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Household Skills Project Mk 3
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:29:55 PM »
This is Samantha: Firewoman Sam.

A long time ago, she was a firefighter in Sunset Valley but her creator abandoned her shamefully early in pursuit of shinier objectives.  Now she’s back, with attitude.  She wants her line to succeed where others have failed – to complete the Household Skills Project.

For those who were following the Woods and wonder why version 3.0 is now up and running: I failed.  I didn’t know that the anatomy skeleton builds the science skill and sent Châtaigne off to Uni to do a Physical Education degree :(.  The project came to an end with her first practical class.

On the bright side, it means I can start again with the benefit of everything I’ve learned about Sims 3 in the year or so since I was last actively playing the Woods.  Fingers crossed…

Family tree and stats

House 1: handiness
House 2: athletic
House 3: cooking
House 4: charisma
House 5: writing & social networking
House 6: gardening
House 7: fishing
House 8: logic & science
House 9: martial arts
House 10: photography & nectar-making
House 11: painting
House 12: guitar & street art
House 13: piano & violin
House 14: alchemy
House 15: mixology & bass
House 16: drums
House 17: sculpting
House 18: inventing
House 19: advanced technology
House 20: bot-building and gambling
House 21: riding
House 22: scuba diving
House 23: laser rhythm-a-con

Epilogue: completing the missing supermaxes

Household Skills Project Rules
First attempt
Second attempt

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Household Skills Project Mk3 - Family tree/stats
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2014, 03:30:39 PM »
Family tree

Spoiler: stats (click to show/hide)

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Re: Household Skills Project - third time lucky?
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2014, 03:55:42 PM »
Yay!  Another project story!  Looking forward to this, Hazel  ;D  They say the third time is the charm, so best of luck in this attempt.

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Re: Household Skills Project, Mk 3
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2014, 04:25:47 PM »
Yay!  Another project story!  Looking forward to this, Hazel  ;D  They say the third time is the charm, so best of luck in this attempt.

Thanks :).  I certainly hope so.  At least there won't be any new dynasties to interrupt this attempt...

Getting Started/House 1

Once I’d decided to restart the challenge, I disabled most of my EPs and SPs with Game Selector – rather perversely, since I’d just finished installing absolutely everything on The New Computer.  For now, I’m playing with just Ambitions and Generations, plus High-End Loft and Fast Lane.

Since Firefighter Superhero was where it all fell apart the first time around and I’d been planning to do it next with the Woods, starting with a firefighter seemed appealing.  If the rescues didn’t appear, at least I wouldn’t be losing much gameplay.

I was originally going to clone Phil Gold as the founder, but without UL, he couldn’t have his hairstyle and he just looked wrong without it.  I tried the teddy boy quiff from Fast Lane, which looked kind of OK in CAS but didn’t work as well in-game.  Besides, he kept reminding me of Elvis Cridlington.

Following that thought to its logical conclusion, what about a family of kids’ TV characters?  Fireman Sam was the obvious choice for founder.  I briefly considered the squad from Trumpton, because I always had a soft spot for Cuthbert, but they were sadly lacking in personality.  Did anyone have even a single trait?  Sam is much more interesting as a character: even though he wouldn’t be able to learn inventing in this game, he could still be eccentric as well as helpful and heroic.  Sadly, my attempts to create a Sim Sam weren’t very successful:

I was about to try something else when I remembered that there had been another Sam, a long time ago.  She wasn’t much like Fireman Sam, apart from her name and wanting to be the Hero Next Door, although she did work with Station Officer Steele.  Well, nearly: Christopher Steel was a colleague.  I liked playing Sam but her lifetime wish was going very slowly and there were other things I wanted to try, so she was consigned to the Sim Bin after a relatively short time.

Was she still there?  I poked around on my old backup hard drive and there she was.

After a minor trait change (athletic replaced by technophobe) and a wardrobe update, she was ready to go.

Sam arrived in Twinbrook and moved into ‘Swampy’, which doesn’t look bad from the outside, at least if you ignore the dam looming over the back garden.

Inside, it’s less inviting – definitely in need of a dehumidifier and redecoration.

Sam wasn’t impressed.

Fortunately, the house wasn’t intended as anything more than a postal address.  She called a cab and went off to apply for a job as a firefighter.

She didn’t seem much happier about the station.

Then she rolled wishes to learn handiness and take a class, so I sent her off to the military base.  I wouldn’t normally blow 40% of a starting budget on a class but hey, this project is supposed to be about trying out different things.

