Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 153714 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #435 on: February 08, 2017, 03:44:45 PM »
Yes, they do need to be together and I can tell you're enjoying them!

It's great to see Thaddeus happy.  They are adorable together and it's cool to see Akito's personality emerging now that things are falling into place!  "Shut up.  You are."  Hehe!

Loved the reaction from Salma, and from Cressida noting the numerous naps.

And of course it was great seeing Wendell.  Looks like him and Cressida may grow up to be buddies!!!  Loved him with the toilet and of course his plate of food. 

Rule of thirds, are you artistic?

Your sims are wonderful :)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #436 on: February 08, 2017, 06:22:13 PM »
I am so, so glad Thaddeus and Akito will end up together. :) I've been rooting for them. :)

Too bad I can't have Cressida for Gerald. I think the two of them would be perfect. (If they don't kill each other first). She'll make an excellent Criminal Mastermind! :)
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #437 on: February 09, 2017, 01:00:29 PM »
@oshizu Thanks! Yeah, Happy Thad is pretty sweet. I wish he and Akito could be eternal honeymooners. Akito's actually a bit younger so he should be around for awhile and I've made them a two-person club that I intend to have in session full time once Akito becomes an elder. I want that urn and I'm not letting it slip through my fingers!
I finally had to put talking toilets in every bathroom. I had too many near-mortification incidents with everyone charging for that one toilet first thing in the morning. They ignored my canceling the action until they got all the way downstairs, and then by the time they'd turn around to go back upstairs it was too late. Sims!

@sdhoey LOL. It's getting to the point where I dread going to Sixam. Alien fashion! Wendell appreciates your adoration. :)

@wfgodot Oh, is my blissful satisfaction showing? Yeah, I do love them together. *sigh* Yeah, I think Akito's got some sass saved up that will come out more and more now that he's more comfortable.
Cressida and Wendell do seem to be forming a bond. More of those two to come.
Artistic? Me? Not really. I did dabble in photography for a bit when I was writing for a food blog a few years ago, so that's where the rule of thirds thing comes in. Also, the program I use to edit my screenshots very conveniently lays a three-by-three grid on top of them to aid me in framing and cropping, so it's on my mind very frequently. :)

@Whirligig Yay! I'm glad you're happy about Thad and Akito! I have to tell you, I had the very same thought about Cressida and Gerald. What a power couple they would make! Oh, well. Maybe someday in some other Simverse, where the rules are not quite so strict. :)

Chapter 104:  Love and War

Cressida:  Thanks for waking up from your bench nap. I still need to make one more adult friend.

Redhead:  And you want to be friends with me?

Cressida:  Yeah, why not?

Redhead:  I have to tell you, this is extremely good timing. Iím having a birthday party tonight, and I actually have no friends to invite. You want to come?

Cressida:  Heck, yeah!

Thaddeus:  Okay, I know you like my new look, but this is getting a bit ridiculous, donít you think? Iím just rising from a chair. Itís not photo-worthy.

Watcher:  Look, Iíll cut it if we hit the picture limit on this post, but you look amazing. Iím sure somebody out there likes looking at you as much as I do.

Thaddeus:  Will you at least consider combining a few of these into a ďThaddeus Performs Daily ActivitiesĒ collage to save a bit of time?

Watcher:  Itís on the table. I do love collages. But weíre calling it, ďThaddeus Performs Daily Activities Like a Beautiful, Beautiful Boss.Ē

Thaddeus:  No.

Otto:  Yikes! Have I ever complained about not getting to live in the city? Because Iím definitely not doing it any more. This is tight. And not in the hip, slangy way.

Tallulah:  I think itís chic and elegant to have city friends. But they are definitely visiting us next time. I feel like this hallway is going to collapse at any second.

Morris:  Ouch! I donít know which way to turn, here. Every position hurts.

Watcher:  Wait a minute. Thatís your party outfit, Akito? Then what was that red zippered ensemble? You have some explaining to do. Thad, ask him whatís going on and where heís getting all these extra outfits.

