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Chapter 133: I'm a princess
« Reply #315 on: October 21, 2012, 01:53:49 PM »
Hi! My name is Julia and I'm a princess. Well, mom says I'm the heir to a dynasty, not a kingdom. But in all the stories I know, the heir always gets a kingdom in the end. So, ha!

Today was my first day of school, and I had to go on a yucky old bus. It smells wierd. I asked mom if she could drive me, but she said I would get no special treatment, even if I'm the heir.

Sometimes I think mom is not my real mom, but an evil step mom, but I suspect that's not true.

When I got home from school there was a party at my house castle. It was not a proper party, a proper party is a ball, but it was fun anyway. I like parties because I get a lot of attention because I'm cute. Sometimes I think people are nice to me just to impress my mom (because she's rich), but mom is super smart and would never fall for that.

Once everyone left, I was allowed to play for a while. You'd never guess what I was playing - actually you probably could. I was the princess who ruled these lands.

Julia: Yes... yes. This is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... This Land.

Every day mom or dad helps me with my homework. They are both super smart, but I like dad helping me better because he has more patience. Mom gets annoyed when I don't understand what she's saying. It's a good thing she isn't a teacher, because even if I'm not super smart like them, I'm still way ahead of any of the other kids in my class, and mom would go mad if she had to try to teach them stuff.

Every day I try a different dish for breakfast. If I like something, grandma K cooks it again and I can have it for dinner. My favorite so far is Aloo Masala Curry.

Sometimes I pretend I'm a queen instead of a princess. And no queen is more fun than the evil queen.

Julia: But wait! There may be an antidote. Nothing must be overlooked. Hm, ah, here it is! "The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love's First Kiss." "Love's First Kiss." Bah! No fear of that. The dwarves will think she's dead. She'll be buried alive! 

Julia: *cackles*Buried alive!

No one else in my class at school live in a house that always have parties. The other kids are rather jealous of me, but I think it's nothing special. I mean, my grandmas don't even bother changing out of their sleepwear most if the time. That's not much of a party in my opinion.

I've had a portrait and a ice sculpture done of me, all I need is a photograph and my child exhibit down in the museum will be done.(No one else in my school has their own museum exhibits, this just proves I'm really a princess).

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Chapter 134: Pool party
« Reply #316 on: October 21, 2012, 04:42:17 PM »
Today it's my dad's birthday and he's agreed to have his party at the pool, because I really wanted to go there. I always thought the pool would be bigger, and that my mom would invite some kids from my school, but there were only old people at the party. I was not impressed!

Mom and dad spent most of the party dancing together.

Grandma E took the pictures for my child exhibit while I was playing hopscotch. I wish I could play hopscotch at home. It was fun.

Apparently some people were jealous of me for being photographed.

Then mom served a bottle of nectar she had brought with her. She and dad drank it and seemed very happy. The nectar smelled divine. I wanted to try some, but mom says I have to be a YA to drink it. I don't think it's fair! I just know I'll love it, why can I try any kind of food I like, but not try some nectar?

Then we all pilled in the car and drove down to the beach. When I say all, I mean all of the people at the party. I still can't understand how we all managed to squeeze into Carl.

Then it was time for dad to celebrate his birthday. This was the first birthday party celebration I remember being at (I'm not counting my own), and I loved cheering for the sparkles.

Dad is so old now. But he is still my dad, even if his hair is all grey now.

The cake tasted great. Dad let me have two pieces. I was the only one to get two.

This is dad's new look. I think he still looks strong, even if he has less muscles.

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Chapter 135: I spy a...ruse
« Reply #317 on: October 21, 2012, 05:11:43 PM »
Being a heavy sleeper is very convenient. As I was traveling to exotic and interesting places in my dreams.

The rest of the family were outside being disturbed by the burglary alarm. Imagien if I had been a light sleeper? I would have missed almost three hours sleep (because the police is so slow to come all the way to our house) and that's not acceptable in my opinion.

After school, and before homework, every day I spend some hours at the playground. I have fun on the swings.

Ride some spring rides.

Try breaking the speed record on the slide.

And when I feel confident no one is going to think I'm up to anything other than playing mindlessly on the playground equipment, I climb in the tree house and start spying.

