Author Topic: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - 20: It's a Sad World (11/15)  (Read 20964 times)

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - 13: Young Love (4/11)
« Reply #60 on: April 11, 2018, 11:42:56 PM »
Yay! *sigh* The two lovebirds together at last. Gosh, you'd think Aurora was Aislin's daughter from how hard she resists happiness when it comes knocking on her door. But they're both happy in the end, and so am I! Woohoo!
Loved the red plumbob after the gold party. Sometimes you really have to earn those, man! At least the hot tub seemed to cheer everyone up.
Hang in there, Niall! Cooking levels super fast! You'll be done in no time!

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - 13: Young Love (4/11)
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Woo!  Bout time Niall! lol Those two are just too cute, seriously.  --snickers-- Yup, Diego is awesome :P  And love that he still tells Niall like it is XD  Loved the hot tub scene.

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - 13: Young Love (4/11)
« Reply #62 on: April 12, 2018, 10:09:12 PM »
That was so sweet!  I love that he appreciates that he loves him because of the doof that he is.  That's fantastic! 
The father and son chat was great!  Not that much of an idiot indeed!

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Re: The Power of Blood: The Doran Immortal Dynasty - 13: Young Love (4/11)
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@FrancescaFiori You know, when I was playing them out, I was actually afraid that I'd rushed them getting together, since I'd planned from the start that Bella would have a daughter for the gen 2 spouse. But writing it out like this, I've realized they spent quite a bit of time not figuring themselves out, lol! So indeed, together at last! I tried to make Aurora a bit three dimensional in that regard--she's very calm and collected about getting work done, keeping the legacy wheels greased and rolling, but when it comes to love and such she has no idea what she's doing.

@Shewolf13 Aww, yay, you think they're cute! I love them, too. And yeah, someone had to tell Niall what's what!

@PeregrineTook Niall is now fully aware of what a doofus he is, and very grateful that Aurora loves him not despite of that, but because of it, ehehe. Who else could? She's perfect for him.

Chapter 14: Master Plan Marches On

Niall: Still cooking. No rest for the wicked on this one, but at least itís skilling fast. But I am facing an immortality of cooking food for the rest of the family! How horrifying.

Aislin: Birds. Birds are cool. Letís see if we can get some birds around here.

Niall: Top secret plan is in motion! Muahahaha. I may be cooking all the time, but Iíve still got some time to spare for this.

Aislin: Whew! This sauna was a very good choiceógood suggestion, Bella.

Bella: Well, I figured, weíve all worked so hard to get where we are, we deserve to relax now.

Diego: I couldnít agree more.

Aislin: What is this?

Diego: Itís a skeleton playing drums.

Aislin: And this is entertainment?

Diego: Beats me, youíre the one who bought the giant television.

Aislin: -sigh- We just have so much money, I donít know what to spend it onÖ

Niall: Top secret plan continues in motion!

Vendor: Iím sorry, what?

Niall: Nothing, nothing, just sell me some fruit.

Aislin: All right! Weíre going to try living without rallying the troops for a bit. This is nice, isnít it? Sitting down to a family dinner.

Niall: The butlerís a little unnerving.

Shanaya: My apologies, sir. I will endeavor to be less noticeable.

Niall: I donít know that that helps.

Niall: Oh man, is this what sleeping in a bed feels like? This is heaven!

Diego: I am not hysterical. I am calming down. Everything is all right. No hysteria here. Aislin would never forgive me if I was hysterical, I cannot possibly do that to her.

Niall: Hey, gorgeous! Youíre looking particularly amazing today. Not that you donít every day, butÖ

Aurora: Hehe, I understand the sentiment. Thank you. -blush-

Niall: Címere, beautiful, I want to show you something.

Aurora: What?

Aurora: Oh! Oh, goodness, you can do that whenever you want!

Niall: My pleasure.

Niall: -hums- Mhm, kissing the most beautiful girl on the planet, getting good grades, master plan is moving along swimmingly, no one suspects a thing, everything is golden.

Raj: I think weíve been forgotten about.

J: Youíre telling me. Iím supposed to be pollinating!

Akira: I donít know, Iím rather happy fishing. Iíd rather not lead several women onÖ

J: Youíre no fun.

Raj: Iím going to catch so many angelfish that the game lags, just to show them.

Aislin: We didnít get boring, did we? Iím not even immortal yet. We canít get boring already.

