Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 153654 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #525 on: March 10, 2017, 03:25:14 PM »
You're crazy, Francesca :)

But if this isn't the most perfect thing I've ever seen!
Look at all the awesome facial expressions you captured!  I especially like Wendell covering his face with his hands, almost horrified about the sushi murder threat.

And it's Waiting for Godot :)

It's amazing!  Don't worry, I don't think anyone is going to feel the need to run off with Sofia.  I think you're good.  Nothing to apologize for, really.  The hipsters shall forgive you.  Maybe they're a little annoying, sometimes!  Maybe, sometimes, they deserve a little poking at! 

I agree with oshizu on your excellent photo editing and sepia tones.  I love the way you dressed them up, too.

Officially my favorite post.  Wendell, wildly handsome as usual.
+10 cool points, Francesca
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #526 on: March 10, 2017, 03:36:40 PM »
Odd that you mention that! I thought the post was a portrayal of "Waiting for wfgodot"?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #527 on: March 10, 2017, 03:38:19 PM »
Odd that you mention that! I thought the post was a portrayal of "Waiting for wfgodot"?

Couldn't be, I actually showed up didn't I!
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #528 on: March 10, 2017, 07:41:52 PM »
Ack! @oshizu No! *snatches dunce cap off head*

Girl, if the post were directed at you, I would have used this picture:

I love your comments; positive, negative, or otherwise. Please never hold back.

Someone take this shovel away from me before I dig myself even deeper!

@wfgodot I'm glad you enjoyed this. I was afraid I was a little over the top, but of course that didn't stop me. Now, what to spend my cool points on  . . . ? Hmmm.

@ everyone else:  No more meta-posts! I promise!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #529 on: March 10, 2017, 09:18:36 PM »
Oh my lawd, it's like the Spiffendale version of the BTS number "Blood, Sweat, and Tears"! *cries tears of joy

And, tell me that is not Morris sitting in front center!? *swoons
Otto is totally rocking that white vampire suit and will add that to his wardrobe for special occasions, I hope.
Dear Thad makes any outfit look good (even the L10 Tech Guru turtleneck...)
And do I see Wendell standing behind Morris!?  o.O

By the way, I clicked on the above image for a close-up and ended up at your Photobucket album.
Do you remember ever flipping through cards to emulate animation?
I flipped through your WfG/Beckett images several times because it looked like a silent film of Thad and Wendell. So adorable!

I dearly hope you will grace us with your sim-based theatrical adaptations every so often...

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #530 on: March 11, 2017, 05:55:36 PM »
I didn't mean to stress you out about that word ;-D but, I think you'll be fine with an asterisk to let people know more about the word. I also read that the word originates from the Arabic kaffir, which means non-believer (any Arabic speakers out there? Is that true?) And if that is true then probably 80% of us are the k-word (note with a small k not a K). It's amazing how certain cultures (predominantly us Caucasians) can take a perfectly normal word/symbol/whatever and turn it into something that people are ashamed to say/do/use. At the risk of using another taboo word, it's like cultural-rape, which is a whole different soap-box for me to get off of lol I absolutely love this story, and I'm sad I made you doubt even one single word of it. I mean, it's not as if you used it in the malicious sense of the word. It was a culinary term that is freely available wherever you may look for descriptions of lime variants! So rest easy my friend! I don't think they're going to send the SAPS* or The Hawks** after you ;-) and, 'cause I know my humour sometimes falls a bit flat, I meant that as a joke ;-D or did I?!?! *Sinister laughter

*South African Police Service
**The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #531 on: March 13, 2017, 02:51:23 PM »
@oshizu Yes! Rupert Everett was born to do Oscar Wilde. He's so perfect in that movie! And, yes, I've run out of hipster stereotypes, so Thad will go back to his normal, adorable self now, but gets to keep his cool glasses as a souvenier. :) I'll have to go back and add in the special outfits for Wendell and Otto since you like them so much. :)
Yes, I turned the Spiffendale men into a boy band. CAS was really confused about the genetics when I made them all teenagers. Exclamation points everywhere! It was worth it, though. That shot was so much fun to set up!

