Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 175318 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #570 on: April 08, 2017, 04:29:36 PM »
I like Cressida popping in to upset Mal. Something tells me she probably enjoyed that role. There's something very eerie about that room full of rainbow shelves and MySims, though.

Nice to see Wendell's hot dog suit again. It takes a very confident person to pull that off :D

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #571 on: April 10, 2017, 02:32:30 PM »
@wfgodot Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the return of the hot dog suit. I loved the popcorn shot, too. That was completely unplanned, but it's probably my favorite.

@oshizu Yup, Wendell and Ruby got acquainted in CAS when he went to visit wfgodot's sims, and Brodie was the result. I think he's super gorgeous! The backing it up shot was another unplanned one, but it cracked me up.

@Alex Thanks! Yeah, I think Cressida got a kick out of her job. And that "subtly debase" interaction is no joke! Mallory was so sad none of that creepy playful stuff even fazed her.
I agree. I think Wendell is one of very few sims who can work a hot dog suit so effectively. :)

V:  Mrs. Pringlefeather's Lament

Pernille:  Wow. Mineís really pretty. It reminds me of Nid díAmour, Mrs. Pringlefeatherís summer home in . . whatís that?

*hurried, yet delicate footsteps*

Mrs. Pringlefeather:  Pernille! Darling! Oh, thank heavens youíre here! Iím desperate! You must assist me!

Pernille:  Mrs. . .  Pringlefeather? How . . . ?

MP:  Thereís no time for all that now! Weíve got to make a plan. Theyíre coming!

Pernille:  But, I didnít write magical realism. My specialty was straight-up steamy, cheesy romance. This doesnít fit at all!

MP:  Oh, honestly! If I didnít have five jilted ex-husbands, all expert swordsmen, angrily bearing down on me right now Iíd slap you. Could we focus?

Don:  Iím afraid sheís right, Pernille. Theyíre large, theyíre angry, theyíre wounded, and theyíre coming this way. Hello again, Xenobia. Youíre looking well.

MP:  As are you, Donald.

Pernille:  Wait, you two know each other?

Don:  We *ahem* may have become acquainted in a different file. Excuse me! Youíve got blond, silky locks incoming at about twenty paces. Iíll see if I can slow the other ones down, but youíd better come up with a plan, and fast!

Rolf:  XENOBIAAAAA! My heart must have its revenge! You wonít escape me this time!

MP: Oh, dear. Always so passionate. Never one for a chat over tea, that guy.

Pernille: I remember. *sigh* You canít really blame him, though, heís got all those issues from being disinherited at such a young age due to a tragic misunderstanding and having only pirates as father figures after that.

MP:  Ainít it the truth? Poor little puppy. Iíd better comfort him.

MP:  Oh, Rolf! No matter how I run from you, I always seem to end up back in your arms.

Rolf:  Right where you belong, my angel. Your slender waist fits perfectly within my rough, seafaring fingers. You are home at last, perfect one, and now-

Arturo:  WHAT IS THIS? Xenobia! Why are those manís calloused fingers tracing the delicate lace of your gloves like theyíve done it many times before?

MP:  Pernille? Little help?

Pernille:  HEY! Hey, there. Arturo, right? Mrs. Pringlefeatherís fourth husband? The gypsy posing as a nobleman in order to serve his sacred duty in the army and protect the identity of his half-brother who ran off to join a commedia dellíarte troupe?

Arturo:  How do you know about that? Who are you? Why do you seem so oddly familiar?

Pernille:  Come over to this convenient picturesque bench, and Iíll explain everything.

Arturo:  All right, Iíll listen because I feel an inexplicable connection to you, the secret to which I must discover or perish in the attempt, but Iím still angry and very skeptical, and I havenít ruled out making use of my unmatched skills with a saber!

Pernille:  I understand completely. I know how this looks. Mrs. Pringlefeather has gone off into the shrubbery with a pirate, and youíre here with a strange elderly woman in immodest clothing, but I promise you, Iím definitely going to have an explanation for all of that by the . . .time . . . I . . . finish . . . this . . .sentence. Okay, got it!