Thaddeus:  Iím just here for an uncomfortable birthday party. You work out your wardrobe issues on your own.

Pernille:  So how do we know this guy, again?

Cressida:  We met in the park today. Heís my friend. And he has a video game console.

Pernille:  I feel like there should be more to that story.

Cressida:  Nope. Some things are simple. Video games plus birthday equals why the heck not?

Watcher:  Really testing the limits of ďAlways Welcome,Ē there, arenít we, Mr. Party Animal?

Wendell:  Zzzzzzzz

Watcher:  You know Iím going to remind you of this next time you complain about not being in enough screenshots.

Caterer:  Iím not sure you should look so proud of yourself. The poor guy only had two chairs and you just swiped one of them.

Otto:  Master Thief! King of Stealth!

Tallulah:  When do I get a turn?

Cressida:  When Iím done obliterating these numbskulls. Shouldnít be long, now.

Pernille:  Sheís definitely got the brutality thing down.

Thaddeus:  You just decapitated me! How could you decapitate your own father?

Cressida:  Love and war, Daddy, love and war.

Morris:  A little supervision never hurt anybody.

Caterer:  You sure? The supervisor might get hurt in this scenario if he doesnít back off.

Morris:  Relax. Itís not like Iím going to actually try and eat that nonsense youíre baking.

Birthday Boy:  I canít believe what a crazy amazing birthday party I ended up having. I seriously had zero friends this morning!

Morris:  Toot!

Otto:  Whew! Iím exhausted. I canít wait to just crawl into bed and . . . wait why is my bedroom flying past my face? And why do I keep moving upward? Aw, man!

Wendell:  Okay, when I said I wanted more screen time I didnít mean me doing the ďYippee a neat collectable itemĒ dance. This isnít exactly dignified.

Wendell:  Now, this THIS is a pose. This is how I want to be immortalized. Intellectual, philosophical, iconic.

Pernille:  Dad . . . what? Why are you posing like that? Just finish reading Cressidaís Book of Life already.

Wendell:  Epic! Masterful! A Manís Pose!

Pernille:  You have one fan, Dad. One! That hardly justifies-

Wendell:  Two! Iím two peopleís favorites, and that doesnít even count the hordes of lurkers who are no doubt aching for a glimpse of me. Now, stop breaking the fourth wall. You know we have a rule about meta-dialogue.

Pernille:  Oh, nobody follows that rule anymore!

Watcher:  Townie Street Style! Home Invasion Edition! I know youíre not coming to suck anyoneís plasma because itís morning time. What do you want, stylish creeper?

Thaddeus:  Okay, so we still good?  Yeah?  Okay, then. Talk to you tomorrow. *redials* Hey, man. We still good?  All right. Talk to you tomorrow. *redials*

Watcher:  *throws up hands*

Arianna:  Six hundred thousand followers! This is amazing because I donít even really know what that means. I just learned what an emoji is yesterday! Iím not even sure if Iím posting on YouSpace or FriendTube.

Morris:  Thereís nothing like the nice secure feeling of a good ambrosia stockpile. Foul fish be darned!

Otto:  Well, I caught the darn thing while I was fishing, I might as well read it. That Vlad character hasnít been back since the first night, but garlic braiding might be a nice hobby for me! Itís less dangerous than playing with toys. No playful moodlets!

Cressida:  Two Spiffendales. Fearlessly facing the future.

Thaddeus:  You know, honey, as long as youíre by my side, I do feel pretty darn fearless.

Cressida:  Thatís right, Dad. We got this.

Arianna:  Tallulah! Seriously! Phone!

Tallulah:  No one understands me!

Thaddeus:  Dude. Come on. Stop. What are you going to call this?  Thaddeus Stands in front of Fish Tank? No one cares!

Watcher:  I donít have to explain myself to you. Besides, your exasperated eyebrow cocks are adorable, so youíre playing right into my hand.

Thaddeus:  ENOUGH!

Cressida:  Thanks for being my best friend, Daddy.

Akito:  Anything for my girl. You donít even have to ask.

