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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"All My Stupid Housemates" (9/16/18)
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Oh wow, Akira... Someone smack him upside the head.  Rattle a few things around in there XD And with Eliza Pancakes of all of them. (I have a special place in my heart for Ulrike, since she was the spouse of my own IDC founder).

I can't help but giggle and sigh over Miko and Kest.  They are just too cute!  And oh my, Magpie is sooo cute!  That hoodie is one of my favorite things ever.

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"All My Stupid Housemates" (9/16/18)
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Congrats to Kestral and Miko on the parties and to Kestral for maxing her career!
Magpie is a little cutie!

Akira is an idiot. Quick! Somebody put that man out of our misery!

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"All My Stupid Housemates" (9/16/18)
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Really good stuff here.  From the beginning, I've appreciated how Kestral doesn't gloss over the not-so-perfect sides to immortality-- like saying goodbye to a lot of people that you care about, people that helped you along the way but can't stay with you.  Not just the obvious ones like Miko and Magpie, but also guys like Johnny and Gino.  I won't count Akira in that list because...dude.  I've said it before, but you really nailed a certain personality-type with Akira.  Keep up the good work, and I'll keep tuning in to watch "All My Stupid Housemates."  ;)

Oh, and that pic of Akira and Ulrike looking back at Miko and Kate playing chess...that's just golden. 

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"All My Stupid Housemates" (9/16/18)
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Oh wow, Akira... Someone smack him upside the head.  Rattle a few things around in there XD And with Eliza Pancakes of all of them. (I have a special place in my heart for Ulrike, since she was the spouse of my own IDC founder).

I can't help but giggle and sigh over Miko and Kest.  They are just too cute!  And oh my, Magpie is sooo cute!  That hoodie is one of my favorite things ever.

I think this was a metaphorical smack to the head, anyway. Eliza didn't deserve to be the person caught in the crossfire here! Flee, Eliza!

That hoodie is so precious. I knew I was keeping it on him when I saw him in it.

Congrats to Kestral and Miko on the parties and to Kestral for maxing her career!
Magpie is a little cutie!

Akira is an idiot. Quick! Somebody put that man out of our misery!

Lots of good progress this update!

Isn't he just? You can interpret that to either of your statements about the boys here.

Really good stuff here.  From the beginning, I've appreciated how Kestral doesn't gloss over the not-so-perfect sides to immortality-- like saying goodbye to a lot of people that you care about, people that helped you along the way but can't stay with you.  Not just the obvious ones like Miko and Magpie, but also guys like Johnny and Gino.  I won't count Akira in that list because...dude.  I've said it before, but you really nailed a certain personality-type with Akira.  Keep up the good work, and I'll keep tuning in to watch "All My Stupid Housemates."  ;)

Oh, and that pic of Akira and Ulrike looking back at Miko and Kate playing chess...that's just golden. 

Thank you! Sweeps Week will feature lots of pool scenes and the dramatic reveal of a surprise twin! Note: This author does not promise the existence of Sweeps Week. That said, I thank you for your close reading of things. I think Kestral has, in general, a pretty unvarnished view of the world -- maybe a little too much so, at times, though I think that facet of her has a little softened since meeting Miko. The punch for her in recognizing that this'll be difficult is not the acknowledgment that she'll lose people... But instead, that losing those people will hurt her.

I love my garbage fire man, and I hope the progression of his story will continue to entertain.

I'm really happy I got that shot; it was so wonderfully useful for storytelling in this scene.
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"A Horde of Zestspawn" (9/20/18)
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Chapter 22: A Horde of Zestspawn

Magpie’s immediately different from Kite. I kinda lucked out in the childrearing experience department: Toddler edition, huh?


“You don’t have a Dad, just the two of us moms.” But this answer doesn’t satisfy him, so he repeats it, shuffling from side to side.

“Da! Da!” The pitch of that’s more kind of an a as in Pants rather than an ah as in Father, though….

“OK, ok, let’s find what ‘da’ means.”

And he immediately starts taking off. I think Da means “dance,” by the way. But the attention span of a toddler is not a selling point.

“Mom, got a tick to spare?”

“Sure do,” I say. “What’s up, kiddo?”

“So, I was wonderin’... ‘sit nicer to be respectful, ‘r to look like you’re respectful, even if y’feel, sorta in a deep-down kinda way, that you’re not really doin’ anyone right by it?”

“Do what feels best to you; why do you ask?”

“Heheh, my teach wants me to look like I’m payin’ attention, but when I’m givin’ her my thoughts for real, I need somethin’ like the window t’look at, or I sorta wander off…”

“Hm. Well, it doesn’t drop your grades, so I’ll have a word with her about it.”

Also, not to toot my own -- oh, who am I kidding? Let’s give a round of applause.

Presenting… Kestral Avyan’s 100th drink! Save your applause for the end, please.

Oh, fine.

So, Zest summoned a horde of Zestspawn over to the house again. They’ll have to endure not waking the llama in the cold. You already know about Hobart and Yaritza; the one playing opposite her is her older full-brother, Ulises. I could hear a bit about what they’re talking about.

“No, Hob, it’s about proper form -- watching a game can teach you a lot about not waking a llama!”

“Is this a set-up for a pun, father?” Calls Yaritza over her shoulder.

“...Eh. I was thinking if one emerged, I’d take it...But I think I’ll just let sleeping llamas lie.”

The force of their unified groaning about dad jokes knocks the llama tower down, leaving the awakened llama to gape as well.

“It’s honestly great, hearing the sound of someone calling you ‘dad’; really chokes me up.” He’s grinning like a fool.

“OK, then, Dad; I wanna go play in the snow!” Bursts in another kid -- I think that’d be Alison Caliente, with the curly hair, bursting into the scene.

“Yeah, sounds like an idea. Alright, gather round! Let’s make a snowpal army!”

The snowpal army is formed. For those not playing along at home, that’s Alison behind Ulises, and Bonnie, who you know, all getting their snow gloves dirty.

“They’re cool hunks of ice, but I’m the coolest hunk around. #ZestyBunch #Snowpals #Snowday.” Is Ulises’ snowpal selfie, featuring, admittedly, no fully-formed snowpals.

“If you can selfie, you can make snowpals!” barks Bonnie, sticking out a tongue.

“Maybe I want to savor some the process. Document the moment.”

“But without tagging us!” points out Alison, pouting.

“No need to fight; when they’re done, we’ll take a picture with all of them. I’ve got the good camera with me, even!” Zest paused in the middle of his grand compromise. A perfect beat before... “And we won’t tag Ulises.”

That got a laugh.

“Mine’s head is kind of conical; it might be too small,” is Hob’s comment. “But I like Bonnie’s; it’s got a grandma feeling. Unexpected.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s pretty cute. And the flower eyes on Ulises are fun -- But Yaritza has an undeniable style. Much better than that lame one on the end.” Zest says, waving a hand at his completely identical snowpal with a good-natured smile. Then, more gently, “They’re all great.”

They nod with some satisfaction before Bonnie starts tugging him away.

“I want to play a game this time! Yaritza and Ulises can’t have all the fun!”

By the way. I’m going to say: those older Zestspawn all have the weirdest names. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it some more. If Bonnie hadn’t come along, I don’t think it would ever be broken.

“I’ll join you, sis,” adds Hobart, sliding into the third seat.

A lot of wake the llama gets played this outing, in a couple of configurations.

All in all, it seems like they have a pretty good day.
Miko’s watching Magpie today, while I’m at work, working him through everything that needs doing for his skills. Sure, there’s not a museum piece riding on his skills, but that’s not important! We want the best he can get.

Besides, he’s so cute when he’s listening to a story. And in general.

“Aliens took our cow! Did they hide her in the moon?
“No, there’s only a flag on the moon!
“Aliens took our cow! Did they hide her on Mars?
“No, there’s only red rocks on Mars!” Miko’s sing-song voice goes the the story as Magpie listens, rapt, until she gets up to Saturn. “Aliens took our cow! Did they hide her on Saturn?”

“No!” Interjects Magpie, waving his arms. “There’re oly…” He stops, realizing he doesn’t actually know, pouting all across his face. Miko smiles widely.

“That’s right, No! There are only rings on Saturn!”
“Oly rins!” parrots Magpie, to the sound of my wife’s laughs. And this repeats, Magpie trying to anticipate the story, until the space exploring farmer, or *whatever*, goes back to Earth and finds their cow.

I think it left an impression on him.

And so maybe it’s ‘cuz the house has been -- still is, Hob’s still hanging around -- full of kids that they’ve been watching out for that Miko and Zest spend a little while cooling off under the starry sky and on the glittering snow.

“Had fun with the kids?” She asks him, from her own recollection -- somethin’ like that.

“I really did… I don’t think I’d really given a thought to it. I mean, I know I’m not, you know.” He shrugs, at a loss for words. “Doing sort of the full-time Dad stuff. So I get the fun bits.”

He shrugs, smiles a little self-deprecating.
“But I want to think that I matter a little to them. My parents didn’t do fun. I thought that was normal.”

“A lot of people who’ve had bad -- sometimes really bad -- experiences with their families say that. But! You’re in a position now to pass something better than the ‘normal’ you had forward! And I think you are! Now, anyway.” Miko tilts her head a little, towards a star. “You’re doing a lot better, so go you! ...Does that make you happy?”

He reflects on it, away from the excitement of everything, and he nods.

“Yeah. I thought I could have everything -- success, a fun life, the pursuit of comedy for its own sake… And I can have everything. It’s just a bigger, better everything than I thought I’d have.”

Of course, when you hear a line like that as you’re coming home from work, you have to drop a snowball on his face. You have to.

“Kestral!” He sputters through a face of snow.

“How mean!” Miko said as she sits up, giggling.

“Consider that a white glove. While you’re having fun, I’m going to work! But now, it’s my time. So let’s see your snowball-throwing skills.”

The impromptu snowball fight begins with gusto! It’s basically 2-on-1, but Zest uses the hedge fences as his partner.

“Kest can’t hit anything that’s not lying flat on the ground!” He taunts as a snowball that might have been thrown by me just happened to miss.

“Oh, you’re dead, Zest!”

To be honest, the result ends up with everyone snowy, going our own ways to try and warm up. Or dispense… Fatherly advice. Sort of.

“Hob, you should love whoever you feel like loving, and give to them whatever you feel like giving.”

“I take it that last part is why you never married Mom?”

