Author Topic: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist  (Read 13843 times)

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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2011, 09:41:21 PM »
Thanks everyone for those encouraging replies! I was not expecting that at all when I started. I'm happy though that you all currently enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoy writing it. Hopefully I won't disappoint and it will stay that way!

It's awesome to see how enthusiastic you are about your story, and the change to a digital diary just keeps it up with the times right, LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, digital journaling is cool now :D

In truth I've been brooding on this Dynasty attempt and the story behind it for a while now. I've just been so busy that I couldn't find the time to actually start until recently, but as you can imagine I was aching to at that point! For me, writing the story is just as much fun as playing the game (perhaps even more, because you don't just play - you play the story).

And you are right, digital journaling is "in". I guess Cate belongs to the cool crowd then :P

This is a story I absolutely love. Congrats on having a great founder! Cate's awesome! :D Is her hair CC? It's just so cool!

Heh, glad you like Cate. I've got to say I've (already!) become really attached to her as well, and I'm really happy she will be an immortal!

Her hair is CC yes.

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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #16 on: April 21, 2011, 09:41:48 PM »
Chapter 1: Meeting Environment

                                                                                                                            Entry 6
     Dear Diary,


     I left my green sea of nothing.
     I rode my bike towards the horizon.
     And I did not ride of the earth!


     You know, for a minute there I was thinking I really would fall off. I know the earth is
     round, and I know there's gravity. So even if the earth were flat and you continued over
     the edge; you'd just flop around and continue riding on the underside!

     But this place...

     It's so alien. The grass is too green, the sky is too blue, everyone has clear skin (and I
     mean really clear skin)! That's not normal! So, naturally, I wasn't sure if things worked
     the same. But they do, apparently. At least that's something.

A short while later.

                                                                                                                            Entry 7
     Dear Diary,

     I feel confident enough now to put my plan into motion. Of course the first step in every
     plan that wants to be taken seriously is going to the library.


     Now I know what you're going to say. I mean: you're a digital diary. But NO! The internet
     does not have it all! I'm sorry to disappoint you, but some things you can only get at the
     library. The smell of the books, the screaming silence, that whole aura of studiousness.
     The internet hasn't got that!

     And that's why the library is always the first step in every successful plan. Period.


     Aren't you going to ask me what I did at the library?


     Fine! Be that way! I'm telling you anyway!

     I read a book. Well... part of a book.

     You see, for my plan to work I need social skills. Not an area I'm particularly talented in.
     Unbelievable of course, but it's not like I can help it. So to help myself, I decided to read a
     book about charisma. A book that went like this:

     "Charisma is a personality trait which is actually quite difficult to define, because no one is
     exactly sure what charisma really entails. Someone who is described as “charismatic” is
     generally viewed as having a very charming, persuasive personality, and often charisma is
     viewed as an almost supernatural trait, with charismatic individuals being remarkably
     skilled communicators who can often be quite convincing."

     A book about a personality trait we can't really define. Who made that up.

     "The word “charisma” was originally used by members of the Christian faith. It comes
     from a Greek word which means “divine favor,” and it was used to describe individuals like
     Christ who were capable of creating divine miracles. In its earlier incarnation, “charisma”
     had much less to do with leadership and communication skills, and much more to do with
     unusual or extraordinary powers which suggested that the individual was favored by God
     or the saints."

     And it went on and on and on like that. I won't lie, it was somewhat helpful, I guess I
     "skilled up a point", so it say. But after that I felt I learnt all I could from the books.

     But before I could put my newly acquired "Charisma" into practice, however, I had one
     more thing to do at the library. I had to make flyers. Lots and lots of flyers.


     Meeting Environment. Get it? Quite clever if I say so myself!

     I don't really believe in the power of flyers by themselves though. Who ever reads
     something that's being forced into your hands in that one second you're not paying
     attention?! People just discard it as soon as they can, which usually is before the nearest
     trash bin, and we can't have that of course! No, I decided on a different approach. The
     flyers were just extra information for those I considered worthy enough to attend my
     meeting. That's why I needed the social skills. I went to talk to all the people first; to get
     an impression and convince them to come to my meeting if I felt positive enough.

