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Chapter 11
« Reply #45 on: May 26, 2020, 04:46:03 PM »
Now that I am a teenager, itís my turn to write in the book. Oh, should I introduce myself? How does this work really? Iíve never really had to write in a holy book before and Iím not sure the proper method. But I am the second generation of the Blackburn Dynasty, Vera Blackburn. You probably already knew that though. I really wish there were instructions for this thing!

Was that alright? Mother often forgets that everyone isnít a mind reader. Just shoves this tome at me and tells me it's my turn to record my path to immortality. There is a lot of pressure here and Iím not a writer! I donít plan on learning a single point! Iím a sculptor! Or, well, Iím hoping to be. I havenít actually touched any of the materials yet, but I am sure Iíll be good at it. Iíve been dying to get to try it since I got my first ice sculpture done.

Mother has been explaining to me what needs to be done for the dynasty. There are so many rules and I do like knowing the rules. You canít avoid social ruin if you donít know the rules. I plan on being remembered for my artistry, not my embarrassing actions.

I just need my studio and Basil and some great French music playing on the speakers. I can stay in here forever and just make amazing art. Isnít that the dream? Just me and my sculptures. No messy drama or romances. Mother said she can handle all that for me, the marriage part. I just need to work on my art and my dynasty requirements.

First things first, I am going to redo my bedroom a bit. Since Iíll be staying in this room for a very long time, it seemed like I should put more of my stamp on it. And a bedroom can say so much about someone. What if mine was saying the wrong thing?


Plus, Iím going to be an artist. I should have a cool room, right? I mean, that is what is expected of an artist. Nothing wild, but maybe something the other kids at school would think is cool? Not that I care what they think. Because Blackburnís arenít supposed to worry about those sorts of things.

Now that that is over, I can finally focus on the important stuff. Like the art studio! I only got to come in here when I was getting my portraits and sculptures done, though now it is finally mine! I mean, I technically am still sharing it, but I get to come in her as much as I want! Itís my domain! Mother isnít even allowed in here!

I was still modeling rather than creating, but it was still thrilling to get to watch Carmella work. Sheís such an amazing artist, able to craft such subtle brilliance into her work. Iím not sure how I feel about having to use a chainsaw, it seems so...vulgar. And dangerous! But I have to admit, I am in love with the end result. The sculptures are magnificent.


I just wish you didnít have to use such dangerous looking tools to get the result. Dangerous, loud and smelly! Someone could lose an arm! Or at the very least a finger or a nose or something! Iím not good with blood or first aid!

Carmella is an amazing artist and it was a dream to watch her work and listen to her advice. While I admire her as an artist and I want to learn all that I can from her, I donít think I want her as a model for how I want my career to go. Carmella seems more interested in the human form than I am, considering all her lovers around town.

The next day, it was time for Basilís birthday, thank the Gentle Light. It was odd being ahead of Basil like this. I wanted to talk to him about teenage things and it just felt weird being so much more mature than he was. The day between our birthdays is always a little lonely.

We all got up early so we could have Basilís party before school, which meant it was a small, family affair. I donít think Basil minded, he was eager to age up and join me in teenagedom. I tried to tell him it wasnít that exciting, mostly extra hair and gross smells, but he was determined. I did demand we get to sing a song together before he aged up. Iím going to miss when his ability to hit the high notes once puberty hits.


Once the sparkles faded and Mother stopped shrieking about how he got Momís nose, Basil headed upstairs to get his looks sorted out. Itís so embarrassing having to age up in front of everyone and you end up in jean jackets and messy hair, Basil lucked out as usual and looks fine.


I must admit, I really appreciated that he wore the apron. That was so smart and clean, absolute brilliance! I should have thought of that, but I suppose my method of Ďjust never let anything gross touch your body everí has been working for me so far. Granted, I still hadnít started sculpting yet. Posing takes so much time and then all the wheels are in use. Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer.


Iím not so sure about that mustache though. It seems unsavory.

Thanks to having both Mom and Hetal around, school was a breeze for Basil and I. Both of them were absolutely brilliant and my homework really improved. I learned so many amazing study techniques from Mom and Hetal taught me all kinds of advanced sculpting techniques. University was going to be a breeze!


I am going to be an amazing Immortal. Mother has been working on my plan with me, well, for me might be more accurate, but I think it will be a good one. I just need to do what Mother says and things will be fine. More importantly, I was able to start sculpting! Check out my first sculpture! Mom insisted we put it out by the front gate, guarding the household.


Soon, Carmella had finished my sculpture and was out around town causing mayhem as usual. This is exactly why I will not be doing all this ridiculous romance. This time it was the MacDuffís that caught her attention. The MacDuff sisterís to be more exact.


