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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 136-- Toddler Time x 5!

The next morning and outraged Kimberly complains loudly to Marshall.

Kimberly *disgusted* "I can't believe my teacher sent over an assignment for me to complete before classes today. That's outrageous! You didn't get one!"

Marshall *before he digs into his French toast* "That's because I'm in AP classes."

Kimberly: "But I had an 'A' for 3 straight days in grade school same as you!"

Marshall: "But I aced all my Freshman entry exams and they need to figure out what classes to put me in. Hence, no way to give me homework until they figure it out."

Kimberly *shocked* "Oh no! Does that mean you'll be ahead of me and graduate early?"

Marshall *reassuring her* "Absolutely not! I told them I wouldn't do that and be separated from you and all of our friends. So they're going to let me take classes ahead but then do college prep for my last two years. Or three. It all depends on how quickly I get through them."

Kimberly *relieved* "Oh, now you're just showing off Mr. Genius! And why are you still wearing your suit? Did you sleep in it?"

Marshall *making a face* "No, that would be gross. I slept in the fairy house and it was all I had to put on when I came out. But I'll change after I eat. We'd better hurry, it's almost time for the bus! Don't want to be late the first day!"

So with the bus driver honking the horn impatiently, Kimberly grabs her homework and decides she'll have to finish it on the bus.

She's really looking forward to high school and being with all her friends but not all at once.

Sometimes she finds her Loner trait harder to bear than her Evil one!

Lucy and Torre take care of the nooboos that morning, getting diapers changed, tummy's filled, and getting in plenty of play time and snuggles too.

Later in the afternoon, Lucy heads over to visit Everleigh and Christa since Leighton's in school and Dean's at work.

She finds her daughter dressed in Sports gear and holding a smiling Christa.

Lucy *eyebrows raised* "Now that's a new look for you! What's the occasion? Taking out the trash?"

Everleigh *smiling down at her daughter* "No, I let dad talk me into trying out for a job at the stadium. He says I spend too much time alone and I should be more proactive in fighting my Loner trait."

Lucy *nodding* "I have to agree with that. And you need to get out of the house for something besides shopping. I know you received a substantial amount from your trust fund and Dean makes good money, but it doesn't hurt to show the kids how to be financially responsible."

Everleigh *with a sigh* "Yeah, Dean's been after me about that too. I tend to buy them everything they ask for and he says that doesn't build good character. But the kids are so cute at that toy shop and I just can't resist! And don't get me started on stuff for Smokey. I found this awesome site on-line that carries wonderful dog toys and special food and treats. Nothing's too good for my Smokey!"

Lucy *trying not to roll her eyes* "Well, let's talk about that later. I'm off today so I can watch Christa while you head to the stadium for try outs."

Everleigh: "That would be great mom. I was going to call a sitter but I'd feel much more comfortable with you and I know Christa would too! It's almost time for her nap and she needs a diaper change too."

Lucy *smiling again* "I think I can handle that. Oh, and I wanted to ask when you were planning Christa's birthday party. She should be aging up soon."

Everleigh *slowly* "About that mom. I've been meaning to talk to you and dad. Would you mind very much if we let her age up on her own? At least give her a few more days of toddler time? With Leighton in school, I want a few days with her for some special Mommy and me time!"

Lucy: "That's totally up to you and Dean. And with two sets of twins aging up to toddlers tonight, I'm sure we'll be happy to delay Christa's cake another few days!"

With Everleigh gone, Lucy changes Christa's diaper and pops her into her jammies.

With the weather getting warmer and Christa staying a toddler, Lucy thinks she may need a lighter set.

But she sure won't mention it to Everleigh!

Lucy *thinking* Maybe something is a Spice Brown…do they even make toddler stuff in that color? Then she's appalled at the thought. Torre and Everleigh's preoccupation with clothes has affected her too!*

She decides a distraction is called for and sets Christa down and steps away.

Lucy * encouragingly* "Come to Lita Christa! Come to Lita!"

And Christa takes a few wobbly steps all on her own with a big look of surprise on her cute little face!

Learning to walk in the walker the poor little thing didn't realize she could walk all by herself.

Kimberly gets invited over to Antony's after school and they do homework together.

Kimberly *seriously* "Have you ever thought of leaving home Antony? Of leaving Midnight Hollow?"

Antony *thoughtfully* "I've never thought about it really. I've never had a lot of ambition, I love just sitting and watching TV. But some of those travel documentaries show some really beautiful places around Sim Land. I wouldn't mind checking some of them out and trying my luck in a different town."

Kimberly: "Would your parents mind? I mean, you are their only son."

Antony: "I don't think so. I don't think we have any special ties to this town. But I really don't know if I can travel or not. Do they let ghosts on planes?"

Kimberly *shocked* "I have no idea. That's definitely something to look into! I'll have to discuss it with Marshall and the Watcher!"

Antony: "Oh, I remember you telling me about your Watcher before. That invisible voice that talks to you. But why would she care if I could travel?"

Kimberly sits there for a moment and then tells Antony all about the journey her family is on and that she'll be moving with 7 other family members when an 8th generation heir and a new town are chosen.

Antony listens attentively, astonished at the scope of the Frio families quest.

And wonders if being part of such an adventure is his destiny or if his best friend will leave him behind?

After their homework is done, Kimberly asks if he'll be her date for prom on Saturday.

Antony is flattered and says they'll be the most envied couple there.

Antony *staring into her eyes, adds* "And I'll have the most beautiful girl in school with me!"

Meanwhile, Marshall's invited Dahlia over after school and he chats with her eager to find out some very important information.

He finds out her sign and that's she's single and hasn't found anyone special yet, so he asks the big question.

Marshall: "I'd be honored to go to prom with you Dahlia. Will you go with me?"

Dahlia looks at him with stars in her eyes and says: "I think you're dreamy Marshall! There's no one else I'd rather be with!"

And with her sweet words they share a special look and feel first love starting to bloom in their hearts.

Then it's time for the younger twins to become toddlers!

Samuel brings Lucinda to her cake surrounded by loving family.

And to my shock she ages to toddler with her mother's turquoise hair and gorgeous deep pink wings!

Lorelei picks her up in stunned disbelief and simply stares at her youngest daughter's hair.

Then she stammers: "She got my hair. I never even thought…dreamed…that one of my children would…maybe a grandchild, but…I'm not prepared for this at all!"

But Lorelei puts those thoughts behind her as it's Lucas' turn for cake.

Samuel proudly holds him as the rest of the family cheers and blows noise makers.

And Lucas proves again just how strong Founder Jared's genes are as he sports the Frio auburn hair!

Both toddlers have some pressing needs so Lorelei gets a bottle for precocious Lucinda who crawled to the living room to watch TV!

Lorelei *with a grin* "Maybe she'll take after me that way too!"

And Samuel rushes Lucas off to the potty to start his training early.

As soon as that's taken care of, Lucas plays with his IF doll!

Then it's bedtime for the both of them.

Lucas is so tired he falls asleep instantly, but Lucinda plays and sings to her teddy bear.

I send Torre and Lucy on to the next twin birthday celebration but before I can join them, I see this!

Ghostly Rae gossiping with paparazzi Marvin Craft?!?

Marvin *shaking with excitement* "I can't believe I've finally gotten to meet you in person Mrs. Frio. I'm astonished at your beauty! I've heard all the gossip about your music of course, but you're more breathtaking than I ever dreamed of!"

And I'm thinking *Oh yeah, like Rae's going to fall for that load of….*

When to my astonishment she does and becomes instant friends with him!

Then it hits me!

Rae was Easily Impressed when she was alive and apparently being dead for 4 generations hasn't changed that!

Then I'm gobsmacked when she starts flirting with him!

Friendship is one thing…but flirting ….with a…paparazzi!

Then I remember that her sister Audra married Victor in Moonlight Falls and he was a paparazzi, so Rae doesn't have the same feelings towards them as most celebrities do.

But it pains me to watch it and I can't make her stop!

Then I hear a familiar thud! No, oh no!

Yes, it's Sam!

I want to believe that it was just seeing Rae's ghost that made him pass out.

And not the fact that he might have seen the love of his life flirting with another!

Or maybe he was just tired? His thoughts seem to reflect that theory.

I'm taking a page out his book and adding coward to my traits as I rush away and join Torre and Lucy.

I get there just in time as Miriam's holding Garreth by his cake and Lucy and Ian are cheering him on.

The dining room here is even smaller than the one at the main Frio home so Miriam has to bring him out to the entryway to set him down.

And our fairyboo sparkles and becomes a toddler with his father's blonde hair!

I couldn't resist this picture with him looking so sweet.

Then it's brother Ryan's turn and Tito Torre gets in on the festivities this time.

But Miriam walks away quicker this time than she did the last.

And when she gets back to the entry, I realize why!

Miriam's expecting again!

I have so many questions but they'll have to wait for Ryan to age up.

I'm not missing another birthday boys photo!

And he's got the same color hair as his twin and his father!

And the same melting puppy dog eyes too!

Their hair is different but these two are the closest I've gotten to identical twins in any of my games.

Except that Garreth is a fairy and Ryan is human and Ryan's skin tone is a bit darker.

Everleigh and Dean want a few more days with Christa as a toddler so they're taking advantage of her longer life span already.

Kimberly and Marshall both have dates for Saturday's prom, with Antony and Dahlia respectively.

Kimberly's discussed the Frio family journey with Antony which has brought up the question about ghosts being able to travel. Is it possible?

Kimberly's depending on Marshall and me as their Watcher to find out!

And both sets of nooboo twins aged up to toddler.

Lucinda with Lorelei's turquoise hair, and Lucas taking after the long line of Frio male's before him with their traditional auburn looks.

Garreth and Ryan, Miriam and Ian's twins, look exactly like their father did as a toddler***, but Ryan's human and has a slightly darker skin tone.

And Miriam's expecting again!

If we hadn't aged up the boys, she could have had up to 5 babies in the house all at the same time!

Will the Watcher's everywhere take pity on our grumpy couch potato and only have her deliver one?

A sweet baby girl maybe? With Miriam's platinum hair?

Or will she add another set of twins to her growing family? Dare we mention triplets?

Only time will tell.

Join me in Chapter 137-- Toddlers and Teens Part 1
Coming soon.

***Author's note: Check out Ian's toddler picture in Chapter 104, picture 17!
Do you agree that Garreth looks just like him? Ryan too but with darker skin?

I'll be posting pictures of them all in the next chapter in the same formal outfit so we can compare!***

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 137-- Toddlers and Teens Part 1

If you didn't get to check out Ian's toddler picture in Chapter 104, here it is!

And here's his son, Garreth!

What do you think? Like father like son?

And here's Ryan in the same suit!

They are both so cute but with their parents expecting another nooboo, Torre and Lucy realize they need to get started on toddler skills with these two ASAP.

So Torre helps Garreth use the potty.

And Ryan crawls outside where he realizes he doesn't like it at all!

Having three toddlers who Hate the Outdoors is going to be interesting.

Luckily there not all in the same household but both the younger heir twins have it so fun, fun.

Back at the main Frio home, Samuel's snuggling with a rested Lucas in his diaper and cute t-shirt.

A toddler outfit I like for a change.

I take the opportunity to spruce up his everyday, choosing classic blue jeans and a blue and white t-shirt.

And an outer wear outfit with a cute red hoodie.

Lucinda wakes up and Samuel takes her to the potty to get that out of the way.

Then she gets some cute outfits too.

Her favorite color is black so we let her express it with some cute polka dots for her formal wear.

And again in her outerwear.

And she sports her new jammies while having a bottle and giving us a sweet smile.

Then Kimberly picks up Lucas for some snuggles after his first breakfast in the high chair.

When she sets him down, he heads straight for his xylophone and starts to play!

But soon I find the twins playing together at the blocks table.

Looks like they're both checking out the merits of the red and green blocks!

With the toddlers happily occupied, Lorelei and Lucy read on the couch nearby.

Lucy focusing on a handiness book to build up her skill and Lorelei reading another recipe.

This time it's Ratatouille which is Kimberly's favorite.

Marshall's is Autumn salad, which even a beginner knows how to make, so she already new that one.

And with Samuel's being Ceviche , that's next on the list.

Lorelei's really going through the recipe books fast!

After school, I find Marshall playing with his baby brother. So sweet!

Marshall: "His hair color's the same as mine and Tito Torre's Watcher. Genetics is so fascinating!"

Dee: "I totally agree Marshall! It's one of the things I'm most anxious to see when the nooboos of each generation arrive. In fact, you actually brought the auburn hair back into the Frio line as not one of the 10 kids in generation 7 had it!"

Marshall: "Oh, I didn't realize that Watcher, that's cool! And my cousin Leighton has it and now Lucas has it, so it's really on the upswing!"

Dee: "It is. And I'm glad to see it back. I like that we've had so many different hair colors. It's one of the things we never change in Stylist as we want to see the natural changes throughout the whole journey."

Marshall: "Speaking of changes, I did have a favor to ask as my special gift. Dahlia's coming over later and I wondered if you could help her out with a new wardrobe? Especially a fancy dress for prom as she was worried about that."

Dee: "It would be my pleasure Marshall! I'll get started as soon as she arrives."

I'm happy to fulfill Marshall's request for new clothes for Dahlia and even more so when I see her favorite color.

It's Irish Green!

Marshall's favorite is Green so it makes me feel these two were meant to be!

And when we get into Stylist, I realize Dahlia doesn't need much help at all.

Her hair style fits her perfectly, so we add a touch of makeup and she's all set.

Since she works at the Day Spa, she requested a better career outfit and we decided on white Capri leggings with a flattering tank in a cool Irish Green with comfortable flats.

It's definitely an improvement over the outfit she was wearing and gives her the professional look she wanted.

But the nights are still chilly so she chooses a black leather jacket with a scarf in her favorite green.

This is one of my favorite outfits so I'm glad it appeals to a lot of my teens.

Dahlia chooses a very pretty gown for prom but wants it to be a surprise for Marshall, so we pack it away for Saturday.

I'm hoping she'll decide to wear it for prom, and not her athletic outfit!

Marshall joins her upstairs and can't help but comment on her new look.

Marshall: "Oh, I love the green Dahlia, it's my favorite color. It's like you've got beautiful leaves as a background for your pretty flower self!"

Dahlia *blushing a bit* "Thank you Marshall. I was hoping you'd like it. It's my every day outfit but you never know what I'll wear or when, it all depends on what I'm in the mood for."

Marshall: "You always look beautiful to me Dahlia, not matter what you're wearing."

And he pulls her close for their very first kiss.

And Lucinda enjoys her first meal in the high chair. Mommy's delicious fruit parfait.

Afterwards, Samuel starts teaching her a few new words and claps excitedly when she repeats them!

He's such a great dad, very attentive to his children and always wanting to spend time with them and their friends.

And Kimberly takes her role as big sister seriously too and has never once even popped a wish to steal her younger siblings candy.

Don't get me wrong, she still gets the 'fiendishly delighted' moodlet when they cry but she's never wished to do anything that would make them cry.

She brings Lucas to the potty and tells him what a big boy he's getting to be.

Then Lorelei and Samuel take over their parental responsibilities as Lorelei shares potty training duty for Lucinda.

And Samuel helps Lucas as he plays with the peg box.

Then next morning before school Kimberly finishes her first teen painting.

We were both pleasantly surprised when she got the Artistic trait as a teen, so she's been busy with increasing her skill.

She's also signed up for Art and Drama clubs after school, and is doing quite well.

Lots of toddler spam and skilling started in this chapter.

But the toddlers all have lots of skilling ahead.

And the teens have rights of passage as well with learning to drive, a teen slumber party, and prom.

And Miriam's getting closer and closer to delivering her child or will it be children?

Let's find out in Chapter 137-- Toddlers and Teens Part 2
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 137-- Toddlers and Teens Part 2

Lorelei's been stuck in the house for awhile and even a Couch Potato has limits so she offers to teach Marshall to drive.

They take a Motive Mobile which usually makes learning to drive a breeze for most teens but between Marshall's Neurotic trait and his new Eco-Friendly one, they have a few bumps in the road.

Because he keeps slamming on the brakes and getting out of the car.

And heading home on his bike in the pouring rain!

But Lorelei and I persevere and he finally gets to level 3 and earns his driver's certificate.

Kimberly takes the opportunity to spend some time with Lucinda.

She tickles her silly and they both smile as their sisterly friendship grows.

After her eye opening experience with Marshall and driving, Lorelei showers and changes and settles down to help Lucas master talking.

I love the words she's teaching him here!

Lorelei: "Founder Jared and Aunt Miriam are Party Animals and they like to dance crazy!"

Lucas: "Cra…zee Dance?"

Lorelei *clapping* "Yes, maybe you'll get to see it one day!"

Samuel's been patiently helping Lucinda with the peg box and she's close to mastering it already.

And he has no problem with the messier aspects of toddlerhood either.

Doing his best to help Lucinda learn to go potty all by herself.

And she does!

And Adam joins us in the nursery, either unaware of Lucinda's needs or just at ease with such things.

Dee: "She'll be finished in a jiffy Adam, then you can watch her play."

Adam: "I didn't mean to disturb such an important part of toddler training. Messy at first, but makes it easier in the long run. Sophie and I had twins too, but thankfully not two sets! And with both of them being fairies, even as toddlers they took care of a lot of their own needs in a fairy house. Now that was something to get used to! Looks like this set of twins has a fairy too. And the hair you like Watcher. Do you have a preference for heir yet?"

Before I can respond, Samuel chimes in with: "I thought the current heir couple picked the next heir?"

Adam *nodding with respect* "I see you've taken the heir spouse duties to heart Samuel. Not just leaving them to Lorelei. That's good. But the Watcher helps us out now and again when we're having trouble deciding. We had a poll for heirship with my twins, Logan and Sadie."

Samuel: "A poll? So you didn't have to choose yourself?"

Adam: "Well, the poll was to see if others felt the same way as we did, that heirship truly belonged to one twin over the other. Mine decided to both give it up! Not that I let them. But it was a good test of their strengths and weaknesses. But again, we didn't have two sets of twins to pick from, and so far apart in age either. Good luck on choosing!"

As Adam's words sink in, Samuel realizes just what choosing means with four children, two toddlers and two teens.

Either some of his children move without a mate, or some of them stay behind. What a choice!

And he wishes that he would have just stuck with potty training instead of opening his big mouth!


And one last potty training session for Lucas has him mastering it!

Later that day, Lucinda masters talking with the word camera!

Samuel: "Daddy takes photos with a camera."

Lucinda: "Camra.. Camra..Camra!!"

With the younger twins toddler skills well in hand, Lorelei heads off with Kimberly for their first driving lesson.

Using the maids car?!?

No, Kimberly picks great Glampa Des' police cruiser!

I'd forgotten all about it, but Kimberly decided it was just the thing for learning how to drive and hopped quickly into the driver's seat!

With both teens having earned their driver's licenses and the toddlers taking their afternoon nap, Lorelei, settles down in the sitting/computer room to read another recipe.

I've never seen her read in here before so I have to ask why.

Dee: "You usually pick the brighter living room, why up here?"

Lorelei *whispering* "I'm trying to surprise Samuel with his favorite food! I'm hoping to make it perfectly and then store it in one of the replicators so he can have it for a long, long time."

Dee: "That's a good idea! We need some fresh perfect meals. We still have Crewe's Spaghetti with Veggie Sauce and Founders Claire and Jared's Grilled Salmon in there!"

Lorelei *making  a face* "Yes, I know. I'm hoping to fill both of them up with current family favorites."

Since both the teens learned how to drive and Lorelei still has her sanity, she agreed to let them have a teen slumber party.

The first arrival is Cora Flynn but she doesn't look happy to be here.

Cora: "It's not that Watcher, I'm just furious with my uncle. He insisted I bring my homework before he'd agree to let me come to the party! I'm an 'A' student in honors classes for goodness sake!"

Dee: "It's okay Cora. I'm just glad he let you come and I'm sure there are others here who would love some help with their homework."

Cora: "Oh, I could do that!"

And she heads off to the kitchen to get set up for an impromptu homework session.

As much as I love her auburn hair, Cora's thin lips remind me too much of Jared's and I'm glad she's just a teen friend of the twins, not a love interest.

All the teens are eager to have a couple of brains to help homework go faster and soon the table and floor are littered with paper and teens earnestly studying.

I notice that Cora's changed into other clothes and can't help but comment.

Dee: "You can't do homework in your pj's Cora?"

Cora *firmly* "No."

And then Marshall adds: "Me either. Not when I'm helping others. It just doesn't seem appropriate."

I'm not sure if that's a genius thing or a neurotic one, so I wisely say nothing.

With homework out of the way, the teens of Midnight Hollow voraciously gobble up Lorelei's latest creation.

Antony and Kimberly sit next to each other.

While Marshall eats quickly and politely gives up his seat to Carrie Limb, Jack and Sarah's oldest daughter.

The middle Doe brothers, James and Josiah, along with Monte Brennan, wait for their servings as Lorelei checks to make sure there's enough for everyone.

Then Dahlia asks Marshall to watch the stars.

Wearing her formal gown that was supposed to be a surprise!

Dahlia: "Sorry Watcher, it's what I felt like wearing. I'm not sure why."

Dee: "It a trait thing Dahlia, not much you can do about it. I can pop you into something else if you'd like."

Marshall: "It's beautiful Dahlia. I could just look at you all night."

With the looks they're exchanging, I don't think what clothes she's wearing matter.

And then it's time for some shut eye.

Out on the grass on the front lawn!

I've not seen kids sleep outside since IP, but a bunch of them bed down and fall asleep immediately.

But Marshall and Dahlia chat and play chess as the other teens sleep.

And Kimberly does her homework at the kitchen table as she needed some alone time too.

As the day dawns on a beautiful Saturday morning, I expect the visiting teens to all jump up quickly and head for home.

But they all sleep peacefully on.

Then they wake and stretch leisurely as the newspaper girl runs by.

Some of them heading into the house for bathroom facilities and breakfast, while Antony works on his homework and his sister Frieda watches feathers fly around Elisa Goldberg.

The teens all chat happily as they grab plates of crepes, goopy carbonara, or whatever strikes their fancy from the well-stocked fridge.

And Cora can't contain her excitement as she gets an autograph from Lorelei.

Cora *squealing with joy* "Thank you so much Mrs. Frio! I've been a big fan of yours ever since our field trip to the bistro. Your recipes are so delicious!"

Lorelei: "Why thank you Cora! I'm eager to get back to work again now that the younger twins are toddlers. If you'd care to stop by one day next week after school, I'd be happy to show you a kitchen secret or two."

Cora *stammering in her excitement* "Tha..that would be fantastic! I'll have to clear it with my Uncle though. He's not one for non-essential activities. I'm surprised he let me come to the party actually."

Lorelei *smiling* "Kimberly mentioned that, so that's why I called him and told him homework would be a priority, especially with it being prom tonight. That way you kids would be all set for Monday."

Cora *eyes and mouth wide* "You mean I get to go to prom too!? He said no when I asked earlier this week." *then crestfallen* "Oh, I don't have a dress."

Lorelei *her smile growing* "We've taken care of that for all of you and the limo too. You girls can take your time with make-up, hairstyles, and outfits until it shows up."

I happily oblige Lorelei and the girls with several trips into stylist.

Carrie Limb goes first, choosing a bright yellow sleeveless dress with a flirty white bow and gold chains that give this girl a pop of color with her pale grey skin, so typical of MH.

If Marshall wasn't so wrapped up in Dahlia, this girl would have my vote for his life partner!

Elisa Goldberg goes for a bold red dress with an eye-catching red feather in her up-swept do.

She's a recent resident that's come here from a much sunnier location with that sun-kissed skin.

And we finish up with Cora's black and white frock just as the limo arrives!

And the group arrives at the high school in their finery.