     And that's what I did.

     I talked to my neighbours.


     I talked to local business owners.


     I was so successful that by then it was time to sleep. So I talked to the firefighters and afterwards they let me crash at their place.


     The next morning I talked to people in social places.


     I rang bells and talked to people at their houses.


     I even talked to the next generation of people.


     And again, the day flew by: time to sleep. So I went back to the fire station and asked if I
     could stay another night, which I could. Bless them heroes.

     To recap on those two days of employing my charisma in an effort to enthuse people
     about environmentalism: there were bad times, and there were times that weren't so bad.
     Some people are obviously ignorant about the environment. I don't even think some know
     what you're talking about when you bring up the sustainability of our planet. Others just
     claim they are too "busy" to care about the environment. And the next generation... well
     let's not talk about them. They hate vegetables and think butterflies are the epitome of
     sustainability. That's why I don't like kids!  

     But there are some people who genuinely seem to care about our planet. That's an
     encouraging observation. It doesn't actually take many, to create many. Adam and Eve
     created the whole of mankind with just the two of them too, right?! Of course, things are
     never so simple. There definitely were some people who cared, but were there people who
     would fit into my plan? Let's just say the jury is still out on that one!

     For instance, there was this loaded untrimmed blondie who kept sobbing about some guy,
     Ernst I think? About how he would've loved to participate in my initiative. All very sad for
     blondie, but now she wanted to participate, because he never would.

     I don't need people like that!

     The environment is not served with self-pity. It needs feist, and character, and passion,
     and representability. All things blondie clearly doesn't have. And with her a whole bunch
     of people I talked to. So yea, they did not get a flyer. And if they were really persistent I
     gave them a wrong date and time for the meeting.

     Sorry! Clerical error!

     Maybe that sounds cru, but can you blame me? My plan is important, my plan will
     save the world! I've got to uphold a certain standard!

The next day.

                                                                                                                            Entry 8
     Dear Diary,

     This Tuesday, 18:00.
     15 Summerhill CT.

     I managed to arrange some chairs after all.

     I wonder who will show.

     I've got important things to discuss.


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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #17 on: April 21, 2011, 10:46:43 PM »
I like the way you've approached this dynasty :)
I hope someone shows to the meeting! haha.

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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #18 on: April 22, 2011, 05:46:19 PM »
I like the way you've approached this dynasty :)
I hope someone shows to the meeting! haha.

Thank you  :) And yes! Me too! Cate might've scared them all off :P

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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #19 on: April 24, 2011, 09:24:21 PM »
Chapter 2: Environment Meeting

                                                                                                                            Entry 9
     Dear Diary,

     Well... it wasn't the spectacular turn-out I was hoping for.


     Downright disappointing; that's what I call it! Two people... TWO! The world's further gone
     than I thought.

     You think it was the tacky rhyming?

     I thought people would be able to see through that, I mean, I had to make it up in a hurry
     you know! It shouldn't even be about how you present it; it should all be about the
     message. Ain't I right? Because that's what's really important!

     So... there's a good chance it was the tacky rhyming.

     Because I was there! I was there to talk to each and every person before they received a
     flyer. So the message must've gotten across; no doubt about that! And if the message got
     across, then people would've showed up. No one would just not go to a meeting this
     important. They must realize the earth's not inexhaustible. Everyone realizes the earth's
     not inexhaustible!

     Yea, it definitely was the tacky rhyming!

     If the message got across, then the only thing that could've stopped them from showing
     up was the rhyming. I guess people really do put a lot of weight on presentation. If one
     tacky rhyme stopped them from coming to this critically important meeting...

     The world's further gone than I thought.

     But I won't be discouraged! I'll save the world, one way or the other. It can still be done.
     Three's still more people than Adam and Eve. It can be done. They're making it difficult
     for me, true, but I say:



     I accept that challenge! They'll all thank me in the end. Just wait and see.

