Author Topic: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project)  (Read 41495 times)

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Sounds lovely :P  Running with people throwing paint at you?  :o

Yeah, that's pretty much how it went. The worst part was, it was at an amusement park and the running trail went through the campgrounds where the people just watched us running by, covered head to toe in colored paint and powder, like the spectacle we were  :o

Congrats on completing the challenge!!

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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project) - Scoring and Stats
« Reply #138 on: September 28, 2015, 04:16:35 PM »
Congratulations! This could not have been easy.

Thanks :).  Overall, it wasn’t too bad, although it certainly had its moments.  Thank goodness for teen Sims and their general tendency to take care of nooboos (with special mentions to Sage and Herb Robert).

Congratulations! And happy birthday everybody :)

Thank you.  It was rather a lot of birthdays in that last update – a last-minute push to maximise Ally’s LTHPs.

Congrats on completing the challenge!!

Thanks :).

Not sure whether anyone else is interested, but here is the final score for the challenge, along with a few other stats from the game.

Father clusters

I started this with the vague aim of completing as many father clusters as possible but didn’t actually plan anything until about halfway through, when it suddenly occurred to me that it might just be possible to get all of them with 26 pregnancies.  Give or take the odd time-travelling glitch, it worked out pretty well and I did manage to complete the full set.


No stars: Jon Lessen
1 star: Alec Trebo
2 stars: Shorty-John Inkbeard
3 stars: Alan Stanley
4 stars: Morgan Inkbeard
5 stars: Billy Flower


Ghost: Erik Wallace
Vampire: Vladimir Schlick
Imaginary Friend: Oleander Flower
Genie: Al Kwik
Fairy: Morgan Inkbeard
Witch:  Jon Lessen
Werewolf: Jebidiah Wilson
Alien: Mixxuchoo Yoth
PlantSim: Billy Flower
Mermaid: Sherman Bagley


China: Cheng Yang Chang
Egypt: Hassan Badawi
France: Yves Bernard
University: Ludo Vicco
Normal Future: Erik Wallace
Dystopian Future: Melvin Rainord
Utopian Future: Cadin Hill


Business: Simon Cho
Criminal: Vladimir Schlick
Culinary: Gino Ferrari
Journalism: Alec Trebo
Law Enforcement: Bruce Chesterfield
Medicine: Jebidiah Wilson
Military: Sherman Bagley
Music: Jon Lessen
Politics: Morgan Inkbeard
Professional Sports: Travis McDermott
Science: Mick Situp
Service: Kris Single
Education: Mack Vasquez
Film: Alan Stanley
Fortune-Telling: Shorty-John Inkbeard
Astronomy: Cadin Hill
Bot Arena: Melvin Rainord


Aries: Mick Situp
Taurus: Mack Vasquez
Gemini: Ludo Vicco
Cancer: Jebidiah Wilson
Leo: Hassan Badawi
Virgo: Yves Bernard
Libra: Sherman Bagley
Scorpio: Mixxuchoo Yoth
Sagittarius: Alec Trebo
Capricorn: Travis McDermott
Aquarius: Jon Lessen
Pisces: Cheng Yang Chang

Social Groups

Nerd/Video Game Developer: Al Kwik
Rebel/Art Appraiser: Oleander Flower
Jock/Sports Agent: Billy Flower

Lifetime rewards

Ally was by far my happiest Sim to date – the first to earn over a million happiness points.  At the point when Kale was born/picked, she had a total of 1,215,318 LTHPs.  Her only rewards were Observant, No Jealousy, Attractive, Master of Seduction, Fast Learner, Legendary Host and her trusty Moodlet Manager.


She could have bought an additional 77 different lifetime happiness rewards with her spare points.  The only ones that weren’t available were Clone Voucher (because the house was full), Change Lifetime Wish and the Uncharted Island Map (I assume because there aren’t any uncharted islands in Monte Vista).

