Author Topic: The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 4.9 - Hey, We Made It!  (Read 13832 times)

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Family Tree
Score Count


Chapter 1.1 - He's Crazy and She's Crazier
Chapter 1.2 - Then They Were Roommates
Chapter 1.3 - Perfect Genetics???
Chapter 1.4 - Adorableness All Around
Chapter 1.5 - Birth, Fishes, and Fire
Chapter 1.6 - Exploring and Arguing
Chapter 1.7 - They're All Disturbed
Chapter 1.8 - Spydon, No!
Chapter 1.9 - She Takes After Her Father

Chapter 2.1 - Sanity Is Key
Chapter 2.2 - Opposites Attract?
Chapter 2.3 - Poor Fishes
Chapter 2.4 - An Electrifying Chapter
Chapter 2.5 - The Monster Mash
Chapter 2.6 - The Multiple Proposals
Chapter 2.7 - I'm Speechless
Chapter 2.8 - You Have Got to Be Kidding Me
Chapter 2.9 - Pre-Wedding Insanity
Chapter 2.10 - At Least There's Cake
Chapter 2.11 - Back from the Dead
Chapter 2.12 - Say Please
Chapter 2.13 - Birthdays and Mayhem
Chapter 2.14 - Who Knows With Hera?
Chapter 2.15 - A Final Plea and a Lot of Skilling
Chapter 2.16 - She Was the Best of Them
Chapter 2.17 - She's Just a Little Old Lady
Chapter 2.18 - Anastos Destroys His Love Life
Chapter 2.19 - The End of a Great Era

Chapter 3.1 - What Just Happened?
Chapter 3.2 - Madness
Chapter 3.3 - Sibling Rivalry
Chapter 3.4 - Birthday Galore
Chapter 3.5 - Off-Limits
Chapter 3.6 - Everyone Is a Cheater
Chapter 3.7 - Poor Unfortunate Souls
Chapter 3.8 - Back to China
Chapter 3.9 - Shark Causes a Racket
Chapter 3.10 - Lethe, Why? Why?

Chapter 4.1 - An Explosive Start
Chapter 4.2 - An Unconventional Happy Ending
Chapter 4.3 - Even the Aliens Think They Are Weird
Chapter 4.4 - A Fight to the Death
Chapter 4.5 - MY PRECIOUS
Chapter 4.6 - Quarantine Brain Strikes
Chapter 4.7 - The Aftermath
Chapter 4.8, Part 1 - Midas Touch
Chapter 4.8, Part 2 - Whoops
Chapter 4.9 - Hey, We Made It!

*Coming Soon*

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Hello! Welcome to my Short Dynasty! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mpart and I've been playing the sims for roughly...five years I want to say? I started right before Sims 4 was about to come out. I actually discovered the sims by stumbling upon a story here on Carls and going "huh." I had heard of the sims, but it was the first time I really looked into it. I have been playing on and off ever since and that's a little about me!
This will be my fourth recorded attempt at a short dynasty and seventh attempt in general. My other attempts fell apart due to a variety of reasons, some out of my control, but mostly I got bored. I tend to get bored easily. My last attempt I got pretty far in, but decided to end it and stopped playing sims. I got back into the sims after a major life event and started my four immortal sisters challenge. I have been having a blast and that's why I decided to start another challenge and I'll probably be talking about it here and there because of a sim from it is in this story.
Anyways, the reason I specifically decided to start yet another short dynasty? This lovely story right here. It's called the Honeyheart Short Dynasty and I binge-read it in a day. If you haven't read it, go! Go read it! It's great.
Let's cover a few things before we get into the story:

- I'll be following these rules.
- Extra bonus points will be given for portraits and sculptures of family members directly from the heir/heiress's line.
- Edit town is not off limits in dire circumstances.
- The next heir/heiress is the first child who inherit's Spydon's purple eye color.
- The repoman and I are at war. If I see them, I will delete them, set them on fire, or just whine for several pictures. I hate them and they hate me. They show up more than the grim reaper does in my short dynasties and have repossessed one of my pets (a turtle) before. They may win a battle or two, but they will not survive this war.