@Alex Excellent idea about the grilled cheese pictures! I'm totally doing that. Nothing sets the mood better than some hot, steamy cartoon sammies! :)

@wfgodot Mmmm. Cheesy, buttery steam. Yes! I actually made grilled cheese for my kids this weekend and they devoured it. Made me think of the forum. :)
I'm mad about Salma coming back, too. I mean, you try to build a narrative and then the game just swaps butlers on you! I'd like to file a bug report with EA, but I'm pretty sure nobody other than me cares about this issue at all. :)

@Magpie2012 I'm not stressed, I'm just really grateful to you for clueing me in on that word's alternative meanings. Hawks, huh? Scary! Please do not sic them on me! Yikes!

Chapter 120:  The Short List

Pernille:  Oh, Diego! What an absolutely rapturous pleasure to meet you!

Morris:  Pernille, Iím going to need you to back off tout suite.

Pernille:  What? We could use a little drama around here.

Diego:  So uncomfortable right now.

Morris:  Tell you what, want to officially become my boyfriend right here and now so that certain people can stop getting ideas into their heads?

Diego:  Iíd be delighted, Morris darling. To be honest, the suspense regarding the status of our relationship was driving me batty. Now we can settle into a comfortable domestic bliss.

*Morris pops a whim to marry Diego. Watcher pins it even though it is impossible because díaaaawwww*

Morris:  Okay, is this romantic or just weird?  Is this what I signed up for with the whole domestic bliss thing because . .  . ?


Population:  Everyone

Watcher:  Beds too mainstream for you?

Thaddeus:  Donít start that again.

Watcher:  Youíre right. Youíre right. Sorry. Carry on.

Arianna:  Youíre late again, Otto.

Otto:  And you still havenít put in a bathroom down here. Iím telling you, one day youíll need it!

Arianna:  The time is drawing near, dear ones. The hour of battle approaches. Just one more cycle shall find us gathered here again to dine on the food of the gods. But save your strength! Rest now, but be poised to spring the moment you see the whites of their eyes!

Thaddeus:  Is Grandma A getting creepy?

Otto:  Itís a little creepy, Gram. You may want to dial it back a few notches.

Arianna:  The whites of their bloodshot eyes!

Wendell:  Last one does the dishes!

Otto:  Aw, man!

Arianna:  The end of the ambrosia. One more full meal, plus one for Cressida, plus three to spare!

Morris:  Maybe we should resurrect someone with the leftovers! That could be fun. Which three people, though?

Arianna:  Iíll start making a short list and get back to you.

Otto:  You know, Diego, now that youíre here all the time Iím beginning to realize how attractive you are. That robe is totally working for you.

Diego:  *sigh* Everybody wants some Lobo. Itís a curse!

Watcher:  Okay weíre at the restaurant, and now suddenly Houdaís back. Hi Houda! Nice job on the vanity. It positively sparkles!

Morris:  Nice work at the restaurant today, honey! I think we might make it back up to five stars pretty soon, despite the abysmal new staff.

Cressida:  Thanks, Grampa Morris, but Iím pretty sure this shot is just to show off my cool tights. Sleep tight, Iím heading off to Sixam to look for crystals!

Morris:  Night, dear!

Cressida:  Well, this is fun! Iíve never been mean to anyone in space before!

Alien Lady:  Step off, fancy tights! Youíre awfully cocky for someone whoís going to run out of oxygen in about 30 seconds!

Cressida:  Space suits are for losers!

Tallulah:  Thatís right. Walk it back home, there, mister! You know weíre doing this for you, right? Go work on your fitness skill!

Morris:  The club meeting started autonomously! I couldnít help it!

Tallulah:  Sure, sure. Keep walking. Actually, you should probably jog.

Morris:  *grumbles*

Jacob the Waiter:  Tada! A meal to literally die for!

Customer:  Oh! Just . . .one . . . bite! Darn it! I made this reservation over a year ago!

Arianna:  Well, I donít know why youíre all looking at me like that. She wasnít exactly going to eat it, and thereís no sense being wasteful.

Arianna:  Howís it going, friend? Nice to see you. Want an espresso while youíre here?

Grim Reaper:  Nah. Iím good. Me and beverages donít go very well together. Appreciate the offer, though.

Arianna:  All right, then. Barís upstairs if you change your mind.