Kimberly leads the way followed closely by her date Antony.

Marshall and Dahlia hang back to let the others file through the door.

Marshall gets voted Prom King but it's Dahlia's request that they go steady that makes the night a success for him! They also got voted most popular couple.

Kimberly's night didn't go quite as well.

She got voted Prom Queen but some girl tried to grab her crown yelling about alien devices!

Kimberly ignored her, and wore the crown anyway, but it must have been an omen as she got separated from Antony as she was surfing through the crowd.

This led to a fight and the crowd was so huge she never found him again that night and they never even got to dance.

Needless to say our loner wasn't happy in such a crowd but the fight and suffering of others still made her fiendishly delighted!

And Torre and Lucy are delighted even more after a call from Ian.

Torre heads straight inside but Lucy's sidetracked by little Garreth.

She changes his dirty diaper, gets him a bottle, and snuggles him close, wondering how on earth he got left outside alone.

But we figure it out quickly when we see Tito Torre holding his little brother Randy.

A human nooboo who Loves the Cold and the Outdoors!

But Torre's solemn face has me asking him what's wrong.

Torre: "Nothing really Watcher, but with 3 grandchildren that Hate the Outdoors, I was just shocked that this one loves it. And he's not even a fairy."

Dee: "Genetics and traits work in mysterious ways Torre. Ways that surprise me all the time!"

And the surprises don't stop there as we see proud papa Ian holding his newborn daughter.

A fairyboo they named Mandi who is Friendly and Brave!

And soon to be serenaded by her big brother Ryan as he heads for the xylophone.

The younger twins are learning their toddler skills and making friends with their family members.

The older twins just had their first teen slumber party followed by prom, where Marshall agreed to be Dahlia's steady guy.

And Miriam? Miriam had twins! A boy and a girl this time, human Randy and fairyboo Mandi.

And with their birth Torre and Lucy fulfilled their 10 grandchildren wishes!

But the older twins still have 10 days left as teens.

Will Kimberly have that romantic date with Antony after such a disastrous prom?

And what of Jennifer Doe? She's become a YA but she's still living at the Synapse home. Why?

Check out Chapter 138--Trumping Traits
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 138--Trumping Traits

After prom, Marshall and Kimberly head to the nursery to check on their younger siblings.

And Kimberly surprises me by popping a wish, an Evil wish, for the first time!

Yup, she steals Lucas' candy!

Marshall holds Lucinda and watches in shock as his twin licks the lollipop with relish and smiles as their baby brother waves his fists in rage!

Poor Lucinda cuddles closer to Marshall as she hears her twin's howls.

Marshall quickly tickles her before the tears can start.

He's going to be a great dad one day in the future.

Marshall *alarmed* "Far, far in the future Watcher! I'm just enjoying my little sister, not working on Dad skills!"

Dee: ""Uh huh. Keep on telling yourself that! If you're heir, a child is a requirement. If you're a spare, SP will probably give you a few too!"

Marshall *mouth dropping open* "But I just became a teen and we still have lots of teen days ahead!"

Dee *reassuringly* "You do Marshall, don't worry about it. It's just another life skill that you'll learn like all the others."

Marshall *bravely* "That's true. I'm going to push my Brave and Genius traits to the fore and annihilate my Neurotic one!"

Dee: "Good for you Marshall!"

But then Kimberly corrects me.

Kimberly: "That's not the first time I popped that wish Watcher."

Dee: "Really? I've never seen you steal candy before."

Kimberly *shaking her head wryly* "I didn't get to steal it! It was just before prom when you were busy with the other girls' dresses. Lucinda was playing her xylophone and the thought just popped into my head! But Lucinda outsmarted me and just continued playing until my Evil urge went away."

Dee: "How do you think she knew how to do that?!"

Kimberly: "She's so young, I don't think she knew. But my guess is that Disciplined trumps Evil!"

Dee: "So what did you do?"

Kimberly: "What else? I clapped for the little stinker!"

The next morning Samuel gives both kids' bottles so they can finish up their toddler skills.

Lucas eagerly reaches for his as Lucinda happily drinks hers.

And with both toddlers having the Hates the Outdoors trait, we settle for teaching them to walk on the large sunporch.

That way they get some sunshine but not that nasty negative moodlet.

Samuel starts with encouraging Lucas to take a few steps.

And Lorelei joins them with Lucinda over by the fairy house.

Lorelei *smiling* "Come to mommy sweetie. That's it. One more step."

It's such a beautiful day, Lucy and Torre head to the last day of the Spring Festival.

Torre finds Everleigh there and joins her and Sarah Limb in a game of horseshoes.

I catch Sarah on her own a moment later and can't resist a close up of her.

Even with the sunny days since Torre's lightening spell, she's still as pale as ever!

And her husband Jack is just as pale!

No wonder their daughter Carrie has that pale grey skin.

Then Lucy and Torre pose for a photo for Dahlia's sister Gayle as the youngest Ziggfield, Nathanael, dances near by.

Their father David relaxes in a rocker as his elder years demand a rest.

Then Torre and Lucy slow dance and show off a couples spin.

These two haven't lost a bit of the romance even though Lucy's close to becoming an elder and they're the grandparents of 10!

Look at their expressions! They're both totally lost in their love for each other!

And the Love Tester reinforces that with it's "Burning" comment, stating that it's not felt such heat since a sim spilled a drink on it and all it's circuits exploded!

Torre and Lucy know they don't need a machine to tell them the status of their love, but they still smile and cheer at the results.

Samuel checks in with Jennifer Doe who's become a young adult still living in the Synapse house.

Samuel: "Isn't it time you moved back home Jennifer? I spoke with your parents the other day and all that Witness Protection Program (WPP) stuff has been resolved. There's no need for you to hide in this cell anymore."

Jennifer *smiling* "I know Mr. Frio. I've kept in close touch with mom and dad and all my brothers. And I no longer stay in this cell. I have a beautiful room at the top of the house. My house. I was just down here cleaning it up a bit. For it's next resident. Why don't you step outside the door."

Jennifer continues: "It didn't take me long to realize that Roderick was up to no good and had plans to use me for his own Evil purposes, especially once I was of age and he wasn't being watched as closely. But with his endorsement, I was able to obtain my dream job at the Criminal Warehouse. Where I was able to set things in motion to safeguard my family."

Samuel *surprise in his voice* "It was YOU that resolved the WPP issue?!?"

Jennifer *her grin reaching her laughing eyes* "Oh yes, I just had to be old enough and in the right position of power to set my plans in motion. Once that was done, I turned the tables on dear Roderick!"

As Samuel steps outside the cell, he's shocked when a very subdued and elderly Synapse walks in the cell and closes the door.

And as it clangs shut he hears the distinctive sound of the locks snicking closed!

With Synapse ranting inside!

Then Jennifer's words drift down to him as she slowly walks up the spiral staircase to the main floor.

Jennifer *laughing softly* "That contract you had him sign years ago Mr. Frio. It never said anything about ME not being able to lock HIM in the cell!"

Samuel shakes his head in amazement and heads home, as Roderick Synapse languishes in his new home, a cage of his own making, with only his cat Zoe for company.

The resident Evil Genius of Midnight Hollow trumped by the Neurotic Genius of a young woman he totally underestimated!

Back at the house, Lita Lucy is helping Lucas work on his walking.

Look at the amazed look on his cute little face as he takes step after step!

Now that their going steady, Marshall and Dahlia take some time for a romantic interlude.

He gives her a wonderful massage, fighting his urge to check the bathroom sink as he can hear water dripping!

Then they hold hands and when Dahlia smiles dreamily and looks into his eyes, I know the sink has been forgotten!

I'm glad Marshall finds her as appealing as I do! This girl is just so sweet.

And when he pops the wish to make out with Dahlia and immediately pulls her in for a long kiss, my worries are over!

I think this is our cue to check on other family members.

I find Kimberly chatting with Antony and again my heart sings!

Maybe she'll get to further their relationship from Good Friends into something more?

But not this time.

This meeting is all about repairing their friendship.

Apparently the prom fiasco dropped them from Good Friends back to Friends.

Kimberly *contritely* "I'm so sorry Antony! I don't know how things got so out of hand at prom. I really wanted to have a special night with you. Can you forgive me?"

Antony *with a smile* "Of course, I know it wasn't all your fault. And I know how hard apologizing is for you. So let's forget about prom and all that mess and just enjoy our friendship. We've been friends since we were toddlers Kimberly and one mistake isn't going to ruin something that special."

Later that day, I find Kimberly giving Lucas a bottle.

Kimberly *contritely* "I feel bad for stealing your candy Lucas, please forgive sissie?"

Lucas *happily* "Luv sissie!"

Kimberly: "You're so Good Lucas, just like Antony! I'm glad my Friendly trait shows up more than my Evil one!"

Lucas is too young to respond to that but I heartily agree.

After making amends with Antony and Lucas, Kimberly starts working on another book.

Her first Sci-Fi book was called, Evil Spy, and her current Drama novel she entitles Waiting for Evil!

I see a pattern here but if she can channel her Evil tendencies into her books and not at family and friends, I can live with that.

And Lorelei heads to the bookstore to find her last elusive recipe!

She completed her LTW of Culinary Librarian ages ago, but she's determined to learn every recipe.

But she's read all the ones available for purchase at the bookstore, learned some from recipes purchased traveling, and through Jared, and Cookin' Cable, and she's now at 98%!

After some research, I think it may be the Cheese Plate recipe that's found in France.

I'd like to make some kind of joke about it, but with her having No Sense of Humor, I don't think I can trump that one.

This chapter saw a lot of traits trumping others.

Some sims overcame their own traits and some sims overcame other sims traits!

Little Lucinda's Disciplined trait trumped Kimberly's Evil trait, and Kimberly allowed her Friendly trait to trump her Evil one too.

And Jennifer Doe used her Neurotic Genius traits to be become her own heroine, saving her family and putting Insane Evil Genius Roderick Synapse where he belongs, safely behind bars in the cage of his own making!

So what's up next for the residents of MH?

Well, Everleigh's little Christa should be having her natural child birthday soon, and the younger twins will be turning school-age as well.

And Kimberly's hoping to turn her friendship with Antony into something more than just being friends!

Let's see how that all turns out in Chapter 139--Teen Choices and Starting School
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 139-- Teen Choices and Starting School

Marshall has been getting some disturbing messages about his toddler IF doll Boinky.

Boinky never became an imaginary friend but somehow the magic of the doll keeps haunting him!

So he makes a hard decision. To give Boinky away! But who to give him too?

He checks with all his friends, explains the issue, and only one of them dares to accept the challenge of dealing with a magic doll.

Somehow Marshall thought the teens living in MH would be made of sterner stuff than that.

And he's a bit surprised at who takes him up on the offer.

The youngest Doe brother, Jordan, who's just recently become a teen.

But when I see Jordan choking himself on the front porch, I realize why he accepted. He's quite Insane!

But that may make dealing with the doll easier.

Marshall invites him inside, chats a bit to strengthen their friendship, and then offers his gift.

Marshall *a bit sadly* "I was really hoping to keep Boinky around, maybe for the next generation to play with, but I think  his magic is getting out of hand and I don't want to make our family journey any harder than it already is."

Jordan *acting surprised* "A gift for me?! You shouldn't have! And wrapped so beautifully! What a great idea!"

Marshall *doing a double take* "Umm, I thought I explained this on the phone Jordan. I have to give him as a gift…"

Jordan *smiling* "You did! I just wasn't expecting it to be so fancy. Other teens usually try to avoid me, not call and offer me gifts. Accept for Dahlia Ziggfield, she and I get along great! Hey, isn't she your girlfriend?"

Marshall *as understanding dawns* "Ahh, Dahlia mentioned she had a new friend that was a lot like her. And if you can take care of my old pal Boinky, I think we'll be great friends too! As a thank you, let's check out the new movies down at the Theatre!"

Jordan: "That'd be great Marshall. I'm finally old enough to see teen movies now but my family still doesn't like me going alone."

Marshall's not surprised by that bit of news at all.

And I find Kimberly working on a sketch on Miriam's old drafting table.

With her new Artistic trait she spends a lot of time painting and drawing so she's quite talented already.

Kimberly *happily* "Thanks Watcher! I'm not nearly as good as Dad or Aunt Miriam, but I'm hoping to be one day!"

Dee: "You will be! And I've noticed you popping all those LTW wishes related to art or making friends, as well as that Evil one! But you haven't complained at all that I can't let you choose one yet. What gives?"

Kimberly *her voice going a bit soft* "I have plans to meet Antony right after I finish this, and I'm hoping it goes well."

Dee: "Well, as in beyond friendship?"

Kimberly *blushing a bit* "Mmmhhhm."

And I'm happily surprised that Kimberly meets Antony at the Theatre just as the movie's getting out so I can keep and eye on both of the twins.

Marshall and Jordan eagerly chat about the great movie they saw as Kimberly looks fondly at Antony.

Antony's so engrossed in his book that he doesn't realize she's arrived and is looking at him with such longing.

I'm hoping she gets her wish and that this meeting goes well.

She actually asked him on a date via her phone, but somehow that just doesn't seem to work out for them as they don't get any date hearts when they get to the lot.

And she never has the 'ask out on a date' option available when they interact.

I'm hoping this isn't something related to his ghost status as I'd prefer to have his ghost genetics in the family line.

Kimberly sits next to him on the bench and Antony immediately asks her how her art project turned out.

Kimberly: "Oh, I made a really nice sketch of a suit jacket. The Watcher thinks I'm very talented."

Antony: "Oh, there's no question about that Kimberly! I've done some research on the Frio family and you come from a long line of talented artists!"

Kimberly *flattered* "You really think so? Wait! You've been checking up on my forebears?"

Antony *earnestly* "Oh, yes! Ever since you told me about this journey. Your family is so fascinating. Eight generations so far, moving from one town to another. My parents are just the Founders of our family, so I'm just the first generation. You've got so much family history behind you and even more ahead of you! It's quite the undertaking, this journey your family is on. I feel honored just getting this chance to know you and the rest of your family her in MH. My family lineage is sadly lacking compared to yours!"

Kimberly suddenly realizes why Antony has been reluctant to date her, to take their relationship to the next level.

He doesn't feel worthy!

This Brave boy with a heart of gold, that Goodness just oozes out of, doesn't feel worthy of her family!

She stands up abruptly and grabs both of his hands yanking him to his feet before her.

She sees the look of shock on his face but that doesn’t stop her!

Kimberly *staring into his eyes* "Now you just stop that right now! I never want you to disparage yourself or your family again! You may only be the first generation, but what a generation it is! Your parents overcame the greatest obstacle of all--death! Their love for each other was so great they didn't let a little thing like that stop them. They became a couple, married and had children, beautiful ghost children! In a town that didn't accept them. A town that is filled with the odd, the different, the bizarre, but still wouldn't accept them for what they were. Until my dad met them, fought his own pre-conceived ideas and befriended them. Sharing his knowledge with others so they too would realize what a joy the Salas family is. And that everyone deserves to have a family, friends, neighbors, to be part of a loving community. No matter how different. It's our differences that define us as individuals, but it's our basic need for love, acceptance, and friendship, that should bring us together as part of Simkind!"

Kimberly's on a roll, a rant, whatever you want to call it, so she doesn't stop there, not even if it means heartbreak.

She pulls Antony in for a kiss, pouring all her love for him into the first meeting of their lips!

When she pulls back and they both take a deep breathe, Antony stares at her for several moments.

Moments that allow a paparazzi and Joseph Doe to wander by.

But our Brave boy doesn't let that stop him as he pulls Kimberly back in for another kiss!

And their relationship jumps from best friends to romantic interests.

Dee *thinking* Well done my girl! Well done!*

And I'm not sure why Joseph's here on his own at all as I just got a message that his engagement to Maggie Flynn was prompted by the unexpected news of an impending nooboo! Maybe he's still reeling from the shock?

They flirt a bit, kiss some more, hug each other close, and watch the stars as Antony whispers sweet nothings in her ear.

I think things went better than Kimberly and I could have ever hoped.

Meanwhile, Tito Torre and Lita Lucy are on another important mission.

A trip to Moldy Missives for some toddler skill book reading with the younger twins.

Torre has Lucinda cuddle close as they read together.

Lucy reads with Lucas in the other alcove.

Then the twins hit the books on their own, paging through one after the other, while Torre and Lucy flirt close by.

What a productive afternoon and evening!

Marshall solved his IF doll problem and made a new friend, the younger twins breezed through the toddler books at the library, and Kimberly got her heart's desire with her first romantic interlude with Antony.

But Kimberly isn't taking any chances on Antony having second thoughts.

She helps little Letitia Hyde with her homework the next day for some extra credit at school, then she calls him and asks if he wants to check out the first night of the Summer Festival.

Her heart sings as she hears the anticipation in his voice as he happily agrees to meet her there.

He greets her with a passionate kiss.

Once this Brave boy got over his unworthiness, he's been quite eager to explore a romantic relationship.

Then she gives him flowers!

Our Friendly, Evil girl has no problem with role reversal.

They kiss, hug, she strokes his cheek and then pops the all important teen question!

Kimberly *tenderly* "I know you're the one for me Antony. Will you be my steady guy?"

Antony grabs her hand and gives it a squeeze saying: "No one could stop me from being with you now, my sweet."

Seems like more than one member of the Salas family has found love as soon after I get a message that Sandra is engaged to Mitchell Flynn and they're hoping to start a family soon!

The toddler twins spent the afternoon with their peg boxes.

Lucinda's maxed hers and Lucas isn't far behind.

Then it was potty, bottles, and naps before the big night.

Samuel brings Lucinda to her cake.

I don't know who's more excited, little Lucinda or her father!

And she ages up in a shower of sparkles, adding Mean-Spirited to her Disciplined and Hates the Outdoors traits!

Really Jared? One turquoise-haired child wasn't enough, you had to corrupt this little one with your mean-spirited trait?!?

Then it's Lucas' turn and Samuel again does the honors.

He's one proud and excited papa today!

And Lucas' gains…SLOB! Seriously? A Good, Slob who Hates the Outdoors.

Well, guess he won't care about new clothes, but since I do, it's off to Stylist!

Lucas' favorite color is Violet. A slob who likes Violet!

Not happening on my watch. Since he's Good, I doubt he'll complain either.

Here he is in a traditional little boy blue every day outfit, perfect for summer.

Not that he'll notice being in the house as much as possible.

I do indulge Lucinda with outfits in her favorite color black, mostly because I like it with her turquoise hair.

But we offset it against white so it's not so harsh.

Here she is in her summer every day outfit.

She looks like such a nice child….hard to believe she's mean-spirited.

But it doesn't take long for it to show up!

Especially with a older sister that's having a teenage mood swing!

Kimberly *eyes narrowing* "That remark was totally uncalled for, go to your room!"

Lucinda *standing her ground* "You're not the boss of me… Kimmie!"

Kimberly *eyes blazing* "Don't ever call me that again!"

Lucinda *with a mean smirk* "And just what are you going to do about it?….Kimmie!"

Wowsa---these two are going to be real fun in the same house for the coming weeks.

Since Lucinda's birthday took place before midnight, she has school in the morning, so she does head off to bed.

But she totally ignores her sister's order and chooses to sleep in the fairy house!

Unlike Lucas who gets 2 days off since Thursday is Leisure Day.

I have Lucinda focus on meeting new friends while she's at school and to my surprise she meets Christa Cole!

And Christa comes home after school with her.

Lucinda Hates the Outdoors so she didn't stay outside to chat with Christa, but Lorelei greets her niece and happily gets to know her.

The older twins have chosen their life partners.

Marshall with his sweet Dahlia and Kimberly finally managing to get Antony to commit to a steady relationship.

The younger twins had their child birthdays and Lucinda met Christa on her first day of school, brought her home and she's met her Aunt Lorelei.

But what of Lucas? Will he meet any family or new friends?

And Everleigh and Dean's son, Leighton, should be aging to teen soon. Can we catch them at home for a party?

Will MH bring more surprises?

Let's find out in Chapter 140-- Family and A Flirty Friend!
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 140-- Family and A Flirty Friend!

I forgot to check Christa's child trait or her favorites before popping her into stylist so I gave her a cute lilac dress for everyday, the one she's wearing when she's chatting with her Aunt Lorelei for the first time.

Lilac, violet, indigo, anything on the purple spectrum is my favorite.

Since her mother Everleigh's favorite is yellow, I choose this cute sleeveless one for her formal with small diamond studs in her ears.

The new earrings must have pinched just a bit from the startled look on her face.

But you just know Everleigh would deck her daughter out in Diva-style!

My favorite color for her athletic outfit.

And then her swimwear in a cute yellow and white polka dot pattern since it's summer.

Her grin let's me know she approves of this one.

Maybe I can invite the neighborhood to a pool party so she can show it off.

Samuel had an opportunity to gain some points with his boss if he made friends with Odessa Hyde and obtained an exclusive interview.

Since he's locked in a wish to reach level 9 of his career, we decide to give it a try.

Samuel calls Lucien and invites the whole family over.

Odessa agrees to come over since she needs to thank him anyway.

Samuel's not sure what that means but he finds out soon enough.

Odessa *earnestly* "I can't thank you enough for letting your Kimberly tutor our daughter Mr. Frio. Letitia keeps going on and on about how helpful Kimberly was explaining her math problems."

Samuel: "Kimberly? Not Marshall?"

Odessa: "Oh no, it was your definitely your daughter. Tia was so excited especially with all the helpful drawings she used."

Samuel *nodding with understanding* "Oh, if it involved drawing then I can see why Kimberly volunteered. She'll use any excuse to draw, paint, sketch, or sculpt. She's taking Art and Drama after school and always finds some way to work another project in."

Odessa *batting her eyes a bit* "I hear she gets her artistic talent from you. And I definitely see where her looks come from! She's a dark-haired beauty that takes after her tall, dark, and handsome father!"

Samuel's eyes open wide with dismay as he realizes his friends' wife is openly flirting with him!

And before he can stop her, she strokes his arm suggestively.

He firmly removes her hand and says: "Let's keep this professional Mrs. Hyde. The paper wants an exclusive but I won't wreck two families for a promotion or anything else!"

Odessa just laughs gleefully and they become instant friends!

I thought Odessa's attempt at flirtation would certainly cause upset within the Frio family, so I carefully check all of Samuel's relationships with his family members but nothing has changed.

The only one upset besides me and Samuel is poor little Letitia, who may be young but she's old enough to understand inappropriate behavior.

But not quite old enough to realize who's at fault.

So if looks could kill, the one she's giving Samuel would have had Grim showing up for sure!

Samuel is totally perplexed and immediately steps onto the porch and apologizes to Lucien.

Samuel: "Forgive me my friend. I don't know exactly what's going on here, but I meant no disrespect to you or your wife. I can tell my editor that it was all my fault and cancel the interview. Your wife will be free to give her story to another paper."

Lucien *shrugging helplessly* "No offense taken and nothing to forgive on your part. Odessa has an Insane sense of humor which can lead to inappropriate ways of testing people. And she tries to keep that Flirty trait in check, but she's so Neurotic, it's really hard for her Samuel. The story is yours my friend!" *wryly* "But please don't include her flirtatious test as some town's folk may take it the wrong way! And we don't need any more negative publicity. She generates enough as it is!"

Samuel shakes his head, jots down another note, and says: "Understood my friend! I'm just glad there weren't any paparazzi around to witness it!"

Even after being here in MH all these weeks, the residents can still shock and surprise him!

And me too! I was quite shocked when Odessa started flirting with Samuel.

Torre meets the Hyde family out on the sunporch and can't help but notice the sad look their young daughter is giving her father.

He doesn't know what's going on, but since this family is being interviewed by Samuel, he wisely asks no questions, just greets them cordially and tells them to make themselves at home.