Cressida:  Iím so tired. Can we go home now?

Akito:  Iíd like to, dear, but weíre waiting for collectibles to spawn, and I guess that only happens in the middle of the night.

Cressida:  But why do I have to be here?

Akito:  Itís a fair question. The Watcher might just be being lazy, but why donít we work on your social skill while youíre here? Want to tell me a joke?

Cressida:  I love you, Dad.

Akito:  I love you, too, honey. Now run along home. Itís time for the teenagers to start arriving, and I think your future boyfriend just showed up. Iím not ready to have that talk yet.

Cressida:  Gross. Iím going to get some sleep.

Akito:  Thatís my girl! Never change! I mean that literally!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #438 on: February 09, 2017, 01:36:07 PM »
Ah, I didn't think most people were aware of that thirds rule unless they did... something.  Cropping screenshots counts!  Just kidding, photography definitely does.

You're on a roll, this chapter was the funniest.  Thaddeus is truly adorable, but I like the fish tank picture better than the computer one.  Yes, the eyebrow cock. 
It's quite a sight seeing everyone crammed into that little hallway!!!  Haha.  And then Morris doubles over with his back pain and slams his face into the wall.  Poor guy.  Not enough room, just stay in your nice spacious house.  Although it was a treat seeing them in the city.  Wendell, adorable as always.  I guess he's all partied out after his aspiration, he's not even trying, is he.  And Otto...  lol.  I find the chair swipe hilarious and I don't know if it's because I just got done playing Rocco or if it's simply the thought of shoving that thing in his back pocket when nobody is looking.

I certainly did enjoy the extra photos of Wendell!  No worries, dude, you make the happy collectible dance look good.  But that reading pose, indeed.  Am I the fan referenced?  Am I???  *is giddy*

Good to see Thaddeus keeping his friendships up.  You're a great pal.

Love Tallulah's phone at the table.  It reminds me of Wendell always showing up in his swimsuit and Morris sitting quietly in his PJ's.

Cressida sure is cute.  Lucky girl.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #439 on: February 09, 2017, 01:41:25 PM »
The two shots of Thaddeus in front of his computer and in front of the fish tank!
How great that his Watcher can now focus on how gorgeous he is instead of mulling over his complicated love life, lol.

Wendell sleeping in the bed of the party host, haha. Oh and complaining about the "quality" of his screen time, rofl.

What is that? Did the inimitable Akito just drop a hint about the identity of Cressida's future love?  o.O  *grips edge of seat

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #440 on: February 09, 2017, 06:04:31 PM »
Akito and Cressida are adorable together.  I loved the shot of them at the picnic table.

Thaddeus does have very expressive eyes.  He's so full of angst all of the time.  Poor guy.

The time in the ambrosia room is still very exciting for me.

Great update!  The other one's that I didn't comment on were great too.  I just have been more of a lurker lately.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #441 on: February 09, 2017, 10:03:27 PM »
Wendell:  Now, this THIS is a pose. This is how I want to be immortalized. Intellectual, philosophical, iconic.

Wendell, please never change :D

And that goes for Cressida and Akito also. That screenshot at the picnic table is lovely :)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #442 on: February 09, 2017, 10:55:15 PM »
That's right!! :love me some Wendell. He needs not to worry I love his silly self.

Cressida is so dang Cute. With her attitude, she would fit in with Colt and his bunch.  ;D

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #443 on: February 10, 2017, 01:36:31 PM »
@wfgodot Thanks! I'm glad you liked the birthday party. I'm loosening up on letting them out of the house lately, and it's been kind of fun. Otto autonomously steals things all the time now. He somehow even managed to steal something from his own family. I think it was food, but the mouseover text definitely said "Stolen from the Spiffendale household." I was kind of impressed with the chair in the apartment, though, because the room was packed with people and yet he was somehow still successful in going unnoticed.
Yes, I was thinking of you as Wendell's fan, though sdhoey did say he was her favorite a few pages back, too, so you guys can be president and vice-president of Wendell's fan club, I guess. :)
Yeah, Tallulah's phone is the new swim trunks. Poor Arianna. I fear she will never get the dignified ambrosia dinner she craves.

