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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Eternal Darkness
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I loved Evie's formal wear! It really suited her. And yes, everything does go with black! That's a rule I live by in the real world too  ;)

As a writer myself, I really enjoyed how you did the chapter from Evie's perspective with no photos. Very clever  ;D

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: The Monster Within
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[Grumbles some excuse about how long it's been... mumbles apologies.]
[Insert reasons for why Dragon Age is at fault and not me.]
[Blah blah blah]
No seriously though you guys are epic. Let me count the ways in which I am busy:
  • I'm working 35+ hours a week, though I'm starting to feel carpal tunnel creeping in my wrists every day now...  :-\
  • I'm now a full time student (yay!) at a local community college. I'm going after my dreams (woo!) of becoming a teacher, but unfortunately I'm now taking 4 classes on top of my work schedule! (Boo!)
  • My boyfriend and I are currently attempting to buy a condo in the city we live in! (Yay!) However it's a time consuming process! (Boo!)
  • I've taken up painting again! (yay!) But I only have a few minutes free-time give or take to do it in (boo!)!
I feel tired just writing this list.
I actually had a moment where I woke up this morning and said "this is it, today, I'm going to update!" And here I am! I've been playing my Sims soundtrack in my head lately to get me slowly back into the swing so I could update my favorite forum in the world! Does anyone else do that? I have specific songs I associate with specific Sims. Jupiter and Eveline are brought on by "Fire Meets Gasoline" by Sia (love that song, so much, not sure exactly how it makes me think of them, but I do). I've got music I listen to for Majnun, some for specific sims and whatnot... Bah, anywho, how the heck are you guys?

Aww! That's so sad, I wonder what happened, though I need know to figure who smells like pine! Ugh! I love your writing style!  ;D Congrats on 41,500 views!
Woah, woah I got 41,500 views?! EPIC. Holy crap you guys. (throws confetti) (Blows noise maker) ok, and pulling it back in. Wow! I didn't think many people would follow me this far with the Reapers. You wonder what happened my dear friend? I believe I can answer that for you - like a month later...
If you're still there, that is.  ::) ::)

I saw no pictures at first and thought my laptop was failing to render the images, then I realized the really clever thin you did there.  We just experienced the story through her senses.  Those exact visual cues I'd been responding to from the last update were suddenly gone.  Clever. 
Ah, Ah! Someone gets it! Woo! That totally wasn't me being lazy and unable to get pictures that didn't give away specific sims... >.> No but really, it's so hard to keep the identities a secret. I'M SO RELIEVED NOW THAT IT'S GOING TO BE DONE. Though I'll happily take your compliment! :D

I agree with Pippin, very clever to let us experience that the way Eveline did. But how can you leave us hanging like that?
I know, I'm a terrible person. My whole intent was to get this update sooner, but I went back and forth about if I thought I could maintain the identities much longer, and the truth is, I can't. For a while I kicked around keeping it up for a few more updates, but it just wasn't happening.  :-X

I loved Evie's formal wear! It really suited her. And yes, everything does go with black! That's a rule I live by in the real world too  ;)

As a writer myself, I really enjoyed how you did the chapter from Evie's perspective with no photos. Very clever  ;D
Yes! I'm not alone! Black is the only complimentary color!  ;D ;D And thanks! I was trying to be so clever, but really I just didn't want to give anything away yet. Yet. But now...


The Monster Within
Prom Night

Eveline looked paler than Jupiter had ever seen her before. It was as if terror was frozen on her face; true, utter terror. She leaned back against the wall, sitting on the floor - the dirty hallway floor - while her hands gripped at her dress. Tears glimmered in her eyes, threatening to come out. His heart tensed with worry - he had been told over and over again that he needed to test everything before she ate or drank. The food made him sick, but he knew he would have to do it. Was this her being taken down by something? Had he already failed and the night only just begun? His head spun, but he kneeled next to her and spoke quietly.
No response. She couldn't hear him over the jarring music. He leaned closer to her, pulling her against him slowly, doing his best to ignore her racing heartbeat he could hear in her neck - the neck he found so appealing at the moment. He closed his eyes firmly. "Eveline? Are you ok?" He whispered, doing his best not to breath in.
A loud voice came from down the hall. His skin prickled. "Ev?! Woah! What are you doing down there?!" He didn't bother to look at the oncoming boy who came over and kicked Eveline's leg. "Ev! Hey woman, time to wake-y wake-y!" The boy leaned down and gave her a good shake on the arm. Jupiter's arm that had found it's way around her waist tightening instinctively.
"Ivan?" Eveline's voice was very weak and her body was still trembling. Jupiter sucked in his cheek, half out of anger and the other half out of something else. Jealousy? He shook his head slightly. Something never sat right about Ivan to him, but he bit his tongue and said nothing.
"Dear Watcher Ev, what the heck? Are you really shaking?" There was mockery in Ivan's voice. Jupiter clenched his fist reflexively. Who would say such a thing to someone so obviously terrified? What kind of a person would say that? His cheek bled inside his mouth from biting it too hard. His face twitched with anger but he went back to being calm.
"Shut up." Eveline was sharp again. Her face was hardening as she tried her best to gather herself.
He couldn't help himself. "Yes, really, shut up." His words were filled with venom.
Ivan turned his attention on Jupiter now. "Give her some space dude, woah..." He said, making a motion to the two of them. There was a harsh glare that was exchanged between the two of them.
"Mind your own business." Jupiter grumbled, his fists were clenching and unclenching repeatedly. He could feel the ice in his veins threatening to come alive - to fight. He would not be riled. Not so quickly. Not here. Not now. The ice that had started to spread made Eveline's pulse seem even louder than the music. It fluttered like a frightened bird and caused Jupiter to clench his teeth. She smelled like flowers and honey and fire. He didn't even know fire could smell of anything, but he could feel it now. His mouth watered. Being this close was too hard for him, but he couldn't bear to let her go. Too much was at stake.
Jupiter then realized why Ivan was looking at him weird, his pupils would be dilated, and he was sure he probably looked on the edge of frenzy, though truth be told it wasn't the first time that night. Something about Eveline put him on edge. He hated it so much. He hated himself. What he was. All of it. She should want nothing to do with him - but she danced with him. She didn't judge him, or assume the worst of him. She wasn't afraid of him. Watcher, everyone in the world hated and feared him, except for her. Some people pretended they didn't care, but she was the only one who truly didn't. "I've already fed for tonight, you can stop looking at me like that." And he had. Six plasma fruits. One usually fills him, but he wanted to be safe, to make sure he could be in full control of himself. It wasn't working.
The answer seemed to catch Ivan off-guard. "Say what?"
Jupiter flashed him a large smile, showing off his canines. "Got a problem with it?" His voice got deeper, like this was some masculinity show or something equally as stupid.
Ivan shrugged calmly. "No, no it's cool. Vampires and stuff. I guess." He then bent down and grabbed Eveline's hands, placing his drink he had been carrying in her open hand.
"What's this?" Eveline's eyebrows came together slightly as she felt the rim of the glass with her other hand.
Ivan shrugged as he spoke, not like she could even see, and it took everything in Jupiter to not roll his eyes at him. "Just some of my own punch. You looked thirsty."
A red flag was flying off in his head, Eveline leaned down and put her face closer to the glass. "She probably shouldn't drink that. I can get you some water, Eveline." If she was thirsty he would test it first. Please be reasonable, his mind was begging.
Ivan scoffed at him, "It's just fine. I brought it from home myself, I don't want the soon-to-be Mayor's daughter getting caught drinking spiked punch."
The red flags suddenly became a parade of red warning signs. Eveline seemed to trust him though, and she downed the glass immediately. Surely her grandfather spoke to her, Jupiter thought. "Thanks Ivan." Eveline rolled her head on her neck and stretched a little. Jupiter felt his face flush suddenly, he had thought nothing when he pulled her so close earlier, but now she must be seriously creeped out that he had his arms around her like this. She said nothing of the sorts though, "I think... I think I'm ok. What happened?"
"I think you got overwhelmed." Jupiter leaned closer to her ear, he wanted to be sure she could hear him without him having to yell. It also didn't hurt that he didn't mind being driven that close to her. "I pulled you out of the main room before anything bad could happen. I take it you had trouble seeing?"
"I'm not really sure what happened." Eveline moved to cradle her head in her hands while she grimaced. "My head is pounding. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."
No, it wasn't a good idea. Neither was Jupiter, a vampire - a monster, being pressed so close to her neck. So Jupiter decided it was best to not say anything of that sort. "Let me get you some water?" Though it wasn't a question. He pulled himself away as quickly as he could - like ripping off a bandaid. He walked away from her and his head got clearer with every step. Something in him said he shouldn't leave her alone with Ivan, but he needed to clear his head before he did something stupid and unintended.
He was a monster, after all. At least, that's what he told himself every night before he went to sleep.
Jupiter moved effortlessly through the mobs of teenagers in his effort to hurry back to Eveline. He could hear all of their pulses like a rhythm underneath the music. The sound was giving him a headache. He reached the two of them who had been chatting and smirking at each other and Eveline acknowledged him immediately. She got her sight back, at least that's one good thing going for the night. He handed her the water and she smiled up at him kindly.
She drank from the water and sat it down while trying to get up to her feet. Jupiter and Ivan both had grabbed either side of her to help her up. "Sorry for freaking everyone out. Just a minor meltdown. No worries." She gave a mischievous smile and began stretching her muscles a bit. Ivan released her which set her off balance and Jupiter stepped in and slid his arm around her waist easily. It was almost natural to him, and he didn't understand why.
"There's no rush." He said calmly. He would feel better staying away from the large crowd of people anyways.
"Com'on Ev! Hurry up and let's get to dancing!" Ivan had started off in the direction of the main gym again, leaving Eveline and Jupiter behind.
"Hey! Ivan!" Eveline tried to stop him but sighed when he didn't respond. Her voice dropped really low as she muttered to herself. "Are social events usually this exhausting?"
Jupiter figured she wasn't talking to anyone in particular, but he couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Unfortunately so." He smiled as he spoke, feeling relieved he wasn't the only one who absolutely loathed big crowds.
Eveline's face looked exasperated, "Why do we do this to ourselves?"
Jupiter felt his smile growing bigger, "I have no idea." They were walking incredibly slowly in the direction of the gym, though neither of them actually wanted to go there. He looked over at her as she slumped against him in their pace and he couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of calm. She looked truly beautiful in her dress, he opened his mouth to say so when the world started slowing down far too quickly. One minute she's against his arm, the next Jupiter is being tugged away by Elspeth Cook, and Eveline is disappearing through the mob towards the doors.
"I'm going to head outside with Ivan, feel free to join me when you're done." Eveline called to him, and he could only watch her go, practically frozen in place. 


"So I was hoping to get you away from her all night! I'm sorry about freaking out on you last week. I was hoping we could move past it..." Elspeth was rambling.
Jupiter hadn't turned to look at her. Dots were being connected in his head. Ivan wanted to go outside? With Eveline? Alone? It all suddenly clicked for him. This is what he was warned about.
"Jupiter, where are you going?! I need to-"
Just as the world slowed in rapid succession, it was now speeding up rapidly too. The ice was flowing through his veins and coming alive. He took one step, another, two more, and suddenly he was channeling his speed. He tore after Eveline like his life depended on it - and it very well did. He was a blur to the rest of the world, and no one even noticed the gust of wind he became as he gracefully danced around the crowded rooms towards the doors.

He could see them outside, Ivan was pulling her arms, she was laying on the ground. Unconscious. Anger surged through Jupiter, fueled by the ice in his veins, and he burst through the doors nearly breaking them. His speed still on his side, he slammed Ivan back and several feet, his fist colliding with Ivan's ribs - making a cracking noise. Jupiter was breathing hard, his pupils dilated all the way as he looked around. The world was spinning to the sounds of pulses as he sensed the heat of the boy in front of him. "Who do you work for?!" Jupiter hissed and took a step forward before shaking his head. Get a grip. Get a grip. GET A GRIP.
He pulled his hands to his head. He was not a hunter. He wasn't going to lose himself to this. He couldn't become this monster. He wouldn't.
Ivan hadn't responded. He hadn't even recovered from the blow Jupiter had dealt originally. He was on his hands and knees several feet away, though he turned to look at Jupiter with fear in his eyes. There was a moment where Jupiter thought he had made an error, a horrible feeling that sat at the edge of his heart, but Ivan's eyes hardened and he spat. "You're too late."

He could feel them coming long before he saw them. They were monsters. All of them.
He was one of them too, though. Jupiter clenched his fists and let the ice spread. He slowly stepped over Eveline's limp form and stood. He didn't stand a chance, but he wasn't going to run.
"Hello, pet." William spoke first. Jupiter felt his whole world tremble. It was him. After all these years. "Look at you all grown up. I didn't expect you to have survived our last encounter." He shrugged, "sorry kid, man's got to eat, after all."
Jupiter bared his teeth in response.
"Vampirism suits you, boy."
The rage bubbled over, "I NEVER WANTED THIS." He screamed at them, his fists tight against his side.
"Woah now, someone's hungry. Look, kid we need her alive, so you can't have her, however we've got some pretty delicious-"
"I'm. Not. Like. You." Jupiter spat every word out with all the venom he could manage. "I never will be, and if you want her, you're going to have to go through me."

Paws pattered on the wet pavement.

Just hold out a little longer, Jupiter. I'm coming.

Jupiter looked down at the pavement - he had been knocked to his knees again, everything ached. They had been going at it for what felt like forever, and he just wasn't strong enough. He coughed and spat out blood. Eveline lay motionless several feet from him, and he willed her - begged her in his head - to wake up. To run. He didn't care if he lost his own life, what's one less monster to the world? But her? The world can't stand to lose another beautiful person in it. He sucked in a hard breath and forced himself to his feet once again.
He nearly stumbled and the group was circling him, laughing. He had barely done any damage to them, well, save for one he knocked out, but three still remained. It didn't take long before they had him back on the pavement face first. He could see her now from there. "I'm sorry, Eveline." He whispered. He put his forehead against the cold, wet stone beneath him as the rain fell from the sky slowly. The only thought in his head was how he would die right here and not ever be able to redeem himself for the monster he was.
One more time, body, just once more; he willed his body to move, but it wasn't responding. He closed his eyes, waiting for an impending final blow when he heard it.
It was a very soft noise, but it was unmistakable. Moon's pawprints. Moon was the cat who resided at the bunk with everyone else. She just showed up one day and made herself at home - and it was as if no one cared or noticed. Jack even fed her from a fancy plate. Majnun would talk wildly and crazily to her too, though he just imagined that was him just being legitimately crazy. What was she doing here?
"What the-?"

"That's enough." A new voice had entered the area.

Magic permeated the surrounding area around her as she floated above the ground - hovering. Everything about her screamed magic, in fact, she probably could have been completely made of magic as it was all he felt from her.

Jupiter looked up, afraid of what he would see - and what he did see was a foot very close to his face, frozen in time. Even the rain had frozen mid-air in the sky. He looked over to the woman, confusion in his eyes. "Moon?"

The woman half smiled, "Olivia works too."
It clicked. "Watcher." He breathed.
"Now you're getting the idea." Her voice was light, airy and had a very slight veil over it, like it wasn't really there. She waved her hand dismissively over his form and he could feel himself getting lighter. He quickly got to his feet and ran over to Eveline.
"Eveline! Eveline! Please!" He shook her suddenly. "Wake up! Please!"
Eveline groaned every so softly, but she was still out.

