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Chapter 31
« Reply #120 on: March 22, 2021, 05:20:39 PM »
Welcome travelers to Space Station Excelsior! If you will just step right through here, you’ll be sterilized for entry! Haha! I wish! But wouldn’t that be so cool if I could have my own space station? Sadly, that isn’t an option. Yet! But I do have my own space above the garage!

I’m Velma of House Blackburn and I’ll be your guide for this stretch of our family epic. I love sci-fi and I want to be a Space Ranger more than anything. I wanna meet aliens and discover stars and planets and fight galactic beasts, just like Barbarella or Duck Dodgers!

I have been working on making my own inventions as well. That way I can build my own devices and objects from my favorite movies! I thought about communicators, but that's just my cell phone, but I have been working on a fully functional decontamination blast! Take that space parasites! Ziff! Zap! Zowie!


Mom just worries about my obsession with “Old Movies and Silly TV shows”. She doesn’t approve of reading fiction or watching TV, says it rots the mind. But she’s the one trying to steam and herb things that have no business being steamed and herbed, so who’s mind is rotten, Mom! Besides, she is always going on about projecting the energy you want to be into the world and I can’t think of anything better than limitless possibilities!

Whenever Mom kicks me out of the house because she “worries” about me, I spend a lot of my time digging around in junk yards, which doesn’t really make one super popular in school. Mom used to set up playdates for me with neighborhood kids, but now that I’m a teenager, I have to make my own friendships and it’s a little hard. It’s not that I’m bad with people, it’s just that I don’t find them very interesting. But I have dynasty commitments that say I need to at least get them to like me.


So I decided the best solution was to throw a party. That’s what popular people do so that is what I will do! A costume one, because costumes are the best and it was that time of year. I wanted to go as an astronaut, but Mom said she had already picked out an outfit for me. She hates how unflattering space suits are and wants me in something a little more “fun”.


It turned out to be a stroke of genius! A divine touch of luck and destiny! Because Terril was wearing the same costume as I am! He’s one of the rare interesting people in this town.


Who is Terril I can hear you asking. Terril is the most handsome man I have ever seen. He has the red skin of an exploding star and the most romantic eyes to gaze into. I’ve had a crush on him since puberty made me realize that kissing might be fun to try. Sure, he's a touch older than I am, but it hardly matters!

He’s smart and funny and always willing to talk to me about the stars. He’s just as interested in them as I am. And he doesn’t treat me like a silly little kid, he gets how impressive my intellect is! A rare quality in an adult.


Perfect, right?

Almost. There is a slight obstacle between me and my love.

He happens to be dating my Mom. Who has been feeling so lonely since dad died and now that I’m older she wanted to “start getting in touch with her feminine energies” again.


And Mom really likes him. How could she not! But it means I can’t just make my feelings for him known. I just have to watch the only person I have ever had feelings for dance with my mom.


So I have been spending extra time locked up in my Experimentation Chamber working. I have been channeling my frustration into the greatest idea ever! Prepare for AMAZEMENT! My greatest triumph!

See, Grandma Adelaide isn’t really sold (Yet!) on my wanting to go to space. She doesn’t see how that helps the Path and wants me to have on a career that will focus on what’s “important”. So I am going to do something so amazing that she’ll have to let me go into space.

I’m going to create a device that will let us go to alien planets! See, when I discover sentient life as a daring Space Explorer!, my family can use this to visit it instantly and bring the word of the Path to new species! And Mom will have a whole new audience for her shows! She’ll be so busy she’ll forget all about Terril! It’s the perfect plan and absolutely nothing can go wrong!

I did have to take a break and go to Prom. I wanted to keep working on my world changing inventing, but Mom insisted. She’s worried I am not socializing enough with my peers. It’s not my fault they are boring! I am trying to change science as we know it, but fine, I shall go to this silly little prom.


I won Prom Queen? I was honestly expecting pig’s blood to fall, but I guess they have managed to recognize the greatness in their midst. One of the boys tried to flirt with me, but I don’t want some scrawny half-child. I only have eyes for Terril!


