Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 153746 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #495 on: February 24, 2017, 07:25:23 PM »
Okay, now your game's just being spiteful.  Salma?
Oh no, where's Morris. I need to send him a cyber-hug. Did you check Household Management? Oh wait, aren't butlers immortal?
Dang, Francesca, forget the interesting disco need to finish before your game becomes unplayable.

Leaving the home lot and playing at Speed 3 (which means no screenshots unless you like blurrrrr) is still an option!
So sorry that your game is being so horrid! On the plus side, though, Cressida had a well-attended wedding and finished her Grilled Cheese aspiration, yes?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #496 on: February 25, 2017, 06:01:35 AM »
Oh no, not Dadkito! :( I'm so sorry, Francesca! And I'm sorry that that date was such a bust, too. Ugh, how frustrating? The montage was beautiful.

Cressida would go straight for the Boss' jugular without a second thought, wouldn't she? I suppose, if he put her in the Nancy Landgraab getup, he kind of deserves it...

Yeah, I can't picture her in a fouffy wedding gown either, to be honest. The shirtdress is much more fitting.

Bahaha, looks like Rieko was actually useful after all. I mean, oh, um, poor, poor Rieko. *cough*

Aaahhh, I was wondering when the Huntington storyline would resurface. Rieko was involved, was she? That definitely makes perfect sense. Definitely had nothing at all to do with the Watcher.

Salma, too? What's with your game?
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #497 on: February 25, 2017, 06:58:11 AM »
Akito and Reiko!? Oh no! :( And now Salma as well? Now your game's just being mean.

I like Cressida's wedding not-really-a-dress, though, for all it was probably a glitch. I can't really picture her in a pretty white lacy thing either. The black one, maybe.

Congrats on your wedding, anyway, Cressida. Sounds like it worked out very well for you. Better than for poor Reiko, anyway.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #498 on: February 27, 2017, 10:34:13 PM »
@wfgodot That is a great idea! Thank you! I should totally fire Houda. I've kind of worked her into the plot already, though, so maybe she'll stick around. I kind of feel like Salma deserves a break. We'll see. Cressida does not mind that you dislike her, but she will beat you up for saying that and is not inviting you to Grilled Cheese Brunch. Especially after what you said about BLTs. :)

@oshizu That's what I thought! Pure spite! Morris definitely needs hugs. Salma's been his super-bestie since Diego died and he's just inconsolable. Yes, Cressida has finished Grilled Cheese, which is why she has the ability to summon sandwiches whenever she wants. Honestly, it seems silly, but it's definitely the aspiration completion reward I've used most of any of them, except maybe the ability to write Books of Life.

@Whirligig Dude, I know. I was so bummed. I'm glad you liked the photo montage. Yeah, if Pranav is responsible for the Nancy Landgraab suit then he definitely deserves a thrashing. :)

@Alex Yeah, it was a rough week, but the wedding was a success all around. It was kind of nice, actually. Cressida is the only heir I've had for whom a death at the wedding would not only not ruin it, but make it better.

Chapter 115:  The Interesting Thing About Zebras

Arianna:  Well, itís been an interesting ten days since we were last here.

Morris:   .  . . I just donít understand. How could she just leave us without saying a word?

Morris:  You miss her, donít you?

Thaddeus:  I thought she was my friend . . .I donít know whatís worse, the loss or the betrayal!

Morris:  I know just how you feel, son. She was a very important part of this household. We thought we knew her and it hurts to find out that someone you cared about doesnít value you the same way. At least we have the consolation of knowing sheís alive and well and living her life somewhere.

Thaddeus:  No she isnít! We all just saw her die!

Morris:  No, no! Thatís what I thought at first, too, but I checked my relationship panel and sheís still there, bright and colorful and alive! Iím guessing she just wanted to take a chance and focus on her music career. Still, youíd think sheíd at least have said something.