They take him at his word and hang around far into the night, only heading for their own home after several requests.

A strange family indeed, but I do love little Letitia's looks with the pale skin she received from both parents and vibrant red hair that she inherited from her mother.

The quintessential look for Midnight Hollow and one that would definitely add some unique genetics to the Frio line.

A prospective spouse for Lucas perhaps? Only time will tell!

On the front porch, Marshall is concerned about something and shares his worries with his Lita.

Look at his expression! His face is sneering with disgust!

I hope he didn't overhear the conversation between Odessa and Samuel!

I breathe a sigh of relief as I hear Lucy's comment.

Lucy: "You can't take what you read in those papers to heart dear boy! *casting a scathing glance at the paparazzi rocking nearby* "They're not known for even containing an ounce of truth! Find something calming to do to take your mind off of it. You know you didn't pee yourself in public and we know you didn't and anyone that knows you and loves you won't believe it either. And that's what matters."

Realizing Lucy is right, Marshall decides to take a moment to focus on logic, something that always calms him.

He searches the night sky for passing meteors or unknown stars or phenomenon.

And I find someone else stargazing as well.

But not alone!

Kimberly and Antony are cuddled up on the festival lot lawn after hours.

Kimberly *softly* "Antony knows I don't like crowds so we came here when the park is mostly empty." *excitedly pointing* "Oh, look at that one Antony, isn't it beautiful!"

Antony only has eyes for his Kimberly but he agrees wholeheartedly: "Beautiful, my love. I could watch all night."

But Kimberly's softness is gone when she returns home and tries to sneak up on her Tito for a good scare.

But she's picked the wrong opponent again as little Lucinda got her Disciplined trait straight from her grandfather!

And he's had a much longer time to utilize it.

He just goes on dancing until Kimberly scratches her head in confusion.

Torre *whispering* "Is she still there Watcher?"

Before I can answer, Kimberly's voice trills out: "Yes, I'm still here! How do you guys do that?!"

Torre keeps on dancing, smiles, and says: "Discipline!"

The next afternoon, Lorelei sees Tatiana with little Tricia Salas, out for a walk.

And to my dismay she pops a wish to have another child with Samuel!

Look at her face! Her lips curve into a gentle smile as the thought strikes her.

And the smile fades as she realizes this is an impossible wish for me to promise her!

Lorelei: "Sorry Watcher. It just popped up out of nowhere! I'm just as surprised as you are. I know the house is full and that Samuel and I already have a terrible choice to make. Please look away and I'm sure it will disappear soon."

Dee: "You know I love nooboos Lorelei. I really wish I could let you have another one."

Lorelei *shaking her head* "But it wouldn't be just one, not if there was space in the house for more. And there's not even room for one, so it's a moot point. Just look away Watcher! I'll try to get rid of the idea as soon as I can. But now I know just how Glamma Carly felt with that wish popping up. It gives you such a heart ache. I understand now more than ever why they went back in the past and had Aunt Marcy. But don't worry. I'm not planning on anything like that! Two sets of twins is plenty to choose from for heirship."

Later that day after work, Torre goes over to the Cole's house to help train Everleigh so she an obtain a promotion.

And Everleigh's happy to oblige as it will trim down her figure to an acceptable Diva style.

Not sickly slim, but a toned and healthy svelteness that will show off her fashionable clothes even more!

Lucas took the opportunity to meet some of his extended family and joined him.

He gets to meet his cousin Leighton and it looks like the two of them are sizing each other up.

They look a lot alike with their Frio auburn hair, but not for long!

As it's time for Leighton's birthday!

He stands eagerly in front of his cake clapping and cheering for himself along with his father and his cousin Lucas.

The Cole's dining room is tiny so you can't see Everleigh or his grandparents on the other side of Dean, but they're just as enthusiastic.

I decide on a quick check of the main Frio home and I get there just in time to see Dahlia grabbing Marshall and dip kissing him for all she's worth!

I don't see him protesting but my eye is caught by someone else out in the front yard.

Kimberly, who's walking nonchalantly away from the booby trap she's just set!

I don't have time to reprimand her as I suddenly remember I have a birthday boy back at the Cole house.

But when I get back, I've missed yet another birthday boy aging to teen!

Bad, bad, Watcher!

I remember to check his traits and he adds Good Sense of Humor to Artistic, Virtuoso, and Perceptive!

Oh the irony of good traits not in the heirship line.

I do get a photo of him eating his birthday cake in a foreign outfit with hair I'm not fond of though.

So I pop him into stylist for a new hair style and decent clothes.

He loves black so a traditional suit for his formal is perfect.

And with his striking blue eyes, I can't resist using blue for his everyday.

But I do allow him to choose dark shoes.

He looks a bit stockier as a teen than he did as a child though.

And with his athletic outfit I see why.

This boy has got muscles not fat on him!

After Leighton's birthday party, I head back home to find Samuel and Lorelei celebrating their wedding anniversary watching the stars in the backyard.

Then they pull each other in for a romantic kiss.

Samuel *murmuring* "Happy Anniversary my love, it's sure been an adventure so far."

And Lorelei responds with: "And even more to come with all of them in school now."

Samuel *with a flirty look* "But with all of them in school, that leaves us more time to spend with each other, alone!"

Lorelei smiles and kisses him again saying: "I like how you think Mr. Frio!"

The Frio family is getting to know their extended relatives.

All four of the heirship line children are in school, with the younger twins just starting grade school and the older twins enjoying their teen years with their steadies.

Everleigh and Dean Cole's children are both in school now too, with Christa starting grade school with her younger cousins and Leighton just starting high school.

But big choices are ahead of us and the ghosts have a lot to say on the matter!

Join me for Chapter 141-- A Pool Party, Birthdays, and Heirship Controversy
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 141-- A Pool Party, Birthdays, and Heirship Controversy

Since the next day is Leisure day we have a pool party.

Our first guests are Christa Cole in her formal outfit and yes, she's Insane!

And the pale teen frowning at her outfit is Rory Hyde, son of Lucien and Odessa, Letitia's older brother.

The next arrivals are Dean Cole and Antony.

Apparently ghosts don't change into swimwear either?

Or does that mean Antony's got Insanity running in his family too?

His current traits are Brave, Good, Lucky, and Couch Potato, but the suit worries me!

Not that being Insane would be an unknown trait for the Frio's but it's just another indication that an active ghost is different.

Kimberly still can't ask him out on a date even though they're steadies now, the option just isn't there.

And Antony's icon disappears from her relationship panel shortly after she's with him.

Just odd things that make me nervous when considering him for her spouse, especially if she's chosen for heirship.

Marshall chats with new arrival Jordan Doe and he confirms his Insanity by being fully clothed with a long-sleeved sweater over a button-down shirt in 80 degree weather!

His conversation also solidifies our Insanity theory.

Marshall: "Hey congrats on winning that honors award at school. That was a tough test! Only true geniuses got anywhere near top scores!"

Jordan: "I learned everything I know from comic books. Captain Wonderful is such an amazing guy!"

Marshal just stares in shock with absolutely no idea how to respond to that.

Dee *whispering* "Why don't you show him where the pool is Marshall?"

Marshall: "Uh, yeah, let's head around back and join the others in the pool.

Jordan: "That's a great idea Watcher! It's really hot in this sweater."

Dee *facepalm* I keep forgetting that children, pets, and insane sims have no trouble hearing or talking to Watchers!*

And here's Lorelei greeting former Imaginary Friend Fluffs Frio!

That's Leighton Cole in the aqua trunks standing nearby. He seems to have lost most of his muscle tone!

Due to some IF doll glitches, Lorelei gave Fluffs the Imaginary Friend potion and made her real some time ago.

Unfortunately, she's bought into the socialite propaganda her in MH and is rarely home or willing to visit.

Unless it's a party! She attended one before but didn't make it into any of the photos for that chapter.

So here's her 10 seconds of fame!

She chats happily with Lorelei for a few minutes then each of them moves on to enjoy the pool and great food served that day.

Here's a group enjoying the pool!

Lorelei swimming around as Samuel uses a floaty.

Carrie Limb and Rory Hyde getting to know one another as they relax in the corner.

And Aunt Miriam encouraging young Lucas to brave the outdoors so he can enjoy a swim.

Marshall and Jordan haven't found the pool yet. No surprise there.

Lucinda braves the outdoors too to join her cousin Christa on the teeter totter.

But gets interrupted when Tatiana Salas requests a photo of her for her scrapbook.

I'm not sure what Leighton's doing as he keeps showing up as a bystander.

Oh, I see why Marshall's not in the pool!

He's found Dahlia and is getting in a little romance time.

These two are so sweet together.

But these two aren't getting along at all.

Apparently Dean's being his totally Inappropriate self and the red minus signs are flying!

Lucy: "Dean Cole how dare you flirt with me! Look at everyone's rude guest moodlet. You need to get that trait under control young man! Do you want Torre slapping you silly again? Or worse?"

Dean just smiles and walks on into the house thinking about young Lucinda. That's odd.

Until Lucinda's Mean-Spirited trait comes to the fore and she gives Dean what for!

Lucinda *outraged* "How rude Uncle Dean! Flirting with Lita. You are so old enough to know better! If I was old enough to know Martial Arts I would chop you down like that! And if you don't watch your step, I'll have Tito Torre do it right now!"

He's so shocked that someone's called him on his behavior that he stares at her in stunned disbelief.

Imagine that, Inappropriate Detective Dean Cole being dressed down like a child, by his young niece no less.

Well, as they say, what goes around, comes around, and Dean's been asking for it for years!

Lita Lucy and Leighton just chat away like the other two aren't even there, but from the smile on Lucy's face, I know she's proud of her granddaughter.

And then I realize that we have something besides Leisure Day to celebrate.

Lucy's birthday!

I've been putting it off for awhile now, but the day has finally arrived for our Golden Goddess to lose her blonde tresses.

She stands in front of her cake as family and friends troop into the dining room.

There's so many still here from the pool party that a large group hangs back in the kitchen.

But who's in the forefront of the crowd cheering her on? Dean of all people!

But he's actually mocking her, typical Inappropriate sim.

I don't think he's aware of the frown on his father-in-laws face though.

I have a feeling Dean's in for it if he keeps it up.

Then Lucy ages to elder and I miss her blonde hair already!

But she seems happy enough with a big smile for her elder photo.

Then it's Samuel's turn.

As he stands there in his swim trunks, I stare in amazement at his hairy chest, thankful that it was a daughter that inherited his hair color and not a son.

The room is filled with laughter and cheers as he blows out his candles and begins to sparkle.

And he ages to adult, having the typical mid-life crises, though he looks just the same!

In the ensuing mob scene and routing issues for cake, both Samuel and Lorelei do the 'I can't move and I'm so disgusted I'm going to tap my foot and stick my nose up in the air' action!

Like that really helps the situation.

Leighton with his Good Sense of Humor can't hold back a smirk and neither can I.

The two of them look so funny!

And I think Lucinda's doing the same thing but Lorelei's arm is blocking her face.

Note to self: A large open kitchen/dining room would work better!

With cake consumed by all who wish to partake, I focus on Lucy's elder wardrobe.

I very painstakingly use a mix of white and black and gray and make outfits befitting an Irresistible 5-star musical celebrity entering her elder years.

As Everleigh would say, "You may have wrinkles, but don't dress like a frump mom!"

This one, her career outfit, is one of my favorites.

I provide an entire wardrobe totally satisfied with myself and realize as I'm shutting down my game later, that it's Miriam who likes gray!

Lucy's favorite color is Spice Brown!

And all of Lucy's new outfits are gray or a mix of white/gray or black and grey, like her athletic wear below.

I think she was trying to get my attention in this one, but I missed it at the time.

I wish there was a pop-up in stylist that reminded you of their favorite color!

Sorry Lucy, I will have to fix your wardrobe next time I'm in game.

On the plus side, I think she looks fantastic in the clothes we chose!

I'm wondering if Lucy's changed appearance will affect her relationship with Torre but I don't wonder long!

After the last guests have gone home, I find them in their sleepwear giving each other the same romantic looks that they've shared since they were teens.

Lucy gives him her trademark wink and blows him a kiss and Torre melts just like he always does.

Torre *huskily* "You'll always be my one and only Mrs. Frio."

And unable to wait any longer he pulls her in for a passionate kiss!

Her birthday hasn't changed a thing.

These two have so much love and chemistry between them that that old Love Tester was right.

"Burning" even after all these years!

And as the house settles down for the night, the family ghosts pay us a visit.

First Adam, choosing a rocker on the sunporch.

Adam *thoughtfully* "The days are winding down Watcher. The older twins age up next week. Any ideas about heirship?"

Dee: "You know I always have ideas Adam. The bigger question is who wants to accept the privilege and responsibility of it? And it's a very difficult choice this generation."

Adam: "Are you planning on waiting for the younger twins to age to YA before deciding? That would give us several more weeks here in this town. Weeks that would be detrimental to Kimberly, even with her extended genie lifespan."

Dee: "I've thought of that Adam. A lot. With both of the younger twins having the Hates the Outdoors traits, Lucinda inheriting Jared's Mean-Spirited trait, and Lucas becoming a Slob, I'm not so sure about waiting any more. Kimberly is the one that has her father's Artistic and Friendly traits, along with Founder Claire's Loner trait, and Heath's Evil one, and she has the Marshall dark hair, the first in the Frio lineage."

Adam *smiling* "So it's coming down to hair color again, just like I thought!"

Dee *wryly* "Well, not just that. There is the plus of Antony Salas as her spouse. A lot of the families in MH have that trademark pale skin, but the Salas family being active ghosts would bring in very unique genetics to the Frio line."

Adam: "There's no question about that! But…"

Dee: "Yes, I know! If I choose Kimberly and Antony, or if Lorelei and Samuel choose them, AND they accept, that would mean losing the fairy genetics in the heirship line."

Adam *shocked* "Oh, I was going to say we still have YA traits and LTW's to finalize before choosing an heir couple. But losing the fairy genetics from the heirship line…I don't know what to say."

My heart aches for Adam as he sees the decision before us. He brought the fairy genetics into the family line when he chose Sophie Rodgers back in Moonlight Falls, our first magical town. And now in Midnight Hollow, those fairy genetics could be the last in the heirship line.

Then I find Founder Claire in a rocker on the open front porch.

She sighs with relief at her solitude and I'm thankful that my presence doesn't disturb that.

A miffed Claire is not one I want to be chatting with. Been there. Done that.

Claire: "It's okay Watcher. I'm just glad all the others finally left so I could enjoy this beautiful summer night."

Dee: "It is a nice night. We were worried earlier with the rain this morning, but it cleared up and was a perfect summer day for a pool party. I wish that was all that was on my mind."

Claire: "Big decisions ahead that's for sure."

Dee: "Bigger than anyone expected I think with two sets of twins so far apart in age. Both sets having a fairy, one child having her father's dark hair, one having her grandfather's turquoise hair, and the two boys bringing back the auburn hair!"

Claire: "I always loved Jared's hair. He was a beautiful young man! Mean and rotten but beautiful. And we made beautiful children together. Rae and Jenna, Heath and Audra, they were all good kids, each in their own way. But I knew it was Rae from the moment I laid eyes on her! I felt it in my heart that it was her destiny to be our heir. And I was right, she did a fine job. Her and her Sam producing Adam, our Ambitious writer with such high hopes. Hopes he fulfilled in every way. It's hard to disappoint him isn't it?"

Dee *swallowing a lump in my throat* "Very hard. He loved his Sophie so much and was so proud of adding her fairy genetics to the family. Choosing human Lorelei for the next heir was difficult but I couldn't bear to give up Des' turquoise hair. It was just so IP, sunny skies, crystal clear water. But with Torre still carrying the fairy genetics we still had a chance on keeping them in his grandchildren. With Kimberly and Antony that chance would be gone."

Claire: "I hate to play devil's advocate Watcher, but if you choose Marshall or Lucinda you get to keep the fairy genetics. And the Auburn or Turquoise hair. Lucinda is Marcy as a child but with Sophie's original wings. And she's born in the right town. Just because she doesn't have the best traits, well, traits are what we all try to overcome. It's been part of this journey from the beginning. After all, mine and Jared's traits were no picnic. And you never know who she'll pair up with. I think several families in town have a son her age, or close to it anyway. I'd leave things open for a bit longer. See what develops and give them all a chance at heirship. After all, we gave Marcy a shot, so it seems only fair if Lorelei and Samuel haven't made a choice already, like I did with Rae."

Claire's words haunt me as I see a light pop on in the nursery and head in to check it out.

Looks like Torre was concerned too as the twins have school tomorrow and it's late.

But the twins are both sound asleep, with Lucinda dreaming about football and Lucas dreaming about staying in the house.

Jared *chuckling* "It's just me you worry warts. Torre go be with your wife. The Watcher and I will watch over the children while we chat."

Torre looks a bit worried with the idea of Jared watching over the children but I reassure him that if they wake, I will send them back to bed.

Jared *chuckling* "I see another potential heir's picked up one of my traits Watcher! And you weren't too happy about it. Made my day listening to you rant at me!"

Dee: "I wish it was just your traits being inherited that was the issue Jared. But bigger things are at stake this generation."

Jared: "It's going to be a tough decision any way you look at it Watcher. It has been ever since Logan and Sadie. Each generation's children have their own unique set of traits and genetic features. And they choose their life partners, some with the idea of staying in a town and others knowing they want to continue the journey as heirs or spares. Maybe you should give them some credit, let things develop some more and the choice could be made without so much fuss!"

Dee: "Well, I see everyone has a lot to say on the subject tonight! I feel like I'm breaking Adam's heart if heirship goes to Kimberly, Claire's playing devil's advocate and thinks I should give the younger twins a shot at heirship as well, especially since Lucinda is a young Marcy but with original pink wings. And you're telling me to let the children grow up, make their own decisions and not to fuss about it!"

Jared *nodding* "Yeah that pretty much sums it up Watcher. All that text up above and you trimmed it down to two sentences. You do have a tendency to get wordy sometimes."

I can hear Jared's laugh as I storm out of the room.

And find Rae in the hallway.

Her smile lets me know she heard the whole thing and her words confirm it.

Rae *sympathetically* "Mom and Dad can sure be direct Watcher. I'm really glad heirship was an easy choice for me and Samuel. Like mom knew it was me, I always knew it was Adam, and with Clarisse choosing to be with Cemre, it just fell into place. But maybe mom and dad are right to suggest giving it more time. Like you did with us first gen kids. Jenna and Heath chose partners that needed to stay in Sunset Valley. Maybe the children here will be able to show you their hearts if you give them a little more time."

Dee: "My heads spinning with all the advice and possibilities Rae! But I think you're right. We still have several more days before Marshall and Kimberly become young adults and a few days later, Lucinda and Lucas become teens. And I've not even discussed any of this with Lorelei or Samuel yet, they may have already chosen. For now, we'll just let all four of the children be children and enjoy the next week."

The next day is a school day so the house is pretty quiet until the bus shows up in the afternoon.

But only Lucinda gets off the bus and flies quickly towards the house to get out of the awful outdoors.

Kimberly has Art Class and Marshall has Geology Class after school.

Dee *worried* "Where's Lucas, Lucinda? Wasn't he on the bus?"

Lucinda *flying by* "No, he went to a friend's house after school."

I track Lucas down at the Hyde home where I find him doing homework with Letitia!

I'm thrilled at his choice of a study partner and beginning to think the ghosts were right about giving the children more time to make choices on their own.

But the conversation is a bit concerning.

Letitia: "Now that we're friends Lucas, you can call me Tia. My parents only call me Letitia when I'm in trouble!" *hesitantly* "Speaking of parents, have you ever wondered if your parents would split up, get divorced? I think mine might be happier if they did!"

Lucas *looking up from his homework* "No, my parents get along really well and so do my grandparents. What makes you think yours would be happier if they split up?"

Tia: "Well, I don't want to be a tattle tale but my Mom flirts a lot." *biting her lip* "She even flirted with your dad the other day! He told her to stop but I was mad at him anyway. Then my dad explained that your dad is his friend and that it wasn't his fault. He blamed it all on my mom but said it really wasn't her fault either as she's the product of her traits, the Neurotic, Insane and Flirty ones mostly."

Lucas *thoughtfully* "I can see my dad telling her to stop. He loves my mom a lot and he's a Snob. He won't put up with anything that might ruin his or the family's reputation. But traits can be really hard to fight Tia and the three that your mom has, wow, one would be tough to live with, but all three! I see why your dad says it's not her fault. But my family tries to help each other overcome negative traits. My Aunt Miriam encouraged me to try out the pool even though I Hate the Outdoors, and it was really fun. I didn't stay out there long, but I did it. And if I can overcome it once, then I can do it again. Maybe longer next time."

Tia *doubtfully* "But how do you overcome such awful traits like my mom's?"

Lucas "I'm not sure. But I do know that one of my ancestors was Insane and one of her granddaughter's too. And they both lived very happy lives and had lots of children. Her son was Neurotic, which he passed on to my great-glamma Carly. And her son Matt was Neurotic AND Flirty. So there's got to be a way. And my Uncle Dean, who lives here in town, he's Inappropriate. He flirted with my Lita! My sister yelled at him for that. But she couldn't help it. She's Mean-Spirited and just loves to yell at people. It will be hard for your mom to fight all her traits but you and your dad and your brothers could all help her, couldn't you? Be supportive and stuff? We could ask at the library for books that might help her too!"

Tia *happily* "Wow, Lucas I thought you'd be mad at what she did, not want to help her. My dad was right, your dad is his friend and I'm really glad you're mine!"

To prove his point about overcoming traits, Lucas offers to tell Tia and her older brother Rory a ghost story.


He tells the whole thing and they're both so enthralled that they get scary shivers down their spines.

And who knows what could come from this encounter.

At the least, Lucas made a friend.

At the most, he may have saved a family.

A great neighborhood pool party with two birthdays, Lucy's elder one and Samuel's adult birthday.

Several intense discussions with the family ghosts which led to the decision of giving the four children more time before choosing an heir.

And Lucas began a friendship with Letitia (Tia) Hyde. Who knows where that might lead?!

But Ian and Miriam still have young children, two toddlers and two nooboos.

And we know what that means---more cake!

If we can catch them at home. Everyone is real busy out and about in Midnight Hollow.

Who would have thought it would be such a social town!

Let's see if we can find them at home in Chapter 142-- An Heirship Discussion and More Birthdays
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 142-- An Heirship Discussion and More Birthdays

The next morning Lucy and Lorelei chat about the great pool party that turned into a double birthday party.

And Lucy smiles as she confesses that turning elder wasn't as big a deal as she thought.

Lucy: "I feel comfortable in this skin, in this life stage, and as the mother of three and grandmother of 10, it just feels right now!"

Lorelei: "I'm glad Mom! And I think you look terrific in your new nightie. But what's with the gray and white?"

Lucy *smirking* "That would be Watcher error! She thought I liked gray but after my make-over she realized that my favorite color is Spice Brown. It's Miriam and Ian that like gray!"

Lorelei *thoughtfully* "Well, the Watcher's been a bit distracted lately. Kimberly and Marshall age to YA soon, so I'm thinking she's got heirship on her mind. I know Samuel and I do. We were just thinking that with all four of the kids in school, we've now got more time for ourselves and each other. But the reality is that we need to start discussing it soon."

Lucy: "Yes. And I don't think it's going to be an easy choice with four of them. Unless you and Samuel have a feeling about one of them over the others?"

Lorelei: "Not a knowing like others have had, we can see the positives and negatives for each of them. The older twins still have one more trait and their LTW's to choose and the younger ones haven't even aged to teen for that important trait yet. I think I agree with the Founders and Rae. We need to give it more time so we can see the big picture. And the children may make some decisions of their own."