     So, the meeting commenced with just two attendees; Pauline Wan, whom I'd spoken to at
     the beach, and a guy she introduced as her fiancé, Hank Goddard. A simple summary of
     events won't do the actual meeting justice, so I'll try to give you a recap of events as they


     'Pauline, Hank, welcome to the Environment Meeting. Thanks for coming.'
     'Of course! I was enthralled by our talk the other day. Hank and I both love the outdoors
     and you are right; we're not paying enough attention to the environment. We have to
     stand up for what we love, protect it. Hank and I are both very willing to contribute to that
     cause! That's why we're here, to hear your initiative and see what we can do to help.'

     Right. We. I got the distinct feeling Hank was not very willing to commit to this at all.

     'That's great to hear Pauline! The environment needs people like you!
     First, let me quickly introduce myself and the reason behind this meeting. I'm Caitlin
     Vasquez, I used to work for an organization whose vision it was to transform the world
     into a greener and more peaceful place by changing the way people think about it. We
     worked to get industries, governments, as well as individuals to stop viewing the world as
     an inexhaustible resource. Because the world isn't; and we have to treat it as such. In
     an effort to achieve that, we took direct action to protect our planet and advocate solutions
     for a green and peaceful future.'

     'However, due to some... unfortunate circumstances... I'm no longer with this
     organization. In the time I've been away from them, I've come to think about how they
     were trying to bring about a better world and have since come to the conclusion that
     their strategy isn't working. Despite repeated efforts, it has not made any significant
     changes towards the sustainability of the environment. And that has given me pause.'

     'I believe we need a more radical approach to this problem. All this lobbying and
     protesting; it's good for shows but it doesn't work on the scale it has to work. And it
     to work. We're standing at a pivotal point in history, and if we want our planet to survive
     we must
do something. And we must do it urgently. We need to radically change our
     understanding, our attitude, and how we live on this earth. Only then will there be a


     'And I assume you have a plan for this radical approach?'

     'Yes, I do. That's why I organized this meeting. You see, I've come to the conclusion that
     people do not
want to pursue this future that's being painted when we talk about "going
     green" and "ecologically healthy". Not so much because they don't see the merit, but
     simply because they have to
change. Change is hard. And moreover, changing for the
     environment - which doesn't immediately reciprocate - requires an act of great
     selflessness. People don't
want to be selfless. People don't want to change.'

     'That's why I propose an approach that's both gradual and radical at the same time. We
     may not be able to force that understanding and selflessness on people, but we are able
     to create it. Much the same as Adam and Eve created mankind. It will start small, but grow
     exponentially until it reaches critical mass and then: there's no stopping our vision.'

     'I'm in! I can certainly see the three of us at the cradle of this "new and improved"
     mankind; you and Pauline will make great mothers and I can help out here and there too...'

     Oh. My.

     'Um, Hank. I don't think she meant that literally.'
     'What? You didn't?'
     'No. I did not.'

     Wasn't Hurried Hank showing his true colours now.

     'No. I did not mean that literally indeed. I meant it in the philosophical sense. We would
     try to establish an Environmentally Aware basis right here in Sunset Valley. Our main
     target would be the younger audience, those old enough to understand but young enough
     to be influenced. We'd educate them about the environment, about what has to be done
     to save the world, about our vision for that reformation. And they will then carry that out;
     become Power Brokers or Leaders of the Free World with heart for the environment.'

     'It'd have to be a really serious program to have a lasting effect, of course. But once we've
     created that, they will teach their children, who will teach their children. That way our
     teachings will be immortal, even if we are not. We will be the start of a snowball effect
     that will save the world.'

     'What will save the world?'


     OH NO! Blondie showed up! Isn't that just fantastic. As if this whole
     meeting wasn't going bad enough already! Who even told her when the actual meeting
     took place! If I ever get my hands on them...

     The worst part was that Pauline seemed to be delighted a third person showed up to the
     meeting. I tried to signal her, tell her no, but she was oh so nice and inviting.

     What was I supposed to do huh?

     Tell blondie in front of everyone there that I didn't see her fit for my plan? I've really
     started to like Pauline, but I bet she's one of those naïve all-people lovers. I'd have risked
     losing her potential support as well. You see where that would've put me right?

     Back in square one.