“Well, I heard so many comedians say ‘take my wife -- please!’ I thought I would shake it up by having her already taken!” A beat. “OK, probably unfair, Maaike’s great. But that’s basically right. I’m not interested in long-term romantic connections like that. I might like to solidify a few things...But not monogamize them. But you don’t have to be that way.” He puts a hand on his son’s shoulder. “You can pass on better than I did. Please don’t do worse. I’ve seen worse.”

“I might not want to date anyone, honestly. I just don’t see the appeal.”

“That’s good, then. Focus on what inspires you, and you’ll find your own way to being complete.” He pauses, considers the course of his life. “Apparently. I mean, I might have lucked into it -- but I don’t regret pursuing my passions, whatever the cost.”

“...Thanks, Dad.” Hob chuckles. “I think you veered a little off course, there, but... It really means a lot, when you put it like that.”

Time passes, the night ends up falling away, bringing a new day.

And Kite dancing across the living room.

“Now, this aint quite the groove that’s got a beat goin’ in me,” is Kite’s assessment of his own dance moves. Which aren’t bad for a kid, he doesn’t need shame. Zest steps up, though, since everyone just loves the stereo.

“Well, maybe if you move just a little bit like this, you can make some simoleons.”

“Dancin’s not got a price tag danglin’ off it, right?” Kite asks, tilting his head. “Not like it aint free t’ have, an’s not like it’s not more fun t’spread around, so eh, easy come, easy go.”

“Work with me, Kite. I was setting up for something… Oh, well.” says Zest. I hope Kite never works with him. One less bad pun uttered unto the world.

I’m watching Magpie for a little while, but I can’t help denying I’m preoccupied.

“That’s right, build yourself a castle of blocks!”
“A strong house. A strong house that’s so very expensive. How are you going to keep the lights on in the strong house, Maggie?”
“...The lie-swish!” A fine answer, my boy, a fine answer.

And again, at storytime, my thoughts drift to what I found in the mail today...

“And the pretty kitty of pretty kitty city realized that the economy of pretty kitty city was in shambles, because of climate change forcing an increase in the drains of --”
“Mom!” Magpie interrupts. “No! Do it right!”

“Fine, fine.” I sigh, and shake myself out. Focus! “The pretty kitty of pretty kitty city was having a tea party!”

And so on. You can’t blame me for thinking about it -- Momma’s gotta earn her keep fast today! You know why? Because even with Frugal -- even with Frugal, mind you! The bills today still came to 22,000! We don’t even have a quarter of that!

...That thermostat… It’s warm clothes indoors for a while.

So I’m making drinks and selling them off as quickly as I can. Obviously, I’m pushing everyone who can to help out, too.



Zest pauses a beat. The romance drains.

“Mind spotting me a couple of simoleons? We’re in a bit of trouble right now. We’ll pay it back when we can.”


When Zest passes me the money later, he sighs.

“I’ve stooped so low…” He looks away.

“Well, do you even have any other marketable skills?”

“They’re plenty marketable! ...Just not in the house. And not when I’m not at work.”

“Sure, sure.”

Miko’s naturally helping out by painting, when she’s done work -- her paintings are worth more than my drinks, for all that I can make drinks faster.

“...Ka-san. I was puzzlin’ this out, but I don’t think my little doodle doods’d pull in a penny, but…” Kite sheepishly says, having watched Miko quietly for a while, with a far-off look on his face. His voice pleads. “Maybe I don’t got all the details? Maybe there’s somethin’ I’m missin’, an’ they can help?”

Miko’s brush gets set down, and she puts a hand on Kite’s shoulders.

“Honey… Don’t worry, OK? It’s not a kid’s job to work for his parents -- that’d be a backwards dystopia sort of scenario! You be a kid, and you’ll help plenty.” She wagged a finger in his face, which broke, slowly, tentatively, in a worried smile. “Everything’s going to be alright.”

Sure right it will. I just hope he’s not going to be too worried about it. Maybe I’ll find some way to distract him for a bit… His birthday’s coming up, after all. No sense worrying him until then.
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"A Horde of Zestspawn" (9/20/18)
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Oh oh... heart melted with Kite. That was too sweet! Loved seeing all Zest's kiddos and them playing in the snow ^^

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"A Horde of Zestspawn" (9/20/18)
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Oh oh... heart melted with Kite. That was too sweet! Loved seeing all Zest's kiddos and them playing in the snow ^^

This was a very heartwarming chapter for me to write, and I loved getting the Zestybunch to play in the snow.
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"The Star Born Under The Sign of Kite" (9/30/18)
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Chapter 23: The Star Born Under the Sign of Kite

So that’s what’s what ‘round these parts. Aint nothin’ I can do, even if they say it’s fine I’m doin’ nothing. Trip, so whaddya do then? I just. Try not t’ think on it, I guess. But when you’re not thinking about elephants, there’s only a line a’ elephants like you can count to sleep! So here’s what I do:

I call up my buddy Yaritza! ‘Cause if I’ve got someone else t’ think about, I can just ponder’em and not me, an’ if they’re not my folks, I don’t gotta ponder the cash-biz.

“Kite, I believe I’m in need of your help,” Yaritza’s sayin when we meet up.

“Always happy t’ lend a hand; what’s up?”

“There is the elementary dance at the end of the week. Everyone knows I’m…” She’s gnawin’ her lip, not wanting t’say what’s really rolling. I kinda know what she’s pickin’ up on.

“Smartest cookie in th’ jar?” ‘cause you can’t have a girl disrespectin’ herself bout where she should be proud. An everyone knows Ritza’s got a killer mind, you dig? So I wann boost her up.

“Very diplomatic, Kite. But the point is, not very good at physical activities. And I would like to dance; can you teach me?”

“Far out, that catches a bird or two f’r me, too.” Mom’s wanting me t’ work badges an’ movement, so those’ll prob’bly need to get done.

“...I think you maybe… Well, it doesn’t matter.” She probably means about that kinda idiom-thing, but it aint as if I wanna kill a couple’a birds. Anyhoodle.

It’s not like she’s that much worse a dancer than me, but she aint what I’d call a hip cat, I guess. She can move, but she don’t quite got that rhythm, you know? I don’t think it’s unfixable, though. All she needs is to let loose and find the beat.

“Okay, music’s just a thin’ that goes through you; you gotta groove inside, and this’s gotta groove outside, an you move so they meet in the middle, you dig?” That’s the best explanation I can dish out, but that’s probably not the sorta tips that’ll work for her, and that’s not going to get her marching, but…

“I see...Well, not really? But I’ll try my best.” She looks like she’s focusing too hard now. All stiff, and her face tenses up so she’s over-thinkin’.

“Allow me!” Uncle Johnny comes t’ the rescue on this. “Yaritza, at first, try counting it out in your head, a 1-2-3 and a 1-2-3, until you’ve figured it out.”

“Thank you! I will try that, then,” she says, lookin’ all revved up. She’s glad for the save, an’ I’m glad for the save; hey, though, aint that a waltzy kinda beat? Didn’t think a’ that song as a waltz, but it’s gone waltzin’ on! If a waltz is sorta’ glidin, I guess I’d call what I do kinda just groovin; it don’t got a form or a count, just a sorta ear f’r what it’s partner in the music’s gonna do, you dig? But Samba’s kinda a roll, an Mambo kinda a shimmy… An’ I dunno much ‘bout other dances. Guess I got somethin’ t’ learn, too. Sure, guess I finished out Rambunctious Scamp, but that aint all I gotta think about with music. Seems t’ me.

Mom’s gone deep into full ‘rent mode with Maggie, even if he’s just gettin’ goin… Or, in this case, just slowin’ down for the night, ya dig? She looks pleased as punch about it, before she gets back t’ pounding out punches for the price. Even ‘f it means things’re hard for us for a bit… This is how I’d do it, too.

But I don’t got to, don’t get to make that sorta choice. So. Back t’ thinkin’ bout somethin’ else.

Made Pegasus Scout today, that’s somethin’, right? It’s a pity we don’t have frogs ‘round here no more. Weirdest thing. Maybe they all wander’d off somewhere, t’ warmer muck. Be free, little frog-dudes… But that seems like one a’ the funner badges, so who’s t’ say what I’m gonna do… But it my birthday tomorrow, so maybe I’ll work somethin’ out.

But good newsers my duders! ...Trip, man, that’s funny-soundin’ even f’r me. Keepin it, though.

“Ha! Take that, bill collectors! The Avyans kicked your face in!” Mom slams the mailbox shut. “With a day to spare, at that. Ha. Ha.”
The relief offa that is some far-out, you know? Yeah, you feel that. Still, that’s some turn-around, huh?

“Alright, Magpie! Let’s celebrate! Get down!” Ka-san’s pretty relieved, too -- or maybe that’s my guess. Ka-san’s great at bouncin’ back from bein’ worried, sometimes. Mom’s good at it, too, but she’s not a champ in the bounce department when she’s bouncin’ back.

“Get down!” parrots the li’l bro.

“An’ toss in a boogie!” is the personal-type suggestion of his older bro, your good buddy Kite. ‘ve got stuff t’do, but I’ll wait ‘til he’s tuckered out t’grab Ka-san.

“Boogie!” He picks up the word like a pro. The dance, too.

And when that’s done, I do grab Ka-san.

“Are you excited about your birthday, Kite?” She asks as she helps me fiddle with some movin’ parts. This aint really gonna get done soon, which -- ehhh, kinda a problem, but it’s cool. It’s all cool. Get t’ use some paper crafts, at least. Tropical island’s gotta have a hibiscus, and maybe a lobiscus, too -- heh. Sorry, that’s kinda a dumb joke. You’re down with that, right?

“Yeah. Not sure what I’ll grab from the aspiration-hat, or from whatever source springs a thing.” It’s an’ important bit a’ pickin, but I’m a little glad there’s no real lockin’ in’ta stuff like that. Still, not a chance to waste, you dig?

“Hmmm…” Ka-san tilts her head an’ pours in somethin’ bubbly to the mix. “Well, you’ve done a lot of things already; why don’t you just spend today thinking about what was your favorite? That’ll be the right one!”

“Thanks, Ka-san.” ‘Course, when I was walkin’ away, I heard her mumble,

“It’ll be fine however… But I hope he doesn’t want to follow in Kest’s footsteps.”

...An that’s. A little out there, right? You dig, yes? Maybe I’m missing somethin’... Well, either way, I don’t think I wanna cook like Mom.

