Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 175305 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #405 on: January 27, 2017, 04:01:45 PM »
Well I giggled so much Hubby asked what I was doing. 

The man-bump photobombing the wedding shots, Rieko needing to finish her book before eating cake, Thad in his yellow bath outfit and then not realising he's in labour because he's too busy telling himself stories.  All wonderful moments.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #406 on: January 30, 2017, 02:06:31 PM »
@oshizu Don't give up on Akira. I think it's a bug, but in coming chapters the baby daddy makes it known he is not content with just being the baby daddy, with very interesting (to me, anyway) results. It's been a strange weekend of play, for sure.
Poor Omar. And yes, Pranav was my second choice for Cressida's Dad, so I think he's feeling himself a bit. :)
Toddler Cressida coming up!

@wfgodot My plan is to have Cressida complete her own set of requirements. I just barely have enough options left that she can still do her own unique accomplishments, which, in turn, makes me feel like I'm still making my own accomplishment, so everybody's happy. :) I still want to bring Mal back to help with the Grand Finale, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

You're right that I'm the right age for Mr. Wendal, but unfortunately I spent the majority of the nineties listening exclusively to show tunes, so this was my first listen. It's awesome, though, so thank you for telling me about it. Wendall thanks you, too, and is very flattered to be associated with such a sweet track. :) I'll try to put more of him in for you.

Angelfish do seem to be flowing better these days. Now my issue is Potions of Youth. *sigh*

It took me forever to figure out terrain paints, but now I'm addicted. My next dynasty is going to look awesome.

@HelenP Thank you! I'm so glad you giggled! It's all about the little moments, really. :)

Chapter 98:  To Serve and Not Be Served

Wendell:  Oh, gosh! Whatís this? A book someone carelessly left on a surface for more than half a second. Well, Iíd better just sweep this away without asking right now!  Hmm, ďTo Serve and Not Be Served.Ē A secret buttering book, eh?  Fascinating.

Salma:  Oh, no! Ummm. Thatís sort of . . . classified. I could get in big trouble. But, of course, if youíre interested, Master Wendell, by all means enjoy.

Wendell:  Oh, I plan to.

Salma:  Fool. Obviously any good butler has a spare copy. He doesnít even know the one he stole is the second edition. Fortunately I have the third and latest edition right here.

Watcher:  Sheesh, man. When did you switch from soulful eyes to sarcastic eyes?  That is one champion eyeroll youíve got going on there.

Thaddeus:  When I gave birth to a beautiful baby out of my own man body and realized I am a total super hero.

Watcher:  Canít argue with that.

Thaddeus:  Hey, you! Thanks for coming! Itís so good to see you.

Akira:  Good to see you, too, man. Iíve missed you. How are you holding up?

Thaddeus:  Surprisingly well. All of my various parts seem to have snapped back into the places they were before, so physically Iím great.

Akira:  Iíll say. Can I see her?

Thaddeus:  Yeah! Of course! Come on up!

Thaddeus:  What do you think?  We did okay, right?

Akira:  Sheís gorgeous. Oh, Thad, sheís perfect!

Thaddeus:  Sheís due for a nap, though, can we talk out in the hall?

Akira:  Oh, yeah. For sure.

Thaddeus:  Mmmm. Okay. Wow. That was nice. We should probably stop doing that now, though.

Akira:  Whatever for?

Thaddeus:  Oh, well, um . . . hereís the thing. Iím married. Those few days where we didnít see each other?  I was getting married. To Rieko! My high school sweetheart.

Akira:  Youíve got to be joking.

Thaddeus:  Well, no, I mean. That was always the plan. I need to complete Soul Mate because we are way down on Potions of Youth right now and Rieko and I already have a good relationship. She couldnít be the father of my baby, of course, so thatís where you came in, and you did a bang up job, for sure, but I donít feel super-great about having a wife and a boyfriend so . . .

Akira:  Unbelievable.

Thaddeus:  Yeah, I mean, itís not exactly a traditional situation but-

Akira:  You dynasty jerks. You donít care who you hurt, do you?