Out of interest, I had a look at Alison and Billy’s skills.  They managed to pick up quite a variety, either with or without my help.


Advanced Technology 6
Alchemy 1
Arcade Machine 3
Athletic 7
Broom Riding 10
Charisma 10 (all challenges except Comedian completed)
Chess 2
Child Gardening (?!) 2
Collecting 4 (+ Metal Collector)
Cooking supermaxed
Fishing 10
Gardening supermaxed
Gnubb 2
Guitar 4
Handiness 10 (one upgrade short of a supermax)
Jock Influence 2
Laser Rhythm-a-con 1
Logic 10 (+ Teacher Extraordinaire)
Painting 7
Pool 2
Sandbox 4 :D
Sculpting 10
Social Networking 10
Video Gaming 2
Writing 2


Advanced Technology 8
Alchemy 10
Arcade Machine 4
Athletic 10 (+ Marathon Runner)
Broom Riding 10
Charisma 7 (+ two challenges)
Chess 5
Collecting 5 (+ the metal and gem collecting challenges)
Cooking 10 (+ Menu Maven)
Diving 1
Gardening 10
Gnubb 10
Guitar 7
Hopscotch 2
Jock Influence 10
Logic 10 (+ Teacher Extraordinaire)
Martial Arts 7
Painting supermaxed
Piano 3
Pool 4
Sandbox 4  ::) :D
Science 10
Sculpting 10 (+ all challenges except Master Sculptor)
Skating 1
Social Networking 3
Street Art 2
Video Gaming 3
Writing 3

Including travel time, the game lasted 27 weeks and 6 days.  It was played on medium speed and all of the children were conceived at home and after marriage.

The Final Score

26 pregnancies (27 children)

Base multiplier: 1.00
Medium lifespan: 0.3
Celebrity cluster: 0.6
Occult cluster: 1.0
Travel cluster: 0.7
Job cluster: 1.7
Zodiac cluster: 1.2
Social Group cluster: 0.3
Husband: 0.34

Total score: 205.66

I have no idea how good that is – but that wasn’t really the point  :-\.

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Sandbox is a skill? Who knew?

I read somewhere that it's a child skill that translates into adult sculpting.  I'm planning to investigate it with the Haskills.  Alison and Billy certainly spent more than enough time in the sandpit to max any skill that was even vaguely associated  :P.

Congrats again! Over 200 seems like a good score to me  :)

Thanks again :D.  I'm really not sure - posted scores for this challenge are something of a rarity.  I did everything I planned to, which is good enough for me :).

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I read somewhere that it's a child skill that translates into adult sculpting.

That would make sense. I had an heir in my decadynasty that magically started off at level 4 of sculpting, which was something that I had never seen before. (S)he (I won't say for spoilers sake  ;)) played in the sand and built sandcastles all the time. I guess that's why  :D

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Woo, well done! Sorry for missing the ending, you've done an amazing job :) . I look forward to any updates on the family or whatever projects you're working on!

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I read somewhere that it's a child skill that translates into adult sculpting.

That would make sense. I had an heir in my decadynasty that magically started off at level 4 of sculpting, which was something that I had never seen before. (S)he (I won't say for spoilers sake  ;)) played in the sand and built sandcastles all the time. I guess that's why  :D

It sounds as though what I read was right, then :).

Woo, well done! Sorry for missing the ending, you've done an amazing job :) . I look forward to any updates on the family or whatever projects you're working on!

Thanks :).  I am still playing the family in Monte Vista.  I've changed to a longer lifespan and Billy's currently in the middle of mass-producing Young Again for all of the unmarried townies.  I know I could age them down with cheats but the Flowers have far more money than they could possibly spend on themselves and I liked the idea of the rest of the town getting some of the benefit.  Next I'm going to install Twallan's Story Progression and just see what happens to everyone when left to get on with their lives - that is, assuming my computer will run it OK.