@oshizu The Watcher is absolutely making the most of the time she has with happy gorgeous Thaddeus before he ages up to elder. It's funny, ever since Otto, every single Spiffendale teen has been odd-looking to me, but as they age they get more and more attractive until I'm wildly infatuated with them. I don't know if it's affection for my Sims or if they really do grow into their looks, but anyway, I'm happily snapping away with the C button now. :)
Oh, and yes, sneak peek at Cressida's future romantic interest incoming!

@Caterina Thanks. I loved that shot, too. They really are best buddies. Oh, and lurk away. I always appreciate your comments, but I know you're there and I appreciate your support even if you don't say anything. :)

@Alex Teehee. Thanks. I'm sure he won't. He likes himself just fine the way he is. :)

@sdhoey Well that is very high praise, indeed! Cressida will be extremely pleased to hear you think so!

Chapter 105:  Wild Times at Casa Spiffendale

Watcher:  Helloooooooo Nurse! Stop checking out that girl in the high-waisted pants! As of right now, youíre spoken for, Mister!

Pernille:  Ugh. Finally. Youíd better actually be a fossil and not another one of those stupid capsules because I did not stay out all night, smelling foul, in this deserted park for nothing!

Thaddeus:  Okay, then, dreamy teen boy. Here are the rules for dating my teenage daughter:  Number One - Wait Until She is Actually a Teen.

DTB:  Um, Sir? Is it a problem that I have no idea what youíre talking about?

Thaddeus:  Nope, and you should probably get used to that feeling because itís not going to change. Letís make that Rule Number Two.

Thaddeus:  Are we sure about this one, Watcher? He seems a little dense.

Watcher:  You know, Iím not making any pronouncements about romance anymore with any of yíall. Things never turn out the way I plan them. All I know is heís cute and I want at least a couple of you to know him so we can invite him to parties. Sound okay?

Thaddeus:  All right, then.

DTB:  Am I the only one confused here? I just came to the park to be mildly rebellious on a school night.

Watcher:  Maybe we should hold out for this guy. Heís got some serious face game.

Watcher:  Iíd like to tell her that threatening people is not the best way to make friends, but it seems to be working for her so Iíll just see what happens.

Pernille:  Sorry, Dad! Yikes! I just canít stay away from this toilet!

Wendell:  Itís all good, dear. I understand completely. Why just empty your bladder when you could empty your bladder and watch the news?

Pernille:  Truthfully, I donít even have to go. I just wanted to look at it some more.

Cressida:  Look G-Mor! Look how cute we are! Hey, how come you donít have any of the good Spiffendale features?

Morris:  Well, Iím technically not a Pancakes, so I missed out on the chin and Iím way too early for the family nose. I might have the secret Spiffendale butt, but thatís debatable.

Cressida:  So since Grandma Pernille and Gwenda have both the nose and the chin, does that make them, like, The Ultimate Spiffendales?

Morris:  You could say that, but I wouldnít recommend it. Their egos are already pretty out of control, particularly Gwenda.

Wendell:  Wild times at Casa Spiffendale. I hate to break up this party, folks, but Thadís fiancť is here and I think it might be time for a certain quiet backyard ceremony.

Thaddeus:  Oooh! Why do I always have to get married when Iím actually winning for once?

Otto:  This is why I prefer analog toys.

Thaddeus:  Akito Hayashi, it took a lot of mis-steps, at least three phases, and countless wardrobe changes for me to realize this, but youíre the love of my life, and I never ever want to let you go.

Akito:  Thaddeus Spiffendale, Iím sorry it took a tragedy to bring us together, but loving you has been worth every hardship, and when I look in your eyes, all I see is joy and hope for the future.

Cressida:  You guys are still disgusting! Move it along!

Thaddeus:  Hey! Youíre not bad at picking out rings, either.

Akito:  What can I say?  I have good taste.