Lucy: "You're still my Brave girl! Just taking it all in stride and not getting stressed about it. Even considering others opinions and those of the children themselves."

Lorelei *laughing a bit* "I think you may be attributing too much to my Brave trait! Being a Couch Potato, I've had lots of time to think about it. And the ghosts, as well as you and dad, have always been so supportive and given me good advice, even Founder Jared, in his own Inappropriate way!"

Then Lucy and Torre head off to enjoy the Summer Festival.

Lucy strolls around with her sunbrella just soaking up the golden rays.

She flirts with the idea of participating in an eating contest but decides she's too full for that.

Torre decides to indulge in a snow cone and gets the stuffed moodlet as well as brain freeze!

Torre *thinking* I need to walk off last night's cake as well as that snow cone now!*

He suits his action to his thoughts and strides across the festival grounds.

Then he spots Everleigh by the photo booth.

He greets his youngest daughter with a hug and heartfelt words.

Torre: "It's so nice to see you out and about sweetie. Surprising that you picked the festival but nice just the same."

Everleigh: "I'm fighting my Loner trait dad but it's easier to handle the festival in the early morning hours when there's not such a crowd!"

On the other side of the booth, I spot another familiar face, Miriam!

She's chatting with a prospective client about a reno project he has in mind.

Miriam *enthusiastically* "I'd love to work on a music studio for you Mr. Jun. Call me later with the details and we'll set up a home visit so we can look over the space together. With Mrs. Jun of course. Annie's got such great style, I can't wait to get her input for the design!"

Hyun-Moon: "Sounds great to me Mrs. Frio. I know she has some definite ideas about color, and I'm leaving that area totally up to the two of you! I'm color blind so it doesn't matter to me what the room looks like. I'm more concerned with playing my music in a room that's set up for perfect sound!"

Miriam: "I'll definitely be doing some research on that. I know my mother-in-law has some trouble with echoes in the open floor where her music equipment is."

Hyun-Moon *smiling* "I definitely trust Lucy's opinion. In fact, she's the one that recommended I get in touch with you when I mentioned my reno project."

Miriam: "Mom's always been one of my greatest supporters. I'll have to do something for her as a thank you. I'll be waiting to hear from you soon."

Torre and Lucy decide to get a photo and have Everleigh and Miriam join them.

Lucy: "It'll be my first festival photo as an elder. And I'm glad Everleigh and Miriam are here to share the moment with us!"

Torre *sweetly* "Your first festival photo was back in Riverview when we were teens. You're even more beautiful now my love!"

Lucy *shaking her head but secretly flattered* "I'm sure that's not true, but I thank you for saying it dear."

Torre *looking at her over his shoulder* "I'm not exaggerating a bit. Now I see you through eyes that are filled with all the love and tenderness we've shared throughout our years together. You've always been my rock Lucy, my foundation that everything else is built upon."

And his words have Lucy smiling brightly beside him, though typical of Frio males, Torre is quite solemn.

Miriam gives us a cheery wave and grin in an unusual happy moment.

As Everleigh poses with her arms crossed behind her and flashes a subtle Diva smile.
Frio summer festival original.jpg.jpg

Back at the house Lorelei is avidly reading a recipe!

Dee: "A new recipe?"

Lorelei *concentrating on the page* "I think this one will be the final one I need Watcher! It's the recipe for Cheese Plate from France. I knew travelling there wasn't possible so I never dreamed I'd be able to achieve 100% on my recipes, but my boss gave it to me before I left work on Wednesday!"

I watch in anticipation as she gets closer and closer to the end of it.

Then in a burst of confetti, Lorelei claps and smiles, totally satisfied with her accomplishment!

I check her stats and she's reached her goal of 100% for recipes learned.

But nothing really amazing happens. There's not even a message for this stupendous achievement.

I'm a bit disappointed but she's not.

Dee: "Sorry Lorelei. I thought there'd be a bit more fanfare."

Lorelei: "No worries Watcher. It's the inner satisfaction of being a Couch Potato and still accomplishing my goals! I might prefer lazing about but that doesn't mean I'm not productive. And with this accomplishment I have another goal on my agenda."

She makes a phone call and then goes outside to check the mail waiting for her guest.

It's none other than her boss, Kara Carter!

Lorelei greets her eagerly and shares her joy in learning every recipe throughout Simland.

Lorelei's hoping to get a promotion to nudge her up to level 5 in her culinary career.

It's been pretty slow going with time off for both her pregnancies and then extended time off to care for each set of twins.

But Kara can only offer her a permanent $7 simolean per hour raise at this time.

She does promise to reevaluate Lorelei's performance after her next few work shifts and see what she can do.

This whole encounter boosts them up to good friends, so Lorelei feels good about their friendship and the raise.

Lorelei's not the only one focusing on a career right now.

Samuel got an op to read a book to gain some job experience and improve his relationship with his boss.

He wasn't happy to find the seat of his easy chair booby trapped though!

After his initial shock and irritation, he settled down to his book.

Lucy' smile lets me know she saw the whole thing though and I'm sure she'll be laughing about it with Torre later!

I check Kimberly's moodlets for the pranked icon but don't find one.

Then I see this when I pop to the 3rd floor!

It was Marshall who booby trapped the chair Samuel sat in!

I guess it's not just Evil teens that set pranks, as Marshall looks pretty satisfied about pulling this one off!

And there's Lucy working on her last song for guitar.

She recently discovered some song books she'd never learned and is determined to master them all.

Left to her own devices, Lucinda likes to play pretend without any encouragement from me.

The next morning she dressed up as a pink dinosaur and was scary-roaring around the 2nd floor.

Her fairy wings mesh so well with the costume she looks more like a dragon than a dinosaur!

At Uncle Ian's and Aunt Miriam's house it was dressing up as a princess, being very snobby and regal!

I love her princess hand wave, so spot on!

She's thinking about dragons too. This girl would have loved moving to Dragon Valley.

Unfortunately, that towns a few jumps down the line.

That's Kimberly in the background with one of her nephews teaching him to talk.

Yes, Ian and Miriam and both sets of twins were home on Saturday.

I managed to get all the main Frio family members in one motive mobile and they descended on Ian's home en masse!

Ian's family comes out to welcome them.

Miriam's on the porch with two toddlers and Ian's holding Ryan, so the younger twins have already aged up.

Let's take a closer look at them.

Here's little Mandi next to her big brother Garreth.

And I think she has Miriam's blonde hair!

Here's a close-up in stylist in her pink and white swimwear.

And she definitely inherited mommy's big blue eyes!

It took me awhile to find her twin Randy.

The little stinker was hiding in the toy box upstairs!

He likes dragons too!

I'm starting to think this is more than a hint to jump to Dragon Valley, but it's not in the cards for this generation.

Here's Randy's close-up in his blue jammies.

He got Miriam's blonde hair too, but his eyes are golden brown, maybe from Miriam's side of the family?

Torre, Lucy, and Lorelei have to go to work this afternoon so we need to get the older toddlers birthdays going ASAP.

Lucy gets Garreth and brings him to his cake.

I thought the foyer would work better than their tiny kitchen and dining room, but it had it's own drawbacks.

Namely the double front door slamming into Lucy every time someone walked in!

Then Lucy took him outside to age up!

So here he is, sparkles and new Absent-Minded trait and all.

I remembered to check and his favorite color is red, so here's his new every day outfit.

Next up is Ryan and I decide to try the kitchen rather than the foyer/outside route.

Lucy does the honors again, and sets the birthday boy down on the kitchen floor.

The kitchen was too small for a good picture of Ryan so here he is in his train pj's recolored in his favorite aqua.

He gained the Snob trait so I thought these would be fitting.

Lorelei and Samuel are content to let their children grow up a bit more before choosing an heir.

So we're going to let the heirship issue simmer along for a bit longer.

But some important milestones are still coming for Lorelei and Samuel.

Let's see what happens in Chapter 143-- Achieving Goals and Aging Up
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 143-- Achieving Goals and Aging Up

It's time for Lorelei's adult birthday and Lucy throws a big party inviting all their family and friends.

Lorelei proudly stands by her cake as cheers and noise makers erupt all around her.

Our Brave heir doesn't even bat an eye as she becomes and adult.

No mid-life crises for her!

She poses hands on her hips with Dahlia, Miriam, Fluffs, and Lucas excitedly cheering behind her.

But where's Samuel?

I find him upstairs working on a painting!

Dee: "Samuel you're missing Lorelei's birthday!"

Samuel: "Oh, I'll have to finish this later. I'm painting her portrait as a surprise for her birthday but I think the light may be too dim up here. There's too much shadow. I'll have to finish it later. Come on Garreth, let's go join the party!"

Back in the kitchen, Marshall only has eyes for Dahlia and he kisses her with abandon in front of the whole crowd.

Lorelei smiles at her Brave son while Tito Torre looks on totally embarrassed by the young lovers.

And Samuel looks down as if he's a bit embarrassed too.

But not so as he decides to follow his son's actions and pulls Lorelei into his arms for a romantic kiss!

Marshall seems a bit surprised by his parents' public display of affection but the rest of the crowd looks on with delight.

Especially Torre now that adults have joined in on the kissing. He actually looks proud of them!

And what's that maid doing with the cake? Hey, buddy, the guests want their cake!

I guess the maid dished it all up and passed it out to the guests!

Not even one routing issue at this party, so birthdays will take place in the kitchen from now on.

Lorelei relaxes on the couch, her favorite place, and watches her young nephew Garreth dance.

Fairies have natural rhythm and love to dance and he's no exception.

Before she heads home, we get a shot of Fluffs in her IF costume.

I think the blue brings out her eyes.

Kimberly and Lucinda share a moment for some sisterly bonding as they got off on the wrong foot earlier in their relationship.

But I'm wondering if Lucinda still holds some resentment about the stealing candy episodes when she and Lucas were toddlers!

She seems more interested in joining her cousin Christa in doing homework than she does in her sisters apology.

Or maybe she's intrigued by the crown Christa's wearing.

With the party over and guests gone, Kimberly grabs her favorite dish, ratatouille, and claps happily before taking her first bite.

Her mother made it perfectly so Kimberly devours the whole plate!

But not all the guests have gone home.

Looks like Marshall is still saying goodbye to Dahlia.

Marshall *brushing her hair back* "No, I love you more."

Dahlia *smiling* "Not possible, I love you more."

These two make me smile every time I see them together.

And I find Kimberly and Lucas giggling over gossip.

These two get along much better than the sisters.

They're such good friends they share a comforting hug!

Oh, there's the rockin' rider, will Lucas have as much fun chasing bandits as Marshall did?

Nope, our Brave Lucas tries to discover potions in his free time.

When Lorelei gets home that evening, she's proudly wearing her new uniform.

She got her promotion and shares her news with Jared.

He behaves himself and doesn't make any disparaging remarks for a change.

Lorelei's so excited to reach her goal of level 5 in the culinary career, that she wishes to reach level 8!

Lorelei: "Being a Couch Potato, I was surprised I even wanted to get to this level Founder Jared, but now that I've reached it, I just want to spread my wings and fly even higher!"

Jared: "I'm proud of you girl! Earning 100% on your recipes learned, being Brave enough to ask for a promotion, and cool enough to accept the raise when the promotion wasn't offered immediately. Your perseverance in your shifts has helped you reach your goals. And with attaining them, you've set your sights higher. Definitely a chip off the old block!"

The next morning Lucy's still focused on learning all the songs for all four of the instruments she plays.

Torre bought them for her long ago but she just found some of them recently and wants to learn them all before it's time for her and Torre to find a place of their own.

She mastered all the songs for guitar so now she's working on piano.

Samuel's read his special ops book and is eagerly heading off to his last day of being an Editor in Chief.

He hopes!

And his hopes are realized as he walks out of the building A Star News Anchor and completes his LTW!

Due to the way this building works, it was impossible to get a closer picture without the building fading away.

But close-up or not, our Samuel is proud as punch of his accomplishment.

So excited that he decides to do another op and jog home in the rain!

Maybe not the best decision, but who am I to squash someone's enthusiasm.

Kimberly and Antony didn't get to spend much time together at the Leisure Day pool party as he had to work, so she takes the opportunity to visit Antony at his home next door.

They pillow fight.

A lot.

Smashing each other silly as feathers go flying!

And share a romantic kiss.

The reason for her being in her nightgown is that I found her sleeping in a sleeping bag outside on his lawn!

All the pillow fighting must have tired her out.

I had her get up, go inside, kiss Antony goodbye, and go home, which is right NEXT door!

Silly teenagers. Whatever was she thinking?

But we learned a few things though:

 1) Active ghosts rarely sleep as none of the Salas family ever went to bed while she was sleeping outside.

 2) Sleeping in a bed inside the house is considered inappropriate but sleeping outside on the lawn is okay!

Across town, Torre and Lucy are at a party and they dress up in their formal best.

Torre looks dashing as ever in his gray and white suit as he dances to the music.

And Lucy, what can I say?

Lucy plays her heart out.

The other guests don't seem that impressed but Lucy's face says it all.

Music is the heart and soul of her life!

Then I get a message that a puppy is stuck on another lot.

I click on the puppy's icon and it brings me over to the local cemetery.

Lorelei was right all those weeks ago when she spotted this lot from the plane.

It IS Grim's Ghastly Manor!***

I reset the puppy and it disappears to a safe place hopefully not to get stuck again.

But maybe someone in the Frio household should check out this lot before they leave town?

Lorelei's become an adult and has reached level 5 in her chosen career of Culinary.
But to my surprise and her own, our Couch Potato now wants to reach level 8!

Samuel's completed his Lifetime Want of Star News Anchor, level 10 of the Journalism career!
Now he can relax, tell Impressive Stories, and paint Masterpieces to his heart's content.

Torre and Lucy are making the most of their time left with the family before they move to their own home together.
With Lucy focusing on learning all the songs available for each instrument she's mastered.

The children are making friends and building up their skills so they can all be prepared for heirship, if it's bestowed upon them and they accept the privilege and responsibility.

Will the older twins want to get engaged and married right away?
Or will they work on their skills, careers, and LTW's first?

With teen birthdays coming up soon for the younger twins, it will be interesting to see what new traits they receive and who they become friends with. Or more than friends!

And we will soon say goodbye to one of our most romantic couples, Torre and Lucy.

So a bit of sadness ahead, but exciting times too as we draw closer to young adulthood for the older twins and the teenage years for the younger set.

Join me in Chapter 144--Unexpected News
Coming soon.

***Author's note: Grim's Ghastly Manor is not original to MH. It is a Store lot that I added via Edit Town and placed where the original town cemetery lot was. It was the perfect size so I'm thinking it's meant for this lot! Though I don't know what ghosts I may have displaced removing the original lot.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 144-- Unexpected News

Lucas goes over to the Ziggfield house after school the next day.

He happily plays chess with Dahlia's younger brother, Nathanael, who's just started High School.

Nathanael: "Thanks for teaching me how to play bro. Since Dahlia graduated she's been spending a lot of time with our folks discussing guardianship. They're at City Hall now going over some papers. And Gayle doesn't like to play games. So I'm glad you were free."

Marshall: "Guardianship? Who needs a guardian?"

Nathanael: "Well, since mom and dad were older when they had us kids, they're getting on in age and they want to make sure Gayle and I stay together with Dahlia as a family."

Marshall *staring at the chess board in shock* "You mean legally giving Dahlia guardianship of both of you!?"

Nathanael: *nervous at Marshall's tone* "Oh, I hope I haven't said something wrong bro. I'm always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time."

Marshall *focusing on the game* "No, not all Nate, let's just enjoy the game."

But later Marshall asks Gayle a few questions. Or tries to.

She kept trying to dance with him and finally agreed to answer them but only after a dance lesson.

Gayle *pulling Marshall closer* "It's only a dance. I'm sure Dahlia wouldn't mind."

Marshall *thinking* She may not, but I do!* But saying: "Okay, one dance then you talk!"

After the dance 'lesson', Gayle answers some of Marshall's questions.

Gayle: "Mom and Dad are worried about their health and how young we are. Something about me being a bit forward with boys and all. As if! And Nathanael needing a guiding hand as he's pretty naïve and gullible. We're both teens but they think of us as children. Nathanael may need a keeper, but I don't!"

Marshall *totally understanding in just the short time he's spent there* 'Yes, I can see that they'd want you both to have some… mature guidance."

Gayle: "But Dahlia's Insane! She has sooo many rules. Be home by 10, don't go to hangouts where there are older boys. They think making her our guardian will solve everything. But I'm still going to live my life, my way! Dahlia can be selfless if she wants to and stay in this backward town, but as soon as I'm of age, I'm out of here!"

Marshall, knowing he won't change her mind, says: "That's understandable. Everyone wants to be their own boss. But don't rock the boat right now. Could you do that? As a favor for me? Our secret?"

Gayle *flattered*  "A secret favor for you Marshall? Of course I'd be happy to do that!"

When Marshall gets home, he's got a lot on his mind, but he joins his siblings for a homework session.

Focusing on Math and Chemistry always helps to calm him.

And Lucas and Lucinda are thrilled to have him close by in case they need any help with their homework.

And Kimberly spends some time painting.

Dee: "I really like your still life of the fairy house Kimberly. It's coming along so well."

Kimberly *pausing to dab more paint on her brush* "I like it too Watcher. Fairy houses are an important part of our Frio heritage. One I'm not sure we should give up."

Dee: "So you've been talking to the ghosts too?"

Kimberly: "Not the ghosts. To mom and dad. I had some questions about heirship, our journey, and genetics. And as much as I'd love to be heir, and add Antony's ghost genetics to the family, I'm not sure that's worth losing Mémé Sophie's fairy genes. And mom and dad aren't sure about that either."

Dee *taking a deep breathe* "About Antony Kimberly. There's something else I need to discuss with you. You asked me and Marshall to check on his ability to travel, to move with us to the next town. There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just say it straight out. He can't safely leave Midnight Hollow."

Kimberly *holding her body stiffly* "Safely? What does that mean?"

Dee: "We take the family ghosts' tombstones in a personal inventory so they can travel safely to the next town. As an active ghost, we found out that Antony has his tombstone in his inventory but because he's not in it, he can lose it during travel."

Kimberly: "What would that mean? Losing his tombstone?"

Dee: "It could mean he could never be resurrected to a human life or that he could never go back to the netherworld. It's not definite. There's a chance nothing would happen at all, he'd have his tombstone, and arrive safely. Or not have it and still be okay. Or worst case scenario, he could try to travel but it wouldn't work, is tombstone would be intact, but the ghost in his tombstone….wouldn't be him!"***

Kimberly *so shocked she yells* "Wouldn't be him? Who would it be?"

Dee: "A duplicate, a phantom, not the real him. It could…change him beyond anything we know. But there's another option too. If he ate a special dish called 'Ambrosia', he could become human and might be able to travel safely that way, but he'd lose his ghost genetics. I'm so sorry. I would never have let you become so close to him if I'd known! I would do anything to spare you this pain now."

Kimberly *her voice tight and small* "I'm not sorry Watcher. Well, sorry he can't leave this town, but not sorry for him being my first friend, my prom date, my best friend, my boyfriend. He's been part of my life since we were toddlers. I could never be sorry for that. He's made me a better person, made me want to be a better person. Can I ask a favor Watcher?"

Dee: "Yes, anything Kimberly!"

Kimberly: "Please let me tell him. He deserves to be told by his best friend, someone who's loved him his whole life."

And with those words, our Kimberly grows up. No longer a child, but an adult with the all the pain and responsibility that can bring.

Dee *tears flowing* "I understand. I love you both, but not like you love each other."

Kimberly doesn't waste a moment but runs over to the Salas home as soon as she wipes her tears and calms down a bit.

Antony's mother greets her with a smile and welcomes her into their home.

Kimberly waits for Antony downstairs while Frieda takes a nap in a sleeping bag under the watchful eye of the youngest Salas sister, Tricia.

Oh, It looks like active ghosts do sleep now and then.

But before Antony shows up, we hear the sounds of sirens!

Kimberly was so distraught over the news about Antony we forgot about curfew!

Kimberly walks quickly towards the officer and explains that she lives right next door.

Kimberly *pointing* "You can see the chairs of our family wedding area officer."

But he ushers her into the back seat of his cruiser anyway and drives her the 100 yards to her house!

Kimberly, already upset over my news about Antony, angrily rushes into the house, then thinks better of heading straight in and tries to sneak in through the sunporch and kitchen.

But Lita Lucy wasn't born yesterday and meets her in there tapping her toes.

Before Kimberly or I can explain, Lucy's grounded her and said the words that teens hate the most: "You're old enough to know better Kimberly!"

Dee: "She is old enough Lucy! The information I had to give her has made her grow up fast. I should have told her with you and her parents around."

I quickly explain what Marshall and I found out about it not being safe for Antony to travel.

Lucy is struck to the heart and enfolds her granddaughter in a hug.

Lucy *holding back tears* "I'm so sorry sweetheart. Of course, you're not grounded. Oh, I thought your Tito and I leaving this house would be the worst thing. But you having to leave your Antony behind. I never imagined! Please forgive me Kimberly!"

Kimberly pulls back and stares at her grandmother and says: "Leave Antony behind? I could never do that Lita! When I tell him he can't safely travel, I'm going to tell him I'm staying here with him!"

I don't know who's more surprised, me or Lucy. Or maybe Kimberly.

Her smile grows as she says: "Oh what a relief! Just saying it out loud makes me feel so much better. It's the best solution Watcher! My life wouldn't be the same without him. So if Antony stays, so do I!"

The next morning dawns sunny and a bit cooler as fall is now upon us.

Lucinda and Lucas head eagerly for the bus, but Marshall and Kimberly pause on the front steps.

This is the last day of school for them!

A milestone that's usually a turning point for teenagers, but both Marshall and Kimberly have other things on their mind.

While the kids are at school, Lorelei practices Charisma in the mirror to max the skill.

And Samuel paints another masterpiece! Then immediately pops a wish to paint 5 more.

But he looks pretty solemn.

Dee: "Something on your mind?"

Samuel *with a note of censure in his voice* "The older twins have their YA birthdays tonight. And the younger ones become teenagers tomorrow night. So yeah, you could say I have a lot on my mind. And Lorelei and I aren't all that pleased that you told Kimberly about Antony while she was alone. She could have used some parental support for such news."

Dee: "I apologize for that Samuel. I should have gotten the family together for that. So I guess I should mention that…"

Samuel *interrupting* "That Marshall's Dahlia is going to have the responsibility of guardianship for her teen siblings, if her parents aren't around to care for them before they become young adults. Yes, I know. Marshall is more forthcoming with information than you are."

Dee *sincerely* "I'm so sorry Samuel. Things have really gotten wild around here lately. Issues that I never dreamed of. When Jared said I needed to take a step back, let the children grow and make their own choices, I never dreamed the choices would be so hard. I was just thinking heirship…who wants the privilege and the responsibility. Not that they'd have to choose between heirship and loved ones. Not like this!"

Samuel *his understanding growing* "Growing up is hard Watcher. Making those kind of decisions is even harder. But having to stand by and watch your children experience the pain of making those hard decisions is the worst. I don't know how you do it in every town! It's hard for you too isn't it?"

Dee: "Yes. And it seems to get harder with every generation."

Samuel *pain in his voice* "That's because there's more family to love. And to lose."

Samuel's last words echo through the small porch as we both contemplate leaving Marshall and Kimberly behind here in Midnight Hollow.

The guests eagerly chat in the foyer as we wait for Lorelei to get home from work to celebrate the twins YA birthdays.

But something has everyone up in arms.

Dahlia has grabbed Samuel and kissed him in front of everyone!

Wait!!! What??!!!???

Torre, Lucy, and Kimberly are all upset and I'm in shock!

Lorelei's not home yet and has no idea what's happened, but what of Marshall?