First she ran into the family having a fun snow day together and she and Faith hit it off instantly, apparently making use of the convenient igloo.


If that wasnít scandalous enough, shortly after, like really shortly after, she started dating Felicity. Like, actually dating her. Asked her to be her serious girlfriend and everything. I know! Everyone was shocked! Thatís never happened before!


Sheís still sleeping with everyone, including Faith, but that doesnít seem to have slowed her down any. No one can resist her weird, green charms. I donít understand it at all! Itís all so sordid and dramatic, like some trashy soap opera.

The house was full of romance honestly. Carmalla was getting serious with Felicity, Hetal and Zoe were as tight as ever, with plans for Zoe to get pregnant soon and my moms were still disgustingly cute together. Itís very sweet, but also gross to watch your parents be all over each other all the time.

vera_chap11_pic11.jpeg vera_chap11_pic12.jpeg

Poor Balthazar was the only one having problems. The Singh babies had been rough enough on him and Alfredís relationship. But then Carmella told Balthazar that she and Felicity wanted kids before she, Carmella, was gone. Balthazar was her son and the perfect donor so the kids would still be able to look like Carmella.


I thought it was a bit odd, but Mother and Carmella were in love with the idea. Kept going on about Carmella always wanting more children. I was surprised that Balthazar agreed to it, but then I thought it was a bit weird he helped out the Singhís considering how badly Alfred had taken it.


Alfred didnít take this news any better. When Balthazar tried to bring it up, Alfred left the restaurant. Then a few days later he called Balthazar and dumped him over the phone. Poor Balthazar was devastated. Romance seems awful and going by your head and not your heart seems much safer.

Heís been moping around the garden and listening to sad music while he paints. I brought him my favorite sad french music in the hopes it might help. It did not, but now we both enjoy the music while he paints.

We did still find lots of time for family time though. We continued the Winterfest tradition of spending the day at the cemetery playing in the snow and communing with the dead. Itís my favorite tradition, the cold crisp air and the still quiet of the graveyard. Some of the headstones are so old you canít even read the names of who is resting there. Those ones are my favorites, imagining who they were and the lives they had lived.

Mother says it's important we understand death. That itís nothing to be afraid of and something that should be embraced. When you work hard and fulfill your goals while alive, death is the next great step and all that. Very convenient for us that our family is exempt from that rule, isnít it? But Mother doesnít like any of those questions. She always gives some nonsense that changes the subject by the time sheís done.

Am I allowed to write that in a holy text? Probably not.

There was a snowman building contest. We formed teams and Basil and I made sure to team up together. Mom had wanted to be a team with Mother, but Mother said she was going to be the judge, so Mom teamed up with Hetal. I think Mother just didnít want to risk losing.

vera_chap11_pic15.jpeg vera_chap11_pic16.jpeg

Basil and I were the clear winners. It was on theme and everything!


We headed back home when it started to get dark for hot chocolate, Motherís amazing cinnamon rolls and singing carols. We invited a few friends over as well, making a party of it. Hetal and I sang our hearts out together, though Mother made sure to let me know Iím still not hitting the notes right. Practice makes perfect I suppose.


Basil showed off his dance moves. I hope he learns to dance a little better before Prom.


The real winner of the night was Balthazar though. He was finally getting over Alfred dumping him after he ran into Warren. Warren has been friends with Mother for ages, known Balthazar his whole life, but they hadnít seen each other in awhile. He doesnít have much family, so Mother invited him over for the holiday. Sparks flew almost instantly between them and they spent the rest of the night flirting.


Balthazar: So, is a good looking fairy like you single?
Warren: Oh, you know, it's hard to find anyone that isn't sleeping with your mom. Makes the dating pool kind of small.
Balthazar: I'm not sleeping with my mom!
Warren: ...
Balthazar: ...
Warren: ...
Balthazar: that was, uh, probably assumed. Can we pretend I said something normal instead? I, uh, haven't really flirted very much before.
Warren: Well, I like that you are flirting with me. I get the same way when I try to flirt with cute guys.
Balthazar: Great! How about we go inside and dance before I put my foot in my mouth again.
Warren: Maybe you'll put something else in your mouth tonight.
Warren: ...
Warren: I meant my mouth! Like we might kiss! I wasn't-
Balthazar: You think I'm cute!!

They did eventually manage to make it inside to the rest of the party and spent the evening dancing and flirting up a storm. I think we can finally listen to less depressing music in the studio now!