Jupiter felt defeated, resigned. He put his head in his hands, "watcher, I've failed." He mumbled half-coherently as he bit back tears.
"She's going to be alright." There was such an eerie sense of comfort in the watcher's voice. "She's just had something slipped into her drink. It will prevent her from using magic and make her very, very tired."
"I was such a fool. I'm so sorry Eveline."
"Curam habe de ea"
Jupiter turned to look at her. "What?"
"Take care of her." She said calmly as she placed herself between Eveline, him and the vampires who were frozen in place. "She obviously means a lot to you, as she does to me. I'm going to be very weak after this, and I can assure you this will not be their final move for our Eveline. I'm not going to be able to intervene next time. Will you tell Majnun something for me?"
"I suppose so."
"Praeparo. Veniet. Vult Proelium." She pronounced each word, and Jupiter tried to mimic the sounds.
"Close enough." She smiled warmly at him. "I will be able to send these fools running for tonight, can you get her to a safe place?" She was no longer looking at Jupiter, instead she focused herself on the group still frozen in time.
"Will the bunk house work?"
"It should do perfectly." She sighed quietly. "You've done well, Jupiter. Thank you."

The magic intensified in the air around him, he threw his body over the top of Eveline and shielded her face.

She was gone, along with everyone else, and the rain started to fall again.
Jupiter looked around, the sound of a car driving on the nearby street drew his attention, it was silent all but for that. The car stopped on the street across from where he sat. Jupiter gathered Eveline up in his arms and started to walk.
The tinted window of the car rolled down and Jack gave Jupiter a once over. "You don't look so good."
"We need to go back to the bunk. I have something to tell Majnun."

"Hey, blood-sucker, what happened to your face?!" Nia heckled him, but Jupiter didn't blink. He just sat and waited.

Jack quietly brought over a wet rag and Jupiter took it quietly but still said nothing.
"What's up with him? Getting your butt handed to you make you lose your voice?"
Jack and her started going at it, but again, Jupiter didn't take any notice. Finally he lurched forward, his muscles ached. He walked over and used the rag that was likely intended for him to help clean the mud off of Eveline's face gently. Unfortunately her dress was ruined, and he felt bad about that. He turned and prepared to walk away when he heard it.
A soft, muffled groan and Eveline's eyes flickered open, white as usual. Her face twisted up in pain and suddenly fear. She sucked in a hard breath and started to clutch at the sheets. Her breathing soon became hyperventilating. Something was wrong. Jupiter moved and sat down slowly on the side of the bed.
Her hand moved over to him sluggishly, attempting to make a fist, but when he looked back up at her face, tears had started to spill from her eyes. She cried softly and closed her eyes shut very tight. Jupiter felt his heart breaking inside of him. He reached over hesitantly before his fingers brushed a tear off of her cheek. In that movement he could feel her heart racing, fighting against whatever else in her system that wanted to slow her down.
"Please don't hurt me." Her voice was so weak and hoarse, heavy with sleep.
Jupiter pulled his hand back suddenly feeling self-conscious. Did she know what he was? Was she afraid of him now? Hurt and anxiety filled him, but she spoke again, "I don't want to go to sleep again." She begged. Her face scrunched up tight as the tears fell from her eyes. "No... it's... it's too dark." She sobbed.

He couldn't take it, he grabbed her up into his arms and leaned her against him. He held her tightly against him and stroked her hair. The one time in his life he ever felt comfort was when someone stroked his hair like this; he held her tightly and hoped that it brought her the same comfort it did him. She broke down into a fit of horrible sobs as he did so, but he only continued to stroke her hair quietly. "No... please." She whimpered.
"You're safe now." Jupiter found his voice, even though watching her like this was heartbreaking. "I will always keep you safe." Her body was slowly growing limp in his arms. "Don't be afraid."

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: The Monster Within
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I knew Stanley was to blame! He just seemed fishy to Majun! Excellent job! I always will be reading, plus you add up the suspense when you kept updates away and yours are always so detailed. I adore the updates.  :D

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: The Monster Within
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A vampire fight and a Watcher manifestation?  Nice!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Do I Know You?
« Reply #604 on: September 20, 2015, 02:57:03 AM »
I knew Stanley was to blame! He just seemed fishy to Majun! Excellent job! I always will be reading, plus you add up the suspense when you kept updates away and yours are always so detailed. I adore the updates.  :D
Two updates in short span! - Boom boom! :D Thank you kindly though, I really appreciate your support while writing this! I can't believe I'm only 4 more generations left with this legacy... It'll be a sad day - perhaps that's why I'm taking my time with the story. It started as an experiment, and look how far it's come...

A vampire fight and a Watcher manifestation?  Nice!
Baha, you make it sound so much more intense, when in reality Eveline was snoozing through the whole thing! ;)

Do I Know You?
8 Years Ago
The bustle of the city slowed to a crawl as it was enveloped by darkness and rain. People walked with their umbrellas up and their heads down. There had been a cold snap recently, and most people were inside enjoying the warmth and comfort their homes brought. The rain had been incessant over the past several days and whatever little patches of greenery there was in the town soon became bottomless freezing mud pits.

Bridgeport has always been home to many interesting people; celebrities, artists, and musicians have all made themselves right at home, but they were not the only ones. No, a small vampire clan took shape, claiming a small portion of this once lively city. Vampires were never strangers to the city of Bridgeport, but prior to a year ago they hadn't held any allegiances. Prior to a year ago the city was full of nightlife, but now everyone fears the sun going down. They fear what lurks in the shadows.

Lucien Ricardo arrived in Bridgeport one year ago and rallied support from all the different vampire families that had once hid from the light. He trained them, and taught them to use their abilities to their advantage. It would be a long crawl from the bottom, but Lucien believed he could bring them out of the darkness.

The vampires started to come out more often, and were less hesitant about feeding whenever and however they pleased. It started as a few scuffles in the alleyways, and soon exploded into attacks in the middle of busy streets at night. The police force wasn't prepared to fight these things, and the people sensed it. Slowly but surely, the nightlife of Bridgeport dwindled to none.


The streets were rain-soaked and quiet. A thick haze had settled in the form of a cold drizzle that seemed constant. The world seemed eerily quiet as one taxi cut through the darkness. It's passengers were worn and tired from the long day they've had and the idle chatter that had once filled the car had quieted to a calm silence.

One of the two passengers in the taxi quietly leaned against the window, watching the sidewalks as they passed. She shivered at how cold the world felt through the glass, and thought of how nice it would be to return home. Her partner in the seat next to her held her hand and rubbed his thumb over her wrist. She felt her eyes growing weary with exhaustion when she saw it.
"Stop the taxi." It was a murmur, which gathered an inquisitive look from her partner. The taxi had not stopped however, and the woman found herself screaming in a panic, "STOP THE TAXI!"
The taxi driver screeched the vehicle to a halt. He quickly turned to glare at the passenger who had demanded such an immediate stop in a dangerous part of town, but soon discovered that she had flung the door open and thrown herself out onto the wet pavement.
She wasted no time bolting back towards what she had seen.

Her tiny shoes sank ankle-deep in the icy mud that she ran through, but she didn't care. The wind was biting and the rain was like needles hitting her skin, it was a wonder anyone could get warm after feeling such cold. Yet there, in the mud and the freezing cold of the night was something that was far more important than her own comfort.

The woman slumped down next to the unconscious child and pulled him into her arms. The boy felt like ice and his clothing was soaked through. She had no jacket or anything to give him, so she pulled him close to her chest and rubbed his arms quickly to generate any sort of heat she could.
She pulled back to look at him. His face was pale and his eyes were sunken in. She leaned her head over and placed her ear delicately against his chest. His breathing was shallow, but he was still alive. She felt relief sink into her. "It's going to be ok. I promise." She whispered to him.

The boy's eyes flickered open, and he looked up at her. His lower lip started to tremble. "Everything hurts." He whimpered.
The woman frowned, but tried not to let it show. "You're safe now dear. I won't let anything hurt you anymore. Ok?" She pressed him up against her again, only this time she started to stroke his hair slowly.
The boy started to cry very softly into this stranger's comfort. In the distance there was the sound of the taxi pulling away and another set of footsteps running.
"Mary! What in the Watcher's name are you doing? Eveline is waiting for us to-" The man stopped dead in his tracks. "Watcher! What happened?!"

"I don't know Alec... this poor boy. He needs help. We need to call an ambulance. He's been injured..." Mary tried her best to stay as calm as she could, but she felt her voice trembling.
Alec pulled his phone out of his pocket and numbly tried to dial for help. He squatted down next to his wife while they hovered over the young boy. "Hello? Hello? We need an ambulance out here. What do you mean please hold?!"
Mary continued stroking the boy's head, humming softly under her breath. She couldn't dare close her eyes for every time she did she didn't see the boy, instead she saw her daughter in this state and it killed her to think about. She stroked his hair until one point she ran her hands down further until it ran into something sticky. She pulled her hand back and saw blood coming from the boy's neck. Horror consumed her face while her husband continued to fight with the operator about being put on hold. She looked over and saw two puncture holes in his neck - a bite mark.
"I don't want to become a monster." The boy sniffled, his voice weak.
Mary looked back at the boy, but her face softened. "You won't become a monster, then." She stated quietly.
The boy's lower lip trembled as he spoke, "but I've been bitten." His face screwed up tightly with sadness, "I'm going to become... to become..."
Mary shushed him quietly and wiped his face with her hand. "Everything is going to be ok." She reached over and quietly wiped the blood off his neck with her sleeve before returning back to stroking his hair. "You're going to become anything you want to become. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Ok?"
The boy only nodded.
"She hung up on me? What is wrong with this city!" Alec grumbled. He shook his head and prepared to start dialing again when suddenly someone spoke.
"Forgive me for intruding, but that boy looks like he needs medical help."

"Well gee, we didn't notice captain obvi-"
"Alec!" Mary scolded quietly.
Alec grumbled his apologies.
"I have a car, I can hurry him to the hospital down the road. Please, I want to help, and he looks like he could use some medical attention right away." The man reached over and flashed an ID to Mary. "I work with the medical staff there, I can get him help right away."
Mary squinted her eyes at the ID before shock crossed her face. "Jack Reaper. You're a Reaper?" She looked at him curiously.
"It's my mother's maiden name, yes. She was very proud of it and fought my father tooth and nail to keep it." He chuckled.
"My name is Reaper - well, Mary Reaper."
"On a normal occasion I'd love to stay and chat with you, but the boy is in critical condition."
Mary shook her head. "Right, of course."
"If I may?"
Mary nodded and Jack reached down to pick the boy up.
Alec flagged down another taxi while Jack slowly carried the boy over to his idling car.

Mary quietly climbed into the new taxi feeling numb and worn. The taxi started to pull away when she realized she hadn't even gotten contact information to check on the boy later.
"Do you think he'll be alright?"
"I'm sure he will, Mary."
"I should've done more to help him."
"You left him with a Reaper, I really doubt there was any more you could've done."
Mary nodded quietly, "I hope you're right."

"Am I going to die?"
Jack looked down at the boy in his arms and contemplated his answer. "In a way, you will."

"Where are you taking me?"
"We're going to the Bridgeport Hospital to pick up a few things, then I'm going to take you home." Jack said quietly. "Do you have a family I can call?"
The boy shook his head. "I don't have anyone at all." He said sadly.
Jack put the boy in the back seat of his car and covered him in a blanket that he kept in his backseat. "What's your name, son?"
"Jupiter." The boy responded back weakly.
"Well Jupiter, I'm Jack. How would you like to stay with me for a while?"
The boy looked over at him with wide, bright blue eyes. "Really?"
It would be the last time his eyes were ever that color.
Jack felt himself smiling, "really. Now try to rest, tonight isn't going to be very pleasant."
The boy nodded and rest his head against the seat. Jack pulled back and was prepared to close the door when the boy spoke again, "Jack?"
"Hm?" He looked down.
"Thank you."

Jupiter went home with Jack that night where he spent the entire night in agony while he transitioned. Jack sat up with him the whole night and prepared the blood bags he procured from their quick trip to the hospital. Jack did his best to distract Jupiter by getting him to talk about anything he could think of. So Jupiter did talk, he talked until he finally fell asleep just past dawn.

Jack spent many weeks following that creating a plant that could give Jupiter the nutrients he needed as well as fill the craving the poor boy would get. Weeks became months and months became years; Jack never asked Jupiter to leave, and Jupiter never left. They were a makeshift family, but a family nonetheless.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Do I Know You?
« Reply #605 on: September 20, 2015, 09:19:03 AM »
At first I thought it was Eveline because of the pink. I loved how you took a memories from the past to explain Jupiter into depth.  :D

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Do I Know You?
« Reply #607 on: September 24, 2015, 06:32:47 AM »
OMG I finally finished this after months of having it bookmarked. Only took 3 days lol. This story is epic Liv! And I love that I was right in my suspicions about Jupiter and Ivan! Let me say that my pictures don't always render on my phone (in fact more often than not they don't) and I have not felt the lack of them! Except when I wanted to see what a specific character looked like and then I usually just had to click the image for it to appear in my browser (on another phone. This one doesn't let me click the images)  so I have been jumping from one phone to the next three whole time and all I can say is BRAVA!!! You are officially in my top 10 Sims authors... I won't say who the other 9 are but they know lol I am desperately trying to keep myself from looking at the family tree as I don't want to potentially ruin any surprises you have in store but drat it's hard! Love this love this love this!!!!!
because... Math *Pippin The Most Tenacious Simmer*

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Do I Know You?
« Reply #608 on: September 26, 2015, 10:48:34 AM »
Loved how you gave Jupiter's backstory here.  Man of mystery no longer  :=)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Do I Know You?
« Reply #609 on: October 01, 2015, 11:40:35 AM »
Oh my gosh!!! So much has happened! Finally got around to checking this again for any updates and there were three so you know what that meant - binge-read! Loved the update from Eveline's point of view as it really captures the panic she must've felt. Plus, as the others said, it was clever not putting the pictures in there to show us the story properly from her point of view.  ;) I loved the craziness that ensued in the second update and the simself appearance even more! And the final update. What can I say apart from omg it's so cute! Jupiter is just one of those characters who seems like at bad boy at the start but turns out to be a complete softie when they're in love.  :) (if anyone out there's read Finding Sky, you'll realise that Zed's kinda the same) Can't wait for the next update!  ;)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Do I Know You?
« Reply #610 on: January 24, 2016, 01:10:42 AM »
Still aliiiiiive! ;)

Hello everyone!
Update coming at you!
After I respond to these long awaited comments.
And pretend I wasn't gone for an insane period of time.

At first I thought it was Eveline because of the pink. I loved how you took a memories from the past to explain Jupiter into depth.  :D
Oh Jupiter, I love him to death, but the game starts him as a child in pink clothing. Poor kiddo. It's not even tasteful pink.
Ooooh, *wink wink, nudge nudge* I sense a good couple of updates in the future, right?

Aww, poor Jupiter! And hooray for more Reaper family cameos  ;D
I love my extended family, but boy oh boy are they tough to keep up with. ;) Especially now that I'm juggling two family trees... Ah well, 'tis all worth it in the end!

OMG I finally finished this after months of having it bookmarked. Only took 3 days lol. This story is epic Liv! And I love that I was right in my suspicions about Jupiter and Ivan! Let me say that my pictures don't always render on my phone (in fact more often than not they don't) and I have not felt the lack of them! Except when I wanted to see what a specific character looked like and then I usually just had to click the image for it to appear in my browser (on another phone. This one doesn't let me click the images)  so I have been jumping from one phone to the next three whole time and all I can say is BRAVA!!! You are officially in my top 10 Sims authors... I won't say who the other 9 are but they know lol I am desperately trying to keep myself from looking at the family tree as I don't want to potentially ruin any surprises you have in store but drat it's hard! Love this love this love this!!!!!
Aw! Thank you so much! I am trying to keep up with it! I swear!  :-X And awww, shucks! I'm just trying to tell the wonderful story of this crazy family. That's all.
Man there's going to be a void in my life when this is done.

