Author Topic: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project)  (Read 40171 times)

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Ah, elixirs :D

I keep not thinking of them because I've hardly played with alchemy but they're really useful.  Ally's mostly been using social networking to repair friendships but it wouldn't work on Billy because it doesn't seem to be able to handle the idea of friends who are also partners - it can only do one or the other.  I suppose she could have made him a best friend and then married him again, between babies, but that felt like a rather long-winded way of going about things.  The elixir's a much neater solution :).

Sage is gorgeous.
Sage is such a cutie!

I was really surprised to see how adorable he was as a toddler.  He aged up bald, like his dad, but I tried putting hair on him just to see whether he'd inherited Ally's hair or something random.  I certainly wasn't expecting that lovely pale green.

Glad to see that Billy and Ally are repairing their relationship  :)

Since he threw the elixir at her, it's been like the early days of their relationship all over again.  Whenever I leave them unattended, I find them autonomously flirting :).

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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project)
« Reply #33 on: August 08, 2015, 04:09:34 AM »
Blue and Nerdy

Al the genie was, improbably, a computer whiz.


Once he discovered computer games, Gnubb lost its appeal.  Even before Alison left for uni, his addiction to gaming had gained him enough social group influence to become an Official Nerd.  When she returned, she was a member of the nerd group herself: it seems to be almost inevitable for technology majors.  Al was delighted when she showed him how to mind-meld (and the experience boosted his standing with the group).

162.  Mind_meld.jpg

I’d been assuming that the genie would be a member of the occult father cluster and possibly the zodiac one, if he happened to have the right sign (which Al didn’t).  Now, though, it was starting to look possible for Al to be the Nerdfather.  He’d arrived with the One Sim Band LTW, which meant he kept rolling wishes to learn instruments.  Even though he only had a couple of days left before Daisy’s birthday, social group influence is a very cheap reward.  Fulfilling Al’s wishes temporarily became my no. 1 priority.

Al might be familiar with technology now but some everyday things were still astonishing.  Clearly, there had been no birthday cakes inside the lamp.


Sage wasn’t quite as cute as a child (but he’s still my favourite – don't tell the others).


Ally was keen to try out her new tutoring ability but blowing out the candles and choosing new outfits had been too tiring.  Her little half-alien needed a nap.


When he woke up, they tried again.


Jon wasn’t nearly as academically inclined as his younger brother.  Getting him to do his homework, or even to get on to the school bus in the morning, was a constant struggle.  All he really wanted to do was swim.


Baths and showers were such a poor substitute that he actually seemed to prefer to get dangerously dehydrated.  Then there was his instability.  He managed to head off one episode…


…but the following day, he had to be admitted to hospital again.


In short, he was a complete pain and I couldn’t wait for him to grow up – but there was no way he was ever going to qualify for an early cake.

Thanks to his constant flow of wishes, Al was able to buy his way to the top of the nerd group and went to work as a video game developer.  He was home in time to see two more of those wonderful birthday cakes.  This time, Daisy and Rose were blowing out the candles.




Daisy was moved out that evening, so that this could happen:


There were no chimes and they were both too tired for a repeat.


Billy was due home from work soon, so I woke Al and sent him back to his own bed.

The following night, they tried again.  More than once, which I don’t think they minded in the least.


On the third attempt, there were chimes – which meant that Al had to move out.



I’ll miss him.

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Blue and Nerdy

:D. :D :D :D.

How could I resist, with a nerd called Al?  ;)

I like Al: his birthday cake excitement is adorable. But Al and Ally are so confusing.  :-\

I know.  I kept trying to write the chapter in a non-confusing way but I'm not sure it's possible.  That's what happens when you don't get to choose all of the names.  (In my legacy, a story-progression cousin had exactly the same name as one of the heirs.  They were at school together and became best friends  ::).  At least they didn't look alike.)

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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project)
« Reply #37 on: August 11, 2015, 02:50:10 PM »
Blue and Nerdy. Best. Title. Ever.  ;D

Thank you.  *Bows*  :D

Business As Usual

After two whole birth-free updates, it’s back to business as usual.  First, though, some birthdays: Wintergreen became a toddler.



(I’m not sure whether it was having repaired his relationship with Alison or pure coincidence, but Billy suddenly seemed much more interested in the children.)


And, not before time, Jon aged up to young adult.


Awkward to the last, he managed to disappear from CAS while I was sorting out his new wardrobe  ::).



He graduated in his parents’ bathroom…


…being voted Most Likely to Become a Rock Star.  Then he moved out.  Yay!


Once again, Ally failed to get to hospital on time and Al’s daughter Iris was born in the frosty front garden.  She was neither blue nor a genie  :(.


Once they were both inside and had warmed up, Ally called one of her university friends.  Ludo Vicco was the only person she’d met who shared her star sign.  Obviously they were fated to be together, if only temporarily.


The school held its first Prom in quite a while.  Rose was queen but somehow managed to pose for her photo in her outerwear, despite swanning around the house in her ballgown for hours while she was waiting for the limo.


She acquired a romantic interest as well.


Sadly, when I checked up, it wasn’t The King.  Instead, he was one of those odd EA clones with very dark skin and blond hair.

While his big sister was out celebrating, Wintergreen had another quiet birthday at home.



Alison took him off in the motive mobile for a night of tutoring in the park, ready to start school on an ‘A’.


In the morning, her guest arrived.  Ludo seemed delighted to see her again and was all too willing to go along with her plans.


Ally, though, seemed to be having doubts – especially when the chimes repeatedly failed to sound.