I went home, changed out of my prom dress and headed into the Experimentation Chamber to work. I was fired up after an evening of dealing with pimply adolescents. Late into the night, I realized, I had done it! It was time! I am unstoppable!

I wasted no time sneaking out of the house and headed to the graveyard. I didn’t want my family to know what I was up to yet, not until I knew it was working smoothly. They would probably try to stop me as they have to imagination except for Grandma Giulia. My machine whirled to life and smelled of burning metal and reckless choices, but I wasn’t scared. I lept in, ready to finally get to touch down on an alien planet.


And ended flat on my tail and still in the graveyard. What was going on? Why wasn’t I on Sixam?


Then I heard it. A shrieking of metal on metal as the door to my machine opened again.

I had made a very big mistake in my calculations.


Will our Hero survive? Tune in Next Time to find out, Space Ranger!


Heir 5 has arrived in all her glory! She's been a lot of fun so far and while play is slow (I have to restart the game constantly to avoid losing progress, but I don't have to keep replaying stuff over and over thankfully).

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
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After reading that I have three things to say:


2. Youíre very brave to use the time machine! My sims have only had chaos come from that thing. Including a cave woman daughter who is the same age as her parents.

 And finally,

3. I know I havenít commented yet but Iím loving the way you write all your sims .

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Chapter 32
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Welcome back Space Rangers! As you recall, things have been getting grave for our Hero!

Fog rolled out of the Machine as a transparent specter clawed their way out. Metal on metal shrieked as the doors were twisted and bent out of shape, unable to close again. This was bad. This was ghosts. Ghosts that are supposed to be on their new Path, not back on Earth.


One after another, they came out of the Machine, mingling around as they realized what was happening, confused and angry.


It seemed to never end. Space Rangers, Our Hero might be in trouble.


Ghosts were spewing across the graveyard, glowing and transparent in the darkness. This was very bad. I had made a very big mistake somewhere. It didnít connect to Saxim at all Space Rangers! It connected to the land of the dead! (Which, when you think about it, is actually more impressive!)

As a highly trained Space Adventurer, I knew exactly how to handle this emergency!

I ran away I took stock of the situation and decided that an organized withdrawal was the best course of action. I, of course, would have stayed if it was an alien menace, but this was not in the Space Rangers Handbook!

Of course everyone at home had already figured out what happened by the time I got back. Great adventures are never subtle (and the also ghosts had already started spilling into town). Mom was apocalyptic! Sheís never been angry with me like this before. Usually she wants to tell me about my feelings.


Also, the middle of her yelling is not the time to suggest she unblock her muladhara. That just makes it worse. Learn from my mistake, Space Rangers!


Grandma Adelaide managed to be even angrier. She couldnít believe I had been this stupid; that I was such a disappointment. (If Iím so stupid Grandma how did I invent a Machine that let me connect to the realm of the Dead! Sure, it backfired a touch, but STILL)


I still begged her for forgiveness anyways. Iím not used to having to do this much begging, but even this Space Adventurer can admit I have made a slight calculation error here. Anyone would have! It was very complicated math, okay!


Grandma Adelaide then reminded me that she wasnít the one I needed to convince to forgive me (Conveniently after I already did my begging). It was High Command itself, the Reaper. And they weren't going to be willing to just wave this away if I asked real nice. I was going to need a plan.

There was nothing to be done but head to the library. I searched high and low for any information that could be useful to my needs. I found a few physics books that could help, but what I really needed wasnít here on these shelves. We needed to go deeper, Space Rangers.


I had to head to the Archives. That was where Moonlight Falls hid itís secrets, or a few of them anyways. I spent hours there, pouring over the information there. Finally, I had enough to try and make my case. That I could handle this and I was capable of fixing things.


Going up in front of High Command is always stressful, but I was prepared! I laid out my plan and I got my orders! High Command was willing to let me clean up my mess! I had my Assignment and was ready to go!