Loved how you gave Jupiter's backstory here.  Man of mystery no longer  :=)
Nah, he's just the poor, gentle soul of Jupiter that we're all going to love, I'm sure. :D

Oh my gosh!!! So much has happened! Finally got around to checking this again for any updates and there were three so you know what that meant - binge-read! Loved the update from Eveline's point of view as it really captures the panic she must've felt. Plus, as the others said, it was clever not putting the pictures in there to show us the story properly from her point of view.  ;) I loved the craziness that ensued in the second update and the simself appearance even more! And the final update. What can I say apart from omg it's so cute! Jupiter is just one of those characters who seems like at bad boy at the start but turns out to be a complete softie when they're in love.  :) (if anyone out there's read Finding Sky, you'll realise that Zed's kinda the same) Can't wait for the next update!  ;)
Thank you so much! Yeah, I tend to binge-post, so it's great for binge-readers, haha, not so great when I need to keep a regular schedule. I wholeheartedly and completely blame Dragon Age. It's eaten my life. And work. And school. Totally those things. And I can't stay too far from my Reapers! They're my babies, so my Simself must always be around for a deus ex machinan appearance! ;) Update coming your way! I pinky promise! Pictures are up and ready to go!

I've been chatting to a various party who-will-not-be-named-(unless-they-wish-to-be-so) ;) and a collaboration is in the works, which has once again drawn my focus back to my Reapers. Look forward to that in the coming future, hopefully! Until then, let's move forward, shall we? I hate to double post on the forums, but I also feel like I might kill the word-limit, so I'll go ahead and start up the update and post it afterwards. I must say though that I am super sorry for the disappearance. I won't make any promises about disappearing again, but do know that I'm never really gone. I still stay on the forum as a lurker and keep up with any messages being sent my way! Currently I'm a full time student (5 classes) at a college near me and working full time. It's a full schedule and so when I do (rarely) get free time I have been reaching more for Dragon Age. The Sims 3 is still my favorite and I'll still be playing it as much as time will allow!
Forgive me, everyone?

On to the update! Drumroll please!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Cleaning Up the Mess
« Reply #611 on: January 24, 2016, 03:37:37 AM »
Cleaning Up the Mess

Majnun's headache was pounding - no, throbbing - obnoxiously as everything in the room around him was moving quickly. He sat still, concentrating hard. Focused. Cold. Clear.
"Praeparo. Veniet. Vult Proelium." Jupiter had repeated a garbled variation of the message three times before Majnun stopped him and went to sit and focus.
There was simply too much to focus on; it was as if the world waited until now to spring every exhausting hoop for him to jump through. Yet at the same time Majnun was thankful that it all happened at once. He could drain through his magic now and coast on insanity for a few days if he set this up correctly.
Sheogorath sat dutifully next to him, his eye twitching slightly and his head lolling as the insanity would take hold briefly before returning to his calculating gaze. He also had a lot on his plate and was struggling to keep his head above water. The thought made Majnun fiendishly delighted. Majnun massaged his temples. The room buzzed further and Sheo finally caught a glimpse of his father and recognition crossed his face.
"What will you have me do, my lord?" His voice was shaky, struggling to find even ground. His sanity was barely maintained.
"Summon Kefka."

It had been two hours and thirty-three minutes. Majnun had counted them painfully as his head throbbing made for an excellent metronome. He hadn't moved an inch from his seat, however others had gathered slowly into the room. There was an air of discomfort and tension as everyone could sense their master's unease.
Kefka paced at the entrance to the hideaway, muttering gibberish under his breath while his hands idly tapped against his phone.
Sheogorath had only moved so much as to acknowledge his wife's entrance before returning to his thoughts.
Deliro was rocking back and forth in his seat, occasionally making conversation with Kefka to help calm his jittered brother.
Mania sat disturbingly quiet for her usual self.
A marker squeaked against the white board as Jack kept himself busy, Liam standing close by.
And Jupiter? He had not left Eveline's side for a minute, a fact that made Majnun as weary as all the other things weighing his mind combined.

Majnun sighed, the first audible thing he had done since the group had gathered together. This caused all of his children to stare at him expectantly. "Let's begin." Majnun's voice seemed booming compared to the quiet that enveloped the room. "Gather around, everyone."
The sanity that Majnun spoke with caused a wave of fear to capture everyone in the room. They moved without question, except for Kefka, who looked paralyzed with fear and indecision.
His laughter bubbled, "ma-ma-master?" His fingers trembled as he twisted the bottom of his shirt.
"You can wait for her." Majnun responded levelly.
Kefka nodded fiercely and continued pacing back and forth in front of the entry.

Liam and Jack had quieted, but kept themselves to their own corner, figuring they didn't belong in the Mad God's conversation with his followers. Jupiter stayed fixed next to the bed where Eveline lay resting off the effects the drug had left on her.
Majnun's eyes lifted towards where his granddaughter rested, "Jupiter," his voice started out high pitched, it slowly sank as he continued. "Why don't you come and sit over here." Majnun's eyes moved to the chair directly across from his at the table. It wasn't a question, it was simply a command. Jupiter looked at him coldly, the first time he ever turned his gaze away from Eveline, however he stood without a word and moved silently over to the chair Majnun had directed to with his gaze.

"But... but... master!" Mania suddenly came to life. "You would have an outsider sit at a position of power to you? Sheogorath should sit opposite of you!" Her voice whined and grated on Majnun's ears.
"Sheogorath" the name came out much louder and forceful than the rest of the statement, "is right here, next to me." Majnun clicked his tongue. "You would be wise to not test my patience today," his voice shrunk low as he spat her name, "Mania."
Mania trembled and moved her hand to pull a chair back.
Majnun interrupted her, "I do not think it will be necessary for you to sit." He stated without looking at her.
The insult implied was grave, and Mania looked around in desperation. Her husband didn't even make eye contact with her, so her head fell and hung low. She took a step back and stood, knowing that she was being punished for something, and loathing the reason.
Kefka suddenly became rigid. "Ma-ma-ma-master?" He laughed maniacally, waving his phone around, even though the battery had long since been removed from it.
Majnun felt the shift in the air and nodded. "We have a guest tonight."
With that the room was absolutely silent as the sound of the upstairs door shutting echoed throughout the room.
Heels hitting the wood floor, growing louder with every step caused both Kefka and Deliro to twitch at the sounds.

The woman made the air feel stiff and cold as she entered the room. Jupiter sat up straighter in his seat, fists clenched. Even Jack and Liam had stopped what they were doing to stare. There was something terrifyingly off about the woman that stood before them.

Kefka bowed lowly at her entrance. "Mo-mo-mother." He giggled, but immediately silenced it as she looked at him with annoyance.

"Charlotte." Majnun said levelly.
Charlotte's gaze fell to Majnun and she tipped her head forward, "husband." She spat, her tone somewhere between playful and testing boundaries which she knew better than to be tested.
Majnun was unwavering though, and was not going to play her game. "Thank you for coming on such short notice."
His sanity caught Charlotte completely off-guard. Her eyes widened and her face fell to a look of shock only briefly before she composed herself. The gravity of the situation struck her and she responded with equal strength, "what is it you need?"

"You are not stupid, and I do not have the strength for lengthy conversation, Charlotte. I have a vampire problem. Take care of it."
Charlotte looked amused, "you say that as if I can just snap my fingers and poof them all away." Her tone was playful, and the conversation obviously meant a lot more to her and Majnun than anyone else. Majnun did not move and Charlotte sighed with a hint of frustration. "Very well. I will need strength. Perhaps..." A devious smile grew, "you might let me have a taste of madness once again?"
There was a small, but still audible, gasp that came from the table.
Majnun, however, didn't even flinch. "No." The denial was simple. "You can," he paused and gestured to Mania, "have nymph blood."
Mania looked around, panicked. "Please... please master... I..."
"Take as much as you need for strength, but keep her alive. She still hasn't given me grandchildren." The insult was now out in the open.
Mania whimpered.

"Please master... I'll do anything. I swear I've been trying... It's just... please master!"
"Deal." Charlotte agreed.

Majnun made an idle gesture towards Mania and Charlotte gracefully swooped around the table, zoning in on her fae-target with a devious smile.
Mania looked towards her husband who turned away from her gaze after their eyes made contact. A flash of hatred crossed through her eyes before her entire face fell.
Jupiter shifted uncomfortably in his chair before realizing that Majnun was keeping steady eye-contact with him - testing him.
All eyes turned to Mania as she weakly offered her arm to the vampiress.
The vampiress however batted her arm away and grabbed her by the face.
"Such a pretty thing." Charlotte grinned widely. "It's been ages since I've tasted nymph blood. What a treat. You do really know how to treat a woman, mi'lord."

Charlotte sank her teeth into the soft flesh of Mania's neck, causing Mania to cry out and whimper. Jupiter had closed his eyes, unable to look at the sight. The smell of blood filled his nose and caused his whole being to come alive. His fingernails cut into his palm as he struggled to not listen to the rapidly beating nymph-heart that was so audible in his ears. It made his mouth fill with saliva and disgusted him at the same time. His self-loathing was enough to keep him in check, and he was grateful for that.
Majnun seemed to take note of this change in Jupiter, but said nothing.
Charlotte let Mania go after a brief minute and Mania sunk to her knees, tears rolling down her face as she gripped her neck.
"I take it that is all you will need?" Majnun asked. It was mostly a formality, and he was using it as a way to dismiss her.
Charlotte was well aware of this. "Of course, mi'lord, though you should visit me more often." She said with a teasing voice. She turned and started heading for the door. "Just leave your pesky night stalkers to me, dear." She paused at Kefka at the door and cradled his face in her hands affectionately before kissing his forehead.

"My son." She looked at him fondly, and Kefka seemed happy to have the acknowledgement. "Make me proud." She said simply.
Kefka nodded with a goofy grin. Charlotte rolled her eyes just slightly before half laughing. She closed her eyes and when she reopened them her face was serious once again. She dropped her hands and left without another word.
The only sound in the room after that was muffled sniffling that came from the crumpled nymph on the floor.
"Jack, Liam," Majnun started, his voice suddenly softened as he added one more name, "Nia." He paused again, "please take a seat."
Liam gave a defiant look, but Jack motioned him to follow anyways. Nia crawled up from the floor to the seat at the table, gingerly wiping her face with her hands. Her neck had already started to heal shut thanks to her nymph blood. Jupiter gave her an apologetic and empathetic look before turning his gaze to the Mad God.

Majnun shifted for the first time in his chair and gazed at his table. "I'm exhausted." He admitted. "So let's make this very zippity quick!" His voice surged forward as he struggled to maintain it. He turned first to Sheogorath. "Who is she?"
Sheogorath look stunned, "she?"
Majnun was highly unamused. "There is a rumor that I have another granddaughter. Seeing as you don't seem to know, you are going to find out. I'm going to give you a week's time. Figure it out. Report back to me in exactly one week."
Sheogorath nodded gravely, his eyes wide.

Majnun didn't have time for this to all sink in, so he continued on, "Deliro, I want you to return to the Madhouse and keep track of our state of affairs. Kefka, I want you to shadow your mother and ensure she has everything she needs. I want you both to report back on an as-needed basis starting after I return from my trip."

"Master is traveling?" Deliro asked intently.
"Yes. I will be."
"Don't forget your cheese knife." Kefka said and Deliro nodded in agreement.
"Jack and Liam all I ask is that you maintain things here." Majnun began to pinch the bridge of his nose. He ached all over.

Liam scowled, but Jack responded kindly, "we will do our best, sir."
Majnun turned to Mania, who wouldn't meet his gaze. "Perhaps a visit to the glade to see your family and recover from the events of today would be in order, Mania." Majnun spoke as if he meant her physical wound, yet everyone knew well he meant the other wound which she suffered that day.
Mania nodded her head quickly without looking up. She trembled in her seat.

Finally Majnun's gaze locked onto Jupiter. "Jupiter, you have done my family a great service, and I am in your debt. An unusual occurrence, for someone of your stature." Jupiter looked at him levelly. "I intend to return the favor, of course, but I will need your help once more before I can do so."
Jupiter tilted his head, implying he was listening. He had managed to stay quiet this entire time, and he wasn't even sure if his vocal cords would work if he tried to use them. Majnun continued, "Eveline and I will be travelling;" he paused briefly, "as you can tell I am not in a good state, nor will I be for the next few days. I ask that you accompany us on our travels." Majnun stated. "You will be compensated." He added.
"I don't need compensation." Jupiter's voice came out gruffly.
Majnun adjusted himself in his seat once more, "everyone needs compensation, in one form," he turned and glanced at Eveline briefly, just long enough that Jupiter and no one else understood what was implied, "or another. Let's just say I'm always one to make sure my debts are paid, and I think that you deserve a chance to enjoy the sun's rays on your skin, no?"
Jupiter's brows scrunched in confusion before it clicked. "You... you would make me human again?"
"I always pay back my debts." Majnun reaffirmed.
Jupiter felt his heart leap into his throat, he sputtered but didn't know what to say.
"Go and pack. All of you are dismissed. Leave me." He waved his hands. He could feel the jitter starting up and he couldn't take it any longer.
Everyone stood up slowly and began to filter out of the room.

Jupiter was the only one who paused to glance once more at the unconscious girl before he moved forward to follow the orders he was given.
The room was empty and Majnun sighed quietly as he stood and his stiff joints cracked with complaint. He grumbled under his breath, slowly allowing himself to relax. He began to make his way over to his resting granddaughter, moving slowly and quietly as he did so.

He sighed, "my little swallow." He said affectionately. "I'm sorry." He whispered. He sat down on the bed where she lay.

Eveline shifted slightly and her eyes opened, revealing the white crystal eyes Majnun had grown to love. "Grandpa?" Her voice was groggy with sleep. "Is that you?"
Majnun didn't speak then, he only let his magic surround the two of them. Something that he knew Eveline would recognize without hesitation, as doing so granted her a brief moment of visibility and sanity for him.

"I'm scared, grandpa." She whimpered.
"The world is, indeed, a scary place Eveline." Majnun said to her, "You're safe with me now." He paused. "You're safe with me always." He reached over and grasped her hand in his.
They stayed like that for a long time as Eveline drifted back off into unawareness, each giving the other a mutual comfort.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Cleaning Up the Mess
« Reply #612 on: January 24, 2016, 07:29:41 AM »
Its been so long I might have to go reread the last few chapters lol

Brilliant as always!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Cleaning Up the Mess
« Reply #614 on: January 24, 2016, 11:18:50 AM »
Loved how the photo collage at the end broke the tension.  Sane and focused Manjun is kind of terrifying.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Cleaning Up the Mess
« Reply #615 on: January 24, 2016, 06:19:58 PM »
Ooh! I love this! Sheogorath's expression! That was amazing! I definitely can see some interesting updates coming.   ;)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Cleaning Up the Mess
« Reply #616 on: January 29, 2016, 12:10:40 AM »
Its been so long I might have to go reread the last few chapters lol

Brilliant as always!

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Thank you! Sorry, I know it's been a while! I've got a new job now though and my boss is really awesome and has granted me a rather large dose of freetime which is being filled with school and now... Sims! :) I'm really glad to be back.

I'm so glad to have you back. This is so compelling.
Thank you! I'm so glad to be writing again!

Loved how the photo collage at the end broke the tension.  Sane and focused Manjun is kind of terrifying.
I was actually in that house and I looked around and saw the photo collage and started laughing when I remembered it and thought of how wonderful my Sims are together... and then I realized I just had to fit it in somewhere.