Watcher:  Díaaaaaww. I just love weddings. And I could watch you two kiss all day.

Thaddeus:  Stop. Being. Creepy.

Watcher:  Come. Out. Of. That. Screen. And. Make. Me.

Wendell:  Hmmm. Gosh. Should I? The household only has three million in cash right now, and who knows how much a bowling alley is going to cost when those come out . . .

Cressida:  Please, Gwenda, pleeeeeease!

Wendell:  Oh, okay. Twist my arm. Buy all the new toys you want, darling. And throw in something nice for your old Gwenda, too, okay? Donít forget who loves you best!

Cressida:  Awesome. I can totally find a way to make use of that.

Wendell:  Hold your horses there, kitten. This move is only for professionals and party animals.

Cressida:  And accomplices.

Wendell:  Right. And accomp- wait, what?

Cressida:  Now, now. You donít need to do that homework, new friend. Youíre in with Cressida Spiffendale now! I got you. I will take care of you. Youíre beyond grades, now.

Friend:  Okay. So what do you want to do?

Cressida:  How would you like to try your hand at bartending?

Thaddeus:  Happy Spice Festival, sweetie. Want to hear some metaphors comparing those flaming curry dishes to the flames of my passion for you?

Akito:  I defy any dish to be hotter than you look in that jacket.

Watcher:  Gather Ďround, ladies and gentlemen for the comedy stylings, smooth tones, and endless hidden talents of Salma the Butler! For one night only, sheís inappropriately busking for no explicable reason!

Bystander:  Oooh! I got five simoleons for that! *tips*

Cressida:  Yes! Finally a place to work on my sweet moves! I wish the Watcher would take a hint already and give us a sub-basement basketball court like the Behrens have.

Watcher:  Keep dreaming, kid. I have enough trouble chasing you all away from the bush and the talking toilet. Iím not even dealing with overexerted elders dreaming big.

Wendell:  Hey, dude. Thanks for meeting me back here. So, how are things looking? We pretty much set for the big invasion?

Ghost:  You shouldnít have any trouble on entry, but look, man. They know youíre coming. Itís all over the ghost channels right now, and the setback with Mal just gave them more time to prepare. Theyíll be waiting.

Wendell:  Psssh. Let Ďem wait. Let Ďem quake in their little ghost boots. This is going down, and there is no way theyíll be prepared for what weíre bringing.

Ghost:  I hope youíre right, man. Weíll all be pulling for you. Howís the new kid looking?

Wendell:  Sheís awesome. Sheís going to teen up in a few hours, and I think sheís going to be exactly the edge we need.

Rieko:  Oh, this song always makes me cry.

Watcher:  Where did she get a GUITAR? Salma. Seriously. What?

Watcher:  Alien Street Style: Earth Edition. The look that says, I know Iím purple, but Iím also fabulous! Donít hate me because Iím an alien, hate me because Iím pulling off this cardigan-necktie ensemble in a way you never could.

Thaddeus:  Okay, wait . . .wait . . . donít tell me. Itís right on the tip of my tongue . . . .Omar!

Omar:  Yeah, dude. Omar. Your best friend. Quit messing around.

Thaddeus: Sorry, man. It really has been too long, though. You look great.

Omar:  You too, buddy. Second marriages look good on you!

Thaddeus:  I gotta tell you, man, it feels good. I didnít even know I could be this happy.

Omar:  Well I, for one, am relieved. You looked so tragic after the divorce I was afraid to look at you and devolve into a puddle of liquid ennui.

Thaddeus:  I honestly think my eyes have moderated a bit since I was a kid.

Omar:  You must not look at yourself very often.

Watcher:  And serving up yet another mysterious outfit. Akito, you never cease to amaze.

Cressida:  Yeah! Finally!

Cressida:  Oh, come on. We all knew I was getting the nose.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #444 on: February 10, 2017, 02:48:32 PM »
Oh no, poor Pernille---looking all grungy as she valiantly persists in her pursuit of limestone! Are you experiencing that weird capsule overload thing, too?
Lately, I'm thinking the Desert Bloom Park could use one or two discreetly placed Waterfall Showers (or Tarp Showers, whichever are better).