Thaddeus:  Wait . . . what?

Akira:  So you just used me. I was just a new species of pollinator. And now, what? I just get brushed off to the side and you go on with your life like nothing happened?

Thaddeus:  But I thought you knew . . .?

Akira:  That I was nothing to you? Just a solution to a problem?

Thaddeus:  Wait a minute, what happened to super-power-level chill? You were so easy-going about all the craziness with my Mom, and my Grandma and . . my other Grandma . . ..and my ghost grandma.

Akira:  Because Iím in love with you, Thad. I love you and I wanted to be with you. I know it was fast, but most relationships are around here, and frankly when you know, you know. And I knew. At least, I thought I did . . .

Thaddeus:  Akira . . .

Akira:  Itís Akito! Wow, dude. You canít even get my name right? You had a baby with a dude whose name you donít know?

Watcher:  Whoops! Sorry, man! That is totally my bad.

Thaddeus:  Akito . . .I. Iím sorry.

Akito:  Sure you are. Whatever. Iím out of here.

Thaddeus:  Hey! Um. Wait. Can I . . . I hate to ask, but I have to go back to work soon, and my family is really tied up with fishing right now. Do you think I could call you to babysit Cressida sometimes? You wouldnít necessarily have to see me at all, and-

Akito:  Thad! Man, you really donít get it, do you? Itís not babysitting when itís your own kid. That little girl is just as much my daughter as she is yours, and yes, I will be taking care of her as much as possible. And you wonít have to call, okay? Iíll already be here.

Thaddeus:  What do you mean?

Akito: Youíll find out soon enough.

Watcher:  Do you want to talk about it?

Thaddeus:  My awesome new work uniform, or the fact that youíve completely screwed up my life and turned me into an awful person?

Watcher:  Well, either, I guess.

Thaddeus:  No. No, I donít. Letís call Rieko. I need to get this Soul Mate thing over with.

Watcher:  I really appreciate your willingness-

Thaddeus:   Donít. Just donít.

Watcher:  Okay. Iím sorry about-

Thaddeus:  I said donít!

Thaddeus:  Hey, Rieko! Thanks for coming-

Rieko:  Race you to the sauna!

Thaddeus:  Nice to see you, too.

Thaddeus:  Heís behind me, isnít he?

Watcher:  Well, yeah. Heís back there. He seems to be around a lot, lately.

Thaddeus:  Everything just feels weird and wrong now.

Watcher:  I know, buddy. Letís give it time. Something will shake itself out.

Thaddeus:  Well, if thereís one thing weíve got right now, itís time.

Thaddeus:  So, Iím going to go ahead and not answer the door.

Watcher:  That is an amazing plan. You know, I was really mad when Salma just dropped that pile of garbage on the threshold, but it seems she was actually implementing an impenetrable vampire-deterrent system.

Thaddeus:  He canít get past the trash?

Watcher:  It would seem not. Heís leaving now. Who knew?  Garbage is the new garlic.

Arianna:  Dang it, Salma! When we put ďcare for childrenĒ back on your list of responsibilities, we didnít mean, ďcare for children in the middle of the night when everyone is trying to sleep.Ē

Thaddeus:  So, hey! Um. Good to see you!

Akito:  Sure.

Thaddeus:  Umm, whatís the occasion?

Akito:  My daughter lives here. I donít need an occasion.

Thaddeus:  Right! Sure! Of course! Um . . . out of curiosity, how long were you planning to stay?

Akito:  I havenít decided yet.

Thaddeus:  Okay. No problem. Make yourself at home.

Akito:  I plan to.

Thaddeus:  Cool cool. Very cool.

Akito:  Yup.

Watcher:  Dang it, Salma! Thatís it! You are fired from attending to minors!

Morris:  Happy Birthday, little one!

Cressida:  Birfday!

Morris:  Yes, very good! Clever little child. Shall we put that cleverness to use and do some flash cards?

