Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 175299 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #465 on: February 17, 2017, 05:33:39 PM »
Cute quarters for Salma!  Aw, and she's sleeping in her bed!  I too like the light well.  Her own little scenery :3  very thoughtful.

Good old Don, lol.  I just love that he invited them all out and didn't show up.  The look on Arianna's face.  She's all "Don, you goob."
Cressida, Cam admires you and your methods.  I really enjoyed the conversation with Poor Fool.  And I actually think a party venue in the cave sounds like a blast!!!!  I don't blame the dude for falling for it.  Still, she handled him spectacularly and turned him into a fool indeed.  Poor guy, and even the bartender was fooled.  Very impressive.

Poor Aditya and his voice.  I hate this bug.   Yeah I have it too.  Poor Cliff.  Poor Soren.  And the rest of them.  I now play with no sound and just listen to music instead because I can't bear it.  I'm going to have Tessa eat carrots cause Rocco's grandkid MUST be a boy.  And I really, really hope they fix this before he is born.  *weeps with oshizu*   Also @oshizu  because of your comment I've attempted to create my sim self but it didn't go well.  I looked nothing like me.

How perfect that Catherine turned up in such a rage.  I couldn't stop laughing about her beating up poor Bearcula.  Dear Catherine... I don't blame her one bit.  It's going to be bittersweet to see Wendell go through this.  Sweet because we get to see him more (I hope??  Or is oshizu correct about this being off-screen!) and bitter because... it's another woman!  *cries forever*

Also had a laugh about Akito referencing the comments on the forum.  I'm sorry, dude!  I just hadn't seen the "Baby Got Back" angle yet.  It wasn't supposed to be a bad thing, it was all discussed in pure awe! 

ETA:  I forgot to mention how disappointed I was to see Akito with gray hair :(

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #466 on: February 17, 2017, 09:40:07 PM »
Cressida is such a delight...fully dastardly sim. I love it!

And I'm with oshizu - what's with Wendell doing Soulmates off-screen? Poor Catherine! No wonder she's angry - I'm angry, too! :P

Also, here's hoping Cressida flies through her requirements so that Thaddeus doesn't have to 'give it a few hundred days' to get bored of his retirement.

I haven't noticed the lady-voice thing myself. But then again, I probably just haven't been playing enough to notice it.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #467 on: February 18, 2017, 06:28:57 AM »
Oh, poor Bearcula! :( Not that I blame poor Catherine for being mad, but....

All my male sims have been getting girly voices too - girlier than the woman, in most cases. I've ended up muting the Sims' voices because it was confusing me too much.

Also, the reign of Cressida. Huh. That is a scary, scary thought :D

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #468 on: February 19, 2017, 05:46:43 AM »
Phew. I'm caught up and so much has happened! I'm actually thinking that Mal dying was preordained. Everything just seems so right with Cressie and her place in the Spiffendale manse.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #469 on: February 20, 2017, 04:05:35 PM »
@oshizu Oh, yeah! I always pictured Tallulah having a succession of boy toys throughout her immortality. She's a hunter. What can she do? ;) Wendell doing Soul Mate off-screen? Come on, girl. You know I would not do you like that. :) I've just been waiting for the right moment to set things in motion.
We bought the pipe organ to fulfill Otto's "buy an instrument" whim. No one plays it except the ghosts, but thankfully after the first couple of painfully groan-y hauntings they seem to have learned to play actual songs. Apparently possessing instruments builds skills. Who knew?
Oh, and yup! Cressida is doing Grilled Cheese and Public Enemy. Somehow it works, at least in my head. :)

@wfgodot Glad you like the butler's quarters. She does sleep in the bed sometimes, though seldom at night. She's too busy then making giant stacks of dishes and then leaving them on the floor. :/
If you like the Cave Party idea, Cressida would love to tell you all about her new plan for a dance club in an abandoned mine shaft or possibly the roots of a magical tree! ;)
I'm bummed about Akito's grey hair, too. I don't know if I'm getting more sentimental or if it's because he's not in the household, but I feel very protective of him, and I'm going to miss him a lot.

@Whirligig Hehe. I'm glad you like Cressida. I'm surprising myself at how much I'm enjoying writing her cruelty. I can't believe all of you think I'm evil enough not to show you Wendell wooing his new girlfriend. I'm not a monster, guys! Sheesh!