Yay, I do love a good spouse hunt! No one's good enough for Cressida! Lucky for her that she seems to have several options!
Congrats to Thaddeus and Akito for tying the knot! A long-awaited, immensely celebratory event, for sure. (I'm trying to not end every sentence with an exclamation point. It's really hard!(

Wendell and Pernille talking about talking toilets. Would I be overstepping public/private boundaries to inquire why there's a Coolala Bear lamp near the toilet seat? o.O
After the appearance of Otto and Thaddeus, it's easy to forget what an edgy and wild party animal Wendell had once been. Rock on, dude.

Happy teen birthday, Cressida! Am I wrong in thinking that you are all Thaddeus but with Akito's eyes?
Looking forward to getting to know you better next time! Stay evil, girl!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #445 on: February 10, 2017, 03:06:26 PM »
It made me smile to see Thaddeus giving Dreamy Teen Boy the talk about his daughter and the rules.  Partly because Thad still looks so young to me, I forgot he's already an adult.  It's those adorable puppy eyes.

Your sims are so funny with the toilets.  I did a little rearranging in my own place because of them.  I send them to the shower and they hop out because they get distracted by the toilets.  I've already moved on so it always annoys me when I spy somebody smelling up an area because I know I told them to go shower!  I made a couple little stalls for the toilets.  Good thing the bathrooms were pretty roomy in the first place, sheesh.
Loved Cressida discussing the Spiffendale's finest features with G-Mor.  If you ask me, Gwenda is definitely the ultimate Spiffendale.  The fact that he's already got that ego just makes it all the better.

I can't get enough of Otto playing with toys.  Nor of Wendell and Cressida.  Buddies! 

Congrats, Thad and Akito.  It's been a long time coming and it feels so much better than that time with whats her name.  Do it Thad.  Come out of the screen and shut that Watcher up.  Do it.  Please.  And bring Wendell with you.
As for the basketball court, here's a hint for Cressida:  Ask your dad (your Thad dad) to ask for the court.  Watcher can't say no to his eyes.

She makes a very cute teen!  And she doesn't seem self conscious at all.  Look at that top!  You work what the game gave you, Cressida, and enjoy all your future grilled cheese sandwiches.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #446 on: February 10, 2017, 08:00:13 PM »
Yay, Cressida has the nose! I mean, of course she does, but still. :)
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #447 on: February 11, 2017, 06:04:57 AM »
Thaddeus:  Oooh! Why do I always have to get married when Iím actually winning for once?


Congrats, Thad and Akito! And happy birthday, Cressida! Wishing her a lovely teenhood with the dreamy teen boy and all the minions her heart desires :)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #448 on: February 13, 2017, 12:20:49 PM »
@oshizu Yes on the capsule overload. So annoying! Especially combined with having only three dig spots in our Newcrest 'hood. However, it's forced me to come up with an alternate plan for getting Youth Potion points, and it's one that I hope will greatly please certain members of my readership. ;)
Okay, and the Coolala light. I know I put it there but . . . I don't exactly remember why. That bathroom used to be the kids' focused skilling room, which was right next to the kids' inspired skilling room, but I converted both into a bedroom suite for Cressida as a toddler because I wanted to keep her confined to a fairly small space with everything she needed. Her toddler potty used to be right next to the current irresistible talking toilet and I know I had to adjust the lighting in there because of all the potty-training shots, so I think I used Coolala because it was cute and kid-appropriate and could be placed low on the wall to illuminate the potty zone. Yeah, let's got with that!
Check out the collage below. I think Thad and Akito have the same eye color, so Cressida may actually just be a female Thaddeus. I wonder if that has to do with her having two daddies. Maybe the game hasn't figured out how to take genetic material from both same-sex parents. Hmm. May have to take Cressida back into CAS and switch her to male and see how that goes.
Ack! Sorry for writing such a novel!

