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Eco Lifestyle Guides
« on: June 07, 2020, 12:23:56 PM »
Hi folks. I've been covering Eco Lifestyle but have been so busy, I didn't even get to really share them. Toss 'em up and move on to the next. I am grateful to MrsFlynn for making this board!

So far I have a limited selection, because I  sunk about 30 hours into making my review video.

Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack Guide
Eco Lifestyle: How the Eco Footprint System Works
Eco Lifestyle: Neighborhood Action Plans List (NAPs) and How That Works
Eco Lifestyle Cheats
Eco Lifestyle: Four New Traits and Two Aspirations
Eco Lifestyle Gameplay Ideas

Got any requests? Obviously Fabrication, Bug Houses (and a long rant about them), new Career (Civil Designer) are already on my list. I need to do something with Community Shared Spaces as well. @ me if you post so I can remember to come back, I'm super busy at a time like this but don't mind hearing from people.

Sorry I'm not around much these days. Happy people are still visiting and participating in discussions. Unfortunately, there isn't as much to talk about with this pack and I hate to say that.

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Re: Eco Lifestyle Guides
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2020, 12:01:48 PM »
@Carl, I made two Community lots for other neighborhoods. They are in the gallery, I think under "HechiceraSim" again now, but some seem to save first as "RiotusMaximus" (changed handle when I played Anthem as your in-game name was your Origin handle - grumble). Here is what I learned and the system I ended up using:

The community lot is really four separate lots, saved as one. The base "Community Space" is what it will start as in a new game or new install of Eco Lifestye. The other three can replace it depending on the votes for usage, so it could become a "Community Garden", "Marketplace" or "Maker Space". It can keep changing as votes change.

First, switching from mode to mode is slightly buggy in edit. So I have some added steps.
The "Community Space" is not really a base, but just a fourth slot.
The four lots can be very different, and have different traits.
It seems to randomly carry items between sub-lot types in the first build. It doesn't happen often, and feels like a bug. It may depend on what mode it was in when it was saved. You have to complete all four sub-types before the first save too.

So, start the lot as a base game "Park", not a "Community Lot".
Put in all the items you wish to be present in all four iterations of the final lots.
Save this, as a "Park", so you can update from it if needed.
You can only change to or load from Gallery in edit mode for this lot type.
So go back to Manage Words, and then back into Edit the lot. (Forces it to update all items, otherwise I had some not carried forward.)
Change the Lot Type to "Community Lot" and place any items just for it. Fulfill the needed items, set lot traits as desired.
Change to "Community Garden" and place any items just for it. Fulfill the needed items, set lot traits as desired.
Change to "Marketplace" and place any items just for it. Fulfill the needed items, set lot traits as desired.
Change to "Maker Space" and place any items just for it. Fulfill the needed items, set lot traits as desired.
Now it will let you save the lot without giving a lot incomplete error.
Save the lot, first setting it back to a "Community Lot".
Go to Manage Worlds again and then back to editing the lot.
Load the saved lot from your gallery. (this is a bug check step).
Go back through all four lot types and make sure there are no extra items, delete the extra items if some got carried over.
If one sub-type needs updating, repeat the: (save lot, Manage Words, re-edit lot, manual load from gallery) steps each change.
Probably should do that loop once for each sub-lot type to verify it loads in the way you want. This is what the game will do after a vote.

Once everything looks good, set it back as "Community Lot" and do a final save.

I'm curious how different we could make the four sub-types, since they seem to be separate lots ... just conditionally loaded.  In one of my lots I changed the terrain to allow some items to place where they needed a larger flat area. The terrain changes were not shared between the sub-lot types. Since I had many more items in common, having a "Park" save was useful since then I could use it to make sure the four would have a consistent base. So I went back to it and did all the terrain changes I would need. Then I restarted the process of adding in the sub-lot items all over again. Obviously, if you wanted the four sub-lots to be very different, that isn't useful. But you want things like terrain to be consistent, it is helpful to keep a "Park" base that you update until you are sure you have everything in it that you want in your base lot.

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