At school, I end up talkin’ about Magpie in discussion time for a while; he’s got that gleamin’ curiousity, an’ he gets into everythin’! ‘Ve got a smart kid for a brother, that’s how I see it; I’m real proud… Even if that gives the moms four handfuls an’ a half. 

Mom’s workin’ on making some more friends while I’m whiling a day away at school. Check out Uncle Johnny’s ladyfriend -- well, one of ‘em, you get the idea, right? -- Haven Wheatley; she’s prob’bly gonna have her kid later.

“Zodiac signs? A load of hokum if you ask me…” Mom tells her, when she got on the topic somehow; Mom was kinda vague ‘bout high. But then she stopped, an’ she realized that aint gonna charm someone. “But I guess I might not know very much! Why don’t you tell me more?”

“Sure thing! Glad you asked! I’m a Cancer, of course, and the little one’s going to be a Sagittarius -- the archer’s such a powerful sign, I’m hoping I’ll be able to handle things!”

“Oh, yeah? What would you guess for me?”

“Maybe an Aries?” Now, I dunno ‘bout what Mom thought -- more a’ the same, but I could see it! It aint like I think it can tell the future, but I dunno… There’s somethin’ about thinkin’ that the cosmos is glittering down on you, and that there’s some secret way you an’ it are all connected, bound up in little lines of starlight, you dig? There’s an awful lot of stars, right and more all the time? The one born under Kite’s sign might be so far out, we’ll never see it. A star we know about ‘cuz of the way the light bends round, like current through a stream -- if we ever know it’s real at all. But hey, if I think it is, that’s somethin, aint it?

Sorry, took you for a little ride there, didn’t I? Anyfroodle. Mom pries her from the topic so they can get their swing on.

The swing’s a great place to just chill with a buddy; I do somethin’ a little like that after school, like, since I’ve got Kate over ‘fore the party starts.

“Y’know, we could swing together. We don’t gotta --”
“Kite, did you or did you not say, and I quote, ‘trip, it’d be cool t’ get a push for a head-start’?” She’s gonna fuss at me.
“...Mighta said somethin’ like that.” I didn’t mean it if she was gonna make a thing outta it! Just sort a’ spitballin’, you dig?
“And is it or is it not your birthday?”
“...It is.” She’s got me comin’ and goin’, man…
“Besides, it’s not like it’s a pain. It bugs my stomach to swing after a big meal!”
“Aint we gonna have cake soon?”
“I have a second stomach for cake and ice cream. It’s fine.”
An’ that’s that.

‘S not long after that we get this thing rollin’! Got a couple a’ older kids here, too; Diya, mainly, ‘coupla friends a’ moms, Kate an’ Carla an’ them.

“Killer party, Kite! Ooh, that alliterates!” Diya says while we’re dancin’. We’re not tight or nothin’, but it’s cool to get to know some peeps better, you dig?

“Thanks!” It’s not a bad way to work it out. At school, I always spot her on the track. “You on the team?”

“Yeah! I’m not sure if I’ve got goals, but after every meet, we hit up like this great pizza buffet! At moments like that, sweat on my shirt and a pie in front of me --” She pumps the air an’ grins, and she’s swingin,’ cause this is her thing, you dig? “It’s really the most rewarding feeling in the world! All that hard work paying off!”

Mom grabs Ka-san while we chat, an’ starts whisperin. I start hearin’ them talk ‘bout Diya for a bit, Mom sayin’ she’s gotta scout a girl like that out… Well, it aint like Mom likes sports, right? So what’s she gonna scout for?

“Glutton’s not a problem in this house, at least,” Ka-san says to Mom with a giggle. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”
Wait an’ see what? Well, Mom doesn’t say what, either, so I focus back on what everyone else is sayin’.

“Also, just going to say? Your little brother? Adorable,” Diya chimes in.

“He really is. Look at little Magpie, with his sweet little face!” Kate adds.

Bro thinks the party’s all about him, an’ he’s just thrilled.
“Aint he great?”

“Boogie! Bro, bro, boogie!” he tugs me around a while, laughin his little heart out.

“Your bro’s boogying his best, Maggie!”

Once he’s all tuckered out, we get some frenzy for the party, in a nice little party-frenzy format sorta dealio. We don’t got a full four, thought.

“Sorry, Kite. Your mom’s angelfood? The best!” Bonnie’s just gonna watch. Which, groovy enough. It aint a deal, an’ it’s fun to team up ‘gainst the AI. I don’t feel so bad when I steal suns from ‘em. Sides, Sonja’s down to join in, so it’s not just Carla an’ I ‘gainst the computer menace.

“Thanks for the third man, Sonja!”

“No problem; I guess it’s a little silly for an adult to join in with a kid’s game.”

“Kite’s about to be a teen, so don’t worry!...By the way, sorry about this, birthday boy,” Carla’s got a wicked grin when she sends a Bound Biter comin’ right at me!

“Woah! Not my coins!” I shout like that’ll get ‘em back. Nope, but it gets a laugh.

The game’s cut short by a sudden horn honking.

“I summon one and all to the birthday cake!” Mom shouts between horn blows. “Before the candles melt onto the cake!”

Well, hard t’argue with the threat of waxy cake.

Big breath in, big breath out…

Big sparkles in...

An’ big sparkles out.

I’m digging the shirt, anyway; not diggin’ the hat… But I’ll take it, I’ll take it. Some a’ it, anyway -- my hair’s gonna shake out different without the hat, just lettin’ y’know now. I’d like t’ spend some time now doin Creative stuff, you dig? So I guess you c’n put me in for Painter Extraordinaire, right? Heh heh… Your old (older, heh heh) buddy Kite’s not braggin’, it’s more, you know, aspirational -- I gotta get started like anyone else.

A bunch of us gather up f’r a little cake ‘fore I get myself situated.

“Alright, stop me if you’ve heard this one before, Kite! A man walks into a bar, and he says…”

“Is it ouch?” Sonja asks.

“...Hey, this is my joke! Fine.” Carla puzzles it for a second, before launching up again. “Have you heard about the duck doctor getting his license revoked?” Course I have. Uncle Johnny loves that joke like it’s baby #17. But I aint gonna say that; nothin’ worse than killin’ a joke, right? Jokes gotta kill ‘em instead.

“What’cha got about him?”

“He was a quack!”

It’s still funny, after all. OK, cake eaten, makeover started.

Toldja it shook out diff’rent. Mom says it’s just a thing in her family; but hey, sometimes hair just larks to a different color. Now what I’m diggin here, if’n I say so for Kite’s own self, is the length, you dig? It’s a nice length; gotta hope The Man’s not gonna come down on it. I’d fight t’ keep it, actually, but it’s still a fight that if we could just get a little slice of peace ov’r, that’d be just the most far out, you dig?

Maybe it’s just ‘cause I spent so long pickin’ clothes for folks that I go real hog-wild, pickin’ out stuff that’s gotta thing t’ it for me. It’s all got this nice, comfy vibe, you dig? Just clothes you can throw on, but they’ve got a bit a’ flair to ‘em, too. I like a little pop, you dig? A little pop, a little soft. I got the book here organized by my kinda faves, an’ some extras on the sides when I think they’d be good f’r the same kinda thing, you dig? Just t’ make it nice to look at. I aint a shoe guy, an’ I don’t think I gotta be, really… You gotta dress you. Might wanna spruce up the glad rags with a little somethin’, but it’s good, my dude, it’s good. Fancy guys wear vests, anyway, an’ that’s a fancy outfit.

“My handsome boy,” Ka-san says as I spot her reflection beamin’ at me in the mirror.

“Aw, thanks, Ka-san. Buffin’ up the mojo for a spin,” I say, tryin’ t’ hide the flattered glow, buffin’ up the tops party shirt. 

“I’m sure you’ll attract lots of attention. But…”

“I got you a little something. Your mom did, too, but I’m sure she’ll want you to see it later!” Mom hands over the box, an’ I’ve got it untied in a lick.

“It was important to me when I was a girl -- it just really spoke to me!”

What she’s got in there looks like a fantasy book, if it’s throwin’ around a name like The Alchemist. Nice little book.
“Thanks a ton, ka-san! I’ll be sure t’ give it a read!”

Mom’s gift’s an easel, since you’re askin; one I can put wherever the light’s got the best shine. Gonna have to try puttin’ it to use somewhere, but man! It’s a pretty rad birthday, you dig? And it’s not drawin a curtain just yet. Just a little close.
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Awwww!  I love Kite soo soo much!  And he and Magpie... I can't even tell you how much I love them both.  Kite is a very handsome guy and his look just suits him so well!

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Happy birthday @Deme !
Wishing you all the best in the year to come. ;D

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Awwww!  I love Kite soo soo much!  And he and Magpie... I can't even tell you how much I love them both.  Kite is a very handsome guy and his look just suits him so well!

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun dressing him.

Happy birthday @Deme !
Wishing you all the best in the year to come. ;D


(This isn't dead, I've just been sort of out of it lately.)
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"The Shah of Snowfall" (10/19/18)
« Reply #86 on: October 19, 2018, 03:55:17 PM »
Chapter 24: The Shah of Snowfall

So, scene’s windin’ down a little, got my gifts, s’all good. Gettin’ a chance t’ spend some seconds on just, like, spendin’ a bit more time with new folks, you dig?

For example, this cool chick. Introduced ‘er last time, but not like a real long look. But she’s Diya Gandhi; not clear down to the Ts and Is on when she came to town, but hey, things come and go, you know? And she says to me,

“I like the look. This was a pretty great party!” She gives me a quick once-over. ‘S hard not to fidget, keep your cool -- least, it is for me. I don’t wanna assume for you, dude. It’s one thing if your mom says she likes the look, an’ it’s another if you like it -- and that’s really what matters, but, and I’ll say but as many times as you want here -- It’s different when someone else says it, you dig? Means they’re pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down.

“Yeah?” ‘Cause I’d definitely want another good party, ‘f I figure out what that’d be. Not a lot, I like seein’ people happy, but it’s kinda a lot, you dig? More on that, kinda, later.

“Yeah! Good music, your mom makes a killer cake. It’s got me pumped!” She fist-pumps the air and gives me a big slap on the back.

“Well, drop by any time, arright? ‘M always glad to have new buds round here; my pad’s your castle, you know?”