@wfgodot Thad still seems very young to me, too. His elder birthday is going to be a real shock! I'm totally going to make some shower stalls, now! That is a great idea. All of Cressida's aromatherapy baths cost me double because she hops out after the first five seconds to marvel at the toilet! Grr!
Also, you traitor! Don't you dare try to turn my sims against me! Cressida does not need any help coming up with devious plots to get what she wants out of her Watcher. *wags finger*

@Whirligig :) I was pretty excited about the nose, too! Yay!

@Alex Heehee. Thank you. Cressida thanks you, too. Teen adventures coming up!

Chapter 106:  Wrap a Towel Around It

Cressida:  All right. Enough of this reading nonsense. Time to get down to work. I gotta train.

Cressida:  I like the burn. The burn is good. The burn makes me stronger. The burn keeps me hungry.

Akito:  Hey honey, howís the skilling going?

Cressida:  Dad, I will talk to you in fifty reps, and not sooner. Begone.

Akito:  All right. Thatís my little go-getter. Iím picking up what youíre dropping. I hear you.

Cressida:  Thatís nice, but hear me from outside. Wait, wait, wait! Pause. Why are you still here in the middle of the night? Is that a club icon above your head?

Akito:  Oh, yeah! Your other Dad created a club for us so I can keep hanging around 24-7. Itís called ďYouíve Urned It,Ē but I canít for the life of me figure out why. Want to join?

Cressida:  Ugh. Daddeus and I are going to have to have a talk. And yes, I want to join.

Akito:  Cool. Weíll just have to add some club activities other than ďBe Romantic with other members of Youíve Urned It.Ē

Cressida:  Yes. Please. Get on that.

Cressida:  Oh, nice backwards hat, Backwards Hat Guy. Iím afraid you missed the part about how youíre supposed to wear that ironically.

BHG:  *is miffed*

Cressida:  Wow. I canít believe that worked. You just stood there and took it. I had a big wind-up, too. You had ample time to see what was coming and at least try to dodge.

BHG:  *is covered in red liquid*

Cressida:  Wow. I should wear an eye-melting sweatshirt like that. Then people would dislike me immediately the way I now immediately dislike you. It would save a lot of time on this aspiration.

Akito:  Um . . . honey? Sweet baby girl apple of my eye?

Cressida:  Just keep walking, Dad. You donít need to see this.

Fluorescent Sweatshirt:  Iím going to remember this!

Cressida:  Oh, Iím counting on it. Iíll see you in a couple more milestones when itís time to fight.

Cressida:  What are you looking at, Ladybuns? You want a piece of this?

Ladybuns:  Oh, no. I do not want any pieces of that. Iím fine with my bowl of franks and beans, thank you.

Cressida:  Thank you, Criminal Mastermind, Maíam!

Ladybuns:  Oh, of course! My mistake! Naturally youíre a criminal mastermind. Maíam.

Cressida:  That was clunky. Work on it.

Ladybuns:  Yes, Maíam.

Cressida:  Better.

Thaddeus:  Hey, handsome stranger!

Akito:  Who me?

Thaddeus:  Look, I appreciate the romance of me chasing you into the street to get you to come back and hang out at the house with me, but Iím seriously winded. Could you maybe not make me run so far next time?

Akito:  But youíre so cute when youíre tousled.

Thaddeus:  Oy. Why am I at my cutest when Iím at my most uncomfortable?

Akito:  Itís your curse.

Thaddeus:  *sigh*

Cressida:  First Grilled Cheese Selfie! First of many! Oh, oh so many!

Watcher:  Iím still furious about this, but Iíve added some shading under the bush now, so Iím very slightly less furious because the pictures will be very slightly better.

Thaddeus:  Man, this club was a great idea!

Akito:  Mmmph!

Cressida:  Yeah, I know itís backwards. I could also do my homework standing on my head. Or underwater. Iím just that good.

Watcher:  Oh, Salma. Not you, too.

Cressida:  Mmmm. More hot melted cheese. Grandma Tallulah, did you enjoy your aspirations this much? Mine are fantastic.