Pernille:  Tell me, Arturo, do you remember the day you met Mrs. Pringlefeather?

Arturo:  Of course! Every moment! It seems like yesterday . . .

Arturo:  I had just returned from battle, weary and footsore. I wandered away from my regiment and came across a cool fountain where I stopped to wash the dirt of the road from my skin. The water was clear as crystal and as cool as a snow queenís kiss. My aching muscles couldnít resist its call, and before I knew it I was cavorting in the fountainís spray like a boy.

Arturo:  Suddenly, as if stepping out of a dream, she appeared at the top of the staircase, fresh as a new spring day, innocent as its first crocus, and more beautiful than sin.

Arturo:  I was caught off guard, naked and exposed, but I knew it was meant to be that way. She saw my innermost self the moment she first laid eyes on me, and I gave it to her, gladly. With my eyes I laid my soul upon a salver for her to claim, and without a single thought she plunged headlong into the fountain with me to seize it!

Pernille:  Mmmmm. Yes. I remember. I loved that scene. The light was so perfect. The first rays of morning sun just waking up the stones of that hidden grotto. The waterís spray caressing the lip of the fountain. So lovely.

Arturo:  Why, Pernille! You talk as if you were there.

Pernille:  Oh, I was there. You didnít see me but I was definitely a witness.

Arturo:  At any rate, it was only a matter of moments before my arms enfolded her, claiming her in return, clutching her in a fervent embrace whose fire could never be fully quenched. It was beyond me, greater than me, and I had no choice but to be swept away with it, carried out to sea and dashed on the rocks of my own overpowering lust.

Pernille:  Wow. That is one heck of mixed metaphor. Did I write that? Where was my editor on that one?

Arturo:  It was you, wasnít it? I see it now! It was you smiling back at me from behind her eyes the whole time.

Pernille:  Whoa! You jumped to that conclusion pretty quickly. I mean, I know I made you a genius, but still . . .

Arturo:  The whole time, it was your fervent, hot-blooded soul pulling the puppet strings. Your essence cried out to me, begging to be known. I know you, now, Pernille. I know you for who you truly are, authoress, and I love you. I must have you! Run away with me, darling, and let us leave this endless shrubbery labyrinth behind. I can free you from all of this! I can give you what you desire!

Pernille:  Oh, Arturo! I canít! I mustnít! I dasnít! I . . . .I . . .


Pernille:  Goopy! This isnít what it looks like!

Arturo:  Pernille, darling! Who is this incredibly handsome deceased man? And how can I defend your honor if he has no body for me to duel?

Pernille:  Arturo, this is my husband, Goopy. Goopy, this is Arturo, Mrs. Pringlefeatherís fourth husband. The one who looks exactly like you. You canít be jealous of him. Youíre identical!

Goopy:  I . . . I canít be jealous? I donít think you know who youíre talking to. Iím Goopy Gray. Iím jealous of that bench you were just sitting on. Iím jealous your parents have known you longer than I have. Iím jealous of the grass under your knee, the air you breathe, and the hair on your head.

Arturo:  Itís true! Your hair gets to touch your cheek constantly, day and night! It isnít fair! I demand the same privilege!

Pernille:  Oh, dear.

Mrs. Pringlefeather:  Pernille! Iím back! Rolf and I agreed we can never truly be happy together until he completes his quest to find the lost treasure of the Flor de la Mer, so that should keep him busy for a few decades. Whatís going on here?

Goopy:  Besides, that man looks nothing like me! He has a monocle! I donít have a monocle! And look how muscular he is! And he has chest hair. I hope it hasnít been so long since youíve seen my chest that youíve forgotten itís as bare as a babyís bottom.

Pernille:  No, no. I havenít forgotten that.

MP:  Arturo, come with me. Our path is clear now, and we can brave the next adventure hand in hand!

Arturo:  No, youíre too late. I love Pernille, now.