This is my founder, Spydon Timeless! He's a witch and I absolutely love him and his sass. This will be the third attempt I have tried to do a short dynasty with him. The first one he had the heartbreaker lifetime wish and I finished it before his adult birthday with the help of three vacation days. I also tried to combine the perfect genetics challenge with the short dynasty challenge and that was a mistake.
A big mistake.
He got nine of his ex-girlfriends pregnant and all of his children didn't have the perfect genetics. Ever tried to raise five babies, three toddlers, and one child on short lifespan? IT'S NOT FUN.
Eventually, he ended up crying into the arms of one of his ex-girlfriends who came to live with him to help him raise so many children. It was sad and stressful so I deleted the save and started again.
I started another attempt and it was going okay. The next generation was born, but then I realized something about Spydon; he's a male Aries. For all of you who don't know who Aries is, she's my crazy fire sister from my four immortal sisters challenge. She causes a lot of havoc. I put them together in game and couldn't stop laughing, which is where we are today.

Oh! I also want to make a clarification they came from the same Dragon Valley save (the family tree got super convoluted in the save and the game doesn't register them as related) and were both born in game, so that's where their genetics come from. They both take heavily after the Dragon Valley families, but you can't really see it unless you look for it. For that reason, I will not ever be moving the family to Dragon Valley because things would get really weird.

Holy crap I have more stuff to ramble about. We're almost done, guys and then we'll jump into the story.

(The background is a backdrop from JenniSims)

For each generation, I'll be making a picture and a pose unique to them which will signify we are starting that generation. I'll be taking a break after each generation to update/create a family tree, update/create a post with the current points, etc. All fun stuff. NOW, we're done and can officially start this!

Spydon purchased an empty lot in Lucky Palms. I placed a studio down near it so the actress and director careers would be available for future generations and Aries.
"You really don't leave anything to suspense, do you?"

I had Spydon rush to meet Aries before story progression automatically decided to pair her up with someone.
"It's disturbing you created a female version of myself."
It's the other way around, buddy. Just you wait.
"I get a feeling you're going to disappoint me."
At least I'll get pretty babies from you two then.

Aries and Spydon met and had hearts fly up in the air twice. I didn't even know that was possible.
"She doesn't look too bad."

Buddy, just be happy you're in her league.

"You act like this is going to be so difficult! Ha! A good wink always works-"
"-Watcher this baby daddy is too confident. Dispose of him."
Aries, wrong challenge.

"What? You think you can win me over with my signature move?"
"Uh...your what?"

"I'm not some randomly generated sim! I'm GOLD. I'm one of my Watcher's favorite sims. Get on your knees and BEG. Compliment me, woo me, give me flowers. Maybe I'll consider. Maybe I'll send my sisters after you. The only person who plays games is ME."

"-I have a basement filled with jellybean bushes and it's calling your name!"

"What's wrong with you?"
"What's WRONG with me?"
It was at this point I had to pause the game from laughing so hard and then message my friend before I could continue.

I mean, just LOOK at this.
"Alright, Watcher. She's too crazy. How about I get back together with the last one. What was her name? Casey?"
Cassidy? She had three of your children?
"Yeah, Chelsea sounds great. I want to be back with her again."
Not happening.

"Oh wise, beautiful Aries, please accept my apology. I did not mean to offend someone so great."
"I accept your apology."
"I...thank you?"
The great thing about Aries is that she can't tell when someone is using sarcasm.
"Hey! No one was using sarcasm. Don't be ridiculous, Watcher."

"So, as a fellow attractive person, how do you feel about Lucky Palms?"
"I am attractive! Yes."
"I...don't know how to respond to that."
They both have the irresistible trait incase anyone was wondering. This dynasty is going to be a mess.

"My name is Spydon and I-"
"-I don't care. Get back to the wooing, Sean."
"This is making me uncomfortable."
Aries has that effect on people, yes.

"You know what I like? Snakes. I have this cute little snake named Poison brought her along, right Watcher?"
"Well, there goes THAT conversation."

"I'm a fan of snakes."
"Maybe you're not so bad after all then."

They played a game of rock, paper, scissors together because that makes sense.

"You know Aries, you're the definition of crazy, but you're the most stunning woman I have ever seen."

"Awww, that's sweet of you. I know that of course, but I like hearing other people say it."

"You're welcome."
These two are a mess.

"The Watcher thinks she's going to be controlling how this whole thing goes. Isn't that hilarious?"

"That IS hilarious!"
Hahaha. Very funny.

