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LBAH#3 - House Plans
« on: April 05, 2016, 02:44:21 PM »
Let's Build a House #3 - House Plans

Participant List
Rooms/Areas Left to be Done


What I am purposing is that we each get to pick two rooms each, if you'd like, to help finish up the house. Picking only one room is fine too.

Then together tackle what we want to do with the yard, go look at the Must Haves for what we -must have- :)

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Participants List


This list can be changed if need be. :)

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Rooms/Areas Left to be Done

Rooms left are:

None. All is done!! :)

I also created a new Basement Floorplan for us to use with a white font so it's easier to see what rooms are what - that are left. LBAH#3 Floorplan - Basement

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Same official project rules mostly apply.

Please use Sunset Valley or Riverview.

If you choose to use any items from the expansion/stuff packs, please note what ep/sp you have used.
-- Just so we're all on the same page and things don't go missing when we share the house file.

Please No Store Content, at least for now. So these items don't go missing when we share the house file. As some things do not get replaced.
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