I think old age made Carmella soft. She was in her mid/late 80ís when she started messing around with the MacDuff girls I think. And she threw some wishes to flirt and kiss Faith, they had a good time. She then love charms herself and talks to Felicity, so, still pretty normal for Carmella, starts throwing her usual flirty wishes including for the first time ever the wish to date someone! She threw the obligatory Ďwants to get marriedí when she had Balthazar, but it was the generic one, not Chester specific. Felicity was the first sim she actually threw a wish to be official with. Sadly, I didn't manage to get screenshots of her asking Felicity out like...minutes after she got out of the igloo with Faith. She really has a weird thing for siblings.

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #46 on: May 26, 2020, 09:04:23 PM »
I love Vera's voice so far (maybe because she's not an awful person yet), and you finally have a sculpting slave for eternity. And whenever she refers to "her moms" my heart melts. 🥺 This chapter really did say "gay rights" and just in time for Pride Month too. Someone finally made an honest woman of Carmella and service NPCs having no family paid off in Balthazar and Warren's favor.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #47 on: May 26, 2020, 11:48:19 PM »
Oh, give her time. She's still young, I'm sure she'll end up terrible. Or maybe she'll be a rare nice one? Probably not.

Honestly, I love their little gay family so hard. They all deserved better than Adelaide. Though Adelaide and Violet really are constantly throwing wishes for each other and if I ever don't know where one is, they are usually flirting with each other.

I was surprised when Carmella threw the wish! She's never thrown anything remotely relationship-y before and I didn't have the heart to deny here.

Balthazar and Warren worked out nicely. I was planning on trying to find him a new boyfriend and he and Warren are very cute. It's probably going to make things a bit weird when I use him as a pollinator or possible future baby daddy but gold skin! Not missing out on that!

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #48 on: May 29, 2020, 04:47:14 PM »
Vera gives me the vibes of a future ice queen. I like the point of view change, I suppose that's going to be with each immortal.

Balthazar and Warren awkward flirting is so cute! 

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Chapter 12
« Reply #49 on: June 11, 2020, 05:34:53 PM »
As usual, itís been an exciting time at the Blackburns. Someone always seems to be doing something. Though, some of the excitement took place at the Durwoods. Itís looking like Balthazarís turkey baster took effect.


That or poor Zoe has had a wicked case of food poisoning.

Basil and I had our prom. I was voted Prom Queen, which, I admit was flattering, but surprising as I havenít been to school yet. Too much snow. But Mother is friendly with the entire town, so Iím sure that had something to do with it. That and Basil probably campaigned for me as well, he won Prom King and I think he wanted to share the title with me.


Jeanne Crumplebottom also kissed me at the dance. I admit I got a little caught up in the moment and went with it. But when I got home, Mother reminded me that wasnít part of the plan. Sheís right, of course. Iíll end things with Jeanna, itís more important to think about the long game. You have to listen to your head in these matters. And Mother. You also have to listen to Mother.


Basil had a more action packed Prom than I did. He tried to pull a prank and got caught, but of course managed to talk his way out of. I also think he might have had some spiked punch or something. He kept staring at the lights and muttering about aliens. Heís always had a love of space and aliens, which is why he wears that loud vest, so I canít say Iím too surprised, though usually itís just a love of retro comics and sci-fi, not muttering at light bulbs. I figured he would be the one to come home with a date, but he ended up getting in a fight when someone threw punch on one of his friends. I hate violence, but I canít really be mad at Basil for that, even if I did lecture him about it.

I wish Jeanna hadnít asked me to dance. Itís made everything so confusing. Which is just another reminder how stupid hearts can be. Romance is for art, not life.

After prom, things continued along full steam. Or maybe the opposite of that? Our momís have both retired! First Mom decided she had reached the top of her science career and she wanted to spend more time at home. Sheís getting weaker, which I hate thinking about, let alone having to write. I know she wont die, as sheís already a ghost, but they can only stay among the living for so long. And we can all tell that itís getting harder for her. We have all been trying to spend more time with her and her no longer spending long hours at the lab gives us more chances for that.


Mother also reached the top of her career! She had been working so long and so hard for it. And retired the second her shift was over. She said she might go back to work in the future, but for now, she wanted to spend her time with Mom.


She also was able to eat Ambrosia and become one with the Gentle Light. I wish I could have been there, but she said not until I am ready to have my own. The smells coming from the kitchen are a bit odd, sweet and spicy and rich.


Then she let herself into the Tower. Iíve never seen anyone go in there before, not even Mother. Itís forbidden to anyone who isnít an immortal. It was amidst all those secrets that Mother had her first taste of Ambrosia and became Immortal.


She looked different when she came down. She moved smoother, with more energy in her steps, like she was years younger. She told me that it tasted kind of like a fruit curry, tangy and very spicy. And she said she has some ideas to make it better for next time.