Well, I've reached the picture limit! I'll be back with more chapters soon! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the Timeless Short Dynasty!

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The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 1.2 - Then They Were Roommates
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2019, 07:30:00 PM »
Welcome back! It's been an hour or two since I got the last chapter up so that means chapter time again! I also want to mention my friend Nevermore (I'm having trouble tagging her in this chapter for some reason, but she'll see it  ;)).  She's been the biggest supporter of Aries and Spydon and is a great friend. Thanks Nev! =D

"Do you want to move in with me Aries?"
"Yeah, I could use a roommate. The whole three hours I have lived alone have been rather disappointing. No one has set anything on fire, practiced martial arts, or gone insane from lack of sleep. I'll meet you at my house. Toodles."

"I...she's nuts, Watcher! Nuts!"
That's part of her charm.

Once Aries moved in, I spent twenty minutes building their box house and my game decided to crash.  :( I hadn't saved so I had to do it all over again.

Nothing of interest happened the second time around except this: Aries winked at Spydon and he wasn't a fan.

"You can't just wink at me! I want to be wooed, complimented, given flowers."

"You heard me!"

After that, he literally started flirting with her. These two are so odd. I consider everything that happened in the first chapter to be canon darn it, and that's the narrative I'm sticking with. Aries moved in and I saved the game before building the house.
In case anyone is wondering too, Aries' traits are dramatic, dislikes children, flirty, charismatic, and irresistible. She likes the color blue, latin music, and her favorite food is a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. Instead of having her Lifetime Wish be Heartbreaker like it is in my four immortal sister's challenge, it is to become a Superstar Actress.

This dynasty is going to have a lot of purple in it so I had the house reflect that. I'm pretty proud of it even though I made it with the idea of function before design.

The inside is empty due to the fact they don't have much money.

"So roommate, you have done zero wooing. Zero."
"I don't woo."
"That's a shame. Good luck on your quest for a lady friend then."

Spydon then did what he does best; acts impulsively and risks the wrath of beautiful women.

It surprisingly worked out well for him and Aries let it slide.
"This counts as wooing."
"Well then why didn't you say that before?"
"Stop being difficult, Stephen."
Well, it's closer to Spydon? Maybe?

The wooing went well and eventually things moved to the all-in-one bathrooms where chimes were heard!
Spydon was excited but Aries, not so much.
"Great...I'm pregnant. AGAIN."

Things settled into a routine for Spydon and Aries. They painted and listened to kids music 24/7 because I want multiples, darn it.

Spydon cooked while Aries continued to paint.
"Not because I'm good at it, but because Aries doesn't want to. We have cereal and ice cream most days."
He's not wrong.

"This leaf stuff tastes great."
"It's salad."
"That's what I said."
I love Aries.

Rocking chairs and tablets are lifesavers. Aries and Spydon do most of their skilling listening to tabcasts. For anyone doing any skill-based challenge, I 100% recommend tablets. They are definitely worth the sim points.

I just took this picture because Aries looks pretty. No one should look this pretty running. No one.

Aries, what are you working on there?
It looks like a picture for the nursery.
"Me? Making artwork for the nursery? You're insane Watcher."

Whatever it is meant for, I'm putting it in the nursery. It's cute.

Spydon started working on the garden. I want him to max gardening and maybe start on alchemy, but we'll see. I plan on having him complete his lifetime wish by maxing out the spell-casting skill that witches have. I haven't done it before so it's going to be fun and new for me.

That's all I have for this chapter. Bye guys!

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*Vine voice* Oh my god, they were roommates.......

This is. Oh my gosh, mpart. You've created the perfect storm. I can't wait to see all the red-haired, purple-eyed babies, living in their giant purple house, which will probably be on fire.

Somebody bring the popcorn, this is going to be a trip and a half.

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*Vine voice* Oh my god, they were roommates.......

This is. Oh my gosh, mpart. You've created the perfect storm. I can't wait to see all the red-haired, purple-eyed babies, living in their giant purple house, which will probably be on fire.

Somebody bring the popcorn, this is going to be a trip and a half.

I'm so happy somebody got that reference. XD

It's a mess. It's such a mess and I love it. You're spot on too.

I'm going to grab some popcorn myself. This has to be my favorite attempt at a short dynasty EVER.