MP:  Excuse me, WHAT? Pernille, you were just supposed to be distracting him, not seducing him.

Pernille:  It just happened! Iím still not sure exactly what happened!

MP:  UGH! Come on. Iíve found a way through the maze. We can at least sort this out inside where itís warm.

MP:  Phew! I forgot how exhausting it is to be me.

Pernille:  Youíre not kidding! Iíve never had to do it in person before. I am way too old for this. At least we havenít met any more of your ex-husbands in awhile.


Pernille:  Oh! Etienne the vampire lover! This could get ugly.

Arturo:  What? Another one? Xenobia, I demand to know who this is!

MP:  Aha! You're jealous! I knew you still loved me!

Arturo:  Oh, curse my tender, traitorous heart!

MP:  Darling!

Etienne:  NON! I cannot even look at your perfect porcelain face at this moment. I am so deeply wounded by your heartless rejection and abandonment. I have lived for thousands of years, feasting upon the blood of others, but I can wholeheartedly say that nothing in all that time has wounded me as deeply as your eyes, my precious Xenobia!

Pernille: Wow. This is really getting juicy.

MP:  My undead love, please! Let me explain!

Etienne: I told you! Non! I will hear no more of your honeyed words. They are poison! You will accompany me inside, where your fate awaits you.

MP:  My . . . fate?

Etienne:  Oui!

Pernille:  Ooh! A wedding! But whoís the groom?

MP:  *gasp* Mr. Pringlefeather!

Pernille:  Oh, of course! The original. The first. I should have known.

Mr. Pringlefeather:  The time has come, Xenobia. You must make your choice! Your lovers stand arrayed before you, and no one leaves this room until somebody gets married.

Pernille:  Wait, whoís the pale guy? I thought he was just here to perform the marriage.

Benoit:  I was, but in addition to being a minister I am also secretly the Baron Benoit de Papillon, and have been harboring a covert, forbidden love for Mrs. Pringlefeather for many years.

Pernille:  Of course. Well, Xenobia honey, thatís quite a buffet youíve got there. Which one do you want?

MP:  None of them! Pernille, you know as well as I do that my scientific research has barely begun! Iím supposed to leave on safari at dawn to search for a rare, exotic blossom with the power to cure any illness. My gorgeous assistant Rudolfo is waiting onboard my ship, Larmes des SirŤnes, as we speak! I canít be distracted by marriage right now. I have vitally important work to do!

Pernille:  Well, then I guess thereís only one solution.

Pernille:  Goopy, my darling, will you make my dreams come true, save my family, and release us from this damask prison by becoming my husband again?

Goopy:  Oh, Pernille! This is so unexpected! I donít know what to say!

Goopy:  Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!

MP:  Phew! Thatís a relief!

Arturo:  Again with the loopholes! Itís like someone is writing them in on purpose! And now weíre all left on the hook again! Curse you, Xenobia! And curse you, Pernille, you beautiful, enchanting puppet-master!

MP:  Ah, yes! Victory! Xenobia Pringlefeather survives to love another day!

Pernille: Phew! I have to say, my trial was downright fun! Iíd do that all over again!

Goopy:  I may need a five minute break. I am physically and emotionally exhausted.

MP:  Pernille, darling, itís funny you mention doing it again. You see, Iíve just met Taeyang here who seems to have been thrown in as a bonus, and Iím dying to get a bit better acquainted . . .

Pernille:  Ah, well. Twist my arm. I forgot how much I loved writing!

Mrs. Pringlefeather will return in Black Widow: a bias-wrecking romp through time and space! Coming this fall! Donít miss it! Pre-orders already available at your local bookseller!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #572 on: April 10, 2017, 03:13:34 PM »
Will it be available on Kindle?? Because I'm hooked!! ROTFLOL!!! That was great.. Almost as good as the some of the *cough cough* books I read.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #573 on: April 10, 2017, 03:35:35 PM »
Wow, I've missed a lot.  Loving the Spiffelogue so far.  Diego's convoluted metaphors were my favourite part until Mrs Pringlefeather turned up in person :D.  (Although I was half-expecting Arturo to spot you looking out of Pernille's eyes...)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #574 on: April 10, 2017, 04:04:47 PM »
I'm in awe!  Mrs Pringlefeather looks amazing!  And now all her lovers are after her.  I really adore the style in which they speak.  They're so fancy and old fashioned! 