Sam quickly settled in at the fire station, tinkering with the appliances and having pillow fights with Alistaire Pine.

Outside work hours, she tended to wear her pyjamas.  I was glad I hadn’t given her skimpy undies.  (We can argue about the tastefulness of flame patterns for a firefighter some other time  ;).)

Yeah, that worked out well.

For a hardened criminal, Marigold Racket seems remarkably easy to shock.

As with my other recent firefighting Sims, Sam’s first few call-outs all cancelled.  I was hoping that playing with few expansions would sort that out but apparently not.  On the other hand, she was getting loads of opportunities – averaging about one per day.  Some were for repairs and upgrades, so she went home between shifts and fixed stuff.  Most of the jobs were for Alistaire, so she then had to trail back to the station to hand them over.

One visit home was different.  I was aware that time was passing and the only NPC she’d met was the paper girl, so I missed paying a bill and then sent her over to meet the repo man.  I somehow forgot to take any screenshots, so you’ll have to take my word for this.  Ree Treave walked around Swampy, sucking up lights with that gun thing they carry, while Sam trailed after him, wailing about losing her only possessions (well, apart from her sleeping bag) – and, all of the time, both of them had little pink hearts spinning over their heads.  Sims are so weird sometimes.

Finally, Sam was called to her first large fire and actually got to respond to the emergency.

After that, she started to fly through the career.  She successfully dealt with the science lab space-time rift disaster, which I’ve only seen once before, when I didn’t have the graphics to appreciate it.

It meant a day with no lives saved, of course, but it was worth it.  And soon after, there was an earthquake.  Only a horrible person would celebrate such a disaster  :-[.

By the Friday of week 3, Sam had almost completed her requirements.  She sabotaged the TV once more and, moaning loudly, was forced to repair it.

And that was it.  Handiness supermax completed.

The next morning, she visited her damp little house for the final time (and I forgot to tell her to collect the post, so her handiness certificate has disappeared into limbo).

One phone call later, she was the proud owner of an empty plot in the dry part of town.

Now she’d have somewhere to put her new personal fire engine and alarm.  She drove over to inspect the place.

House 1 summary
Skill: handiness

Samantha (founder)

Traits: Handy, technophobe, charismatic, brave, daredevil
Career: Firefighter
LTW: (Firefighter Superhero – not yet completed: 22/30 lives saved)
Supermaxed handiness
Building/property: Brunton’s Boxcar Diner
Unique rewards:  Discount Diner, Inheritance

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2014, 04:38:06 PM »
Sam seems to be doing really well so far. The shot of the science lab disaster looked pretty cool to me :)

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2014, 10:03:53 AM »
Third time's the charm. ;) I've never seen that science lab disaster! It looks cool, though.
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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
« Reply #6 on: September 22, 2014, 01:19:32 PM »
Sam seems to be doing really well so far.

She is.  None of my previous firefighter Sims have been called out to so many large fires and she always seems to get three or four people to rescue.  I'm not sure whether it's a side-effect of playing with so few expansions or just the new computer producing different random numbers from the old one.  Whatever it is, I like it :).

The shot of the science lab disaster looked pretty cool to me :)

Third time's the charm. ;) I've never seen that science lab disaster! It looks cool, though.

It was pretty amazing - those rainbow effects kept looping around the building.  I sat and watched the whole thing on speed 1 and was almost disappointed when Sam dealt with the problem.  It's one of those jobs that has a special award as well - but it only fires at level 7 of the career, so the chances of seeing it are pretty low (unless you deliberately get your firefighter Sim demoted when they hit level 8, I suppose  :P).

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
« Reply #7 on: September 28, 2014, 03:02:42 PM »
House 2

Sam had stayed in touch with Ree Treave after their ambivalent first meeting, phoning him whenever her social bar dropped. (Incidentally, why do phone calls fill the bar faster than face-to-face conversations?)  Now she invited him over and asked him to move in.  According to SimsWiki, he should have aged up to elder a few days before this, but he still looked the same as usual in her relationship panel.  When he arrived, though, he’d had a birthday.  Sam found him as attractive as ever, despite the grey hair and mismatched clothes, so she invited him to move in.  Then she was called away to be presented with the key to the city.

It was the best-attended presentation I’ve seen in ages.  Half the town seemed to have turned out to cheer and throw confetti.  Sam was very pleased with herself.

She met Ree (who’d been at the gym starting to learn athletic) for a meal at the bistro before parting again in pursuit of various errands.  On her way home, Sam got out of the taxi to have a birthday.