     So I had no choice! I had to invite blondie. Who even had the nerve to get angry about
     not having the correct start time for the meeting.


     'I'm thoroughly disappointed at the lack of thoughtfulness on your end. We talked not a
     day ago, and I was very specific about my wishes to help your endeavour to create a
     better world. And not just for myself, but also for my Erik!

     Ah, so his name wasn't Ernst.

     'This meeting was important for him, and for me. I told you that! People have no respect
     anymore for the deceased, or for the widowed for that matter! You knew my name was
     Agnes Crumplebottom, I made special care to tell you. When I wasn't there at 18:00 you
     could've at least called me. That would've been the polite thing to do. You want my help
     don't you?'

     I swallowed my sniping comments and politely told her 'Clerical error!' (of course!), after
     which she joined us despite her anger.


     She demanded to hear everything I'd already discussed, and Pauline agreed that that'd
     probably be best, so I had to go through the whole speech a second time. At least this
     time around Hank was smart enough to shut up. I'm sure I would've tossed my shoe at
     him if he hadn't.


     'So that will save the world.', stuck-up Haggie said when I was finished bringing her up to

     'Yes. That's my plan. What's your first reaction? Pauline?'

     'Caitlin, I think it's a wonderful start. It's a radical, direct action approach that has the
     potential to succeed! You have my support. And I'm sure Hank's too.'
     'What? Sweetheart! What're you saying? I'm not ready to commit to something this big.'
     'To be quite honest Hank, neither am I. But don't you think we should jump this once? We
     love the outdoors, we love nature, don't you think we should do everything we can to
     preserve that? All the partying and goofing around we do, it seems so insignificant now.
     This initiative; I want to help Hank! I don't want to party for the rest of my life, I realize
     that now: I want to help. Don't you?'

     Why can't she just dump the guy. Someone who doesn't care about this doesn't deserve

     'May I cut in?'
     'Sure, Agnes, go right ahead!'
     'Thanks Pauline. Now I know I joined this meeting late, because
someone forgot to let me
     know the correct time.'

     Fabulous. More great traits to add to her already shining personality; she's vindictive too!

     'But I think I can add to Caitlin's plan.'

     What! What? What?!

     'To put it simply; my beloved late husband Erik left me with a small fortune when he passed
     'Really?! How much?!'
     'Hank! Come on! Behave yourself!'
     'Sorry Ine.'

     I really hope he annoyed Haggie too! She may go away on her own just yet!

     'Yes, really. But that is not the main point. I wish to actually use this money for Caitlin's
     cause. Erik was not an actual environmentalist but he was very ecologically aware and did
     everything in his power to start bettering the world as far as he could. That's why I know
     he would appreciate his money being used to amplify Caitlin's plan. We can add
     embellishments that will increase our chances of success.'

     Seriously?! Who does she think she is! My plan does not need embellishments, it will do fine
     without them!

     'I propose we pool our resources, so that we can maximize our starters capital. Caitlin
     owns a beautiful and very large portion of land right here. But it's completely desolate,
     that's not representable.'

     And she is?

     'But if we all sell our houses, as well as our cars.'

     She even has a car? Completely unfit!

     'We can build ourselves a nice house right here, which we can combine with our
     environment institute, that will already have a much bigger chance of success!'

     WHAT?! She wants them ALL to move in HERE?! No way!

     'Agnes! That's such a wonderful idea! Everything we can do to ensure our success is worth
     pursuing, our task is so important! Hank, honey, do you think you can live with that?'

     No. No! No! NOT Pauline too. I never thought she'd care that much!

     'Let me get this straight. We will sell our house, build a big house for the four of us right
     here, and live there together? Me and 3 women? In a big house? Yea... I can live with

     Speechless. Just speechless.


     'Caitlin? What do you think about this?'
     'I... Um...'
     'It would help our cause.'
     'Yes, it would Caitlin. We would improve our chances of success significantly and make it easier
     to start educating young people.'

     I don't trust Haggie one bit, it's like she rehearsed this!