Arturo with Goopy was definitely my favorite part.  Did Sir Fiori play a hand in that metaphor about the rocks of overpowering lust as well?  Oh Pernille, you really know how to write a story.
I loved that Pernille went and gave Arturo a little chest hair which her own husband did not have.  And a monocle.  We see her little fantasies coming out!!!!  Goopy had the best lines, especially about being jealous of her parents for knowing her longer than he did, and of course, Arturo's epic agreement about her hair being able to caress her face constantly.

And Etienne, and Rolf, and Mr Pringlefeather, and Benoit.  Gosh, Pernille.  You're really impressive. 

It was wonderful the way Pernille was able to outsmart her own characters and let herself out of the room by marrying Goopy again.  The loopholes!  The mark of a great author.  Good going, Pernille!

Also you did nice work on the photo editing and poses.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #575 on: April 10, 2017, 04:34:57 PM »
Wow!  That was really good.  I'm still smiling.  The sepiatone screenshots were my favorite.  They were very romantic.  I think I envisioned Caterina as MP in those pics with Arturo.  Pernille and Goopy were definitely in my top Spiffendale pairings.  I can't wait for more.  More please.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #576 on: April 10, 2017, 04:55:30 PM »
I'd been wondering how you would write Pernille's chapter since she's been so overshadowed in my memory by the outrageous Tallulah.

What a great chapter! I spotted Goopy as the gorgeous Arturo. Absolutely loved Arturo starting to describe his first encounter with MP, with Pernille finishing it.
Goopy/Arturo as a hairy-chested pirate looks amazing! Move over, Fabio!  All of the scenes were beautifully captured.

Taeyang showing up cracked me up! Is he shocked by Pernille/Goopy emerging from the closet or by MP's proposition?
I was wondering who that shirtless blond-haired Asian-looking fella was, cuz he sure didn't look like a Rudolfo.
LOL, Taeyang, huh? Whose bias is he? Mrs. Pringlefeather's, Pernille's, or Mme. FIori's? haha

Hats off to you for a fantastic read!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #577 on: April 14, 2017, 10:50:58 AM »
@sdhoey Oh gosh, yes. All platforms! Mrs. Pringlefeather cannot be contained! ;)

@hazelnut Hehe! *blush* Oh, if only he'd look deeply enough, he might just see me there! *swoon* Glad you're enjoying it!

@wfgodot Thank you so much! I'm quite relieved to know that loopholes are the mark of a great author, because I have more! It feels like cheating to write myself such convenient solutions to my problems, but then again, cheats are awesome and fun! At least sometimes. :)

@Caterina Yay! I'm so glad you liked it. If Caterina needs some more fodder for her envisioning there are quite a few sepia-tone shots in my photobucket gallery that didn't make the cut into the story. I had so much fun with those! I love Goopy and Pernille, too, and I've never had a ghost marriage before, so this was really fun for me!

@oshizu Yeah, Pernille has been pretty quiet for the last few generations, but she's been there, smoldering in the back, waiting for her chance. :) I downloaded Goopy's chest hair just for this chapter. Makes me giggle. :) Taeyang *ahem* may be a bit of Mme. Fiori's bias showing. I think perhaps he's shocked because I'm being so obvious. :P He's a cutie, though. I'm very happy with how he came out.

VI:  The Pink Joke

Otto:  Ooooh! Mineís a fairy wonderland! Itís like an amusement park! Whatís supposed to be hard about this, getting myself to stop having amazing amounts of fun? *scoffs*

*several hours later*

Otto:  Actually, come to think of it, that might actually be whatís going on here. Oh, okay. Itís just as well that I have to move on. Hitting myself in the head with this giant llama hurts a lot more than my usual miniature one. See you later, friend! Iíve got a dynasty to save!
*takes off, making superhero swooshing noises*

Otto:  Hmm. Iím getting kind of a Hansel and Gretel vibe, here. If that means thereís candy, I am so in!