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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project)
« Reply #145 on: October 12, 2015, 10:41:29 AM »

The morning after she’d completed the challenge, Ally spent some of her accumulated lifetime happiness points on a Clean Slate and went out on a date with her husband.


Their first stop was Tasty Treats and Tomes, for a romantic child-free celebration meal.  It didn’t quite work out as planned.   First they put their plates down on separate tables and then both had pathing issues when they tried to sit down and eat.  The ‘romantic’ part worked OK, though.


They looked ready to spend the rest of the day proving how irresistible they found each other.  Eventually, I gave up on the food and sent them over to the theatre to see Simdonia in June.  They both enjoyed the film and, clearly inspired by the way those foreign Sims did things, Billy presented his wife with a bouquet as they were leaving.


Overcome by the romance of it all, they rushed back inside for some backstage woohoo – and Billy notched up his second celebrity disgrace  ::).

They got home just in time to cheer as Herb Robert celebrated his young adult birthday…


…but narrowly missed seeing Thistle age up to teen.


Now that there was a space in the household, I temporarily turned off ageing and started moving in the unmarried townies, one at a time, for Young Again potions.  Some of them really made themselves at home.


Then Ally’s adult and elder children had the same treatment.  Iris, as the eldest living child, was first.


I’d had a vague feeling that Fluellen wasn’t the only one with the pyromaniac trait but the game was so hectic at that point that I wasn’t at all sure.  It turned out that it was Iris, as a result of her genie heritage.  She also appeared to have some other special powers.  Maybe it’s a side effect of wearing all those superhero outfits.


Not only could she pass through walls while looking in the fridge for leftovers but she found some food that I didn’t know was there – a plate of ambrosia.

Nigella, who had apparently inherited her father’s cooking talent, had taken to playing with the toy oven – although she never seemed happy with the results.


Her big sister sitting down next to her and tucking into a divine meal just emphasised her own inadequacies as a cook.  Angelica seemed put out as well – maybe she’d had her eye on that ambrosia for herself.


When Val moved in for his rejuvenation, I discovered the explanation for his hitting on his mother during her brief time in the police force – the game no longer recognised their relationship.  Then, while fixing that and checking on everyone else, I realised that the family was one child short.  Poor Lotus had been accidentally left behind in Hidden Springs.  I went back into an earlier save and retrieved her.

Once the town’s population was set up the way I wanted it, ageing was turned back on, with extended young adult and adult life stages but the others left on the medium setting.  Then I installed NRaas Story Progression and waited to see what would happen.  The answer was very little: there was a pop-up to say that Zinnia had proposed to Dandelion and there were a few house moves and promotions but that was about it.  I’ve been tweaking the settings but suspect they’re not right yet.  If Ally hasn’t acquired in-laws and grandchildren by the time she ages up to elder, I’ll start moving people in again and take a direct hand in their futures.

Angelica and Kale had birthdays…


…and winter arrived…


…provoking an outbreak of eccentric behaviour from the Flowers.



Ally spent some more points.  Naturally, her adored firstborn was the first to benefit from the philosopher’s stone.


Poppy hadn’t seen snow before.


Eventually, she agreed to stop building snowmen and go inside to regain her life and youth.



She was followed by Primrose and Lupin, although I don’t seem to have taken any screenshots of their revivals.

Kale had another birthday…


...and so did Thyme.



The children were growing up fast.  There were now only four left at home and Thistle would also be growing up and moving out soon.  The house was starting to feel empty, especially during the day when the kids were at school.  Well, Alison was an expert at dealing with that kind of problem.


Since there were no chimes and Ally was now Simmune to morning sickness, it wasn’t obvious whether they’d Tried for Baby successfully.  Ally seemed convinced, though…


…and she turned out to be right.  As soon as the pregnancy was confirmed, she rushed outside to give Billy the good news.



At long, long last, they were going to have their family.

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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project)
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Billy’s Kids

Erika Lin, when Ally finally tracked her down at the salon late that night, said that the baby was a boy.  Thyme, who also happened to be there, was delighted at the prospect of a little brother.