Meanwhile, Billy was amusing the children.


“…And then they all froze to death!”

Sending Ludo off to amuse himself for a while, Ally went to help him out.  Rose was about to age up but her school performance wasn’t all it should have been.  A tutoring session in the sandpit was clearly in order.


That evening, it became clear that chimes aren’t everything.


Ally was pregnant.  Again.

Rose became a young adult.



She’d chosen Master of the Arts as her lifetime wish and I was letting her borrow Billy’s guitar to build on her xylophone skill when the thought belatedly occurred that all of these graduations weren’t doing a whole lot for the younger siblings’ school performance.  So poor Rose was kicked out in the middle of the night – and I’ve changed my mind: when the Flowers move towns again, the settings are going back to permanent summer.

Edelweiss was born in the kitchen…


…mere minutes before her sister Iris aged up to toddler.


And the challenge is now officially half over.  The stats at this stage aren’t exactly impressive: I’ve still to complete a single father cluster, although the zodiac one is getting close (two more signs needed).

The name Edelweiss is hard to justify, especially given that her father’s probably of Italian descent  :-\.  It’s purely an excuse to use the Oktoberfest clothes, which I picked up for free quite a while ago but haven’t yet used.   Alex, I apologise if another song’s got stuck in your head  :-[.

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Alex, I apologise if another song’s got stuck in your head  :-[.

It hadn't until you mentioned it (I was still on White and Nerdy!) - but now it has :D

Love Wintergreen's gnome costume :)

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Yep, the moment I read that Edelweiss was the name, I immediately heard the song too. Glad it wasn't just me  :P

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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project)
« Reply #41 on: August 21, 2015, 02:04:08 PM »
Yep, the moment I read that Edelweiss was the name, I immediately heard the song too. Glad it wasn't just me  :P

Oops again  :-[.  If it's any consolation, it's stuck in my head as well.

On the Move Again

Ally spent the following day rolling wishes to teach Iris her toddler skills.  After all, she had to do something while she was waiting for the next potential father to finish work.  That evening, she lured him into the hot tub.


It had been a long wait.  Morgan Inkbeard, intended to be her first Barnacle Bay partner, actually became her final one.  (Lee-Roy Johnkins had also turned into a fairy and was still around as a possible Business Dad but the game in general and, more worryingly, Ally in particular had become decidedly glitchy and moving towns as soon as possible seemed like a good idea.)

While his mother was busy elsewhere, Sage got on with the business of growing up.


He rushed outside to try out his new alien powers before curfew.


Space rocks didn’t taste as good as Ally’s key lime pie but they were oddly satisfying.  Energized by his new brain food, Sage helped his little brother with his homework…


…and then stayed up late playing with his beloved chemistry set.  Billy, meanwhile, had had a wish to read a charisma book, so he stopped off at the library before work – and ran into Jon, who asked for his autograph.


Given that Jon was a three-star celebrity himself and had had been living in the same house as Billy until recently, I have no idea why he was being such a fanboy.  He seemed happy, though  ::).

When Billy’s shift was over, Ally and Morgan were still occupying the master suite.  Given that he was tired, I was worried that Billy might walk in on them – but no.  As usual, he headed straight to the sandpit to relax after work ;).


(As if the combination of that cap and the cat burglar’s uniform wasn’t silly enough already.  Really, I don’t think he’s doing much for The Organisation’s fearsome reputation  :P.)

Edelweiss had her first birthday:


I don’t think Iris liked sharing her nursery with another toddler (and I’m pretty sure she’s been communicating somehow with Topeka Townsend).


Since she’d already learned all three skills and the nursery would have another new occupant to annoy her soon, an early birthday cake seemed like a good idea.


Already insane, she became a diva because it seemed to fit her personality. 


Her favourite activities were presiding over the royal court, riding and pulling faces (usually when it was too dark to get a decent screenshot).


Then she discovered that her parents had a much comfier bed than the one in her room and took to sitting or napping on it whenever she got the chance.


Ally may find this a little inconvenient later…

The last Barnacle Baby arrived and was named Valerian.  True to family form, he’s a normal human Sim rather than a fairy.


Morgan turned up at the hospital for his son’s birth – the first time that’s happened in this game.  The ride back to the house in the limo looked a little awkward  :-\.


The following morning, the family moved to Bridgeport, in search of vampires, who have been in short supply relative to the other occults, and more celebrity fathers.  This time, they took the house with them.



Leaving the rest of the family to settle in without her help, Ally took off on her magic vacuum to meet the neighbours…


…and, just a few hours after their arrival in town, the first Bridgeport baby was on the way.


Again, all of the grown-up kids were moved as well, along with the tombstones of the eldest three  :'(.  This can’t be helping with the smooth running of the game but I like bumping into them around town now and then – and I’m trying to get the badge for having 20 children.

Ally acquired a ‘player’ reputation when she broke up with Morgan but some of the stats seem to have reset when they moved towns and she’s now back to alternating between ‘naughty’ and ‘exploring her options’.  The game’s still keeping track of the number of times she’s cheated on Billy, though.  In contrast, he’s cheated just once (by the game’s definition, anyway), through planting an inappropriate kiss on someone he met at the elixir store.  Clearly, an extraordinarily tolerant man.

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(As if the combination of that cap and the cat burglar’s uniform wasn’t silly enough already.  Really, I don’t think he’s doing much for The Organisation’s fearsome reputation  :P.)

That's what They want you to think: much easier to get away with murder if you look that silly.

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It's a good place to hide stolen goods, too - no Super Spy's going to mess up their pretty evening wear digging through sandpits.