@Alex The Bearcula thing was genuinely disturbing. It went on and on and on. Poor Catherine. I'm going to have to think of a way to make it up to her.

@Magpie2012 Well, if it was preordained, then I'd like to see the person in charge of preordination, because *shakes fist*! Actually, though, I have to agree with you about Cressida. She really does fill a hole in the household, and I'm glad I got a chance to play her. :)

Chapter 109:  Ladies' Night

Watcher:  Awwww. He looks just like a little puppy, sleeping in front of the fire. No wonder everyone loves you so much.

Cressida:  Wow. This is awful. You are not good at that.

Arianna:  Youíre telling me. Itís even louder to me because the violin is right next to my head. Some whims were just not meant to be followed.

Watcher:  Sorry now, arenít you, big guy?  I want you to remember this feeling next time you get sleepy and walk right past several dozen soft, comfortable napping surfaces and go straight to that dang bush.

Wendell:  I make pandering look good. In fact, I make everything look good.

Cressida:  I am going to obliterate this block of wood. It will beg for mercy, and then it will bow to my will and transform into something aesthetically pleasing and highly valuable. OR IT WILL PAY!

Cressida:  Oh yeah, block of wood?  Say that again. I dare you!

Wood Block:  *Cannot speak. Is block of wood.*

Arianna:  All right, old Bachelors! Ladiesí Night has arrived! You ready?

Wendell:  I was born ready! Let me at Ďem!

Otto:  Um, I might need a bit of liquid courage and a pep talk.

Watcher:  I offer neither explanation nor excuses for this one.

Otto:  Youíre a stallion! Youíre a devilishly handsome half-alien sim! You can do this!

Wendell:  Hehehe. Itís in the bag. It is just so in the bag.

Wendell:  Dibs on the blonde!

Otto:  The only other woman in the bar besides the blonde is the elderly bartender!

Wendell:  And I got dibs! Score one for Wendell!

Wendell:  BOOM!

Erika (a.k.a. The Blonde):  Ooooooh! A magician! I love magic!

Wendell:  Well then how would you like to make some together?

Erika:  Teehee!

Wendell:  Oops. My phone is out of memory. I guess Iíll just have to tattoo your number on my heart.

Erika:  Well, or maybe just get a new phone. I donít want you to hurt yourself.

Wendell:  Oh, baby. Your eyes have already wounded me to the quick. I fear I will never recover. But I have a better solution. Howís about you never leave my side again? Then I wonít need to call you. Now letís get out of here and go someplace private. I want you all to myself.

Wendell:  Game. Wendell Spiffendale has got it.

Watcher:  And Otto Spiffendale has not. Run along home, wingman. Your work is done.

Wendell:  Well, Iím having a spectacular evening, how about you guys? Everybody good? Yeah?

Arianna:  I take it Ladiesí Night was a success?

Wendell:  Oh, yeah! You could say that! Or you could ask the lovely blonde goddess hanging out upstairs waiting for me. I bet sheíd call it a success, too!

Tallulah:  How about you, Dad?  Any luck with the ladies?

Otto:  Oh, man. They were all over me! It was crazy! Youíd think theyíd never seen a half-alien stud before. But I had to defer to Wendell and beat them back. He got his lady first, fair and square.

Wendell:  I got your back next Friday, my Man!

Otto:  Oh, yeah! Heck to the yeah. Iím totally in. For. Sure.

Cressida:  Okay, I knew it was going to be epic, but that was seriously EPIC. Zero-G grilled cheese! Awesome! Just, beyond awesome!

Watcher:  See, Catherine?  The new girl likes Bearcula! She doesnít feel the need to pummel him into oblivion! Iím sorry, girl, I know we have history, but Blondie McGee here is totally winning right now.

Cressida:  Hmmm. Iím sensing something . . . I think itís . . .oh yeah! Itís fish oíclock. Time for my new buddy to arrive and start casting.

Cressida:  As expected. Right on schedule. The guyís like clockwork.

Cressida:  Yo! Have I got some scrumptious conversation for you, my friend! You cannot even tell me you havenít ever eaten a grilled cheese! I mean, Iíve heard that you never experience hunger, but listen, there are so many other reasons to eat a grilled cheese sandwich, and chief among them . . . pure, unadulterated happiness.

Grim Reaper:  What can I say? Iím sold.

Cressida:  Oh, and btdubs . . . check out the guns, eh? Purty noice, if I do say so myself.