Watcher:  Ugh. Stand up so I can see if the off-site fitness-building is working. I want to see if youíve lost weight.

Morris:  *Browses web*

Morris:  Okay, more of this. Thatís fine. I donít really mind. Breaks up the monotony a bit.

Grim Reaper:  Oooh! Nice form! Watch out for his elbow!

Cressida:  Oof! Thanks, man! I appreciate the support!

Otto:  Why are we fishing again? I thought we were done with this!

Arianna:  Well, I figured a full extra serving of ambrosia was better than just three. Plus, Morris and I canít agree on our short list of people to resurrect with the extras, so we need to pad it a little.

Cressida:  Beat it, crop top! These fishing spots are taken! No room for you here! Go find your own place!

Crop Top:  But I fish here every day. You guys only come around every once in awhile and there arenít any fishing spots in ďNot in WorldĒ-

Cressida:  I donít want to hear your life story, lady! All I want from you is the sight of your back moving swiftly away from me, got it?

Crop Top:  Ugh!

Cressida:  It is just so fantastic to be me, I cannot even tell you.

Thaddeus:  Cressida, you donít have to be so rude! Iím getting a little tired of people complaining to me about my daughter turning our neighborhood into her own personal rumble pit!

Cressida:  Daddeus! I do not even want to hear it!

Thaddeus:  But-

Cressida:  Uh-uh!

Thaddeus:  I just-

Cressida:  No!

Thaddeus:  Alll I-

Cressida:  Zip it!

Thaddeus:  Your-

Cressida:  SHOOSH!

Thaddeus:  What if-


Watcher:  Oof. Sorry, Otto. Better get you to a mirror before you die of embarrassment. Oh, wait . . . youíre shameless. So you donít even really mind, do you?

Otto:  *Is totally fine*

Watcher:  Well, all right then. I will not rush to send you home from fishing to empty your bladder, anymore. Gross, but convenient.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #532 on: March 13, 2017, 05:36:35 PM »
Lol, those Spiffendale Immortals need a new hobby!
If even Pernille and Otto are hitting on Diego, I don't want to think about what Tallulah would do around Diego!
I see Otto has been practicing his pick-up lines, hahaha.

Cressida and the alien lady are too funny. The aliens must be scared stiff of Cressida--I notice they've stopped wearing your CC!

Oooh, I want to see if Morris is gaining Fitness. He must be looking good, though, if the Pollinator Technician wants to check him out, right?
Awww, no, Cressida. Please don't be mean to our adorable Thaddeus! Anyone but him! (and Morris...)

Weird stuff going on with your butlers! So nice to see Morris and Diego together again!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #533 on: March 14, 2017, 07:27:43 AM »
That's a cool shot of all your ambrosia lined up and hidden away from everyone's reach.  I really love that they're still fishing in consideration of bringing a few people back to life.  Obviously Akito tops my list.  Yours too, right?  Oh yeah, and Mallory, I guess :)

Anyway, I really enjoyed Otto getting a little spotlight this time around (but don't think I didn't miss hearing from Wendell).
Houda's back!  Noooooo, I miss Salma!  Why are these butlers toying with our emotions? 

I loved Tallulah telling Morris to get home and work on his fitness.  Nay, jog.  Yes, you must tell us if his skill is actually going up from this.

But definitely, my favorite part - and I couldn't stop laughing - was the poor lady dying as the waiter brought her food.  And that she'd made the reservation a year ago, and it finally came, and just before that delightful bite... x)  And then of course, Arianna swooping in to take the plate!  As everyone around her gasps in horror, hands over their mouths.

And of course, Otto in the end, and your realization that he could literally just sit out there and wet himself, and continue fishing :)
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #534 on: March 14, 2017, 01:30:55 PM »
@oshizu Yes! CC-free aliens! Such a relief! Tallulah hasn't shown any interest in Diego, yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.
In fairness to Cressida, Thaddeus was mean first. He has not learned his lesson yet.
No visible progress on Morris's tummy yet, but I'm still working on it.