Cressida:  Sit the potty!

Morris:  Yes, thatís right. FLASH CARDS. Thatís what Grampa Morris wants to do with you.

Cressida:  G-Mor!

Morris:  Yes! I am the first one to have a cute Grampa nickname! G-Mor it is!

Cressida:  Sit da potty, G-Mor!

Morris:  Yes! Flash cards!

Morris:  So, this one appears to be a bear. Do you know what the bear says?

Cressida:  Sit da potty.

Morris:  Thatís right, ďGrrrrr.Ē

Morris:  Okay. *sigh* I give. Letís sit da potty.

Cressida:  Iss okay, G-Mor. Wetís go! Sit da potty!

Morris:  Youíre a very cute little button, you know that?

Cressida:  Button!

Morris:  Come on, button. Letís do this, and then I think you need a nap.

Cressida:  Stowy!

Morris:  I have no problem with that.

Morris:  And thatís a very basic recipe for bruschetta. When you wake up Iíll show you the safety paring knife I got you and weíll read, ďM is for Mise en Place.Ē

Thaddeus:  Oh, hey! You just missed her. Grampa Morris is reading her to sleep.

Akito:  Can I go in? I just want to see her.

Thaddeus:  Of course! You can hang out until she wakes up if you want. And help yourself to whateverís in the fridge.

Akito:  Okay. Thanks.

Akito:  Hey, baby girl. Donít worry. I know things are weird right now, but Daddyís going to figure it out, I promise. Somehow, Iím going to fix it.

Akito:  Wow. Weíre both a mess. How did that happen?

Cressida:  Dancing! Dancing puddle!

Arianna:  Whew! Well, Iíll say one thing for him, the guy's a dedicated father.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #407 on: January 30, 2017, 02:30:53 PM »
Oh no, the baby-daddy-who-never-leaves bug. At least, he's nice to look at!
Had a good laugh that his name was actually Akito, haha.
Awww, poor guy. Thad, wake up! Akito is special! (Did one of the Spiffendale ladies ask to see Akito's swimwear?)

Loved G-Mor bonding with the adorable Cressida, reading her cuisine-related books already!
It's so moving that Morris has found a way to pass his time in a meaningful way without Diego. *grabs a tissue

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #408 on: January 30, 2017, 02:43:29 PM »
Oooh!  You have that bug! 

Cressida!   I have her twin!!!!  Well, for now.  We will see if she grows up to have the fabulous nose.  I'm pretty sure mine will not.
Morris is the best grandfather, I love him and his choice story telling.

So.. Akito.  Way to go, Watcher!  lol.  I must say that, bug aside, it was very nice to see him reacting to being used in such a way.  I think it's great you're using the bug to turn him into an involved father.

And Wendell!!!!!  LOL serving up Salma with a taste of her own medicine and swiping her top secret book *ahem* decoy away.  I'm glad you liked the song.  90's music is kind of touch and go sometimes, lol.  Show tunes, eh? 
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #409 on: January 30, 2017, 03:38:14 PM »
Oh, G-Mor and Cressida are lovely together :)

I also love what you've done with the stalker-baby-daddy bug to turn Akirato into a devoted father. Poor guy!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #410 on: January 30, 2017, 09:07:56 PM »
Ah fell behind again so I reread a bit! It was so sad seeing Mallory die again, along with Diego and Jorge. But it was worth it for the man-womb and birth of Cressida! Also how is Salma still around? She's immortal I swear.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #411 on: January 30, 2017, 10:40:08 PM »
I really liked the drama and conflict in this update. 

Cressida and Morris are too cute.  They each had their own agenda.

Akita is quite the looker.  I like how he is going to be around for his daughter regardless of his relationship or lack there of with Thaddeus.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #412 on: February 01, 2017, 11:41:27 AM »
@oshizu Hehe. He is nice to look at indeed. Surprisingly, the Ladies Spiffendale have all been too distracted by toddler care to notice Akito much (maybe I should not have designated everyone as caretakers. They're obsessed.). He just frequently hangs out in the hot tub, so swimwear is almost always on the agenda. Except in this update where he autonomously changes into his party outfit for no reason. I have to say, I kind of enjoy having a sim I don't control hanging out in the house. He's like Salma, only cuter. Never a dull moment!