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The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 1.3 - Perfect Genetics???
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2019, 03:37:18 PM »
Hi guys! I'll probably be posting this story like crazy until I get burnt out or generation two rolls around. I'm really obsessed with this challenge right now. Enjoy!

Aries found out she was officially pregnant. She was ecstatic.
"I hate children and I hate being pregnant."

Spydon went to play the lottery because they have no money. I doubt he's going to win.
"You're one to judge."

I had my back turned for ONE moment to get my dinner and Spydon had run home to flirt with Aries.
"You know Aries, you're hot even though you don't know my name."
"Thanks Spyder."
She was so close.

Spydon doesn't seem to care though. He would probably change his name at this point if she asked him to.

Spydon kept wishing to read a pregnancy book and I finally caved in. He's wasting precious time skilling-
"-I just want to be prepared this time."
She's not going to pop out nine kids.
"I want to be PREPARED, Watcher."

I don't think a single book could prepare someone for having nine kids anyways.

After finishing his pregnancy book, and then automatically wishing to read ANOTHER one, he interrupted Arie's painting to dance with her. I'll let it slide. Just this once.
"You keep thinking you actually have control of this dynasty."
Someone has to keep you from impregnating the entire town.

Luckily, Aries isn't about that life. At least not in this challenge anyways. She's too busy waddling around dramatically.

So Aries, explain this piece to me.
"Well, it's blue."
You don't want me to put it in the nursery?
"Nursery? Pfft. I don't like any child of mine. Any. I definitely wouldn't paint something for a nursery."

The paparazzi caught on fire outside. It was annoying and because I didn't want the grim reaper to show up and cause them both to stop skilling, I sent Spydon out to extinguish her.

He was not happy about it.
"If she's stupid enough to stand outside for so long she catches on fire, it's just natural selection at that point."

Spydon also didn't win the lottery. Shocker.
"Why do you hate me this chapter?"
I don't hate you, I'm just amused. There's a difference.

*Pregnant waddle intensifies*
Please be multiples, please be multiples.

Well that was sudden.
"Why. Do. They. Always. Try. To. KILL. ME."
That's just how childbirth works I guess.

Hera Timeless was born with the loves the outdoors and insane traits. Yay.
"I named her Hera after Hecate."
Awwwwww. For context, Hecate is my water sister in my four immortal sisters challenge. She and Aries have an interesting relationship. 
Also, Hera was the ONLY baby born. No multiples.  :(
On the bright side, I popped into CAS and we have our heiress! She also has perfect genetics...holy crap. That's never going to happen again. I can't believe this. Spydon got nine women pregnant and didn't even have a heir then.

He was busy being blissfully unaware that Aries had just given birth to their first child.
I still can't believe Hera has perfect genetics.

Spydon went inside and promptly went to sleep as did Aries after she gave birth.
Guys, I have a crib placed down...oh well.

That's it for this chapter. See you later guys! Bye!

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Re: The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 1.3 - Perfect Genetics???
« Reply #6 on: May 26, 2019, 04:02:41 PM »
Yay, I'm so glad you're doing a short dynasty! This story is a riot so far and I'm loving it. And I'm honored that you mentioned the Honeyhearts! :)

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Re: The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 1.3 - Perfect Genetics???
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2019, 07:59:05 PM »
Yay, I'm so glad you're doing a short dynasty! This story is a riot so far and I'm loving it. And I'm honored that you mentioned the Honeyhearts! :)

Awww, thank you!
Of course! The Honeyhearts helped inspire me to give the short dynasty challenge another shot and it would feel wrong not including them!  ;D

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The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 1.4 - Adorableness All Around
« Reply #8 on: May 27, 2019, 12:11:00 PM »
Welcome back! In the last chapter, Hera Timeless was born with perfect genetics. I still can't believe it. Perfect genetics? I have not had the best luck with perfect genetics so I'm speaking from my heart when I say it's darn hard to get them. I'm really happy about it to say the least. Slightly frustrated, but happy!

You know that crib I talked about Spydon and Aries being both too lazy exhausted to put little Hera in? It was literally only a few steps away. I decorated it with peacock feathers because it's Hera's sacred bird in greek mythology. Hera in greek mythology though...heh. Let's just hope Hera Timeless isn't quite like her.