Ree clearly wasn’t going to be able to achieve his Rock Star LTW, so my first priority for him was to earn the happiness points for a change of wish.  He called in at the theatre to join the music career, then, being a daredevil, rolled a wish to visit the graveyard – for the second time that day.  While he was there, I sent him into the mausoleum to apply for a job.  He wouldn’t have time to complete a rabbithole career, so he might as well get a part-time job somewhere that he wanted to visit anyway.

A day or two later, Sam started feeling unwell.

And, later that week…

…she gave birth to the daughter she’d wanted.

Ree hadn’t shown too much interest in Sam’s pregnancy but now that the baby had arrived he was very keen to make an honest woman of her.  Sam was also holding wishes to get married in general and to marry Ree specifically, so she proposed as soon as little Stella was settled in her cot.

The wedding followed immediately.  Well, immediately after a quick change into their formal clothes.

With 10,000 extra lifetime happiness points, Ree was able to change his lifetime wish to Swimming in Cash.

Stella grew into a toddler with a strong resemblance to her father.  She also appeared to have acquired a hidden grumpy trait from somewhere.  An undocumented side-effect of being the offspring of a repo man, maybe?

On the other hand, she was delighted whenever her daddy took her out in the pushchair…

…and she adored her toy rabbit.

Her parents took turns looking after her, spending most of their ‘off-duty’ time at the gym.

Not that it was always to Sam’s taste.  Why did they have to have a TV?

Maybe it wasn’t Ree who was responsible for Stella’s grumpiness.

Sam did her best to ignore the hateful technology and got on with building up her athletic skill.  Her wedding/maternity leave was fast running out and she wanted to make a better show of breaking down the doors next time she had to deal with a large fire.  It had often taken her several attempts in the days before she was allowed to start learning the athletic skill.

Ree made far less fuss.  Despite his age and a lack of suitable traits, he developed a real enthusiasm for working out.

Sam returned to work shortly before Stella’s child birthday – and another earthquake hit Twinbrook.  None of my previous firefighters had experienced more than one, even playing on longer lifespans.  Dealing with the aftermath took Sam to within a single rescue of her lifetime wish – and the large fire the following day completed it.

With the happiness points that brought, Sam bought a second inheritance – and Ree achieved his revised LTW.

Stella had a birthday cake this time, so that she could make the most of a long weekend with no school.

She spent her time maxing the blocks skill…

…playing in her tree house…

…and working out to the stereo at the gym…

…while her parents used the more serious equipment in the basement.

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
« Reply #8 on: September 28, 2014, 03:03:25 PM »
Ree became the first member of the household to max athletics.

Sam’s training was interrupted by another summons to City Hall, to be presented with a golden fire hydrant.

Soon after this, Ree, aged 91, started to feel light-headed.  Light-everythinged.

He shook hands with Grim, content that he’d done a good job.  Then the fire alarm went off.

Sam was far too distraught to rush out and deal with the fire – it was only a small one, anyway.  After a while, the alarm stopped: just like the old days.  Grim, meanwhile, was making the most of his visit to their house.

Stella shared Sam’s bed that night.  Both of them needed the comfort of another human being nearby.

Once the mourning period was over, mother and daughter took to going out on the town together regularly, to swim, see a film or just eat at the bistro.

It seemed hardly any time before Stella was sparkling again.

Not many teenagers get to learn to drive in a fire engine.

Once Stella had her licence, Sam bought her a rather more sensible Sloppy Jalopy in her favourite colour, white.

The following day, it was Sam’s turn for a birthday.

Being an elder didn’t stop her doing a very effective job as the town’s premier firefighter, although she did seem to have become a little careless about proper protective equipment.

She wasn’t neglecting her fitness regime, either.  She might have maxed athletics but could she get a second supermax?  Marathon Runner was already in the bag and she wasn’t far from becoming a Fitness Nut.  Stella, on the other hand, was just starting out.

While they were both at the gym, in pursuit of wishes to work out for four hours in Stella’s case and ten in Sam’s, one of the other clients reached the end of his lifespan and interrupted their attempts.  Once Grim had reaped the man’s soul, he decided to see what all this exercise stuff was about and climbed on to a treadmill.

His robes were apparently too tight to allow for a proper run.  Instead, he just held on to the handles and bounced up and down.  Obviously deciding this wasn’t really his thing (well, it didn’t exactly look dignified), he faded away in mid-bounce.

Stella had another birthday.

She graduated as Valedictorian and Most Likely to Save the World.  (Hadn’t Sam already done that?)

They celebrated with brunch at the bistro.  Lately they’d both been too busy for anything other than quick meals.