@wfgodot I've seen your Cressida twin on the screenshots thread! She's precious! I don't know about the nose yet, either, but I'm pretty sure she has Thaddeus' eyes, and that makes me happy. :)
Yeah, show tunes. I'm a theater nerd from way back. Not so much anymore, but in my day I was one of the nerdiest! (That's me bragging.) I played Jan, the least interesting Pink Lady, in my high school production of Grease! *brushes imaginary dust off shoulder*

@NexttoNormal Yeah, man. Salma! She's definitely immortal, and it's kind of comforting. Whatever other drama is going on in the house, Salma will always be Salma, cleaning the same desk over and over again and getting queasy about it. *sigh*

@Caterina I'm glad you're down for the drama! It's a bit out of my usual comfort zone, but the story seems to call for it so I'm forging ahead. More to come!

I'm glad everyone is liking Cressida and her G-Mor. They just kind of gravitated towards each other and they make me happy. :)

Chapter 99:  The Block Symposium

Cressida:  Bafftime!

Arianna:  You betcha, kiddo. You know, youíre a lot more stressful than the toddlers I used to know, but youíre a lot cuter, too.

Cressida:  Quack! Quack!

Arianna:  Oh, I see. Youíre not a toddler. Youíre a duck. That explains it.

Cressida:  Quack!

Arianna:  There you go! Stack Ďem up! Very nice!

Cressida:  Bwocks!

Arianna:  Indeed!  Hmmm. I canít help but think you might benefit from a bit of additional coaching. Hang on a sec.

Arianna:  Yes, Iíd like to thank you all for attending this first Toddler Symposium. The topic for today is-

Cressida:  Bwocks!

Arianna:  Yes, blocks. Thatís right, Cressida! Very good.

Otto, Pernille, and Wendell:  Hmm. Yes. Blocks. Hmm. Very interesting.

Tallulah:  Awfully somber atmosphere for a Toddler Symposium.

Morris:  Youíre telling me. I was told there would be cookies, but I think that may have been a ruse.

Arianna:  A little less chit-chat in the back there, please!

Akito:  Well, he did say to help myself.

Thaddeus:  What do you mean, you have to go? You know we have to get this done! My family is depending on me!

Rieko:  Look, I just have things I need to get done, too, okay? My life doesnít revolve around you completely.

Thaddeus:  Well, maybe it should! Weíre supposed to be soulmates, Rieko! Doesnít that mean anything to you?

Rieko:  To me? Iím not the one who ran off and cheated and got pregnant with another manís baby!

Thaddeus:  Oh, sure! Throw that in my face! And speaking of Cressida, do you realize you havenít even met her yet? Sheís your step-daughter. It wouldnít kill you to take an interest.

Rieko:  Well, forgive me if getting cozy with your love-child is not top on my list of priorities right now. Itís weird, Thad. Itís uncomfortable, and I donít think Iím being unreasonable in keeping my distance.

Thaddeus:  I donít have time to be reasonable right now, Rieko! The whole dynasty is resting on my shoulders here and I need your support!

Rieko:  You ask too much, Thad. From everybody. This is not what I signed up for.

Akito:  You okay?

Thaddeus:  What? Oh, you heard?  Sorry. Yeah. Iíll be all right. Itís just . . .

Akito:  Weird?

Thaddeus:  Yeah. I mean, ever since Grandma Mal died everything got turned upside down. I feel like I canít do anything right.

Akito:  Hey. I mean, if it helps . . . I think youíre going to be okay.

Thaddeus:  Really? You do?

Akito:  Yeah. I mean, I was really upset at first, but you got dealt a crazy hand. Youíre doing the best you can. Rieko will figure that out. Sheíll come around.