Spydon did eventually wake up to take care of his newborn daughter. He rolled wish after wish about her.
He's actually a really good father, guys. He just had a rough start.
"I can't believe Aries just had one. One!"
Maybe stop trying to sound so relieved about that, buddy. Aries is going to have more.
"How many are we talking here?"
Not sure yet.
"Alright. Just as long as none of my ex-girlfriends come around."
That's the spirit!

You can't really tell, but Hera's swing also has peacock feathers on it.  She spent the majority of her two-day infancy in it.

Aries and Spydon were up to their usual antics. 

I won't lie, I really love it. Their relationship has been one my favorite ones ever in my game.

I just can't stop taking pictures of these two being adorable.

I can't.
"Hey! We're not adorable. We're simply passionate."
Sure Aries. Sure.
I have a playlist filled with songs for these two while I write chapters. A playlist.

Spydon absolutely loves little Hera. She's definitely going to become a daddy's girl when she grows up.
I fear for anyone's life who tries to hurt her.

"I'm pregnant again, aren't I?"
Yep! I need you have to more children so I can get more points.

Aries wished for a boy and I had her rush to the store to get apples. It also helped get rid her of her stir-crazy moodlet too which was a plus.
Her facial expressions while eating the apples though...

...are just gold. Pure gold.

Aries painted this! I knew it was from a Ghilbi movie, but wasn't sure which one it was. I looked it up and it's from My Neighbor Totoro if anyone is wondering.

It's Spydon's birthday!
"Wait what?"
It's a short dynasty, pal. Time to become older.

"I don't know how I feel about this."

Congratulations, you look exactly the same.
"I feel the same...AH IS THAT A WRINKLE?"
Oh yeah, midlife crisis time!
"Don't make fun of me, Watcher! This is a SERIOUS issue!"
Just letting you know ahead of time, I'm not fulfilling any of your midlife crisis wishes.
"I have wrinkles! Wrinkles!"

On a happier note, Hera aged up! She is a good mix of her parents, but you can't tell yet. It'll be more noticeable as she gets older.

I had her pose with Aries for reference so it could be easier to see the similarities anyways though. Hera has Aries's eyes and nose. I just noticed Hera has Spydon's ears along with his hair and eye color, lips, and face shape. I guess she is mostly him then. Whoops. Oh well, I still love her.

I'm going to have Hera learn how to walk and talk in hopes that game gives her a semi-decent trait and I don't have to roll for one.

Uh Spydon...what are you doing there?
"I don't know. Help."

Luckily, I didn't have to reset Spydon and he began to teach Hera how to talk.
"How about saying 'dada?'"
It could have gone better.
"It's okay. She'll learn how to talk soon enough. She has Aries's and I's genes."
Isn't that the truth.

Hera all in all, is a very happy toddler. She's doted on by her father and sometimes her mother looks in her direction.

Speaking of Aries, she's not enjoying her second pregnancy.

Spydon is crazy about her as usual and Aries...Aries is herself.

I'll never get over the cuteness of these two.

I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter and I'll see you next time! Bye!

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The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 1.5 - Birth, Fishes, and Fire
« Reply #9 on: May 29, 2019, 10:04:10 PM »
Hello there! As I posted the last chapter just a few days ago, let's jump right in to this one!

We start this chapter off with Aries giving birth.

Aries gives birth to Ace, a little witch who is born with the brave and virtuoso traits.
Man, those are some good traits. His favorites are the color yellow, roots music, and stir-fry.

Aries has another boy who is uh...was bugged? Not sure what happened, but I got it sorted out.

His name is Arius. He is also a witch and his traits are genius and couch potato. His favorites are red, latin music, and firecracker tofu. These twins really lucked out in the trait lottery.
For future reference Hera is a witch too. I don't remember ever mentioning it, but I checked Spydon's relationship panel and yep, she's a witch.

Spydon snuggles one of the boys right away. I have no idea who is who at this stage, so if I had to guess...Arius maybe?

I sent Aries off to the studio to get a job. Hopefully she has enough time to get to level ten of the acting career, but I don't have high hopes.
"Thanks, Watcher."

Over the next few days, Spydon worked in his garden when he wasn't taking care of the kids and Aries was at work. I want him to get into alchemy before he dies and that's why I'm having him focus on gardening, but I'm not really pushing for it. Having a garden in a dynasty is essential anyways for future generations to come.