Otto:  Oh! Um. Hello. Is this thing on?

Otto:  Wow. You all appear to be a pretty tough crowd. Youíre bored and I havenít even been boring, yet.

Janet Huntington:  Enough with the chit-chat, Little Boy Blue. Make us laugh.

Otto:  Um, you know, thatís not really the way it works. Iím a comedian, yes, but that doesnít mean I can just be funny on command. My routines actually take months and months of practice and refinement and-

Janet:  *eyeroll* You want to get out of this room, you make us laugh. Simple as that. The keys are above the door.

Janet:  The second one of us cracks a smile, weíll give them to you.

Otto:  Well, all right, then. You seem to have this all planned out and Iíd hate to mess with that. Let no one say that Otto Spiffendale is not a good sport.

Jalila Huntington:  BOO! Get off the stage!

Otto:  Oh, I see. Weíre going to have to get out the big guns, then.

Otto:  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you for your eveningís entertainment, the absolute pinnacle of humor:  *dramatic pause* The Pink Joke

Otto:  Once upon a time, there lived a woman who loved the color pink. She lived in a pink house with a pink front door. The walls were pink. The floors were pink. The curtains and shutters on the windows were pink. She grew pink flowers in her pink garden, and paved her pink fountain with pink stones. Pink petals fell gently from the blossoms of her pink cherry trees, and at night she laid her head down on a pink pillow, covered her pink-nightgown-clad body with a pink blanket and drifted off into pink-tinted dreams.

Janet:  Yes, okay. Pink. Weíve got it.

Otto: Iím not sure you fully understand.

Otto: You see, the woman had recently received a pink slip and was becoming anxious about her ability to pay her pink bills. So she put on a pink dress and pink shoes and placed a pink sign in her pink yard, advertising rooms to rent, including a healthy pink breakfast.

Otto:  That very night there came a knock at the pink front door. A man had arrived, inquiring about the pink rooms to rent.

Otto:  The woman invited him into the pink front hall, asking that he wipe his feet on the pink rug as he entered.

Otto:  She then let him across the pink front hall, past the vase of pink roses sitting on the pink table . . .

Otto:  . . . and up the pink stairs lined by a pink bannister.

Jeffrey:  Those stairs are grey.

Otto:  As this is a joke Iím telling you, the stairs you are seeing are simply whatever youíve chosen to visualize in your own mind. Therefore, if they are grey, it is your imagination that is at fault, and not my joke. For the purposes of this joke, the stairs are pink, okay?

Jeffrey:  *ahem*

Otto:  To continue:  She led him down the pink hall to the first pink door on the left and told him that was where he would stay for the night, and to please be down for breakfast promptly at eight the next morning.

Otto:  At which point, they each climbed into their respective pink beds, laid down on their pink pillows, and pulled the pink covers over their heads.

Otto:  No sooner had she closed her eyes, than another knock came at the pink front door. Another man had arrived, inquiring about the rooms to rent.

Otto:  The woman quickly got dressed again in her pink dress and pink heels, tying a pink ribbon in her hair and scurrying down the pink stairs to meet her new visitor. She invited him into the pink front hall, asking that he wipe his feet on the pink rug. When he asked about the rooms, she swiftly led him across the pink front hall, her pink heels clicking on the pink tiles as they passed the pink roses in the pink vase on the pink table. She led him up the pink stairs with the pink railing to the pink hall where they both stopped for a moment to admire some pink paintings hung on the pink wall. They then continued across the pink carpet patterned with pink flowers to the second pink door on the left, which she informed him would be his room for the night. She asked that he be down for breakfast promptly at eight the next morning at which point they both entered their respective pink rooms. The manís nose was a little pink from the cold, and he stopped to blow it on a pink tissue from the pink box she had provided before climbing into the pink bed, sliding between the pink sheets, laying his head on the pink pillow and pulling the pink covers over his head, as she likewise did in her own pink bed in her own pink room down the pink hall.