“Sounds good! Well, have a good birthday. I’m going to start working off today’s cake. Or tomorrow’s, whichever.”

‘S nice to have some new pals from it, too. Our school’s got an elementary and high school section, you know -- but while I’ve got some pals in the high school, you’re never not in need of pals. Even Mom’s got my back here.

“I need a best friend, not someone my kid’s gonna get close to. Would you mind helping me out there, Ulrike?” Mom asks her; she probably actually invited her to the party for the sake a hangin’ with her...But. Uh. Why’s she need a friend like that? Ka-san’s Mom’s real best friend.

“Of course! We’ve been friends since you moved in, so that’s just fine!” Ulrike answers, giving her a big hug.

“Thanks. It means a lot. You stay safe now, OK?”

Well, that’s a wrap on the party. So, what next?

Next, I wanna figure out my home inside my home, my castle...Uh, where I’m settin’ up my easel, you dig? An’ that’s a tricky one. The house is real busy downstairs; everyone’s breathin’ down my neck, and it’s got no time to take with this stuff. But paint can only dry at paint’s speed, you dig?

There’s upstairs, natch, but man. That is not a pad up there, outside a’ my room. Not yet. And that’s a major vibe harsher. Just… It aint alive. So, gotta work out where, then… An’ after puzzlin’ about it f’r a while, I land on kinda unlikely spot: the shed.

Got plants growin’ in it, got a lotta space… The light tumbles down through those big bay windows, smooched and glistenin’ from the frost-ferns. It’s nice. Quiet an’ peaceful. Little cold, but what isn’t here? It won’t bother ol’ Kite.

While I’m there, though, I gotta worry ‘bout those little fellas. The plants, I mean. See, here’s the thing. They’re mostly OK, right? But they haven’t needed waterin’ in a while, and, trip, man, that can’t be copacetic!

So we’re puttin’ ‘em outside the shed for a bit, see if that’ll jog the water cycle movin’ again. Sorry for the cold, plant-dudes.

By the time I’m done all that, everyone’s just about left. Stuff’s back t’ a normal it hasn’t been before. ‘Course, I don’t wanna chain myself to the easel -- you only draw stuff ‘bout the stuff you draw that way, you dig? So back to the living.

In this case, the living means someone’s gotta watch over our little wolf. Can’t call him a cat, his hoodie don’t agree with that: wolf it is, you dig?

I mean Magpie, of course. Hard at learnin’ stuff about blocks.
“Whatcha buildin’ there, bro?”

“Towa,” he answers. “It wi’ tall.”

“It’s gonna have some height t’ it, huh? Groovy. Want me to stack some a’ these jacks, get some a’ that height rolling?”

“No!” He’s not sayin’ it meanly, just… Real firm-like, but I’m buggin’ out, too! “You watch.”

“So I’m standin’ back and gettin’ an eyeful of your very tall tower?”

Now he nods, laughing, an’ any worry I was havin’ about that takes a back seat.

“And clap!” He insists, demonstrating.

“Course, course…” Well, he can take it away, yeah?

“It does that vestigial organ I call a heart good,” Mom says, steppin’ out of the doorway. “Seeing my favorite boys having a good time together.”

“Mom!” Magpie says, the goal for a tall tower for me to marvel at gone to the wind for a second, so he can glomp onta Mom’s leg. She pats his head, rufflin’ the hoodie’s ears.

“Hey, Mom. What’s up?”

“Nothing, actually. I just thought I should apply myself a bit more to...This.” She’s flashing a vampire tome for a second before takin’ a seat.

“I’ll get to a new one soon enough. Sooner or later, they’re going to have to teach something interesting.”

While she’s flippin’ pages, the tower gets built. I clap, and we all just have a totally crazy time.

Oh, yeah, got a thing to tell ya: since she got to level 3 in a coupla’ careers, Ka-san figured she’d go back to her first job, drumming up cash fer sims left behind. Lotta things can leave a sim behind, so it’d probably come to an awful lot of cash, or somethin. But it was always what she likes best, she said. So that means she’s got some early mornin’ work to do while I’m stuck listening to the man. ‘Course Mom’ll come, an’ she’ll take Magpie out with her. So here’s the riff:

“We’re up high!” chirps Magpie, when he’s done runnin’ around the top of the building the suits wanted Ka-san to speak at.
“Yeah, San Myshuno’s architecture is all sorts of bizarre, kid. Wanna see all the people look like ants?” Mom’s got to watchin’ him while everyone else just does their thing.

While she’s showin’ him the side of the building (I don’t really dig the city, dig? There’s sort of a press an’ a grind a’ folks, an’ you can’t just stop an chill or hang with people, an’ you don’t got that bright air you get with some far-out space… Trip, sorry, dude), Mom’s got her ear tilted to Ka-san’s speech.

“Hellooo, San Myshuno! Well, I guess this isn’t a concert. But it’s a wonderful city, isn’t it? But what about the people for whom it’s not wonderful? Without guidance, the students of its schools are… unable to… make paper flowers…”

Trip, man! She was digging right down to something spotty, my poor Ka-san. Someone in the crown really needed to pipe up!

“Uh, Miko, babe? You sure you’re OK?” At least Mom could wave her down, whispering it mid-speech.

“Fine… Fine… I’m. I’ll be OK! You watch Magpie, alright, Kest?” Ka-san whispered, before trying to continue. Mom wasn’t sure, watchin’ for a moment just about on the loose wig, you dig? But Maggie’s tugging at her, and Ka-san just waves her on. She’s gonna keep on rolling.

“Yes, flowers -- children are the flowers of our future, after all! But what fertile soil have we manipulated for them in simnation? What about people whose life is a series of challenges, starting from rags to peaches? …Peaches. That’s not right. Um, well... Or, what about emotionally? People disconnect from each other, a generation left behind by its predecessors!”

While this drummed up some fire, it’s not like Ka-san could keep going forever. The city’s warmer than the countryside, sure, right, I dig, but up high? Not that much warmer.

“What we…Um,  What we need is… A warm fire…Where we can have… Maybe a nice nap…And then… Pickles...” She mumbled, eyes droopin’ as the cold dug on in an’ the fever pushed her down. Man, that’s gotta shave off a cat’s lives, right? Mom pulled her aside after that, speech of no speech -- well, a lot of crowd ditched then.

“I don’t want a wifecickle, you know! Don’t get so caught up in trying to rabble-rouse that you literally, not metaphorically, but literally, freezing to death.” Mom tells her as she puts a sweater ‘on her; Mom’s got, like, 5 hands in these stories, dude, since she was on calling a guy for some meds.

“Sorry, sorry… I could have finished, probably.” Ka-san chuckles as the world goes back from spinning, only gettin’ met by Mom’s mondo serious eye-roll.

“Yeah, no. You were halfway to an ice block. You can finish after you get warmed up.”

I’da been with Mom there, but hey -- Ka-san’s a tough lady, I guess. Next speech went better, at least!

She’s been putting in a lotta work lately, too! Ka-san’s been putting those chess pieces in their place, marchin’ em along to Level 8 logic, makin’ that another one for the books.

Anyway, you wanna know what your old buddy Kite’s up to? That’s sweet, man.

Nothin’ much, really. After school I spent a slice of time just sort of wanderin’ around the yard, watchin’ the snow shine. We got the garden back here now. They’re all bedded down for the winter -- even the ones that ought to be chillin’ in the chill, heh. They’re growing, sure, but they don’t want to ask for anything. Keepin em all outside overnight didn’t do a lick.  I’ll relate some t’ that. But unlike me, they probably should, you dig? I’ll keep an eye on ’em.

After that, Mom invited over the club. Not the family club, right, but like a bunch of dudes she rounded up. Membership’s change a little since last time, since, y’know, time’ll do that, you dig? Yeah. An’ rather than just smell the paper in the homework book, it’d be better t’ talk and work, least in my sense of it.

“What do you think about the future, Kite?” Asks Mizuchi. I’ve always dug those earrings she’s got, you know? So I made a point to remember her pretty well.

“Donno; might be like a dandelion for a while when I’m done with school, you know? See where the wind takes me, put that in a painting somewhere.” Much of it as you can.

“I’d like to be a bride. Find someone truly special, who sweeps me off my feet…” She smiles a far-off smile.

“No kiddin’? Sounds great; I’ll drop back for it.” Wonder what sorta folk she’d like. Prob’ly someone colorful, huh? But then, trip, man, get this, she says:

“And then, we’ll crush my enemies, see them driven before us, and live on a big estate!”

Crush her enemies? Trip, that is all sorts of not groovy, you dig? I mean, look. Some people and you, they just can’t work out, I dig, I dig...But doesn’t that just make everythin’ worse? It doesn’t balance.

“Can’tcha just be happier than they wantcha to be? Then you’re happy an’ you showed them?” Like, I get spite, sure, but don’t that just reason out better?

“Kite, you’re really bad at vengeance. No, you have to punish them for real! I’ve got a list of people, I call it my dung list. There’s my grandma, and my third-grade teacher, and those people who ring bells...Anyway, I’m sure my husband will have a list. It’ll bring us together!”

...So. That’s when I decide that:
“I am not chill with the chill here, you know? So. Splittin’ indoors!” Man, I can just get all kindsa hung up on… Uh. Walls. An’ Ceilins. And not talking ‘bout the list a’ people you wanna crush like you’re a cartoon bad guy, you dig? Not you-you, you’re cool, dude. Sorta a generic ‘you,’ yeah?

So, hey! Lemee get ya introduced to a cat. Christian Bheeda, one a’ the Bheeda bros. He’s more of a “dog,” than a “cat,” I figger, but eh, let’s just go “dude.” He an’ Gulliver, his twin, they’re both in the scout troop, you dig?

“So how’s the work grindin’?”

He sighs and takes just a tick to swirl it around in his head, before popping out a shrug.

“It goes.”

“Better’n it staying, right? Go, run, be free, homework, my dude! Fly ta distant lands!”

That gets him to break the long face (not really, ‘course, cause he does have one a’ them) and give ol’ Kite a laugh. That’s the ticket.

“I’ll second that. Trouble someone else for a while, huh? I’ve got better things to do with my life, like mulling over what to do with my life and needing more sleep.”

“Ah, the man speaks th’truth. I think I know what I wanna do with my life.” When I say that, he goes all wide-eyed, like, what, that’s such a hard-sell thing? Well, kinda. I’ll send him up with my own shrug. “We got a firepit out back recently-like, so why don’t we get things heated up, you know?”