I do however, want him to complete his lifetime wish. I have never done the zombie master lifetime wish before and I really want to explore that part of the supernatural expansion pack I never got into.

Spydon is working on it slowly but surely.
"Watcher! I conjured an apple!"
I wanted a purple one.
"You really can't be happy with anything, can you?"
I'm super happy with Aries's and your relationship.
"Well...I am too."

Spydon leveled up in the spell-casting skill and is now able to transform objects! This led to Darron the Salamander, who I had to keep and the game named.
I'm going to get off track, but this relates to the story. Somehow.
Back in the day, I use to own some beta fish and read about snails helping to clean the tank and all in all, being great tank mates. Me being me, I thought "yes! this is a great idea!"
It wasn't.
The time rolls around and I buy a snail who I named Pépé. I named him this because...I'm extra and I liked naming my fish names that sounded French. I had a shrimp named Jacque. He was great.
To keep it family-friendly, Pépé turns out to be a little turd and I have to move him to a separate tank because he's causing my poor beta fish to live in his filth. Time rolls by, Pépé causes my room to stink and I'm cleaning fish tanks one day with the help of my parents. My dad and I look at each other, told my mom Pépé hadn't moved for a few days (it was true to be fair), and flush him down the toilet, effectively committing fish murder. Ever since then I haven't had the best luck with fish, both real and digital, and sometimes wake up from nightmares and freaking out about feeding my fish. I don't have fish anymore. I really, really hope fish can't die in the Sims 3 and if they can....let's just hope they can't.

The house got a small renovation! I fenced in Spydon's garden not because I had to, but because I felt like it.

I made the house larger. I have a better house lined up for the Timeless family to move into in a few generations, but I'm surprisingly attached to this boxy one. It is an easy house to take screenshots in and I love it.

Hera ages up!

You know that plan I had for Hera to learn the majority of her skills to have the game randomly assign her a decent trait? Yeah...that didn't work so well in theory. She gained the mean-spirited trait.

"You know're not that bad of a mother."
"Oh, you. You're lying, but I'm still going to take the compliment."
That's it. That sums up Aries's character.

I had Hera start learning how to paint. She'll spend most of her childhood doing so. I need to find a sim who can max sculpting but...meh. I probably won't get sculptures down for a few generations and that's okay. I'm just focusing on having fun with this short dynasty attempt.

I like the painting Hera made and hung it up as it goes along with the violently purple color scheme that is going on in the Timeless home.

Spydon rolled a wish to use the fire blast spell. Nothing can go wrong as long as he doesn't use it inside of the house, right?

"Watcher, it's on fire. It's on FIRE. FIRE!"
Extinguish it, Spydon.
He did extinguish it eventually, but not after freaking the whole household out. I won't be letting him use that spell again on the home lot. Other lots though? We'll see.

On another note, Aries is aging up!
"I'm doing WHAT?"

She still is gorgeous and luckily didn't have a midlife crisis.
"I can't believe I'm old-older."
Most people do age, Aries.
"This is odd."
You'll get use to it. You only have a few days until you become an elder anyways.

Here is a better picture of Aries all aged up. I really like the hair I gave her. It's more mature and yet still screams "Aries."

I was having Spydon convert stuff again and Jarred the Mummy Fish showed up! He's so adorable! The only sad thing is that fish don't count as familiars for witches. I'm not sure why I thought they would.  :(

Now the real goal is going to be keeping these fish alive. I haven't ever heard of fish dying in the Sims 3 so I really think we're in the clear!

Melody the Fairy Damsel Fish was the last to the join fish family. Look at those little wings!

That's it for this chapter as I have reached the picture limit! Hopefully you enjoyed the strangeness of this chapter. Bye!

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my fish die in sims 3 ... though that's probably because I keep on forgetting to feed them. :(

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Yes, fish in a bowl will die if you don't feed them. They seem to be immortal, however, if you put them in a chest.

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my fish die in sims 3 ... though that's probably because I keep on forgetting to feed them. :(

Yes, fish in a bowl will die if you don't feed them. They seem to be immortal, however, if you put them in a chest.