J:  Is this even a joke?

Julia:  Shhh! I think itís just about to get good.

Otto:  Again, no sooner had she closed her eyes, than a knock came at the pink front door, signaling another visitor seeking a place to sleep that night.

Otto:  Again the woman slipped out of her pink nightgown and into her pink dress and pink heels, tying her pink ribbon in her hair. She scurried down the pink stairs, brushing her pink-polished fingers on the pink railing as she descended. Her pink heels clicked on the tiles of the pink front hall as she rushed to open the pink front door and welcome her visitor into the pink room, asking that he wipe his feet on the pink rug as he entered. He requested a room, and she led him across the pink hall over the fuzzy pink rug upon which sat the pink table holding the pink vase full of pink roses. He commented on a lovely pink painting hanging above a pink table bedecked with pink paraphernalia, and she told him it had been painted by the recording artist, Pink. The pink chandeliers shone down a soft pink glow upon them as they climbed the pink stairs with the pink railing, arriving at the upstairs hallway with its pink carpet with the pink flowers. They, too, stopped to admire the trio of pink pictures with pink frames hung on the pink wall, and he remarked how nicely the pink in the wallpaper brought out the pink in the petals of the pink painting of pink roses. The woman plucked her pink phone from her pink pocket and insisted that they take a pink-filtered selfie to commemorate the occasion before she led him to the third pink door on the left, which she informed him would be his room for the night. She wished him a good nightís sleep, and asked that he be down for breakfast promptly at eight the next morning. He opened the pink door, walked to the pink nightstand and plucked a pink tissue from the pink box, blowing his nose, which had become quite pink from the cold. He remarked to himself on the softness of the pink rug in the pink room and the attractive pink pattern on the pink headboard. He climbed into the pink bed, sliding between the pink sheets and laying his head on the pink pillow before he pulled the pink covers over his head. The woman crossed the pink hall in her pink dress and pink heels and retired to her own pink bedroom with a pink door and her own pink bed with its pink sheets, pink pillows and pink covers, which she promptly pulled over her head, falling asleep almost instantly to dream pink dreams.

Otto:  The next morning, at eight oíclock on the dot, the three men descended the pink stairs with the pink railing, headed for the pink kitchen, where the woman was waiting for them, already brewing coffee in her pink coffeepot.

Otto:  They settled onto pink stools at the pink counter and the woman asked them, ďFor breakfast, would you like Cheerios or Chex?Ē The first man said, ďCheerios,Ē the second man said, ďChex,Ē and the third man said, ďChex.Ē

Otto:  And the moral of the story is . . .

Otto:  Can anyone tell me?

Jeffrey:  *groans* Two out of three prefer Chex?

Otto:  Youíd think so, wouldnít you? Especially if youíve heard this joke before, but Iím afraid in this case the moral is . . .

Otto:  Never get so distracted by your comedianís joke that you forget heís a kleptomaniac. I stole the key ten minutes ago. SEEYA!

Janet:  But . . .but . . but . . . .dang it!

Otto:  P.S. Iím disappointed there was no candy. PEACE!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #578 on: April 14, 2017, 12:16:43 PM »
Way to go, Otto! (Can I apologize for not reading every single word of the pink joke? I was starting to doze off.)

Just now caught up with Mrs. Pringlefeather, too. I love all her husbands, but especially Arturo. And the pirate. And the vampire. And the new guy, Taeyang.

I hope you've had as much fun setting these up as I've had reading them.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #579 on: April 14, 2017, 04:45:41 PM »
Otto!!!!!    You're the man!

I knew that was your pollinators.  I thought that looked like Eduardo, but I wasn't sure, and I thought that looked like Dimitri but I still wasn't positive.  But when I saw the facial hair I knew it was Ullal.
Otto's so sweet to have imagined his very own Karla as the leading lady.  I mean I assume that's her anyway, can't see her face so well.

