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2018 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule
« on: December 11, 2017, 05:34:35 AM »
2018 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule

IMPORTANT: There is a 3 regular event participation requirement to earn a 2018 World Ranking. Both Major events count as two events each, so 1 Major + 1 regular event also earn a player a World Ranking.

January 1 - January 21. Sink Your Teeth into the New Year.
With all the special powers Vampires can get in Sims 4, it's no wonder they are a favorite life state choice for players. We're tapping into that enthusiasm and offering up a Vampire race to kick off the 2018 Tournament season: how fast can you raise your Vampire to Grand Master level and accomplish a handful of other requirements? Rule Set.

January 22 - February 11. 2018 Handiness World Championships.
After taking a year off, the handiness event is back with a similar format as the 2016 challenge where a player needs to earn money from selling woodworking items, plus boosting their multiplier by making as many unique upgrades as possible. Rule Set.

February 12 - March 4. Rug Rats: Surviving a Toddler Run Household.
Whether you've had the fortune of raising your own knee-high little ones or not, we all know that toddlers rule the roost. So, in this challenge, the parents take a back seat and your focus is totally on the toddlers -- in fact, you're only allowed to control and play the parents in a couple special circumstances. Yikes! *Does his best Michael Buffer voice* "Let's get ready to potty train!!!" Rule Set.

March 5 - March 25. House Hunters Challenge: The Baker's Dozen.
We're rewinding a couple years to the popular event from 2016 where you attempt to move into nicer and nicer homes every day. We dropped the restriction on how your two Sims can earn money, so that will prove to be interesting and may open up higher scores. Rule Set.

March 26 - April 15. Kicking Careers into High Gear.
Another overhaul of a popular former event, but in this rendition the team is requiring your Sims get career level 5 before you can get credit. Rule Set.

April 16 - May 6. The Bucket List Challenge: Whims Before Grim.
Your two Elder Sims are racing against the clock -- and the "clock" is a final one, the Grim Reaper. Complete as many Whims as you can, earning lots of Satisfaction to turn around and purchase those all-important score-boosting Traits. Rule Set.

May 7 - June 17. Mid-Season Major: Self-Employed Expert.
A "Major" event that has the weight of two challenges. Your two Sims are tasked with bringing a Vet clinic, a restaurant, and a retail store all up to perfection simultaneously. Rule Set.

June 18 - July 8. Tricks and Treats.
The challenge team has gone to the dogs with this event. Your four-legged friends will be scored not only on how many tricks they learn, but also on their learned good behavior. Rule Set.

July 9 - July 29. Following Romantic Interests to the Letter.
With many more worlds and townies introduced since the last time we ran this event three years ago, players will have to put in a bit more homework before taking the plunge. Ready to take your romantic ambitions to the next level? It's a date! Rule Set.

July 30 - August 19. Jokers Wild.
Here's a challenge that is sure to tickle your funny bone...a speed test to see how quickly your Sim can complete the Joke Star and Chief of Mischief Aspirations. Rule Set.

August 20 - September 9. Baby Boomer 2018.
The forum favorite returns for what promises to be a fun, but very challenging and hectic event for players. Try and have as many kids as you can and get them out of the house as quickly as possible before your dad turns Elder. Rule Set.

September 10 - September 30. Take This Challenge...It's a Steal!
After seeing a recent video on Carl's YouTube channel spotlighting the kleptomaniac trait, the team decided to go back to the challenge vault and pull out a fun event from two years ago. Players are scored on household income and all income is restricted to selling stolen items. Rule Set.

October 1 - October 21. Scout Troop.
A brand new event for everybody which does require a player to have the Seasons expansion. It's a simple speed test where a parent has their three children each attempt to get all the possible scouting badges as quickly as possible. Rule Set.

October 22 - December 2. 2018 Tournament Finale: That Belongs in a Museum!
Calling all collectors! There are so many different types of collections in Sims 4, and with all the expansions you can collect to your heart's content. Earn points for every complete collection, plus finish up the components of the various 5 Nature Aspirations for even more points. This is for all the marbles -- the last event of the 2018 season. Rule Set.