“That’s more an evening than a life, Kite,” he answers, but it’s not like he’s not gonna follow me. Got his winter hat on an’ all.

“...Hmmm...Yeah, but a life’s sorta just a series of evenings and mornin’s, nights and days; so I’ll spend my life on some firewood cracklin, you dig?” If he didn’t, I guess that’d be cool, but he nods all the same.

...Just hit me. Guess I really couldn’t get outta the cold that long, huh? Woopsadoodle.  We end up chucking the logs in, watchin’ the snow melt around the rim as the fire gets going, but not before we call out at the back door,

“Bonnie, wanna make the scene?” ‘r, I do. Christian’s gonna ask it as ‘you want to come with?’, an hey, different beats, right?

“Maybe later,” she calls back, from where she’s catchin’ a flick with Uncle Johnny.

“You can go join them if you want,” Uncle Johnny’s sayin’ t’ Bonnie. She’s hit her teen sprouting up, too, an’ it turned out nice for her, if you’re askin’ me. Not yer magazine chick look -- nothin’ so square ‘s’all that. Think he’s real proud of her.

“Maybe in a second. You’re not just trying to get out of listening to me talk about Mrs. Havarshire, are you?” That bein’ the Math teach. Got ‘er for 5th period, kinda needs to learn to just. Get a cool, you dig? Bonnie sighs and shakes her head.

“Never, never.” Uncle Johnny sinks on into the couch. “So, you were saying about snacks?”

“I’m just saying, she can’t yell about snacks in class if she’s going to have class before lunch! It’s unfair!” She sighs an flipped her head on the back of the couch. “And then there’s the homework. I can do the math without writing it out, so why should I?”

“You can do that? I don’t know where you got those brains.”

“Mom,” the answer pops up in a flash, dude.

“Yeah, sounds about right. But you can just write it out after you get the answer, right, if it’s really as easy as pi.” Uncle Johnny grins his big, just launched a pun grin.

“...I’m going outside.” She launches up to ditch the joke.

“Have fun, Bonnie!”

‘Course, while she’s joining on in, Mom’s gettin’ up to the business. I didn’t know right away, you dig, but things get around here. Not sure how I feel.

She went an’ had a word out front with Mizuchi.

“Look, let’s you and I be honest. You need to go,” she said, cool as the snowfall.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Look, this club needs to be full of people who can get along with Kite -- his friends, his comrades, so on. Especially so on, but not totally. Still. You’re never going to be that person,” she said, pointin’ a pair of fingers at her, eyes agleam under the edge a’ her hat.

“...Who says I can’t?”

“Well, it’s kind of an alignment thing. Look, he’ll never ask you to go, that’s not his nature.” An that’s kinda wierd to hear that Mom said, ‘cuz she’s got my number. I wouldn’ta, not if she didn’t want to; I figure live and let live, you dig? ...But I think Mom had my back here, too. I donno what I want to make of that. “Besides, you’ll be happier with a different group, where you have a future -- a chance of catching a man who understands your needs.”

“...I suppose so,” is what she said, before leaving the home. Trip, man.

An’ that’s why she never showed up t’ the bonfire. Our last member -- heh, at least f’r then, I guess -- showed up instead.

“Sorry I’m late,” explains Star as she pops a chair. “You know, I didn’t think this would feel so nice.”

“The fire? Yeah, I sort of expected the snow to be putting it out… You think we could roast marshmallows on this?”

“Got a drawer of mal’ supplies there, I think. But hey, cats’ve been sitting like this, all round a fire, since before they had anythin’ else; it’s somethin’ that’s always been good.” Looking up above, the sky’s full a’ snow, but the clouds’re just a thin veil an the starlight’s fallin’ through, white as white’s white -- the light an’ the snow, all one bundle of white, all tumblin’ down onto the fire’s reds an’ gold.

“And yet, they lacked the essential features of nice chairs and marshmallows,” adds Christian, turnin’ his hands this way and that. “Life was nasty.”

“And brutish and short?” Bonnie asks while I’m stargazin’.

“Well, I wasn’t counting that. After all, we’ve reached ‘heartbreaking and long,’ now. But at least we can enjoy roasted marshmallows.” This gets a nod or two from Bonnie. I’m not sure it’s gotta be heartbreakin -- or long, really. Like, trip, I get what he means, we’re addin’ up days longer’n the past, but… Time’s not somethin’ that moves evenly, you dig? It gets hung up, it falls out, it flashes along. And sure, there’re gonna be rough times, not gonna say that… But… I wanna believe there’s heartmendin, too. Before I’ve gotten that all pulled together an’ worded out, like I can do nice an’ pretty for you here, pal, Star pipes back up.

“Not that I’m not loving amateur philosophy hour, but isn’t it weird to have a pool installed in winter?” She points next to us, to the new pool.

“‘S not that bizarro, just kinda funky. Trip, it’s not like it’s got no use; looks far out at night, anyway. Mom sure felt like it, why fuss an’ run around about it,” is the best I can answer. I mean, it does. Got those pool lights. This gives Bonnie a sparklin’ look in her eyes.

“Oh, yeah? If it’s not weird, then why don’t you try using it?”

“Yeah!” “Swim, swim!”

Now that’s a hoot, right? Right in the dead of winter, snow stickin’ on the ground, an’ they’re wanting me to go take a dip, aint that a trip? ...But it aint like I can’t get back out, so you know what? A guy’s got to live a little sometimes, too.

“You know what? Gonna go for it.” I say, throwin’ off my coat onto the chair. An’ then, like, five other layers of threads.

“You maniac,” whispers Christian, watchin’ on saucer-eyed. Just straight-up starin. Man, I’m not even gettin’ going.

“He’s gonna do it!” Bonnie shouts back at her old man. Guess he came out of the house t’see this, huh?

“Well, he has always been interested in being chill!” Uncle Johnny shouts back. I’ve already gotten on the brink, dippin’ my feet straight into iceville!

“I’ll buy you lunch if you don’t chicken out before you get all the way in,” offers Bonnie.

“Why I’d wanna do that? ‘M gettin’ in the spirit of the season.” Gotta be smart about it, but it aint like the water’s gonna kill me, not in a heated pool with peeps five minutes away. But this is, like, winter’s winter, man. The absolute ever-living winner of winter, shah of snowfall feelin’. “Get real deep, deep hung-up on cold.”

There’s a round of hootin’ when I actually get in the water. Maybe a bit of a chant.

But the water aint that bad, you know? Brisk-like, like swimmin’ in crystal or somethin. Not gonna live here, but y’know, it really aint worth the deal gettin’ made out of it. Cool in a great many senses of the term, the pool’s heated melting the snow down t’ the glassy surface of the water.

“OK, whatever you’re thinking about, get back up here before you freeze,” is Uncle Johnny’s official-type note. “Well, at least you’re doing fun dumb teen stuff.”

“Aww, what a drag. Arright. Mind throwin’ me my coat?”

I mostly dry myself off on the fire itself, gettin’ warmed up there.

“Kite Avyan,” announces Star, risin’ to her feet. “I hereby annoint you our first official member of… The Polar Bear Club!”

“Here, here!” “Here, here!”

“Now that’s some cred I’ll wear with pride, my dudes. An’ sniffles.”

“Is that your sniffles worn with pride, or cred worn with sniffles?” Asks Christian, giving a pat on the back f’r applause.

“Whichever, prob’ly.”

“You maniac,” he repeats.

“He’s a maniac I owe lunch!” wails Bonnie, over it all.

An’ all the dudes, cats, dogs, homies, and assorted peeps an’ I just get to joke about it f’r a while yet. The world gets to melt down like snow around the fire.
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"The Shah of Snowfall" (10/19/18)
« Reply #87 on: October 19, 2018, 11:44:31 PM »
I know I've said it before, but I just love Kite!  And I was sooo glad Kest got rid of that one girl!  I wanted to slap her silly!  She is certainly not right for our Kite! (yes, I said our XD, I'm feeling very possessive of him for some reason).

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty: Chapter 1 - Momento Mori
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Chapter 1: Momento Mori

Momento Mori. That’s for suckers.

I just finished reading the first chapter and I already love it! Kestrel is so sassy and fun!

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"The Shah of Snowfall" (10/19/18)
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Love all the teens being teens.  And Magpie is as cute as ever. 

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"The Shah of Snowfall" (10/19/18)
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I know I've said it before, but I just love Kite!  And I was sooo glad Kest got rid of that one girl!  I wanted to slap her silly!  She is certainly not right for our Kite! (yes, I said our XD, I'm feeling very possessive of him for some reason).

And your possessiveness warms the cockles of my heart, it does. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get very discriminating about who should be with our boy!

Love all the teens being teens.  And Magpie is as cute as ever.

I was so startled when it happened, like "Wait, what, Kite, honey, what the heck are you even doing put your coat back on" ... But after a second, I realized that, duh. I had gathered up a bunch of teenagers and left them alone. Of course someone was going to do something dumb!

I just finished reading the first chapter and I already love it! Kestrel is so sassy and fun!

Thank you very much for reading, and for dropping a comment as you do! Kestral largely kicked off the whole enterprise by just bursting into my brain with that line, and everything else about her followed.
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"The Shah of Snowfall" (10/19/18)
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I just finished reading the first chapter and I already love it! Kestrel is so sassy and fun!

Thank you very much for reading, and for dropping a comment as you do! Kestral largely kicked off the whole enterprise by just bursting into my brain with that line, and everything else about her followed.

Yeah that happens to me too sometimes! She looks so cool too!

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty, Chapter 2: Fisherman, Ahoy!
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Chapter 2: Fisherman, Ahoy!

“Booyah! Victory is mine! I warned you! Your girl does not lose!”

It was a good trip.

LOL when did Johnny become such a player? Miko is such a cutie and I really like this Gino NPC. Weird traits though. NPCs in Sims 4 make very little sense

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"The Shah of Snowfall" (10/19/18)
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LOL when did Johnny become such a player? Miko is such a cutie and I really like this Gino NPC. Weird traits though. NPCs in Sims 4 make very little sense

Someone's got to be a player, right? Well, maybe. An infinite multiverse of Johnny Zests must mean one of them is a player. And here we are... With a little nudging from one very goal-oriented lady, hee hee.