Thaddeus:  Wait, are you talking about Rieko? Iím talking about Rieko, my ex-wife who just died in our dining room after admitting to sabotaging the dynasty and murdering Grandma Mal.

Morris:  Oh, no. I was talking about Salma. Who cares about Rieko? She was kind of a snot and Akito was much better for you.

Thaddeus:   . . . . ?

Watcher:  You know what?  Iím going to let you have this one. This oneís a freebie. You go ahead and mourn.

Houda:  Good afternoon, Master Morris.

Morris:  Afternoon, Not Salma. I see that youíre still not Salma.

Houda:  That is correct, sir.

Arianna:  You know, just a little consistency. Thatís all I ask. And now this.

Cressida:  All right. We both know the drill. Letís go.


Cressida:  Okay, this was fun. I'm going to go throw a party now. You're not invited. Same time tomorrow?

Cressida:  Um, no. There is nothing dastardly about what is going on here. New costume!

Cressida:  Yes! Much better! Is this new? I donít remember a villain option before. Iím certainly not complaining, though. This honestly could not be better.

Cressida:  I stand corrected. My live-out husband has autonomously chosen to match me. This is amazing and awesome.

Aditya:  I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but I can still color within the lines now and then.

Pernille:  I was going to say something about contemplating this pumpkin-

Wendell: But we both know this shot is all about contemplating my seriously hot exposed centurion gams. You're welcome, ladies!

Cressida:  A little something extra . . . because why not?

Morris:  Pirate moves! Definitely a booty joke waiting to happen.

Tallulah:  We really should go to bed.

Cressida:  Oh, darling! Letís demolish the world together.

Aditya:  I love to see the flames of destruction reflected in your eyes.

Aditya:  Hey, this isnít a party requirement, is it?

Cressida:  No, but itís a stay-married-to-me requirement right now.

Aditya:  Got it!

Thaddeus:  Hey, Aditya. Spending the night again?

Aditya:  Yes, sir! Iíll warm up the bed for you.

Thaddeus:  Thanks, man. See you in a min. We really need to switch out Cressidaís single bed for a double. Iím getting too used to this.

Cressida:  Well, itís got cheese, which I like, and itís creepy, which I also like, but . . . itís just not the same.

Pernille:  Ah, another masterpiece! I know just the spot for this!

Thaddeus:  All right! Last party, honey! Are you excited?

Cressida:  Yeah, I guess. Iím running out of things to say about zebras, though.

Arianna:  Did you know that every zebra has a unique pattern of black and white stripes?

Cressida:  Yup.

Thaddeus:  And that theyíre a part of the equidae family along with horses and donkeys?

Cressida:  Yup. Knew that also.

Arianna:  Their tails are about 18 inches long!

Cressida:  Yeah. Okay. Can we move on to newspapers?

Watcher:  I came up here to see why you were so uncomfortable, but I see that you have no one to blame but yourself. Enjoy your salmon.

Wendell:  Whoa! Whoa! Do not yell at the Hug Patrol, all right? I have a whole other family now that likes and appreciates me and gives me massages. I am under no obligation whatsoever to take this.

Thaddeus:  You are under every obligation to take this! We are your biological family, and Iím insane so Iím going to irrationally yell at you now and then and you are going to get over it!

Watcher:  Yeah! Man, heís full of himself these days! I should never have let him out of the house!

Watcher:  You see?  Youíre not even angry and youíre still picking on Bearcula! Did you pull that trick where you secretly get the evil trait in death or something? Iím checking!

Cressida:  Didnít anyone tell you? We donít need you anymore.

Erika:  Man, youíre mean! You are just honestly super mean.

Cressida:  Iíd rather be mean than useless. Just sayiní.

Erika:  Ugh!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #499 on: February 28, 2017, 12:13:07 AM »
Lol, this is a snarky chapter. ;-)
*Morris: Who cares about Rieko? (lol)
*Everyone being unenthusiastic about the new butler (hey, it's not her fault)
*The watcher not letting Wendell gloat about his popularity, rofl
*Cressida telling Erika she's no longer needed.