Ooh! I love this! Sheogorath's expression! That was amazing! I definitely can see some interesting updates coming.   ;)
Sheo's going to be paying someone a visit soon, from what I hear. I'm greatly amused to see where the darling takes him. ;)  :-X  8)

Alright, so I went on a binge of playing and have enough photos for like... 4 updates. I'll likely get the condensed (since I take 3 of every shot, it seems) to two updates incoming! I have some spare time, but unfortunately not enough. I begin the next update... soon!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Friendships
« Reply #617 on: January 30, 2016, 12:15:01 AM »
Warning: much dialogue being had.

Music filled her ears as the sound of a stringed instrument beckoned Eveline through a heavy fog. It wasn't a stringed instrument she was familiar with though, like the one her father played.

Eveline let out an audible groan as she slowly came to. She shifted under the weight of sheets and a blanket before her eyes snapped open. Panic. Desperation. She sat up like a rocket and clutched the sheets tightly in her fists. She made a strangled sound as she grasped to see something, anything.
Her magic seemed to be slow to get started, but eventually the wall broke down and a fuzzy line of sight came into her vision. Eveline felt her whole body relax as she slunk back down into the covers. She could have cried happy tears at that moment, but she was still shaking off the grogginess she felt. Her vision was very limited at the moment - her magic was stretched thin enough as it was after everything.
Everything? Eveline closed her eyes and tried to remember what even happened the night before, but nothing came. Just fear. Paralyzing fear - and something about Ivan? She sat up in bed, her face scrunched while she thought.

She had been drugged. She figured that much out at least. What was the last thing she remembered?
It had been dark and someone was... holding her? Comforting her.
Then there was her grandpa, but that couldn't have been him. He doesn't smell like pine. That smell was familiar but she wasn't sure where it came from.
If it wasn't her grandfather then... who was it?
Violin music drifted into her room, as did the scent of french toast. Eveline swung her feet over the edge of the bed and slowly brought herself to stand.

She couldn't see much farther than the door to her room, and she felt a little woozy standing up too fast. She put her hand on her head and tried to steady herself. "Watcher?" She called out quietly.
There was no response.
Eveline felt her breath catch in her throat. "Anyone?" She half whispered. She tried to not panic, but her limited sight range was causing her great anxiety. She immediately grabbed the clothing she had thrown on the floor by her bed in the previous days and struggled to put them on. It wasn't her usual outfit, but she didn't actually care at that moment. She felt like she had tunnel vision - she had to find her grandfather, or her mother, or her father... or just anyone friendly. Where was the watcher? Why wasn't she responding? There were too many questions. She lurched forward to her door, but ended up tripping over her own feet as she did so, causing her to stumble out into the living room where she was abruptly caught.

Her vision was whirling, contracting and expanding in front of her. She couldn't quite grasp much. Her hand was instinctively on her head.
"Eveline? Eveline!" The world sounded like she was under water, but suddenly everything came rushing forward all at once.
"Huh?" Eveline steadied herself on the person in front of her before she nearly panicked again. She was about to yank herself backwards when she breathed in and the night came rushing back into her. Pine, spices, and cinnamon. The world came into focus so suddenly it left Eveline reeling. "Oh, ow. Watcher." She grumbled as she rested her head on the safe shoulder.
"Do you need to sit down? Eveline? What's wrong? Uh... Sir?" Eveline let her face scrunch up as she connected the dots in her head.
"Jupiter? Is that you?" Eveline asked wearily. "Who are you talking to? I thought I was at home? Where am I? What happened?" Words came pouring out of her mouth faster than she could even gather her own thoughts.
"Pumpernickel!" Majnun shouted from the edge of the room.
Eveline felt her brow furrow. "Grandpa? What happened?" She stepped away from Jupiter and towards her grandfather. Majnun had sat down at the table with a plate of food.
As Eveline took the step forward she could hear her grandfather mumbling under his breath. He was completely gone. "Rocking pool, sat and gnomes and upward spirals." Majnun scratched at his neck repeatedly, his right eye twitching.
"Grandpa?" Eveline felt her heart drop. What was going on? "Grandpa... something happened last night -" She paused suddenly and turned around to face Jupiter, "- and you were there! I think. I mean... maybe?" She turned back around to Majnun, "grandpa... what happened?"
It was as if Majnun didn't even hear her. "Sandpaper! Eat your glorious sandpaper! You need all the fillings of lead!"
Eveline's mouth was open in slight disbelief. Her grandfather was mad, but at the same time he wasn't - this was just outright lunacy. This was not the grandfather she loved. "Grandpa... please!" Eveline took another step towards him, her voice soft and barely above a whimper. "Please, this isn't you. I need you to come back to me. I need you to tell me what's going on. Grandpa... please I'm so confused." Eveline reached out to him, but stopped short. The tears she had nearly felt earlier were brimming at the corners of her eyes.
Majnun stopped and looked at her with a soft smile. "Tender warmth under the snowtrail." He patted her hand gently before turning back to what he was doing.
Eveline closed her eyes slowly and let out a breath quietly, resigned.
"I'm to inform you that we're going to be taking a trip out of the country today, Eveline." Jupiter spoke quietly.
Eveline stood still for a minute while everything processed in her head.
Not receiving any answer from her, Jupiter took a step forward and tilted his head towards Majnun, "sir, I need to get some..." he hesitated, his voice dropping somewhat, "supplies before we take off." He sounded like he was speaking through gritted teeth.
Majnun was waving his hand back and forth in the air like a conductor, "swish, swish, swishy-swoosh!" He burst into insane laughter.
Eveline just stood, not bothering to move from where she was. She sighed and then went into the kitchen to grab a plate of french toast before moving to sit across from her grandfather.

Jupiter hadn't moved yet, and seemed to be waiting for some sort of dismissal.
Eveline took up her fork and knife and cut a small piece of her french toast and waved it in the air on her fork. "So you work for my grandfather?" She asked, coldness edging into her voice.
Jupiter seemed taken aback by the sudden shift in everything. "I... I guess you could say that?" Jupiter shifted uneasily. "Have I upset you, Eveline?"
Eveline placed the bite of french toast in her mouth and swallowed it down without really tasting it. She stuck her fork, slightly aggressively, back into the french toast and shrugged. "You're free to collect whatever you need. My grandfather keeps his wallet in his lampshade in his room. Take whatever you need. He won't notice. I promise." Her voice was even and calculated. It made Jupiter thoroughly confused. Eveline didn't let Jupiter speak before asking, "what time do we leave?"
Jupiter stuttered and stumbled, "well... the plane leaves in 5 hours and I-"
"Then I'll see you back here in three." Eveline said finally.
Jupiter hesitated, "if I've done something that's offended you-"
"SHARP! SNAPS! DOUBLE WEASELS!" Majnun jumped up from his seat and went running for his bedroom. Eveline didn't move once from where she was, she just sat, twisting her next bite of french toast around on her plate calmly while Jupiter jumped, thoroughly shocked from the scene.
"You haven't." Eveline stated before she breathed out slowly. "I have a lot to process, Jupiter. Please feel free to take what you need and I'll see you back here in a few hours." Her voice had softened. She expected Jupiter to take his leave and leave her to her thoughts - or at least to some quiet where she could cry alone.
Jupiter nodded, "would you like for me to pick you up anything while I am gone?"
Eveline's head snapped up, as she had been lost in thought for a brief moment, "hum? No, thank you." She said quietly.
Jupiter bowed to her slightly before walking out the door quietly - not even bothering to take any money offered to him.
The second the door clicked shut Eveline dropped her fork onto her plate and shoved it away from her. Her head collapsed onto the table. Of course he worked for her grandfather. Her one best friend she had in the world tried to sell her to vampires, and the only other friend she thought she had was only there because her grandfather paid him to be. Just perfect.
Eveline had been so distracted she didn't even hear her mother come out of her bedroom and approach her. In her upset, Eveline had even let her magic retract completely. She just couldn't make herself care anymore. Mary gently ran her hand along Eveline's hair and Eveline shot upwards in her seat.
"It's alright love, it's just me." Mary said quietly.
Eveline relaxed and put her head in her hands, wondering if her mother even knew what happened. Should she share the catastrophe that occurred? Or should she just assume that she would overreact? "Hi mom." Eveline said weakly, settling on the latter.
"Hi mom?" Mary smirked. "My daughter gets dragged halfway around Bridgeport by a mad god and his goonies for the entire night she was supposed to be enjoying prom, and the first thing she can muster to say is 'hi mom?'"
Eveline started to sob quietly.
"Oh sweetheart," Mary pulled a chair over from the other side of the table and she pulled Eveline closer to her. Hushing her, like Mary once did when she was a baby. "Everything is ok now." Mary soothed.
Eveline cried so hard she couldn't even form complete sentences to tell her mother what was wrong. She leaned into her mother and cried for a solid twenty minutes before she finally calmed down enough to speak again, "what happened to me, mom?"
Mary let out a solid, controlled breath - one she learned from her martial-arts training. "Your friend Ivan put something in your drink and was planning on selling you to a vampire clan for reasons that are still unknown to your grandfather and I. That boy Jupiter fought them all off all on his own until the Watcher came for you and sent those vampires running back to their caves." Mary said the last part with less control than what she had said the rest, showing her distaste for the vampires in question. "Jupiter then took you back to your grandfather, who brought you home at an ungodly early hour this morning and who hasn't said a single sane thing since." Mary was stroking Eveline's hair as she spoke.
Tears rolled out of Eveline's eyes, "why would Ivan do that, mom? I thought... I thought he was my friend."
Mary closed her eyes and clenched her jaw. "I don't know love. I'm so sorry."
"I went from having friends to not all in one night. This really sucks." Eveline whimpered.
"What about Jupiter, isn't he going with you on this trip? He seemed very fond of you." Mary said hopefully.
"He works for grandpa, mom. He's paid to be my friend." Eveline said coldly.
"I doubt someone who was just being paid would fight a losing battle to save the person they were paid to watch." Mary gently spoke, hoping to cheer Eveline up.
Eveline thought on that for a moment, "maybe." She said quietly. "Or he could've done that so he didn't have to face grandpa's wrath."
Mary made a small face and nodded, "can't say I wouldn't do anything to avoid his wrath either."
Eveline looked over at her mother, "you?!"
"Of course! If you had seen what he did to your last principal you would too." Mary stated firmly.
Eveline felt a burst of laughter come up, "what do you mean? What did he do?!"
Mary shook her head while grinning, "I'm not telling. It was just too much!" She stated overdramatically.
"Mom!" Eveline was grinning back at her, but Mary just touched her cheek.
"Don't be so discouraged about friendships dear. Think of it this way, these are all tests to weed out who is going to stand by you at all costs."
"Whatever the heck that means." Eveline muttered.
"Well, you should go pack for your trip." Mary patted Eveline's shoulder.
"Where am I even going?"
"Egypt, apparently."
"Are you coming too?"
"Nope, just you, Jupiter and your grandfather. Watcher preserve you. You should see if you can get a refund for your grandfather's ticket, tell them you don't want to pay full price for half a person." Mary nudged her.
Eveline giggled, "he really is out of it. What happened?"
"He won't say, or rather, he'll say a lot but none of it even remotely makes any sense."
Eveline shook her head, "can't you please come along with us? I don't want to be alone." Eveline begged.
"I'm not allowed to, love. Besides, I've got research to do."
"Research... what research?"
Mary stood up completely and looked at her daughter, amusement completely gone from her face. "There isn't a spell that I'm aware of that will inflict the amount of pain and torment I want to cause that stupid boy and those vampire rats without killing them." Mary spat. "So I'm going to find one." With that, Mary walked back into the master bedroom, only pausing before closing the door, "don't forget to hug your father before you go, dear. He's worried about you."
Eveline sat at the table for a few moments longer before she went to shower the sadness off of her. She could hear her grandfather banging against something in the room next door, singing loudly to a crazed tune.

After a long shower, Eveline decided on a new change of clothing to wear to Egypt - one that might make her a little less recognizable, just in case that vampire clan had allies elsewhere.

She finished off her outfit with a pair of aviator sunglasses. She stepped out into the living room where her father raised his eyebrow at her. "New getup." He tilted his head, "something doesn't seem right though." Sarcasm dripped from his voice.
Eveline went to respond with a snappy comeback when the door opened and Jupiter walked in, stopping abruptly to stare at her. "Eveline? Wow... you look-"
"Something just isn't right here; no, something just doesn't belong." Alec cut Jupiter off with a sing-song voice.
"What? I didn't..." Jupiter scrambled.
"-Dad!" Eveline whined.
"Forgive me, dearest daughter, it's just that I forgot that you were so sensitive to the light rays of the sun." Alec teased.
"They are sunglasses, right?" Eveline ignored her father's comments.
"Yeah, you shouldn't wear them though, they cover up your eyes." Alec responded.
Eveline groaned. "These things are made so people can't see my eyes! That's the point."
"Oh!" Alec slapped his forehead lightly, "so THAT'S what those things are for. Here I thought they were to protect those of us who are too weak to not have to stare at the sun from damaging sun rays." Alec chuckled.
Mary leaned over from tinkering with the television, "why do you want to cover your eyes, dear?"
"It's... nothing. I just don't want people to recognize me. You know... just in case those vampires have friends."
Eveline waited for another joke from her father, but none came. Instead she heard the sound of plastic cracking and her mother scolding, "ALEC!"
"Huh?" He responded back.
"The remote! You just crushed the remote, Mr. Macho Man." Mary teased.
"I'm going to slaughter every last one of those scum if I see them, Mary." Alec's voice was just above a whisper with all the strength of a shout. He threw the remains of the remote on the ground and stood, moving to hug his daughter. Like a switch, his voice flipped to something much softer, "have a wonderful time on your trip my dearest daughter." He smiled. "Get into lots of mischief for me."
"Of course." Eveline smiled. She was then passed off to her mother who had a very hard time letting go.