Randomness leads one to some odd but sometimes interesting sims, for sure.
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The Avyan Immortal Dynasty

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"That Guy" (10/25/18)
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Chapter 25: That Guy

When I’m headin’ back on in, I check up Magpie’s room, seein’ as I figger he’d probably have caught all his Zs.

“Hey, hey!” He grabs me when I open the door, an’ gets me with a giggle.

“What’s shakin, bro?”

“You’re do the thing, right?” He asks me. Now, Kite’s got a coupl’a things, erryone needs some things, you know? So which one...

“What thing you got in mind?”

“You’re gonna tell a story! About the day!” An’ he means, natch, this little yarn I’m spinnin’ for you now. The little ‘family tradition’ we got here, I mean, you dig?

“Yeah, prob’bly. Why?”

“I wanna! I wanna tell!” He insists, gesturing to the little chair so he can get t’ talkin. An hey, who’m I to say ‘no way’? So settle down, too, an’ I’ll spin his words on his day f’r a bit.

“OK, so what happened?”

“Mom read me a story! ...Um…” He scrunches up his face all serious. “It was a good story! ‘Bout Movie Stars!”

“You wanna be a movie star, bro?”

“...I dunno,” he goes shy on me then. So file this as a maybe, arright? He’s back in his groove real quick. “But I wanna wear shiny clothes, an’ get my picture taken a bunch!”  He’s been miming a snapping a pic, so I mime up a camera -- not th’ phone kind --  back. “And Mom said ‘Just rember me in the… the… the axe-set-ants speech!’ So I’m gonna! You, too!”

Awww, trip, man.
“Real glad for it, bro. Anything else happen tonight?”


“Ka-san and I dance! An’ I told her about chicken butts!”

“About what?”

“Chicken butts!” He says again, ‘fore he’s solid gone to the giggle zone. ‘Ventually, he cools it, an’ keeps going. “An she says ‘well, we’ll shake our tail-feathers!’

“Ka-san’s good at dance,” he adds.

“Yeah, she is, innit she?”

“Yeah! There! That’s the story!”

“Good work, dude. Aces.” It takes a little work t’ get at his hair under the hoodie, but I can’t just let ‘im go unruffled, you dig? “That’ll sure set the scene.”

So, dude, that’s the story. Nothin’ else t’say right now, I just figgered he’d tell it better’n I could… Well, ok, I guess I’ll keep goin’; I’m sure I can dig up some stuff he wouldn’ta known yet, right?

...Well, a lotta stuff, if we’re hittin’ truth.

After seein’ Magpie off, I had t’ sit down an’ for real finish up this work. And funny enough, it’s Uncle Akira who comes on by to help out. He’s got the whole number thing counted out -- guess it’s the sorta stuff a programmer’s in the need-to-know for.

“Mucho Merci, Uncle Akira. You’re a swell dude f’r the hand,” I tell him as the math flies by. An that nets a sad laugh into his coffee.

“You think?...Because I’m pretty sure I’m not.” He sees I’m given him the looky-loo for that, so he’s gonna keep talkin’. “I want to be. I want to not hurt people. I’m just… I can’t convince myself to feel what I want to feel. I’ve thought a lot about it, and she’s right. It’s me. It’s always been me.”

“Aw, trip, Unc. I didn’t mean t’ bring up somethin’ hard. But hey,” I say, tryin’ to draw out somethin’ I can say. “Change’s gotta start with wantin’ it, right? So you’re at least gettin’ rollin, you dig?”

“Heh. why not,” is all he answers.

I wanna find some way a’ helping him out. If you think of somethin’, you gotta be sure to give Kite the deets, ok, my dude?

So’s while I’m out -- a lotta us’re out, I guess, so it’s just Uncle Johnny havin’ a time.

Specifically, Catarina Lynx dropped li’l Ashley off at our pad for a bit, right? But the time he’s havin’ aint a smooth  one with that.

“No! Mommy come back!”

“It’s OK, she’ll be back. She will, I promise. You’re just going to spend the morning with daddy for a bit, OK?” An for some kids, that’d be immediately enough, you dig? Not quite.

“No! Mommy!” She’s almost gonna cry before Unc figgers, hey, if he’s maybe not gotten a total grip on the whole thing with doin’ some of the rest of parentin’, he can fall back on his specialty.

“You know, that reminds me of a story about an egyptian who went to an old pyramid. Wanna guess why he did that?” He pats her head t’ console her.

“...No, why?”

“Because he wanted his mummy!”

And once she gets a hoot an’ giggle outta that, she’ll let him pick’er up and go on.

“Let’s go play until Mommy gets back, OK?”


An’ they had a pretty swell time f’r a while, puttin’ that slide to the work with all that swsh-swsh of snowsuits in the air.

“I’m still a work in progress, but I think I’ve got a grip on it,” was Uncle Johnny’s opinion when I asked him ‘bout it.

He had a little chance t’ say hi to another kid when she was headin’ home from school. Trip, that rub ya a little creepy, huh?  Sorry, I meant another one a’ his kids. Fiona, I think he said she was. Fiona Rosa.

“Keep up the homework, stay in school, only rebel and leave your family behind if we’re jerks about your life and you’ve finished school. Words to live by!”

“Alrighty! … Did you actually mean all of that?” She drops her pep fer a tick, with one a’ those smiles where you aren’t even real sure.

“I mean, I don’t want you to. But I’m just saying, if you’re going to disown yourself, please do it responsibly. I don’t want you ending up in a bad way,” he gives his far-out little speech.

“You’re so weird, dad,” she tells ‘im as she waves bye to head on to her mom’s pad, leavin’ him feelin sorta wistful, I guess.

...Hey, can I be real with you fer a tick? Just. It’s kinda. Trip, this is all kinda embarrassin’, huh? Go easy on your ol’ pal, won’tcha?

So, my grades are up, right? An’ I look at that card an’ I go “Oh, Mom’ll be over the moon.” An’ Ka-san’ll be on this, too, right?

 An I realize that the whole thing didn’t mean anythin’ to me. I wasn’t proud, or nothin. It just was, an’ now Mom’ll stop counting down the averages. I was just… Look, you know how you sorta come on different for different cats? Like, around my friends, I’m Kite the buddy, who’s gonna listen t’ everything an’ buck ya up. And that’s no put on, man! An’ around the ‘rents, I’m Kite the hard worker, you dig? Doin’ all those tasks f’r mom, an’ pickin’ up badges an keepin’ my nose outta trouble an’ all. And that’s no put on, either. Glad t’ make ‘em all happy, really, an’ if I just spewed the ever-word pudding, I’d just make a mess of things; it aint no drag not t’ get the chance to.

But it just feels…

Aww, trip, like, I donno. Nah, that aint it. I know. It’d just somethin’ I shouldn’t say, I guess, right? I’m just bein’ a dumb kid, prob’bly. You know, kinda grabby. So I just try an’ keep my hands busy, an’ my head busy, so mostly, I don’t put weight on anyone else’s shoulders, an I don’t get hung up.

But today, I got hung up like you wouldn’t believe. Cuz it seems like it’ll go on forever, my dude. Just. Forever. Like all I wanna do is go runnin’ off into the woods an’ just never come back. But I wouldn’t, not for real, you dig, I just… Let’s say I ran, yeah? Would anyone know where I went? An’ would anyone come t’get me? An’ if they did, were they comin’ to get me, or comin’ to get how I come on? Is that even a real line I’m drawin? It’s kinda silly to want somethin’ like that, right? You can’t just go around testin’ cats on rules you made up, that is uncool, man.

I donno if he’s as worth comin’ for as Buddy-Kite or Hard Worker-Kite, but… ...But if no one ever finds that dude, right -- the Kite that’s just mine, you dig, who wants to be told all the time he’s the most righteous dude an’ so important 'cuz he's not sure even if it’d be a pain, and just wants to hold up the world in him an’ just be in the world so in himself, and aint sure if you’re diggin’ him, right here, that Kite --  If there’s no time they’re not coming for the other Kites, if I’m comin’ on forever and never get to be him…What’s gonna happen to that guy?

Anyway, tried writin’ some about it. Couldn’t scratch it out, not really. Not even sure I got it here, an’ I just gabbed your ear off. Thanks for that, my dude. Much Appreciation.

Anyhow, Outside, Unc’s invited over Hob an’ them.

Could go out an say somethin. Man, I been brought too low down for that, you dig? I’d just be a drag. So I just listen.

“So, the trick to not waking the llama is --”

“Don’t be dad?” Bonnie smiles kinda sarcastically.

“Who knew it resents success?” answers Uncle Johnny, shrugging. He pauses. “You kids are old enough you probably ought to think about your futures a little. Any ideas?”

“I would be interested in pursuing any number of fields,” is Yaritza’s answer. Most of th’ rest kinda shrug.

“Ah, still working on it, huh? No worries.” Though, if I had t’guess, Unc’s at a bit of a loss. Mom’s like that, too, you dig? But he goes on, softer, “My advice is to find what you want and just never stop chasing it. You’ll do great.”

‘Rents really worry about this stuff, huh? Yeah.

Once th’ game breaks up, a bunch of them wanna watch out for Magpie. The girls just love ‘im.

“He’s just so cute!” Squeals Alyson. “Hey, Magpie, want to play with me?”

“I got blocks.” I bet he’s smilin’ like crazy. All these folks payin’ attention just t’ him? Just the bee’s knees.

“He’s got blocks. Alright, Magpie, can you show me what block’s the one with the moon on it?” Bonnie’s got him on blocks, sounds like. He’s really got a grip on talking to dudes by the end a’ the night.

Extra so since Ka-san’s talkin’ to him after everyone else’s split, tellin’ him ‘bout birds.

“Now, I’m a city girl, so I always liked pigeons the best growing up! They have pretty colorful wings and grey wings. A lot of people think they’re bad, though.”

“Are they?”

“No. They are gentle friends. They’re all good birds, Magpie,” Ka-san says it like she’s thinkin’ of somethin’ kinda funny, an’ that’s enough for both of us to get a chuckle, on other sides of the wall. “They’re very shiny sometimes -- like Magpies, even though they’re different types of birds.”

“Like me?”

“You’re named after them, yeah. Magpies look like of like crows or blue jays, but in all black and white, with a pretty shine to their wings -- they can make a lot of sounds, like someone I know!”

“Like me!”

“That’s right.”

...Far-out thing to listen to, really. I guess that’ll pick me up a while. That’s what I’m thinkin, anyhoo. An then:

“Kite, I think it’s time you and I had a talk.”

