Author Topic: Building a replica of my late grandmother's bungalow, and ironically I need help  (Read 544 times)

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OK so, I'll describe the exterior of the house/lot first. One would drive past the house structure and park in the back, in or near the garage, and enter through the back door. There was a landing there with two steps leading up to the kitchen in one direction, and at a right angle was a normal set of stairs leading down to the basement (L for Landing I guess, lol). Upon entering the kitchen you would walk in the direction of the basement stairs through that room. Where the kitchen table was located, if you went straight ahead you would reach the family room, where the front door of the house was located (so now we had gone in a typical U shape in respect to the front and back doors). But if while standing near the kitchen table you had opted to turn left instead you would have gone through an entrance to a hallway that had a bathroom and three bedrooms on the right-hand side, and when you were almost at the end of that hall you would find another entrance to the family room on the left-hand side. Past the family room on the left-hand side was a third bedroom, and at the very end of the hallway was "Dad's Den" to quote the sign on the door. The basement was basically a rec room, with the laundry etc on the right-hand side next to a pull-out couch. Past the pull-out couch was a clock, and an entrance to a fourth bedroom, and on the other side of the door to said bedroom was a TV and video game system. What I'm having the most trouble with, I think, is the landing you walk into through the back door. It's not on the main floor but it's not the basement either. Does anyone think they can give me a virtual hand?

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I'm not sure if I'm picturing the house the same as you. *Snicker* But it sounds like you may want (?) to use friezes to help make the landing. So I grabbed the link to the thread that talks about that as well as some building tutorial links. 

How do you use friezes?,3956.0.html

Here are some building tutorials that might help.

Tutorial: Basements Under Foundations,1409.0.html

Making Homes with Multiple Stories and Basements

Stairs, Spiral Stairs, Elevators and Staircase Designs

Hope this helps :)

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Um, lol sorry I guess it is hard to picture a house you've never seen. When I said turn left into the hallway, I meant turn right (when creating the thread it was late and I was getting tired, haha). But, yes, thank you for the links to the tutorials - these were the "help" I needed ;)