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Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

While all that romantic drama was going on, the rest of life moved on as normal. Balthazar aged up into a sweet faced toddler. He was a delight and it was a constant battle between Violet, Carmella and I who got to tend to him first, though Carmella usually won. She was delighted by the boy and it wasnít long before he was walking and talking like a champion.


Carmella: You are gonna help paint for the dynasty
Balthazar: Paint! Paint!
Carmella: You will have all kinds of jobs to do when you are older
Balthazar: Me! Me!
Carmella: That's right baby. You are gonna be amazing.

Things with Violet and I were still a little frosty, but we were mending things, as friends at least.


I am quite delightful and a warm, fresh baked good goes a very long way to mending fences. Weíll be friends again in no time.

Then it was time for her and Carmellaís joint birthday party. And as it was Spooky day, we had to throw a costume party and invite some friends and neighbors.


And he slithered in among the guests, like the loathsome little snake he is. All cool charisma and stupid sunglasses. I hate him. Him and his stupid name. Vlad Impala.


I regretted dressing as a hot dog instantly.


Vlad: Oh wow babe. You are like smoking hot!
Violet: You think Iím a babe?
Vlad: Yeah I do! I bet your face is great under that mask!
Violet: I havenít had many complaints about it? You are the first person to call me babe before.
Vlad: You are all golden and stuff, babe! Like whoa. You are like a golden moon lighting up the room!
Violet: Aww, thatís sweet. You are pretty cute in that suit.


See! Heís a disgusting monster! Get away from my Violet! I kept that part between us, because I am aware of the hypocrisy here, I just donít like it! How can she go from me to some over ripe frat boy! Oh. Maybe itís a cry for help. Yes. That makes sense. Right? Yes, of course it does. Thatís all this is. Everything is fine and this is just a minor fling. A momentary bad choice.


The rest of the party was lovely, with aging up shortly after Carmella and the rest of us danced the night away. I, of course, baked the cake myself. A cherry chocolate number that was to die for if I do say so myself.

Snow blew in one frosty morning, heralding the arrival of winter. Carmella woke us at first light and we went down to the cemetery as a family. I loved that place, though it was sorely neglected. People avoid their dead, which I think is a real shame. I know, ironic for someone attempting to become immortal. Death isnít for me, but that doesnít mean it isnít for everyone! But I think everyone should spend time with the dead. Good for the soul.

We spent the morning there, the four of us. First just communing with that magical place, in the still and snow and quiet. Then we frolicked. Violet and I built snowmen and we all played in the snow with the baby. Balthazar loved it, shrieking with laughter and slapping his chubby fists into the snow. Just adorable! It was strange thinking about outliving him. But he would have a good life. Or a fruitful one at least. His mother and I were in agreement on that much already!

adelaide_chap4_pic8.jpg adelaide_chap4_pic9.jpeg

It was one of the best days of my life. That I can recall anyways, but I suspect that this one would have been on the best list for that other life as well.

Things with Rainflower continued along. He was an old man now and I think it gave him a late-life crisis. But that worked out well for me, as it made him more open to my advances. It was time to take things to the next level for us. No longer just emotionally cheating on his wife, Rainflower was now full on cheating with his wife.


Balthazarís toddlerhood seemed to fly by and he was a child before long. I made his cake as well, a wonderful carrot cake for my little future gardener. He grew up looking more and more like his mama, which thrilled Carmella and I.


He was a sweet thing, spent a lot of time painting in the studio with Violet or over with his dad on occasion. Chester had spent a bit of time with him as a toddler, but they started to bond a bit more as Balthazar got older. Bailey continued to want little to do with the little pink angel, though she was slowly warming up to the idea of a half brother.


Violet and Vlad continued to go on dates, going so far as to become an official couple. Itís fine. Does anyone else taste blood? Just me? Haha! This is fun.


I suppose I canít complain much. Iíve been with Rainflower and things have been going along smoothly. He and Annalove have split up, though they are still working out the divorce. I told Rainflower to leave her and the kids the house. It seemed only fair, you know? But that left me free to pop the question in front of our favorite diner.

I admit, it wasnít the grandest proposal. I had meant to plan something a bit more dramatic, the press was going to be there after all! Rainflower was a bit of a big deal in town. But I spent my nights thinking about Violet and how I might be able to get Vlad out of the picture instead.


Balthazar made friends with a number of the children in town, often inviting them over after school to do homework together and have pie. I do love a full house, though I canít wait for the wedding and we can leave this awful shack behind for a real house. Soon!

He became fast friends with the Fitzgerald twins, Archie and Cyrus. Archie is the splitting image of his dad while Cyrus takes more after their mother. I find them both to be delightful and good playmates for Balthazar.


Though, while I plan my wedding, Violet and I have mended fences. We both pretend that dating other people means that we arenít desperately in love with each other. But I canít stay away from her, like a moth to a beautiful golden flame.