“...Hey, hey, woah.” Like that isn’t sugar-sure to shock a cat! I can’t think of somethin’ I did to get her on me, but then she looks at me for a moment and says,

“Oh, right, no, not like that. It’s just need to know and you need to know; really, I’ve been putting it off. So don’t worry.” So watcha gonna do but pop a seat on her big bay window an’ give it a listen?

“Let’s cut to the chase: I’m never going to die.” She says such a far-out thing so plain, like she’s sayin’ it’s snowing out. “And, by my plan, neither will you.”

“Never-never, like, past heat-death-of-the-cosmos never, Mom? You’re putting me on,” I can’t help but laugh. She taps a digit to her chin, like I said somethin’ that’s really gettin’ wheels spinnin’.

“You have a point. I might have to negotiate at the heat death of the universe. But hey, could be interesting. Not fun, but living forever’s going to have awful times, too.” Trip to end all trips, man. “You can handle your own status via life or death then, naturally.”

“...I can’t now?”

“You can, which is why I need to talk to you about this.” Aint nothin’ I can say to that, my dude. Just waitin’ while her fingers tap-roll across her knee for a tick.

Then: “If one collects a family line of eight successive immortals -- people who have really proven themselves, not just, you know, grabbed some temporary fix without putting in the effort, like they think that gonna keep the reaper off their backs.” She rolls her eyes, “If you get eight, who’ve fulfilled their lives in all the ways someone can, then you’ve basically got perfect immortality, the bestowment of treasures, all of that. Some crazy ancient ritual thing the Reaper put into place. Weird, right? But it works. And I want in.”

‘Fulfilled their lives’ yadda yadda, huh? A feelin’ creeps in. Real heavy stuff. All of it’s buggin’ me out, if you gotta know… Like… I donno if I wanna live forever. Never thought ‘bout it. Trip, dude, time’s just a thing cats make up, right, if a day feels like an hour, aint that the same as only havin’ an hour? Heavy as the end of the world. But there’s somethin’ else, too. An I can’t smile thinkin’ it. I’ve gone stone cold.

“Just 8, huh? In a row?”

“That’s right.”

“An’ no one else.”

“Wouldn’t have the room. Housing laws are a pain. Maybe we’ll get a president and make some new ones a few generations down the line.” She shrugs.

“...What about Ka-san and Maggie?”

Only answer right away’s just a hiss of breath goin’ in through her teeth. An’, trip, I said the wrong thing -- and then I think, hey, scratch that trip, Kite. You asked the right thing! …’Cept she looks sad, an’ shuts her eyes. An I know then that it aint like she hadn’t thought about it.

“...It’s not like I’m killing them. It’s not. Besides, your mother’s not interested in running off for her own business like that. Kinda weird, if you ask me.”

 “It’ll only be for a while, and at the end, it’ll be worth it. It’s pretty dime-a-dozen to bring back a sim, everyone knows it. But when you do it, deal undertaken and all that? They get in on it. So it’ll be worth it. It will.”

Hey, dude, you gotta help me out. What do you say to that? This has all already happened, dig, but what’s a cat to say? I’m a deer in headlights out here, dude!

“...I care. Of course I do. But… That’s not enough to make me give up. Not when at the end is everything I’ve ever wanted: Everything, forever.” She’s starin’ off into something happenin’, some kinda thing only she really knows, ‘cept it’s in her like a hunger, and a kinda loneliness, and a loss. Don’t ask me why, man, I couldn’t tell you. Just that this is somethin’ Mom’s smashed her brains to make happen for her. Heck, maybe they already were, dig?

Even I can see, it’s somethin’ real important for her. An then she snaps back into firing along all Mom-style. Starts rattlin’ all the stuff you already know, right? ‘Bout what that’s gonna take. Hey, aint that all kinds of freaky that she’s been pushin’ me for this my whole life an’ I never noticed, like, dig this, I musta been flying backwards. Thinkin’ it was about me.

I’m trying to put somethin together the whole time. What matters t’me most. I do this, I’m spendin’ a while here, doin’ the rat race. Not gettin’ a chance to taste the lazy river wind where my heart takes me, not really gettin’ to follow my own groove and make somethin’ happen for me for a long, long time. Or Mom, an’ maybe Bro and Ka-san, down the line. An defendin’ that thing that’s her thing, you dig?

What Kite am I gonna be?

“I’ll leave the particulars of your path up to you, of course. I’m not a dictator, after all. Mostly...Though I’d recommend staying away from the garden. There’s only so far you can go without the plants needing caring for, I’m sad to say.”

“Now just a tick, Mom. It’s winter now, dig? Just… Give me ‘til Spring’s gotten its legs on that, sound cool?” Those plants look like they were waitin’ for someone. Not sure how to put it -- just that’s the vibe I get, you know? Left t’ their lifeless little corner.  Sure, the rows give you kinda a sense of season, but there’s no flow to it, you dig? No shade, and without shade, you can’t get real sun to mean nothin’. Flowers gettin’ buried under the trees, trees tanglin’ up their branches. It’s really somethin, man. But picture it: a cool pond with the water burblin away, the shade of trees, bright pops of flowers you see through the shed’s window. I think plants know how to handle a flip-out better’n people, for sure: they’re so cool we mark the coolness of other things by ‘em, right? But the roots run deep, an’ they soak up any noise you’re gonna put into ‘em. Makes ‘em real peaceful. Take an easel out, soak up the sun. You can really get somethin’ swinging that way, right?

...Maybe I just wanna see what I’ll grow outta me. Anyfroodle, I was on Mom’s thing, right?

Might as well.

“Of course, of course.” She nods, and then she drops me a real smile.

“Thanks, Kite. I’m glad you’re with me on this. You and Miko and...just everyone. It’s not something I expected, that’s for sure.. And finding it’s been a real treasure.”

“...Yeah, cool. I’ll see what I can get goin’, anyway, OK? I aint gonna brag and say I got this right off, you dig? But it could be somethin’, if you’re gonna have my back all the way.” An’ I smile, best I can. I can get into it, sure I can.

“Of course, kiddo. I’m with you ‘til the end of the line.”

Mom gave me some greenarinos to go get my room remade. Call it a late birthday or an’ early ‘guess we’re doin’ this real far-out thing’ present. Don’t worry about ol’ pal Mr. Jackalope, he’s still chillin’ here with me, of course, but a lot a’ the toys are for Magpie now. Bet he’ll like ‘em. Man, I really wanted those wind chimes, but I couldn’t sleep with ‘em, so they had to go. Gonna have to have some in the shed sometime. An’ the garden. Anywhere, really. But the rest looks great, don’t it?

Now, don’t you go worryin’ about Kite, OK? It aint all sobs and maudlin, the sky’s not darkenin’ (well, OK, it was night, but hey, you dig), world’s not endin’. It’s not like I’m doin’ something I don’t want to. Well. OK, Somethin’ I completely don’t want to, anyway. Gonna be a road, that’s for sure…

And nothin’ I said before really went away…

But hey. Before, I was just wonderin’ if it’d go on forever. Now I know: I’ll have a finish line, and after that, I’da done the best I could, an’ still have whatever I want left over.  I’ll really just get that Kite happenin’, opened up to the sky. If a day’s an hour if you think it’s an hour… Then I got the patience to wait a while, you dig? That’s ok, isn’t it?
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"That Guy" (10/19/18)
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Wow, heavy stuff! Poor Kite! I want to hug him and squeeze him and make it all better.

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"That Guy" (10/19/18)
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Wow, heavy stuff! Poor Kite! I want to hug him and squeeze him and make it all better.

Same, though... Which is probably a little odd for me to say, all things considered. It was a daunting chapter to work on...Which does not actually explain the long delay between updates, and I'm terribly sorry for that!
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"Some Quality Bumming" (11/10/18)
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Chapter 26: Some Quality Bumming

Anyhoo, that’s a drag you don’t gotta worry on, arright? Aaah, lessee what I can rummage up f’r you?

“Hi-ho, honey!” Ka-san springs on Mom ‘fore givin’ her main squeeze a squeeze while she’s chillin’ by the bar.


“I may or may not have been playing Blue Moon 64 a lot this week. One of the bachelorettes uses it, I thought it sounded cute!” Ka-san’s explanation’s kinda shameless, huh? But Mom’s a bigger fan that way, you dig? An’ Kite’s not sure he’d wanna encourage shame on that. “Anyway, did you have that talk?”

“Of course; It went well. I’m a little worried about the whole plant business, but hey -- even if we wait a bit, we’ll still have time to switch.” Mom nods all pleased, and hey, if I don’t tell ‘er, an’ I won’t, then can you help keep that riff between us? “He’s bound to blaze through whatever he wants.”

“...Kest. Are you sure? Our sweetie’s sensitive. You’ve got to be sure you’re reading him carefully.” ‘Course Ka-san would think t’ look all through me like Kite’s nothin’ but a sheet of glass, man. She was watchin’ Mom’s face, an’ fer a second, little ol’ me peepin’ from a distance thought she’d wanna dig into it, an that’d cause a lotta trouble…

“I’m sure, I’m sure. Why wouldn’t he be?” So I’m glad that’s what Mom says. Trip, man…. Maybe I shoulda’ picked some other scene to tell you ‘bout, you dig? This one’s kinda a bummer. Well, Mom comes to superman this scene. “How was work?”

“Good, good! We’re collecting grant applications right now. Not sure what we’re granting, but the inner workings of charity are an enigma!” She plops down next to Mom. “Right now, I’m trying to pick my sixth skill. Singing, of course! Painting. Charisma. Logic. Parenting, I figure. I’m not exactly there, but I’ll get there!”

“Of course, of course. So number five… You’ve done enough gardening to get your feet under you. Might as well drive it home.”

“Sounds like a plan! This has been pretty fun, but I’ll miss playing chess with you for a while.”

“Why stop? I’ll win eventually. Mark my words,” Mom says, grinning, drawing Ka-san into a hug.

“I’ll keep leaving you in the dust, dear.”

Dig it: just a sweet little talk, in the end, my dude.

 Oh, huh… Guess this explains Mom’s room of food.

Yeah, that room. All glassed off so hands are off, you dig? Anyway, Mom says she’s gotten everything prepared in there. Trip, I’ve gotta think of what to put in… Maybe just some arts? Hm.