Grim Reaper:  Of course, you realize a well-toned physique will not save you from the inevitability of your demise . . .

Cressida:  Oh, no. Iíve got magic fish cake for that. The guns are just for bragging rights and occasionally knocking some heads.

Grim Reaper: Oh, okay then. As long as weíre on the same page.

Cressida:  Hey, so talking to you completes my first aspiration, but Iím going to need you again for my second one. Do you think you could try and keep me apprised of your schedule for the next couple of weeks? Iíd like to be as efficient about this as possible.

Grim Reaper:  Hey, anything for my new Grilled Cheese Bro. You know, your Dadís coming up fairly soon. Not your birth dad, of course, but-

Cressida:  Dadkito? Yeah, Iím aware. Weíre keeping close tabs on him, but I have to get a job soon and if it happens while Iím at work weíre pretty much sunk. Iíve got a spoiled pufferfish in my inventory as backup, but I think we might just add a bunch more elders to Youíve Urned It and hope for the best. I realize I have a reputation for being ruthless, and donít tell anyone, but orchestrating a death makes me a little queasy.

Grim Reaper:  Youíll get over that, but donít worry. In the meantime, I got your back.

Cressida:  Thanks, man. You rock.

Pernille:  Woooo! Birthday! Happy Birthday, girl!

Cressida:  Thanks, thanks, but back off guys, Iíve got some serious flirting to catch up on!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #470 on: February 20, 2017, 04:26:56 PM »
Oh, for the days of yore, when Wendell was that young and zany party animal! But yeah, he's still got game aplenty!

But why no game for Otto, senorita? He's the man with all the hot dog jokes! How can he not have game? *scratches head
Looked like he was doing okay with the brunette there...
So is Otto also part of the Spiffendales "We Can't Get No Satisfaction Points" campaign? I mean will he also need to do Soulmates?

Cressida is going strong! Show everyone who's da boss, girl! I hope that new boyfriend is prepared!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #471 on: February 20, 2017, 04:38:47 PM »
But why no game for Otto, senorita? He's the man with all the hot dog jokes! How can he not have game? *scratches head

oi, it was Wendell who killed it with the hot dog jokes!

Francesca, you and Akito=Me and Rocco.  I feel you bro!  It was the worst.  I had to force myself to even play because I was dreading it, and it was hard to enjoy as much once he was gone.

Oh look at cute little Wendell curled up in a ball... Just makes you want to scoop him up.  I can tell he's got a lot of life back in him with this new aspiration of his.  That young studly party animal is back in business, everyone watch out.

Morris looks pretty adorable too, though.  It's hard to be frustrated at that face.  Look at him.  He is his own worst enemy, really.  Poor little sims don't even know what's good for them.  Helpless.
Actually Otto is the cutest also.  I love him and Wendell doing the exact same pose - one giving himself a pep talk and the other oozing confidence.  LOL I had to laugh that he needed liquid courage.  Adorable.
Oh and Thad and Akito... 

Okay.  Let's just get it all out in the open:  Everyone is adorable.  I can't even look at them without smiling.

I've got a picture of Delaney making the exact same face as Arianna, doing the exact same whim.

Loved Cressida showing Grim the big guns.  Brilliant about the pufferfish in the inventory.  You're on your game, Cress.  You got this.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #472 on: February 21, 2017, 02:20:37 AM »
Haha, poor Erika didn't stand a chance. Wendell Spiffendale has definitely still got it. Better luck next time, Otto.

And ooooh, I was wondering how you were going to manage the whole summoning grim/witnessing a death thing. Good luck with that last part!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #473 on: February 21, 2017, 06:55:52 PM »
@oshizu No, that was Otto getting soundly rejected by that brunette. Embarrassment for days! Truthfully, I'll be fine on points with what Wendell's bringing in, and much as I loved Morris and Diego, I'd like second spouses to be more of an exception rather than a rule. I'd like Otto to stay faithful to Karla. And wfgodot is right, it was Wendell with the hot dog jokes. Otto's schtick was "I used to work in a . . .but then I . . ." Otto's contributing to the Satisfaction Campaign, just in smaller ways by buying annoying instruments and such. :)

@wfgodot Glad you're enjoying Wendell's studly rebirth. :) I'm also glad you think all my boys are cute. I adore them myself. The Akito situation gets gloomier, I'm afraid, but let's not talk about it. I'm still processing. :( Cressida appreciates your support and your appreciation of her brilliance. :)

@Whirligig Yeah, Wendell was definitely on top of it. Easiest seduction ever! Grim has been fishing across the street from the Spiffendales every day since forever. I'm sure it would be a more difficult aspiration to complete early in a dynasty, but now he's just a fixture in the neighborhood. :)

Chapter 110:  Hot Stuff

Cressida:  Well, hello there, handsome! I canít help but notice that somebody has gone and dropped your voice a few octaves. Howíd you like to whisper some Barry White songs in my ear?