Stella joined the military and was soon rising through the ranks.

A few days after her daughter’s birthday, Sam ran out of time.  Despite being a marathon runner, she only made it to 93.  She was still several strength workouts short of the supermax.

She gave in gracefully, shaking hands with Grim…

…who had clearly been missing their water slide.

Now that she was all alone, Stella threw herself into her career and her athletic training.  She was far luckier than her mother when it came to uninterrupted workout sessions and, a few days after Sam’s death, she had completed her requirements.  Time for a change of scene.  She took out her phone and called the estate agent.

And so Stella left Twinbrook, leaving behind Sam’s impressive collection of career rewards…

…and two new headstones in the graveyard.

House 2 summary
Skill: athletic

LTW: Firefighter Superhero
Supermaxed handiness, level 10 athletic

(Traits: daredevil, never nude, party animal, inappropriate, frugal)
Career: Mausoleum clerk (PT)
LTW: Swimming in Cash
Level 10 athletic

Traits: brave, athletic, perfectionist, lucky, schmoozer
Career and LTW to be finished in next house
Supermaxed athletic, level 10 hopscotch :)
Building/property: Grocery Grab Supermarket
Unique rewards:  Bookshop Bargainer, Collection Helper

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 28 Sept
« Reply #9 on: September 28, 2014, 05:17:59 PM »
RIP Sam and Ree  :'(  Poor Stella!  She grew up into a lovely young lady though.

The shots of Grim on the waterslide were pretty darn awesome  :).  You always get great shots of Grim.

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
« Reply #11 on: October 04, 2014, 03:05:32 PM »
House 3 – Part 1

Stella moved to Hidden Springs and I built her the family’s first proper house.  The garden still needs some more work but I got bored of building and wanted to carry on playing  :).

Since two houses is quite long enough to go without proper food, the skill this time is cooking.  So, illogically enough, the first thing Stella did after moving in was to order a pizza.  While she was waiting for it to arrive, the Winterlys turned up on the doorstep to welcome her to town.  Stella was immediately attracted to both of them, slightly worryingly.  Since Adele was her new boss, a friendly conversation seemed a good idea, while she waited for someone she was allowed to get romantic with.

The pizza arrived – and so did a possible spouse.

Rather rudely ignoring her visitors (who didn’t seem to mind – they spent the rest of the day playing on the water slide and flirting with each other), Stella asked Ken the pizza guy to hang out and, eventually, to move in.

They were only friends at this stage but, since he was right at the beginning of the young adult stage and she wasn’t much more than halfway through it, there was plenty of time for their relationship to develop.  After all, who could resist this face? :P

Stella immediately challenged Ken to a game of hopscotch.  Rather oddly, given that it must have been his first game and she was at level 10, they both won.  (Presumably, pop-up-speak for a draw.)

I took Ken off to the mirror and dresser before bed.  He had that mullet that suits about as many Sims as Agnes Crumplebottom’s hairdo, together with an oddly formal everyday outfit.  I made it his formalwear instead, to replace the loud check jacket seen in the previous screenshot.  (No idea why he was playing hopscotch in formals.)  Maybe EA intended him to be colour-blind – his athletic outfit was also quite hard on the eyes – or just to have awful dress sense.   It was quite hard to find a hairstyle to suit his features but I eventually settled on this one, with a casual shirt in his favourite colour.

Like the other Hidden Springs and Monte Vista NPCs, Ken Woodard has no traits.  He randomly rolled the Fashion Phenomenon LTW, so, like Ree, he was going to be saving up points for a change as soon as possible.  I’d been planning to do Culinary Librarian with Stella’s spouse but, since he was so young, he might as well go for a career-based wish instead.  Master Thief, for example.  Funnily enough, just as I decided this, there was an unexpected visitor.  I haven’t had a burglar in a Sims game for ages, so I was quite pleased to see him.

He tried to run away as soon as the alarm went off but Stella was having none of that.

She was given a reward of §500, which makes a nice change from the usual ‘false alarm’ accusations when Sims deal with crises on their own.

A week after the move, Stella joined the officer ranks.

It was high time she moved her relationship with Ken on to the next stage.  So she asked him out.

Carlotta Shue seemed fascinated.

The next day, they went on a second date and Stella proposed.

She immediately wished to marry him but Ken seemed less bothered, so I left it at that for now.

Stella achieved her lifetime wish a couple of days later and Ken finally decided he wanted to marry her.  They went off to the Hidden Gardens for a private ceremony – and Stella appeared to have a last-minute panic.