Diego: Are you panicking about being boring? Cher, do not worry, you could never be boring.

Aislin: You have to say that, you married me!

Diego: I think if I can smack sense into my own son, I could probably tell you if we were boring, and help you correct it. I love you dearly, ma coeur, trust me when I say you arenít boring.

Aislin: Oh. Oh, okay. I love you, too.

Diego: Ah, I will never tire of hearing those words from your lips.

Niall: Talking to plants, raising my gardening skill, I got this. Itís all good. Sup plant? How you doin?

Niall: Iím awesome. Gotta take a selfie in the top secret master plan room. Too bad I canít share it with anyone!

Niall: Breaking it down while gardening! No oneís got skills like me.

Niall: Hey, pretty lady. Youíre making some sweet music today. I could listen to you play all day long.

Aurora: -blush- Youíre distracting me!

Niall: Iíll leave you to it, then. By the way, I adore you.

Aurora: Oh!

Niall: Now this is not very interesting. Stupid mom with her stupid unofficial requirement to the immortal goals. Have to be able to teleport. Iíll get this. On top of all my requirements, and my master plan, and making sure Aurora loves me forever and ever, I can do this, too.

Diego: Playing foosball in my swimsuit. Now, what could be the point of that? Surely someone isnít just showing me off.

Niall: Maybe bowling is not my thing.

Aislin: I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that everythingís worked out between you and Niall! I always hoped you would be my daughter-in-law, and now thatís going to be a reality. Itís just so perfect.

Aurora: Oh, thank you, Mrs. Doran. Iím beyond happy, too, heh!

Aislin: Really, you donít have to keep calling me Mrs. Doran. Weíre family!

Aurora: I really wouldnít know what else to call youÖ

Aislin: Aislin is just fine by me.

Aurora: Thatís so informal!

Aislin: So am I, dear, so am I.

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Wow, the secret plan is a hallway...that Niall is so edgy!
Yes, sleep.  I recently had Captain Princess Lady Erina start her club with her crew instead of doing the family club, and all of the sudden, I had a house full of Sims who could sleep and go to the bathroom and eat and all sorts of wonderful things!  It was amazingly weird, yes sweet  :=)

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Hahahahaha, I love Niall's master plan XD I do like the fact that they got to actually eat and sleep and all that fun stuff lol.  Why Diego, of course there's a purpose in showing you play foosball, really... --grins and continues to stare--

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Hmm. I have a guess about the master plan . . . but I'm usually wrong about these things, so I'll just enjoy the suspense. And the plant dancing. :)
The foosball and bowling were pretty enjoyable, too!
And we got Aislin giving Diego an unqualified, almost willing, "I love you!" in the hot tub. Marvelous! Don't you dare get hysterical now, Diego. I'd never forgive you, either!

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If there wasn't already a cow-plant I'd have guessed a cow plant being made. So... mass producing cow plants? :D

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@PeregrineTook LOL. Your reaction to the secret plan is just perfect. Is it not obvious? I thought it was pretty obvious. And yeah, taking care of needs can be a little jarring after rallying the troops so long. But, I had to stop using my family club recently because it was glitching my game, so everyone is getting a good night's sleep and such now and I'm used to it again!

@Shewolf13 Showing off Diego always has a point to it  :P

@FrancescaFiori I won't be surprised if the master plan is figured out! It's not very subtle, rofl. Diego was only hysterical for a few seconds, so we're all safe there. I would never have forgiven him if he'd tapped out early!

@karlissa Gah, cowplants require so much upkeep, though! I always kill them.

Chapter 15: The Happiest Man

Aurora: A spa? Why are we at a spa?

Niall: So I can pamper you! Niall doesnít do anything halfwayóincluding treating his girlfriend!

Aurora: Oooo, well, Iím not going to say no to massages.

Aurora: Pssst. Iím not allowed to learn wellness, remember?

Niall: Shhhh, itís fine. Itíll only be a level or two, no one needs to know.

Aurora: Oh god, this is heaven.

Aurora: I know we have one of these at home, butó

Niall: Itís a lot nicer when itís just the two of us doing something special?

Aurora: Exactly. -happy sigh- Thank you.

Diego: -huff, puff- Okay, so, fitness sometimes helps you live longer. I can sacrifice a little dignity to stick around longer. Ugh, Diego Lobo does not sweat!

Niall: Guess what, Shanaya!