Aditya:  Oh ho ho! Thank you, full edit mode!*


(*Sorry, rule-following dynasty friends! I decided this is my consolation prize for failing my dynasty. I feel your pain, but Aditya is now singing for the bass section.)

Morris:  You proud of yourself, son?

Tallulah:  Aw, man! There goes the horse statue Otto took from Myshuno Meadows! Heís going to be heartbroken. He loved that thing.

Pernille:  Nice going, buddy.

Yellow Polo:  Yes, Iím fine, thank you all for your concern. JERKS!

Thaddeus:  Okay, the fire has been out for awhile, why are we all still panicking?

Watcher:  Youíre asking me as if I know. I canít explain why you guys do anything.

Thaddeus:  So you donít know why Cressida and I are cool, then?

Watcher:  Youíre nutty as a fruitcake, and Cressidaís cold as ice.

Thaddeus:  And everyone else?

Watcher:  Oh, that clown car of nonsense right there?  Iím not even touching that one.

Cressida:  Mmmhmm. I think that takes care of my personal darkening. Iím still a bit hungry though . . .


Cressida:  Oh, thatís right. I can now manifest the worldís most perfect food out of nothing whenever I want to. Fancy that. A new age is dawning, fools, and youíd all better just bow down.

Cressida:  Gross, G-Mor. Iím eating.

Morris:  What? What? But I- No! It wasnít me!

Cressida:  Yeah, thatís never getting old.

Cressida:  Hey! Remember me? Iím your destiny.

Aditya:  Oh, yes! I could never forget your sinister sultriness.

Cressida:  Okay, then. Just to seal the deal here.

Catherine:  Grrrrrr. Stupid happy couple. Misery will come for you both someday, too.

Cressida:  Shove off, Grandma Buzzkill!

Aditya:  No way! Youíve got to be kidding! An entire race of gremlins who disappear the second you look at them?

Cressida:  Of course Iím kidding. Iím just completing my daily task for work. Keep up, dude.

Aditya:  Okay, so when you told me Iíd won a lifetime supply of toothpaste and an endorsement deal with the toothpaste company for having the worldís most charming smile . . .?

Cressida:  Also a lie. But kind of a compliment, too, so thatís good, right?

Aditya:  Ummmm . . .

Cressida:  Letís go make out in the closet!

Aditya:  Back on board!

Aditya:  Okay, I see your point. Iím willing to participate in this relationship despite the deception and mischief it inevitably entails.

Cressida:  Whew! Thank goodness. Okay, now letís go find the only blank wall in the entire house and kiss in front of it.

Aditya:  Yes! This is much hotter than making out in front of one of the countless masterpieces decorating the other walls in this house. Iím so glad we went out of our way to come up here.

Eliza:  Hey guys, whatís shaking?

Cressida:  We were having some nice private smooching time, but now . . . . since youíre here, how about a hug?

Eliza:  Youíre picking my pocket, arenít you?

Cressida:  Your fault for being transparent. I can see right where the goods are.

Cressida:  Nice! Got a bonus and I havenít even been to my first day of work yet! Pat on back, self! Now for the next phase of my aspiration!

Dat Hair:  Iíve got a bad feeling. I shouldíve just gone jogging in Windenburg like that college brochure told me to.

Cressida:  Wow. Poor choice of activewear, honey. It totally clashes with this red semi-frozen beverage I just threw on you. Also, I hate your face. Letís fight!

Cressida:  Whoa! Maybe shouldnít have gone straight for the jogger. Definitely fighting someone more sedentary next time.

Cressida:  Beat you anyway, though, didnít I, Jogger Lady? Weíre enemies now. Oh, and Izumi hates you, too.

Izumi:  Thatís right! Youíre lame!

Cressida:  Okay, well that guy clearly thinks heís hot stuff. Better set the record straight.

Cressida:  You, sir, are not hot stuff.