But why does Cressida have a single bed when she's got her some Aditya?
Nice synchronizing for the costume party, Aditya! The villanous couple, for the win!
I love that Wendell has proclaimed himself the Hug Patrol. How very sweet! But I'm still Team Morris!  *wave banner

Cressida must be getting very close to finishing all her requirements except her elder birthday.
Is there anyone left for her to befriend? ;-)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #500 on: February 28, 2017, 02:44:07 PM »
I'm so sad for poor Morris.  He was so fond of Salma.  He shared his secrets with her and everything.  And now he is all hung up on her sudden disappearance.  I hope you get your plotline with Houda over with soon so you can fire her.  (I hope firing her actually works).  Just whatever you do, at some point, you must fire her and get Salma back.  Since it is not a BLT brunch, I don't feel too bad about not being invited.  Neener!

Actually I'm kind of bummed about Thaddeus being all depressed over Rieko.  Seriously, I never got to see him properly mourn Akito and he's over here all upset about Rieko. 
Look at Wendell in his costume!  Everything that guy does, he makes it look good. 

Aditya's sleeping arrangement between Thaddeus and Cressida makes me laugh.  Only cause it kind of reminds me of what went on with Cam and Rocco and Daisy.

Right on, Pernille.  And so the lone blank wall will be blank no more?

I'm so happy Wendell knows he has another family out there willing to take him in any time.  We're here for you, big guy.  I can't promise you won't experience the exact same insane outburst from Cliff, but... we will still do the massage thing.  Put on your Behren socks, man. 

I love that Erika is now history.  Haha...  Poor girl.  Not.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #501 on: February 28, 2017, 02:54:02 PM »
Watcher:  I came up here to see why you were so uncomfortable, but I see that you have no one to blame but yourself. Enjoy your salmon.
I'm glad it's not just my sims that bypass perfectly good chairs to stand in rubbish piles (or perfectly good beds to sleep in bushes).

Love Cressida and Aditya's his 'n' hers villain costumes :D

*has totally not just spent half an hour googling interesting facts about zebras, honest*

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #502 on: March 01, 2017, 03:07:50 AM »
Good thing Thaddeus is surrounded by a supportive family that always listens to and understands his problems and frustrations. So, so, supportive, Morris.

Congrats on getting the parties done! I loved the matching villain get-up. Aditya really is a keeper - I'm so glad Cressida found him. :) She should definitely get a double bed.

But he is second only to her first love, Grilled Cheese, I see.

Ghosts getting the evil trait when they die? Is that actually a thing that can happen?
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #503 on: March 01, 2017, 02:09:25 PM »
@oshizu :) I guess it was pretty snarky. I'm feeling snarky lately. I blame Cressida. She has a single bed because I'm lazy. I just remodeled the whole room to make it a toddler nursery and then she aged up and got a child bed and after that I was like, no more! You get no more renovations! She doesn't sleep, anyway. She's Never Weary and has a book of life, so . . . okay, okay. I'll get her a bed. :)
I'm glad you're so devoted to Morris. He does need some more love.
Cressida's got her friends all lined up, thank goodness. She can be nice when she has to. I just have to be careful not to ruin everything by having her perform her daily work task on people she needs to like her. I usually just grab whomever is walking past the house.