The first thing she did once she became Immortal?

Mother started planning her wedding to Mom.

Sometimes, when I watch my moms together, I wonder if I can find that joy for myself. But first I need to go break things off with Jeanne. Happiness can only come after we have accomplished our goals. Jeanna canít give me the child I need and it will only lead to heartbreak and pain if I follow my heart and not my head.


I just hope that one day Jeanna will forgive me enough to still be friends. She didn't take the breakup well and it was awkwardly dramatic. This is why I need to avoid all this in the first place! Such a mess and she used to be one of my very best friends.

But now is the time for my mom's wedding! We have been waiting for this for years, but Mother couldnít risk the time off. Basil and I went down to the temple early to get it set up for everything.

It also gave me a little time to visit my fatherís grave. I only remember him a little, a huge, friendly bear of a man that sang songs and read me fairy tails in the rock chair. I love him, but itís difficult to miss him really, but I do mourn the fact that I never really got to know him. I was so young when he died. It was nice to spend a little time talking to him, telling him about my life. I hope he was able to hear.


Mother spent the morning finishing up the cake. She spent hours carefully decorating it, all of it was done by hand. Mother wanted to invite literally the entire town but Mom wanted something at least a little intimate. They compromised with a large party, which somehow doesnít feel like Mother compromised much, but Mom seemed so happy to be finally getting married no one said anything about it.


The ceremony was beautiful. Basil and I sobbed the entire time, how could we not! Our moms are married! Look at how happy they look! Iíve never seen Mother make a face like that before.

vera_chap12_pic11.jpeg vera_chap12_pic12.jpeg vera_chap12_pic13.jpeg

Then it was time to have cake and party! The cake had a strawberry nectar flavor so good I had two pieces, even if the frosting was a bit sweet.


I had a lovely time at the weddings, though I think Basilís time was a little weirder. Navita came, with her triplet girls and everyone was excited to spend time with them. Navita on the other hand, was a little more focused on spending time with Basil.


Navita: You know, itís a shame you werenít a bit older. We could have made some great looking kids.
Basil: Uh...Iím a teenagerÖ
Navita: For now.
Basil: ...Arenít you married?
Navita: When has that stopped anyone in this town?
Basil: Ö
Basil: Whatís that? Iíll be right there Mom! So nice talking to you Navita. Bye!

Thankfully he was able to get away and enjoy himself after that. Everyone danced into the night while the brides snuck off to the honeymoon cottage. They could enjoy their time alone together being gross in ways their children donít want to see.


Basil and I decided to keep the celebration going by heading to Mickís to bust out a few songs in honor of our parents before we had to race home to beat curfew. It was a perfect wedding day for everyone.


Hetal and Zoe were able to get confirmation that they were having kids. Hetal is over the moon and making all kinds of plots with Zoe for them to take over the family business. Zac is already practicing being the fun uncle, which I think just means teaching them filthy language and crude jokes.


Felicity also went into labor around this time. She and Carmella welcomed three little girls to their family, Brandy, Yvette and Lauren. She is enchanted by them. I think it must be weird for Balthazar to have siblings he fathered. I mean, I would find that weird! But mostly no one thinks about it too hard and Felicity and Carmella seem thrilled.


Despite being a father in DNA only to the Singh kids, Balthazar did try to spend time with them. He was close with all three of the girls, and regularly found time to visit. Bedtime stories were a favorite and he liked to tell the stories about how the town was founded and the witches who used to live here.


The birth of the MacDuff triplets did make things a bit rocky for Carmella and her relationships with the sisters. But as usual, Carmella smoothed things over without too much drama. It canít be easy having them share the same house. Though sheís been pretty tame lately. She only occasionally goes out with anyone besides Faith or Felicity. She seems to be really taken by Felicity, just not enough to break up with her sister. Or the rest of her partners.


Itís a reminder of why sticking to the plan is important. Love can be messy and cruel as often as it is wonderful and warm. The heart can lead you to pining after the woman your sister just had babies with. And I have my art anyways, which is all the romance I need.

My wonderful, glorious art. I love sculpting. Itís better than I had dreamed it would be. I donít even care that itís messy most of the time. Iíve gotten very good at keeping any dirt off myself. It requires careful and meticulous planning and work, but I stay immaculate while I sculpt. I spend most of my time in the studio when Iím not in school and itís starting to pay off.



Adelaide reaching the top of her career was extra fun for me cause Adelaide had an 11k wish to reach the top of the culinary career, and one 9k to reach level 10 of the culinary career, plus her lifetime wish completing. And, obviously, Immortality. I didnít really even need the points, but with a wish enhancing potion, I donít think Iíve ever earned that many LTHP all at once before. I take my small victories these days where I can.