Sir:  But . . . my chili pepper shirt . . .!

Cressida:  Is not fooling anyone. You are lukewarm at best. Now we fight.

Cressida:  Iím going to rip that shirt off and make you eat it!

Cressida:  Ya finished? You done?

Sir:  Yes.

Cressida:  What is your temperature?

Sir:  A balmy 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cressida:  Thatís better.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #474 on: February 21, 2017, 08:05:14 PM »
lol... those people in the background.  I love the Sir, thinking he's hot cause of his pepper shirt.

The Clown Car of nonsense was too funny, and the perfect description for everyone as well. 

How excellent of Catherine to make an angry appearance, glaring at the couple - that may have been my favorite part.  And Otto's poor horse statue!  aw!

Okay.  Akito.  *sigh*  :(  gloomier.  Gloomier than what we already know will happen?  Hope you got his urn...  okay not talking about it.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #475 on: February 21, 2017, 08:13:45 PM »
OMG!! I'm dying.. This was so funny. That clown car was the best.

Cressida is the best. But Wendell is still my man!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #476 on: February 21, 2017, 08:54:37 PM »
Thaddeus looks great in his new sweater that matches his silver hair! His cuteness just never fades!
What the heck are those clown car sims doing!?

Oooooh, I profoundly admire Cressida's new look! Everything about it!
The kohl-darkened eyes, the hair with intertwined braids at the back, the dark round-necked sweater over the long-tailed white shirt, the patterned hose!
Cressida, you are killing it, girl!!! *shields eyes from the dazzle and wow

Props to you, Aditya! I like the way you go with the/her flow, without feeling threatened by her Powah.
Hey, Watcher, I can't tell if you're bragging or complaining about all the walls slathered with masterpiece paintings.   ;)

Cressida is too much. Way to put Sir Hot Stuff in his place! Really loving her new look!

P.S. I'm just going to ignore any gloomy talk about dearest Akito. *turns away in denial

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #477 on: February 22, 2017, 04:26:13 AM »
You know, it's not like changing Aditya's voice changes the game play. At all. I mean, it's technically cheating but it gives you no real advantage. I almost wish the rules were a bit more lax when it comes to purely cosmetic changes - like voice or walk style.

Oh gosh, I recently had a fire in my Dynasty house and people were tense about the fire looooong after it was put out. So annoying! I did laugh at the 'clown car of nonsense' picture, though. Bahahaha, poor Morris.

I LOVE Cressida's new look.

Did you ever work out why Catherine's been so angry as of late?

Aaaand Cressida wastes no time getting those fights and enemies out of the way as quickly as possible. She's killing it!
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #478 on: February 22, 2017, 01:26:51 PM »
I love Cressida's new look. And her attitude to Public Enemy, although I'm very glad I'm not her neighbour.

Oh, isn't the fire thing infuriating? Why couldn't it be +1 Happy for 'Phew, the fire is out and we only got mildly crispy'?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #479 on: February 22, 2017, 01:43:45 PM »
@wfgodot I mean, there's no way he got that shirt through legitimate means. That is not the face of a curry champion. Glad you enjoyed Catherine's cameo. That was some super-lucky timing. And the clown car. *shakes head*

@sdhoey Hehe. Glad you liked it. Wendell says thanks. :)

@oshizu I was hoping you'd approve of Cressida's young adult makeover! I had a lot of fun with that one. :) Here's the thing about the masterpieces:  I've never sold one. Not even in the beginning when we were really short on cash and couldn't pay the bills. That's 8.5 generations worth of paintings and every single time somebody produces one I put the walls up and go searching around the house for blank spaces that need some art and that is literally the only wall left in the house that has nothing. And it's in Pernille's bedroom. There's no reason for them to even be up in that room, yet there they went all by their little sim selves. I was a bit annoyed. :)

@Whirligig Thanks, man. I know it's silly at this point, but I'm still trying to stick to the rules as closely as possible, so this intentional infraction felt a little scandalous to me. You're right, though, there's no gameplay advantage, and I would so love to get rid of some goofy walks around here.
I have no idea what Catherine's deal is, but I feel like ghosts are always angry or sad until they find something to break and then they're like, "Okay. Phew! Now I can relax and watch TV." I really don't know what her beef is with Bearcula. She never once pummeled Drago into oblivion.

