Author Topic: The Wisewoman of Forgotten Hollow -- Legacies in Rotation (Nov 15)  (Read 69223 times)

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Re: The Wisewoman of Forgotten Hollow -- Legacies in Rotation (Nov 14)
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Matilda Cottoneye 1

The Story of my Life

My first memory is of taking a nap on my twin brother's bed. I was sooo sleepy!

A little later, I remember my mother telling me a story about a dinosaur.  I loved dinosaurs when I was little and wanted one as a pet. Now that I'm older, I realize that dinosaurs are extinct.

I liked food, too. Yogurt was my favorite, but I think I got peas more often.

My twin brother Sam liked food also. I don't know what his favorite food was.

One day, we both grew up. I went first because I was born first.

I have a baby brother now. His name is Malcolm. Sometimes he throws his food on the floor. I don't think Sam and I ever did that.

Malcolm is very cute, and I'm his favorite.

My dad is an engineer. He makes robots and sometimes mechanical toys.

Whoops! Time to leave for school. My mom is in the military, but she wants to be a writer. The End, Matilda Cottoneye