Or maybe it was just their less-than-expert cooking catching up with her  ???.  She quickly settled down, rather than throwing up over the bridge railings as I’d half-expected, and they exchanged rings uneventfully.

Then they both rolled ‘first woohoo’ wishes…

…and soon Stella was a mother-to-be.

They both wanted a boy, so she gorged on apples throughout her pregnancy and their son was born after the usual interval.  (Annoyingly, I’d slightly lost track of time and Stella had just paid for the expensive spa package when she went into labour.)

They gave him an appropriate name for a future chef: X Benedict (or Ben for short).  Stella carried him carefully out of the hospital…

…while Ken raced past her to call a taxi.  Now that he was finally progressing through the criminal career, he never missed a chance for a jog.

Stella took to motherhood with great enthusiasm, although I can’t help feeling that it might have been better to take Ben out of the blanket before bathing him  :P.

Ken was finding life harder.  Unlike Stella, who probably wouldn’t have to go to work ever again, he was combining new fatherhood with long hours at the criminal warehouse and training at the gym.  And then, just to make things worse, he got arrested when he was sure of a promotion and had been planning an easy night at work.

A villain’s lot is not a happy one.

Ben aged up into a bald toddler but, after a quick crawl to the mirror, proved to have his father’s hair along with his mother’s skin.  It’s too early to say for sure but I think he may have inherited Ken’s features as well.  I certainly hope so  :D.

Edit: Forgot to say that I've now added Pets, Outdoor Living and Town Life.

Next chapter

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 4 Oct
« Reply #13 on: October 04, 2014, 03:56:14 PM »
He does!  He may have no official personality but he's great fun as a spouse anyway :D.

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 4 Oct
« Reply #14 on: October 08, 2014, 08:43:51 AM »
I love all the interesting things that are happening in your game. I also LOVE this project, I would always start one when trying to force myself to explore all things Sims. Hope you keep going, its great so far!  ;D

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 4 Oct
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2014, 02:56:19 PM »
Thanks  ;D.  I'm enjoying the change from Dynasty-type projects.  I'm really trying to get everything into this run-through: the spreadsheet is reaching ridiculous proportions.

It's going slowly just now, though; partly through planning ahead and, in particular, building the next house, but mostly because of the Cold From Hell.  It's easier to cope with books than screens at the moment  ??? :-[.  Imagine a red-eyed, sniffly emoticon going through a box of tissues every hour and you're about there  :-[ :'(.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
« Reply #16 on: October 26, 2014, 01:28:14 PM »
House 3 – Part 2

With his essential toddler skills learnt, Ben had an early birthday cake.  This had the advantage that he’d now age up on Saturdays rather than Tuesdays, making school achievement a little simpler.

Since I’m trying to do everything in this game, Ben spent all of his free time playing with the kids’ oven.  By the end of the week, he’d become the first member of the family to make the honour roll as a child, despite tutoring being banned at the moment, and had made every muffin, biscuit, pie and cake that was available.

As a teenager, his horizons were considerably broadened…

…and it turned out that he had an interesting ability that had been hidden until now.

I knew, from looking with Master Controller, that Stella had inherited Sam’s immunity to fire.  I’d been vaguely hoping to get a pyromaniac Sim but assumed it wasn’t going to happen in this game.  I didn’t know it could skip a generation, so it was a surprise when teenaged Ben suddenly had the option to burn something nearby.  It cost 500 Simoleons for wasting the Fire Brigade’s time but it was worth it :D.  (There was an alarm in the living room in case of fireplace malfunctions and the burning fern set it off.)

Being able to turn apples into flame fruit could come in very useful for a chef.  It almost makes up for Ken's lack of pizza appreciation.  I was rather enjoying that in the last run-though and it was looking to be a very dominant trait.

Stella had aged up into an elder the day before Ben’s teen birthday.  Since she was still on maternity leave (!) she was at something of a loose end and looked likely to spend the rest of her life in the rocking chair, so I made her adopt a new interest.

Misty the kitten and Stella were soon BFFs.

Ken had been working hard at his career and achieved his LTW of becoming a master thief during his son’s teens.

Ben was having an unusually uneventful life.  He had a couple of low-key mood swings, when the odd piece of plumbing got sabotaged and became Prom King after the standard two or three fights, but mostly he stayed quietly at home and practised cooking.

His graduation was the best-attended I’ve seen in ages.

He was voted Valedictorian but Most Likely to be Mediocre.  (You win some, you lose some, I suppose.)

After the ceremony, he walked across the square to get a job at the diner, as a kitchen scullion.