Tallulah:  Yeah, I think I can safely say I had a good time with mine. Oh, and how about Auntie Tallulah? Iím still not super keen on being a grandma.

Cressida:  Have it your way.

Arianna:  This is probably the last one before Thaddeus joins us! Iím so excited!

Tallulah:  Does that mean we can move Grandma Mal? I might be able to eat a normal meal in front of ashes without getting queasy, but weeks-old fish cake is pushing the bounds of my gag reflex.

Arianna:  No. Mal stays. We might put her in the middle of the table like a vase of flowers, though.

Tallulah:  Or we could, you know, just get a vase of actual flowers like normal people.

Arianna:  You need to get over your obsession with normalcy. Itís just not going to get you very far here.

Arianna:  So, Wendell. Youíre looking awfully handsome and youthful today.

Wendell:  Oh! Why, thank you! I am feeling rather dapper.

Arianna:  Astonishing that youíre one of the only immortals who never completed Soul Mate.

Wendell:  I know! Itís a crime, really.

Arianna:  Iím glad you think so, because weíre still three potions of youth short of our goal and the crystal/fossil situation in the neighborhood is getting ridiculous, so weíre going to need you  and Otto to step up.

Otto:  *Gulp*

Wendell:  Uh-huh. Still got it. Wrap a towel around this sexiness and the aspiration is as good as done.

Arianna:  Back off. Itís my turn to make knife blocks.

Otto:  Oh! Sorry! No, you go ahead. I was actually just wanting to talk to you about the Soul Mate thing . . .?

Arianna:  Okay, I can sand and talk at the same time.

Otto:  Well, see the thing is . . . I made it almost all the way with Karla before she . . . you know, and so itís going to be a lot of work for very little return if I have to start over with someone else. Plus, Karlaís ghost comes around a lot these days and to be perfectly honest Iím terrified of her.

Arianna:  Otto, itís a game of survival at this point. We need three more plates of ambrosia if weíre going to make it to the end and weíve had nothing but MySims trophies for days. Even if we get the crystals from Sixam weíre stuck on the second milestone and the uncertainty is driving me crazy.

Otto:  Okay, look. Iím at 1300 points right now. What if I just complete as many whims as I can in the next few days? Thatíll give us one more potion. If Wendell does his thing with Soul Mate that will be at least two and weíll be good to go!

Arianna:  Well . . .okay. But Friday is Ladiesí Night and you have to be Wendellís wingman. Deal?

Otto:  Deal! Sweet! Oh, and can I have next turn on the woodworking table?

Arianna:  Donít push your luck, kiddo.

Cressida:  Come on, come on. Iíve got to get this done. Make with the mentoring.

Thaddeus:  Oh! Sorry. I was just distracted by your sudden and impressive sixpack. When did that happen?

Cressida:  I donít know. Last night some time?  Iíve been working hard.

Thaddeus:  Wow. Yeah. It definitely shows. Youíre a bit scary, now, to tell the truth.

Cressida:  Dad, Iím about to pick a whole lot of fights with people, and I intend to win them. It needed to be done.

Thaddeus:  Okay, baby. No arguments here.

Thaddeus:  This is gratuitous, but Iím not going to complain because at least Iím smiling in this one.

Watcher:  Yeah. *sighs* Youíre cute when youíre happy, too. I guess.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #449 on: February 13, 2017, 12:46:33 PM »
Oh yeah, Cressida really gets down to business! Good going on shaping up for the fights, girl!

Oh no, Salma at the woodworking table! I just put it away now unless I want camping mascots or someone needs to skill.
That table seriously influenced the education of my Ilaria, whose mother preferred to make bunny sculptures than teach her kid.
But Salma? I didn't realize she could have a hobby like that? (My table is in a lockable enclosure... you're a much kinder Watcher!).

Hahaha, Wendell is going to do Soulmate? Let the towel dances being! *pumps fist enthusiastically

G-Mor, you will always be my favorite! Now that the toddler training is behind you, it's time you got your edge back on! You can do it!