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Re: Divine Deception -- S4E24: Series Finale
« Reply #300 on: December 15, 2018, 12:47:56 PM »
Sorry that it took me so long to reply.

No problem, @experience .

Honestly, most of the time it's all mistakes  :P :P :P

Right... *cough*.

Although, the photo at the beginning of The Blackest Day was supposed to be a nod towards Slipping Between Knots opening where you only see half of Sadie's face aka the fake half of who she is.

I didn't get the reference, but your picture got the message through anyway, because it's artful.

But if you are saying you are uncomfortable about taking a shot, I say just take it. I mean, if it all goes south you can just delete it. But try it, take a risk and step outside your comfort zone. You'd be amazed at what wonderful things you could create.

The problem is, those options aren't likely to enter my mind when I'm shooting (same thing with actual photography). That's why I have very little talent for taking pictures.

Well sometimes it comes and slaps me up the side of the head lol. While I was playing Deli and Nathan's family in season 2 (without Sadie and Vic), Sadie and Vic had broken up after Sadie cheated on him with some old guy and gave birth to another baby girl. So, yeah, SP sometimes doesn't work in my favour. Getting those two back together for the rest of the season was a lot of work haha. SP (the mod) has a way of either working for you or against you when trying to write a story. Do you use any mods?

Ouch. Did you play Sadie out of it, or get radical with Nraas MC? I use quite a few of the Nraas mods, but not much else (OMSP w/Tipsy & resizer, a couple negative-reaction removers). I had Nraas SP run Sunset Valley more or less undisturbed for 4-5 generations (except for adjusting average number of children), but I'm more hands-on in Moonlight Falls, with several households under one or more type of restrictions (no move, no romance, no breakup etc) if I have future plans for them. Nraas MC is pretty much the all-star when I'm shooting, to control sims and move them in and out of households, and I also use the animator a lot.

I'll get back to you once I have created something on him.

Cool. I'm looking forward to it :)
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Re: Divine Deception -- S4E24: Series Finale
« Reply #301 on: December 21, 2018, 09:25:54 AM »
Ouch. Did you play Sadie out of it, or get radical with Nraas MC?

I did play her out of it because at that point I didn't really know how to use MC that well. Breaking up with the old guy and walking away from the child left a lot of bad moods. But once worked some testing cheats, everything was good again.  :P :P

Most of my mods are Nraas... even if I don't really need them. I like to hoard them.  ;D

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