Marshall's standing nonchalantly in front of his cake, seemingly without a care in the world.

Maybe he didn't notice?

Marshall: "I noticed Watcher, but I'll deal with it at the proper time. Now it's time for cake! I just heard mom pull up."

As family and friends cheer, our birthday boy spins and sparkles.

Introducing Marshall Frio---young adult fairy
LTW: Magic Makeover
Traits: Brave, Neurotic, Genius, Eco-Friendly, and at YA, Equestrian
Favorites: Classical, Autumn Salad, and Irish Green
GF: Dahlia Ziggfield

Dee: "I was surprised at your limited choices for a LTW Marshall."

Marshall: "It's all good. Time for me to get back to my roots and embrace my fairy heritage. Besides there definitely some sims here in town that could use a magic makeover!"

As those who want it grab cake, Samuel's thoughts are filled with Dahlia and her kiss.

What a way to remember his son's coming of age---being soundly kissed by his son's girlfriend!

How is he going to explain this to Marshall and Lorelei? What a mess!

Samuel knows he has to discuss it with Dahlia at least.

But when he broaches the subject, Dahlia just looks at him forlornly and wonders if she's done the right thing.

Her heart is breaking and she's probably ruined Samuel's marriage!

Kimberly just stands helplessly nearby wondering what on earth her best friend was thinking.

First the news that Antony can't travel and now Dahlia making a move on her dad!

Her teenage years sure came to an abrupt end with such adult drama.

But to make it official she has to blow out her candles.

The room fills with family and friends again and Kimberly claps excitedly wondering what she'll look like all grown up.

And here she is, Kimberly Frio--young adult human
LTW: Emperor of Evil
Traits: Friendly, Evil, Loner, Artistic, and at YA, Easily Impressed
Favorites: Island Life, Ratatouille, and Dark Blue
BF: Antony Salas

Kimberly: "I thought you wanted me to overcome my Evil trait Watcher, but you let me choose that LTW?!"

Dee: "You've fought that trait your whole life and maybe if you can express it through a career, you'll be able to separate it from your family life. It's just a job after all!"

Kimberly *smiling* "Thanks Watcher. I'll try to keep that in mind!"

And with teen Antony beside her excitedly snapping pictures, Kimberly knows it's not time for her news yet.

He'll age up soon enough and they can have that devastating conversation.

With the party over the younger twins focus on homework, a little disappointed that Marshall can't join them and help them get through it faster.

But Lucas is staring so closely at his homework, I know something's up.

Then I realize it's the beautiful girl in back of him that's the problem!

A teenage Letitia Hyde. And she's grown up to be gorgeous!

Dee *whispering* "Don't worry Lucas! Your birthday is tomorrow night and then you'll be the same age again."

Lucas *mortified* "I'm not worried about anything Watcher, just doing my homework."

Lucinda *meanly* "You like her don't you Lucas? I can tell!!! Hey Tia…"

Dee: "Enough of that young lady! Quit teasing your brother and finish your homework."

Meanwhile Samuel has one of the most embarrassing conversations he's ever had with his wife.

Samuel: "I don't even know how it happened Lorelei. One minute I was greeting our guests and the next…"

Lorelei *nodding* "Dahlia was kissing the stuffing out of you! I heard. But Samuel, you have to remember that Dahlia's Insane and she's always had a little bit of a crush on you ever since she was a young girl. A lot like Sandra Salas. You've become quite the popular man about town, my love."

Samuel: "So you're okay with this?"

Lorelei: "Not exactly okay with it. I mean, I'm not giving you permission to start a fan club or have groupies hanging around all over the house. But I do think I understand why these young girls fall madly for you. You're just….so you. I love you, so why wouldn't they?"

Samuel *turning red* "Groupies?!"

Lorelei: "And you're oh so cute when you blush too! Besides, Marshall shared some information with us about Dahlia's family and guardianship, remember? He thinks tonight's little show was just that. A performance. But Marshall's taking care of that all on his own."

And with the beautiful green aura surrounding them, it looks like Marshall's working on his fairy magic too!

And Lita Lucy gives the younger twins presents she'd almost forgotten about.

First Lucinda, who screams with joy!

Lucinda *jumping up and down* "For me? For me? Oh boy! I love presents!"

And she's thrilled to discover a jack-in-the-box that can be both happy and scary.

What a lovely trick to play on other unsuspecting children.

Then one for Lucas, who hopes it's something expensive but knows his Lita is Frugal so it's probably something educational.

But he's happily surprised to find it's both educational and fun!

A drum from the Golden Ticket Toy Shop.

Lucy: "You won't get to play with it long, but you can play with it tonight, and then keep it for your own kids' one day."

Lucas: "Hey thanks Lita! *making a face* "Kid's? I don't know, kids are a lot of trouble Lita! And messy too. I'm a Slob, so I know what I'm talking about!"

As Lucas heads off to try out his drum, Lucinda bathed and in her jammies, comes back to the kitchen and gives her Lita a hug.

Lucinda: "I showed mommy my new jack-in-the-box and she reminded me to thank you, Lita. So, thanks!"

Lucy: "You're welcome sweetie. And before I forget, I know your parents, and Tito and I are always reminding you to be nice, to work on overcoming your Mean-Spirited trait but I just wanted you to know that I really appreciated you coming to my defense with your Uncle Dean at the pool party. Sometimes a trait, even a negative one, can actually be a help under certain circumstances. You made me proud using yours to defend me!"

Lucinda *puzzled* "So I did good? Even though Uncle Dean was mad at me?"

Lucy: "You did good. Real good honey! The look on your Uncle Dean's face was priceless, but don't tell him I said so! It'll be our little secret."

Lucinda is happy her Lita is proud of her and she's determined to earn even more praise as she grows up, even if it means being good, well, at least not as mean!

Marshall and Kimberly were given news that made them grow up before their actual YA birthdays.

News that may have both of them remaining in MH and giving up heirship!

And then Dahlia shocked all the guests at the twins YA birthday party by kissing Marshall's father, Samuel.

Lorelei indicated to Samuel that Marshall thinks it was all for show, a performance. But is he right?

Graduation for the older twins is up next and discussing heirship with their steadies.

Join me in Chapter 145-- Graduation and Heirship Decisions
Coming soon.

***Author's note: Thank you to sittingbear and Sara-Darkees at the NRaas forum for sharing their experiences traveling with ghosts. It was their information that had me make the decision to leave Antony safely in MH in my main TJ game, and not risk losing or changing him. Any errors or misinformation that I may have included are solely my responsibility and are unintentional.

Through some testing of my own, I found out that born in game sims, Antony and his younger sister Tricia, didn't have tombstones in their inventories in my game. Their parents Jay and Tatiana both have them, with the option to go back to the netherworld. And his older sister Frieda, who starts the game as a toddler, doesn't have a tombstone either. I'm not sure why it happened in my game as others have played them as their active family and they all had a tombstone. Without a tombstone, I thought it might make Antony able to travel without any glitches. No such luck. As a test, I had Kimberly and Antony, once she asked him to move in, travel to France. Once they arrived, Antony was no longer his yellow ghostly self, but was a human version just like the one seen in Stylist. And no matter how happy Antony was in game, even with a full green bar, both of his icons wore a permanent frown. Like he was totally depressed at losing his ghostly self!
Further testing with his sister Frieda was even more revealing. Stylist just shows her in her human form, and her ghostly form remains once you leave Stylist. But taking her into Edit in CAS via NRaas MC, to confirm her ghostly status, actually removed it from her! Even though I didn't change that in any way. And once out of CAS she wore that same permanent frown! I was able to give her back her ghostly yellow form via Nraas MC Occult: Add and she returned to her original self. But with her tombstone in her inventory afterward.

And even further testing showed that the original ghostly Antony in my game without a tombstone isn't really considered a ghost. So I had to use NRaas MC to make him a true ghost just like with Frieda. And as a true ghost, Antony can father ghost nooboos. So even though he can't leave MH, he can continue the Salas family line!***

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 145-- Graduation and Heirship Decisions

The first morning of young adulthood has Kimberly rising early and greeting the day with a smile.

But when I see her sleepwear, I realize we didn't even take the time for makeovers, so I pop Kimberly into stylist.

We actually like the hair style she grew up in so we focus on a new wardrobe.

We pick this for her formal, a lovely dark blue satin sheath that makes her look gorgeous.

And leaves no doubt that's she's now grown up!

And for the cooler days to come, a very fashionable outerwear outfit in black and dark blue with a creamy blouse with ruffled cuffs.

After all, an Empress of Evil must always look her best!

Then she dons her athletic wear and asks Tito Torre to train her so she can build up her athletic faster for her new Criminal career.

Torre doesn't hold back but all her hard work pays off as she earns 3 skill points before breakfast!

And then it's time for graduation!

Marshall decides to continue practicing his fairy magic generating a blue aura this time.

He looks so proud in his cap and gown and eager to get to the ceremony.

Kimberly looks nice too but not quite as eager to be part of a big crowd.

The whole family endures the rain to attend this all important event.

All dressed in their best, of course.

With Lucy's wardrobe recolored to her favorite Spice Brown!

Their family graduation photo is wonderful.

Proud grandparents and parents, Torre and Lucy, and Lorelei and Samuel.

The younger twins, Lucinda and Lucas, sporting big smiles in their first portrait.

And our graduates, Marshall and Kimberly, completing their school years here in MH.

Marshall gets voted Class Valedictorian and Most Likely to Take Over the World.

While Kimberly gets Highest Honors and Most Likely to Never Leave the House.

I'm not sure how accurate those will be, but it says the future looks bright for these two graduates!
MHgraduation original.jpg.jpg

After graduation Marshall asks for a quick makeover as he's meeting Dahlia across the street at the Fall Festival.

Since he's focusing on Magic Makeover for his LTW, he chooses a formal out fit more in keeping with his fairy heritage.

Dee: "Not the traditional leaves Marshall? They come in a nice green color."

Marshall: "I thought about it, but a bit too breezy in the fall weather. I thought this would keep me a bit warmer but give a nod to a more masculine fairy style."

Dee: "You're right Marshall. That style really suits you."

He's in a hurry, so we quickly choose the rest of his wardrobe and he hurries across the street to meet her.

He hopes the rain won't make her change her mind about meeting him.

But she's there waiting for him.

He tries to take her in his arms for their first kiss as young adults, but Dahlia's not having any part of it.

Dahlia: "We're over Marshall! Can't you take a hint!?! I kissed your father for gosh sake!"

Marshall: "About that kiss Dahlia, I know you didn't mean it! I know you're just trying to be Brave and selfless and have me find someone else to continue our journey with. Since you can't leave town now that you have the responsibility of caring for your sister and brother!"

Dahlia *eyes flying wide* "But how did you know that? I swore mom and dad to secrecy. They really felt bad about giving me the burden of Gayle and Nathanael, but we have no other family. And besides, they're not a burden, they're family."

Marshall: "How I know isn't the issue here. It's the knowing Dahlia. Knowing you, knowing your heart. You wouldn't see it as a burden but an act of love for your parents and your siblings. Even if it meant putting your own heart's desires aside. But it doesn't take a Genius to figure that out. Just someone who loves you!"

Dahlia *smiling wryly* "I should have known I couldn't fool you Marshall. But I don't want to burden you with my family's problems. You have a journey to continue and you need to find a suitable partner to go with you before it's too late."

Marshall *shaking his head* "Your sister Gayle is right. You are Insane Dahlia! Especially if you think I'd just find someone else and leave town after all we've meant to each other. I love you Dahlia! I've decided to stay here and share your guardianship responsibilities. And Kimberly's decided to stay here with Antony for reasons of her own. So my family has to stay until the younger twins finish school and choose one of them for heir."

Dahlia *shaking her head* "I can't let you do it Marshall! I can't let you give up heirship for me! It breaks my heart to think of you doing that."

Marshall: "And why does it break your heart Dahlia? I'll tell you why! Because you love me as much as I love you. No wait!" *smiling* "I love you more!"

Dahlia can't resist smiling back at him, at their old game, and when she smiles, he kisses her.

Then he says: "And it's out of your hands, my love. With Kimberly making the decision to stay in MH, my decision to stay here had to follow as I can't be separated from her either. I promised her a long time ago that we'd be able to handle anything as long as we did it together. I feel the same way about us."

He follows up the kiss with some fairy wing tickles, which Dahlia has never been able to resist!

So her smile grows as her laughter rings out in the empty park.

And with that laughter, her heart lightens and she realizes that Marshall is right.

Together they can do anything!

Her friendship with Kimberly, her love for Marshall, makes them an unbreakable triad.

Then Marshall gets serious and confirms her thoughts: "You'll always be my girl Dahlia. We were meant to be!"

Dahlia's too emotional to speak, so she simply kisses him, letting actions speak louder than words.

Marshall says impishly: "And I hope you save all the rest of your kisses just for me!"

Dahlia whispers: "How will I face your family? I feel like such a fool! What on earth was I thinking to believe that kissing your father would solve anything? I'd like to promise that I'd never do anything like that again, but Marshall, you know me! I could do something just as Insane at any moment!"

Marshall *all his love for her shining through his eyes* "That's why I didn't ask for your promise sweetheart. We all have traits to fight against, to overcome, but we're two Brave souls that would never let a little kiss come between them. Or anything else!"

Since the rain has stopped, they cuddle together and watch the stars, their love as strong as ever, maybe even stronger as they've weathered this storm and chosen a different path for their future.

Maybe not the future they originally planned but one they'll figure out together.

Back at home, Kimberly's invited Antony over and he arrives all grown up!

So she knows it's time to share with him the information I gave her.

But it starts raining again, so she invites him inside where they can be more comfortable.

Kimberly: "There's no easy way to say it Antony, so I'll just say it quick, the same way the Watcher did with me. You can't travel Antony. Not safely! We could lose you or the you we know. Or you could eat Ambrosia and become human, alive again. Well, for you I guess it would be alive for the first time since you were born a ghost. You might be able to travel that way, but you'd lose your ghost self. I'm explaining this badly. Please say something."

Antony's a bit too shocked to respond thinking *So much for that Adventurous trait I got at YA!*

But with Kimberly staring at him expectantly he finally says: "So I can't travel, leave Midnight Hollow. At least not safely. Okay. I got that part. But how could I eat something and become human, alive?"

Kimberly *wrinkling her nose* "I'm not exactly sure how it works. It's a food that makes you human, alive, just like me, so it's magical I guess."

Antony: "What would I look like?"

Kimberly: "I don't know that either. But maybe the Watcher could help us out there."

Dee: "I could take you into Stylist Antony for a wardrobe change so you could see how you look. If you want to try it. It wouldn't change you permanently, and it doesn't hurt."

Antony *intrigued* "Really? I could see how I would look as a human? Sure, let's give it a shot!"

So I pop him into stylist and we see him in his human form!

We choose a more flattering hair style and a new suit.

Dee: "You look very dashing in that formal wear Antony!"

Antony: "Thanks Watcher. I think so too. But…it's not really me is it?"

Dee: "It's you human, alive, without your ghost form."

Antony: "I'll have to think about it Watcher. Is that okay?"

Dee: "Of course Antony. It's a big decision. And we'd have to make the Ambrosia. I know we have life fruit but I'm not sure about a death fish. It could take some time to catch one if we don't have one in one of the family chests. So as soon as you've decided, let me know."

Once Antony's back in the kitchen, Kimberly pulls him close.

Kimberly: "That's not all my news Antony. I've decided that if you can't leave Midnight Hollow, I'm not leaving either!"

Antony: "But your family journey, it must go on! You can't stop now. It's too important."

Kimberly: "You're so Good Antony! I tell you that you can't travel and could eat a magic food and become alive and you're only worried about our journey. Don't worry.  The journey will go on, I'll just be staying here in MH with you. If you'll have me? But I have to confess that the Watcher let me choose Emperor of Evil for my LTW. With you being Good, can you put up with an Evil Empress?"

Antony *smiling* "If you can put up with a family of ghosts, I think I can Brave one little Evil Empress! But are you sure Kimberly? This is what you really want?"

Kimberly: "Yes, I'm sure. I was heartbroken about it at first, at the thought that you couldn't travel, that I would have to leave my first friend, my best friend, my love, behind. But then I realized I didn't HAVE to do that. And deciding to stay here in MH with you, it just felt right. Like it was always what I was meant to do."

They spend the rest of the evening getting to know each other as young adults.

Which leads to romancing each other with hugs and kisses!

And a relaxing backrub for Antony.

Funny how he's a ghost yet he can enjoy food, romance, and a human touch.

Especially Kimberly's touch.

Kimberly doesn't want to say goodbye to Antony so she invites him to stay over.

He agrees and to my surprise he heads upstairs and straight for Kimberly's room.

I check on them a bit later when the lights are out and it warms my heart to see them together.

Dreaming of each other!

And in Kimberly's dream Antony is human!

Is that a portent of things to come or did she just peek in stylist?

A bit later the dreams have changed but they are even more revealing!

Kimberly dreaming of her new career and Antony dreaming about….baby bottles!

The older twins have decided to give up heirship and stay here in MH with their respective loves.

Marshall with his Insane Dahlia and Kimberly with her Good Antony, braving the future together.

The younger twins have their birthdays next and will be leaving childhood behind and beginning their teenage years.

The last years to gain skills and forge relationships before becoming young adults.

Will Lucas turn his childhood friendship with Letitia (Tia) into something more?

And who will Lucinda choose for her partner?

Tia's older brother Rory? Carrie Limb's younger brother Tucker?

Or someone knew we haven't met yet?

Let's find out in Chapter 146-- Teen Birthdays and Traits
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 146--Teen Birthdays and Traits

Then next day is Spooky Day so no school and the perfect time for the younger twins birthdays.

After breakfast Lucinda heads for her cake, no way she's giving up her right as first born!

Though she did half promise herself to try being good, or less mean.

It doesn't matter now though as the candles are lit and she's committed.

Lucas, Kimberly, and Antony all clap and cheer for her as Lucy happily heads for the kitchen.

Then her parents and Lucy join in the celebration with cheers, noise makers, and birthday wishes.

Lucinda gets so caught up in the excitement of the moment she starts clapping and cheering too!

The sparkles hit and she begins her twirl as Marshall joins in the festivities.

And she ages to teen with a very cute hair style.

But her expression shows me what she thinks of her purple formal outfit.

Then she squeezes her eyes shut and a face-splitting grin appears.

Maybe she likes her clothes after all?

Lucinda: "It's not my clothes Watcher, it's my teen trait. I can feel it throughout my whole body. I'm Good now. Good!"

Dee: "What? How is that possible?"

But I check and she's right! Even though she's still Mean-Spirited, she's now Good.

The wonder at arbitrary random traits will never cease to amaze me.

Or maybe it's the randomness of seemingly incompatible traits that's wonderful?

Or is it due to fighting negative traits along with the power of positive thinking that's accomplished this seemingly impossible feat?

Whatever the reason, the family accepts this in different ways.

Samuel and Lucas clapping and cheering at such a positive trait for her!

Marshall in stunned disbelief while Lorelei looks thoughtfully at her husband's reaction.

Kimberly with a quiet smile of acceptance as being both Friendly and Evil it only seems fair that she have a sister who's Mean-Spirited and Good!

And her Antony raising his hands in wonder or maybe he's just taking another photo?

Lucinda didn't bother to explain anything to them though, she just grabbed a piece of her birthday cake and headed for the dining room table.

With cake quickly eaten, Lucas prepares himself for his turn.

He lovingly looks back at his siblings as they begin cheering for him.

As Antony joins them, taking a quick photo of the older ones, Lucas makes a wish.

Thinking about it carefully by the look on his now serious face.

The sparkles hit and he begins his spin.

And Lucas ages up in a formal outfit that makes me laugh out loud!

But his teen trait quickly wipes the smile from my face.

He's gained the 'Dislikes Children' trait!

Dee: "What? Where did that come from Lucas?!? It's not shown up in the family since back in Twinbrook with your many times removed Aunt Pollyanna!"

Lucas *his face mirroring his own dismay* "Well, I've always thought kids were a lot of work and messy, so I guess it was a trait just waiting to come out. But I wasn't expecting it right now. I was hoping for a trait that would point me in a better direction for my LTW and career."

Dee: "You and me both! Only your Good trait inspires LTW's, thankfully quite a few of them. And since you're human, the fairy LTW's won't be available. Maybe your YA trait will give you some other options. We'll just have to wait and see."

Lucinda's so excited she can't help but chat with Marshall about her great teen birthday trait!

Lucinda: "I can't believe I'm Good Marshall, actually Good! This is the best birthday ever!"

Marshall: "Me either. It was a real surprise. But you deserve it. You've worked really hard to overcome your Mean-Spirited trait. We've always gotten along great but I know it hasn't been easy with Kimberly, especially since she's Evil. You too were always at odds with one another."

Lucinda: "But now that I'm Good and she's Easily Impressed, maybe we can change that?"

Marshall *thoughtfully* "Well, I know you have your own, but maybe some of my fairy dust will help with that?"

Lucinda *skeptical* "How would your fairy dust help?"

Marshall *smiling* "Maybe some of my Brave and Genius traits will rub off on you! Making it easier to Brave Kimberly's wrath or outthink her with a Genius plan!"
Lucinda *laughing with him* "I doubt it, but it's worth a shot!" 

And she eagerly holds her hands together as Marshall drops a pinch into her cupped palms.

With Lucinda's new Goodness flowing within her, she gives Marshall a gift as well.

Marshall's surprised and exclaims: "For me? But it's not my birthday!"

Lucinda *explaining* "No it's not. It's a graduation present for my big brother who's always supported me and overlooked my mean tricks."

Marshall: "Thanks little sister. But I don't know if it was overlooking them or being worried how you would retaliate if I did something to you. I might be Brave, but I'm also Neurotic enough not to want the sink booby trapped!"

They both laugh and become even closer friends.

And someone else is overcoming traits as well.

Sam is actually having a conversation with Claire and Adam out on the sunporch.

Sam: "Well, the last couple of days have brought about an amazing turn of events! Marshall deciding to share Dahlia's guardianship responsibilities here in MH.  And Kimberly choosing her Antony over heirship and continuing the journey."

Claire adds: "So now that they've both given up heirship to stay here in Midnight Hollow, we play the waiting game again, through the younger twins teenage years." *gloatingly* "But I'm the one who suggested we needed to give them a shot at heirship, so I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out! Proves that I still have some valuable insight into what's best for this family." *her face clouding* "Not that I wanted the older twins to give up heirship like they did. I just wanted to give everyone a fair chance."

Adam: "As it should be grandmother Claire. If heir couples choose to have multiple children, then they should give all of those children a chance at heirship. But I'm relieved at the delay though. I was a bit disappointed at the thought of losing the fairy genetics in the heirship line. Though it's still a possibility if Lucas gets chosen. But my feelings shouldn't be the only factor." *smiling wryly* "Everyone knows I have a prejudice for fairy genes and the Frio auburn hair!"

Claire *tartly* "You know, that burns me up whenever you or anyone says that! I had auburn hair too! And I was the original Founder. Jared was just my spouse! So how come it's always the 'Frio' auburn hair?"

Dee *pointedly* "Because you decided to take Jared's name when you married him Claire! This could have been the Ursine family journey or we could have hyphenated your names. I was against the hyphenated names as I think it looks pretentious and it would have been a pain to type throughout the story. You decided that since no one ever dreamed you'd marry, least of all a Frio, you were going to rub all their noses in it and show off your husband's name! Hence, the 'Frio' auburn hair. Though I know I've caved and actually called it the Ursine/Frio auburn hair at least once or twice!"

Claire keeps rocking, staring at Sam and mumbles: "Oh, right. My choice. Sorry Adam, Watcher."

Adam, Sam, and I all stare at her. An apologetic Claire is a new experience and leaves us speechless.