I just needed to get the specifics worked out and make sure my theories worked. But I am a genius, so I think weíll be fine, Space Rangers.

With that at least handled for now, it was time to celebrate Momís last birthday. Grandma Adelaide made a big old pomegranate pie and Mom invited a few friends over. Including Terril!

pic_11.jpg pic_12.jpg

While she went upstairs to try and fix her wardrobe, I got to spend some time chatting with Terril. He is just marvelous to talk to. I could spend hours with him, telling him all about my latest projects.


But the life of a future Space Adventurer isnít all play, I had work to do! Into the Experimentation Chamber I went, clanging away and figuring out how to fix the Machine.


It didnít take Mom long to get her museum pieces finished and to have her first meal of ambrosia. Sheís officially Immortal now, but it hasnít prevented her from still eating all her weird rabbit food and doing her yoga everyday. She complained the whole time about the fish taste and kept gagging. Grandma Adelaide wasn't amused at all.


Now itís all on me. I just have to actually solve this mess so I can get back on track to Space! Itís going to be extra hard now to convince Grandma Adelaide that I should be allowed onto a rocket ship! But a Space Adventure never surrenders! I wonder if I could build my own without her knowingÖ

I couldnít spend all my time in the Experimentation Chamber, no matter how much I tried. Mom hasnít let old age stop her from dragging me out of Space Station Finder and telling me Iím not allowed back into the house until nightfall.

So I divided my forced free time between gathering inspiration at the local theater


And hanging out with Terril. Heís always happy to see me and Iíve become a master of coming up with excuses to ďjust be in the neighborhood.Ē

pic_17.jpg pic_18.jpg

My time in the archive was starting to pay off. My birthday was drawing closer and I am desperate to get this fixed before I grow up! Getting into space is competitive and I donít want to fall any further behind than I already am. But I think I have figured out a way to close the Machine at least. It might not matter. Hundreds of ghosts must have spilled out by now. But the sooner I get it closed, the less I have to clean up.

I headed to the graveyard with my trusty tool kit and went to work. A few hours of banging and sweating and a few curses Iím not supposed to know, I had done it! The portal was closed!


Now I just have to figure out how to collect a ghost. And itís my birthday party in the morning so I am running out of time if I'm going to get into a rocket.

Until Next Time, Space Ranger!


After reading that I have three things to say:


2. Youíre very brave to use the time machine! My sims have only had chaos come from that thing. Including a cave woman daughter who is the same age as her parents.

 And finally,

3. I know I havenít commented yet but Iím loving the way you write all your sims .

1. Haha! I felt like after how boring MJ's drama ended up being I needed to spice things up a little.

2. Technically, I am not brave. The graveyard stuff was all in an alt save, as was probably obvious by this chapter. I have pretty tight housing because I pollinate a lot (my poor game is not being helped by dealing with all those extra sims). I was way to terrified that I might come home with an extra child and be ruined! So I chose the cowards path!

3. That's so flattering! Thank you so much! I always worry my characters all sound the same, so it's wonderful to know people are enjoying them! I will take my dopamine hits where I can in this pandemic.

So, I have generations installed, so I have had a number of the kids end up with IFs. I just leave them in their inventories and never let them out and that seemed to work fine so far, but with Velma, hers started to show up randomly, but in a person form. So it made getting screenshots difficult on occasion. Ah the joys of my slowly degrading game.

I have also been bad about mentioning the pets, they are still there and adorable and do very little but get loved on. And I have been bad about showing the various pollinated kids around town. If people are interested in seeing them, I might see about making a post that is just an update of who is still around town and show off some of the kids.

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #123 on: April 06, 2021, 09:26:01 PM »
I thought the time travel screenshots were great! And seamless. I think you won't get a time travel child if you already have a full house, but time travel to the past can also change a sim's career and it's game HoF good boy points over if you get switched to the top of a career that another immortal has.
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