@wfgodot  I know! Poor Morris! He and Salma are really good friends and he was very devoted to her! Now he has to start all over with Houda and I'm bummed.
I'm actually pretty mad at Thaddeus right now. Even though he and Akito were married and soulmates and everything he got zero sad moodlets when Akito died. With Rieko he got a double-whammy of "witnessed a death" and "death of a friend." I'm sort of not speaking to him right now.
I'd forgotten about the Cam-Rocco-Daisy sleep triangle! That was the cutest! I have to go back and read that again.
Wendell is perusing his sock options as we speak. :)
Oh, and Cressida has read your latest post and wonders how those BLTs are working out for you. ;)

@Alex Nope. Not just you. She freaked me out because whenever they get uncomfortable I always assume they've overexerted themselves somehow but, nope, just standing in a trash pile. :P
Good luck on the zebra facts. Despite their super-cool appearance there just isn't that much to say about them. One site I found actually talked about Chris Rock's zebra character in Madagascar, which I think is really more an interesting fact about Chris Rock than anything, but whatever. :)

@Whirligig Yeah, Morris has a bit of trouble sympathizing with anything not Morris-related, but that is why we love him. :) The matching villain costumes was such a lucky break.
Recently a ghost of wfgodot's acquired the evil trait after dying, and I was wondering if the same thing happened to Catherine because she's been so angry lately, but I checked and her traits are the same as before. I hope it doesn't become a thing!

Chapter 116:  Good Idea, Bad Idea

Watcher:  Sweet! Vampire street style! Hey, Cress! Come fight with this chick! Sheís awesome!

Passerby:  You good, Maya? This girl bothering you?

Maya:  Oh, I think Iíll be just fine.

Cressida:  *chuckles*

Cressida:  How about we warm up with a little threatening? Sound good?

Maya: Hold on there, tiger. You may want to reconsider.

Cressida:  Well, I donít like your outfit.

Maya:  Um, Iím afraid the problem there lies with you, dear, because my outfit is solid gold.

Cressida:  Hmm. This isnít going the way I planned. Okay, go into your dark form because if experience is any measure that oneís going to be absolutely ridiculous and extremely insult-able.

Cressida:  Still cool in dark form? What is this? Did we get a patch or something? Thatís it! Now weíre fighting.

Maya:  I was hoping youíd say that.

Cressida:  This may have been a mistake.

Maya:  You think?

Cressida:  Can you let me down so I can start studying vampire lore really hard?

Maya:  Say you like my outfit.

Cressida:  Oh, come on! Donít make me say it!

Maya:  Say it . . .

Cressida:  Your outfit is very hot and sexy and I kind of want to copy it when I get my adult birthday makeover. You happy?

Maya:  Oh, yes. Very happy. Thanks.

Cressida:  Youíre still a jerk, though. Buzz off. My daily task is complete.

Maya:  As is your humiliation. Bwa. Ha. Ha.

Cressida:  Stupid vampires.

Cressida:  Okay you all heard me tell her to buzz off, yeah? I in no way said, ďI require you to stand outside our house until you burn to death.Ē She definitely did that on her own! I donít need to witness any more deaths. This is just annoying.

Cressida:  Ugh. The smell of the smoke is interfering with my grilled cheese breakfast.

Pernille:  Excuse me, Not Salma? You know youíre standing on the wrong side, yeah? If you ever want to be acknowledged as anything other than an unacceptable stand-in youíre going to have to get with the family on these types of occasions.

Houda:  I just want to see what program heís using! Is it DethMatrix or SoulSwap?

Grim Reaper:  Back off, Not Salma. Trade Secrets.

Arianna:  Well, at least we get a cool new tombstone.

Morris:  I donít like it. It stands out too much. It ruins the balance.

Cressida:  Well, we could always kill another vampire for the other side of the cemetery plot. Iím excited for her ghost to come out. I hear vampire ghosts are really neat. Plus, I want a re-match.

Watcher:  Um, Houda? You interesting in fixing that at all? No? Just going to stand there? K, then.

Cressida:  Oooh! Look at me! I can point my finger! Pointy point point! Man, after fighting a vampire, all this other mean stuff is super boring.

Ponytail:  Oh, put some clothes on, you show-off!

Cressida:  *yawn*

Morris:  All right, Salma. Weíre here and we want answers!

Salma:  Oh, come on guys! Whatís with the gloomy faces? Come on, itís knight night!

Salma:  Morris-

Morris:  Iím just Morris now, huh? Not even Master Morris for old timesí sake?