The elder formal wear is also garbage. I hate the lack of options for the wedding outfits so much. If any more of my sims marry as elders, I'm looking for some CC cause I hate the options the game gives.

Gladstone is on my crap list after this play through. Often in my regular games with storyprogression mods used, he and Helen have kids and I usually really like how those kids turn out, so I figure he would make a decent pollinator. No. He does not. I like 1 out of his 4 kids and that is mostly her mother. He also lived to 104 and screwed me out of getting to move in a different pollinator. To the shame corner Gladstone!

Adelaide also had Peanut Ivy call her up and ask her for a date a few times. Which, sir, have some respect and not chase after the aged crone who destroyed your parents marriage and is now married to a dead woman. There are other women in that household, let alone town you could ask out and it would be less pathetic.

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #50 on: June 11, 2020, 06:40:17 PM »

Look up Sweetdevil-sims on Tumblr, she recently converted some wedding dresses for elders among other things, though hopefully you avoid elder marriage for a while. I'm sad when my couples spend too little time together married.

Those points will just be a drop in the puddle by the end of the challenge even if they're impressive (I'm serious! Never seen so many fire off at once myself). A million LTHP cannot be spent that easily.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #51 on: June 11, 2020, 07:23:15 PM »
The town is slowly turning red. I was really hoping to get more of the colors, but I was not lucky this save in that regard. But I got the facial features I wanted, which I care more about than the rainbow colors so that balances out.

I really wanted Adelaide and Violet to get married earlier. I'm hoping I don't have too many romances that have to wait that long before they get married, but you can never tell where sims will take you. Sweetdevil looks like she's got what I need! Thank you for the suggestion. I have some CC, but it's mostly hair and I'm working on slowly expanding my collection for some better styles.

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Chapter 13
« Reply #52 on: June 15, 2020, 12:37:31 PM »
Things have been moving along as usual in the Dynasty. Basil and I have been working hard on our sculpting, though he tends to slack off more than I do, always running off to hang out with friends. I donít want to have my likeness immortalized by a mediocre sculpture. How would that look with me being the dynasty sculptor?


Even though I try to spend as much time in the studio as I can, itís never enough for me. And Mother and Basil keep teaming up to prevent me from spending all my free time in the studio. Mother always insists I go meet Balthazarís children, which means lots of spending time with babies and children. I donít know if you know this, but babies and children are very messy! It is far harder to keep the uncountable fluids that babies spew from every orifice off my sweater than clay.

They arenít so bad when they arenít being filthy, especially the babies, but that can change in at a moment's notice! Iíve lost so many sweaters that way. I like them much better when they get a little older. Poor Basil still has to deal with avoiding Navita's advances when we visit the triplets.


When Mother hasnít banished me to child purgatory, Basil is insisting I meet other people around town. Heís friends with everyone and he thinks I need to be too! Itís not fair! Iím an artist and I need to create art, not party! His favorite trick is telling me that we are going to the art museum, my favorite place around town, and then it turns out it's a party and he invited tons of people!


I do appreciate that it gives me the opportunity to make sure those death traps they call fireplaces are still safe. No one listens to me about what a danger they are! There was a fireplace in Bridgeport that spontaneously burst into flames and killed an entire family! I read about it online! Do not trust fireplaces!


It really has all cut into my sculpture time, which Mother keeps telling me Iíll have eternity out there, but itís hard to not resent all the interruptions. I just want to make my art!

My moms are still adorable, even if Mother can be a little frustrating at times. All they do is spend time with each other with occasional breaks for sleep. As their daughter, Iím happy for them but also do not want to see them making out in the hot tub all the time! It is right outside the studio!


Balthazar and Warren have been going on a few dates. I think Balthazar wants to take it slow after Alfred, he was really devastated by that. He and Warren seem happy enough right now, getting to know each other and lots of flirting.


Zoe went into labor and she and Hetal welcomed twins Giovanni and Charlotte to the family. They have been thrilled with them, Hetal has even started talking about wanting another sibling for them. She and Zoe are over the moon with their evil little family.


We all went to visit the new babies. They are pretty cute when they arenít screaming, but honestly, I would rather be sculpting! But all the old ladies insist on baby duty and itís impossible to argue with a herd of batty old women whoíve gone baby mad. I tried to complain to Mom once and she made some comment about not being around to see her own grandchildren so she has to get her baby fix in now, so you can see that they donít play fair! Iím an artist, not a nanny!