A few days later, Stella was about to have a shower when she was surprised by sparkles.  Despite her athletic supermax, she only made it to 94.

Her menfolk (and cat) mourned but gradually settled into life without her.  Ken was asked out on a date by Jessica Willow but the relationship stalled when it turned out that she already had a romantic partner.  Ben concentrated on his job and his supermax…

…with the odd interruption.

Fortunately, the car pool was already waiting…

…and he was sitting in it by the time the meteor hit.

(And how does a plastic water slide produce scrap?!)

Misty was making good progress in the hunting skill.  She’d finished the fishing challenge but the others were proving more… well… challenging.  At least half of the small animal spawners in Hidden Springs seem to be either inside boulders or, like this one, inaccessible for no obvious reason.

Without Stella’s constant attention, she was growing lonely and her ‘Beloved Pet’ reward didn’t seem to be helping much, if at all.  The solution was to adopt some company.

And so Foggy, a fluffy genius with a fondness for napping on kitchen worktops, joined the family.

Ben supermaxed cooking halfway through young adulthood but stayed in the house for another week to build up his happiness points enough to buy a really useful reward.  Finally, two days before his adult birthday, he was ready to move on.

Ken was in his late eighties by this point, so I could have hung on for a few more days and waited for old age to catch up with him, but they had plenty of cash: they could afford to buy two houses (and I was vaguely worried about the cats intervening with Grim, like Linden’s dogs).  So Ken moved into Francisca Vanderburg’s old place and Ben bought the large empty lot next door – and then everyone went into stasis while his new house was built.

House 3 summary
Skill: cooking

LTW: Become an Astronaut
Supermaxed handiness and athletic; level 10 cooking and hopscotch

(Traits: none)
Career: Criminal (Thief)
LTW: Become a Master Thief
Level 10 cooking and athletic

X Benedict
Traits: easily impressed, heavy sleeper, neat, natural cook, over-emotional
Career and LTW to be finished in next house
Supermaxed cooking
Building/property: Angela’s Bistro
Unique rewards:  Food Replicator, Speedy Cleaner

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 26 Oct
« Reply #17 on: October 27, 2014, 12:56:54 PM »
RIP Stella  :'(  The new kitties are so cute.  And, wow, yet another meteor in your game  :o

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 26 Oct
« Reply #18 on: November 09, 2014, 11:20:57 AM »
Ridiculous, isn't it?  I swear my Sims are meteor magnets.

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
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House 4 - Part 1

It’s been a while between updates.  That’s partly due to real-life busyness and partly because of a major change of plan.  I’d intended to move Ben into my autumnal log house and do writing as the next skill but then I changed my mind.  I’d forgotten to give Ben bookworm as his last trait, so he’d have a harder time learning the skill, and the house, much as I love it, was just too big and expensive, given that chefs have relatively low pay and the current lack of World Adventures means there’s no avoiding the bills.  Besides, I’d had a look at the number of lifetime wishes and skills I now have available and decided I’d rather combine skills in more houses than the one or two I’d originally planned for, so that I could play some larger families and get more variety into the game.  This will mean only playing one generation in some towns, especially as I think the new computer should be able to cope with Union Cove and so I can add it to the list.  The towns I used for the 4x4 were the obvious candidates for one-generation stays, which meant it was time for Ben to move on.

I used Edit Town to move Misty in with Ken, who’d become her BFF since Stella’s death.  Misty had become a real problem.  Her social bar was constantly plummeting, possibly because of her proud trait.  She needed a lot more looking after than Foggy or any of the cats in my previous games – she rarely did anything to address her social need autonomously and at this stage in the game I really couldn’t spare the attention.  I could have put her up for adoption but it seemed kinder to leave her and Ken to keep each other company.

Ben placed Stella’s tombstone in the garden, overlooking the lake, and he and Foggy set off for their new home.

They moved into the House to the Future in Starlight Shores and Ben hired a singer to celebrate the occasion.

He and Faylene Landrey were immediately attracted, so he invited her round again almost as soon as she’d left.

After a few hours of chatting, he asked her to move in.

Faylene had a quick makeover, then put her flirty trait to good use.

Very good use…

…with the usual legacy/dynasty-type result.

(It’s probably not obvious in the screenshot but she chose to give birth on one of the walkways over the swimming pool.  Not terribly sensible  ::).)

Both new parents popped wishes to marry, so the baby was tucked into her cot and they went up to the roof terrace for a private ceremony.