Salma:  Morris, weíre just friends now. Equals. Master is a sacred title, and as much as I admire you I canít cheapen it by just throwing it around.

Morris:  Fine. So why did you do it, Salma? How could you leave us?

Salma:  Your familyís immortality put me an awkward position, Morris. I was bound to serve your household for a lifetime, but after a few lifetime-length periods it became obvious that my obligation had been more than fulfilled. The powers that be over at the Academy were preparing to launch an investigation, and not wishing to burden your family I decided to quietly resign.

Morris:  Whatís the big deal about an investigation by the Windenburg Butlering Academy?

Salma:  *meaningfully* Itís . . . burdensome, Morris.

Morris:  Burdensome?

Salma:  Burdensome. I felt the intrusion into your familyís affairs, particularly when you are nearing the end of your quest would have been unfair and troubling and the best way I could fulfill my obligation to you and express my loyalty to your family was by sparing you the inconvenience.

Morris:  I see.

Salma:  Now, come on. Buy me a drink?

Morris:  Well, all right. But only if you let me taste it and criticize it ruthlessly.

Salma:  Iíd expect nothing less.

Wendell:  *sings* Iím married to the music!

Morris:  I still say that McDillianís 15-year-aged nect is superior. Aging it any more than that is just pandering to the sims with too many simoleons who care more about how much they pay for it than how good it tastes!

Salma:  Then donít buy the 20-year, Morris! Just let it go! Honestly, theyíre not making it purely to annoy you.

Morris:  I have to say, youíre actually more fun when you talk back to me. Maybe I wonít fire Not Salma and try to get you back.

Salma:  Her name is Houda, and I wouldnít come back, anyway, Morris. I make twice what I did at your place busking at the Spice Festival. And Iím still immortal.

Morris:  Youíd better be! I have many more arguments saved up that I havenít been able to have with anyone since Diego passed.

Morris:  And look! Just look at that Sunset Valley she made me. Two celery sprigs! Two! Who does she think sheís dealing with?

Salma:  Thatís actually a reportable infraction. One celery sprig is standard and anything other than standard is pretty much inexcusable. I wonder who her mixology professor was. Iím sure theyíd be mortified.

Morris:  I know, right?

Salma:  You know, you could help her out and share a few mixology secrets with her . . . sheís very lucky to have you.

Morris:  Well, when you put it that way . . .

Morris:  Good to see you, Salma.

Salma:  Good to see you, Morris. Shall we plan to meet up again next Knight Night?

Morris:  Itís a date! A platonic one! I donít need any more loves of my life, but youíre very special to me Salma, and I hope we can stay good friends.

Salma:  Always, Morris. Never doubt it.

Watcher:  Always when I start the game Wendell is selected. Whatís up with that? Is Wendell the gameís favorite, too?  Wait a minute, are his eyes open?

Wendell:  *sharp intake of breath*

Watcher:  Oh. Nope. Now theyíre closed. So innocent. I donít know, mister. Iím not buying it.

Wendell:  *secret smile*

Watcher:  Okay, there you go. Thereís your Wendell sad puppy face. Youíre welcome, Wendell fans. Now, Wendell, you know the drill, bath and nap! Now!

Watcher:  And the Morris puppy face. Though you definitely didnít get yours from working out Captain Lovehandles. You go do yoga!

Cressida:  While meditating, Cressida found it in her heart to forgive Sir Chilipepper shirt? Seriously? I swear, these pop-up messages do not know me at all!

Arianna:  Um . . .

Cressida:  Heh heh heh heh . . . never getting old! I wish I could see your face! I bet itís awesome!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #504 on: March 01, 2017, 02:26:51 PM »
You can get albino zebras, which still have stripes, but they're really, really pale. That's about as interesting a zebra fact as I found.