Anyway, check this:

“And this is how you do the monster mash! It’s not really in-season, but it’s a fun dance,” Uncle Akira’s givin’ Magpie some tips on how to really swing.

“Why?” But it’s time f’r a toddler to toddle.

“Well, it’s got a fun song for it, mostly.”

“Why?” Bro’s got that little sing-song tone, so he’s just askin’ to ask… An’ that just drags Uncle Akira stone cold, dude. Just frozen in place.

“...Oh plumbobs, no. Not again. Not again!” An’ Uncle Akira vamooses. Wonder what’s gotten under his skin there?

We had cats over durin’ the day, while I was chillin’ at school, much as school’s gonna, like, allow for chill.

Uncle Johnny invited over the ol’ third roomie, from what’s been dropped of Ka-san’s minglin’ singlin’ times, you dig? Darling Walsh. Which, uh, kinda makes Unc’s wooing her a little hard, you dig? He’s not so much a sweet-talker, but…

“Darling?” He gotta sweet-talk ‘er a little anyway, yeah?

“Oh, you flatterer.”

“That’s your name...But. I would like to ask if you’d be my girlfriend. I know, I can’t promise exclusivity, or anything of the sort, but I do like seeing you, and intend to keep liking seeing you.” Unc’s gotta lay out that pitch.

“...Oh, you flatterer.”

“Well, hey: No matter what, I’ll only have one Darling!”

“That was terrible!” But she was laughin’. “OK, OK. Sure.”

An’, hey, dude, dig this: Uncle Johnny weren’t even the only cat tryin’ to woo her that day. Mom’s in on the action, too! Not like that, though, let’s not get it twisted, yeah? I meant friendly-like.

But while she can grab a gal f’r lying down ‘n stargazin’ a little in the dusk, she can’t always think a’ somethin’ to gab on to make friends with, you dig? So she casts a line for a line ‘til:

“I really do appreciate you spending time with Zest,” is her conversation-starter, gettin’ her a kinda laugh outa Darling.

“What are you, his mother?”

“I think of myself as grand matriarch over this house. It’s practice. Anyway, someone has to be responsible.” A shrug squelches the snow around her, makin’ some funky angel wings.

“I see. Well, you make Miko happy, so who am I to judge?” She chuckles just a little


But it aint like they get real close, out there in the snow. Mom’s thinkin’ bout it, an’ now I guess I know why: she needs some more pals, right? Well, don’t we all, huh?

Mom had some kinda better luck earlier that day, you dig?

She managed to really get a groove goin’ with Haven Wheatley, workin’ her way in to bein’ good friends.

“And now, I’ve got everything I need. I’d like to deal with that whole ‘good faith effort’ thing, have some back-ups, yadda-yadda… But I. Am. Good!” Mom starts crackin’ up, just busting a gut. Leavin’ Haven with el zilcho in the clue department, dude.

“Yaay?” Poor Haven. But absolutely positively crazy-far out fer Mom, right? Right.

An for me, after we’ve got rung outta school, Christian invites me to the ruins that night.

“Pretty chill scene,” I tell ‘im. Puttin’ aside the very real chill here, with the snow still fallin’, I mean it’s smooth and quiet here, no one around f’r what feels like miles.

“Yeah; I think the deserted quality really makes it peaceful. Even grand castles have a time to crumble and be covered in snow,” he explains, while we crunch on through the snow. “Everything resets to 0.”

“...Guess so.” Yeah, maybe he’s got somethin’ groovin. It don’t sound that bad to me, really, but…

“Man, that don’t bum you out?”

“Sometimes.” He nods an’ stares on off. “I never claimed to be a man unbummable. I’d say it’s frankly one of my core modes of being; I bum, I look at pictures of puppies, repeat. It’s why I invited you, and not my brother. You get this stuff.”

Trip, man, glad he thinks so, dude. Glad he thinks so.

“Heh, figgers I’d get to be the guy who digs some quality bumming… I like this place bein’ quiet, too.” Yeah, it’s like the shed, ‘r goin’ out in our nice little paths in the area. Mom’s kinda modern sometimes, but, trip, my dudes, if she didn’t pick some of the prettiest sights t’ spend some time with, you dig?

“But sometimes it’s nice, you know? Whatever’s bothering me will pass. It’s freeing.” He stamps his feet in th’ cold. “And freezing!”

“Hey, we gotta bonfire pit, huh? Let’s light it up, just us two.”

I’m watchin’ the wood crumble on down. Reset to 0. But, hey, dig this: the ashes’ll help out the soil, right? It’s kinda 0, sure. But it aint like it ever was.

“Hey, you heard ‘bout that crazy lifehack vid with the charcoal an’ the peanut butter crystal? Yeah, that don’t really work. You gotta put some crazy pressure on real coal to weave somethin’ like that outta it. Diamonds aint really worth it, you dig? But I was thinkin’ bout that while spyin’ the wood break down an’ wonderin’ if people don’t just wanna re-make somethin’, you know? Or if it’s not a kinda hoodoo hoodone, you dig? Like, shazam! Somethin’ you didn’t imagine’s at your fingertips! I can dig that.”

Anyfroodle, that’s just wheel-spinnin, broken up by him askin’:

“You like fire, don’t you?”

“I’onno, guess so. ‘S just nice. Sides, leaves sorta a nice big open space, you dig? Hard t’ get a lot a’ those. Lets me get a nice ball a’ wool-gathered, you know? Gotta work on your brains.”

“Right, right. That’s what I like about your house. And...hanging out with you, I guess.” He’s chucklin’ along, shakin’ his head.

“It definitely feels like I get a brain workout.”

An’ I kinda flinch ‘cuz, look, my
 dude, I get I aint exactly the dude of the most crystal-clear like persuasion, you dig?

“...Sorry. I c’n cool my jets. Jets cooled, consider ‘em icicles, you dig? If that’s a problem.”

“Hey. Hey… Don’t worry about it.” He stretched. “I mean, you listen to me, even when I’m contemplating how we’re all cosmically insignificant and you don’t try and go ‘Don’t be silly, Christian.’”

“Trip, like, who’m I to fight yer sense of all us little dots in a great big honkin’ universe, dude?”

“Exactly! And that’s, you know, kind of… special. To me. I like it.”

Hugs are nice, man. Hugs are just good, an’ I kinda really relax there. Yeah. Just me an’ a pal, huggin’ it out.

It’s a while later I ask:

“That ever bug you? Gettin’ turned around an’ everythin’ ending up in a gloomy swamp?” Somehow, I’m thinkin’ ‘bout Uncle Akira when I say it, ‘cuz, like, that’s kinda a different kettle a’ fish, but… Sometimes, people get trapped by who they are, you dig? Sartre and junk -- trip, man, that cat was crazy. He really had it goin’ on, he had a thing… An’ I kinda get that thing, thinkin’ about it.

“Hmm...Sometimes.” He shrugs. “I thought about doing something about it for a while, but then… I am myself. I’m OK with that, the ups and the downs.”

“Best way to be, my man.” We fist-bump, as ya do. “...But what were you thinkin’ a doin?”

“Oh, well, they recently came out with this medicine. Changes a person around. Here, let me pull it up.”

On his little black box there he’s got the scoop on this juice, see? A Retraitin’ potion. Sounds like a trip, man, but… Maybe I could talk to Akira ‘bout it, right? It’s not like it’s bad f’r a guy to want a hand changin’, not when he wants to change. Trip, we can work a little hoodoo here, you dig?

After that, Christian’s got t’ split, an I’m headin’ out soon, too… But not before I take a little time, smash a few curfews, leave a mark on th’ night, ready to melt ‘r fill in after just a tick. Groovy, dude, just Groovy.

Speakin’ a “groove,” I carried that vibe on back home, started puttin’ it down on canvas. Doin’ a kind of crystal-from-charcoal, plants-from-ashes thing, you dig? As we’re gonna express through some tiny kinda landscape thing gettin’ neither charcoal or crystal in it. Got enough crystal on the shed window. I figger, yeah, I could put the easel somewhere else now, party’s died down… But why’s I gotta do that? It’s got a good vibe.

Sorta started settin’ up, me an’ the shed. Cuz we can chill. Ranger Jackalope can chill here, too, an’ some old sketches, some paint supplies, yeah. It’s a groovy little place for just the world an’ me… From a distance, sorta.

I aint the only one goin’ up in the world (I did say, right, like, that I finished an aspiration tier thing, yeah? Didn’t? Oops.)

Uncle Johnny got another promotion, just takin’ him one from the top, yeah?

“Alright, Zest. I’ll listen tonight -- you’ve earned my full attention.” Even Mom’s givin’ the old nod to Unc there!

“Well, lookee here, I’m so flattered, madam! But hey, every audience needs a heckler. We could upgrade that a stage, but this is a family show! Now, the important thing to remember about a comedy show is that they take time; comedy is all about… Hmm… What was it… Any of you folks out there… No… Oh, yeah! Timing!”


“Yes, it’s all about timing. Really, an essential part of it is taking your audience, walking them through a long, slow build-up, when you think they know exactly what’s about to happen and leaving them in anti...”



“...climax! Yes, a good old anti-climax; works every time. There’s some parts of my routine that are in need of a bit of refining, though. Once you get the fine off, it’s really hard to get it back! Take my joke about construction: I’m still working on it!” Well, I’d laugh, but Mom just buries her head in her hand as he’s smilin’ away at ‘er.

“...You’ve earned my full pity and regret.” He’ll get her nod for the promo, but not the jokes. Poor Uncle Johnny.

Anyway, time to tuck in. It aint like we get a lotta sleep in the dovecote here, you dig, but tomorrow's a long one, so, like, gotta get in at least an eye shut, dude.

Maggie most of all; he’s just got a little bit longer ‘fore he’s a kid.

We’re doin’ a little work around the house, fillin’ in that stairwell an’ movin’ the old bookcase around.

It aint exactly spring fer the remodel, but hey! New Years Eve is tonight! Gotta get everythin’ ready to bid farewell to another slice of time. Get some lights poppin’, get a banner wavin’, the year's crumblin' down to zero.
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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"Some Quality Bumming" (11/10/18)
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D'awww, man, I just want to cuddle Kite!  He really is just such a good guy.  Love his little shed ^^

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Re: The Avyan Immortal Dynasty -"Some Quality Bumming" (11/10/18)
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Things I am always here for: Kite fans, and really everything I have done and/or plan to do with that section of the lot. I am so proud of my plans.
Stories In Progress:
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