@Alex Yes! The fire thing drives me nuts! They just come out of nowhere and the tense moodlets last forever. I love your idea for a "mildly crispy but alive" moodlet. I think it makes much more sense! :)

Chapter 111:  Cool as a Cucumber

Cressida:  Hmmm. I think I already dislike you from before. Keep moving.

Red braid:  Ugh! Canít even get beat up in this town!

Cressida:  White polo! Youíre up! Make with the fisticuffs!

Cressida:  Oh, thatís adorable. He thinks heís just going to walk away. Iíll just wait for that rude introduction to drop into his queue . . .

Cressida:  Welcome back, jerk face!

Cressida:  Okay, now you can go.

Watcher:  Donít you make those puppy eyes at me. You knew what you were doing. Go take a bath and a nap and think about what youíve done.

Wendell:  Erika, my angel! Youíre so beautiful I donít even feel the need to ask you to change your outfits in our closet . . . although I probably still will because who knows what your formalwear looks like?

Cressida:  What did you say, wood block? WHAT?  Thatís what I thought you said.

Cressida:  Yeah, okay. I could do that. I could make one of those. And now I will yell at you, camping mascot, because I have the option and Iím dying to know what itís like to scream at a giant block of wood.

Cressida:  What kind of tree are you even made out of, huh? There are no trees that big! None! And if there were a tree that big, and someone cut it down to make a giant moose-beaver, that person would be arrested and jailed! Youíre NONSENSICAL! What do you think about THAT?

Cressida:  *deep sigh* Okay, my rage is quelled. For now.

Pernille:  So Aditya, would you like some advice on horseshoe technique . . . or a massage?

Aditya:  Um . . . could you not stand so close? Iím pretty sure Cressida would have no problem beating either of us up.

Akito:  So . . . not that Iím not having a good time, but . . .

Cressida:  Yeah, the guest list got kind of messed up. Sorry, Dad. I could have sworn I clicked on Daddeus, but we got Grandma Pernille, instead. And I was supposed to bring along Auntie Lula and her boytoy, but I donít know him so that didnít go right, either. We can go home in a minute, I got what I needed.

Akito:  Itís cool. Take your time. Take that nice fella of yours on a date or something.

Cressida:  What do you say, snookums? You want to explore the deep woods with me?

Aditya:  Oh, yes. So much. Just as soon as I beat your Grandma at horseshoes.

Cressida:  Huh?

Aditya:  Um . . . ladies? Do you want me to just throw over you? That seems unsafe.

Cressida:  You do whatever you think is wisest, dear. Just think very, very carefully about it.

Pernille: Very carefully.

Aditya:  I canít help but think that youíre trying to tell me something. *shrugs* Oh, well. Incoming!

Cressida:  Despite your ridiculous lack of sense, I have decided I love you and want to marry you. I admire the fact that you donít fear me excessively. Also, you are extraordinarily cute.

Aditya:  I accept!

Cressida:  Awww. This warms my ice-cold heart several degrees.

Aditya:  Nice!

Cressida:  Your shoulders are really nicely muscled, I must say.

Aditya:  Canít do this with a grilled cheese sandwich, can you?

Cressida:  Well . . . .Iíve never tried.

Aditya:  I knew I shouldnít have brought up sandwiches. Iíll never get her attention back now.

Cressida:  Mmmmm. Iím hungry. I wonder what itís like to toast grilled cheese over a campfire.

Cressida:  Oh, is that dust on my shoulder? Oh no thatís right; it couldnít be. Iím so amazing and intimidating that even dust runs away in fear.


Cressida:  Jealous?

Tallulah:  A bit.

Cressida: . . . .

Tallulah:  Okay, yes! A lot!

Watcher:  Poser. Literal poser.

Akito:  Thad, does this swimsuit make my butt look big?

Thaddeus:  Hehehe. Yup! *lascivious grin*

Eliza:  You know, this mischief thing is getting a bit old.

Cressida:  Your fault for being the only one awake when I get home from work! Now listen to this preposterous rumor I just thought up!

Cressida:  Yeah, yeah. Confidence, full needs, bonuses, etc. Aw, nuts. Iím hysterical. How did that happen?

Cressida:  Iím so calm. So very calm. Calm as a clam. Cool as a cucumber. A clamcumber. hehehe. Thatís silly. That makes me gig- dang it! I even removed all the nice art from this room and bought the ugliest possible mirror to calm down in. Okay, trying again . . .*deep breath*. Not today, Mr. Reaper, NOT TODAY!