But when Claire decides to move, Sam's Coward trait kicks in and he can't get away before passing out.


But just before he loses consciousness he says: "I lasted longer this time Watcher!"

Then he dramatically raises his hand to his brow and flops to the floor.

Claire *chuckling* "Jared will be mad that he missed that one! Sam's getting a bit theatrical nowadays."

Adam *rocking* "Poor Dad! But he did manage to speak this time. I wish Mom could have seen that part."

But Rae's heading for a rocking chair on the front porch with Jared close behind her.

Rae: "It's so romantic dad! Antony can't travel safely so instead of taking a chance on losing her soulmate, Kimberly chooses to stay here with him. That girl really impresses me."

Jared *snarky* "Well, you've always been easily impressed. I'm more inclined to focus on her Evil qualities. I'm glad the Watcher let her choose Emperor of Evil for her LTW. I know part of this journey is overcoming so-called negative traits, but it's important to be true to yourself too!"

Rae *snorting* "You would feel that way dad!"

But Jared doesn't take offense, in fact he finds it a compliment.

But he doesn't voice his next thoughts as he knows Rae would object to them.

Jared *smiling and thinking* And true to herself here in MH. That way I've got another shot at an heir with one of my traits again! Lucinda may be Good now but she's been Mean-Spirited longer! And who knows what kind of traits her partner will bring in! The next gen could take after me even more!*

Lucas is fast asleep after the excitement of becoming a teen.

And he's dreaming about his birthday.

I'm not sure if it's the one he just had or his YA birthday to come though.

But with his next dream about houses or homes, I'm thinking the latter.

Maybe he's wondering what our next town will be?

Or what our new house will look like?

I guess that will all depend on who will be chosen heir or who will decide to choose heirship.

With Lucas Disliking Children and Lucinda now being Good, I have a feeling it's sliding in her direction.

Lorelei rises early enough the next morning to find Adam still about and poor Sam fainted dead away.

Again.  So she gives him what dignity she can by not commenting and chats with Adam.

Lorelei: "Well, Claire was right to suggest giving the younger twins a chance at heirship before moving. I would hate to think what could have happened to Antony if he'd tried to leave with us! I'm saddened that the older twins won't be moving with us when we go, but they've made the choices that work best for them. Kimberly and Marshall have always been close twins and they'll still be together to support each other here in MH."

Adam: "Yes. Grandmother's already crowing about still being able to provide valuable direction for the family and dad was even able to contribute this time, before his trait overtook him. But I think things happen for a reason Lorelei. Like me growing up in Moonlight Falls and finding my Sophie and Kimberly and Marshall choosing to stay here with their life partners. Call it fate, magic, whatever you choose to believe in…."

Lorelei *interrupting* "The Watcher's hand? Doesn't that play a big part in it?"

Adam *thoughtfully* "Not as much as we or she'd hoped. She's not omnipotent or infallible. Or else she wouldn't have let Kimberly get so focused on Antony and considered them for the next heir couple. But I have to believe that was meant to be, despite the Watchers lack of knowledge. Luckily she found out the dangers prior to the next town jump. Watchers just watch mostly. They direct when needed to keep us safe from harm, if they can, and take lots of pictures of us. Some of them are more controlling but our Watcher lets us have free will, letting us make a lot of our own decisions."

Lorelei *with a wry smile* "Like Dahlia kissing Samuel! I know that came as a shock to all of us, especially the Watcher! I wasn't even home, but I think I heard her shrieks across town! Lucky for us Marshall kept his cool and used his smarts to figure out what was behind all that."

Adam *shaking his head* That one's not on her. Don't forget that the Watcher only has control over the active members of our household. She doesn't control any of us ghosts or any of the sims in the towns we live in. All of the actions and reactions of those we interact with, those are just as much a surprise to her as they are to us. Maybe more so!"

Dee: "You got that right Adam! I have ideas about the direction I want the family to go in but family members and the sims they interact with, sometimes they have their own ideas. Including you ghosts! But that's part of the fun in a journey like this, the unexpected actions and responses of each generation. Otherwise, it could get pretty boring. And that's one thing I think we all can agree on. The Frio family might be a lot of things, but boring isn't one of them!"

And with my words, we all stare at poor Sam, living, uuhhmm, ghostly proof that the Frio's aren't boring.

Predictable sometimes, but never boring.

To make my point even more, Lorelei and Adam keep chatting, Lucy feeds the fish, and Marshall dances nearby with his green fairy aura glowing bigger and brighter than ever.

It's energy encompassing Lorelei and ghostly Adam, and even ghostly Rae as she drifts on through the living room.

Just another typical morning for the Frio family, both living and dead!

And another typical step is finding a new house for Torre and Lucy.

They're not quite ready to move yet, but they decide to do a bit of house hunting.

I thought they'd decided to take a taxi, instead of one of the family car's as they stroll outside to the street.

When to my surprise Torre hops into this bright pink limo! One I've never seen.

And then Lucy pops into the drivers' seat!

Dee: "Lucy! Where did that car come from!?!

Lucy *checking out her make-up in the mirror* "What? This old thing? It's one of the perks of being a Hit Movie Composer in this town. As dreary as MH can be, they sure know how to punch things up with a bit of color!" *then glancing back at Torre* "Hang onto your wings love, Lita's going to see what this baby can do!"

After tearing off in a squeal of tires, Torre and Lucy stop at the local realtor and peruse some of the current homes for sale.

They don't want a starter, so they dismiss that one, but there are several homes available over by the stadium and a couple farther down from downtown.

The one that catches their eye is by the stadium which would make Torre's commute to work a lot faster.

Lucy would have liked something closer to their children and grandchildren, but Torre says: "Well, the place is big enough to have them visit and stay over from time to time. But far enough away so we can have our privacy too."

It's also got plenty of mature trees, nice landscaping, and a privacy fence to keep out annoying paparazzi.

Lucy decides that's a plus, so they look at a few more photos and descriptions of it.

They find out it's called 'Proper Shanty' though it looks a lot fancier than any shanty I've ever seen.

And it's located at 108 Shearin Stroll on a 50 x25 lot, so a nice size indeed.

With 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, it's got plenty of space for visiting family and Lucy's music studio.

And some nice spaces outside for a fairy house and Torre's martial arts equipment.

Lucy decides the asking price of just under $173,000 is fair and they put an offer in for it.

With it's columns, balconies, and pretty blue shingles all offset by white windows and trim, it's quite the place.

They hope their offer is accepted and they go home to break the news to the rest of the family.

Lucinda and Lucas had their teen birthdays and each received an unexpected trait.

Lucinda getting Good and Lucas now Disliking Children.

The ghosts have given us their opinions on heirship, including Sam, who even spoke before succumbing to his trait. 

Torre and Lucy have chosen a house and will be moving soon.

So now we're into the home stretch with the teenage years before us.

Learning to drive, dating and prom, working on life skills, all of this and more as we continue in MH.

Let's see what happens in Chapter 147-- Life Choices
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 147-- Life Choices

Samuel  offers to teach Lucinda how to drive and she grabs Des' police cruiser, just like her sister did.

I think the sisters are more alike than they realize, but I'm not sure that Lucinda being Good now is going to make her closer to her older sister, even with Marshall's fairy dust!

Kimberly's been Friendly since she was born, but she's had her Evil trait just as long, and it may make her clash with her Good sister even more!

I guess only time will tell if these sisters will ever do more than just tolerate each other.

But with the solemn look on Samuel's face, I think he's more worried about surviving this driving lesson than he is about his children's relationships.

Samuel *tensely* "She has to live through this to have ANY relationships Watcher! I don't want to risk losing another potential heir, so please stop distracting her!"

Marshall's convinced Dahlia to visit but she's still embarrassed by her actions with Samuel, so they stay upstairs and chat.

I'm not sure why but whenever the family gets home or has someone visit, they always go straight upstairs.

For Dahlia this is an action for her to save face so I don't stop her.

But as soon as Marshall greets her he gets a phone call.

Marshal: "Hey love. Be right with you, let me answer this! And stop being nervous about dad, everyone understands what happened and why."

Meanwhile, Lucas has also invited a friend over.

Tia Hyde!

And these two hit it off right from the start.

Tia: "Hey there good-looking, looks like you and I were meant to be!"

Lucas: "You are my dream come true Tia!"

Lucas finds out she's still single and a Virgo.

Not a star sign that's really compatible with his, but he's never put much stock in the stars anyway.

They are OUTDOORS after all!

But compatible star signs or not, these two chat and flirt all on their own.

And it's not long before Lucas impulsively pulls her in his arms for a kiss!

Tia was a bit surprised at first but she shares his enthusiasm and kisses him right back.

They spent the rest of the day together and in the natural course of events, Lucas asks her to go steady.

Tia agrees and my heart rejoices that my choice is his choice as well!

In the cooler and hideous OUTDOORS, Lucinda chats with Tia's older brother Rory.

This is the first time they've actually met and chatted so they are just acquaintances.

What surprises me is that Lucinda pops a wish to go to the Fall Festival.

Dee: "You do realize that the Fall Festival takes place outside right?"

Lucinda *giving me a look* "I am well aware of that fact Watcher! I'm not Insane or Absent-Minded!"

Rory smiles at her a bit blankly and says, "Oh, were you talking to me? I'm sorry, I tend to tune out sometimes. My family's always reminding me to pay more attention to things."

Lucinda *thinking* Hhhmm, I never thought of Absent-Minded as being a good quality, but if it has Rory forgetting about any mean things I do…it could be to my advantage.*

So she says: "Hey Rory, I was planning on checking out the Festival, wanna come with?"

Rory: "Sure Cinda! Uummhh, you don't mind if I call you Cinda do you? You remind me of a princess in a fairy tale my mom used to read to me. I don't remember which one though."

Cinda: "Oh, I like it Rory! Especially you thinking of me as a princess. It makes me feel special."

Cinda meets some other local residents after getting her face painted with some beautiful blue stars.

And elderly lady as well as another teen, Nathanael Ziggfield.

Dahlia's younger brother may have picked up her Insane trait as he's wearing a suit at the Festival.

He looks pretty sharp but a bit out of place in such fancy clothes.

And his teal sneakers make me smile!

Cinda pops a wish to score 5,000 points in whack-a-gnome, so I let her have at it!

Behind her, Tito Torre's stuffing himself with pie in the eating contest.

While Rory contemplates braving the haunted house.

Or maybe he's confused about all the graves and wonders why he's at the cemetery?

But the two teens do spend some time together.

They chat a bit and Cinda steps it up by using a pick up line on him!

This changes their outing to a bona fide first date!

She asks him his sign, but he can't seem to recall which one he is.

But that doesn't deter her from getting to know him better.

Even though Rory accepts all of her advances, he's either too tired or too hungry to continue the date and it ends badly!

And they haven't even made it to friends yet.

But Cinda perseveres and promises their next date will be better.

From the blank look on Rory's face, he's already forgotten the first one!

Meanwhile Kimberly's involved in a fantasy of her own.

The dream she had about Antony being human seemed so real she can't help but dwell on it.

First of all, he'd moved in and they travelled to France!

And Antony got really romantic.

They hugged, kissed, and enjoyed being in the city of romance together, just the two of them.

And she loved being held closely in his strong human arms!

Then he suggested they check out the Art Museum.

Kimberly *thinking* Even in a dream he's so Good, thoughtful, and sweet!*

And at the French museum, amidst the most stunning art, crafts, and artifacts, Antony proposed to her!

It was a magical moment, perfect as only a dream can be.

Her dream self accepts of course, flinging herself in his arms with heartfelt joy!

They head back to their room and celebrate their engagement, expressing their love for each other to the full.

The experience being so perfect that she swears she heard musical chimes. A beautiful lullaby!

But something isn't right, something is off.

Something that keeps nagging at her, at the back of her mind, even in the dream.

Then it hits her as her memories fight through her dream state.

Antony isn't human! He's her childhood friend that's a ghost!

With ghost parents and ghost sisters.

He's her teen best friend, the Brave, Good boy who overlooked her Evil tendencies and became her boyfriend.

Even after a disastrous prom night.

As a ghost.

He's the young man that has shared all the special moments in her life and helped her to weather the sad or bad ones.

Offering his friendship, his love, a relaxing massage to ease her tension.

Whatever she needed, when she needed it. He was always there for her.

As a ghost.

This dream human Antony isn't hers!

Even with a smile and his strong arms holding her, raining kisses on her face, proposing to her.

He isn't her Antony.

And she can sense his ghost self, his essence, his soul, crying out to her to not be taken in by this imposter!

Kimberly knows the dream was telling her, warning her, that being human wasn't right for Antony.

She quickly finds him to discuss this important choice.

But before she can say anything, he says: "Sweetheart, I need to tell you I've decided to stay true to my ghostly self. I really thought about eating ambrosia and becoming human, but it just wouldn't be me. I've been a ghost my whole life, it's an essential part of me. Something my parents gave me from their own selves, the love they share when they decided to marry and have children. I can't turn my back on my heritage!"

Kimberly *smiling* "I feel the same way Antony. I had a dream and it made me see that a human you wouldn't really be you at all! I was going to try to persuade you that it wouldn't make you happy, losing your ghostly self."

Antony *his love for her growing even more* "You are what makes me happy Kimberly!"

And dropping to one knee he asks her to marry him!

Antony: "Be my wife, share my life? Not your original journey, but one we can make together!"

Kimberly can't imagine a proposal any more perfect because now it's real, and made by her ghostly Antony.

The love of her life, her soulmate.

With her hands pressed over her mouth, she can only nod as her throat is too choked up to speak.

Well, most of generation eight has paired up.

Marshall with lovable, Insane Dahlia Ziggfield.

Lucas finding love with the breathtaking Tia Hyde.

Kimberly getting engaged to Antony Salas, who has decided to remain a ghost.

Lucinda's gone on her first date with Rory Hyde, but it didn't go well.

Though Rory did give her the cute nickname, Cinda, and he's absent-minded so he may not remember that first bad date.

Only time will tell if Cinda's choice will be Rory or someone new.

Join me in Chapter 148-- Family Members Lost and Gained
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 148-- Family Members Lost and Gained

Don't worry no one dies. Nothing like that!

In fact, it's for very loving reasons that family members are lost.

Lost in love so to speak.

First familial love, as Torre and Lucy's offer on the house was accepted and they need to move and make space for the next generations' partners.

So it's time for them to say goodbye.

First Samuel and Lucy say their goodbyes as Lorelei waves to her father, not sure she can stand the thought of them leaving.

Even if it's just across town for now.

But Torre's not letting her get away that easy!

They chat for awhile, then he pulls her in for a long hug and tells her they still have lots of time to be together.

But Torre wasn't expecting such an emotional tug on his heart that saying goodbye to his oldest daughter generated so he heads for the kitchen to recover before saying any other goodbyes.

Lucy finds her oldest granddaughter on the front porch.

Lucy *smiling* "This isn't really goodbye my dear as we'll both be staying here in Midnight Hollow. But with your engagement, it's time we made room for the next generation. But we'll be expecting you to visit. A lot!"

Kimberly *squeezing her tight* "And I'll be calling too. Your advice is at the top of my list Lita! Tito always said you were his rock and I know just what he meant. I'm a strong woman today following two of the best examples I know, you and mom!"

Lucy * proudly* "Very strong Kimberly. You always did have a strong will and once you made a decision, you stuck with it. I've never seen you look happier than after deciding to stay here with your Antony. I know it's a bit selfish, but I'm glad more family is staying here. Less of you to miss, and more of you to love. And with any luck, lots more of you!"

Kimberly *her face flushing* "Lita, I just got engaged! But I do know what you mean. I'm ever so thankful that Marshall's staying too. That was the hardest part of my decision, leaving my twin. But now we'll be together both of us, our partners, and you and Tito, and Everleigh and Ian's families too. We've really taken MH by storm!"

Lucy: "We have indeed child, we have indeed!"

Then she finds the younger twins in the nursery.

Lucas rocks nearby waiting his turn for a word with his Lita.

Cinda goes first, which is typical for her, hugging Lucy tightly, "We'll miss having you here in our house Lita. It just won't be the same without you!"

Lucy *knowingly* "Yes, I'm sure you'll enjoy having less adult supervision around, just remember, you're Good now young lady!" *then softening her words* "And don't ever forget that wherever you are, whoever you're with, Tito and I love you, we're proud of you and we always will be!"

Cinda: "I'll never forget anything about you Lita! I know I'm good because of you and Tito, and mom and dad, always there for me. I still have my moments and I probably always will, a mean thought, a not very nice deed, but you've all helped me try to temper my trait. And we've got days and days yet before we leave. Lots of time for you to give me more advice!"

Lucy *nodding* "And I'll expect visits while you're still here and lots of phone calls when you leave. Just put me on speed dial!"

Then Lucy grabs Lucas, saying: "Come here dear boy! You may be a teen now but not too big for a hug! Never too big for that!"

Lucas: "I don't mind hugs from you, Lita, that's what grandmother's are best at! And I'll miss them and you. Tito Torre too. I haven't got to see him yet. Is he still with mom?"

Lucy: "Your Tito is a strong man most of the time Lucas, but right now he's taking this leaving a bit hard. He's always lived in the Frio family home. This will be the first time it's just me and him. It will take some getting used to. But why don't you find him and chat without focusing on goodbye?"

Lucas: "You got it Lita! I could use some help with athletics and Tito's the best athlete I know!"

Lucy *smiling* "And I'm sure he'd love to train you. He's already done that with your dad and Kimberly. He's always looking for a new trainee!"

Lucas finds Torre in the kitchen and tries his best to cheer him up a bit.

Lucas *patting him on both arms* "Don't be sad Tito. We've still got some time to be together. I really need to put some muscles on these sticks I call arms. It would really help if the best athlete in the world was my trainer!"

Torre realizes he needs to make the most of the time he has left with the family that will be continuing the journey.

And he can't resist his grandson's request, so they set up a schedule for some training sessions.

Torre *cheering up a bit* "Don't think I'll be easy on you boy! I trained your sister the other day and she earned 3 skill points before breakfast!"

Lucas: "That sounds great Tito! I'd like to look good for prom, even if I am a slob most of the time."

On the porch Cinda's chatting with Marshall by the fairy house as they both needed to restore their powers.

Cinda: "Lita's in the nursery saying goodbye to Lucas Marshall, hurry and you could still catch her!"

Marshall: "No need little sister. I'll be sticking around in MH for a long, long time and I'll be seeing them a lot."

Cinda: "I know you're Brave Marshall but it doesn't take a genius to know that's a cop out! You don't want to say goodbye!"

Marshall: "No, I don't. But it's not that goodbye that's bothering me really. Even as Brave as I am, I'm still not good with stuff like that, it makes me nervous, uncomfortable. I knew Lita and Tito would have to leave our house one day, but it seems like it's gone by so fast. And I really thought they'd be staying here when we all left for the next town. But things have changed. And soon all of you will be leaving and Tito and Lita, and me and Kimberly, we'll be staying behind. That's the goodbye I'm really trying to avoid. It already hurts so much!"

Cinda *shocked at her brother's words* "Oh, Marshall. I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking when I said that. I was just being me, saying the first thing that popped into my head, which is usually mean! I'll miss you guys so much, especially you. My big fairy brother!" *then her eyes open wide* "No one else is a fairy Marshall. I'll be the only one going to the next town! That's so scary! No one to have fairy parties with or do fairy playful pester. What will I do?"

Marshall *being a true big brother, says gently* "You'll do what you were meant to do, little sister, carry on our journey. Let's face it, Lucas dislikes children and that probably means he'll defer heirship to you and you've always taken the lead between the two of you." *then with a spirit of challenge in his tone* "So if you don't want to be the only fairy, the last Frio fairy, hopefully you'll do something about it and have a least one fairy girl or boy in the next town! Problem solved!"

Cinda *mouth dropping open in shock* "Well, don't pull any punches big brother!"

Marshall *smirking* "I learned from the best sweet sister! And being the best to dish it out, I know you can take it. You're strong Cinda." *laughing* "Cinda, I called you Cinda….Rory sure has a funny sense of humor. If you pick him as your partner, make sure he doesn't name the children!"

Cinda *Ever so sweetly* "Speaking of naming children, Marshall. I overheard Dahlia reciting flower names, Alyssum, Buttercup, Chrysanthemum, Dianthus. Either she's planning on a garden or you better hope you have daughters!"

And seeing the look on her big brother's face, she laughs and says, "Gotcha!"

And finally it's Lorelei's turn to say goodbye.

They squeeze each other tightly knowing they only have a few of these face to face moments left.

Lorelei: "Oh mom, I know it's only across town right now. But it's still a goodbye and I'm just not ready for it. You always tell me how brave I am but I've always had you and dad."

Lucy: "And you always will sweetheart! If not in body, then in spirit. We'll always be in your heart, in your memories. And only a phone call or a letter away. I'll tell you the same thing I told Lucinda, 'Put me on speed dial!' You know I'm always available for advice. Now whether you take it or not is a different story."

Lorelei *smiling wryly* "But now I'll be the oldest and expected to give good advice, to the heir couple and the spare one! And neither Samuel or I will have the excuse of being too young to know better."

Lucy: "But you'll still have the family ghosts to discuss things with. You've always been good friends with Adam and gotten along really well with Founder Jared. And you and Samuel have learned a lot here in MH. In fact, with the diverse and unique residents in this town, I don't think the next town, wherever it is, will be difficult for you at all."

Lorelei *nodding* "This town has certainly been an eye-opener. The flutter of butterflies that greeted us! Meeting and befriending our neighbors, the Salas and Doe families. You're right mom, we've come a long way here in MH! And I'm sure everything we've learned and experienced will help us in the new town."

Lucy joins Torre in her pink limo, they take one last look at the Frio family home and drive slowly away to begin their new lives as a couple, just the two of them.

But they don't stay two for long.

On the way home, Lucy stopped and picked up a new puppy!

Something for both her and Torre to focus on and not feel quite so lonesome without a houseful of sims.

So Rufus joins their new little Frio family.

As Lucy thinks what a great idea getting Rufus was, Torre's thoughts focus on just how attractive his wife is!

And I'm sure he's thinking of all the romantic possibilities now that they've got a house to themselves!

And Kimberly and Antony are focusing on romance too as they enjoy their new adult relationship.

They don't always know what to expect with Antony being a ghost, but it turns out that he's even able to woohoo in the shower!

He seems pretty pleased with the experiment but Kimberly looks thoughtful.

She expresses her new found joy and happiness in her painting!

But not everything is joyful as an unexpected trip to the bathroom interrupts her painting.

Kimberly *thinking* That was nasty! I hope it was just something I ate.*

Later that morning Lorelei and Kimberly have a very adult mother/daughter conversation.

Lorelei: "I don't want to pry Kimberly, but have you and Antony discussed children yet?"

Kimberly *blushing a bit* "Mom, we just got engaged!" *then with a look at her mother* "You heard me in the bathroom, didn't you?"

Lorelei: "Yes, and unless you've eaten something off, we both know what that means."

Kimberly *pensively* "That I could already be expecting!"

Lorelei: "Exactly. And having a child is a big step, a huge responsibility. One that works better when the parents-to-be are actually living in the same home!"

Kimberly *nodding* "I know you're right mom, but I don't know for sure yet. If I am, I'll tell Antony and we'll decide then."

As darkness falls, the trick or treaters come out to celebrate Spooky Day.

Lucas drops a piece of candy in Tricia Salas' pumpkin bucket and shudders as being so close to a child is almost as bad as being outdoors!

I thought it was interesting that Tricia's costume was even a ghostly yellow.

Then Kimberly greets her cousin Ryan and they chat a bit as she gives him some candy.

He looks pretty scary in his costume but it was nice to see family out on Spooky Day.

Cinda decides trick or treating sounds great even if it takes place outside.