Thaddeus:  Rieko? Oh, right. Yeah. Sure she will.

Akito:  Everybody else will, too.

Thaddeus:  Everybody?

Akito:  Yeah.

Thaddeus:  Thanks, man. I really appreciate it.

Akito:  Hey. Iím always here if you need to talk.

Thaddeus:  Yeah. Um . . . about that. I donít want to spoil this really nice, rare peaceful moment weíre having, but you literally are always here. Itís been several days. Should we assign you a bed?

Akito:  That would be nice.

Thaddeus:  So, youíre not . . . youíre not going anywhere anytime soon? Like home, for example?

Akito:  Nope. Not planning on it.

Thaddeus:  Okay.

Akito:  Okay! Phase Two! Busting out the partywear!

Wendell:  Um, Salma? You wouldnít want to go for ďSit da pottyĒ duty this time, would you?

Salma:  Who me? Oh, I would Master Wendall, but I canít seem to find my copy of my butlering manual and I wouldnít want to embark on such an important mission without reviewing the proper procedure.

Wendell:  *sigh* Okay, then. Come on, kitten. Letís go!

Cressida:  Wetís GO POTTY!

Akito:  Okay, okay. Youíve had your turn. Other Daddy needs hugs, too!

Thaddeus:  Other Daddy gets to be with her every day. Birth Daddy finally has a day off of work and heís going to get all the hugs he can while he has the chance.

Akito:  *tsk, tsk* Greedy.

Thaddeus:  Who wouldnít be with hugs as great as this? You are the best hugger ever, baby, yes you are yes you are!

Morris:  *ahem* G-Mor is also waiting for hugs.

Cressida:  Fissssss!

Thaddeus:  Be more specific . . . .

Cressida:  Jewwyfissss!

Thaddeus:  Excellent!

Cressida:  *Squeals*

Salma:  *yawn* Donít you think everyoneís seen this already?

Tallulah:  Itís our first toddler. What do you expect? Everyone gets to spam with their first toddler. Itís a thing.

Thaddeus:  And then the dump truck said, ďVrrroom!Ē Help me out, here, Other Daddy. I canít quite roll my rís the way Iím supposed to.

Akito:  VRRRRRooomm!

Thaddeus:  Awesome! Yes! You have to teach me that.

Akito:  Wait ítil you hear my bulldozer.

Thaddeus:  And then when she started calling Grampa Wendell ďGwenda.Ē

Akito:  Oh, man! I know! Our little lady is such a character.

Thaddeus:  Isnít she, though? Man, I love her so much.

Akito:  Me, too.

Thaddeus:  Fish tacos for breakfast, Grampa Wendell?

Wendell:  Itís what she wanted! You know I canít refuse her anything! Sheís got your eyes!

Thaddeus:  Sure, sure. Blame the eyes.

Otto:  Mmmmhmmm.

Morris:  Thatís right!

Otto:  Potty level 2 already!

Morris:  Thanks to G-Mor and Grampa Oh-no!

Thaddeus:  You guys are way too proud of yourselves.

Thaddeus:  Not you, though! You bask in your accomplishments all you want!

Watcher:  Hitting the bottle?

Thaddeus:  Might as well. Rieko and I are on a date and we both need to drink something. Do you think it counts if I just drink something twice?

Watcher:  No, it definitely doesnít. Ummm, you may want to get back outside. Things are even more awkward than usual.

Rieko:  What are you even doing here? There are six old people who have nothing better to do than change her nappies and yet here you are! Strutting around in your crazy zippered pinstripe pants while I am trying to have a nice calm date with my beloved husband!

Akito:  Whoa! Whoa! Back off!

Watcher:  You maybe want to break that up?

Thaddeus:  Nope. Staying right here. Not getting involved.

Watcher:  Um, Iím pretty sure youíre involved whether you like it or not.

Thaddeus:  Nice game of chess?

Akito:  Yup. Invigorating.

Thaddeus:  Did you win?

Akito:  Iím pretty sure I did. Why donít you tell me?