All that time I thought Otto was ramping up for this huge pink joke and then he stole the keys.  He totally pulled a fast one on me, too.  I'm so surprised it might even be one of my favorites.

Also I really enjoyed him taking the time to play with some toys, and your decor.  The giant flowers and giant toys and the fun house.  I liked his original challenge, too, of having to make the ghosts laugh, and we can see them all bored.  It made ME laugh, anyway.  I enjoyed seeing their various strange moods at the end, too.  Especially the playful ones.  Still that one tough nut sitting there bored, though.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #580 on: April 14, 2017, 06:08:47 PM »
Oh, you got me! I was thinking of the film genre when all the pollinators showed up.
Great to see all three of them again! How could I ever forget Eduardo's grey shirt?!

The shot of Otto pulling out his little I-gotcha-pistols at the door was quite adorable!
Another great Spiffelogue--it's getting hard to say which one I like best now....nope, still Morris and his Shokugeki. :-)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #581 on: April 15, 2017, 08:16:23 PM »
Nicely played, Otto! That shot of him at the end is just perfect :D

Odd that there aren't any pink stairs in the game really, given how many things do come in alarming shades of pink.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #582 on: April 16, 2017, 04:05:16 PM »
Annnnnnd.... I'm caught up. Again!

@FrancescaFiori I'm both glad and sad right now. Glad because I had a bucket load of updates to read, and sad because now they are done :-(

You are outdoing yourself with these, dear! Otto's bait and switch was brilliant! I don't think anyone saw that coming lol I love how Cressie has her own part to play in this by being the one to assist with the almost impossible or sure to fail cases :-) Mal's death was definitely preordained! I also zoned out a bit with the Pink Joke lol so @MarianT you're not the only one that skimmed it :-D

I had so much that I wanted to say while reading, and now it has all spaced out of my head O_o I really need to start writing this stuff down lol I can say that, the first time you mentioned Mr Fiori, for some reason I read it as Mr Fieri and I immediately wondered what Guy Fieri was doing in the Spiffendale story lol
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #583 on: April 16, 2017, 09:50:18 PM »
Wow!  It has taken me a day shy of forever, but I've finally gotten caught up on this!  Love that you stuck through the dynasty even though it lost official status.  I have loved and laughed about so many moments that I can't even count/remember all of them.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #584 on: April 20, 2017, 01:05:56 PM »
@MarianT LOL! No apologies necessary. I think I may have dozed off a bit writing it, too, but that's the idea. :) I'm so glad you're enjoying the Spiffelogue, and I'm pretty sure I'm having more fun than anyone else just writing it.

@wfgodot Thanks! It was really fun to be able to work the pollinators in with little cameos. And Karla. I wasn't even planning on it but then I was like, "I need three guys  . . . Oh, wait, I have three guys!" It was fate. :) I'm glad the punchline surprise worked on you. I wasn't sure whether or not everyone knew the pink joke already.

@oshizu I didn't even know there was a pink film genre! You must have been pretty alarmed if you thought the chapter was going that way! Yikes! To coin an oshizu phrase: #nohankypanky! Loyal to Morris to the end! I know he appreciates it. :)

@Alex Thanks! I loved that shot, too! Do you know there are 19 different animations in the game with the word "fingerguns" in the title? I think that's why I love this game so much. I was pretty shocked about the lack of pink stairs, too! I could probably have found some custom pink ones, but the decor in that house was already bordering on nauseating.

@Magpie2012 Yay! Always good to see you! Thank you so much for popping in! I'm so glad you're liking the Spiffelogue. Guy Fieri! LOL! I will have to tell Mr. Fiori about that one. He does have some pretty wild shirts, but his hair is not nearly spiky enough to resemble that particular tv chef.  ;D

@PeregrineTook Yay! Hooray! Good to see you! Your tenacity is very much in evidence because this story is longer than a long thing at this point so the fact that you made it to the end is both impressive and flattering. Thanks so much!