Things continue to be volatile at the MacDuff house. Faith and Carmella break up and make up every few days. I think Faithís brother is starting to wish he had moved out years ago.

vera_chap13_pic9.jpeg vera_chap13_pic10.jpeg vera_chap13_pic11.jpeg

Carmella really was fiery right up until the end. The Gentle Light came for Carmella not long after her latest break up and make up with both sisters. We rushed to her side and she was surrounded by loved ones and family as she stepped into the Light. I know itís part of the cycle and itís important that she walked along the path, but I will miss her. She was the coolest aunt I could have asked for and while I didnít want her life for myself, it was inspiring to watch her live it.


My moms were as glued together as usual afterwards. Carmella and Mom were the same age, so I think we all knew it wouldnít be much longer.

It came faster than any of us were ready for. She was just gone one day, her spirit unable to resist the Gentle Light any longer. We didnít even realize it had happened until later when no one could find her. We moved her next to Carmella in the family plot.


Everyone has been devastated. Death might be part of the Path, but the loss is still fresh. Basil and I have been channeling our grief into art, while Mother went back to work. Though this time she decided to work at the Flying V, taking over their baked goods. I think she isnít handling it well and needs to focus on something besides how lonely the house is without Mom and her best friend in it.

Cyrus has been especially kind. Basil wanted to go to a party, he needed a distraction I think, but I wasnít really up for it. I thought I was and Basil made it seem like such a good idea to get out of our house, so full of memories of Carmella and Mom. I donít even remember what started it, but in the middle of the party, I just started crying. So embarrassing! But Cyrus came over and talked to me and made me feel better. It was nice. I think I needed the cry, but I wish it hadnít been in such a public place.


I just miss my Mom so much.

Things went along, most of us were subdued by grief. Hetal had the twins to distract her from her loss, which helped. Well and sheís evil. I think she missed them, but not much slows her down. She just keeps talking about keeping Carmellaís goals alive and throwing herself into work and her family. I think she and Zoe are grieving in their own ways.


We also spent more time as a family up at the cemetery, listening to Mother talk about the Path and why we all must travel along it. It feels weird thinking that one day Basil will be gone too. Heís been with me my whole life and one day he will finish his time on the Path here and heíll be called to the next one. I donít like thinking about not having him around, but itís a good reminder to cherish our time together and to not take it for granted. Maybe I will stop fussing so much when he drags me to parties.


I think it was good for Mother to spend time with her flock. She has been devastated by Momís death, though she has mostly been throwing herself back into work and spending a lot of time snuggling toddlers around town. I think spending time spreading the knowledge of the Path is helping her deal with two of her closest loves moving along their own Paths.


Balthazar and Warren were a bright spot as well. They spent the day at the Spring Festival and Balthazar turned on all the awkward charm, which Warren seems to like. After dancing all day, they came back home to keep the romance going. And Balthazar finally asked Warren to be his boyfriend.

vera_chap13_pic18.jpeg vera_chap13_pic19.jpeg

Basil and his obsession with aliens got a bit more intense than I think he planned on.


The Singh triplets were teenagers now, Dena, Marion and Leeann.

Dena.jpg marion.jpg leeann.jpg

The Crumplebottom twins, Rosie and Mevin were teenagers now as well.

rosie.jpg melvin.jpg

For now, things are as calm as they ever are around our house. It feels so empty without Carmella and Mom around now. It takes some getting used too, but we have each other and the rest of the town.


Tried to throw a bit of fun stuff towards the end so it didn't just end with lots of death. MY VIOLET AND CARMELLA ARE GONE AND I MISS THEM! But as usual with a dynasty, it was also nice to finally have space again. I hate full households (I MAKE POOR CHOICES!) so it was really a natural fit to pollinate and also have a million woman have babies in the house.

I was glad to finally get Giovanni! Balthazar had so many girls! Which on one hand is handy for pollinating, but I would like some pollinator/potential baby daddy options as well!

I also got lucky with Carmella dying. She was teaching one of her kids to talk and apparently death won't interrupt that action? I guess Grim likes toddlers too much to stop their learning? But it meant that everyone got to be there to send her off.

Ghosts donít seem to get the death music or the pan, so Violet was just suddenly gone. I was crushed! And I hate that she is still stuck with her tiny tombstone. She was happy! She had probably the most LTHP after the sculptors. She deserves her big tombstone! As much as I love Violet, it is nice to not have to deal with ghosts anymore.

Vera did spend a ton of time cuddling babies, but I managed to not get screenshots of her doing it? Just everyone else. I'm not sure how I managed that, I swore I had a bunch but apparently not. I also didn't realize all my pictures of Rosie she was making a weird face. I'll have to try to get a better shot of her. She's the one Gladstone kid that I liked! She's got a cute little face, though I look forward to taking those braids off her for something a little more appropriate.

