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Sims 4 ~ Gameplay Tips and How-Tos
« on: March 31, 2016, 05:57:21 PM »

- Gameplay Tips:
- How-Tos:

- Comprehensive Paintings List
- Sims 4 Painting Values (Ongoing Data Collection)

- How To: Turn On/Off and Use Testingcheats - PC/Mac and Console

- How-To: Recover a Saved Game

- The Sims 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

- Sims 4 - Gallery Help Tips

Gameplay Tips

Reset Sim; Reset a Household and/or Evict Household

Tip: Rotational Play

Tip: Using "Save" vs. "Save As" when playing rotationally.

New Cullling Mechanics

Families Keep Getting Deleted

Items Stuck In Inventory and/or on Sim

Sims won't move or follow commands

Gameplay settings can be set per-saved game.

Clean up Inventories

Sims 4 Gameplay Hints and Tips

Tip: Sims 4 Camera Settings and Use (Tilt and Rotate)

Tip: Taking Great Screenshots

Tip: Using the Tab key

Tip: Bubble Blower

Tip: Randomizing Traits

Tip: User Interface (UI) and Icons are too Small

Tip: Size of UI can be changed

Hide the UI (user interface) in CAS - How-to

Tip: Sims 4 Calories per Food Item

Tip: Gardening Help - Creating a Community Garden

Turn Off The Sims 4 Game Tutorial

Object is missing its footprint resource (Tips)

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How-To: Play/Start and Save the game? / How-To: Play/Start the game with No Internet?

How-To: Copy Sims 4 Game Saves or Folder to Another Computer

How-To: Update the Game (Sims 4)

Custom Content and Mods (Install/Remove/Organize/Fix)

Delete Game Cache (What and How-To)

To Start a Fresh/New Game Without Doing a Factory Reset

Sims 4 Factory Reset (How-To)

How-To: Travel To/From Different Worlds

How-To: Moving Sims/Splitting Households

How-To: Saving Sims/Households to Library

How-To: Saving A House/Lot To Library and Sharing it to Gallery

How-To: Saving Rooms to the Gallery

How-To: Place a House/Lot in-game

Missing Save Games

This Code Has Already been Used

My Origin Games Are Missing

How-To: Give your Sims a nice house without spending too much money

How-To: Gold All Social Events

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