Thaddeus:  Thatís better. Peace and quiet. Nice and flirty.

Rieko:  Nice move locking the door.

Thaddeus:  Oh, yeah! Thanks. Itís a little trick I picked up the time Akito and I were- . . . you know what, never mind. You look lovely tonight.

Rieko:  I know I do.

Wendell:  I mean, itís a good point! I am very handsome! Why arenít there more pictures of me? Iím also very expressive. I demand more screen time!

Akito:  Supergirl!

Cressida:  *squeals*

Arianna:  Enjoying your lobster thermidor, there, dear?

Cressida:  Wobster. Mmmm. Yummy yum!

Arianna:  G-Mor has taught you well.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #413 on: February 01, 2017, 12:32:54 PM »
@wfgodot I've seen your Cressida twin on the screenshots thread! She's precious! I don't know about the nose yet, either, but I'm pretty sure she has Thaddeus' eyes, and that makes me happy. :)
Yeah, show tunes. I'm a theater nerd from way back. Not so much anymore, but in my day I was one of the nerdiest! (That's me bragging.) I played Jan, the least interesting Pink Lady, in my high school production of Grease! *brushes imaginary dust off shoulder*

She certainly does look to have his eyes.  Oh a theater nerd!  I did play softball in middle school and was pretty good at it, but once I hit high school I was done with everything and had no desire for extra-curriculars.  I admire you for being in theater, especially for being a shy person.  As a fellow shy person I would rather die.  In fact I work a part time job that I don't actually need - just to force myself to be out and social.  It works, and I'm better than I used to be.

ANY way. 

Absolutely adorable, all the family gathered around Cressida.  It's so funny to me that Arianna tells her how stressful she is because... I'm going through the same.  I'm over here staring at @oshizu Toddler challenge in wonder, and then going back to glare at my toddler.  Let's see.  Always in pajamas?  Yup.  Always with the tablet in her hand?  Yup.  Constantly starving?  Constantly having tantrums?  Constantly tired?  That's my toddler.  My guys can't even get her dressed and heck if Delaney will do it.

I'm going to work in a "3 men and a little lady" reference somewhere. 

Oh right.  Back to your story.

Loved the conversation between Thad and Akito - the first one.  I think this bug has worked out amazingly for you.  I'm actually really glad it's there!  G-Mor is so cute waiting for his hug.  I loved all of Cressida's nicknames!

Haha, poor Thad trying to get that date done.  I had forgotten that while Akito isn't part of the household, Rieko isn't either.  I bet it's pretty annoying seeing him around all the time!

Oh WENDELL!!  I love you so much.  You fight for your screen time, I got your back. 
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #414 on: February 02, 2017, 11:41:17 PM »
Cressida seems so sassy already, I love it. She totally has everyone wrapped around her finger! I'm curious to know how she'll be when she's older and her personality is more developed. I hope she ends up a foodie like G-Mor, they have an adorable relationship. (She's totally spoiled too, eating lobster thermador and all xD )

It's nice to see Akito and Thaddeus learning to be more civil with their daughter. I dunno, I just kind of like the dynamic the two of them have. I hope they can become closer friends in the future. It's also interesting to see the dynamic play off with Reiko, since she is Thadd's wife.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #415 on: February 03, 2017, 12:24:23 AM »
I'm really enjoying the Spiffendale toddler.  I wonder if she will have as much Charisma/Attitude as the rest of the bunch.  They might have their hands full! 

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #416 on: February 03, 2017, 01:46:43 AM »
Otto and G-Mor looking so proud after Cressida's potty training was just hilarious!
I've also noticed that multiple adults (and children, even) can teach blocks, but I wonder if the skilling gets faster.

Love Akito's party wear--the shirt looks like Eduardo's grey shirt at first glance but it's a different shift. Still looks great!
Question: Since Thad's completed "Be married to BFF" with Rieko already, can't he just finish Soulmate with Akito?
I mean, not that I'm heavily biased toward Akito or anything like that. Perish the thought!