Ally was less pleased: Billy desperately wanted a daughter.  So she spent most of her pregnancy watching children’s TV and stuffing herself with watermelon.


Thistle had his young adult birthday and moved out, joining his half-sister Primrose in the science career….


...and, a few dozen kids' programmes later, Ally left Dr Simano’s Sanatorium with a basket of babies.


The journey home was terrifying.  Just as the limo pulled away from the kerb, a reckless driver crashed straight through it  :o.


Miraculously, Alison, Billy and the triplets were unharmed.  Ally was badly shaken by the experience, though, and was so keen to escape that she somehow managed to climb out of the car while the doors were still shut.


Then she ran inside with her precious basket…


…and started checking that the babies really were OK.


Angelica, who’d been helping her mother settle the triplets in the nursery, suddenly started sparkling.  In all the mayhem, I’d forgotten it was her birthday.


The following morning, when things had calmed down, Nigella had a birthday cake…


…and aged up to teen.


Since the challenge rules no longer applied, the babies also had cakes as soon as they were awake.  First Charlock (Charlie), and then his sisters Busy Lizzie and Foxglove, became toddlers.


The next few days were manic…


…but eventually all three were fully trained and everyone could settle down to enjoying the remaining days of their toddlerhood.

Kale and Nigella shared the next family birthday.


Nigella followed her father into the culinary career, although she was more interested in learning recipes than becoming a famous chef.  She stayed at home for a few days, partly to help with the toddlers and partly because she was waiting for her high-school boyfriend to grow up.

Once Roscoe was also a young adult, Nigella invited him over, proposed and then suggested a shared shower.


There were chimes – and they were immediately followed by a pop-up message saying that Zinnia and Dandelion, who’d had a quiet wedding a couple of days before, were now expecting a baby.  Romance was also blooming for another of Ally’s daughters – Edelweiss and Camillo Mancini had become an item and were now engaged.


Ally was going to be a grandmother.

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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project)
« Reply #147 on: October 24, 2015, 09:39:41 AM »
Surrounded by Family

The triplets became children…


…and Nigella and Zinnia had their babies.  While her own children were at school, Ally repeatedly tried to meet her two grandsons.  Dan and Zinnia always seemed to be out but she did eventually manage to catch Nigella at home and give Yarrow a cuddle.


She used the Philosopher’s Stone to bring Sage back but I decided I’d better stop the revivals at that point.  The town was pretty full of Flowers (and, confusingly, a Fowler family that the game had created) and was getting pretty buggy as a result.  Like most of the kids who didn’t have lifetime wishes clearly related to another career, Sage joined the police.  Ally ran into him at the park and was questioned.  (I think that must be his work uniform – I hope he wasn’t planning any undercover operations :).)


Val was nearing the top of the Forensic branch, thanks to Twallan’s Story Progression.  I was pretty sure his LTW was Super Spy but maybe I was wrong.

There was an outbreak of birthdays.  First, the triplets became teenagers.


Charlie really takes after his father:


…although Billy, as a level 10 guitarist, seemed unimpressed by such posing by someone who was only at level 3.

Then Kale, the last of the challenge kids, grew up and moved out…


…and Billy and Alison reached old age.


Ally ran into Zinnia at the swimming pool and found that she was pregnant again.


She was still unable to visit her grandchildren, so I cheated and opened up the houses to have a look.  On the left is Nigella’s son, Yarrow.  On the right is Dan and Zinnia’s firstborn, Alexanders (who’ll probably claim to be Alexander S at school – and yes, I edited their names and clothes to keep to the family theme).


At last it was time for Ally’s final three children to grow up – the perfect excuse for a huge party.   There was cheering…




…and cake…







…and dancing…



…and the party was an epic success.

I may play with at least some of the family again but this seems like a good place to leave them, with Alison and Billy enjoying their retirement, thoroughly surrounded by family and still very much in love.