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #53 on: June 16, 2020, 10:16:44 AM »
AND Giovanni is red (or so I hope! Chester pls intervene)

Carmella and Violet can't help but be dynasty MVPs. Godspeed ladies, hopefully Gladston didn't outlive you both. His son looks fine too (I could see him having an emo makeover for some reason) but the power of a closeup might change my mind. I gotta admit that eating ambrosia with a playable ghost in the house gives me heartburn, so byeee~

Anyways what is with Vera's summoning circle in the graveyard?
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #54 on: June 16, 2020, 11:55:12 AM »
I forget if Giovanni is red or not. I'll have to double check next time I'm playing. I am not at all worried about the red sticking around. Several of Balthazar's daughters got his red skin. Hopefully I can bring in Sam's blue boy to pollinate with when he's older.

Melvin in fine. Which is the problem most of Gladstone's kids had. They aren't bad, which would be far more interesting, they just look very generic next to their much more interesting looking cousins. So Melvin isn't entirely out of the running as a pollinators. And someone could fall in love with him and up his chances for being a baby daddy. But I was a overall not in love with Gladstone's kids. If I could go back in time, I would probably try harder to get a potent cute elixer to get Count before he moved away (still mad about that) or maybe have tried for that Hoppcraft sister.

I watched Adelaide like a HAWK and I sent Violet to an entirely other lot when the ambrosia eating happened. NOT TODAY SATAN. And sadly, she only had to eat one before Violet left us. I wanted to keep her by her little shrine at the house, but I've seen too many dynasties fail that way!

The circle was I think they were having a water fight or something and the shot made me laugh so I wanted to use it. It was too goofy to try and use it for anything sinister though

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Chapter 14
« Reply #55 on: June 27, 2020, 02:32:12 PM »
We continue to miss the family that we lost, but life has a way of moving along its path regardless of how you are feeling. But each step and each day makes the pain a little easier to deal with. The worst moments are when I would forget Mom was gone and then I have to remember and all the pain came rushing back. But those moments happen less and less as we all get used to the loss and continue down the path.

You just have to keep moving along the path. And as the pain became less overwhelming, things began to move back to normal, less heavy and dulled by loss and sadness. I miss Mom and Carmella everyday, but the memories are becoming less painful as we walk along the path. It has helped to channel it into my art. Nothing helps with grief like taking a hammer to a hunk of granite.


Hetal agrees and sheís been joining me more often. She is the Emperor of Evil now and has more free time. Plus, her kids are walking and talking now and I think she likes the escape from the chaos. Itís been nice hanging out with her more. Sheís so cool and she makes sculpting seem so effortless. Iíve been learning a lot from watching her work, sheís so confident in her motions. I hope I can create like that one day, so bold and assured.


Basil and my birthdays arrived to help break us out of our mourning. Technically, Basil wouldnít have his age up until tomorrow with Balthazar, but we wanted to have the party together. It was strange to not have Mom and Carmella celebrating with us, but it did feel good to break out of the grief routine we had settled into. Mom made me my favorite pie for the occasion and we invited some friends.


It was a lot of fun and I think we all needed it. I headed upstairs to fix my clothes and then it was back to the party. There was a touch of drama when Zoe flirted with Emelie Van Gould out of nowhere. Hetal didnít seem too upset by it though and I donít think I want to dig too deeply into why. I am pretty sure I donít want to know. Their relationship is slightly terrifying.

vera_chap14_pic4.jpeg vera_chap14_pic5.jpeg

Basil was on all night. I think thatís been how heís been coping. Throwing himself into parties and friends. We've been talking a lot, about grief and school and life, but Basil has been working through things in his own way. I turn to art, he turns to people.


The next morning we got together as a family to watch Basil and Balthazar age up as a family. Balthazar decided to grow a beard and Basil decided to add an everyday look to his apron.

vera_chap14_pic7.jpeg vera_chap14_pic8.jpeg

We headed down to the City Hall for graduation and breakfast at the Flying V after for the traditional celebratory brunch. The baking has improved so much now that Mother took it over.


It was a great send off before Basil and I headed back to apply for college and off we went to college! Mother even got our Moodlet Mobile decorated in the school colors! Iím a little nervous about going, but I do love school. You know exactly what is expected of you and then you do it and are rewarded for it. Simple and straightforward. I signed up for my business classes and Basil took art.


Everyone expected me to take art classes, but I wanted to not just be a great sculptor, but a successful one. And I knew about sculpting already! I had apprenticed with Carmella and Hetal for years now as a sculptor. What I needed was to know how to market and sell my sculptures. Plenty of talented artists donít make it because they didnít learn the business side and Iím not making that mistake. I canít become an Immortal if I canít sell my sculptures.