Immediately afterwards, the bride changed back into her everyday clothes and went off in search of a proprietor.  Although she’d been working as a singer when she met Ben, Faylene had lost her job when she moved in.  Since she was already an adult and wanted to become a Vocal Legend, there was no time to waste.  I was fairly sure I’d have to change her lifetime wish, given how long it had taken Ellie Gold to get through the singer career, even with her ideal traits and enough LTHPs from her happy childhood to buy both of the performers’ rewards right at the start.  However, Faye (her stage name and the way I now think of her) was very lucky with the Sing-a-Gram jobs.  Either that, or the 4x4 was even more bugged than I realised at the time.  Ellie had been lucky to get one or two jobs in a day; Faye had a constant stream of requests.

Within a day or two she was starting to get gigs – and then being offered spots in bigger and better venues.

Little Teresa, meanwhile, was growing up.

With Faye so busy, Ben took charge of the baby care and toddler training, with the occasional call for a babysitter when he had to go to work.

He’d been at level 8 in his career when he moved from Hidden Springs and soon achieved his lifetime wish.

Terry had another birthday.

She was a self-possessed little thing, always doing her homework as soon as she got in from school and then amusing herself by presiding over the royal court and watching TV in her finery.  Maybe she’d inherited some tendencies from her diva, couch potato mother.

Faye was still progressing well through her career – apart from the odd hiccup.

As she and Ben approached the end of adulthood, she was close enough to the top that she could afford some time off to have another child.

(And I forgot to customise her maternity outfits again – but at least these default ones suited her better than the first set.)

Rex was born the day before his big sister’s teen birthday and Faye managed to pick a more conventional location this time.

Ben wasn’t there to witness his son’s birth.

Since he’d maxed both his career and charisma, the skill for this house, Ben had turned his attention to handiness.  Like his mother and grandmother, he’d finished the plumber challenge without trying and was now concentrating on upgrades, with mixed success.

Rex wasn’t the only new addition to the family.  Breeze had been adopted as company for Foggy the previous week.  She was chosen purely on the basis of looks; her only trait was clueless.

Fortunately, she turned out to be a quick learner and had soon added several more useful traits.  She and Foggy were inseparable, always spontaneously playing, socialising or grooming one another…

…and, a few hours after Rex was born, Breeze produced triplets.

Life was about to get hectic.

Edit: I forgot to say that I've now enabled Showtime - although it's pretty obvious, given that the family's currently in Starlight Shores - and Master Suite.

Next chapter

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 15 Nov
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Teresa is so pretty :)  The picture of Breeze literally going head over, paws was too cute!

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 15 Nov
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Teresa is so pretty :)

I love the combination of Faye's red hair and those golden-brown eyes (which are random variation, I think).  Rex is also a redhead, although he inherited Faye's blue eyes as well as her hair colour.

The picture of Breeze literally going head over, paws was too cute!

That was funny.  I just happened to move the camera over and found her like that.  Had she fallen off the bed, maybe?  Whatever it was, I had to pause the game and take a screenshot :).

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
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House 4 (Part 2)

There was a round of birthdays.  Teresa aged up to teen, her parents aged up to elder…

…and Rex became a toddler.

The kittens got on with creating mayhem.  Well, two of them did.  Raine (the fluffier mostly-tabby on the left of their birth picture) was born with the non-destructive trait and left the furniture alone.   She had a really sweet personality and quickly became everyone’s favourite.  Her sisters were quite a different matter.

It’s just as well that Sims can’t be killed by being run over.  Lightning and Chinook were always playing chase in the road (when they weren’t destroying chairs).

With her maternity leave over, Faye threw herself back into her career, performing…

…singing for tips…

…and selling albums.

A few days into elderhood, she achieved her lifetime wish.

Not that she seemed all that excited about it.

The warning popped up that Rex was about to age up again and I panicked.  I’d been so busy with Faye that he’d spent most of his time playing with Peaches, his IF doll, and his toddler skills had been largely neglected.  For the next two days, his parents and sister frantically took turns teaching him skills and he qualified for a free choice of child trait with an hour to spare.  Phew!  After all that, I seem to have missed taking a screenshot of his actual birthday.

With Rex now a child, Peaches turned into a fully-fledged imaginary friend.

(Incidentally, I thought the default IF names were all gender-neutral.  Peaches seems distinctly girly to me – and I’m pretty sure from the voice that it/he’s male.)

Teresa grew up into an attractive young woman…

…and everyone took the day off to see her graduate as valedictorian and Most Likely to Burn Down Her Own House (because she’d inherited Ben’s pyromania?)

