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2021 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule
« on: December 24, 2020, 03:35:24 PM »
2021 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule

IMPORTANT: Players must participate in 3 regular events to earn a 2021 World Ranking. Both Major events count as two events each, so 1 Major + 1 regular event also earn a player a World Ranking.

January 1 - January 17. Ultimutt Dogtor.
Are your Sims fond of those adorable furry friends? Do they also have a good business sense to translate that passion into simoleans? If you think we're barking up the right tree, then jump in this event and see how quickly you can get your vet clinic to 5 stars, as well as teach your household mutts a few tricks along the way. Rule Set.

January 22 - February 7. A Career Challenge with Cheats? Sounds Alien to Me!
It's been a long time since a dedicated careers challenge has graced the forum. We're allowing your starting two Alien Sims to use their awesome powers (a needs filling cheat) as a reward for any household member that places a unique career reward object. Rule Set.

February 12 - February 28. Artistic Endeavors: Introvert and Extrovert.
Sketch out your strategy in this artistic money-making challenge. Book royalties flowing from your bestsellers, thousands of simoleans earned from painting masterpieces, or maybe opting for a lucrative career — there are many ways for your artistic Sims to rack up household funds. Rule Set.

March 5 - March 21. Emotional Rollercoaster.
Your Sim has been given the task of keeping track of emotional whims for the next two weeks, until Week 3, Day 1 at 8 am. You can count each completed unique whim once. Whims that are the same but triggered by different emotions may be counted both times, e.g., "Make a friend" can count for both Happy and Confident. During the last 3 days, your Sim may invite other Sims to join the household and collect 2 points for each different emotion those Sims experience. You will not be able to control those Sims, though. Rule Set.

March 26 - April 11. ??

April 16 - May 2. ??

May 7 - June 6. 2021 Mid-Season Major: ??

June 11 - June 27. ??

July 2 - July 18. ??

July 23 - August 8. ??

August 13 - August 29. ??

September 3 - September 19. ??

September 24 - October 10. ??

October 15 - November 14. 2021 Tournament Finale: ??