     'Well... I...'
     'It will be a big house!'
     'Didn't you say yourself Caitlin? Helping the environment requires a great act of
     selflessness? Be selfless Caitlin.'

     A meeting from hell!

     'If you put it like that... I guess I don't really have a choice.'

     'That's a very noble decision Caitlin.'

     Help! What did I start?!


Authors Note: My apologies for the big update with lots of text and few pictures: a big portion of the story had to unfold. It did not make sense to cut this update in half and there weren't many interesting screenshots to make. After this update it should balance out better!

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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #20 on: April 25, 2011, 02:55:08 AM »
Phyre, I love this dynasty. And with each update I love it even more! Your writing is fantastic! :D
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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #21 on: April 25, 2011, 04:02:20 AM »
Oh, nice twist there! :)

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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #22 on: April 25, 2011, 09:18:36 AM »
Awesome! I love it!  ;D
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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #23 on: April 26, 2011, 01:44:57 PM »
Chapter 3: Proverbs Run In Pairs

     Paragraph 1: A New Me

                                           Digital Diary

                        The Experiences of Pauline Wan


                   Given to me by Caitlin Vasquez.

                                                                                                        Property of:
                                                                                                        Pauline Wan

                                                                                                                            Entry 1
     Hey there!

     My first diary entry. So exciting!

     I'm not sure if I'll be any good at this journaling at all, but I'm going to give it an honest
     try. That's what I promised Cate! It was her idea. This dairy.

     She says it's a good way to document your life. She also says that writing has
     psychological benefits; that it helps us cope with difficult events in our lives. To "write
     frustration away", is the example she used. I'm not sure why she'd need to write her
     frustration away though, she seems such a calm and balanced person! Oh well, maybe I'm
     reading too much into it.

     I'm really happy I met Caitlin. That day at the beach when she came to talk to me was
     such an eye opener. I've always been a bit of a goof; afraid to commit, partying my time
     away. But then Cate shows up. A girl my age with such direction and devotion in her life I
     could only be jealous of. And as if it was meant to be; she was trying to save the one
     thing I love most. Well, if you don't count Hank that is.

     So of course I went to her meeting, and of course I wanted to support her idea. That's
     why I was so thrilled when Agnes joined the meeting and so generously offered all her
     support. This is going to change the world. But this is also going to change me, for the
     better, I'm sure of it. From now on I'll also have direction and devotion, just like Cate!

     It's going to be wonderful! Simply wonderful!

     I was a bit surprised Hank went along with everything so quickly though. He's not
     usually the big commitment type of guy. He didn't even propose to me; I proposed to
     him! Perhaps he's changing too; changing like me. I hope so! I guess we will see...

     In the meantime I decided to celebrate this change in my life with a total make-over.
     Something befitting the new me. Don't you think I look like a grown-up that's got spunk?!


     Until next time!


Authors Note: Chapter 3 is being divided into several paragraphs. This to "bridge" the long time is has taken me - and is still going to take - to finish building my first Dynasty house. I can't help but be a perfectionist, which means I keep changing everything, all the time. It will take me longer than I'd want to; to go back to actually playing. That's why there will be several paragraphs in Chapter 3 to bridge this void of "Sorry! Under Construction!"

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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #24 on: April 26, 2011, 02:14:19 PM »
Pauline's makeover is fabulous! She looks very spunky, the hair style is super cute on her.
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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #25 on: April 26, 2011, 02:55:57 PM »
I never realized how pretty Pauline is - her original hairstyle really detracts from her beauty.  So excited to read more and see your house - I'm sure it will be wonderful!

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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #26 on: April 26, 2011, 03:08:46 PM »
Yeah Pauline's fashion sense was doing her no favors, great makeover she went from a snoozer NPC to a knock out Sim!
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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #27 on: April 26, 2011, 05:44:37 PM »
Woooow... :o
This is an AMAZING Dynasty~! ;D
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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #28 on: April 26, 2011, 05:50:13 PM »
Pauline looks fantastic!!
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Re: The Vasquez Dynasty: Digital Diary of a Domestic Environmentalist
« Reply #29 on: April 26, 2011, 07:37:21 PM »
I love Pauline's makeover!