But the first house is dark and no one's home!

So she tries another house.

And her disappointment grows as no one answers the door here either!

When she gets to the third house, her Uncle Ian's by chance, she's thoroughly disgusted.

Cinda: "Well, well, you know what they say on Spooky Day Uncle Ian, if there's no treat, then it's a trick!"

And as she finishes uttering those words, she eggs the house!

Apparently on Spooky Day, when no one's home to give you candy, it's okay to be mean!

I'm so stunned that she did this all on her own, that I have to laugh!

Boy would Jared be proud of this granddaughter!!!

The next day Kimberly heads off to work and then takes on an after hours job to get in good with her boss.

This leads to a promotion, but that's not the biggest event of her day.

I get pulled into the kitchen just in time to see her change into maternity clothes and glance down at her increasing tummy!

Ugly maternity clothes! So she changes into something more suitable and heads over to the Salas home.

Looks like that conversation with Antony is scheduled for tonight!

But Antony's not home from work yet, so she chats with his mother.

And they both share their news of nooboos on the way!

Tatiana *happy but surprised* "You carry our Antony's child, knowing it could carry our ghostly genetics?"

Kimberly: *nodding excitedly* "I'm counting on it Mrs. Salas! The focus of our journey is to find unique sims in each town and add their genetics to our family line. Ghostly genetics should be high on the uniqueness scale!"

Kimberly continues: "Mrs. Salas, I love Antony with all my heart. So much so that I'm staying here in MH with him. As my husband if you approve?"

Tatiana *tears in her eyes* "You're staying here with our son! Bless you child. I would never have stood in his way if he'd wanted to leave with you, but to have you both stay here is even a greater blessing. We'd be honored to call Samuel's daughter our own, Kimberly, for his sake and yours. Just think, we'll be in laws with our first family friend plus sharing a grandchild! Jay and I never dreamed we'd be so accepted, not only considered worthy enough for friendship but being able to call you family."

Kimberly: "It's me who's honored Mrs. Salas. Antony's overlooking my evilness and my career. I don't know what I've done to deserve someone as good and brave as he is, but I'm planning on doing it for the rest of my life!"

So as soon as Antony arrives, Kimberly doesn't waste any time.

She smiles as she tells him he's going to be a father!

Antony *gently feeling her tummy* "Sweetheart, this is incredible! I'm going to be a father! We're going to be parents!"

Kimberly: "And as my mother reminded me, a baby needs parents living in the same house! So, move in with us Antony! Both of our houses are pretty full, but with your parents expecting another child, I think my family home will be the better choice. For now anyway."

Antony: "I'm all for it, I don't want to miss a minute of your pregnancy, our pregnancy!"

And with those words, he floats happily through the wall and over to the Frio home.

Introducing Antony Salas--YA ghost (who never ages as it's hard to die when you're not alive!)
LTW: Master Magician (what could be cooler than a ghost performing magic tricks!)
Career: Science---level one
Traits: Good, Brave, Couch Potato, Lucky, and Adventurous
Fav's: Indie, Veggie Burger, Lime
Fiancée: Kimberly Frio
Skills at move in: Fishing-2; Writing-1

Torre and Lucy moved to their own place.

Lucas shudders being near children, so Marshall's given his sister Cinda notice that she's probably going to be taking on heirship duties and having fairy children if she doesn't want to be the only fairy in the next town!

Kimberly's expecting Antony's child and he's moved into the Frio home, so wedding bells can't be far off.

And though Marshall's dreading the thought of saying goodbye when the family leaves town, he's actually got a bigger focus before the twins age up, completing his LTW!

Which means maxing Charisma and bestowing Inner Beauty on 12 lucky residents of MH!

Let's see how far he can get in: Chapter 149-- A Marriage and Magic Makeovers
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 149-- A Marriage and Magic Makeovers

Kimberly and Antony don't want a long engagement and with a baby on the way, they decide sooner is better than later.

Being a Loner, Kimberly just wants a private wedding.

 So out on the sunporch, they exchange rings and simple vows that they speak together.

Antony and Kimberly: "My one true love that I choose to make my partner in life. I have cherished our friendship since we were young and the love I have for you today will only grow stronger for all of our tomorrows, always and forever."
(Modified From <>)

They share their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Antony Salas!

And Rory commemorates the event with a quick photo.

But if Rory's here, where's Cinda?

Oh, reminding me that she hasn't had her teen  makeover yet!

Since Cinda loves black, and because it goes so well with her turquoise hair, we choose this for her Formal outfit.

Her Athletic outfit, a gray t-shirt with black and white stiped leggings, covered by an open shouldered black tunic.

With Winter weather soon upon us she chooses the only teen outfit available.

In her signature color, of course, set off by thigh high black boots.

She asks me to take special care with her every day outfit so we choose this cute knit dress.

Which is set off with some fashionable fuzzy leg warmers and white shoes.

And before I can ask what the special occasion is, she's grabbed Rory and planted a passionate kiss on him!

Lucky for her, he responds in kind and doesn't yell at her this time.

Antony and Kimberly have moved on from their marriage vows to focusing on their coming child.

But soon their baby time turns into tickle time as Antony gets a little frisky with his new bride.

Kimberly aware of the impressionable teens nearby, suggests they retire to their room for some privacy.

But as intent on each other as Cinda and Rory are, I doubt they've even noticed there's anyone else in the room

Antony's so eager to spend time with his new wife, he quickly floats through the kitchen wall.

Kimberly stares in awe and thinks *Now that would come in handy for an Evil Empress, to be able to float through solid walls! I wonder if he could teach me that?*

And another couple is celebrating the news of a grandchild and a marriage.

Lorelei: "I know it's not quite the conventional order of things, but I'm so happy for them Samuel! We'll get to see our first grandchild before we leave. I know it's soon for them and having a child is a big responsibility, but I think they're both mature enough to handle it. I'm thrilled, of course!"

Samuel: "Kimberly may have my coloring love, but she takes after you in spirit and strength. They'll do just fine. But I am glad they decided to marry and be together for this child. It does take two parents to nurture a child. And grandparents, and aunts and uncles."

Lorelei *smiling* "The Frios have no shortage of family so that part's easy!"

And with their hearts full of love and happiness for their oldest daughter, her new husband, and their coming grandchild, they express it with a passionate kiss!

The next morning, I find Marshall at the Fall Festival and I realize that he's gotten a new everyday outfit.

Dee: "Excuse me, Marshall, but didn't you like the outfit I picked out or the hair style?"

Marshall *finishing up his call* "Ok, great, see you in a few minutes Mr. Ziggfield."

"Sorry about that Watcher. I was setting up a very important meeting with Dahlia's father. You were asking about my clothes, right? Well, the thing is I think you forgot that it's Lucas who's a slob. I want to focus more on my fairy heritage, so I found this outfit. And all my hair needed was a comb!"

Dee: "I'm so sorry Marshall! That's the 2nd time I've done that! First with Lucy and now with you. But I'm glad you found something you like. I'll leave you to your meeting."

Marshall *smiling nervously* "I hope it goes well." *glancing at the town clock* "And I'm on the clock after that! I've got to get going on my LTW! You may want to stick around and see the results."

Marshall hurries to greet David Ziggfield and after chatting a bit, they discover they're both Geniuses.

Building on that shared trait, Marshall asks the biggest question of his life.

Marshall *respectfully* "You know I love your daughter Mr. Ziggfield, we've been together since we were children. And I've promised her I'll not only respect her choice of guardianship for her siblings, but share in those responsibilities as well. Dahlia knows my intentions, but I wanted your blessing. I'm asking for Dahlia's hand, sir. Do I have permission to marry your daughter?"

David Ziggfield *contemplatively* "Marshall, I've always liked you, thought you were a good young man. But the way you handled Dahlia and that insane kiss of hers, well, I can only say, 'Brilliant, my boy, just brilliant!' Dahlia needs you, someone who knows and understands her ways, and I'd be honored to call you my son!"

Marshall *his happiness obvious* "Thank you so much Mr. Ziggfield. I'm honored to be part of your family too, I'll do my best to make Dahlia happy."

David: "Please call me David, Marshall. Whatever magic you've used so far has her walking on air! I mean really floating, flying around. Is that something you can do for anyone?"

Marshall: "Oh, of course Mr. Zigg…, David, sir. I can do the same for you too."

Marshall suits his words to actions, focuses his fairy power, flies off the ground and bestows the flight of felicity on his soon-to-be father-in-law!

As the magical dust floats gently around him, he chuckles and says: "It kind of tickles. Now I know why Dahlia's always giggling!"

With his future with Dahlia blessed by her father, Marshall then turns to his main reason for visiting the festival.

His Inner Beauty missions!

He contemplates Eliza Ainsley but she gushes all over him asking for his autograph.

So he showers her with fairy dust so she can enjoy the uplifting sensation of flight instead.

And then he finds his first volunteer, victim, ummm, vision of Inner Beauty.

Olive Specter!

Rumors have abounded about her and there are three gravestones on the original lot she occupied here in MH.

He decides to see if the rumors about her are true, focuses his fairy energy, and engulfs her with Inner Beauty!

At first, it seems harmless enough.

Maybe the rumors weren't true after all?

Olive Specter may not be the cruel, heartless, widow-maker some have made her out to be?

But within minutes her transformation is complete and her true Inner Beauty is obvious to all!

He's accomplished his first mission.

Number two is Julien Hyde.

Another resident with a less than stellar past.

Marshall lets the fairy dust fly.

And Lucien's true Inner self is revealed.

And not one anyone would want to paint either with a jutting chin and tiny nose!

But his odd facial transformation does not deter him form chatting away with Marshall.

His next vision of Inner beauty is none other than Seema Sielen.

Her reputation in town is one of a charismatic party girl who loves breaking men's hearts.

Is it true? Will her Inner Beauty reveal a monster beneath the charming veneer?

It does!

One that shows how shriveled her heart is with her pinched mouth and non-existent chin.

Then Marshall's working streak is interrupted when his old friend Carrie Limb shows up.

They chat for a bit, but Marshall can't turn the possible horror of Inner Beauty on Carrie.

Her mother endured enough as a prisoner all those years ago.

But with his fairy magic waning, Marshall stops his aura as well, to help restore some of his powers.

He has enough left over for one more attempt and he spots Cedrick Winchester looking all dapper in his white suit.

But Cedrick's mean, cowardly personality and his love of crime have not endeared him to the town's people.

So he becomes victim # 4, though the way Marshall sees, they're only victims if their own hearts aren't pure.

Judging by Cedrick's appearance, his chin receding so much it doesn't even look like he has one and the hollows of his cheeks deepening alarmingly, his heart is a long, long, way from pure!

And he proves it by spreading malicious gossip about his neighbors right after revealing his true inner self.

Kimberly and Antony got married soon after finding out they were going to be parents.

Cinda's still pursuing Rory Hyde, but even after a heat of the moment kiss they're still just friends.

And Marshall not only has David Ziggfield's blessing to marry Dahlia, but he's completed 4 of his 12 Magic Makeovers.

But it's early days yet in the twins teen years with Prom scheduled for Monday and both of them have dates!

Who knows what could happen at prom?

Find out in Chapter 150-- All About Love
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 150-- All About Love

When Marshall gets home, he excitedly tells his father about his progress on his LTW.

Marshall *enthusiastically* "Four out of twelve dad! And just on my first attempt. I thought it would be harder but bestowing Inner Beauty is the easy part. Maxing Charisma is going be a bit tougher since I'm only at level 5."

Samuel *with a serious look* "You're not alienating the towns people are you Marshall? You're planning on living here after all, and you don't want to have the town full of enemies!"

Marshall *reflecting* "You know, the amazing thing is that even after being transformed into less than pretty sims, all of them just kept on chatting with me, increasing not only my Charisma skill but our relationships as well. Seems like they like me no matter what kind of fairy magic I use!"

Samuel *relieved* "That's great Marshall so it looks like you just need to keep following your pattern. Meet sims around town, chat a bit to increase your Charisma, then blast them with your fairy power! But Charisma is hard to master, I still haven't done it and I'm Charismatic. Practicing in front of a mirror helps you gain skill and I've almost reached my last point doing that, but maybe we could practice it together which would help us both out? Or you could read a book on it, I've never actually tried that, but our family library is pretty extensive!"

While Lucas reads a cook book to gain some skill, Marshall joins him with a novel, one of the many they have from all the writers in the family.

Marshall *disappointment in his voice* "Dad suggested reading a Charisma book but that seems to be one of the skill books we lack."

Lucas *focused on his book* "Well, I'm no genius bro but couldn't you just buy a Charisma skill book? Or read one at the library, which would move your skill along faster?"

Marshall doesn't say anything for a moment, then just shakes his head at his younger brother who's just solved what he thought was a dilemma.

Sometimes being a genius you totally overlook the obvious!

I find Cinda meditating with the ExtraordinAIRe-Inator and ask her what she's trying to accomplish.

Cinda *eyes closed and keeping her yoga position* "Seeing if I can transcend above the town and find my soul mate."

Dee: "I thought you were interested in Rory Hyde?'

Cinda: "I am. But I've been reflecting on our last encounter and I'm not sure we're connecting all that well."

Dee: "What do you mean?"

Cinda: "Well, last time he was here, I asked about his sign again and this time he remembered that he's a Libra, so we're actually compatible that way."

Cinda: "And he seemed to enjoy playful pester when I turned into my fairy self."

Dee: "But?"

Cinda: "Well, even after I kissed him, he's never really initiated any romantic gestures. I'm not sure he even remembers who I am each time we meet! I thought his Absent-Minded trait would make it easier for him to forget any mean things I do and it does, but it also makes him forget most of the time we spend together!"

Dee: "So you're trying to will yourself to form a connection with someone in town?"

Cinda: "Well, I certainly don't want to go outside! Do you have any better ideas?"

Dee *grinning* "Maybe throw a party and invite all the teens you know?"

Cinda *using all her Discipline to firmly hold herself in meditation mode* "I guess that would be another option."

While upstairs Lorelei and Antony are indulging their couch-potato selves in front of the TV.

But instead of watching, they're more focused on the subject they're discussing.

Lorelei: "You're both more than welcome to stay here Antony. This is Kimberly's home. But I understand that a newly married couple usually wants more privacy than that. Lets face it, the Frio home isn't much for privacy!"

Antony: "It's not privacy Mrs. Frio, but more that I think we need to start our family off right by being in our own place.
It's bad enough that Kimberly will probably want to steal the baby's candy, but when you add Cinda's mean nature, and Lucas' dislike of children, I'm thinking we'd be better off in our own home."

Lorelei *frowning* "Yeah, I wasn't even thinking of those issues. Have you got a house in mind?"

Antony: "Well, the Evans place is on the market as both Cornelia and Cornell have moved in with their partners. But since Kimberly and I are both just starting out in our jobs, we don't have much saved up. And frankly, I'd like to quit my job at the Science Center but now's just not the time!"

Lorelei: "You don't want to be a scientist?"

Antony *shaking his head* "Not really and I'm not even sure how I ended up with the job, probably some connection of mom or dad. I'd actually like to follow my dream and become a Master Magician!"

Lorelei *thoughtfully* "We've never had a magician in the family before. And a ghostly one would be quite unique. Do you have a stage name in mind?"

Antony *smiling* "I've always thought of myself as the Mystic Ghost!"

Lorelei *nodding enthusiastically* "Now that's a great stage name! I'll tell you what, you go quit your boring science job and sign up as a Magician. It pays a weekly stipend so you'll get that at least. And Kimberly will have her maternity leave pay so you guys should be okay that way. As for the house, let me check into that as I think our Frio funds should be able to handle that!"

Antony *overwhelmed* "I don't know what to say! That's so generous! Are you sure?"

Lorelei: "It's the least we can do for the parents of our first grandchild!"

The next day Antony follows his new mother-in-law's advice and quits his job at the science center.

And with a huge smile he signs up as The Mystic Ghost, the first step towards fulfilling his dream.

Then he floats downstairs and outside to drive Kimberly away in the waiting taxi.

I've never seen one of the family members drive a taxi before.

Maybe it's an important occasion? Baby time?

No, not yet, but something almost as exciting.

The sale of the Evan's house went off smooth as butter and it's now the new Salas' home!

Samuel's accompanied them to get them settled in as Antony heads inside to check it out.

But it's Kimberly's evil reaction that makes me laugh as she says: "Mwaahahaha! Finally, the perfect home fit for an up and coming Evil Empress."

While the grown-ups are all out, Cinda's guests start arriving and before you know it, the sunporch is filled with laughing,  chattering teens.

Cinda's welcomed Tucker Limb, Carrie Limb's younger brother.

And as she turns to greet Nathanael Ziggfield, Dahlia's younger brother, Barrett Kim and Deidre Wheeler join them.

Looks like quite a nice selection of young men around town.

Will Cinda connect with anyone special?

She chats with Tucker about fishing, though she doesn't mention how much she hates the outdoors.

Nathanael and Deidre start dancing as Barrett Kim throws a flirty glance at Gayle Ziggfield.

Then Tucker starts telling her all about his new job at the mausoleum.

So far so good.

Or maybe not.

Suddenly the room is filled with a distinctly negative vibe between Cinda and Tucker.

Lucas isn't letting that stop him from enjoying Tia's company as they flirt and he asks her to dance.

Oh, the bloom of teen love.

Cinda decides to see if Barrett likes her company so she starts off by showing him a cats video.

That went over really well, so things are looking up.

Or maybe not as he keeps shooting lovesick glances at Tia.

So Cinda chats with Oliver Hyde, Rory and Tia's younger brother that just aged to teen.

He's a bit younger and being Rory's brother makes her feel that would be wrong, just wrong.

And then it becomes a moot point as Oliver whispers, "Is Deidre still dancing behind me? She's so cute! Do you think she likes me?"

Cinda just stared at him and then told him to ask Deirdre to dance and find out.

Lucas chats with his cousin Leighton who's still a teen and finds out he's dating Tricia Salas.

And it looks like Tia's the most popular girl at the party as she shows off her dance moves with Nathanael.

And Lorelei reaches level 8 of the Culinary career!

She's so happy that she immediately wishes to max the career.

Dee: "Congratulations Lorelei! That's some accomplishment. Do you think you can reach level 10 before we leave town?"

Lorelei: "Right now I'm on top of the world Watcher and I feel like I could do anything!"

Dee: "Well, you do have a rather large group of teenagers at your house that could use some supervision."

Lorelei: "Right. Lucinda's slumber party. Even that's not stopping me from walking on air!
But I want to check on Kimberly before I head home to see how she's doing and check out their new place."

So we head over for a quick stop at the Salas' new home where Lorelei finds Kimberly rocking in the nursery.

She can't resist talking to her very first grandchild.

Well, grandchildren!

It looks like the Salas' are going to have twins!

Kimberly *excitedly* "Twins mom! We should have guessed. I mean, I'm a twin and you had two sets of them. The doctor said that's why I've been so tired and achy, even more than usual for as far along as I am."

Lorelei: "Oh, sweetheart! More nooboos to love! How's Antony dealing with the news?"

Kimberly: "He's over the moon mom! He called his parents first thing and they're all excited too. They've never had twins in their family before! Dad's upstairs talking with him now."

And while Antony is thrilled about having twins, he's listening to his father-in-law's advice intently.

Samuel: "And absolutely do not for any reason decide you know better than the family ghosts or the Watcher! It only leads to trouble son. Big trouble. Oh, and watch out for Kimberly's Tito. Torre's a great man, but he'll call you on things in a Bridgeport minute. Never, ever, use his name for leverage unless you want to experience the most excruciating workout and martial arts training ever. I speak from experience, Antony. Please learn from my mistakes!"

As Antony nods intently, drinking in every word of Samuel's advice, not only do they become friends with these words of wisdom, but Samuel maximizes his Charisma!

The party has settled down a lot as all the kids' realize they are exhausted.

10 pm right on the dot!

Just like all the kids in each town have to do homework, party or not, they all go to bed at 10 pm too!

Most of them bed down on the sunporch.

But where's Rory been this whole time?

It turns out he forgot it was a slumber party and spent the whole time swimming in the pool.

He was so tired he went home to sleep as all the other kids snuggled into sleeping bags!

And when Lorelei and Samuel get home, they find the lights out and the floors filled with sleeping teens.

So they decide to take advantage of some alone time and watch the stars.

And they cuddle and giggle just like they were teens again, even though they're about to become grandparents!

Cinda's still searching for love.

Kimberly and Antony are waiting for the fruits of their love to be born and they're having twins!

Lucas and Tia are still very much in love.

And Lorelei and Samuel have realized that their love has only grown deeper since they were teens.

But what of Marshall's love? Has he been so focused on his LTW that he's let love fall by the wayside?

Let's find out in Chapter 151-- A Proposal, Preemies, and Prom
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 151-- A Proposal, Preemies, and Prom

Lucas may have felt flutters of love with Tia at the slumber party, but he's not feeling any love now.

In fact, he feels like he's being tortured.

When he told his father he had scheduled some training sessions with Tito Torre, Samuel dragged him out to the sunporch for some pre-training!

Samuel: "Push son, put some effort into it! I know it feels like you're dying but you'll thank me for this once your Tito gets a hold of you. He's a superstar athlete and trust me, you don't want to start from scratch with him. Especially if he decides to teach you Martial Arts. The Board Breaker takes focus and stamina, but the Training Dummy packs a wallop!"

Cinda smiles nearby as she reads a book for school, enjoying her twin's grunts and groans.

Before his father decides to turn his attention to Marshall, he wisely makes a date with Dahlia to meet him at the Festival park.

They hold hands and enjoy the brisk autumn air as the park fills up with towns folk.

But I spot a familiar figure in purple and head over for a quick peek.

Our Kimberly is looking very pregnant now, but happy as she strolls through the park getting some fresh air and exercise.

Kimberly: "This is so much more pleasant than Tito's training, Watcher. If it wasn't for my backache this would be the perfect day. These twins can't get here too soon for me!"

And Antony's not far behind!

He can't keep up with his wife's fast pace, even when she's carrying twins, but he floats as quickly as he can.

Focusing back on the lovebirds, I find Marshall's progressed from holding Dahlia's hands, to giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Dahlia: "Flowers for me Marshall?! They're so beautiful!"

Marshall: "Not as beautiful as you Dahlia. Nothing tops that."

Marshall and Dahlia decide to head over to the theater and catch a movie, so I check back at the house.

Oh, looks like Lucas is getting some romance of his own!

Tia: "Oh, your arms are so strong Lucas. Have you been working out?"

Lucas *with a groan* "Let's not talk about that Tia. In fact, let's not talk at all!"

And with those words, he pulls her close for a kiss.

Back at the theater the movie's let out and Marshall's thoughts are filled with Dahlia.

But before he can talk to her they're swept apart by the crowd and he's asked for his autograph.

He tries to tell the man he's not available right now, that it's a special night for him, but the guy won't listen.

In his irritation, he lets fly with some Inner Beauty fairy dust and the results aren't pretty!

The now big-eared man goes off to play his guitar, quite unfazed by his new demeanor.

Dahlia's made her way over to Marshall, so he encircles her in his arms and says, "I've got something really important to ask you Dahlia."

Then he drops to one knee and asks her to marry him!

Marshall: "I love you Dahlia Ziggfield and you'd make me the happiest man alive if you'd be my wife. Marry me?"

Dahlia throws her hands over her mouth so surprised she can only gasp.

And breaks Marshall's heart as she shakes her head and closes the ring box!

Dahlia *sweetly* "I can't…not yet Marshall. It's not the right time."

Marshall's so shocked at her answer he falls on her shoulder and weeps uncontrollably!

Almost knocking Dahlia into the lap of the woman who's reading a book on the nearby bench and totally ignoring them.

Mitchell Flynn looks on dispassionately as well.