College is the best! I love it! It's so hard, but rewarding. And I will admit, I am fond of school and the rules it brings. I like knowing just what to do and then doing it.

For me, I spend most of my time is class or studying.

vera_chap14_pic11.jpeg vera_chap14_pic12.jpeg

And more class.


I also discovered I really loved pool! Something about the order and figuring out just the right angle to get your desired result. Maybe Iíll see if I can talk Mother into getting us a table at home. But it really is a marvelous sport and more people should try it!


And sculpting of course. I spend a lot of time at the sculpting station while Basil works on his schoolwork. He gives me loads of insight he learned at class and I would tell him about what I learned in my business classes.


We talked about Basilís dates as well. Because Basil decided to take a bit of a leaf from Aunt Carmella and date around. Not even the mascot was safe! He did make it clear to everyone involved that he wasn't interested in anything serious. I don't think that was a problem for most of the campus.


He also developed a fondness for posing nude for art classes and drawing his own nudes of everyone willing to strip down for him. Personally, I think the results show he didnít really need them naked, but no one seems to care.


Basil kept insisting I join him at the parties constantly being thrown around campus. I resisted the first few invites, but I did let him talk me into going to one.


It wasn't all bad, though I admit, I just might have spent most of my time inside. It was still fun and it still counts as going to the party!


Basil spent most of his time getting to know the host of the party.


It isn't all partying and classes either. Basil and I make sure to hang out together a lot. No matter how popular Basil gets, he never forgets about me. He really is the best little brother one could want. If only he would listen to me about that awful mustache!

vera_chap14_pic21.jpeg vera_chap14_pic22.jpeg vera_chap14_pic23.jpeg

The first semester flew by and we both got great grades! I was a little jealous that Basil was able to pass his classes so easily, but the art department is clearly much easier. You just have to be a talented artist, which Basil clearly is.


Iím not jealous. Honestly. Itís fine.


I am including this shot because it made me laugh when I paused the game and this was what it froze on. I donít think she was even thinking about the girl, but she ended up with the best pervert leering at a girls butt face I had to share. Though, honestly, this pandemic has fried my brain so much I have no idea what funny is anymore.


It was also a little hard to get some good grieving shots as just about everyone has Stone Hearted at this point. The pollinators dying and giving everyone huge moodlet hits got old fast, but it does mean I can't get good shots of hysterical sims when the sims they actually care about die. Only the poor cats still mourn people. The pollinators really screw with the cats moods when they go, which, considering the pollinators rarely even interact with the cats is deeply annoying.

Basil was the also first sim I pushed to go on dates with sims he hadnít thrown wishes for. Heís got the Master Romancer LTW and I wanted to see if I could get it to trigger at school. He slept with 5 sims in 5 different locations, but it didnít work. Hopefully itíll work out in MF, though so far, Basil has been terrible about showing interest in anyone. Heís a pollinator, so heís got a list of people he will be having kids with, but I was hoping he might pick one voluntarily or fall for someone else and give me some drama but so far, a bit fat nothing! Rude Basil! Rude!

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #56 on: June 27, 2020, 04:01:32 PM »
What woohoo locations did you use? Though it may be a homeworld-only thing, so that's one for the test kitchen. The worst affected pets are the babies because you can't even remedy their bad moods with fulfilling wishes or getting bathed.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #57 on: June 27, 2020, 06:43:36 PM »
I don't always have babies in the house though, so I notice it on the cats more. And, well, I love cats more than I love babies so it upsets me more to see the cats crying about a pollinator then a baby.

I forget all the places I used, lemme try and recall. A bed at one of the party houses, the theatre, a shower in a different party house, the hot tub on their home lot and the photo booth. I think.

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #58 on: June 27, 2020, 09:47:07 PM »
Yeah that same combo worked just fine when I had Heathcliff do that LTW in his homeworld. That's so weird...and there aren't enough tourable rabbitholes in Moonlight Falls to just throw up your hands and say he'll make it up with pollination.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #59 on: June 27, 2020, 10:02:50 PM »
Yeah, I was hoping I could get it to trigger while he was at university, but  honestly, it was more an experiment than anything else. He's a sculpture, so LTHP are not an issue for him. I'm pretty sure I can find enough options around town to try triggering back home. It's always been buggy for me though, but it's so fun to try and get it to complete! And hopefully it will encourage him to get some flirt on. Everyone else in this dynasty has been romance city except Basil! I made all his university ones happen and it's infinitely less satisfying.