Toddlers--the Maxis answer to what to do those immortals! Cressida's got them all at her beck and call!
(You posted on my thread that you need to rethink your toddler photography but your shots of Cressida and family are all great!)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #417 on: February 03, 2017, 11:41:56 AM »
Nothing wrong with a bit of toddler spam, especially when the toddler in question is that adorable :)

Not sure whether I feel worse for Akito or Rieko, poor things.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
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@wfgodot Honestly, the theater thing kind of sprung from the shyness thing. I figured out at some point that I could do or say pretty much anything as long as I was pretending to be somebody else. It was very freeing. You never have to worry about saying the wrong thing if you have your lines memorized, and I'm way good at memorization. :) Good for you on the part-time job! That's very clever and I'm glad it's working. :) I am all about tricking yourself into doing things.

I'm so with you on the toddlers. I didn't like Sims 3 toddlers because it was all very wash, rinse, and repeat. Teach to walk, teach to talk, potty train. Done. Sims 4 toddlers are much more engaging, but they're so unpredictable! I feel like as soon as I got Cressida fed, bathed, and pottied she was exhausted and ready for a nap, and if I did keep her up long enough to do some skilling, she'd just get mad after awhile and be like, "If I have to stack blocks for one more minute I'll scream!" And you can't capture their epic sagas in Books of Life at that stage so . . . bleh. Cute as a button, but just maddening.

I'm kind of glad about the baby daddy bug, too. It really makes for some marvelously awkward situations, and it kind of answered a lot of plot questions for me that I wasn't sure how I wanted to deal with. I'm so glad you like the dialogue!

@NexttoNormal Yeah, she's a total ball of sass. I'll say one thing for the toddler stage, it really encourages bonding with the family. With the child stage I usually had them off and skilling solo as soon as they jumped out of the bassinet, but toddlers (particularly clingy ones like Cressida) require lots of coaching and care and everyone in the house has a great relationship with her already.
I really like how Thaddeus and Akito's relationship is growing, too, and the tension it creates with Rieko. It's really interesting to me, anyway. :)

@Caterina So glad you like her! Yeah, easily as much charisma and I'm thinking a great deal more attitude. She has Thaddeus' eyes, but on her they're less tragic and more skeptical. She makes great faces. :)

@oshizu Otto and G-Mor cracked me up, too. There was no reason for them to be in the bathroom, but there they were, looking pleased as punch!
Akito is a very sharp dresser. Technically, Thad could finish Soul Mate with Akito, but he still needs to max his career, and I'm not willing to hit him with the two-day divorced sad moodlet until that happens. Sometimes I am so heartless I even stun myself. *hides*
Thank you for your kind words on my pictures. I still feel like I have a ways to go, but your tips about tab mode are already proving helpful. Thank you!

@Alex Glad you're okay with the toddler spam. :) I actually took several million more pictures of toddler Cressida, so that was me showing restraint. :)
Yeah, Akito and Rieko are both in pretty bummer situations. I made an executive writer decision to make the decision between them easier for me. Speaking of which . . .

Chapter 100:  Phase Three

First off:  100 chapters party, guys! Wooooooooo!

Akito:  Yes?

Thaddeus:  Ummm. What? Nothing.

Akito:  You sure?

Thaddeus:  No. I mean. I was just . . . you look really handsome today. Youíre really cute when youíre . . . fathering.

Akito:  Oh! Iím hit! The charm! The charm just oozes out of your every pore.

Thaddeus:  Shut up. I can be charming!

Akito:  I dare you.

Thaddeus:  Oh, hello there, comely sir! Allow me to profane your delicate hand with my most earnest and ardent lips!

Akito:  Yeah, call my hands delicate some more! Thatíll definitely get you somewhere.

Akito:  Those earnest and ardent lips, though . . .

Thaddeus:  We shouldnít.

Akito:  Okay, have it your way. ĎBout time for another date with your ďsoul mateĒ anyway, isnít it?