VII:  Grim Determination

Tallulah:  My loves! Youíve formed a welcoming committee for me!

Tallulah:  You know, I have to think, if a less secure person were walking down a path lined with the ghosts of their former lovers they might fall victim to a fair bit of guilt, regret and even anguish. Itís times like this Iím so grateful for my clearheaded vision and the strength of my convictions. Hey, Billie. Looking good!

Tallulah:  Oh, Hakim dear! Youíre still alive! How convenient! Perhaps we should catch up later at the after party? All right, let's see what delightful adventure awaits me in here.

Tallulah:  Oh!

Tallulah:  Oh, I see. *laughs* Well, this is just too silly. Hey there, you.

Tallulah:  Nice to finally really meet you. Youíre taller than I remembered. We never really got the time to talk before, so Iím kind of pleased, actually, to have the chance. I mean, obviously youíre un-seduce-able, so we can drop that pretense. I guess weíll just spend our time chatting, yeah? I have to tell you, Iím looking forward to that. Too bad thereís nowhere for us to sit in here. These were not the right shoes to wear and my feet are killing me.

Tallulah:  Did you do that? Oh my gosh, youíre sweet. That was just honestly so considerate of you.

Tallulah:  Come sit with me, okay? I promise not to put any moves on you. *giggles* As If I could!

Tallulah:  Wow, I feel so comfortable with you. This is such a relief, I have to tell you. Everyone Iíve ever met I feel like theyíre just always trying to get a piece of me, you know? Everybody wants something. But, like, youíre different. Youíre just you, and youíre totally okay with that. You donít need anything from me, so we can just . . . like . . . be here together. Thatís so special.

Tallulah: I wonder how long we get to stay in here? I feel guilty, because I should probably be trying to contact my family or something,  but I kind of want to just hang out with you more, you know? This is such a rare opportunity, and youíre so interesting. I mean, Iím sorry if it sounds like Iím gushing; I donít mean to be weird, but youíre really something else, you know?

Tallulah:  Oh, thank you! I was getting a little cold. Do you mind if I lean on you? I donít want to be creepy, and Iím definitely not coming onto you, like how could I? But Iím super tired and your shoulders are kind of perfect and theyíre right there. Thatís okay? Youíre cool with that? Thank you so much. Youíre the sweetest. Seriously.

Tallulah:  Man, you smell so good. What is that? Myrrh or something? Itís so  . . . warm and exotic. Kind of smoky. Where do you even buy a scent like that? I bet you make it yourself. Youíre so awesome. Tough luck for you, though. Youíre never getting your shoulder back. Iím going to stay right here and keep smelling this.

Tallulah:  OMG, thank you! Iím totally freezing, and I didnít want to say anything because I didnít want to make you feel awkward. This is perfect though. You are surprisingly snuggly, I have to say. You better watch out, if you keep on like this Iím going to start to think youíre a big softie after all underneath all all that smoke and bluster.

Tallulah:  Youíre an amazing listener. You are honestly the best listener Iíve ever encountered. I just . . . I really need that sometimes, you know? I need someone to just set aside all the hype and the reputation and just really see me and hear me. You know what thatís like?

Tallulah:  What am I saying? Of course you do. We really have a lot in common, donít we? Two beings with absolutely colossal reputations who just, at the bottom of it all, really want to make a real connection. But nobody sees that, do they? You know, I think you might be the only person who actually understands me, like on a really deep, fundamental level.

Tallulah:  I think thatís what I love most about you.

Tallulah:  Sorry! Oh, gosh. How embarrassing. I really didnít meant to get weird. I just . . . can you understand? Can you understand how much I need someone to understand me? And how exciting it is to have finally found someone who can?

Tallulah:  Do you . . . do you know what Iím trying to say?

Tallulah:  I knew youíd understand.

Tallulah:  Thank you.

Tallulah:  Donít forget me, okay?

Tallulah:  Iíll never forget you.

Morris:  So, how was yours?

Tallulah:  Oh, you know. Just another day at the office.