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Sims 4 - Game Will Not Launch/Start/Load
« on: April 22, 2015, 01:15:22 PM »
Game Will Not Launch/Start/Load

Quick Links:
In-Game/Origin Tips
Tech Related Tips
Notes, Other Tips and Links

These tips work for both the Sims 4 Stopped Working and Unable to Start error.

In-Game/Origin Tips:

1. Deactivate Origin In-Game
Open Origin, Go up to the Origin Menu, Click Origin and select Application Settings. Select the Origin In-Game tab. Make sure the box for it is clear or unchecked or turned Off. - This deactivates Origin In-Game, as it has been known to cause problems with games.

[Origin in-game is a feature that allows you to see friends online in-game as well as other game stats. However, It has been known to cause problems having this feature turned on.]

2. Try playing the game in "Offline" mode -- In the Origin Client, go to the Origin Menu and select Go Offline.

3. If using Windowed mode, try Fullscreen mode.

In Origin, go to the Games Library > Right click on the Sims 4 > Select Game Properties > Advanced Launch Options > In the Command Line Arguments, add the following text:

-f for Fullscreen mode


-w for Windowed mode

4. Repair Game:
In Origin > Games Library, right-click on Sims 4 and select Repair. - Do note this repairs the game's install files for the actual game. It does not make any changes to the saved game files. Meaning that your saved games are safe, they won't be deleted. If you'd like you can copy the Sims 4 folder to a USB key.

5. Make sure that Origin does not automatically open with Windows.
In Origin - Application Settings - Start-up options - turn this off. It's on by default and can cause issues, if you have multiple Windows user accounts.

Origin Startup Options

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Tech Related Tips:

1. Move the mods folder to the desktop, clear your game cache and delete the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder in Documents to help with troubleshooting. Try playing the game again to test. If it loads okay, it may be that some of the mods/cc have become outdated.  - This is to fully make sure it's not outdated mods/cc or some hidden files in the Mods folder. - Read more in the post linked below:

How to Fix Problems with Mods/CC

2. Even if you don't play with mods or custom content installed, it's a good idea to clear game cache and the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder in the Documents folder.

-- Delete Game Cache and localthumbcache.package out of the Main Sims 4 folder.

-- Delete Origin Cache

3. How-To: Make Sure Drivers Are Up To Date

4. Try creating a new Sims 4 folder - Aka - Sims 4 Factory Reset - HowTo

** Do a factory reset Without Mods/CC or other game saves, files or folders added. -- Try your broken save again to see what happens. If you're still having problems with it do not save it.

However, if you find that the save does work okay, add in your Mods/CC and other files/folders. Use Save As to save it with a different name.

5. It has been reported that screen capture/recorders, instant messengers/video chat or VOIP programs, like Discord may cause issues with Sims 4 and may need to be turned off or uninstalled if issues are severe. Also turn off any overlay those programs may cause issues as well. This is to be sure the program and it's overlay isn't interfering with the game.

6. Disable Game DVR and Game Bar. These are known to cause issues with some games.

How to Disable Windows 10’s Game DVR and Game Bar

7. Try running a Clean Boot as this will help with stopping any other programs from interfering.

8. Try adding Sims 4 as an exception to your antivirus software. It maybe blocking it from working.

Add Exceptions to Anti Virus Programs

8a. Ensure that Antivirus or security software is not blocking the launch of the game.

9. Check that you do not have any programs running that my cause conflict with Origin.

10. Try running Origin and Game as Administrator. - Troubleshoot Origin games that won't download, install, or load

More information: -- Game won’t start

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Notes, Other Tips and Links:


If you've got the Game Time is Finished error try this: After you log into Origin, go to the Game Library, and click Play on Sims 4.

Make sure you are owner of computer, and not someone who has a secondary account. This may make the game not work properly.

Running Ccleaner and it's registry may not help with the problem of a program not loading. However it's good to cleanup the temporary files from time to time. Specially after an uninstall/reinstall of any program. It helps keeping things running a bit more smoothly.

Ccleaner and it's registry cleaner (Standard Edition is Free)
-- This helps clean up temporary files, internet cache files and other files that are left behind that are no longer being used. -- PC -- Mac

How to use CCleaner to fix PC issues

[FAQ] Installation, Updating and Startup Issues

Please note, if you're using a cracked version of the game and getting the Unable to Start error, we cannot help. We only support the Official version.

If none of the above help, please post about the issue at AHQ's Sims Tech Help Board:

Sign in with your EA account, click the New Topic button, up near the top of the board, to make a new post.

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