Thaddeus:  Well, I didnít mean . . . I mean . . . yeah, fine.

Thaddeus:  Right. So dates . . .

Rieko:  Right. Letís get this over with.

Rieko:  Do you have to do that?

Thaddeus:  Well, actually, yeah. Itís kind of a compulsion.

Rieko:  *sigh* Fine.

Akito:  Hey, guys! Howís the date going?

Rieko:  You know, youíre not subtle.

Akito:  Did I say I was trying to be? For the record, Iím not.

Cressida:  *sniffle*

Thaddeus:  I donít know why she doesnít like being read books through the wall. It worked for me when I was a kid!

Cressida:  Find a Daddy!

Cressida:  Down a steps!

Cressida:  Bwefast taco!

Cressida:  Oooooh!

Pernille:  All in good time, kid, all in good time.

Wendell:  Okay, Iím all for memorializing Mom, but . . . is that really tasteful?

Arianna:  We canít have any more screw-ups! I think we could all use a reminder of what happens if we get too comfortable.

Wendell:  Iím just saying . . . eating ambrosia in front of an urn? I feel like weíre rubbing it in or something.

Arianna:  Malloryís place is at the table with us. She stays.

Morris:  It feels wrong to be here without Mal.

Arianna:  I know. I miss her, too.

Morris:  She was such a rock. She never complained about anything. I know she was my daughter, but I really looked up to her.

Arianna:  I think we all did, honey. But donít worry. Sheíll be back around. The dynasty isnít finished with her, yet.

Morris:  No?

Arianna:  No way. Not by a long shot.

Cressida:  Daddy simmy soo!

Akito:  Thatís right, baby! Daddyís wearing his swimming suit! Thatís phase three!

Cressida:  Fweee!

Akito:  Exactly!

Cressida:  Uppie!

Akito:  Uh-uh, sweetie. Nap time. I see that yellow plumbob. Time for sleep.

Wendell:  Subtle, there, Other Daddy.

Akito:  Iím sure I donít know what youíre talking about.

Thaddeus:  Oops.

Akito:  And Phase Three complete!

Thaddeus:  Huh?

Akito:  Nothing. Just keep kissing me.

Otto:  Um, guys? Not that I donít appreciate your support, but playing with toys is usually a solo activity for me.

Morris:  Yeah, but Cressidaís napping and we have a lot of good coaching to give.

Wendell:  Try pushing the button!

Otto:  I know how the button works!

Akito:  Go on! Push it! You can do it!

Otto:  Argh!

Thaddeus:  Your enthusiasm for our date is overwhelming.

Rieko:  Couldnít we go out for a change? I feel like this house is not an especially romantic place for us right now.

Thaddeus:  Well, we need to stick around in case Cressida needs any parenting. We canít waste any time if we want her to turn out top-notch.

Rieko:  Of course.

Thaddeus:  There is one place we could go!

Thaddeus:  Well that was . .

Rieko:  Nauseating. Ugh. I need to go take something. Iím queasy.

Thaddeus:  Stop singing ďBeautiful Wreck.Ē

Watcher:  What? Me? No! Never! I just-

Thaddeus:  You were humming. Knock it off. No more reveling in my angst.

Arianna:  Oh, man. The little rabbit on the butt kills me every time.

Otto:  Cute little baby booty.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #419 on: February 03, 2017, 02:02:37 PM »
Ooh, Akito and his three-phase strategy! Even Wendell knows what Akito's planning.
And I very much enjoyed the Thaddeus version of Elizabethan-speak charming! Profane lips, fo shizzle!

Otto in the bathroom with G-Mor, Wendell, and Akito all eager to mentor, rofl. That was one hilarious moment!

Yeah, I guess I can understand why Rieko is cooling down...and I forgot entirely about the negative divorce moodlet.
Loved watching Cressida in search of "a Daddy"--with so many jobless immortals around, I'm sure she is waited on hand and foot!

Woot, woot! Congratulations on your 100th chapter! A momentous occasion, indeed!