@wfgodot I'm so glad you enjoyed the restaurant death scene. :) I keep thinking nothing else interesting in going to happen in this file, and then the game hands me something like that.
Yeah, Mallory is number one, but after that there's so many people I'd bring back if I could! Akito, Jorge, Betty, Eduardo . . . the list goes on and on. I'm going to have to really think about it.
I've got a little Wendell coming up for you this chapter. :)

Chapter 121:  Friendship is Magic

Wendell:  Good book, am I right?

Houda:  Itís . . . educational.

Wendell:  Mmmhmmm. Sure. Iíve read it. I know about the appendices.

Houda:  *blushes*

Grim Reaper:  Heh heh heh. One less for you guys!

Watcher:  Jerk.

Cressida:  Okay, is it just me, or have the bladder failure puddles gotten bigger? This seems excessive.

Watcher:  I see that thought bubble. Stop thinking about babies, girl! Youíre breaking my heart! You do this like ten times a day! Just stop!

Cressida:  And your down vest is clearly inappropriate for the weather to- Wait a minute! You know the secret handshake?

Alien:  Of course!

Cressida:  Oh. Well. I donít really want to beat you up, anymore.

Alien:  Sorry about that. Itís still early, though. You can probably find someone else.

Cressida:  Yeah, Iím sure youíre right. Thanks, man. Youíre a real stand-up dude.

Alien:  I do my best.

Cressida:  Okay, well. Catch you around Sixam.

Alien:  Probably not. Youíve got a bit of a reputation there.

Cressida:  Oh right! I forgot about that! *laughs*

Morris:  Okay, Mom? See this thing happening with my neck? This is what happens when you talk to me while Iím cooking. Could you maybe give it a rest? Or just hang on a minute?

Arianna:  But Iíve had the most exciting day! I want to tell you about it!

Morris:  Yeah, Iím pretty sure thatís not true. None of our days are exciting, anymore. If you got to evolve a plant, thatís not newsworthy.

Arianna:  No, that wasnít it! It was important! I got to evolve a- You know what? Iím not telling you now. You donít get to know.

Morris:  I'm heartbroken.

Wendell:  Well, hello pretty lady. Do you think I could nudge that 3 of yours up to a 4 with a free dessert?

Lady who Rejected Otto Hardcore on Ladiesí Night:  I suppose it depends on what youíre serving.

Wendell:  How about I just give you a little bit of everything?

Chef:  A little less innuendo in the dining room, please!

Waitress:  I mean, right?

Morris:  Pernille, Iím curious. Why are you always trying to make your own meals when I provide a bounteous repast fit for royalty every single day of our lives?

Pernille:  Well, the thing is, Grampa Morris, Iím a Stoves and Grills Master, so it just seems like a waste not to use a stove or grill every now and then.

Morris:  Thatís odd. I thought Stoves and Grills Master was one of my unique rewards.

Pernille:  Oh, it is! I have no idea how or when I got it. The best I can figure is, since itís right next to Potion of Youth on the list of rewards, one day we were buying a bunch of youth potions and somebodyís finger slipped.

Morris:  Huh. So we would have failed this dynasty even if Mallory hadnít died.

Pernille:  Yup. And it could have failed long before that, too. Itís just that we didnít notice until we were looking for unique rewards for Cressida. But, I mean, itís a pretty lame way to fail a dynasty, so . . .

Morris:  Yeah.

Pernille:  Chips?

Morris:  No.

Pernille:  I think we did that backwards.

Thaddeus:  *sigh* I miss Akito.

Cressida:  What about me doing the peepee walk made you think of that?

Thaddeus:  Um . . . nevermind.

Cressida:  So . . .games.

Friend:  I know! Theyíre great!

Cressida:  Yes, my favorite part is the . . . camaraderie we share. Together. As good friends.

Friend:  Oh, weíre not good friends yet. Just regular friends.

Cressida:  Seriously? Weíve been playing this nonsense game for hours! Can we get a move on?

Friend:   . . . ?

Cressida:  I mean, set Ďem up again, buddy mine! Friendship is magic! Just like those ridiculous irritating ponies say!

Friend:  Hooray!  My favorite is Apple Jack. Which one do you like?

Cressida:  Um . . . the one who likes parties?

Friend:  They all do!

Cressida:  And has nice hair?

Friend:  On horses itís called a mane!