Jupiter sat in the aisle seat next to Eveline on the plane. Majnun was in the seat in front of them, already asleep after Eveline gave him a strong sleeping pill for the flight. It had been an hour already on the plane and the stewardess had passed out blankets and pillows to everyone.
For a brief minute Eveline thought about making a joke about her taking the window seat when there was nothing for her to see, but she stopped. Jupiter works for her grandfather. She reminded herself. He's not there to be her friend. She slowly moved to get comfortable against the wall of the plane.
Jupiter sat rigid in his chair next to her, Eveline could feel how tense he was. "Is everything ok?" She asked quietly.
Jupiter turned to look at her with inhuman speed before rolling his shoulders in an attempt to appear relaxed. "Yeah, of course. Are you alright?"
Eveline played with the hem of blanket she had, "look, I know you are just doing this because you have to, but I'm not..." She trailed off and sighed, unsure how to finish.
"What are you talking about?" Jupiter's voice held several different tones, from offended to curiosity.
"I just mean that I know that you're working for my grandfather, and that while you may not want any sort of relationship with me outside of business but that-"
Jupiter stopped her. "Where did you get that idea?"
"You told me you work for my grandfather."
"Yes I did, but that-"
Eveline cut Jupiter off in return, "Listen Jupiter, I've been through hell and back in one night, please let me finish." She paused and Jupiter quieted. "I don't know why the vampires wanted me. I don't know why my best friend-" She paused, exhaling hard, "Ivan." She corrected, "I guess he doesn't really qualify as a friend anymore." She shook her head. "Whatever. It doesn't matter. The point is, you don't have to pretend to be my friend anymore. I'm a big girl. Yes, I'm blind, but I don't want friendship out of pity or because someone is paying you to do it. Clearly you're uncomfortable, so please just be honest with me. I can take it."
"What?!" Jupiter said loudly, a few people on the plane looked at them and shushed them - everyone at this point had been encouraged to sleep, and most of the passengers were already doing so. Jupiter's voice softened immediately, "you think I'm your friend because I pity you?!" He asked, outraged.
Eveline shrugged, "I was actually leaning more on that my grandfather was paying you to do so."
"No." Jupiter shook his head, "no, absolutely not! He's not even paying me period." Jupiter scrambled, "but even if he was... do you honestly see me as that kind of a person?!" His voice mirrored hurt and confusion.
Eveline continued to pick at the blanket and shrugged. "It wasn't meant to be a reflection about you. Just about me. No one wants to be friends with the freaky blind girl. Ivan didn't mind though. He never treated me like I was fragile. I thought..." She clenched her teeth into a smile. "Under the given circumstances, can you blame me for wondering if I actually had any friends?"
Jupiter nodded and they were quiet for a minute. "I know exactly how that feels." He looked down, a strange smile forming on his face. "I'm not sure what's worse, having only fake friends who care about your last name or not having any friends at all." The joke was hollow.
Eveline smiled softly, "the famous son of Lola Belle." She recalled.
"You know that woman hasn't even called in seven years? I'd hardly call me her son any longer." Jupiter shook his head with annoyance.
Eveline felt a twinge of sadness. Here she was complaining about her one friend turning on her, she couldn't imagine not having anyone. She wasn't sure what to say at this point, so she just reached over for Jupiter's hand. He jumped slightly at the first touch before he relaxed, taking her hand back in his.
He looked at her intently, "so you really thought that I didn't actually want to be around you?"
Eveline shrugged, "I wasn't exactly in a great frame of mind when I drew that conclusion, and you've been stiff as a board since we got on the plane. I figured you were upset at having to be so close to me." Eveline teased lightly.
Jupiter laughed suddenly, leaving Eveline confused.
"Nothing. Just..." Jupiter shook his head, grinning. "Nothing."
"What?!" Eveline said more insistently. A woman across the aisle glared at them and shushed, but Eveline couldn't be bothered to care.
"Just you." Jupiter smiled a toothy grin at her. "You don't seem to have any idea the effect you cause on me. I don't know whether to find it alarming or endearing."
Eveline blushed suddenly, swallowing and looking down. She released his hand in order to push her hair out of her face. "I... I have an effect on you? I didn't... do I make you uncomfortable?"
"Not at all." Jupiter spoke with ease, "that's the problem though. I shouldn't let my guard down around you. I don't want to hurt you. I'm not like those-" He cut himself off and sighed. "Who am I kidding? I am a monster. I just... I want you to know that I'm not..." He clenched his fists.
Eveline cut him off, grabbing his hands in hers. "I don't see you that way, Jupiter." Eveline realized that wouldn't be enough, and idly rested her cheek against his shoulder; she took a breath in and felt calm. "I feel safe with you." She said quietly. She closed her eyes again while taking in another soft breath and suddenly realized how tired she was.
Jupiter nodded thoughtfully wanting to say more but deciding against it, "you should get some rest, you know. You still haven't fully recovered from last night."
"I don't think I ever will." Eveline mumbled. She reluctantly pulled her head away from him and rested her head on the pillow she had laid against the plane wall. "Jupiter?"
"Hmm?" He hummed back at her.
"I'm sorry you got dragged into all this." Eveline had closed her eyes by this point, suddenly feeling drained from the entire day. "I'm really glad you still want to be my friend." She felt herself drifting off.
"We make an odd pair, don't we?" He mused.
Eveline just grinned at him. "The adventures of Blind Girl and Vampire Boy. They should write a book about us." Her voice grew softer as she struggled to stay awake.
Jupiter smiled at her, watching her drift off, "more like Beauty and the Beast." He whispered. "Sleep well, Eveline." Jupiter sat up again and focused forward. He was determined to not let himself get too comfortable.

After a while on the plane, turbulence struck and Eveline groggily readjusted herself against Jupiter's shoulder. He was unsure what to do at the time - her scent filling his nose and her pulse ringing in his ears. He looked at her for a moment with longing as he reached a hand to gently move a strand of her hair from her face. His heart clenched. This is something he could never have, or at least, never thought he could. He looked forward to Majnun who was taking up two seats in front of them and hoped that he would make good on his promise.
It was the only thing that kept Jupiter going any longer - the hope that one day he wouldn't have to suppress everything he feels for her. Maybe if he was lucky enough, she might actually feel the same way.
Until then, it was moments like this that reminded him of the beauty of life.

"Eveline? Wake up."
Eveline could feel herself coming to from sleep, but for once she didn't feel panicked about the darkness. The scent of Jupiter filled her nose and she knew she was fine, no matter where she might've been. She groaned and stretched idly. "Huh? What... what happened?" She slowly realized she was lying entirely on top of Jupiter and jumped back. "I'm so sorry. I didn't even-"
"We're here." He spoke softly, without even acknowledging her apologies.

The adventures were only just beginning.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Friendships
« Reply #618 on: January 30, 2016, 04:13:57 AM »
Totally on the Jupveline ship. I just wish he would realise that just because he's a vampire it doesn't make him evil, just like being human doesn't make a person automatically good

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Friendships
« Reply #619 on: January 30, 2016, 10:29:28 AM »
I'm on the Jupveline ship too. Jupiter doesn't realize that their are worst things to be then a vampire.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Trust and Bloodlust
« Reply #620 on: January 30, 2016, 09:05:19 PM »
Totally on the Jupveline ship. I just wish he would realise that just because he's a vampire it doesn't make him evil, just like being human doesn't make a person automatically good

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All-aboard the Jupveline ship! Choo Choo!  ;D
Seriously though, I built the Jupveline ship but Jupiter is having a really hard time getting past his bloodlust. I mean, it'd be pretty hard to be intimate with someone when all you kind of want to do is tear their throat out. Poor guy. Though at the moment I believe that HE believes he's been friendzoned. All for the best, really.

I'm on the Jupveline ship too. Jupiter doesn't realize that their are worst things to be then a vampire.
I would question anyone who wasn't on the Jupveline ship at this point, bahaha. I tried to make him the sweetest guy, but unfortunately for him his bloodlust is getting in the way of happiness!  :'( It's ok though, I'm notorious for my happy endings for my simmies. I just... can't... bring myself to hurt them. Killing Noten was way too hard, so it filled me up on unhappy endings.

ANYWAYS. Lots of pictures to get through here!  8)
Let's do it!

Fair warning: these coming chapters are meant to be banter-based relationship building for Jupiter and Eveline. I apologize if it's boring, but I really felt that we needed some happy, cheery, gooey moments after all that occurred previously.

Trust and Bloodlust: Part One
"So... where are we supposed to go?" Jupiter asked suddenly.
Jupiter and Eveline stood in the entryway of the airport with Majnun in tow.
Eveline felt her heart drop. "You mean you don't know?!"
"I figured you would!" Jupiter shifted uneasily, the realization dawning on him, "I mean... this is your family. I figured you had a house here or something."
"Nope, I've never left the country. We have a place in China, but unless we got on the wrong plane... we shouldn't be in China." Eveline put her hand to her face exasperatedly.
"What should we do?" Jupiter looked to her for some kind of idea.
Eveline sighed, "leave this to me." Her voice dropped to a mutter, "com'on gramps." She tugged at Majnun's arm.
Eveline was growing ever-thankful for the insane amount of sleep she gained both on the flight and the drug-induced coma did for her. She opened up the expanse of the magical network before her and began to weave what she wanted out of it. She closed her eyes behind her sunglasses and was beginning to make commands of her magical energy that was brimming beneath the surface.
Jupiter tried asking if she was ok, but she didn't respond. He looked at her, feeling thoroughly confused, but she didn't appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary except for standing. She held a hand up to him, slowly letting her fingers form into a fist until the only one left was her forefinger, signalling him to wait. "What's going on?" He whispered to her, looking around in each direction, in case she spotted something.
Majnun suddenly took off out the doors and into the distance. Eveline started muttering under her breath.
"Hey, wait!" Jupiter shouted after him, he moved to follow after Majnun, but Eveline gripped him by the arm. She lifted her other hand that wasn't holding him and flexed her fingers towards the door while muttering something unintelligible under her breath. She suddenly sharply motioned that hand back towards them and Majnun was dragged back through the doors to right in front of them. He struggled against her magic, and Eveline winced - trying to maintain her powerful grandfather was difficult, but thankfully he was magically drained.
"Please don't run off Grandpa," Eveline said through gritted teeth. Jupiter, who up until that point had been having trouble figuring out what was going on, jumped into action and gripped Majnun by the sides. It wasn't enough to cause a scene, but it was enough to hold him steady. Eveline breathed a sigh of relief and let go of her magical hold before turning and drawing circles in the air with her hand. A chain of light formed and rested around her arm, like she had lassoed it out of the thin air. She hooked one end to Majnun and tied the other to herself, the chain then disappeared from the air.
"You can let him go, Jupiter." Eveline said quietly.
Jupiter did so immediately and took a step to the side. Majnun took a step forward but got pulled back by the imaginary chain.
"Cool trick." Jupiter smirked. "You should teach me how to do that."
Eveline laughed. "Trade secret." Then her face got serious. "Jupiter I need to ask you something... something rather huge."
Jupiter sensed the seriousness in her tone and turned to look at her straight on. "What is it, is something wrong?"
Eveline shifted uneasy, weighing her options in her head. "Listen, if something happens to me-"
"No, nothing will happen to you. I won't let it." Jupiter cut in.
Eveline giggled, "that's sweet, but that's not what I was trying to say."
Jupiter gave an embarrassed smile, though Eveline couldn't see it. Eveline continued, "I'm going to be expending a lot of magic until we get some information. I'll do my best to maintain myself, but I could have some... side-effects."
"You know, temporary blindness, fainting, dizziness, spontaneous combustion... I've never actually needed to use this much magic at once and I'm not sure if I actually have it in me to do it."
"You don't know how much magic you have?" Jupiter seemed appalled. "I thought all magic-users had to be aware."
Eveline sheepishly smiled. "My mom told me that she'll show me how to do it... but I've kind of... been blowing her off to go out and have fun at night instead."
"We're doomed." Jupiter teased.
"Oh hush. I'm sure I'll be fine. I just wanted to know if you could manage if something happened to me?"
"Nope. I'm 99% positive I would fall apart without you." He teased. "Yes, I'm sure I would figure it out." He responded seriously.
"I'm glad." Eveline grabbed Majnun by his arm and walked him out the sliding doors and into the sun. Jupiter hesitated for a moment, knowing it was going to hurt, but followed shortly behind. Eveline stopped and pushed Majnun down onto a bench. "Inside my bag, Jupiter, there's a tablet, can you grab it for me?" Eveline said while standing in front of Majnun, keeping a hand on his forehead to hold him down in his seat.
Jupiter nodded and scrambled to look through her bag. "This?" He handed her the tablet and started to step away to give her space.
"Yes, thank you." Eveline looked at him for a moment, hesitating. "Jupiter, could you-" she looked down, "this will sound ridiculous, but could you touch me?"
Jupiter's eyes went wide, "I, uh, I-"
"I mean, put your hand on my shoulder or something? If my vision goes out in the middle of this..." She trailed off before continuing, "well, I don't want to be alone in the dark." She finished.
Jupiter's face relaxed a little, "of course." He sounded sure, however he hesitated before taking a step over to her, his hands faltering just before they rested against her shoulder.
"I promise I don't bite." Eveline teased.
Majnun was barking at this by this point, saying things in other languages - or just unintelligible noises. Jupiter was unnerved by the difference in the man that sat before them now than the one he saw the other night.
"Calm down grandpa." Eveline said soothingly. "It's just me. It's Evie." Her voice was soft. She began to murmur under her breath and Jupiter could feel a shift in the air around them.
It was like the world was continuing on around them, and they were just in this little bubble. Eveline kept her hand on Majnun's forehead and had reached the other one that had been holding her tablet out to hold the bubble in place.
Majnun gasped as if he had been holding his breath underwater. He fell out of Eveline's palm and steadied himself on the bench. Jupiter was horrified to see the surprising clarity that filled Majnun's weary eyes. "My swallow." Majnun said affectionately. "Don't overexpend yourself."
Eveline smiled at him, "we need to know where we're going, grandpa." She handed him her tablet.
Jupiter wasn't entirely sure what he was witnessing, what magical exchange was taking place, and he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to know either.
After Majnun finished writing out some details into her tablet he handed it back. "Forgive me, my dear. I'm all kinds of out-of-sorts."
"You don't need to apologize, grandpa. You know I understand."
"Just know that those vampires will be taken care of. I can assure you of that."
"You can tell me more about it later, when you're feeling well again." Eveline kissed his forehead and Majnun smiled an acknowledging smile.
He then turned his gaze on Jupiter. "Remember what our deal was." He said levelly. "No distractions."
Jupiter nodded instantly, feeling fear creeping in on him.
Eveline let go of the bubble and stumbled forward; Jupiter fluidly moved forward and caught her before she even really lost her balance.
"Thank you." She pulled herself up and adjusted her shirt. "I think I'm alright. That took less than I thought it would."
Jupiter nodded to her and they pulled apart. "So where are we going?"
"To this address." She handed the tablet to Jupiter. Majnun had rolled out of the bench and onto the ground. Eveline bent over to collect him while Jupiter looked at the tablet. "Up we go, grandpa."
"Shall we?" Jupiter offered her his arm, and she took it, her other arm holding Majnun up. They slowly waved down a taxi that made it's way around the bend towards them.
"What was that all about?"
"The 'remember our deal.'" Eveline made a face as she exaggerated her grandfather's voice.
"He just made me promise I would protect you at all costs." Jupiter simplified.
"In exchange for?" Eveline spoke slowly, expecting him to fill in the blanks. The taxi came to a break in front of them.
Jupiter thought long and hard about what he wanted to share and what he preferred not to. "Let's just leave it at that he said he would owe me a favor." Jupiter responded.
"Ah. That hardly sounds like a fair deal." Eveline opened the door and put Majnun in first. They fought with him to get him in while she spoke: "you're stuck with me for who knows how long, after having to escort me to prom and save my life - on several occasions apparently - and he only has to 'do you a favor?'" They buckled in Majnun together and Eveline suddenly realized how close they were. She shot up quickly and bumped her head on the top of the car, causing her to groan
She really was making a fool out of herself. "Are you alright?" Jupiter said quickly, he put her head into his hands so he could examine her and Eveline thought her heart would explode. She barely mumbled a response, her eyes wide. Jupiter gave a half-smile. "You know, you're right. Your grandfather really is getting the bad end of that deal." He smiled and immediately separated himself from her before climbing into the front seat next to the driver.
Eveline felt like her knees would give out now that he wasn't there holding her up.
"Miss, are you coming?" The taxi driver asked impatiently.
"Hum?" Eveline blushed furiously, realizing that she'd just been standing there with the door open. She closed it and ran around the opposite side of the taxi before climbing in.

It was a long drive before they finally pulled into the specified address.