She followed her mother into showbiz, taking the stage name Miss Terry.

While she made an early start on her career metrics, the rest of the family returned home – to find they had an unwelcome visitor.

RIP, Foggy.  He’d only just reached the end of the standard cat lifespan.  If he’d lasted another day or two he’d have been my first cat to supermax hunting – he was four rare creatures short of the target.

The whole family was deeply upset by his death.  The other cats were the worst affected, of course, but the humans were also obviously miserable.  Rex, who was considerably less academically-inclined than his big sister, struggled at school, Faye moped in front of the telly and Ben, despite now having maxed handiness, lost concentration during an upgrade and got badly singed again.

Even Teresa’s magic tricks seemed to fail more often.

Ben and Faye were also approaching the end of their lives.  Even though they were both still working, Faye cancelled most of her gigs and they spent as much time as possible together…

…but Ben was at work when time caught up with his wife.

Ben lasted just long enough for the mourning period for Faye to have expired before Grim came for him as well.

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3
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House 4 (Part 2 continued)

Life went on.  Miss Terry became a bona fide Sim of Mystery and was offered a gig at the coffeehouse.

Between performances, she worked on her charisma skill.

(This was one of those We’re so alike! moments.  The hats, presumably :P.)

I was starting to regret not giving her a good sense of humour.  She’d made very little progress on the Comedian challenge but finished the other four remarkably quickly – long before reaching level ten.  As it was, Rex was the designated supermaxer for this generation.  Since he and Peaches both had good senses of humour, they spent every free moment telling jokes and pulling faces and he’d made good progress towards Comedian before he’d even unlocked the skill.

Life quietened down for a while.  Teresa progressed through her career.  Rex went to school and came home to tell Peaches all about it.  Raine was adored by everyone and the other cats worked on their hunting skill.

At last, Rex grew up.

He graduated as valedictorian through sheer persistence and, unsurprisingly, was voted Class Clown.  (Was that why he chose the backwards cap rather than a mortarboard?)

He went straight back into the City Government Complex after the ceremony and signed up as a Podium Polisher.

That evening, Grim came for Breeze.

She’d lived well into her sixties, far longer than any of my previous Sim cats, and the house felt empty without her.

Time passed.  Teresa had her adult birthday onstage.  She was having a harder time than her mother in getting through her career (Showtime doesn’t seem to be set up for multi-generational games, judging by this and the 4x4).  Promotions came slowly and her props kept going missing and having to be replaced.  Maybe that was why her birthday plunged her into a raging midlife crisis.  Despite everything, she kept going and won her first gigs at the big venues…

…and the chance to try the really dangerous tricks.  Whether it was the new stage set or the daringly upgraded act, the crowds suddenly loved her.  Just as her crisis came to an end, she reached the top of the career…

…and, the next day, Rex and Lightning supermaxed their respective skills.  It was time to move on again.

Teresa called the limo…

…and, oddly, drove it herself.

The cats sat in luxury in the back, although Chinook, for one, didn’t look too happy about it.

Not that I blame her – I’ve heard of soft upholstery but that’s just ridiculous.

Terry and the cats reached their destination and moved into their new house.

Rex stopped off at the cemetery on his way home and added four new graves.

Then he too made a few calls.

He hurried outside and summoned his car, leaving Peaches behind.  (Fortunately he(?) did reappear later.)

Then he set out for a new town.

House 4 summary
Skill: charisma

X Benedict
Career: Culinary
LTW: Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Supermaxed cooking; level 10 handiness and charisma

(Traits: diva, friendly, couch potato, flirty, frugal)
Career: Singer
LTW: Vocal Legend
Level 10 charisma

Traits: excitable, friendly, ambitious, social butterfly, natural-born performer
Career: Magician
LTW: Master Magician
Level 10 charisma and homework

Traits: good, friendly, good sense of humour, charismatic
(Career and LTW to be finished in next house)
Supermaxed charisma
Building/property: C-Ment Shoe Factory
Unique rewards: Motive Mobile. Complimentary Entertainment

The Cats
Misty (in the previous house) reached level 8 of the cat hunting skill
Foggy: level 10
Breeze: level 10
Chinook: level 10 (born with level 7)
Lightning: supermaxed (born with level 7)
Raine: level 3 (born without skill points)

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Re: Household Skills Project Mk 3: updated 22 Nov
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I didn't know that cats could ride in the limo like that! Cool.

I also didn't notice the same effects on Showtime careers in my own game, but I think it depends on the amount of sims in town, and I tend to artificially keep those numbers up. Stinks. :(
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