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Dine Out - Known Bugs
« on: June 14, 2016, 04:56:19 PM »
Update: Feb. 2019 - This list is no longer being updated, due to the amount of bugs there are in-game. It's easier to search on them when asked about.

Bug List

These are know game bugs. If you find you have any of these, please go over to using any of the links below and on the first post you should see a Me Too button under it. Click it to help show that others are having similar issues and hopefully that should help get them some attention.

Also, you may be able to share your save files with Crinrict and/or SimGuruNick at AHQ. You will need to post about the problem and share what tips you've tried. If they request your save file then go ahead and share it with them. - You may need to ask them how to share the file if you're unsure.

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[COLLECTION THREAD] [DO] Restaurant Problems

[Dine Out] Issues and Workarounds

[OPEN] [DO] Top level chefs in restaurant cooking poor quality food

[BUG] Host won't seat customers (Dine Out)

Customers still arrive after using the 'Disallow Customers'

Hosts won’t seat sims

Chefs won’t cook

Also... this has been marked as a building issue (clutter on walls blocking food slot)

Chefs and Waiters are Unsatisfied although they are at highest rank

Sims do not finish ordered food due to standing

Game does not recognize that the player owns restaurant lots

Staff not carrying over to next shift (culling issue)

Screens goes dark when accessing menu or trying to order for sims – looks like never ending loading This is also being reported as 'freezing'

Staff Uniforms don't save

Maid appears at Restaurant lot instead of home lot

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