"It appears you do have a house here, Ms. Reaper." Jupiter teased from the front seat. "A gorgeous one, too."
Eveline snorted, "I'll take your word for it."
Jupiter felt his eyes go wide, "I didn't mean-"
Eveline laughed, "it was a joke, you learn to make a lot of them when you're 'visually impaired.'" She exaggerated the last two words, even Jupiter chuckled at that.
They gathered their things, paid the driver and slowly got settled in. Majnun went running and locked himself in one of the rooms, screaming as he did so.
"Uh, is he ok?" Jupiter's brow furrowed with worry.
"Yeah, he's fine. Just let him have some time to recover." Eveline stated calmly. She started moving her bags through to her room when she noticed there was a slab of rock in there too. "Huh? What's this?"
"That would be where I would be sleeping." Jupiter nodded awkwardly. "I should probably move it out of your room. I'm not sure why he had it put here."
"Don't worry about it. We can share a room, it won't kill us." Eveline teased. "This thing doesn't even look that comfortable." She patted her hand on it. "Don't you ever get a crick in your neck?"
Jupiter shrugged before collapsing down onto the stone slab. "It feels mighty comfortable to me. Though anything would at this point." He mumbled, his eyes closed.
"Are you alright?" Eveline poked at him.
Jupiter's eyes opened suddenly, "hm? Oh right. Yes. I'm fine, just a little tired." He gave her a weak grin.
"Didn't you sleep on the plane?" Eveline joked.
"No." His answer was serious. He rolled over onto his back on the slab "I haven't slept in..." He paused and started counting on his fingers. "Has it been three or four days?"
"Watcher! How are you even still alive?" Eveline felt tired just thinking about it.
"Trying to have a human schedule as a vampire goes against nature." He whined. "School every morning, go home, crawl in bed, can't sleep at night. Ugh." His eyes were closing again. "Even when I could sleep at night, that got interrupted by the nutters-" His eyes burst open suddenly, "Er that's not what I mean!" He said suddenly sitting up.
Eveline laughed loudly, almost doubled over, "you called my grandpa and his family nutters? That's so perfect." She said as she gasped for air and continued laughing.
"I don't mean any offense by it..." Jupiter said suddenly.
Eveline slowly calmed down, gripping her chest tightly from all the laughing, "that is probably the best thing I've heard all week." She shook her head. "You should be tired more often. You're hilarious when you don't worry so much about offending me."
Jupiter relaxed back down, "I like to be cautious. All it takes is one bad taste joke to ruin a friendship, and right now your friendship matters greatly to me." He noted.
"Well thanks. I think the sunshines out of you too." Eveline teased.
Jupiter raised an eyebrow at her, "what?" It was a mixture of amusement and confusion.
"Just a phrase I picked up from my gramps." Eveline moved across the way and laid down on the bed that was meant for her.
Jupiter chuckled, "can I ask you something strangely serious?" He asked suddenly, rolling over on the slab to face where she lay.
"Why aren't you... Oh watcher how do I word this?" He put his arm over his eyes as if that might help him focus.
"Why am I not insane?" Eveline responded immediately.
"Well, that wasn't how I was going to word it, but yeah, that was the gist of it. I imagined doing it a lot more charismatically."
Eveline laughed, "you're going to make my side hurt for weeks, you know." She sighed, "it's a really convoluted story of lineage. It started with Agnes." Eveline closed her eyes and remembered her mother's voice telling her this story.
"Yeah, I know that one. That one doesn't explain why your grandpa is, oh, how did Liam put it... King of the Nutters?" Jupiter let out a loose laugh.
Eveline grinned, her cheeks hurting, "my grandpa isn't insane though." She started.
"Whatever you say." Jupiter laughed, "whatever you say."
"No, I just mean that's his magic. He's a god for a reason, but godhood has a steep price." Eveline got serious. "Magic has a steep price." She sighed. "The amount of power he has came at the cost of his sanity. The cost it wanted from me was my sight."
They sat in the quiet for a moment, "so you've never seen anything? At all? Not even yourself?" Jupiter asked finally.
"My mother said it was like I was born with hexes over my eyes. So long as I'm living and breathing as a witch - I will not have my sight. Don't feel bad though; I can still see somewhat, and you can't really miss something you've never had." Eveline explained. "The hardest part will be my kids." She struggled. "My kids will have it worse than I, and my grandkids even worse than that - at least, the ones who will inherit my grandfather's blood."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be. I'm happy with how things are, even if I can't see. Now, did I answer your question?"
"Yes. Thank you."
"Of course. Now get some sleep. We'll address everything else after you've rested." Eveline ordered.
"Yes ma'am." Jupiter mumbled, already halfway there anyways. "Just hit me if you need anything, I've been told I sleep like the dead." He gave a wolfish smile with his eyes still closed.
Eveline threw a pillow at him jokingly, but he caught it in midair without even opening his eyes. "You'll likely want to use something harder than a pillow." He threw it back, hitting her squarely in the face.
"No fair! I can't see projectiles!"
He just grinned. "Goodnight, Eveline."
"Good morning, Jupiter." Eveline corrected, but Jupiter didn't even hear her.

Eveline woke up suddenly and sat straight up in bed, gasping. Her sight slowly filled in the room and Jupiter was sound asleep on the slab across from her, at least, she could hear him. Vampires levitated on the slabs in their sleep, she had learned in her boredom one day while researching them. She could hear him breathing if she focused hard enough. She thought about saying his name, but decided against it. She crawled out of bed and went out the side door. The house they were in was built up to be many air conditioned rooms that were not connected. You had to step outside just to go into another room, and she could feel the heat from the mid-afternoon sun beating down on her immediately. That answered her question about what time it was.

As she walked around she passed by her grandfather's door, where she could hear him making loud crashing noises and screaming. She put her forehead on the door briefly, feeling sad that her grandfather was suffering likely in the same way she would be if she overexerted herself. She couldn't shake her mind out of the idea that he was suffering because of her. Same as when Jupiter had been injured from the vampire attack.
It was a hard concept for her to swallow. She walked on around the edges of the courtyard, listening to the sounds of Egypt. It was surprisingly pleasant here.
She began her exploration, going into every other door in the house until she finally found the main hall and kitchen area.

The house was surprisingly clean for a house her grandfather owned, she noted with amusement. She walked past a bunch of bookshelves that she deemed as "useless" before entering in the kitchen and sensing something on the wall. She walked over to it, knowing exactly what it was, but for some reason she actually cared this time.

"So you've never seen anything? At all? Not even yourself?"
She closed her eyes and tried to picture herself, but nothing came.
Her brow furrowed, and she remembered something from a long time ago.
"Hm," her grandpa Noten got down to her level, "then promise me you'll remember that you're beautiful, just like your mom."
"I promise. Can I go play with Bear now?"

"I wish I had asked what he meant." She whispered. Her hand reached forward to touch the glass.

"Is everything ok?"
Eveline jumped, causing Jupiter to jump as well, which resulted in both of them giggling.

"Ah, yes, just checking out the wall here. It's a nice wall." Eveline patted the mirror suddenly.
"Indeed, I'm sure it's a lovely wall, but are you sure it had nothing to do with the mirror that's on it?"
"There's a mirror there? Oh, what do you know." Eveline snorted and waved her hand in front of her face blankly, "how would I know there was a mirror there?" She stressed.
"Mhm." Jupiter didn't seem convinced.
"So, what are we doing here anyways? My grandpa doesn't usually shout for us to pack up and take a vacation." Eveline changed the subject quickly.

"Collecting something apparently. I don't know what. He left the instructions on your tablet earlier."
"Ah! Right!" Eveline went and collected her tablet before handing it back to Jupiter. She idly waved her hand in front of her face again, "you're probably a little better at reading than I am." She joked.
"Exactly five flame fruit. No more. No less." Jupiter read off to her.
"Where the heck do we get five flame fruit? That's a plant that's been extinct for hundreds of years." Eveline complained.
"Someone paid attention in history."
"Just to the interesting parts." Eveline shrugged. "They caused the plant to go extinct when fighting - oh." She stopped suddenly.
Jupiter sucked in his lips. "Vampires. Yes."
"Why do we need these then? To fight off that clan?"
"Unlikely. Your grandfather already sent someone to dispatch them." Jupiter said levelly.
"When did this happen?!" Eveline looked confused.
"Well Sleeping Beauty, that's what happens when you sleep through the night. It's why I, myself, never like to do so." Jupiter teased.
Eveline playfully slapped his arm. "I was DRUGGED."
"Yeah, well I had been beaten to a pulp, you don't see me complaining." He grinned.
Eveline got serious, "don't joke about that. I didn't mean to cause you so much trouble."
"I'm fine, Eveline. Only a few broken bones and a scraped up face, that's all." He shrugged.
"Oh my gosh! That sounds terrible! How are you- wait... are you joking?" Eveline scrambled, trying to focus to see if she could tell how badly he was injured.
"I heal really fast, Eveline. Please, don't worry." He said quietly. "I meant it when I implied that it was no big deal. One small upside in being a monster, I guess." He half-smiled.
"Why do you do that?" She looked at him seriously.
"Call yourself that. You're not."
"I am, by definition, a monster, Eveline." Jupiter retorted.
"Stop." Eveline demanded. Her voice wasn't even remotely playing anymore. "You're not a monster, Jupiter."
Jupiter sucked in a breath. "If you could feel what I do, you would think I was a monster too." He spoke quietly, however his voice was melodic. "I can feel your blood moving beneath your skin. Doesn't that disturb you?"
Eveline swallowed, but didn't back down, instead she took a step closer. "I can see neighbors walking around their house. Doesn't that disturb you?"
"That's hardly the same." He tried to argue.
"You won't convince me. Am I a monster?"
"Of course not-"
"Then neither are you."
"Eveline," Jupiter started.
Eveline held up her hand, "ah-ah-ah. Discussion closed."
"Zip. Closed." She finished. "Moving on now, where are we going to get these "exactly five" extinct flame fruit?"
Jupiter sighed heavily. "It also says something else on the list Majnun wrote."
"A name."
"That's a start. Let's go!" Eveline turned to head for the door, but Jupiter didn't follow. She turned back, "you coming, or what?"
Jupiter shifted uneasily, "if it's all the same to you, I'd much rather wait a few more hours before heading out." He shrugged, "sensitive skin, you know?"
"Oh?" It dawned on her, "oh... oh! I'm so sorry, I forgot."
"Weren't we just having this conversation?"
"No. That conversation closed. I stopped paying attention to it."
"So I see."
Eveline's stomach growled. "Oh, probably a good idea to eat first anyways. I wonder if we can order a pizza out here?"
Jupiter laughed, "I doubt it. What would you like to eat?"
"Pizza! Oh, no, wait, spaghetti sounds great!" Eveline joked, "I wonder if they have an Italian delivery place here? Maybe we can call across the Mediterranean?"
"One spaghetti, coming right up." Jupiter raided the fridge.
"Will it have plasma for sauce?"
Jupiter glared at her, "no." He said with disgust.
"Then I don't see how you're going to cook it." Eveline smirked.
Jupiter smirked right back, "well, last I heard, you don't see much anyways."
"Ha-ha." Eveline rolled her eyes behind her sunglasses which he couldn't see.
"Ah! I found it. Tonight, you shall dine on some spaghetti. Or at least, something that looks like it." Jupiter mused.
"You're cooking for little ol' me? I'm honored." Eveline grinned as she sat down at the table.

"When did you actually learn to cook? I mean... do you taste your meals?" Eveline suddenly got curious.
Jupiter laughed as he continued prepping the food, "if you can't already tell, sleep isn't as important to..." He always had trouble using the word in relaxed conversations. "Those like me." He finished. "I had a lot of time on my hands to learn a lot of things."
"Like the Violin?" Eveline smiled.
Jupiter stopped suddenly and looked at her, "you heard that? I'm so sorry. Did I wake you?"
"Not at all. I love music. It's actually something I can enjoy. You were so good at it too. Will you play for me later?"
"It's one of my newer skills, so I'm still learning a lot, but if you'd like I could try." He turned back around and got to chopping again.
Eveline rested her head on her hand, "so what other skills does the infamous Jupiter Belle possess, I wonder?" Eveline thought out loud, hoping for an answer.
"I dabbled in a bit of martial arts, cooking - well, obviously, and photography."
"And you call yourself a big, scary Vampire?" Eveline teased.
"What about you? Any hidden talents?"
"I take pride in being a public nuisance." Eveline joked, but then her smile faltered, "but no. Not much special about me. I can't see, so that takes away pretty much every skill there is." She paused thoughtfully. "Except gardening."
"A gardener?" Jupiter didn't sound like he believed her.
"Yes. A gardener. Feel free to make fun if you want, but I find the earth soothing. The only way I can see is through extension of the ground, so I guess I feel kind of sentimental about it." Eveline shrugged.
"I wasn't planning on making fun. I just think it's really cool. I couldn't grow anything to save my life. Jack was always the green thumb. It felt like everything I touched died. I once knocked over one of his plants trying to help water it, which then knocked another one over, which then knocked the alchemy mixture Liam made over into another plant and thoroughly killed all the plants in the room at once." He chuckled. "Jack made me swear to not touch any of his plants ever again. He was joking of course, but it was a running joke between the three of us."
Eveline laughed lightly. "I haven't actually done any growing. I'd probably kill all the plants too. I do a lot of research into it though - well, that's why I knew about the flame fruit. Imagine - if we actually find one I could potentially bring it back to life!" Eveline shrugged, "or try to, at least."
"Dinner's ready." Jupiter called.
They sat together at the table where Eveline began to eat up while Jupiter looked up the name of the person Majnun was directing them to.

"This is amazing!" Eveline said with her mouth half-full.
Jupiter smirked, "thanks. I guess I don't need to taste-test my food to know it's good."
Eveline nodded, "aren't you going to eat something?"
"I already have."
Eveline stopped eating for a moment and tilted her head, "what, exactly, do you eat?" She paused, "or... who?" She asked quietly.
Jupiter reached into the bag his laptop came out of and pulled out a pulsing fruit. "Jack calls it the Plasma fruit. He made it himself so I wouldn't have to eat human plasma. I was... thoroughly against it as a child. Well I still am, but that's beside the point."
"Can I touch it?"
Jupiter nodded and Eveline reached out to grab it in her hands, "it's so strange, it feels like it has a heartbeat. How cool." She whispered. "It fills your hunger?"
"Kind of." Jupiter shrugged. "It keeps me from starving to death, so that's good."
"Care to elaborate?" Eveline put the fruit back down on the table and finished up her food.
"It doesn't take away the bloodlust." Jupiter put the fruit away in his bag. "Part of me wonders if I'm just always supposed to have this pounding in my head and hypersensitivity to human contact, but it seems to be getting worse over time. I don't remember it being this bad when I was a kid." He shrugged. "Who knows?"
Eveline's brow furrowed, absorbing the information. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "I didn't know."
Jupiter looked at her inquisitively, before bumping his elbow into her arm. "You don't have to keep me at arm's length you know. I'm very good at monitoring myself."
"I just don't want to make you uncomfortable."
Jupiter coughed for a moment, "ah, I guess I didn't explain that well enough... no. It's not a bad feeling, it's a very, very good one. That's kind of the problem with it. It's supposed to feel good for both parties. You know, seduction and all that jazz." He tried to be nonchalant about it, but deep down he was praying she wouldn't make a comment about him being too close with her.
Eveline nodded for a moment, "ah, well, how lucky for you that you always get to be smooth and charming. Meanwhile, I'll be over here... banging my head on car ceilings and tripping over doorframes in times of crises." She cringed.
Jupiter laughed though, "don't you realize how much better you handle car ceilings and doorframes than every other blind person?" He teased.
"Yeah, yeah." Eveline stuck her tongue out at him. "Has the sun set yet? I'm bored." Eveline said quietly.
Jupiter looked to the window, "that it has; well, mostly, but I can handle the setting sun rays. I also found our target's address."
"Just one last thing before we go," Eveline stood up from the table and grabbed a plate of food.

"I'll be back." She took the plate and wandered out the door. Jupiter followed her close behind, even though she said she would come back he never wanted her to be alone for long periods of time.
Eveline magically unlocked Majnun's door and moved to open it.
"I don't think he wants to be disturbed!" Jupiter said quickly.
"He already is disturbed." Eveline joked. "I don't think he'll mind me." She opened the door slowly, "it's best if you wait here, though." She walked in and shut the door behind her.

The crashing in the room stopped suddenly, and Eveline slowly opened the door and stepped out again. "There. All set?"
"Is everything ok? Should we wait for him to start this?" Jupiter said quietly.
"He wouldn't have given us the name if he wanted us to wait." Eveline reassured.
Jupiter nodded, "let's go."

Jupiter spoke in Egyption with the person who lived at the supposed address of the written name.

Eveline quietly waited at the end of the drive, trying to make out what they were saying, but soon realized that even if she could hear them properly, she still wouldn't understand. If only she knew more than one language.
Jupiter started to head back over to Eveline, "two bits of good and one bit of not good news." Jupiter stated to her when he got close enough.
"What is it?"
"Well, he knows that there is flame fruit around here - somewhere." Jupiter paused, "but he doesn't know where exactly. He has a way to find out though, and he wants us to do some ancient tomb searching for some old documentations."
"Sounds fun!" Eveline squealed.
"Sounds dangerous." Jupiter noted. "I'm not so sure-"
"I'll do it! It'll be grand!" Eveline went running for their kenspa.
"-if we should..." Jupiter trailed off and sighed. "I go where you go." He said exasperatedly.
"My turn to drive!"
Jupiter's eyes went wide, "no! No! No!"

"Stay close behind me." Jupiter called to her.
"Whatever you say, bossman." She teased.
They explored the rooms of the ruins, happily there weren't any traps, but it didn't stop Jupiter from testing absolutely everything first. In one of the chests was a keystone that Jupiter carefully picked up in his hands. "I bet this is for that door over there - the one you said was locked. It's a keystone."
"Fancy!" Eveline reached over and picked it up out of Jupiter's hand but was massively surprised at it's weight. "Crap, I guess that's the 'stone' part of a 'keystone.'" She smiled sheepishly. "I can do this part!" She wandered over to the wall and Jupiter gave her an amused smirk.
"Be my guest."

Eveline paused suddenly, breathing hard at holding the weight up in her hands. "Uhm... mind telling me if I'm hot or cold?"
Jupiter coughed suddenly, and looked at her wide-eyes, "well, I mean... you're beautiful..."
Eveline grinned suddenly, her face turning bright red, and she faltered with the keystone, "I meant, based off of how close I was to actually getting the keystone in." She said quickly.
"Oh!" Jupiter almost prayed there was a trap door beneath him that would open up and swallow him whole at that moment. "Sorry, I, uh... you're warm, but you're up too high. Here." He walked over behind her and helped her prop the stone into the wall, his chest was pressed to her back. He could feel the heat from her embarrassment on her cheeks and ears and smiled at the thought that he wasn't the only one. Eveline gave in at this point, and decided she would take a direct approach with him. She stood on her tip toes in a way that she knew would cause her to lose balance and applied force to the stone.
If he wanted to make her embarrassed, then this was war.
Once the stone slid in, Eveline tumbled backwards and directly into him. He steadied her easily and she turned around to face him, feeling dangerous. "What was that again about being hot or cold?" She breathed, giving him a smirk.
He sputtered, and then chuckled, pretending she was just pulling his leg. "We, ah, should... erm move forward, right?"
Eveline grinned and turned to open the door, brushing past him on the way. It made her feel better knowing she could at least take him down a rung on the sophisticated scale.
They managed to find an old library deep within the tomb that Jupiter tore through looking for the right documents while Eveline watched.
"Oh hey look! Here they are!" Eveline called suddenly.
Jupiter immediately stopped and looked at her, "where?!" He called.
"That's what it will sound like when you find it." Eveline smirked and leaned against the doorframe.
Jupiter rolled his eyes and shook his head. "That's not helpful you know." He called to her.
She giggled, "it's your fault for not remembering the obvious." She shrugged. "Don't mind me, I'll just stand here looking... what was that word? Beautiful? Yeah, beautiful was what I think you used." She smirked.
Jupiter wasn't as perturbed as she expected him to be, he shrugged nonchalantly while flipping through old parchments, "you act like that's something you have to try to do." He smiled while he read. "When in reality it's just a state in which you exist." By this point he had picked up on her teasing and embraced it fully.
Eveline flushed and looked away, pretending to be bored, but they both knew better.
"Hey, I found it." Jupiter said suddenly, and both of them snapped out of it. "I really found it. Wow."
"That's great! What do we do now?"
"We turn these papers in, and then we turn in ourselves. It's getting early." Jupiter put the book in his bag he carried and they made their way towards the exit.

The sun was creeping into the sky by the time they arrived back at the house. Eveline looked like she was about to drop. She excused herself to the bathroom to scrub the layers of ancient dust from herself while Jupiter decided to make her breakfast.

Eveline ate slowly, and Jupiter volunteered to take breakfast in to Majnun that morning. Eveline was grateful, and she crawled right into bed after that.

She was almost getting used to having Jupiter around all of the time; in fact, she hoped he never left.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Trust and Bloodlust
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Aww! Those two! I love Liam!  ;D

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Trust and Bloodlust
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The "doesn't want to be disturbed" "he's already disturbed" part was fantastic!  Another lovely update  :=)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Trust and Bloodlust
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Ship! Ship! Ship! *steamship noises*

Sigh, I so adore these 2 together. I think Evie could teach Jupiter that the "feel good for both parties" aspect of his bloodlust is really true. I can't wait til they figure that part out lol smexy as all get out!
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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Trust and Bloodlust
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Two updates in a row. I've got to catch up! I'm going! Mush! Mush! Mush!
Actually I've just had a lot of free time on my hands. Thank my new/old boss (was my old boss, left that job and rehired me at a new company, he's amazing).

Also, this isn't a formal announcement (that will come after this chapter), but you should really, really check out the Labelles by mpart and the wonderful idea of a collaboration between the two of us will be occurring both here and in Another Labelle Story. I'll do a proper formal announcement after this chapter is up with all the goodies. Until then: more lengthy update posts while the momentum is still going strong!

Trust and Bloodlust: Part Two
Jupiter was struggling with himself, going through twice the amount of plasma fruit than he normally would. He just couldn't be too careful. He wouldn't let the monster inside himself go. She had been so close to him the day before: so warm, so touchable. The hard part was that he couldn't figure out if it was the bloodlust encouraging him anymore or if it was... something else.

In the beginning he was drawn to her because she smelled of flowers, honey and something unplacable but it felt like fire. It was an intoxicating smell though that actually made him crave for the taste of plasma in a way he never had before. Though he had never let himself be that close to anyone either - to dance with them or to even stand so close. He always wanted so badly to be normal. It's why he even tried dating Elspeth. She had always called him a "freak" and she had made such a disgusted face when he tried to get too close. She always told him it was affectionate - just teasing in her name-calling and mannerisms, but now he knew better.
"You won't convince me. Am I a monster?"
"Of course not-"
"Then neither are you."

Even in their most playful conversations she's never once put him down. She was so sure that day that he almost believed her.
He found himself smiling as he made her breakfast, or rather dinner - it was getting late and she would be waking up soon. Part of him thought he could get used to this: sleeping all day, making her food, discovering new things each night. It sounded exactly like the life he wanted, just minus the vampirism and reversed schedule. He thought of how determined she was to get the keystone in, or how she tried to help him move the statues around the room, even though she couldn't do much.
He looked down and saw he had nearly burned the grilled cheese he had been cooking. Yet he couldn't stop thinking about her. The way she smiled, her laughter, the way her cheeks turn pink when she's embarrassed. She takes everything in stride and he was so insanely jealous of that.
No he knew it wasn't the bloodlust anymore that drew him back to her, and that's what made it hurt so much worse.
What if she didn't feel the same way?
His heart dropped.
What if she did?
He couldn't be with her. Not like this. But if he were human...
He idly wondered if they would get married. Eveline would show up and crack a joke about crossing her fingers and hoping she picked the right color dress to wear; he chuckled at the thought. Then he wondered if they would have children? Certainly not just one, but most definitely at least one little girl who looked exactly like her mother. Blond hair and beautiful dark skin that turns bright pink when he teases her. She could have his nose, he supposed... but as he pictured the girls face all he could see were glowing eyes.
He shuddered and shook his head.
Wistful daydreams, that's all these things would likely ever be. No one recorded has ever been fully cured of vampirism. No one.
Jupiter sighed sadly, placing the grilled cheese on the plate next to him and turning off the stove. Even if he was cured, why would she choose him of all people? He probably just reminds her of what happened that night with the clan of bloodsuckers.
Yet, despite all of that, he still couldn't shake the fact that he hoped it would happen anyways.
He got a plate ready and as he turned around Eveline had meandered into the kitchen, wiping sleep from her eyes.

"How are you up before me?! I went to bed before you did!" Eveline pouted.
Jupiter grinned but didn't respond to her comments. He instead raised the plate up a little, "I made you some food." He paused, "oh, I really hope you like grilled cheese, at least."
"It smells amazing, honestly I'm surprised you think I'm that picky."
"I just want to be sure you like it." Jupiter shrugged, and he grabbed another plate which he planned to drop off with Majnun, but he paused and chuckled.
"What?" Eveline's face scrunched up in confusion as she took another bite of the sandwich.
"Your pyjamas are cute." He teased.
Eveline's eyes went wide as she swallowed, "watcher, crap I forgot to change!" She immediately stood up and started to head for the opposite door. She stopped abruptly and turned swiftly, grabbing the plate with the rest of the sandwich before running off back to the bedroom.
Jupiter just laughed and watched her go, highly amused.

Jupiter stepped out of the bathroom when he was ambushed by Eveline.
"Is it time yet?! Can we go? I want to go inside a pyramid tonight!" She squealed.

Jupiter laughed, "we're going to have to collect turquoise first so we can trade it in exchange for the entrance key."
Eveline groaned, "but that's so much work! Can't we just take the key?!"
"No." Jupiter said, unwavering.
Eveline sighed, "alright, alright. Where do we go first?"
"Well, I was going to see if the market had any turquoise first."
Eveline grinned, "clever, Jupiter, very clever."

"You're sure? You don't even have one?"
The woman shook her head, "no, I'm sorry my friend."
Jupiter sighed, "well, thank you for your time."
"Wait!" The woman stopped him, she then bent down and rummaged through the cupboards below her, "ah, here it is!" She waved some parchment at him. When she stood up she unrolled it and revealed a map of the area. She pulled out a pen and circled three areas. "There are turquoise deposits here, here, and here. If you go there, I'm sure you'll find some loose turquoise to take home."
"This is invaluable. Thank you so much." He nodded to her, and she smiled at him.
"You're the first young man to ever be polite to me, so I'm glad I could help. Please, take the map."
"Thank you again, miss." Jupiter bowed politely before turning and realizing that Eveline wasn't right behind him.
Panic filled him suddenly as he ran through the doorway and into the market square. "Eveline?!" He called out, his heart racing.
"Hey! Jupiter! Look!"

Eveline was waving at him as she made horrifying noises from the pipe. "I'm totally a snake charmer today!" She grinned wildly before attempting to use the flute again.
Jupiter laughed, "you scared me. I had no idea where you went."
"Did I make the snake come out?!" She leaned forward and put her hand in the basket, causing Jupiter to leap forward.
"Let's not do that today, shall we?" He snatched her hand away and pulled her to her feet in one swift movement.
"Killjoy." Eveline muttered. "Did you get the turquoise?"
"No, but I got the map that will take us to some turquoise." Jupiter put the scroll in her hands.
Eveline groaned loudly, "I was really hoping we would get to go into the pyramid tonight!"
"What's up with you and pyramids?" He joked.
"I don't know, they're massive! There's just something unshakable about them that I admire. You know?"
Jupiter looked at her in admiration, "yeah. I do." He said quietly, not actually meaning what she thought he was.
"Well, I guess we should get started on our turquoise adventure! Lead the way!" She took off running for the road.
"Hey! I can't lead if you're running the opposite direction with my map!" He called after her.

They were hiking mostly through uncharted territories of Egypt. They made their way around one bend and Jupiter stopped, frozen. Eveline noticed and called out to him, "hey! What are you waiting on? Dawn? We're burning moonlight here!"
"This is so amazing though! I wish I had my camera."

"Yeah, yeah. It's just a bunch of rocks." She teased.
Jupiter shook his head but smiled at her and they carried on. "The map says it's just a little ways further down this..." Jupiter stopped suddenly. "Road."
"Is that a pyramid?" Eveline asked suddenly.
"Yeah, Eveline... That's a pyramid."

"It's footprint is huge. I'm having trouble... even grasping it." Eveline seemed out of breath.
"It's incredible." Jupiter stared at it in awe.
"I think I found your turquoise deposits!" Eveline said suddenly, and she pointed to a pile of stones in front of them.
"Exactly where she said they'd be. Awesome." Jupiter said before turning his attention back to the pyramid.
Eveline shifted, "Jupiter?" She asked hesitantly.
He turned around immediately and for some reason felt like the words had been taken from him when he looked at her. She tucked some of her hair behind her ear and shifted and finally he found his voice, "yes?" His voice came out raspy, but at least it was there. Suddenly the pyramid didn't seem that wonderful.
"Would you... describe it to me?" She asked hopefully.
Jupiter felt his smile growing. "I'll do my best." He paused, "here, come over here." He motioned as he sat on the ground.
She sat down next to him and giggled, "what are we doing?"
"I'm going to describe it to you, the best way that I can," he paused as something struck him. "But I wanted to ask you something first."

"Why are you wearing those sunglasses? It's just you and I. You really don't need them." He tapped the rim of her aviators.
Eveline looked down for a minute, remembering sad memories. "I used to get made fun of a lot as a kid for my eyes. I mean... I can't see them," she paused, her voice dropping to sarcasm, "clearly..." she sighed, "but other's have always told me that I look... well, like a freak. I guess I just... didn't want you to think I was a freak too, since we're spending an extended amount of time together." She shrugged.
Jupiter felt stunned for a moment, remembering all the times he'd ever been called a freak. It was painful to hear her say that about a word he only ever associated with himself. He sat up and turned to face her before gingerly removing her sunglasses from her face. He shook his head with disbelief. "You're beautiful, Eveline. You don't need to cover any part of you up. Anyone who can't see that is more blind than you are."
Her cheeks started to turn pink again and Jupiter grinned.
"Sit back." Eveline said quietly, as she pushed him back into a relaxed sitting position facing her.
"Hmm? What are you doing?" He was smiling, but suddenly she had her hands on his face and he sat frozen as they started to get warm in an unusual way.
"I just... want to see your face." She whispered. Her hands were warm with magic as she traced around the edges of his face. He felt his heart pounding in his chest. He studied her face while her hands studied his and he wondered what it would be like to kiss her. He bit his lip, feeling nervous.
"What color is your hair?" Eveline asked as her hands came into contact with it. "You said you had blue eyes but I don't know what color your hair is."
"Blue." He said suddenly. "Black with blue." He managed to choke out; but inside he felt like he his heart had wrapped around his vocal chords and was strangling him.
Eveline started to smile as she continued to trace along his face. Her hand ran over what was left of one of the cuts from the fight and her face fell slightly before scrunching into confusion. "What's this?"
"It's still healing from... well from the other night." He whispered.
Her face twisted into something sad. "You could've died." She whispered back and shook her head. "You could have died because of me..." She could feel her eyes starting to burn at the realization of everything that was at stake that night.
"Hey," Jupiter tried to comfort her. "Shh, it's ok." He leaned forward and put his forehead against hers.
"Why?" She asked finally. "Why did you fight? You could've run. Why did you stay?"
"I wasn't going to let them take you."
"That doesn't explain why though. You hardly knew me." Her hands were resting at the base of his neck.
"You're the first person I've ever been this close to." The statement was both the answer and just something he felt needed to be said. "When I'm with you, I don't feel like a monster anymore."
Eveline opened her mouth to say something but he continued: "you're such a beautiful person, Eveline. The world couldn't stand to lose someone like you."
Eveline pulled her forehead away from him, to his dismay. He felt her hands warm again as she continued to feel along his face. "Thank you." She whispered as she traced along his nose. "For saving me." She paused, "and for this. You know, Ivan used to talk about you. Well, before you were... you."
Jupiter smirked, "before I was me?"
"Before I knew you, and he knew you... we just knew you were the guy dating Elspeth. He always talked about how she... well... hated her boyfriend - you. I'm assuming." Eveline shifted awkwardly and Jupiter shrugged.
"She used to call me a freak a lot," he paused, "affectionately, of course." His tone dripped in sarcasm.
"That's not something you can say to someone affectionately." Eveline made a face. her hand moved along his cheekbone. "She's an idiot."
Jupiter tried to stifle a laugh but couldn't, "my goodness, Eveline."
"What? It's true. You're kind and funny and... gorgeous." Eveline's smile was warm as she continued to feel along his face.
Jupiter's eyes went wide, unsure of what to make of the comment. "Thank you." Was all he could manage.
Eveline nodded.
"So you and Ivan used to gossip about me?" Jupiter teased.
"Ivan was just jealous. He wanted to date Elspeth."
Jupiter snorted.
"I knew Ivan was an idiot based off his allegiances, but I suppose it turns out he's a fool too."
"I told him she wasn't worth it." Eveline sighed.
"No, not that." Jupiter said quietly, "he thought Elspeth was a good option when you were right there."
"You act like I would've wanted him." Eveline made a face.
"It doesn't matter. He was pining for the wrong girl. That's my opinion on the subject anyways."
She could feel her cheeks burning. She let her magic fade away and her hands slowly drop before changing the subject. "I don't want to do this to the whole pyramid, so... you said you were going to describe it to me?" She joked lightly.
Jupiter couldn't stop smiling. "I dunno, I think you'd do a great job outlining the pyramid. It would just take the rest of your life."
"No thank you." She laughed.
Jupiter moved back to sitting beside her.

"Ok, so it's really big." He started.
"Yeah, I get that already."

They had only just collected all the turquoise they would need and started heading back by the time the sun was starting to rise. Eveline didn't even complain that they spent hours just sitting outside of the pyramid. There was a sort of boundary that seems to have fallen between the two of them now. The came home covered in mud and dust but they didn't care. They crawled right into their beds and fell fast asleep.

Eveline felt the darkness consuming her, she tossed and turned and could hear Ivan's laughter. She couldn't move, she couldn't see, she couldn't breathe.

She woke up gasping, her hand clutching her chest. Her magic hadn't fully surged in before she threw herself out of bed and onto the floor. "Jupiter?" She called out hoarsely. He wasn't in the room. Slowly her magic worked its way out and she took off running for the door.
She slid around the hallway making a beeline for the kitchen. Her vision was pulling in and out because she hadn't given it enough time to settle before she took off so fast. So when she burst into the kitchen she had to stop and focus to gather where Jupiter was.

"Eveline? What's-"
She ran at him and threw her arms around him. "I can't..." She breathed. "There's too much. I just can't." She rested her face against his shoulder and breathed him in.

Jupiter was shocked, but he immediately hugged her back. "It was just a dream." He said quietly. "It was only a dream."
She was trembling. "I just couldn't bear how dark it was. I was suffocating. I can't..."
Jupiter held her tighter. "You know I won't let anything happen to you."
"You're not leaving, right?"
"Not unless you want me to."
"Then you have your answer."

Night descended. Jupiter and Eveline packed up all of their things they could. They weren't sure how long they'd be gone in the pyramid, but they would rather be safe than sorry.
"This one's even bigger than the last one." Eveline said in awe.

"Shall I describe this one too?" He grinned wildly.
Eveline stuck her tongue out at him, "do you still wish you had your camera with you?" Eveline asked. He had moved to find a way into the door.

"Why? It's just 'a bunch of rocks.'" He teased, mimicking her.
She took off her shoe and threw it at him, missing by a large margin.
Jupiter laughed loudly, "I'm so glad you're blind sometimes."
Eveline stomped over and retrieved her shoe and put it back on. "Well, I wasn't aiming for you anyway. It was just a warning shot."
"Uh huh." Jupiter grinned without looking away from what he was doing. The door creaked open and suddenly Eveline's face grew worried as the ground shook beneath her.
"What was that?!"
"That was the door. Welcome to the Pyramid of Burning Sands, Ms. Eveline."
"I wonder why they call it that?" Eveline thought outloud.
Jupiter placed the keystone in and the next door shuddered open. A massive wave of hot hair hit them. "I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that it has something to do with the warm air coming out of it?"
"Har har har."
"We should be very careful though, there's something strange about this heat." Jupiter warned.
"Let's get moving then, shall we?" Eveline ducked past him and into the room, but stopped a little ways in, "something is odd here."
Jupiter raised his eyebrows and walked past her. "I was trying-" A massive force slammed him into the wall, and all of the sudden there was fire everywhere.
"Jupiter!" Eveline ran over to him. "I'm so sorry!"
He felt her hands running along him, hot with magic. "I'm fine" he grunted. "What was that?"
"It took me too long to realize there was a fire trap in the floor... I panicked and shoved you into the wall to prevent you from getting hit."
"How could you have shoved me? You were all the way over-" He stopped. "Oh, I get it. Magic and stuff. Right."
"I'm so, so sorry." Eveline sat next to him on the ground.
"Don't be. You saved my life. I owe you one." Jupiter smiled.
Eveline shook her head, "no, you've saved my life many times already. If we're keeping score I would say that I'm the one who still owes you."
"I just saved your life the one time, it's nothing to write home about."
Eveline choked on a laugh, "sure thing." She looked down, "you also sat with me when I couldn't see, didn't you? I was so afraid... but you made it less scary."
Jupiter's face became serious, "you remember that?"
"I could never forget."
They shared a look for a long moment before Jupiter moved to stand up and helped Eveline stand with him. "Alright, so traps are everywhere. Let's be really, very, extra cautious, shall we?"

"I don't get it! Is this another dead end?! This can't be the end." Eveline put her head in her hands as she sat on the side of a pool of water.
"There's one thing we haven't checked." Jupiter pointed to the pool behind her.
"Go in there?! Gross! I can't even swim." Eveline shook her head.
Jupiter laughed, "who said you'd be going in? I'll do it."
"But what if something happens to you?" Eveline sputtered.
Jupiter grinned, "you're worried something will eat me in this boiling wasteland?" He began loosening the laces on his shoes and unbuttoning parts of his jacket.
"I don't know what I'd do without you." Eveline said just barely above a whisper.
Jupiter wasn't expecting such a serious response. "Then ask me to come back."
Eveline gave him a strange look.
"Ask me." He said again, more persistently.
"Alright, I'll bite." She shrugged, "please make sure you come back?"
Jupiter grinned, "then I'll come back because you asked me to."
"I don't think it works like that." Eveline was trying not to smile.
"Oh, it does. Just trust me on that one." Jupiter climbed onto the edge of the pool.
Eveline jumped back, "you really were serious about this?" She shook her head.

"I'm even going to keep my hat on, that's how easy this will be."
With that he dove in, and Eveline ran to the edge of the pool, trying her best to see into it, but she just couldn't. Water wasn't solid enough for that.
The next few moments felt like hours as she waited for him to surface.
The sound of bubbles grew louder and suddenly Jupiter burst through the surface, gasping for air.
"Jupiter! Are you alright?" Eveline shouted to him.
"I told you I'd come back!" He smirked as he dumped the water out of his hat and placed it back on his head.

He climbed up and sat on the edge. "Bad news, Eveline." He wrung out his jacket. "There's a tunnel down there that will be the way we need to go forward."
"There's no other way?"
"I'm afraid not. We've checked everything else."
"I don't know... I could swim in a pool when I was younger, but this... this is uncharted territory for me."
"Do you trust me?"
"Of course I do Jupiter."
Jupiter held his hand out to her, "then trust that I won't let anything happen to you."
Eveline hesitated, but took his hand and used it to balance herself as she stood at the edge of the pool. She closed her eyes and stepped off, dropping into the warm water. Jupiter's hand still grasped hers, and pulled her back towards the surface where she gasped. Jupiter pulled her to the side so she wouldn't be treading water. "Let me know when you're ready to go through." He said calmly.
"I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

They both pulled up to the surface of the water and gasped. Jupiter immediately yanked himself onto the edge of the pool and used himself to pull Eveline out. She lay on the ground coughing as Jupiter shook the water out of his hat again. "Not so bad, right?" He teased.
"Yeah, definitely not a fan." Eveline said between coughs.
Jupiter laughed and helped her to her feet.

Eveline noted suddenly as she felt the need to yawn. "I wonder what time it is?"
Jupiter shrugged. "Who knows? Probably about mid-morning. Are you tired? Perhaps we should take a break and rest."
"Sounds good to me. We should at the very least air the tent out to dry."
"With as hot as it's been, I'm thinking it's almost best we leave the tent wet so it won't spontaneously catch fire." Jupiter laughed.
Soon they had the room cleared of all traps and they set out their tent for the night.
It was then though, that Jupiter felt real fear for the first time.
"No!" He immediately tore through his bags.
"What's wrong?" Eveline called from laying her things out to dry.
"No, no, no! My fruits! They're gone! I know I had more of them!" He put his head in his hands.
"I'm sure they're around here." Eveline tried to stay positive.
"You don't understand, Eveline... I can't..." His hands started shaking.
Eveline went over to sit next to him, but he threw himself away from her. "Stay back. Keep away from me. I can't risk this. I can't risk you." His panic was evident.
Eveline shook her head, "Jupiter. Everything is going to be ok." She slowly tried inching her way over to him.
"I'll swim back through, and lock myself in one of those sarcophagi we saw earlier. I'll probably have to collapse it first... but I think I can manage that."
"If you use your magic you can collapse the tunnel after me. This is too dangerous. I shouldn't have risked this."
"I won't put you in danger!"
Eveline stood swiftly and picked up her wet jacket she had brought. She balled it up and threw it at Jupiter. He stared at her, stunned, and everything was quiet.
"That got your attention at least." She sighed. She walked over to him and sat down on his legs, just in case he tried to get away.
"You shouldn't be so close to me." He shivered.
Eveline didn't listen. She gripped his face.
"Eveline..." He warned.
"Jupiter." Her voice was loud and firm.
He exhaled a shaky breath, but was doing his best not to breathe in.
Eveline let go of one side of his face and brushed her wet hair off of one side of her neck.
Jupiter started to panic. "Stop." He tried looking away.
"Take my plasma. Take it if you have to."
"No. I won't." He whimpered. "I won't be like them."
Eveline gripped his face again with both hands and forced him to look in her direction. It never mattered to her more than in that moment that he knew she was serious. "You aren't like them."
He tried to turn his head away but she swung it back around.
"STOP." She raised her voice for the first time. "Look at me, Jupiter." He complied. "This isn't you. That person you see yourself as - that monster - isn't you. I believe you can take my plasma and know when to stop. I believe that you have more than enough self control. You are not them and you will never be them. Please believe me." She bit her lip, and then remembered, "you promised you wouldn't leave me. I'm going to hold you to it. Please stay with me. Please come back to me?"
Real tears were coming from his eyes now and he trembled. "I... I just don't want to hurt you."
She pulled him close and hugged him. "Then you won't. Wasn't it just you who told me that you could do anything if you were asked? If you truly believed in it?"
"I'm so sorry." He sobbed.
"Jupiter... it's ok."
"You once told me that your greatest fear is the dark. Being alone in it." Jupiter breathed, "mine is that I'll lose control. That I won't be me anymore. That all I'll be is the monster." He clutched her tightly to him.
"That's not possible." Eveline whispered. "There is no monster, Jupiter. You are not a monster." Her hands brushed through his hair, knocking off his hat. "You're just tired and hot and this place seems never ending but we will find our way out. Let's not worry about your plasma until we need to cross that bridge. You're not out of food."
"No. You're not an option." He said firmly.
"Listen to me-"
"No. No. No!" He shook his head. "I will not bend on this."
"Jupiter... please." She begged.
"I'm not changing my mind." He pressed his head to her shoulder. "I will never let anything happen to you."
"Fine." Eveline let out a slow breath. "I can respect that, but I'm not going to just lock you in here either."
"You might not have a choice." He said coldly, through gritted teeth.
"We do, and that choice is that we're going to get out of here."
Jupiter looked at her, sadness still covering his face, "how can you be so optimistic? We should be prepared for the worst."
"The worst case? The only 'worst case' I can see if you going nuts trying to lock yourself in this pyramid and me going nuts trying to stop you. What if the other side of that wall is the way out? Then how silly will you feel? We're almost through. I can feel it. You have to hang in there with me though."
Jupiter nodded slowly, and Eveline felt relief flood through her.
"Let's get some sleep, ok?" She stood up and pulled him with her this time. They were both still reeling and Jupiter didn't have it in him to protest being in the same tent as her.

Jupiter's eyes were sore from when he had cried earlier. He opened them slowly and realized he wasn't alone. Eveline was asleep against him, breathing steadily. He felt shame burning in him from his outburst. He needed to keep himself together for her.

Once everything had been packed up, Jupiter slowly managed to push the right statues into place to unlock the door to the next room.
"How are you feeling?" Eveline broke the silence that had fallen between them.
Jupiter turned and looked at her, "I think I'll be alright." He paused for a long time. "I'm sorry for how I reacted."
Eveline took a step towards him, "there's no need to be sorry. Fear causes us to react in strange ways."
"It wasn't right though, and I'm sorry."
"Let's just work on getting out of here." Eveline smiled, "then you can apologize to me again." She teased lightly.
Jupiter smiled, but it didn't last. "Help me push this door open, I think something is stuck behind it."
They both pushed and worked against the door until it suddenly gave and they fell through.

"Jupiter... is this... what I think it is?"
"It's here... It's really actually here!" Jupiter actually started laughing hysterically. "We did it!" He turned and picked Eveline up and spun her around in his excitement.
They both celebrated and rejoiced before slowly collecting the few flame fruits they could.
"Eveline, I don't know if you'll believe this, but there is exactly five flame fruits here."
Eveline grinned. "Let's grab them and get out of here."

"It's hard to imagine vampires falling to this, you know?" Jupiter mused, however when he held the fruit in his hands he could feel the burning on his skin. Slowly he connected the dots.
"Hey, I think I found the exit! Look, it connects to the front! I can see it!" Eveline pointed to the hidden door she had pushed open.
Jupiter could feel his heart soaring with this new revelation, he turned and followed Eveline out into the dawn.

Eveline trotted several paces ahead of him. "I never thought I'd feel cool air again!" She called, waving her arms around. "It feels lovely!"
She turned when she realized Jupiter wasn't moving from where he stood.
"What's wrong? We did it! We made it out!" She jogged back towards him. "You should be happy! We'll go home and you can have all the fruit you can eat!"

Jupiter looked at her with admiration. "There's nothing wrong... In fact... everything is right." He said slowly.
"What are you talking about?"
Jupiter threw the fruit to the side and crossed the space between them fluidly, pulling Eveline into him.

Eveline stopped breathing and slowly melted into the kiss. Jupiter pulled back and waited, wondering if he had taken things too far, but he was almost too happy to care, but Eveline pulled him back to her for another kiss. She tasted even better than he imagined.

The sun was rising, and he didn't even care.

In that little burning fruit was the key to everything. If only he had realized it sooner.
"I always pay back my debts."
He would be human once again.

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