The people I spy on are our next door neighbours, the McClellands. They live in the pink house grandma K calls the "Alto mansion". That must be a really old name, because no one I've talked to in school know who the Alto's are.

The McClelland's are named Patrick and Marjorie, but I'm not really interested in them either.

This is who I'm really interested in, his name is Stuart, and I'm going to marry him when I'm old enough. He doesn't know that of course, he thinks I'm just a little kid, but I've decided he's the perfect knight in shining armor a princess like me needs.

He's cute, he's nice, I'm sure he'd look great on a white horse and he's rich! The only problem I'm going to have is convincing him to marry me, but I'm going to be beautiful when I grow up so I'm sure he'll fall in love with me once he realizes I'm old enough. The biggest problem is going to be to make sure he doesn't get a girlfriend and marries her before I get old enough. He just turned YA and started working at the business building.

That's why I have to keep my eye on him.

But, as I said, I don't think it's going to be so hard. He likes me a lot. He's always nice when I talk to him. And he always shares some gossip with me, or funny stories about people he knows. It's going to be perfect!

Yeah, Stuart, just you wait till I'm old enough. Then I'll make you fall for me!


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 135: I spy...a ruse
« Reply #318 on: October 21, 2012, 07:23:27 PM »
I was sorry to see Simon go. He was such a decent Sim despite being evil.
Julia is super cute. I like the way you portray her snobbishness.
Great updates!  ;D

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 135: I spy...a ruse
« Reply #319 on: October 22, 2012, 12:36:07 AM »
I'm super sad to see Simon go. I really liked him as a Sim and especially his interaction with Elise and her constant demands for a grandbaby. I'm really liking Julia's personality and how she is ready to accept her right as heir.


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 135: I spy...a ruse
« Reply #320 on: October 22, 2012, 03:25:40 AM »
R.I.P Simon :(  Julia will be a handful that is for sure, I love her.

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Chapter 136: Retirement
« Reply #321 on: October 22, 2012, 05:24:24 AM »
Ever since becoming an elder dad has spent a lot of time down in the secret basement. He won't tell me why, he just says it's a surprise for my YA birthday. I love surprises! My dad is the best!

Mom has now finished all the requirements to become immortal except for fullfilling her LTW and raising to the top of her career. She's on level 9 and untill she becomes a master thief she can't eat ambrosia. But since she's not an elder yet, it's OK. She still has some time.

She has a lot of time of work, so she mostly relaxes and plays video games with the grandmas.

Today dad became a mad scientist. I don't think he look so mad.

Today we also had a party (when don't we?). I wore my usual party dress.

Mom invited Stuart like I asked. She asked me why, but I didn't tell her the real reason, I don't think she'll understand.

It was a retirement party. First dad retired.

Then grandma C.

And then grandma S.

Grandma K and grandma E retired too, but they didn't get any confetti. When I get a job I will get one I can retire from with confetti, what's the point otherwise?

After a while the party was kind of dull so I went to play in my room.

Green: Julia you are the most beautiful girl in the world.
Red: Oh Stuart, I knew you had good taste.
Green: Will you marry me and be my princess.
Red: Of course my prince.

When I'm at school mom and all the grandmas fish together. I like fishing too, I wish I could stay home and fish instead of going to school. Because there are only boring people at my school. Maybe it will get better when I'm in High School.

This is what mom looks like going to work. I wasn't allowed to take a photo of more of her, because it's a disguise and you're not allowed to see it.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 136: Retirement
« Reply #322 on: October 22, 2012, 05:38:16 AM »
This update was so cute. Congrats to all te elders, now they can just fish and play in the sprinklers. :P

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 136: Retirement
« Reply #323 on: October 22, 2012, 05:41:45 AM »
This update was so cute. Congrats to all te elders, now they can just fish and play in the sprinklers. :P


Actually I was mostly annoyed with the horrible work clothes they were always changing into and the black makeup that went with it. Now they can do the things they were doing before, and not look like zombies.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 136: Retirement
« Reply #324 on: October 22, 2012, 05:51:19 AM »
I know I'm a little late on this, but I'm really going to miss Simon.  Rest in peace.

You've got so many wonderful characters in the household now! Julia's quite a saucy little thing.  :)

Actually I was mostly annoyed with the horrible work clothes they were always changing into and the black makeup that went with it. Now they can do the things they were doing before, and not look like zombies.