Those vampire gravestones are weird. I wonder why they get their own special graves, but the other death types don't. (Unless aliens get freaky alienesque graves and I've just never noticed?) I'm with Cressida - you might need another one, just to restore balance to the graveyard. Or, you know, you could always put that one in the middle.

Nice to see Salma again :D

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #505 on: March 01, 2017, 02:28:22 PM »
Loved the shot of Wendell dancing!

Lol, Cress and the vampire get into a fight Oh right...mock outfit!
My favorite Cressida moment was her volunteering to kill another vampire so that the family graveyard could have vampire tombstone bookends.

Awww, I really enjoyed the Morris/Salma reunion! Their chitchat was too awesome! Can't they meet twice a week? *makes puppy dog eyes at the watcher

Oh, Morris, your hips have gone beyond the point of being called love handles! Yoga, now! Or daily laps in the pool?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #506 on: March 01, 2017, 04:31:21 PM »
Yeah look at all those pics of Wendell!  That puppy face!  I can't handle it!  Francesca.  Look at how cute he is.  How funny that the game starts with him every time, and his bedroom eyes LOL.  How can he not be your favorite too?

What a vampire!  Actually I really love the picture of the third girl walking past with the worried look on her face.  Although she was worried for Maya (rightfully so, I guess) - I couldn't help but think she looked terrified of the bumble bee buzzing in her ear.

I love Houda standing all up in Grim's business.  Like a curious little kid!!!  Okay, she's not so bad.  That pic did it for me.  And I see she is every bit as helpful as Aicha is!

Really nice to see Salma with Morris.  Nice cover up, Watcher.  I'm glad you figured out a plot for it, and even one that lets Morris further his friendship with her.  I hope we get to see more of her!  I'll be interested to see how Morris does from here on out with Houda.

Evil, evil Cress.  I'm not surprised at all by her parting shot on the massage table.  Arianna looks super, though.  Great expression!
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #507 on: March 03, 2017, 04:12:31 AM »
Gosh, Cressida, I thought you were tough, but looks like vampires are your weakness?

Oh good, the sun got her in the end. She deserved it?

I like the new Sassy Salma. I'm glad to see she and Morris are becoming good (platonic) friends. (I know Wendell has his fan club, but honestly? I think Morris is my favourite Spiffendale - 'love handles' and all).

Arianna's face made me laugh, too.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #508 on: March 03, 2017, 12:30:48 PM »
@Alex Okay, that is pretty interesting. I googled it. Albino zebras are cool. Aliens do get their own super-cool tombstones! You don't see Goopy's because I put his urn in Pernille's bedroom, but it's got blinky lights and everything. It's nice!
I was really happy to see Salma again, too. Nice of her to invite everyone out.

@oshizu :) Yeah, Wendell's got some moves! Cressida is very anxious to redeem herself, and graveyard symmetry is as good an excuse as any. :)
I actually missed the next Knight Night (Thursdays! I can't forget it's Thursdays!), but I'll see if I can sneak in some more Salma/Morris time.

@wfgodot If you liked that one, you're going to love this next chapter. :) I guess my favorite is whoever is the active heir at the time, or whoever has the most interesting subplot going on. Say it with me:  "I'm fickle!" :)
I didn't even notice the buzzing bee! Yeah, that would make me nervous, too! I don't blame you, random passerby.
Yup. Houda and Aicha. They can form the Useless Butlers Club. She is pretty cute, though.
I loved Arianna's expression, too. Sometimes I think after all this time she's still my favorite. Pernille as a child was probably the most fun to write, though. Maybe she's my favorite. I don't know.

@Whirligig Yeah, I was actually pretty disappointed in Cressida. Maya made very short work of her in spite of the fact that the sun was coming up. Oh, well. At least she learned that crossing Cressida Spiffendale doesn't pay. :)
I like Morris and Salma as friends, too. I'm glad Morris is still your favorite, even with his spare tire. He's actually very built from all the yoga, he's just got a lot of padding covering it up. :)

Chapter 117:  Underground

Cressida:  Complete! A bonafide Public Enemy! Oh, man! New mean interactions! Iím so excited! I wonder if I can summon Mayaís ghost and pick on it!