Shanaya: Yes, sir?

Niall: Itís my birthday!

Shanaya: Congratulations, sir. What a momentous occasion.

Niall: And bam! Iím a young adult. New requirements to fulfill!

Aislin: Iím so proud of you, sweetie!

Diego: Thatís my boy!

Niall: So, hey, itís your turn. Why arenít you caking up?

Aurora: Well, I was thinking about it, andÖIím going to wait another day.

Niall: WHAT

Aurora: Yeah, I justÖyour mom didnít do the math very well on the household size when she moved in Akira as a second pollinator, so thereís no room for us to have a baby right now, and if Iím a little younger than you, than that means Iíll be around longer, right?

Niall: I meanÖthat makes senseÖa lot of sense, youíre so sensibleÖbut Iím not going to lie, I do not like being in another age bracket than you.

Aurora: Iím sorry.

Niall: Totally allowed to drink in the hot tub when my amazing girlfriend isnít caking up.

Aurora: Oh, honey, itís just one more day. Itíll be over before we know it!

Niall: -sigh- I guess thatís true.

Aislin: -deep breath- Yoga is good for me. Yoga keeps me calm. I have nothing to worry about while Iím doing yoga.

Niall: -sigh- I mean, yeah, I got a promotion on my first day, but itís hard to be excited when I canít celebrate with Aurora.

Bella: How are you doing, sweetie?

Aurora: Better now that itís time to age up! This last day was difficult, but I didnít want to let Niall see that. He was having a hard enough time with it already.

Bella: Oh, sweetie, that was kind of you.

Aurora: Thanks, mom. Iím trying.

Aurora: Oh! Blessing of the ancients!

Niall: Iím going to take that as a good sign for the evening.

Niall: Ummm, I donít think you should be able to do that? Youíre still a teen. How are you kissing me?

Aurora: I donít know. Itís not actually an action, itís a greeting, so I think it transcends the bounds of our age groups.

Niall: Iím not complaining.

Niall: Oh thank goodness, itís happening.

Aurora: Iím excited! Are you excited?

Niall: You have no idea.

Aurora: And there we are! Young adulthood! We can be together again.

Niall: Allow me to express how very much I love you, now that I can again.

Aurora: Oh, Niall, thatís so sweet. I know it was only a day, but I missed this so much.

Niall: You look beautiful in the moonlight, darling.

Aurora: Thank you. I have to say, I was a little confused as to why weíre all the way out here for my birthday, but I like that itís just the two of us.

Niall: Indeed, it means I can do this to congratulate you on your birthday without any prying eyes.

Aurora: I donít think Iíve ever been happier.

Niall: Well, Iím hoping I can improve on the moment just a bit.

Aurora: What do you mean?

Niall: Aurora, will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?

Aurora: Ohmygosh!

Niall: I think that means yes?

Aurora: Yes, yes, yes!

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Aww, so much sweet!  Niall and Aurora are just precious!  I'm so glad that we'll get just a little bit longer for having her in the household.  Good choice there even though it was so hard for Niall.
Diego sweating...I mean "glistening radiantly" on the treadmill was just delightfully handled!  I've really enjoyed how you've written him and will be so sad when we (eventually and hopefully a long while from now) have to say goodbye to him  :=(

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--is in a puddle-- too sweet! Love Niall and Aurora ^^ hehehe giggled at Diego exercising XD

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I need to catch up on this one. BUT, I LOVE LOVE is final fantasy outfit. I want to use that so bad, but I have to have just the right sim for it.

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Oh! The private birthday party/proposal was so perfect! Just beautiful! I'm so bummed those two crazy kids can't immediately start making gorgeous babies, but I'm very happy they're together and happy. They're such a beautifully balanced couple. *sigh*
Too funny about the one day they couldn't be romantic feeling so long. Niall drowning his sorrows in the hot tub while Aurora sits next to him, being stunning. Poor guy!
But now all is well. And now we get a wedding, yeah? Woohoo!

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@PeregrineTook Not too sugary sweet? I love them so much, I can't help but lay it on. And aw, I don't even want to think about that. I'm so touched that you've like the way I write Diego! He's become so very dear to my heart. I've never played him before, actually, so it was really fun to discover his personality.

@Shewolf13 Awww, I turned you into a puddle! Victory!

