Author Topic: I tried to move my Young Adult Sim out it's taking forever how do i solve this?  (Read 322 times)

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My Female Teen Sim just recently aged up to a Young Adult,I tried to move out,I'm stuck on the processing screen forever how do i solve this problem.

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When this has happened in the past, I would exit the game via task manager. Load the game again checking the Sims inventory to make sure it's empty and all is basically okay before trying to move again.

If your Sim has a lot of stuff in their personal and family inventories, it can cause issues like freezing and crashing - in that it pretty much froze while trying to move your Sim out.
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Lots of people have had this issue there doesn't seem to be anyway of bypassing it.

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Things I've done in the past when such situations show up...

Go into Edit Town mode and evict the family, then put them back in and make them the active family again. Now try your move.

Go into Edit Town mode and split up the household, moving out only the sim you want to move. Then pick their lot for them manually in Edit Town rather than through the move function in-game from the cell phone.

The standard, clearing out your caches in the Electronic Arts folder before starting the game, has also worked for me for a whole range of bugs including ones very similar to this.

You can also try when you reload the affected game, to do a "Save As" and give it a different name. Then exit the game, restart TS3, load the new file.

Those are the simple ones I would try first before taking any drastic measures.