They can die from not being fed?  :o Alright, I'll keep that in mind! Thank you guys so much! I'll have to remember the chest trick and sorry to hear about your fishing dying, Deklitch.  :(

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The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 1.6 - Exploring and Arguing
« Reply #13 on: June 03, 2019, 03:06:15 PM »
Welcome back everybody! In the last chapter, Spydon was working towards his lifetime wish and a lot of emphasis was put on fish. Oh and Arius and Ace were born. No biggie.  ;)

Spydon and Hera decided to be adorable and play tag with one another.
"I..can't go on. Leave me, daughter. Save yourself."
"It's only a game of tag, dad!"

Hugs make everything better.

Hera rolled a wish to give her dad a gift so I had her give him his wand. He loved it of course and he acted like he had never seen such a thing before.

Spydon went on to upgrade all the appliances in the house. No babies were hurt in the process of this.

Aries is so gorgeous in her work outfit. I love, love her with glasses.
"I don't need them. Why am I wearing them? I can see just fine. Everything was fuzzy before and I LIKED it that way."
That sounds exactly why you need glasses.
"Don't be ridiculous, Watcher."
Fair enough. I was in denial myself too.
"It's not denial if I don't need them."

Aries and Spydon are still as affectionate as normal. They would be that couple who wouldn't "want to label their relationship" and yet would be lovey-dovey every second they could.
Wait, they are THAT couple.
"Don't judge us, Watcher!"

The twins aged up! Arius was first for some reason even though he was born second, and is an Aries clone excluding his brown hair. I have no idea where he got it from.

Ace is the definition of an Aries clone. I would have liked more genetic diversity, but Aries clones are gorgeous.

Spydon attacked Arius with the claw who was very shocked.

Luckily, Arius learned not to be scared by his good ol' dad.
"Are you calling me 'old?'"
Of course not. What I meant was uh...youthful dad?
"That's right. I have no wrinkles. NO WRINKLES, I tell you."
I forgot he was having a Midlife Crisis.  :P

Hera is aging up already! I can't believe this.  :'(
"It is a short dynasty, Watcher."
Hey! Don't break the fourth wall.
Awww, it's okay.

Hera ages up with the star quality trait. It's basically useless, but it could be worse. On another note, Hera is GORGEOUS.
I mean, wow. Aries's and Spydon's genetics...holy crap!

Even Spydon seems surprised by his spawn.

I had Spydon ask Hera what her gender preference was. She's undecided which is definitely something I can work with. If Hera ends up with a lady, I'll just tweak my mod settings a bit so she can have the next heir.

Nothing screams "birthday party" like spontaneously deciding to leave for China and leaving the toddlers at home.
"Hey, it was semi-planned."
That's true. My goal is to have Spydon reach Visa Level 3 while in China. I bought him a lifetime award that allows for him to vacation there longer, so we'll be there for a whole six days.
I won't lie, I get a feeling I'm going to enjoy it.

Everyone made it safely to China and now the work begins. Aries and Hera will be skilling nonstop and Spydon will be putting that adventurous trait to use.

Aries and Hera got on their tablets...

...and Spydon started harassing talking to the locals.

You have no idea how excited I am to do this.
"Do what? Explore tombs?"
"I have respect for that."

Spydon loved exploring to say the least.

The family funds were definitely benefiting from it.
"Benefiting? This is just the money making up all the supplies I bought."
Fair enough.

I sent Hera to a local park(?) to learn how to fish since she loves the outdoors.
"I don't know why you want me to insult the talking fish, but okay."
Sometimes I forget you're insane.
"Who? Me? I'm not insane."
You literally have the insane trait.
"No Watcher, it's the sane trait. Get your facts right."
I have it written in my notes.
"Right. It's the sane trait. Glad we agree."

She took a little break to collect fruit before she went back to fishing.

Spydon meanwhile was being...Spydon.
"Watcher, Watcher! Look! I did a flip!"
"That's a back-
"-it's a flip!"
It's a flip.

Treasure time!
"For something so sparkly it sure is disappointing."
Awww, you ruined it.
"The treasure ruined itself."

I'm at the picture limit! Next time the vacation should be all finished up. Bye!

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Re: The Timeless Short Dynasty - Chapter 1.6 - Exploring and Arguing
« Reply #14 on: June 03, 2019, 03:31:13 PM »
Arius being born with the "Spellcasting" trait made me crack up. And Hera is one of the most gorgeous Sims I think I've ever seen!