The Sempiternus Immortal Dynasty. Update 05/24
« Reply #30 on: May 25, 2020, 04:09:03 PM »
Gobias got the best deal he could ask for; the prestige of being a pollinator + fulfilling that line in his bio about liking men in some way. Pollination is pretty impersonal so hopefully no one gets angry over it anyways. In my experience it's easier to manage surrogate/donor types of situation for your immortals. The movie theatre is gonna get some use! And congrats on up to 14 useful supernaturals so far (werewolves are trickier, adult female werewolves, ifyou have any, might as well be designated elders)
Thanks to the comments of you lovely people, I discovered that it isn't necessary to be RI to try for baby in rabittholes, so I'm going the surrogate/donor way for Verona's baby, Abraham is a good guy who's going to help his two good friends start a family  ;)
With werewolves I have a mix of age and sex, the one that interests me is Miraj Alvi who was transformed as soon as he grew into a young adult, I think he's a good prospect for second gen mate/pollinator.

I'm loving this so far, Nella! It's been ages since I've read an Immortal Dynasty, and yours is delightful. In my experience, Gobias has some lovely genetics--I'm glad you're making use of him.
Thank you for your words! I love Gobias' genes, his mouth and nose particularly.

Ah! I love this! The romance! The drama! I use the rabbit hole spots almost exclusively when I pollinate (the event center in my town must have the most disgusting back rooms at this point). It's helpful when you don't want them to get romantic with the person! If you take a sim your pollinator is friend with there, tour and chose to make out, it won't cause them to become romantic interests. And you can try for baby in the same rabbit hole with no relationship change to RI. It lets them...donate to the family tree without having to get the reputation hits.

So if you want to have Abraham donate without betraying his new love or making things weird with Verona and Sunny, that's an option.

Also congrats on the supernatural sims! It's always great when a sim with lovely genetics turns long lived! Get them vampire babies!

Like I said to @Trip  thank for the tip about RI in rabbitholes, that's definitely going to help me a lot. I'm very happy with the sims that get turned into occults. The fairies are all young adults and half the vampires.
And thank you for kind words.

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Re: The Sempiternus Immortal Dynasty. Update 1/18
« Reply #31 on: January 17, 2021, 11:41:52 PM »
Hello everyone! This dynasty isn't dead. The last few days I played the challenge again and I'm really enjoying it.


This chapter is full of birthdays that I didnít celebrate, the reason was that I was being a fair watcher. Verona was the first, and her birthday took me by surprise since I had not played this game in a long time, I thought that there were still a few days until the event. She was completing an opportunity for Bella Bachelor.

Here are her young adult museum pieces.

A few days later it was Sunny and Abraham's turn, as I said before I like to be a fair watcher so I didnít celebrate their birthday either. I never said I was a good watcher only that I was fair. Lol.

Gobias continued to experience the pollination thing. This time with Cornelia Goth, he approached to comfort her about the recent loss of her husband.

He proposed a solution for her broken heart, nothing would occupy her time more, and help her avoid thinking about her loss, that a new child to care for.

Verona decided it was time to move ahead in her relationship with Sunny.

Sunny happily agreed, they would have to wait a few days for Verona to complete her career to get married. I love this couple a lot, the girls are so cute together.

The next day, Verona maxed cooking while completing an opportunity for Jared Frio.

At the same time, Sunny was recruiting a new pollinator (and mooning about her fiancť.)

Boyd Wainwright was near 90 when arrived to the house, so he immediately he went to work on this pollination business, in the three o four days that he was in the house he had a child with Agnes Crumplebottom and one with Monika Morris.

Days later, Verona reached level 10 of the culinary career. I almost lost this shot because I had the camera positioned in front of the diner, luckily I realized in time that the woman left work through the back door.

With that requirement fulfilled, the girls were ready to marry each other. They invited a couple of friend to celebrate the day with them and I was surprised that most had taken their seats.

Sunny and Verona said their vows under the watchful eye of their guests.

I think itís the first wedding in a long time where everything happened properly, without any problems. They cut the cake smoothly and the girls ate together at the same table.

The guests had fun dancing with each other and when it was time to leave none of them got stuck and everyone agreed that it had been an excellent party.

The perfect wedding for my girls.

Even Grim waited until the next day to take Boyd to next world, although I would have preferred for him to wait a few more hours because Boyd was trying to have his second child with Agnes. I have to verify if that single visit to the theater was enough to achieve it.

And while all this was going on, something else was happening behind the camera. Abraham kept his promise and donated his pixels so that his friend could bring out the next generation.

Nothing of importance happened during Veronaís pregnancy, except for the purchase and upgrade of Summer Hill Spring. Also, the ownership of Hogan deep-fried Diner. I still have to rename both properties.

Two days later, Verona began with the labor pains in the middle of her garden.

The next gen is a girl! Which wasnít a surprise to me because I filled her mother with watermelons.

Hereís little Genova who is a friendly artistic burrito. Unfortunately, she didnít inherit her mother's rainbow skin color.

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Re: The Sempiternus Immortal Dynasty. Update 01/18
« Reply #32 on: January 18, 2021, 10:16:26 AM »
I wasn't disappointed in Abraham except now. I've had my many second gen disappointments I guess but at least the rest of the genes will be cool! Now we just gotta pressure Sunny into having a baby too.

Plus I like a pollinator strategy with some unexpected individuals. Because Boyd and Susan look so much more interesting than their daughter
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Re: The Sempiternus Immortal Dynasty. Update 01/18
« Reply #33 on: January 18, 2021, 06:00:13 PM »
Yes! Cute wedding and pollination! I can't wait to see how those babies turn out!