Snowflake day brought with it a pleasant surprise in the form of Hetal Anjali. I think she was some distant cousin of Carmella or something. She had just graduated from high school and she needed a place to live and I had been friendly with her mother, one of the local paperazzi since I arrived in town. It wouldnít hurt to have a backup sculpture and she seemed a wonderful choice. I didnít want to think about what exactly backup meant, not when everyone was still so young. But well, one does have to think about these things at least a little.

And who doesnít love having beautiful, evil women around the house? And she is just so delighted by the chainsaw. I think sheíll fit right in. And that face is a work of art!

adelaide_chap4_pic17.jpg adelaide_chap4_pic18.jpg

Then it was time for my Adult birthday! How time flies! I feel like I was dead only yesterday! I spent the morning at the graveyard, just enjoying the silence. I love it in all seasons, but something about the snow and winter puts me in such a contemplative mood. Then it was home to bake a cake. I went with a chocolate lime cake, which I thought Violet might enjoy and we had a small, simple party at home. I love a good event, but I wanted something intimate this time. I wasnít really going to have many of these, you know?

I did make sure to double check that I am still flawless!


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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #16 on: April 18, 2020, 10:17:13 PM »
I love that Balthazar just roams around as a dinosaur. And welcome Hetal! After much hype behind the scenes ;) If being green and nosy doesn't do it for anyone then a midriff shall. I'm glad you found Vlad but I noticed that fat (original) NPCs slim down in my games as of recently once you first physically meet them and, I dunno, nice to not be alone but my memories of Vlad being solidly-built in the long-ago "make" him I guess. But the trifecta of age gaps will make all these women Moonlight Falls' black widows, just in time for the real ships to happen.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #17 on: April 18, 2020, 11:31:38 PM »
Hetal has my favorite fave of any sim every and I will die on this hill. Her nose is SPECTACULAR! In a town of truly wonderful sim noses.

Vlad is so fun. I was going to use him as Adelaide's spouse in my first attempt and when I moved him in, he started with a super juiced moodlet. And yeah, I don't like when sims show up all skinny after you met them! Scrawny Vlad is not as delightful, he really needs that bit of bulk to him.

Gen 3 is getting named after the woman who invented and sold Aqua Tofana, so I feel like black widows will probably run in the family. Besides, it's the destiny of every Immortal to outlive their spouse! Adelaide is just planning on getting there a bit sooner rather than later.

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Chapter 5
« Reply #18 on: April 25, 2020, 02:57:26 AM »
Chapter 5

Now that I was engaged, it seemed time to throw a bachelorette party. I mean, how can I resist? Itís an excuse to wear a ludicrously tight white dress and say itís because of tradition and not vanity! Plus, I just had my adult birthday, so I need to remind everyone how hot I still am. By everyone, I mean everyone and specifically Violet. We are friends again and I need to make sure she doesnít forget our chemistry while sheís canoodling with Vlad.


It was a wonderful night, held down at the local vampire lounge. Iím a lady of class, you know, and I wanted this to be something tasteful.


Nectar was sprayed and Carmella made the most moving and rather dirty toast that I wonít repeat here because, as I mentioned, I am a lady of class, let the record reflect that! It didnít take her long to end up in some rather lacy underwear that isnít her usual sleepwear.


She also found the party dancer. Which, now that I think about it, she was probably the one that ordered him. Thankfully Chester wasnít here to watch her flirt with him all night.

Hetal liked to cause some trouble, starting with poor Emelie. She does bring a certain spice to a party that I do love. Life would be so boring without chaos after all. And Hetal can usually be counted on for some chaos! She ended up a bit distracted by one of my coworkers, Marigold, which kept her busy most of the night. We partied until the wee hours and the party was a wild success.


Vlad and Violet were still dating. I know, I am as distressed as you are. If she canít be with me, she could at least do better than some sad old repo man! They would drink cheap juice and sing bad songs together all night. They even made it official, that swine. I got Carmella to ask her why she was with him.

Adelaide: Did you ask her?
Carmella: You can just talk to her about it, like a normal person.
Adelaide: I can not and you [/i]know that Carmella! I didnít mean to break her heart! We just have to wait for Rainflower to die.
Carmella: Do you listen to yourself when you speak?
Adelaide: Donít tell me you are going to get prudish on me now?
Carmella: No, no, you donít have to worry about that, love. But you canít blame her for being a little hurt that you kissed her, confessed your undying love and then dumped her to marry a fat old musician who had previously had a wife.
Adelaide: Why are you being so mean to me!
Carmella: Because you make it far too easy. Stop focusing on the woman you left and concentrate on that wedding you are supposed to be planning.
Adelaide: It is wildly infuriating when you are correct.


Balthazar became a teenager in what felt like no time at all. He grew up quite handsome, which is no surprise considering his mother. Heíll make some beautiful children when heís older!


We had a simple party before school and Carmella took him and Hetal out to the mountains, by the fishing hole. She said something about it was time for him to learn about his destiny and heritage. I am curious to know what they talked about, but I think it was some witch thing. And I had a wedding to plan, as Carmella kept reminding me.