@sdhoey :D I hope you enjoy catching up! I'm enjoying writing it. I agree, the final fantasy outfit is SPECTACULAR, but very hard to find a sim that it jives with.

@FrancescaFiori Hey, one day without your soulmate is practically an eternity, right? And yes, wedding time! Right now, in fact!

Chapter 16: Wedding Bells

Aurora: Perhaps I should stop saying Iíve never been as happy as I am now? I feel like I could do anything. I truly havenít been happier, but being engaged, I know only more happiness is to come!

Aislin: Just a little bit longer now. Iím so close.

Bella: Iím so impressed! You have everything except your friends completedóand youíve already lined up a few.

Aislin: Thank you! Yeah, since I did friend of the world, I donít have to worry about my friendships decaying, but I do have to worry about people being culled, so Iím being cautiously hopeful.

Bella: Itíll all be fine. Youíve truly come so farÖIím so proud of you.

Aislin: ThatÖthat means so much, Bella. Thank you.

Aurora: Ahhhh, I could get used to this.

Aislin: Well, Iím a little out of things to do, soÖyou might get to.

Diego: And really, you have to be careful not to overuse commas. Well, itís truly a stylistic choiceóbut you only get to make that choice once youíve learned all the rules.

Aurora: Oh? I had no idea.

Diego: Yes, itís very important. A lesson for life, truly.

Niall: Iiiiiiitís boogie time!

J: You know, I was thinking being forgotten would be bad, but we just get to play games all day.

Akira: Yeah, itís really not so bad, after all.

J: Itíll bite them in the rear in the end, though, once they realize they didnít populate enough of the housed families.

Akira: Eh, itís their own fault.

Niall: This is not boogie time. This is decidedly not boogie time. Boo. I still look awesome, though.

Niall: Oh man, this is going to be so much better than boogie time. First time Iíve been excited to cook!

Aurora: internally-Deep breath, okay, donít walk too fast. Oh my gosh!

Niall: I might die. Sheís so beautiful, I might just die right here and now. Who has ever had a more beautiful wife? I wonít believe them even if they claim it. I am so, so lucky.

Aurora: Niall, Iíve loved you longer than I could possibly remember. I never believed that I would be so blessed as to have this dream come true, and I, I justÖOh gosh, Iím tearing up. I love you so much.

Niall: I love you, too, more than I could ever say. I know Iím a bit of a goof, but Iím so thankful that you love me for that, too. I donít know what Iíd do without you.

Aurora: Letís never find out.

Niall: Okay, let me know what you think, but donít break my heart if it isnít amazing.

Aurora: OhgodIívenevertastedanythingsogood!

Niall: Booyah!

Diego: We did pretty good, getting them here, didnít we?

Aislin: I think so.

J: Yeah, I had nothing to do with it, but Iíll still raise a glass to the happy couple!

Niall: OH YEAH, WIN FOR NIALL. Guess who has a secret death flower? Oh man, mom is never going to see this coming. Best masterplan ever.

Diego: So, weíve pretty much run out of things to keep us occupied, huh?

Bella: Itís not so bad, spending all our time in the hot tub while Niall and Aurora run about.

Diego: Yeah. Yeah, itís a pretty nice life.

Raj: Youíre mad? Why are you mad?

Geeta: You never gave me grand babies!

Raj: -sputters- But, but, you had Niall and Aurora! And they just got married! And theyíre going to have their own babies!

Akira: Oh man, Iím so glad I donít have a mom.

Niall: Iím filthy. This is not awesome. Yoga is the pits.

Bella: There you are, Geeta, arenít you happy in the hot tub?

Geeta: Psh, who wouldnít be! This is the life, for sure.

Raj: Phew.

Niall: Still not getting my boogie time in. Am I even reading about boogie time? No. Iím not. Booooo.

Diego: Iíve got this. I canít waste all my time in the hot tub, when I could be improving my chances! No birthday for me, Iím taking a page out of Auroraís book, too.

Raj: So? Itís time for the big day. Are you ready?

J: Eh, I guess so. No sense in putting it off.

Raj: Ohhh, thatíll get you there.

J: Old age isnít so bad when you have one of these!

Akira: I canít disagree with that! I hope we stick around long enough to see Aislinís big day, though.

J: Not long now. Just a few more days, I think.

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Oh my! What a gorgeous wedding! --wipes tear away -- that one line though... just brings into focus what will happen later.  It is an Immortal Dynasty after all --sniffles--