Cressida:  Yup. Friendship. Loving it.

Cressida:  Now the logs have fallen. I acknowledge that this is a thing that has occurred.

Friends: Set it up again!

Cressida:  Huzzah.

Diego:  Okay, so remind me who this guy is again?

Morris:  Thatís Daichi! I asked him to join Upper Echelon!

Diego:  Okay, while I admire his daring in taking on that Sergeant Pepper jacket . . . are we sure heís UE material?

Morris:  Well, heís a snob, and heís a pretty decent bartender.

Diego:  Thatís not all, is it? Youíre holding out on me, Morris.

Morris:  Well, he can turn into a bat at will.

Diego:  Okay, I admit it. Thatís cool. He can stay.

Morris:  I knew youíd see things my way!

Arianna:  Well, Iím still not exactly enjoying it, but I think I can distinguish a tune this time. If I keep following these absurd whims surely Iíll eventually be able to play this thing without cringing.

Pernille:  So good pep talk, am I right?

Jacob the Waiter:  I mean . . . yeah? Iím just a little distracted by the woman walking through your arm.


Pernille:  Okay, do you mind? Iím trying to inspire and motivate my staff here.

Lady:  Iím still here! Ruining this picture!

Jacob:  Okay, that was funny. You got it, Ms. Spiffendale. Iíll step it up for the rest of this shift. I promise.

Pernille:  All right, fine.

Lady:  Now Iíll eat standing up so no one can check on me and try to improve my rating!

Watcher:  Oh, naturally youíre buddies with Sir Chilipepper.

Lady:  Oh, you like the decor? I think itís only so-so. Iíd stick with your three rating, honestly. Iím just not impressed with this place.

Sir:  Well, I was going to bump it up to a four, but youíve changed my mind.

Watcher:  I really donít like this chick.

Morris:  And the firmament will open, and fine cuisine rain down upon our customers, sweetly described by your honey lips, and served with unmatched grace!

Waitress:  Now, thatís an inspiring pep talk! No offense to your granddaughter, Mr. Spiffendale, but you really take inspirational speeches to a new level.

Morris:  I know! Itís a good thing I stopped working on my fitness and came to the restaurant for an unscheduled club meeting. This place would be a shambles without me.

Waitress:  Oh, and I think your pot belly is cute.

Morris:  Careful, now! My handsome ghost boyfriend is very jealous and could pop out of a vase or light fixture at any moment!

Waitress:  Oh, Mr. Spiffendale. Youíre so cute!

Morris:  Your funeral, dear.

Cressida:  Okay, note to self:  never summon grilled cheese while stressed. Results are severely disappointing. Further note to self:  try summoning grilled cheese in all possible moods to test for subtle distinctions in flavor.

Watcher:  Whatís the matter, Lilith? Donít like garlic? Or are you just disappointed that no one is awake to be welcomed to a random club youíre in?

Lilith:  I sense that Iím being mocked by an unseen presence. Iím going home.

Chef:  Yes! Yes! I can see it! Youíre right, Mr. Spiffendale! The sky really is the limit!

Morris:  Good! Now, cook, my girl! Cook as if your life depended upon it!

Chef:  I will! Oh, Mr. Spiffendale! It truly is an honor to prepare food in your presence.

Morris:  Tell me something I donít know!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #535 on: March 14, 2017, 02:45:58 PM »
What, a Tuesday update :)
Grim catching the angelfish x)

That does look like an incredible sized puddle for a bladder accident.  Who did that.
LOL you seem almost relieved that you might have failed this dynasty anyway because of a finger slip?  I guess it makes Mallory's mishap not so bad.  Better to fail in the way you did, I guess. 
I really loved that Thaddeus thought of Akito as their lovely rump.. I mean daughter... inches past.

When Cressida is playing with the friends, I almost did a double take.  If it wasn't for the hair color, he could be Akito from behind!  The hairstyle, the tan skin, the shirt.  Then I saw the earrings.

Oh, Morris, you do give the best pep talks.  Wendell's pictures are wonderful.  I love him bugging Houda about her reading.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #536 on: March 14, 2017, 03:22:07 PM »
Wait, was it Cressida's peepee walk that reminded Thaddeus of Akito or dat booty?
Speaking of Akito, Cressida's Don't Wake the Llamas friend looked like a blonde Akito in that denim shirt, but with darker skin.