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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project): The Family Album
« Reply #148 on: October 24, 2015, 09:46:50 AM »
The mother


Alison Flower
Traits: family-oriented, loves the outdoors, artistic, charismatic, irresistible
Lifetime wish: Surrounded by Family

The fathers and children

1.  Father: Jon Lessen (non-celebrity/witch/music/Aquarius)
     Children: Poppy and Primrose

     Jon.jpg 45.YA_twins.jpg

2.  Father: Jebidiah Wilson (non-celebrity/werewolf/medicine/Cancer)
     Child: Lupin


3.  Father: Sherman Bagley (non-celebrity/mermaid/military/Libra)
     Child: Gromwell


4.  Father: Travis McDermott (non-celebrity/witch/professional sports/Capricorn)
     Child: Heath


5.  Father: Cheng Yang Chang (non-celebrity/Pisces/China)
      Child: Orchid (Chinese culture)


6.  Father: Yves Bernard (non-celebrity/Virgo/France)
      Child: Mignonette


7.  Father: Shorty-John Inkbeard (2-star celebrity/fortune-telling/Capricorn)
      Child: Daisy


8.  Father: Alec Trebo (1-star celebrity/mermaid/journalism/Sagittarius)
     Child: Jonquil (mermaid)


9.  Father: Mack Vasquez (non-celebrity/witch/education/Taurus)
      Child: Rose


10. Father: Mixxuchoo Yoth (non-celebrity/alien/Scorpio)
      Child: Sage (alien)


11. Father: Kris Single (non-celebrity/service/Cancer)
      Child: Wintergreen


12. Father: Al Kwik (2-star celebrity/genie/Virgo/nerd)
      Child: Iris (pyromaniac)


13. Father: Ludo Vicco (non-celebrity/Gemini/university)
       Child: Edelweiss


14. Father: Morgan Inkbeard (4-star celebrity/fairy/politics/Aquarius)
      Child: Valerian


15. Father: Alan Stanley (3-star celebrity/film/Aquarius)
      Child: Fluellen (pyromaniac)


16. Father: Hassan Badawi (non-celebrity/Leo/Egypt)
      Child: Lotus


17. Father: Mick Situp (non-celebrity/science/Aries)
      Child: Zinnia


18. Father: Vladimir Schlick (non-celebrity/vampire/criminal/Aries)
      Child: Nightshade (vampire)


19. Father: Oleander Flower (3-star celebrity/imaginary friend/Leo/rebel)
      Child: Bluebell (imaginary friend)


20. Father: Bruce Chesterfield (non-celebrity/law enforcement/Pisces)
      Child: Tiger Lily


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Re: A Bunch of Flowers (A ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Project): The Family Album
« Reply #149 on: October 24, 2015, 09:50:18 AM »
21. Father: Simon Cho (2-star celebrity/business/Capricorn)
      Child: Herb Robert


22. Father: Erik Wallace (non-celebrity/ghost/Gemini/normal future)
      Child: Thyme (born a ghost)

      Erik.jpg Thyme.jpg

23. Father: Melvin Rainord (non-celebrity/bot arena/Leo/Dystopian future)
      Child: Thistle (Future Sim)


24. Father: Cadin Hill (non-celebrity/astronomy/Cancer/Utopian future)
      Child: Angelica


25. Father: Gino Ferrari (non-celebrity/culinary/Pisces)
      Child: Nigella


26. Father: Billy (Caspian) Flower (5-star celebrity/PlantSim/Libra/jock)
      Child: Kale (PlantSim)


And, after the challenge:

27. Father: Billy (Caspian) Flower (in his normal form)
      Children: Charlock, Busy Lizzie and Foxglove



The grandchildren

Yarrow, son of Nigella and Roscoe Hess (a random clone-faced townie):


Zinnia and Dandelion’s kids, Alex and Orpine:


And the most recent addition to the family, Gentian, son of Edelweiss and Camillo Mancini: