Author Topic: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 216: Alone at last  (Read 255648 times)

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Chapter 187: The butterfly emerges
« Reply #570 on: November 09, 2012, 05:59:41 PM »
Time for my birthday, yay! Time for me to become more of my real self. Being a kid was fun, all right? But it was a little limiting fashion wise, now that I'm becoming a teenager I can finally burst out of my bubble!

To the cake!

Sparkles! I'll never get used to this feeling...

What's this? I can't look like this, what am I a larvae?

Beata: I'm fixing this now. Help yourself to the cake.

Ah, much better! But I'm still missing something. It'll come to me.

Did I tell you I gained the social butterfly trait? Now I am a friendly, easily impressed, insane social butterfly. High School is going to be a blast!

Oh, you think the fuchsia hair is a bit over the top? Don't see the limitations, see the possibilities. Just imagine what a great conversation starter it's going to be. Besides, in the animal kingdom bright colors warns the predators away. So, I predict smooth sailing (in my pirate ship).

Glasses! That was what was missing. I like my new look so much better.

everyday x 3

forma, formal, athletic
sleepwear x 2 and swimwear x2

Beata: What's wrong grandma K?
Klara: Um, nothing...well, your clothes kind of hurt my eyes. Do they have to be so garishly bright?
Beata: Of course, I'm making a fashion statement.

Julia: What statement would that be? Look at me I have no taste?
Cecilia: Now, Julia don't be catty.
Elise: I like it, it's fun!
Beata: Thanks grandma E, that's the point. My clothes says, this girl is fun, be friends with her.
Selma: Best of luck with that then.

I wont let the grandmas antiquiated sense of style stand in my way, I just know I'm going to bring Sunset Valley into the fashion spotlight with my new style. Watch out High School girls, you have nothing on me.

And maybe, just maybe I can find a special someone who shares my artistic aesthetic? Happy neon acid dreams!


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 187: The butterfly emerges
« Reply #571 on: November 09, 2012, 06:07:56 PM »
I love Beata's new fashion sense. She might be my new favorite Aurora.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 187: The butterfly emerges
« Reply #572 on: November 09, 2012, 06:18:29 PM »
I love Beata's new fashion sense. She might be my new favorite Aurora.

I had made up my mind I was going to use all those fun teen clothes I got from the store and then never end up using because they are to "cool" or "weird" or "out there" for the sims I usually play. But once you have an insane sim you can allow yourself to let go of your inhibitions, right?

Her motto is obviously more is more;D

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 187: The butterfly emerges
« Reply #573 on: November 10, 2012, 02:21:16 AM »
Hello Dek - or should I say greeting fellow founder,

I hope your career and skill choice will be as rewarding for you as they have proven to be to me. Unlike some of the other sims in my dynasty I have never failed to spawn new wishes to write more and more books. So being a writer is the gift that keeps on giving.

Unwanted housemates can be a pain, but do not let your prejudices keep you from seeing their potential. I started my dynasty with two men I couldn't stand in the house - and I ended up married to one of them!

Finally, I commiserate on your Watcher bossing you around. I have been spared the annoyance of a Watcher always trying to put its two cents in every post. I hope that you manage to wrestle control of your destiny from you Watcher, so that you can go on to achieve immortal glory.

Best Wishes.

Klara A. Aurora

Dear Klara,

I was overjoyed to receive your letter, having long been a fan of your writing and of your own dynastic tale. I am pleased to hear what you say about the value of pursuing writing as a career.

I had heard that the Grisby's, the family that my watcher wanted me to get to move in, was pretty ugly, but I don't know if I agree with that assessment. I mean, my eyes adored Laurel ever since I saw her the first time. Certainly, she is younger than me, but when I am now writing this to you, we are both Young Adults.

My Watcher can be a pain. He loves to meddle. He loves to dictate and manage. He gets absolutely irritated when I call him out on micromanaging me. I know how to push his buttons. He also knows he has to rely on me to get through this attempt. So he has to play nice with me on some level.

Thank you for your advice and encouragement, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Deklitch Hardin

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Chapter 188: Manning the wheel
« Reply #574 on: November 11, 2012, 06:25:45 AM »
The best thing about having your birthday on a Friday is that you have the whole weekend to slack of and have fun before you have to get serious. Also, mom doesn't work weekends so, the whole family could spend a lot of time together.

We played games and mom picked grandma E to be on her team. It made sense since she hates to loose, because grandma E never looses at any of the games we play, she's lucky like that.

She's pretty cool and we spent a lot of time together working on my museum pieces. We're both friendly so we have lots of things in common to talk about.

She's nice, but I didn't tell her everything I was thinking about. A girl's gotta have her secrets, don't you agree?

Most of grandma K's time was taken up by overseeing the latest remodel of the house. I got to move out from the nursery to the heirs bedroom. I still can't believe she wouldn't let me keep the pirate bed!

Anyway, the nursery was converted to a fashion studio for me. I have my own styling station and everything! Of course I can't use it till I'm an adult, but I can still start on some sketches.

This is my new bedroom. I insisted on decorating it myself, because grandma K wouldn't. She is so "old" when it comes to taste, if you get what I mean. And it kind of makes sense since she's been around since the dark ages.

This is my studio. Grandma E gave me the meteor painting, it's cool.

I like spending times in the bathrooms. They make it echo when I talk to myself. And, they provide cover for when I decide to cross over to the dark side. I think I'm going to have to pull some pranks to make the grandmas take themselves less seriously around here, all they are ever talking about is reaching the end of the dynasty. If I have to hear it any more I think I'll run away to some other sim town.

Me and grandma K had a great time on Sunday morning. I like talking to her, she is the only one in the family that doesn't get that glazed over look in her eyes when I start describing one of my vegetable conspiracy theories.

Besides, she's the best dancer. She's teaching me some moves so that I can make a splash at prom.

Beata: You really think I'm any good?
Klara: Of course you are, besides I think we should move on the smustle next.
Beata: The smustle! I'd love to learn that.

Beata: Wow, I've had the best time with you this morning grandma K. Would you like to help me getting my licence?
Klara: Erh, wouldn't your mother or grandma F be a better idea?
Beata: Do you want me to ever get my licence? Mom isn't a very good teacher, she get's to preoccupied with trying to make what she tells me realistic. And grandma F would spend more time talking to the cars than me, which is OK, but I know they already know how to drive. Besides, you always manage to make me understand what you mean, it's like we talk the same language!
Klara: Of course I will help you. Let me just have some private time in my room first.
Beata: Why do you always have to go to your room before trying to explain things to me?

Klara: Remember, you keep your eyes in front of this ship, don't just stare at the bow. Also, that's aft and that's port, use the signals to show other captains which way you're steering.
Beata: Where do I put my flag?
Klara: There isn't a flag.
Beata: But how will the others know if we are pirates or not?
Klara: We're not pirates, because we don't have a skull and crossbones painted on our hood.
Beata: Aaah, I understand.

I got my license! And I didn't wreak the ship once, didn't even scratch the hull. I got pretty stressed though, driving is hard work. You have to focus on only one thing at a time. It's a good thing I didn't have any homework to do, I can just goof around the whole afternoon.

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Chapter 189: It's like I'm Invisible
« Reply #575 on: November 11, 2012, 07:08:00 AM »
First day of High School. A whole new cafeteria and a whole new battle for vegetable free food. I brought some fish, one for my science teacher and the rest for the cooks, so that they can make me something edible.

Mom's become a Top Gun, and she's walking around in her pilot glasses all the time. I wonder if she'll do the same when she has an astronauts suit?

I spend some hours each day working on my fashion sketches, my plan is to have enough to decorate the walls in here. I need to show my prospective clients that I have vision. I would really like to do them in my favorite bright neon colors, but grandma J convinced me that all the best fashion magazines were in black and white, so my sketches should be too.

Speaking of grandma J, she's still trying to get that buggy Vizard of Vine to register. She's even enlisted all the grandmothers taking turns helping out in the garden in order to work it. She's made over 1000 bottles and is a lot of LTR points richer but still the challenge is grey.

Grandma C is playing the piano a lot. She's trying to get over 25000 simeoleons in tips, so she's been providing all the music for moms parties. And when there isn't a party, she's practicing all her different compositions.

When I'm not doing anything fun I have homework. Seriously, it's the most boring thing in the world! Besides, I alwayf feel It's like I'm Invisible when I sit there all by myself.

You can see me right?

Who ever heard of scheduling prom on a Tuesday night? I think that's just crazy. Anyway, I just hope no one is wearing the same thing as me!

Mom was really disappointed that I didn't get voted prom queen. But I don really care, there are worse thing than not winning prom queen. Like having your crush avoid you all night (Sylvester I'm talking about you!) or getting in a fight (I don't have trashy taste!). At least my prom picture was great, and I really liked the backdrop. Oh, and yes, I rocked the smustle. Thank's grandma K!

Congrats mom! She got promoted to astronaut today! That just leaves the six best friends and then she's ready to become immortal.

Mom was having an impromptu celebration when I got home from school. She had invited lots of people, but was mostly glued to dads side. I convinced her to stop hogging him. She's got lots of guest to entertain and I wanted time with dad.

We took some pictures together in the photo booth. Dad says I look a lot like mom when she was young. I don't know about that, but I do know where I got my edge from. My dad is one cool dude.

And funny too!


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 189: It's like I'm Invisible
« Reply #576 on: November 11, 2012, 10:23:55 AM »
Everything about Beata is fun! The way she dresses, the way she thinks.
That was one very original driving lesson! Very clever, too. :)

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 189: It's like I'm Invisible
« Reply #577 on: November 11, 2012, 10:38:15 AM »
Everything about Beata is fun! The way she dresses, the way she thinks.
That was one very original driving lesson! Very clever, too. :)


I decided to make the 8th immortal the "just for fun" one, so that I would feel more motivated to play now that the file is so buggy and slow. I seriously have to resetsim* every other game day now, or at least of the Auroras just freeze up.

I will finish this, I will.

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Chapter 190: New military haircuts
« Reply #578 on: November 11, 2012, 11:29:57 AM »
Life is good. Today I got on honor roll, and all the grandmas are very impressed. It's almost as if they thought I didn't have it in me.

Beata: Seriously, how can you stand eating veggies? There are bugs crawling all over them before they come into the kitchen!
Selma: Bah, don't be so squeamish! Klara cleans them of before cooking. 

Since I was doing so well in school I had lots of time for fun, like water sliding! And mom and the grandmas joined in too, well not always grandma J, she's working herself ragged down in her cellar. How she can stand it is anyone's guess.

My favorite days are Tuesdays and Thursdays and the weekend of course, because that's when dad always comes over to spend time with me. He's here the other days too, but mom gets him then.

Anyway, this being Tuesday means I get to pick what we are going to do. And I pick...

Beata: Pillow fighting!

Beata: Haha, you never say that one coming! I'm going to whup your but today!

Or maybe not!

Beata: I'll get you for that dad!
Cary: Now, now you're all mouth and no action.
Beata: Get ready to loose dad.
Cary: Bring it on girl!

After I won (ha!) I decided to work more on my sketches, so mom got to have some time with dad.

Greta: I'm so glad you can spend so much time with us here.
Cary: You know I will take any chance I get to be with my two ladies.

Seriously, can those two keep their mouths away from each other for more than two minutes? Is there any wonder I prefer my family time to be with one of my parents at a time?'


Greta: I'm starting to feel tired, how about you?
Cary: I could sleep.
Greta: And I have just the bed for us to do it in...

I know my parents aren't married, but you would never guess it by looking at them. I mean, I have friends in school who's parents are married, and they don't even sleep in the same room, or even like spending as much time together as mine do.

Mom invited some of her closest friends over for a party and some video games. Actually, it was just a party to begin with, but then someone challenged mom to a game (which she lost), and since she's such a sore looser she spent the rest of the evening trying to prove she was the gaming champion or something like that.

Before the party I called everyone on the guest list and asked them to bring only non-vegetable dishes. A lot of the guests were mad at me for that, it seems a lot of sims consider vegetables an important part of their diet. They are called vegetarians. Can you imagine anything crazier than a lot of sims running around demanding everyone eat nothing but vegetables? What is the simverse coming to?

Beata: Don't be mad at me, I'm adorable! (See, it worked. Learnt that trick from grandma J!)

Oh, I just had to show you this, these two guys work with mom at the military base, one is her boss (don't ask me which one). I think the new military issue hair cut is one of the greatest fashion statements our military has ever made.

And finally, because nothing says party like dancing. Let's paaaaaarty!

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 190: New military haircuts
« Reply #579 on: November 11, 2012, 01:54:16 PM »
Oh good grief, they're twins! :P One is Greta's boss, but who is the other guy?

Beata is so much fun! Its awesome that she gets to spend so much time with her dad. Cary is an awesome father.

Insane sims are fun to play.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 190: New military haircuts
« Reply #580 on: November 11, 2012, 02:06:44 PM »
Oh good grief, they're twins! :P One is Greta's boss, but who is the other guy?

The other one is her co-worker. They aren't related, but you are right, they are practically twins. That's SP sims for you.

I never play insane sims, but Beata has been fun. I don't think she's one of the most insane one there is, she's more like insane light. Her one quirk is that she just loves the cut gems down in the cellar, so she runs down there any chance she gets.


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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 190: New military haircuts
« Reply #581 on: November 12, 2012, 03:42:37 AM »
I love playing insane sims, you never know what they will do next lol!
Beata is adorable, l think she is mt favorite Aurora. ;) Awesome updates.

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Chapter 191: To boldly go (the split infinitive)
« Reply #582 on: November 12, 2012, 07:59:51 AM »
Today mom went on her first mission to space. She is going where no Aurora had gone before, and grandma S was very jealous. Sure, she's traveled extensively but space hadn't been an option when she was young. She had some junk food with mom before seeing her of (we hear space rations is rather disgusting).

Mom was happy to go, and I think a large part of her happiness was due to grandma S' being jealous. Mom likes feeling she has something others don't.

I got up early to see mom off. I had a few hours before school so I spent some time arguing with my other self (the one that doesn't mind veggies) I won as usual.

I also worked on my sketches for a bit. I've completed one, it's men's fashion, since the guys who come to mom's parties seem more adventurous in their fashion choices than the women, and I think they might be easier to convince of my brilliance.

After school I went to my friend Mackenzie's house.

Grandma K says one of my forefathers used to live there, but when I mentioned that to Mackenzie she just rolled her eyes and told me my insane trait was showing. Apparently that was too long ago for anyone to remember...I guess the people in the Valley think my grandmas are just eccentric old ladies, not part of a immortal dynasty cabal. I don't know if I should be happy about that, or not.

I think I should probably mention that Mackenzie have two siblings, one is her sister Caro, I've told you about her before.

The other is her brother Carey. I find myself strangely attracted to him. He seems so familiar to me, and I'm very comfortable in his company, at the same time as I get lots of butterflies in my stomach. I wonder why?

Anyway, I love hanging out at their house because their parents are never around (unlike my house where I can never get away from the grandmas) so we have lots of time to just hang around and do homework (they take school very seriously).

Beata: All I'm saying is that you should join my vegetable watch-group.
Caro: Oh, will you give up on that! No one else cares if there are vegetables in food or not.

Carey: Yeah, you are never going to convince people to give up veggies as long as most junk food uses it. You might get them to swear of the raw veggies, but never the salsa.
Beata: You think I need to rework my strategy?
Carey: Definitively, I could give you some pointers if you want me to.
Beata: Oh yes! I mean, sure, that'd be cool.

Beata: I just can't help it, I just think your brother is so cute!
Meckenzie: Ha ha, you like Carey. Oh, Carey....
Beata: Stop it!

Beata:...and that's why I'm going to become a stylist when I turn Ya.
Carey: Ookay, good luck with that then.
Beata: So, what do you want to do?
Carey: I'm thinking of becoming a scientist, gotta do something with this genius trait.

It was great spending time at their house, I got to feel like a proper teenager, and not like someone with the entire history of their family on her shoulders.

Meanwhile, back at the house, grandma C's music was the last thing one of mom's military buddies heard before Grim came for him (Which one of them it was? Who knows, that hair works great at camouflaging their identies, since you spend so much time looking at the hair that you forget noticing anything else).

Grim: You have come a long way now Klara.
Klara: We have, but we are still two immortals short, and this file is getting buggy. What are the odds we'll manage to get to the end?
Grim: What end are you referring to?
Klara: The one that ends in victory of course.
Grim: Your guess is as good as mine.

Klara: Well, since you're not here to chat. Why are you hanging around?
Grim: Maybe I like spending time on this side.
Klara: And maybe you don't have anyone on the other side who'll humor you with a pillow-fight?
Grim: Busted again!

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Chapter 192: It's called denial
« Reply #583 on: November 12, 2012, 08:26:03 AM »
Mom was a good sport about her birthday.

I heard grandma K tell grandma S mom had gone to her happy place. I later figured out what that place is, it's called denial.

Greta: Go me, it's my birthday. Today I'll be an adult!

Beata: Ehr, mom. I think you mean today you'll become an elder?
Greta: What? No! Is it true?

Greta: Ew, this will never do!

Greta: Quick, grandma C, distract them while I change.

Greta: What? I can't keep my old hairstyle? That's atrocious! Mature (for some reason mom refuses to refer to herself as elderly or old, wonder why?) women need sizzle too! I guess this sleek modern style will have to do for now. Beata, you really need to go into politics and combat this ageist attitude!

Greta: At least I've still got it when it comes to my wardrobe. Glamour all around.

I think grandma J was the happiest about mom turning elder, she danced on the counter all night long.

Dad dressed up as a pirate for their "private" celebration. Wonder if there was any truth to that story she used to tell me when I was younger? Wait! I do not want to know...

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 192: It's called denial
« Reply #584 on: November 12, 2012, 08:32:05 AM »
What are the chances of another Carey?? LOL I'm loving this.. I'm gonna hate to see it end.  :-[