I'm totally on your side there! My elder Sims keep changing into graduation outfits.

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Chapter 137: Teen time
« Reply #325 on: October 22, 2012, 06:25:33 AM »
I know that I have to eat ambrosia one day. But I think it smells horrid. I think I'm going to have to drink a lot of water so I can swallow that thing .

Today is my birthday. It's exciting because I'm one stage closer to be old enough to marry my Stuart. Also, it means I can go to High School and maybe meet some people cool enough to be my friends.

Eeep! I have a date with my mirror, I'll be right back.

Grandma K was annoyed with one of our guests, he tried flirting with her! She says she's still in love with VJ, my great-great-great grandfather. I don't think we'll invite that guy again!

Well, isn't that better? I got the green thumb trait, actually it was dad's suggestion. He didn't want to tell me why, but he's the genius, and I know he only wants what's best for me.

My wardrobe is excellent! I was trying for a fresh sophisticated look, a la Champs Les Sims. That's where I want to go for my birthday. But mom says I have to wait till I'm older. She never let's me have any fun!

When we relaxed in front of the TV dad told me what would happen if I stayed out after curfew. I never want to ride in the back of a police car! Imagine the smell! I't glad mom has never been arrested. When I get a job, it's not going to be at the Warehouse!

I'm still trying new things for breakfast all the time. And I've figured out that most food tastes better if I eat it outside.

I fished with grandma C before school today. She said she'd help me get started on gardening if I wanted to learn. I'll think about it.

I was both nervous and excited to start High School. Mom and the grandmas all says it's going to be great. And I can't wait to finally meet some people I can hang out with.

Here's a quick look at what the rest of the family does when I'm at school.

Dad reads, he's still got over half of grandma K's book collection to get through.

Grandma S breaks space rocks.

Grandma K writes more books. Her current work is called Love, it's in the bottle.

Grandma C mostly fishes.

Grandma E is working on my museum pieces.

And mom is playing even more chess. (It kind of an obsession with her).

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 137: Teen time
« Reply #326 on: October 22, 2012, 01:39:57 PM »
I love the makeover! The hat is just adorable!
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Chapter 138: The golden fox
« Reply #327 on: October 22, 2012, 03:52:04 PM »
Mom's elder birthday was the next day. She was ready, but I still think it was a bit of a shock.

She opted out of having long hair in favor for her usual do. She liked the idea of pants though, I think her career has influenced her fashion sens.

I spend a lot of time reading the book dad gave me for my birthday. It's about nectar making, and I've decided that it's going to be my SuperMax. I just have to learn gardening first, because the book tells me that it's important to have perfect ingredients when making nectar.

Before bed I always take the time to check my looks.

Here is my teen museum exhibit, showing me reading about nectar making.

Mom got promoted to Master Thief four days after her elder birthday. She could have reached it the same night as her birthday but she got arrested. Imagine, her first arrest, and it happened when she was almost a Master Thief. She's been very successful at avoiding jail time.

This morning she could fall asleep next to the things that mean the most to her.

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Chapter 139: Slowing the hand of time
« Reply #328 on: October 22, 2012, 04:02:23 PM »
All my requirements were done and I was on my way to eat ambrosia. Ambrosia wasn't completely successful in stopping a sim from aging, but it was what we had.

A quick run through my mental checklist just to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. No, I'm all clear.

All set for the first bite.

An almost pudding like consistency, very easy to swallow.

I feel heaps younger. And full of energy for doing the dishes.

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The Fifth Immortal
« Reply #329 on: October 22, 2012, 04:15:58 PM »

Name:  Frida Aurora Sears

LTW: Master Thief

Career: Criminal - Master Thief branch

MaxSkill: Logic

Building:Outstanding Citizens Warehouse Corp.
Property: Performance Park

1. Dusty Old Lamp
2. Body Sculptor
3. Speedy Cleaner

Best Friends:
1. Carl (car)
2. Robert Allen
3. Travares Scott
4. Debbie Benjamin
5. Trever Duke
6. Preston Mauldin

1. Logic 101
2. Counting the Loot
3. A stimulating experiment
4. Simoleons under the table
5. Friends for life
6. Muscle Showdown

Portraits/museum exhibits:




Young Adult