Cressida:  Better study up first!

Watcher:  Oh, yes. Thanks ever so for watering the trash plant, Houda. Thatíll definitely ingratiate you with people.

Watcher:  Wait a minute. Wait just a doggone minute. Is that a smolder? Wendell, you are many things, friend, but you are not a smolderer! Where did that come from?

Wendell:  Hehehe. Nailed it!

Watcher:  My word you are full of yourself these days. Iím never letting you out of the house again!

Watcher:  Where do you think youíre going?

Thaddeus:  A secret underground warehouse concert! One of my friends is still alive and invited me!

Watcher:  But those City Living rabbit hole events never work! Theyíre a total tease!

Thaddeus:  Well, itís working this time, and Iím going! See you, losers!

Otto:  So your new buddy Rocco gives massages, huh?

Wendell:  Yes, and Iím used to them now. I just donít feel right anymore until Iíve had the old back muscles worked on a bit.

Otto:  Okay, well, itís not like Iíve got anything else to do. Here goes!

Wendell:  Hang on a minute there, son! Rocco warmed up the oil before he put it on me. Cold oil will just tense my muscles up more.

Otto:  Oh, well, we canít have that, can we?

Wendell:  Certainly not!

Otto:  Iím guessing Rocco didnít have any problem with you passing gas in the middle of the massage.

Wendell:  He never mentioned it at all. Heís a real bro, that Rocco. A top-quality guy!

Otto:  *gags* Okay, then.

Otto:  Happy, Granddad?

Wendell:  I suppose itíll do for now.

Wendell:  Ahhh. Itís good to be Wendell.

Watcher:  Ladies and Gentlemen, Wendell Spiffendale. The literal worst. You are beyond spoiled.

Watcher:  How was it?

Thaddeus:  Awesome. Iím a hipster now!

Watcher:  Oh, are you?

Thaddeus:  Yes. I officially knew about this band before they were cool.

Watcher:  What band was it?

Thaddeus:  You wouldnít have heard of them.

Watcher:  Thatís cold, man. Thatís a burn. How you gonna burn your own Watcher?

Cressida:  Okay, then. A little midnight research at the library to fulfill a random whim so I can purchase my last unique reward.

Cressida:  Yes! Research rules!

Cressida:  And as long as Iím here, might as well take this computer home with me. And thatís another whim fulfilled! Iím on a roll!

Cressida:  Um . . . . sir? You doing okay over there?

Vlad:  Is that young woman still researching at the computer? I canít seem to alter my stalking trajectory to look.

Cressida:  Yeah, Iím going to go for a jog. Smell you later, garlic breath!

Vlad:  Well, as long as Iím here I might as well look up a new recipe for plasma fruit salad. Bwahhahahhaha! Evil culinary research!

Cressida:  So, not a history buff, huh? You sure? Because you seem like a guy who might know a lot about that, or even have witnessed, like, most of recorded history . . .?

Vlad:  Sorry I canít help you out, Madam. Iím just your average library patron, here to peruse some tomes and expand my literary horizons.

Cressida:  All right, then. I admire your firmness of resolve in sticking to that story. Now stop looking at my neck.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #509 on: March 03, 2017, 03:38:40 PM »
Oh, the Wendell smolder and then his little happy face after you commented on it!
I do believe that he grows cuter with all of the recent fangirling he's been attracting!
Just the same, nobody does snobby haute cuisine speak like Morris! *raises Team Morris banner and waves it wildly

Haha, Otto sarcasm as he gives his big-headed grandfather a massage, hahahahaha. I really miss Otto humor!

Cressida, girl! When I saw Vlad in full-on break-in mode, I was worrying for your "scrumptious neck"!
I'm glad you were able to chat him up, with a grilled cheese sammie in hand, even!
That career outfit was made for Cressida!