And isn't Cressida on a friendship campaign? I wanted her to befriend alien boy...
By the way, does the Llama game build friendship well?
I noticed during a Social Butterfly aspiration last year that my child sim couldn't do chat socials until after the game ended, so I wrote it off.
How does it compare to, say cloud/stargazing? I guess I'm way too impatient.

Wendell and his innuendos in the restaurant--customers must be lined up for a mile outside!

Morris sneaking away from home for another unscheduled club meeting!
And as Team Morris (but I'd also like to join the Thaddeus Fan Club, if I may), I must agree with the waitress. No one can match Morris' inspirational speeches!

As for annoying customers in general, I wish we had options like "Refuse service," Ask to sit down," "Ask to leave," and "Ask to pay then leave"!!!
Could a watched vampire sim come along and command that sim to sit down?
(Love the uniforms of your wait staff!)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #537 on: March 15, 2017, 05:18:03 PM »
So that's why Grim's always hanging around fishing spots - he's pinching all the angelfish. I'd been wondering why he couldn't think of anything better to do, but that explains it.

I'm curious about the friendship-gain-rate from Don't Wake the Llama as well. I've stopped buying it, but only because the set takes up so much space.

Poor Cressida and the baby thought bubble :(. Being the final generation must suck. Although Spawn of Cressida sounds like very scary news for the rest of the world, so maybe there's a plus side?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #538 on: March 15, 2017, 08:00:16 PM »
@wfgodot Yeah! Tuesday update! And Wednesday! I'm going for a four or five post week. Woot! That was Tallulah's puddle. She seems to have a weak bladder. She's always dark red when she wakes up in the morning. Poor Cressida ends up mopping because she fixes most of the broken plumbing these days and mops up afterward, then automatically goes to the other puddles in the house. :/
Yeah, it would have been even more painful to realize I'd failed because of a finger slip. In a way, Mal did me a favor. If I'm going to go out, I want it to be dramatic!
Glad you enjoyed the Thad-Cressida exchange. The peepee walk really brings out her resemblance to Dadkito. ;)

@oshizu Oh, it was definitely dat booty. Her pose just emphasized it. :) Cressida is indeed on a friendship campaign, she's just not enjoying it as much as her campaigns of violence and mayhem.
I'll have to do some more testing, but Don't Wake the Llama throws up a surprisingly regular amount of green plus signs. I think it might even be as good as cloudgazing, and frankly, it's more interesting to watch. Plus, works with multiple sims at once!
Morris is fighting his fitness regimen hardcore. Sometimes he throws three unscheduled club meetings in a single shift at Echelon. I'm afraid his tummy is here to stay.
I would pay good money for a few customer-directing socials. "Please have a seat," would be so, so useful. Then again, I used to wish I could say "please pay, then leave" to customers back when I was a waitress, and it wasn't ever allowed. Maybe we need, "Clear table of everything including salt shakers," or "nudge check meaningfully," or "Exaggerated sigh." Those were my usual tricks. :)
I'm glad you like the uniforms. Both waitresses are active, so they almost never wear them and end up serving in their jogging suits, but oh well.

@Alex Yup! We've found the source of the angelfish shortage! See my reply to oshizu about Don't Wake the Llama, but I've found it to be pretty darn good for friendship building!
Cressida's thought bubbles kill me. I'm going to have to take her into her own file at some point and give her and Aditya a second chance. She doesn't give off a very maternal vibe, but the thought bubbles don't lie!

Chapter 122:  The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul

Watcher:  Just hang tight, Houda. Weíll travel to the restaurant as soon as Cressida heads off to work. So, in like, five hours. Youíre good, right?

Morris:  Paradise, am I right? An excellent Granny Smash, and my impeccable Granny-Smash-Colored boyfriend. This dynasty can go on forever as far as Iím concerned.

Diego:  Honestly, Iíve seen paradise, and this is vastly superior. The conversation there is just asinine and the decor is the embodiment of an eye roll. Fluffy white everything. Ugh. Give me a little Art Deco revival with a splash of New Wave and Iím a much happier boy scout.

Morris:  I love you.

Diego:  Mutually, Morris dear. Mutually.

Cressida:  Very Inspired Grilled Cheese is sadly still normal quality. Oh, well. I will eat this, nonetheless, in the name of science.

Wendell:  Chi Behr! Still rocking hard from the afterlife, I see!

Chi:  Hey, when Salma the Sometimes-Butler invites you out to a dance party, even at 10 a.m., only a fool says no.

Wendell:  You ainít kidding!

Wendell:  Catherine, darling! Itís been too long! Want to try a little flirting? Eh?

Catherine:  I donít know. You still havenít broken up with Erika, and Iíve been hearing a lot of rumors about whatís on the ďspecial dessert menuĒ at Echelon. I might not forgive you for that right away.

Wendell:  Hey. What can I say? When youíve got this much Wendell going on, you have to spread it around a little. I canít just keep it to myself!

Catherine:  *eyeroll*

Tallulah:  Hey there, handsome. Howíd you like to enchantingly meet me?

Dimitri:  Oh ho ho!

Tallulah:  Can I offer you a . . . .wait, wait. Hang on. Checking the mental family tree here . . . NOPE! Youíre my great-grandfather. Nevermind. Shut it down! Shut. It. Down.

Pernille:  Hey! I can dig it! Check out me digging it over here!

Chi:  Good try, Pernille. Valiant effort.

Arianna:  Last one, guys! This is really it!

Thaddeus:  Wow. Should we, like, make speeches or something?

Morris:  I have a little presentation prepared for such an occasion . . .

Otto:  Oh! Look at that! Iím done! See you later, guys! Got some very important woodworking to do!

Wendell:  Iím really going to miss this stuff. Itís downright amazing.

Arianna:  Itís true. They donít call it the food of the gods for nothing.

Pernille:  I do love it, but it gives me a touch of heartburn. Itís kind of a guilty pleasure for me.

Cressida:  Oh, man. This is the best. Donít you love it when you travel somewhere and when you get there absolutely everyone has too pee except you? Oh, the schadenfreude is almost too delicious.  He he. Iím going to wait until they get almost all the way to the bathroom and then buy a round of drinks to summon them all back. This is going to be amazing!

Cressida:  Drink up, guys! The night is young!

Cressida:  Oh! And my favorite guy to pummel is here, too! This night just keeps getting better and better!

Cressida:  Donít mind if I do!

Aditya:  Phew! Itís probably a good thing we donít live together even though weíre married. Keeping up with you is a task and a half.

Cressida:  Yeah, man. Live-out husbands are the best. Never have to pick up their socks and closet woohoo feels new every time!

Watcher:  Welcome back, Salma. Again. Nice how this job-sharing thing seems to be working out so well for you. Youíre looking a little too delighted about my frustration, though. Could you try and be a little more butler-y, since youíre here?

Watcher:  Much better, thank you.

Cressida:  Iíve got to say, of all the mean interactions, I think threaten is my fave. I mean, just look at my crazy eyes! So crazy! And look how heís cowering. Yeah, itís a good day when I get to threaten someone, thatís for sure.

Cressida:  And now I snack.

Wendell:  Well good evening, my easily-bribed friend! What will it be tonight, free drinks, free dessert, or should we just go for the whole shebang and comp your meal?

Food Critic:  *raises rating to 5*

Wendell:  Thereís that lack of integrity I love so much! Always a pleasure to have you dining with us, sir! Please come again!

Watcher:  Hello again, Houda. Glad youíre back. No one monitors the dust on that watering can vase like you do. Youíve been missed.

Wendell: This is boring. The plot is just really thin.

Tallulah:  Well, what do you expect?  All the action-y parts are over. All thatís left is the winding down and tying up loose ends. It canít all be marriages, nooboos, and vampire murders.

Wendell:  Wait, are we still talking about Simder or . . . ?

Tallulah:  Yes. Simder.

Pernille:  Ah, yes. The still life. The epitome of a classic. Elevating a simple china bowl draped with grapes to a true masterpiece via the perfect intersection of light, color, and composition.

Otto:  Mine has trees!

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Oh my Wendell, he melts my *erm* heart everytime I see him.