I had told Rainflower I wanted a house, a big one. And he was going to build it for me. I told him all about how it was going to be a monument to our love. I, the Immortal living forever in the house that his love made for me. Very romantic and moving.

And I didnít lie! That will be technically true, but not really how I plan on thinking about it, just a way one could possibly look at it. Itís really just a matter of perspective. And I was so looking forward to having a real home. A place worthy of my Dynasty. And finally, that was in my reach. Sacrifices were needed to get here, but greatness comes with a cost. Things were all falling into place!

Carmella hadn't broken things off with Chester, but she seemed to have found another someone to spend time with. Chester was an old man now, more inclined to spend his nights at home. And now that she wasn't glued to her sculpting station, she had time to explore her options around town. Violet's old roommate, Argus was happy to keep her company.


For now, it was time to get married! I got up early so I would have time to bake the cake and get ready. It was lovely, a lavender and lemon cake that turned out divine. It took place at this beautiful temple out in the woods, dedicated to The Gentle Light and it was the perfect place to exchange our vows. And there is a darling little cottage on the property to stay in for a little honeymoon.


The ceremony was beautiful and romantic and I admit that even I was swept away in the moment.


We invited a number of our friends, though Rainflowerís family didnít feel like attending. I think it was too soon after his split from Annalove for the kids. And I don't think he was on very good terms with . The Hoppcrafts had no such problem attending, much to the delight of Balthazar. Now that he was a teenager and full of hormones, he decided to put them into action. He and Alfred spent the night in each other's arms, much to the annoyance of Carmella. She kept making comments about how he should be talking to the Goodfellow girl instead.


After the ceremony, Rainflower and I slipped away to the honeymoon retreat. We would stay here while the house was being constructed. Rainflower was getting on in his years, despite his refusal to admit to that and if we were going to have a baby, it would need to be soon. While I might have my issues with Rainflower as a husband, he was a fine lover and we spent the remainder of the honeymoon doing our best to get started on the heir.


By the time the honeymoon was over, the house was built. It was better than I had imagined. The museum still needed to be expanded from its current state, but the house was ready at least. Finally! Everything was coming together!

adelaide_chap5_pic13.jpeg adelaide_chap5_pic14.jpeg

The outside


The art studio

The greenhouse/conservatory

adelaide_chap5_pic17.jpeg adelaide_chap5_pic18.jpeg adelaide_chap5_pic19.jpeg

First, second and third floors, or at least part of them.

Life was never very slow in the house though. Alfred and Balthazar got ever more serious, going on dates and generally being very sweet. Even the love inspector agreed that the two of them had sparks! Young love full of potential and passion! And I was in a happy honeymoon glow and not at all jealous of them!


Carmella was also full of passion. Enough passion that she turned Marigoldís head. They spent a steamy afternoon together while Hetal was busy in the sculpting studio. As you can imagine, Hetal and Marigold didnít last much longer after that. While Hetal is evil, she doesn't seem to have Carmellaís wandering eye. Carmella and Marigold didnít last that much longer either. Poor Marigold, she really doesnít seem to have much luck. She and Hetal have become friends again, but her and Carmella remain quite angry with each other.


I was also going through a few changes. It explained all my cravings for ice cream and mac and cheese! The next generation of future Immortal was on its way. It didnít feel that long ago I had freshly arrived in town, with nothing but a cat and an empty field. Now I was living in luxury and moving through the requirements. It was all becoming so real. I was growing a person, someone I was going to live with, forever. The places life takes one, you know.


Growing a life, it makes you think about death and the Gentle Light. That my children wouldnít be walking that path while everyone around us went on. We were called to other things, greater things one might say. We were called to follow a path, to achieve greatness and immortality, but it came with rules, with costs. Ones I was glad to pay, but will my daughter?

What was she going to be like? What would she become? There was so much opportunity available to her. Would she be willing to follow my plans? Or would she insist on making her own?

And it will be a girl. I have been listening to Hetal and Carmella, eating nothing but watermelon while I am pregnant. They are always right about these types of things and having daughters is all part of the plan. I do wish I could have had slightly better maternity wear, but, well, when one starts ballooning up and your feet swell to horrying sizes, sometimes one must simply put substance over style, as much as that pains me to admit. And it doesnít hurt to remind everyone that I have killer gams before I spend eternity all wrinkled.

Life was settling in wonderfully. Which meant it was time for a party to announce the pregnancy to our friends. And while she didnít feel like attending the wedding, Annalove did feel like crashing this event.

She wasnít thrilled to know I was having a child with Rainflower. One he couldnít stop gushing about spending time with.


Annalove: Spend time with the kids you already have!
Rainflower: You made them hate me when I moved out. And I left you the house!
Annalove: Because you bought your new wife a bigger one! How are you even having a kid at your age? You won't live to see them graduate high school!
Rainflower: You are just lashing out with a lot of negative energy right now. And this party is a place of positive energy.
Annalove: Drop dead you old bag

I do feel a touch bad for her. But really, she is just free to find someone worthy of her time now! Rainflower wasnít it.

The rest of the party was a smash, though Violet did end up throwing up in the bathroom. I hope it wasnít my cooking! No one else go sick, so I shall just assume it must be paint fumes or some such.



So, I have a tendency to have to look at something for a long time, slightly annoyed with it before I realize what the issue is. So the house will go through lots of little changes, but for the most part it is pretty minor. So some of the screenshots might not match these exactly as Iíve changed little things over time, most of it is probably not noticeable, but some of it might be a bit more obvious. Like it took me a weirdly long amount of time to realize I used the exact same colors for the first floor and the third floor hallways.

And I know what you are thinking while you look at the house. Chubling, you are thinking, thatís a very full house. You are going to regret putting all that stuff everywhere, even though it looks good. You have so many plants. And to that I say: I agree. I am most definitely going to regret this down the line but I have decided that is a problem for future Chubling to deal with because I make wonderful decisions. As with last time, I did not build this house and instead made my partner do it for me because I'm real bad at building. If people are interested, I can make a bigger house post, but I ran out of space in this one. And a real museum has been added by this point in my file.

Fun wedding fact! When Rainflower first showed up, I was like, cool, lets get this ceremony going cause itís a bit of a walk to the arc and heís old and has a cane. So I have Adelaide start the ceremony, get ready to try and remember to take a screenshot and I notice Rainflower looks a I quickly check the relationship panel and he IS A VAMPIRE!!! He was a mermaid before! I didnít think occults turned into vampires with story progression. I guess mermaids donít count? I started panic canceling the action so I donít accidentally fail by bringing in a vampire, grabbed a potent cure and things got back on track. I would have died if I failed because I moved in a surprise vampire! Just absolutely not.

And just cause this made me laugh, but Hetal's mom is one of out regular paparazzi and she showed up to work like this one fine winter morning.


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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #19 on: April 25, 2020, 08:47:30 AM »
I would have died too! Mermaids come and go out of their mermaid state even when inactive (as it turns out most townies won't autonomously swim in salt water). I guess the timing was that "right" for Rainflower.

Hetal might be the queen of mean (just a little bit!) but her mum is for sure the queen of style.

I think the house is pretty stylish! And hopefully functional. For the trek to the art studio in the back that is. The landscaping is great and probably the best part of a 64x64 lot.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #20 on: April 25, 2020, 11:01:09 AM »
The nice thing about the art studio is they basically only ever have to leave to eat or sleep. The greenhouse is the much farther trek. I really love how the house turned out. Some of the walls were hard to decide on, cause I wanted to keep some of the Victorian vibe of the house and I'm not the best with the bold colors Victorians favored. But it was fun to decorate and I got to have fun with my massive yard which is all I wanted. Can't figure out how to get the cats to fish from the pond though. Humans can just fine but the cats just run around the entire lot.

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Chapter 6
« Reply #21 on: April 27, 2020, 03:20:16 PM »
Things were wonderful in the new house. I was pregnant and stuck at home for ages thanks to ridiculous rules about having to take time off for a honeymoon and a new baby. And heaven forbid you suggest that those days could overlap. Not to sound ungrateful, but I have things that need doing! A dynasty to build! But it gave me time to work on my cooking, finishing my supermax up. Thank the Gentle Light! I am very tired of salads, let me tell you.


Balthazar was popular in school, always inviting friends over to hang out around the house. The new place was just as busy as the old, horrid little shack had been. Iím so glad that part of my life is over! I was not made for cheap appliances and tacky off white walls.


The redhead with the teal skin is the daughter of my coworker, Linda, and Samuel Goth. Behind her is one of the Fitzgerald twins, Archie. Their father died shortly after they were born. It was very tragic, happened right before the wedding, but I donít think much slows Alice down. She's still tearing up the criminal underworld.


The blue boy is Brennen Crumplebottom, son of Samuel Goth and Beatrice Crumplebottom. I think dying in that horrible accident must have triggered something in Samuel, taking up with all those women around town. Poor Olivia. But Linda and Beatrice seem thrilled to have the children.


The other Fitzgerald twin, Cyrus, well, he had his motherís striking looks and his fatherís fashion sense. But style choices aside that face was worth keeping an eye on.

Carmella was continuing to be, well, very friendly around town. She loved love she said, which as far as I can tell means she kisses who she wants, doesnít care much who her partners kiss and makes no attempt to hide any of it. I donít think the poor town folk knew what to do with her. She had two dates in a row where both her date accused her of being unfaithful and one of her other lovers happened to also be at the event and accused her of cheating. Two!


Here she and my sweet coworker, Belinda were on a date down at the Toadstool when Argus arrived to cause some problems.

When she invited Belinda out to the Spring Festival the next day to make up their last date to her, Carmella discovered that Chester was working at one of the food booths there. And while their relationship could be generously described as casual, he was still quite upset. Belinda wasnít thrilled either, poor thing is always stuck in the middle of drama, isnít she?


I honestly have no idea what Carmella says to these people afterwards because sheís still sleeping with them all! Only Marigold seems to be immune to her charms. I wonder if she can bottle whatever it is? It feels like every so often there is another angry lover yelling at her. And before long they are busy woohooing somewhere, all the cheating forgiven.

Violet had her own excitement going on. Shortly after the party to announce my pregnancy, Violet discovered that she was having her own baby. I was thrilled at the idea of getting a little Violet baby to have around, to raise with my own like a sweet little family. I wasnít thrilled that she was still with that useless old man!


She invited him over one evening, once she found out she was expecting. She wanted to let him know that he was going to be a father. Vlad seemed excited at first, telling Violet all about the things that he was going to do with the baby.


Violet seemed to think things would work out, but I wasnít so sure. I think the reality was starting to set in for Vlad.


The garden was really coming along under Balthazar's care. Violet had always been a little busy to really give it the attention it needed to thrive, but Balthazar was a natural with the plants. He could even care for the finicky death flowers. Not everyone could handle those delicate plants. And as I have promised not to lie to you, it doesnít hurt that he likes to garden in his underwear. There is no shame in enjoying a nice view.


Then, one night while I was sound asleep, I was woken up by the most terrible pain! I leapt out of bed and screamed for Rainflower. Many agonizing hours later and the world was finally able to meet Vera Blackburn, my perfect little heir!

adelaide_chap6_pic11.jpeg adelaide_chap6_pic12.jpg

Vera is a darling little baby, though she hated the outdoors and well, seemed a touch neurotic. She was adored by everyone in the household though. I was surprised by how much attention Hetal loved to give her. Well, both the babies.


You see, Violet went into labor the day after I did. Vlad was nowhere to be found, of course. Despite his promises, the scoundrel ran off! Instead, Balthazar was the one that took her, thankfully having learned to drive the day before.


Balthazar: You sure you donít want me to drive? I did get my license you know!
Violet: You got it yesterday. Iíll drive.
Balthazar: Are you sure? You keep screaming while we drive and itís a little alarming
Violet: Shut up and keep telling me to breathe!
Balthazar: Um-


They got to the hospital just fine in the end. Meet Basil Slymer! He is a friendly, heavy sleeper.


The nursery was rearranged slightly to accommodate the two cribs. It was often stuffed full of doting parents or ďauntsĒ ready to play with and coo at the little bundles.


The kitten also aged up. There is always so much that doesnít make it in and poor Barley and Nugget pay the price for that.


Barley has been a constant, beloved companion of the household since I arrived with him.


He spends his days hunting and being spoiled by anyone nearby.

adelaide_chap6_pic20.jpeg adelaide_chap6_pic21.jpeg adelaide_chap6_pic22.jpeg

And when Rainflower moved in, he brought with him a sweet little kitten named Nugget. Barley and Nugget became fast friends and everyone in the house was soon charmed by the little thing.


But while their antics are delightful, they are rarely eventful. But it is good to show them off on occasion. Barley is getting older now, though still feisty. Heís a master hunter now, bringing in rare creatures regularly. Though we donít need him to do anything but be adored. Now that Nuggest is getting older, heís shown an interest in hunting as well.


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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #22 on: April 27, 2020, 08:49:20 PM »
Aww you hadn't showed me Brennan. Unlike his peers he almost looks like he's supposed to be a teen. I admire Carmella and Hetal for finding what makes them happy but I think Violet's gonna need more prodding. She really came back from the dead for her babydaddy to not care about his son.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #23 on: April 27, 2020, 09:30:02 PM »
I think something happened with Vlad. He would show up, but then instantly cancel the group and leave the lot. Could not get him to stick around. Violet does have the Unlucky trait and managed to die young. I think she might be extra levels of unlucky.

Brennan is great! And he's blue! I do love how weird and old Sam's kids end up looking, especially as kids. Like little old gremlins in a childs body. Brennan look more after his mom though and escaped that curse.

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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #24 on: April 27, 2020, 09:46:28 PM »
Let's not pretend that Cyrus doesn't look older too, with those grey eyebrows and dressing badly enough to kill him on the inside.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #25 on: April 27, 2020, 10:58:53 PM »
HE IS A TEENAGER IN THAT PICTURE! I can't get over that! And overall, I got pretty lucky with my pollinated kids wardrobes, but woof. It really makes me wish I had a stylish in the household. At least he got the nose!

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Chapter 7
« Reply #26 on: April 28, 2020, 04:31:23 PM »
Rainflower continues to be a devoted father, this time, including to Basil. He loved spending time with the babies, rocking with them on the porch or singing silly songs to them. It did make things feel just that much more...guilty.


Vlad you see, was still missing. He wasnít dead or anything, he just wouldnít return Violetís calls anymore. I knew he was a slimeball, but no one wanted to listen to me! Vindication! Violet was brokenhearted, but she had Basil and Vera to console herself with, and the rest of the household to support her. She and Balthazar were growing particularly close, sharing a love of science and gardening, as well as painting.


As we were both on maternity leave together, bonding with the babies and each other seemed inevitable. I wasnít planning on cheating, I really wasnít. I was going to wait until my husband was dead like a decent person does! But, Violet and I, we were just drawn to each other and I was so full of hormones and everything was going so well and it really wasnít my fault!

I canít say it was a mistake. Violet could never be a mistake. No, this kiss was better even than our first one.


It was dark and Violet was so lovely, glowing golden in the cemetery. She was out fishing for Deathfish and I went to keep her company, with a big thermos of coffee and these amazing peanut butter cookies I made. We were just talking at first, flirting like we usually did, Violet pointing out a few pictures in the stars, I told a few suggestive jokes. Then I kissed her.


She was surprised, I think we both were, but she didnít pull away. In fact, she returned it once she realized what was happening. We didnít stop kissing until the sun started to rise. It was magical.


Sadly, eventually, it had to come to an end. Nothing lasted forever and no one could know.  Violet wanted time to figure out what she wanted. I had hurt her before and so had Vlad. And I was still married, of course. I didnít want to hurt Rainflower, not if I didnít have too. We agreed to give it some time to decide what we wanted to do.

The rest of the house had their own excitement going on while Violet and I were consumed in our private one. Balthazar had his prom, with Alfred as his date of course. When they took pictures, they were offered a choice of backgrounds and they couldnít pick, so they came home with two pictures. Balthazar won Prom King, which was no surprise, he was well liked by most of his class. Carmella was so proud when she found out, bragging to everyone that would listen about her son.


Vera was very popular, as she was a bit fussy, often wanting attention while Basil was conked out next to her. Even non household members couldn't resist her charms.


Before long, it was time for Vera to have her toddler birthday. We threw a big party and I spent the morning making her a lovely triple chocolate cake. Once the sparkles wore off and we got a good look at her, I think she got my nose and her fatherís eyes!


It was a race to see who would get to take care of her first and Violet won. She cheated by being a ghost! Crowds donít slow her down.


Hetal was the only one who was too distracted to want to gush over Vera. She and Zoe Durwood hit it off, both being hot and evil. They spent the party wrapped up in each other and Zoe stayed late, watching the stars on the porch with Hetal. They spent the night talking about evil plots and the best way to climb the ranks and become an emperor of evil. It didnít take long before Zoe was agreeing to stay the night.

adelaide_chap7_pic10 (1).jpeg adelaide_chap7_pic12.jpeg

The next morning was Basilís birthday and I made a plate of cinnamon rolls in addition to the confetti cake I made for the party. Or course, it wouldnít be a childís birthday party at the Blackburnís without someone...canoodling. This time it was the stunning Emeile Van Gould, all grown up, if still a little crispy thanks to Hetal. The woman is insatiable! One really has to be impressed by it all.


And now there were two toddlers. I think he got his motherís nose! And it looks like he got her hair color! Itís easy to forget sheís blue under that golden glow. Hopefully he got nothing from that disgusting father of his!


Chester and Rainflower spent some time bonding.

Chester: You ever feel a bit used?


Rainflower adored both the kids and took to playing with them with gusto. Everyone adored them, but Rainflower in particular loved to dote on them. I think it made him feel young to have a toddler and it gave him an excuse to stay in that wasnít him struggling to get around. He was rocking in the chair all day because Vera was fussy, not because he was an old man you see. Still, he adored it, when he could pry the toddlers away from the rest of us.


It was one such evening, while he stayed in that Violet and I decided we needed to talk about our kiss. We went over to our favorite little greasy spoon, just up the road. My cafe wasnít any further, but we always found ourselves at the Flying V, something about a cheap burger is comforting. Though they had terrible pie. A true travisty!

But that isnít the point, pie is always so distracting. The point was that Violet and I realized that we were meant to be. And we were both getting older. I would be around forever, but my time with Violet was finite and I was tired of wasting it. She could only resist the pull of the netherworld for so long.


It was not a time for cowardice. It was time to think about myself for once! I took the plunge, getting down on one knee and asking Violet to marry me. And she said yes! I couldnít believe it! We were finally going to be together, after everything that had happened.

I didnít know what I was going to tell Rainflower, but it turned out that it didnít matter. Unknown to either of us, while Violet and I decided what we were going to do about our relationship, Rainflower had come to the end of his life. Poor little Basil was a bit upset by the whole thing.


He wasnít a bad husband, not to me anyways, Annalove might say differently though. But I didnít love him. I never did. I gave him a beautiful daughter and an Immortal legacy. And he was happy until the end, playing his guitar and bonding with the children. He never knew I didnít love him. And he has a beautiful headstone near the temple we got married.


I tell myself that so I can feel a touch less guilty about it all. I didnít mean to be proposing to another woman while he was dying! Things just happened that way! I was going to do the right thing, I was. But I will admit, widowhood suited me much better than divorce. Itís classier, you know?

We took some time to grieve, he had been a lively presence, playing for the household. I didnít miss him as a husband, but I did miss him as a friend. The children were too young to really understand what had happened, though they would still ask for him on occasion. Poor things, but theyíll recover in time, the young always do.

 I wanted to get married to Violet right away, but that, well, it wouldnít be quite proper. The optics, you see. So for now we stayed engaged, letting people get used to Rainflower being dead. Violet and I werenít hiding our relationship, but we were taking it a little slow. I had some trust to rebuild with Violet. Besides, I couldnít risk more mandated honeymoon time off. I was too close to fail now. Not even for Violet.

But for now, things were good. Wonderful even.



Vlad got real weird. I could not get him to stick around. I invited him to parties and outings and tried things like inviting him to dance but he was always leaving instantly. So I just gave up on him and Violet and had her dump him via text.

I think the building glitched for Balthazarís prom and halfway through, I discovered the entire class outside the prom. I sent Balthazar back in and most of them seemed to follow in and he ended up with two prom photos as a result. I didnít learn this until later, but I think it stuck Fawn Goodfellow because I found her stuck outside the school likeÖ.much much later. I think Vera was a teenager by the time I noticed. But it did way slow down her aging as Fawn was still a teenager when I realized she was stuck outside the school. Though I could be wrong about what caused her to get stuck there, Iím pretty sure it was weird prom.

I was also weirdly delighted when Hetal and Zoe started flirting because Zoe looks like she is on leave from a hippie cult. And they were flirting on their own. For the most part, I let them fall in love where they want (minus Carmella and Emeile but that was to fix the blasting). I wanted  And inviting her to spend the night wasnít working. But Zoe and Hetal kept flirting and she discovered Zoe was evil as well and then I realized that Zoe had a serious Florence Pugh in Midsommar vibe. Secret evil to go with Hetalís very overt evil. I love them so much.

I actually almost had Violet and Adelaide get married because I love Violet, but they were at the venue, in wedding clothes when I remembered it would force Adelaide to take time off. Cancelled that plan! I donít know why only my current Immortal is the only sim I seem to have issues getting to the top of their career, but here we are.

While Adelaide wasn't overly fond of Rainflower, he was honestly an ideal Dynasty spouse. He got along with everyone, he loved taking care of the babies, I would often find him rocking in a chair with one or playing with them, he died nice and early after giving me an adorable baby. He was a delight and deserved better than Adelaide. Which, is true for basically everyone is Adelaide's life besides maybe Hetal.

Speaking of Hetal, I resist posting the many, many screenshots I have taken of her but I love this one and look at her perfect face! I really am ludicrously shallow and LOOK AT HER NOSE!


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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #27 on: April 28, 2020, 07:15:41 PM »
Byeeeeee Rainflower, I wish there was some love lost but not today! I'm alright with postponing a wedding even if it's to Violet. But sometimes you really wish your sim was self-employed instead.

I've never experienced that prom bug but that just means my mind is blown...uh congrats to preserving Fawn Goodfellow in amber for a while? And in a disturbing way that I can't punish because bugs suck. Somehow Zoe gets attracted to women a lot in my games too. She makes a great girlfriend for a sim who at best has a really bad trait by adulthood.
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Re: The Blackburn Dynasty
« Reply #28 on: April 28, 2020, 08:25:55 PM »
The mandatory time off is the worst. I wish you could at least over lap it, but no. You have to take all the days and so getting married and having a baby is so many days off and I just did not want to delay get getting to to the top. Not again!

Rainflower really deserved better. He was a great spouse. I also regret not having him pollinate but lesson learned!

Yeah, I have no idea why they all left prom. I just noticed it by accident. I'm just glad Fawn didn't die while stuck! That would have sucked as she also has a great nose. Vera and Basil had a normal prom, so it doesn't seem to be a recurring issue at least.

Zoe often ends up with girls in my games too. She and Hetal hit it off after they both realized they were evil. I have be to careful when I leave them together because Hetal likes to set things on fire, including Zoe and I will be displeased if anyone dies from it. Her brother is also always around. I haven't fully decided if I find it endearing or creepy.

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Chapter 8
« Reply #29 on: May 02, 2020, 08:31:14 PM »
The little ones were a wonderful distraction from Rainflowerís death. Vera was a bright little thing, if a little prone to being frightened by things. I adored spending time with her and teaching her all the important things in life.


Adelaide: You won't have to worry about marrying rich, but it is nice my darling! Simoleons are what you need to make the world worthy of your greatness.
Vera: ĎMoleons! ĎMoleons.
Adelaide: Yes! They are wonderful! Thatís my girl! Now, next, itís important to learn that like the butterfly, looks are whatís important!
Vera: Budderfly! Budderfly!
Adelaide: Yes! Mother is very pretty like a butterfly!


Basil was also growing like a weed. He was a sweet, easy going toddler, a delight to teach and play with. And it didnít hurt how much he favored his mother. I also chose to ignore the parts he inherited from that man.


Despite being a ghost and never walking anywhere anymore, Violet insisted on teaching the kids to walk. Though Carmella and Basil managed to sneak in a few practice sessions with the kids as well. Poor Vera, everyone kept insisting on taking her outside to teach her to walk. She puts up such a fuss until sheís safely back inside, but most of the household likes to ignore that.

adelaide_chap8_pic4.jpeg adelaide_chap8_pic5.jpeg

I preferred the more cerebral teachings and helped Basil learn to talk as well. The little love was going to need a smooth tongue when he got older.


Adelaide: Now remember my Prince. You won't be getting married.
Basil: No married!
Adelaide: Thatís right. You are going to be far too lovely for only one woman.
Basil: No woman!
Adelaide: No, no. There will be lots of women! You just donít have to settle for one!
Basil: No married!
Adelaide: Thatís my boy. Now, letís practice some ways to apologize when your girlfriend catches you with another woman.
Basil: Sorry lady!
Adelaide: Just like that! What a handsome Prince you are growing into!


When the kids werenít being gushed over, they were playing with each other and were attached at the hip.


Things can never seem to stay calm for long at the Blackburns. Alfred had grown up, though he and Balthazar were still together. I think poor Balthazar was far more into Alfred than Alfred was in him. You see, I suspect this because Carmella told me what happened at a party.

Carmella had been hoping to find someone to snuggle up with for the night when she was approached by Alfred. Despite being close to elderhood and the mother of his boyfriend, Alfred started flirting with her!


Carmella, being Carmella, didnít exactly tell him to stop and flirted right back! Iím not sure if I am horrified or impressed by my best friend, but I do adore her. Iím not sure how far things would have gone, but shortly into their flirtations, Alfred asked her to move in with him!

Alfred: You know, I can see where Balthazar gets his good looks from.
Carmella: I think it is for the best we don't talk about my son right now.
Alfred: How about you come back to my place then?
Carmella: Great! Let's blow this joint.
Alfred: And if that goes well, maybe you'll want to stay a little more long term?
Carmella: Oh? What's that? I hear someone calling my name. So good to catch up!


Thankfully, Carmella has little interest in settling down and that seemed to make her realize sleeping with her son's steady boyfriend might be a bad idea and she decided to go visit Belinda instead, despite Belinda currently dating Gladsten seriously enough they recently had a set of twins.

Balthazar was none the wiser and no one quite wanted to be the one to tell him. How did you break such a sweet boy's heart like that? Carmella didnít think it was that big a deal, she wouldnít of course. And Balthazar was so young and so in love.

Before long, it was time for a double birthday. Violet and Carmella were turning elder. Carmella we threw a big party for, though Alfred kept flirting with her and she didnít exactly stop him. It wasnít enough for Balthazar to notice and Iím not sure if that is a good thing or not. He deserves better than some fairy pervert.


Carmella wasnít planning on hiding her legs anytime soon and she loved the white hair. I think she looks magnificent, especially in that swimsuit. If my heart wasnít so thoroughly Violetís, she might have been able to turn my head.

adelaide_chap8_pic12.jpg adelaide_chap8_pic13.jpg

Speaking of Violet and I, things were pure bliss with us. We were constantly in each otherís arms, in and out of bed. Her upcoming elder birthday reminded me that I needed to both cherish my time with her and create pictures to have once she was gone.


And I might have commissioned a statue of her for the yard. If I was going to be Immortal forever, I wanted everyone to know how hot my dead wife was.


For her birthday though, we snuck away from the crowd, heading down to the beach. We had a lot of happy memories on that beach, including our first kiss. She aged up into some big hair, but I still found her irresistible. And I made sure she knew just how irresistible I found her!
adelaide_chap8_pic16.jpeg adelaide_chap8_pic17.jpeg

And thankfully, once we got home, she was just as eager as Carmella to keep showing off those amazing gams.


The toddlers continue to be adorable. Having learned all their skills, we can spend our time playing with them now instead.

adelaide_chap8_pic19.jpeg adelaide_chap8_pic20.jpeg

They were both fond of the spring spaceship, even Vera who was willing to tolerate the awful outdoors to use it.


Zoe and Hetal continue to be hot and evil together. Hetal often spends the night at the Durwood place or they meet at the gym, working out and getting ripped. They have an active dating life and seem smitten with each other. Zoe is a lucky woman.


Most of the time. Hetal is still Hetal after all.


I do find her new uniform a bit odd. But she said it was what all the Decoys wore. I do admit that it does tend to draw the eye. Though not as much as that hottie in the lingerie! Haha! I kid, but seriously, look at how hot I am!


There have been some sadder moments as well, amidst the joy. Chester died and Carmella was quite broken up over it. I didnít think there had been much love there, with Carmella woohooing half the town, but I think she cared about him. Balthazar was also devastated and he started spending more time with his half-sister, hoping to develop a better relationship with her.

It has been, as usual, a dramatic time for the household. But things are moving along on track and it is only a matter of time before I am tasting the delight that is Ambrosia.


I had a birthday cake all ready for Violet, sent them along to the beach and totally forgot it takes Violet SO LONG to float down there. She was just a few feet from the cake when she auto aged up. Whoops!

And poor Vera kept getting taken outside for everything. They didn't do it to Basil, just Vera, who hates the outdoors!