Apparently a fairy who's just turned a sim into a gargoyle, had his marriage proposal turned down, and then falls sobbing into his girlfriend's arms isn't all that unusual for Midnight Hollow!

Marshall, stunned at Dahlia's refusal, and with pain obvious in his voice says, "Don't you love me Dahlia? I just don't understand."

Dahlia *shocked at his words* "Of course I love you Marshall. I'll always love you. Why would you even ask me such a question?!"

Marshall *puzzled* "Because you just said, 'no' when I asked you to marry me."

Dahlia *shaking her head* "I didn't say, 'no'! I said, 'not yet' and that 'it's not the right time'.'

Marshall *confused* "Does that you mean you will then? Some day? When, Dahlia? When?"

Dahlia *smiling at his eagerness* "That all depends on you Marshall. You gave up heirship to stay here with me but I'm not letting you give up on your LTW. If we got engaged you'd feel like you had to spend a lot of time with me, discussing the wedding, having a bachelor party, all those engaged couple things. And you'd let your dream take a back seat. So when you complete your LTW, ask me again Marshall. I think the time will be right then!"

Relieved at Dahlia' explanation, Marshall is filled with even more determination to max charisma and complete his magic makeovers.

He sees Conrad Finley and knows the story of how Conrad hit on his Aunt Miriam when she was renovating his yard.

That action deserves some fairy retribution and he lets loose an Inner Beauty blast of fairy dust.

Conrad's apparently not mended his ways if his new look is anything to go by!

Meanwhile, Cinda's invited a few boys over to chat and get to know them better.

Rory and Barrett accept her invitation but Nathanael's busy and can't make it.

Rory and Barret show up together and it looks like Barrett's thoughts are focused on Cinda!

But Lucas quickly invites Barrett inside not wanting to stay outside any longer than necessary.

And Rory engages Cinda in a discussion on painting, which she participates in happily enough, even though being on the front porch makes her a bit uncomfortable.

Rory couldn't stay long so Cinda heads inside to chat with Barrett.

It starts off okay but then Cinda calls him out on their incompatible trait!

Cinda: "Why didn't you tell me you loved the outdoors Barrett?! You know I hate it. I thought friends were honest with each other?"

Barrett *scowling at her* "Friends are, which means we're not! Friends that is!'

And he's right, with Cinda's outburst she's lost his friendship!

Oh boy.

But across town, a much anticipated event has occurred, though a bit sooner than expected.

Kimberly calls her mom with the exciting news and Samuel and Lorelei eagerly head to the Salas' home.

Almost asleep is ghostly Jennica, who's Clumsy and Disciplined.

And her twin brother ghostly Seth, who's a Light Sleeper and Artistic.

Kimberly's wish was granted and she's added not one but two ghostboos to her branch of the Frio family!

But what catches Lorelei by surprise is another little girl with a light skin tone!

Human Anastasia, an Athletic, Genius, who's wide awake and coos when her grandma picks her up!

Lorelei: "Well, aren't you just the cutest surprise little one! We expected two, but three is even better."

With that thought she pops a wish for 5 grandchildren and so does Samuel!

And she also realizes she needs to decide on a grandma name as Grandma Lorelei is too big a mouthful for any little one.

Dee: "Maybe I can help you out there Lorelei. How about we merge them and they can call you, 'Gramlei?"

Lorelei: "Oh thanks Watcher! Gramlei is perfect, just like all three of my new grandboos!"

And it's a big night for the younger twins too. Prom!

To my surprise and delight, both Rory and Tia show up at the Frio home just in time.

But Cinda's smile disappears when she sees Rory's confused look.

Tia can't help but smirk at her older brother's dilemma.

But she takes pity on him and Cinda and laughs as she says, "We're here to go to prom with our dates big brother! Your date is the pretty girl with the turquoise hair!"

Rory *with a smile* "Cinda! I remember now."

And as the limo pulls up he charmingly says, "Your chariot awaits my princess!"

The foursome quickly brave the snowy evening and pile into the waiting stretch limo.

At the school, Tia headed inside too quickly for a photo.

But I get one of Cinda, Rory, and Lucas in their formalwear and they look terrific.

Their arrival coincided with several other classmates, Tucker, Oliver, and Tricia, all dressed in their best.

With Tricia here, Leighton can't be far behind.

And there are cabs lined up down the street filled with prom-going teens.

But the teen fairy we see isn't Leighton but his sister, Christa Cole, looking very grown up!

After prom is over, I catch Cinda when she gets home.

Dee: "So how was it? Anything exciting happen?"

Cinda: "Oh, Watcher, it was incredible. I was nervous at first when Tia had to remind Rory what was going on and who his date was! But then everything after that was wonderful! First Rory calling me princess when the limo arrived and looking so handsome in his tux when we got to the school. Then he stayed by my side all night, we were either dancing or he was getting me punch and being very attentive."

Dee: "And did Lucas have a good time too?"

Cinda: "Yes! We both got crowns, and I think Lucas and Tia were the most popular couple at the dance. Cousin Leighton was with Tricia who has such an ethereal beauty. And I finally got to spend some time with cousin Christa. Boy has she grown up and the boys sure took notice." *wrinkling her nose* "I'm not the only female fairy in high school now, but since she's my cousin, I think I'd be better off with her as a friend than a rival!"

Dee: "It sounds like you had a great night. I'm glad. Some teens have terrible proms. Getting rejected for dances, even getting into fights."

Cinda *clenching her hands in her excitement* "It was better than great Watcher! Rory confessed his feelings for me and asked me to go steady! I wasn't sure with him avoiding me at the slumber party. But he also told me he doesn't like crowds and would rather spend some one on one time with me. So it's official, he's now my boyfriend!"

Dahlia rejected Marshall's proposal but told him to ask her again after he completes his LTW.

So he'll be practicing his charisma and spreading Inner Beauty with a bigger goal in mind!

Lorelei and Samuel are grandparents with Kimberly and Antony having triplets!

Two girls, human Anastasia, and ghostly Jennica, and a boy, ghostly Seth.

The younger twins had a fantastic prom and Rory asked Cinda to go steady, solidifying their relationship!

But we've still got over a week until their YA birthdays.

Join me as we head into the last stretch in Chapter 152-- Unexpected Outcome
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 152-- Unexpected Outcome

This chapter begins with Marshall freaking out!

Over what I have no idea, so I decide to ask.

Dee: "Marshall, what's wrong?"

Marshall stops screaming and says: "What if I can't complete my LTW and Dahlia never agrees to marry me? I'm doomed, Watcher, doomed!"

Dee *with a look* "You're being way too dramatic Marshall. Give yourself a moment and you'll calm down."

And as Marshall gets himself under control, Cora Flynn asks: "Are you okay Marshall?"

Marshall nods his head weakly and mumbles, "Panic attack, I'm fine now, Cora, thanks for asking."

Then he shoots me a look and says: "See? Some sims actually have sympathy for me."

Dee: "It's not that I'm not sympathetic Marshall. I just think you could be making better use of your time."

Marshall: "Doing what?"

Dee: "Actively working on your Life Time Want for one thing instead of worrying about not completing it."

Marshall takes my advice and heads to the library.

After some intensive study time, he's almost reached level 9 in Charisma.

He's got himself under control and is focused again.

Then he heads to the Festival to throw some more fairy dust around.

He's heard all of his father's old stories about Roderick Synapse so meeting him was a stroke of luck.

And if Roderick's new look is anything to go by, his inner evil still abounds!

As well as his focus on shiny objects!

Then another perfect candidate catches his eye.

Odessa Hyde.

Sure she's Rory and Tia's mother, but she's also the woman that flirted with his dad and if the rumors are true, half the town!

So in a flurry of fairy dust, Odessa's true self is revealed and she looks much like her brother Cedrick with no chin and ghastly hollowed cheeks!

The next morning, Marshall invites Dahlia over and asks her on a date.

His thoughts are totally focused on her but it looks like Dahlia's thinking about seeds for her garden.

Or if Lucinda can be believed, maybe thinking of more baby names! Echinacea, Fennel, Geranium, or Hyacinth perhaps?

Marshall gives Dahlia an update on his progress, sharing the news that he's reached level 9 now in Charisma and completed 8 of his Inner Beauty missions.

Dahlia congratulates him and they take advantage of all the freshly fallen snow and make a snowman together.

Marshall: "We should start thinking of where we want to live Dahlia. You could move in here or I could move in with your family. Or we could get our own place. It doesn't matter to me as long as we're together soon."

Dahlia *totally focusing on the snowman* "Should I go inside and grab a carrot for the nose Marshall?"

Marshall realizing it's no use trying to change Dahlia's focus says, "Sure love, go grab a carrot."

Once she's placed the carrot in for the nose, Dahlia jumps up and down in her excitement at their perfect snowman.

Marshall loves seeing how excited she is over sweet and simple things and realizes she's the most beautiful girl he's ever known, on the inside as well as the outside.

They start working on an igloo, until his mom interrupts Dahlia, chatting about the dangers of unsupported snowmen and how they would never have known if Dahlia hadn't shared her knowledge back when they were children.

Dahlia's flattered by the attention and happily chats away with Marshall's mom until she has to leave for work.

As Dahlia leaves, she says, "You and me sitting in a tree…"

And Marshall knows he's back on track with both his LTW and more importantly, with Dahlia!

Late that evening, Marshall pops down the street to see which neighbors might be home.

Looks like it's his lucky day when Todd Landgraab opens the door and invites him in.

Not so lucky for Todd though as once Marshall's fairy dust takes effect, he looks like this!

Marshall looks pretty happy when he's leaving so I ask why.

Marshall *beaming* "Oh, nothing much Watcher, just happened to max charisma, that's all!"

Dee: "That's all?! That means you've just got 3 more Magic Makeovers and you've done it!

Marshall: "Good to know you can count Watcher!"

Dee: "Hey! Just because I didn't let you wallow…."

Marshall *laughing* "I know, I know. Sometimes my Neurotic trait gets the best of me and I need a kick in the pants. No hard feelings Watcher."

The next afternoon Marshall says, "Follow me over to the Festival Watcher and let's see if I can wrap this up!"

So to the festival we go.

Marshall heads for this firefighter that we've never seen before.

Dee *whispering* "Um, Marshall, do you really think you should pick on public servants that help the community?"

Marshall *shaking his head* "No time to be picky now Watcher! I want this finished so I can get on with more important things."

With those words he lets the fairy dust fly over the unsuspecting  woman.

And if that hooked nose is any indication, I think this woman has Wicked Witch of the West genes in her family tree!

I think that Marshall's snickering about that much more than the gossip she's spreading.

But when he comes across grieving Kara Carter Yates, he bestows flight of felicity on her.

Losing someone you love is painful enough, he doesn't want to add to her suffering.

And the benefits are immediate as she glows from within and her grief is banished for now.

Marshall knows it's not a permanent fix but if he can ease her suffering just a bit, he's happy with that.

But his Uncle Dean is not getting off so easily.

Marshall hasn't forgiven or forgotten about him flirting with his Lita at their pool party back in the summer.

Dean doesn't take the change well as his inappropriate self takes on a distinctly wolf-like appearance!

One that apparently appeals to Conrad Finley? Oh well, to each his own!

And then Marshall sees the doll like Katerina Stewart and he knows he's found his last target!

Is her inner self as beautiful as she tries to make her outer self appear?

Not at all, as while she's adjusting to her new look, Marshall completes his LTW!

And as he does so, his phone rings and it's Dahlia asking him to come over and visit.

How fortuitous!

Marshall wastes no time and heads over to the Ziggfield house.

As soon as he's inside, he takes Dahlia in his arms and whispers, "It's done. I've completed my lifetime want!"

Dahlia whispers back, "I know, I felt it! I'm so proud of you Marshall."

He steps back and presents her with roses!

Marshall smiles as he says, "A small token of my affection."

Dahlia breathes in their heady scent, her eyes aglow, as she focuses solely on Marshall.

And as she watches, he drops to one knee and says, "Dahlia, I love you more than life itself! Please do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Dahlia can't help but gasp even though she knew the question was coming.

And Marshall and I wait with bated breath for her answer.

This time she holds out her hand and as he slides the ring onto her finger, she whispers, "Yes, oh yes Marshall. Now is the perfect time!"

They seal their engagement with a passionate kiss.

And then suddenly all Marshall wants to do is talk about the wedding and all the arrangements.

Dahlia smiles and he stops in mid sentence realizing she was right all along!

If she'd accepted before he would have put his LTW on the back burner.

How well she knows him.

But there is one big decision he wants settled right away.

So he asks, "Where do you want to live Dahlia? Here in your parents house? Or did you want us to get a place of our own?"

Dahlia says, "There's only one right place for us Marshall. Your house! You need to spend these last few days with your family before they leave town."

Marshall *gulping* "You'd do that Dahlia? Move in with me, us?"

Dahlia: "Of course, Marshall! You are my heart and where my heart is so shall I be."

Dahlia races across her back lawn and over to the Frio house so fast that Marshall's hard put to keep up, even flying!

And when she gets inside, I find her in the kitchen eating in her underwear!

Dahlia *clapping with delight at her favorite dish, frog legs* "Not underwear Watcher, that would be Insane! This is my swimsuit."

Dee: "Of course, wearing a swimsuit in the dead of winter to eat frog legs in your boyfriend's house, where his father lives. The same man you kissed in a mistaken attempt to alienate said boyfriend. Nope that's not insane, that makes perfect sense."

Dahlia *blithely nodding* "I'm so glad you agree Watcher!"

Introducing Dahlia Ziggfield---Young Adult human
LTW: Seaside Savior
Career: Music--level 3, Stagehand
Traits: Brave, Insane, Great Kisser, Good, and Ambitious
Parents: Original residents David and Alia Ziggfield
Skills at move in: Athletic-4; Gardening-2; Guitar-2; Handiness-1; Logic-3; Social Networking-1
Fiancé: Marshall Frio
And upon seeing her traits and her skills, I don't have the heart to argue.

Dee *mouth dropping open* "Dahlia you are perfect!"

Dahlia: "Why thank you Watcher! That's so nice of you to say."

Dee: "You have wonderful traits, diverse skills, a LTW and career we could change, but you're staying here in MH!"

Dahlia: "Oh yes, staying here where my family is, I promised mom and dad."

Dee: "But Gayle's already a young adult. What if Nathanael ages up before we go? Would you consider leaving with us then?"

Dahlia: "That depends."

Dee *quizzically* "On what?"

Dahlia *thoughtfully* "If we went with you would you re-consider Marshall for heir?"

Dee *stunned* "Wow, you really are Ambitious aren't you?! But it's really not up to me Dahlia, Marshall's the one that gave it up, so he'd be the one to have to re-consider."

Marshall's completed his LTW and proposed to Dahlia for the 2nd time.

This time she accepted and moved into the main Frio house with him.

But she's dropped a bombshell on me!

She might consider leaving town if her brother ages up to YA before we leave but only if Marshall is heir!

Is this something Marshall would even consider now?

An interesting turn of events for sure!

Let's find out what happens in Chapter 153-- Snowflake Day and Soul Searching
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 153-- Snowflake Day and Soul Searching

Dahlia must have been seriously considering our conversation because I find her discussing it with Marshall while they eat lunch.

Marshall *surprised* "So you'd actually consider moving to the new town if I accepted heirship?"

Dahlia: "Yes, Nathanael's almost old enough to be on his own. And Gayle's aged up now and in a serious relationship and we've never really been close. And Nathanael could come visit, right?"

Marshall: "Of course. He'd be welcome any time to stay as long as he liked. But Dahlia this is a serious change of plans. I've already indicated to Lucinda that she's most likely going to be heir. If she's got her heart set on it, I don't want to get in her way."

Dahlia: "But is her heart set on it Marshall? She's still a teen, just going steady with Rory, who's lost in is own little world most of the time. And she has a definite mean-streak, one she's done her best to overcome, but she still has her moments."

Marshall *thoughtfully* "We all have a trait to bear Dahlia, one that makes us do things we're not proud of." *thinking of his recent panic attack and of course, Dahlia's infamous kiss* "But you do bring up some very good points. It's certainly something to think about over the next few days until the twins birthdays."

After lunch, I find Dahlia playing guitar in the rec room on the 3rd floor.

She's in the Music career as a stagehand, but her LTW is to be a Seaside Savior.

So I have to ask.

Dee: "Do you want to change your LTW or your career Dahlia?"

Dahlia: "Oh, I want to spend my life saving lives Watcher! No doubt in my mind about that at all. In fact, can I start right now?"

Dee *explaining patiently* "It's still winter Dahlia and freezing outside!"

She just continues to play so I try another tact.

Dee: "I don't even know if there are any beaches in MH."

Dahlia: "We have two of them."

Dee: "Well, I guess if that's what you want."

So she signs up and goes to work immediately at Bizarre Beach.

She's only got a few hours left of her shift but she diligently surveys the beach in the gloomy winter afternoon sun.

Dee: "Dahlia, is there really any purpose for trying this now? What are you hoping to see?"

Dahlia *eyes scanning the water* "I'm watching the swimmers Watcher. Making sure they don't get into trouble. Don't you know what a lifeguard's job is?"

Dee: "Of course, I know… " *then as her words sink in I pull back and scan the water*

And she's right!

Sims have not only come to the beach, but they're actually swimming in the freezing water!

I shouldn't be surprised but I am.

Pollyanna was pulling her hair out in beautiful IP to get sims to come to their pristine beaches and swim in their tranquil blue waters.

Shark infested, yes, but still lovely warm water.

And yet here in MH, they jump joyfully into the water when the outside temp is 28 so the water has to be frigid.

But both of the intrepid polar bear club members are fine swimmers, so Dahlia's shift ends with no rescues.

The next day is Snowflake Day and most of the family wants to have a gift-giving party.

Since Dahlia's the newest member, they let her invite her family and friends, while Lorelei invites the rest of their extended family.

But Lorelei and Samuel spend the morning with their grandchildren.

After diaper changes, playtime, bottles, and cuddles, they settle down to quietly rocking with two of them.

Samuel holding Anastasia and Lorelei cuddling Jennica, or maybe Seth. It's hard to tell with their ghostliness.

Whichever one it is, they all look perfectly content.

I wonder how long that will last when Lorelei and Samuel are made aware that Dahlia's already brought up Marshall's re-considering heirship?

Since the party is scheduled for the afternoon, Lorelei and Samuel get the nooboos settled in their cribs.

Before they head home, they admire Kimberly's latest artwork.

They're relieved to know that even with the triplets she's still finding the time to express her talent.

And they remind her that the party is starting soon and even though she's not big on crowds, it would do her good to get out of the house and be with family and friends.

Kimberly *focused on the canvas before her* "Oh, Antony and I will be there! We can't wait to show off photos of the triplets!"

Back at the house, we decide it's time for Dahlia's turn in stylist.

I love her classic hair style and with a touch of lipstick she's her gorgeous self.

And most of her outfits just needed a color tweak here and there adding Dahlia's favorite Irish Green.

For her athletic, she was already wearing these shorts, so we just re-colored the top to match.

And her outerwear expressed her personality as well, just needed recoloring with her signature green.

Her fall/winter everyday look.

In a green pattern she knows Marshall loves.

And her spring/summer, just in case she stays here and we don't get to see it.

We rearrange some of the living room furniture and add a few chairs to accommodate the expected guests.

As the first ones arrive, I shake my head as I see Dahlia in her re-colored swimsuit, instead of her formal.

A few of the guests notice but her father, David, just accepts her outfit as part of who she is as she excitedly exclaims over the growing pile of presents.

But between Dahlia's guest list and Lorelei's the house is soon packed.

Fluffs is standing front and center, and behind her Torre's chatting with a pregnant Cora Flynn.

Dahlia's sister Gayle is over on the left, I see Ian talking with Marshall, and Kimberly's in the middle of the room trying to ignore the crowd, while Antony's actually sitting on a couch, possible wondering while Dahlia's in a swimsuit.

And two of Ian's sons, Garreth and Randy, are already eyeing the presents!

Since it's Dahlia's party, they have her open a gift first.

And she gets mistletoe!

How apt for our Great Kisser, though I don't think she needs any encouragement kissing unsuspecting sims!

The living rooms such a crush that most of the guests head into the kitchen and dining room to grab plates of yummy food.

Except for Kimberly, Nathanael, and Jane Doe who stay in the living room and dance.

And Lorelei who's watching Garreth open a present.

And a second and a third one!

He's on such a roll he just keeps going and no one else seems to notice.

Except his mother.

Miriam pulls him away with a frown and lets Lucinda open one.

Someone must have seeded the gifts with some dirty Santa ones as she opens not one but three Rain Disruptors (waterproof) before she gives up in disgust!

Christa hides a smile so I wonder if she had something to do with the Umbrellas for her Hates the Outdoors cousin?

But presents are quickly forgotten when Cora goes into labor!

Those that notice panic and start screaming and yelling.

But Dahlia and Lucy just continue their conversation as the doorbell rings signifying the arrival of more guests.

In the confusion of guests arriving and Cora trying to get out the door so Marshall can drive her to the hospital, Gayle Ziggfield ends up becoming a doorstop!

But Marshall gets the mother-to-be to the hospital and paces outside.

The baby's father, Cornell Evans, makes it inside just in time.

And a short while later, Cora comes out with the best Snowflake Day present of all,  her new daughter Nella!

Back at the house, the party is winding down and it's mostly family that's still socializing.

I find Ian, Everleigh, and Christa dancing and chatting on the sunporch.

Seeing them together, I notice Christa takes after her mother a lot.

And Ian's obviously taken advantage of the martial arts equipment as he's changed his clothes.

With so much on his mind, Marshall takes a moment for a calming game of chess.

And Lucas chats away to Kimberly, who's managed to stay for the whole party.

But Dahlia's having a serious discussion with Lucy on the front porch.

Dahlia: "He really respects your opinion Mrs. Frio. I know that if you encouraged him to reconsider heirship that could be a deciding factor. Now that my sister Gayle is on her own and Nathanael is close to being a YA as well, I don't feel as adamant about staying here in MH."

Lucy *pointedly * "Well, if it's the money that you're concerned with Dahlia, the family always provides very well for those staying behind."

Dahlia *interrupting* "Oh, it's not the money Mrs. Frio!  When I thought the family would be leaving right after Marshall and Kimberly became of age, I couldn't bear the thought of him staying for me and guardianship, that's why I tried to make him break up with me. But staying behind is tearing Marshall apart. He gave it up for me and Kimberly, but in his heart he's always thought he'd continue the journey, either as heir or spare. And now he's concerned about taking it away from Lucinda."

Lucy *searching Dahlia's face* "And is that the only reason? Because Marshall wants it?"

Dahlia: *looking her straight in the eyes* "No. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that being the heirship couple is a big draw. As the Watcher pointed out, I'm Ambitious. And if I'm going to leave my hometown and my family, love isn't going to the only reason."

Lucy *nodding* "I respect your honesty Dahlia. And there's nothing wrong with ambition. As long as that ambition takes into consideration others, and not just yourself. You've done that with your parents, your siblings and Marshall." *smirking* "Even if your method was on the Insane side."

Concerned that Dahlia's read the situation correctly, Lucy quickly searches out Marshall.

She congratulates him on his engagement and Marshall's face lights up.

Marshall *excitedly* "Yes, she said 'yes' this time Lita!  I'm hoping she'll set a date for the wedding soon. Being engaged is great, but I can't hardly wait for her to be a Frio, to be my wife!"

Lucy *smiling as his obvious love* "And that's the way it should be Marshall! Your heart full to bursting, your eyes lighting up not only at the sight of your love, but even the thought of them making you weak in the knees! I know you don't want to hear it, but your Tito and I have always been that way, just like you and Dahlia. In fact, now that we're in our own home, we're just like newlyweds again!"

Marshall *making a face*

But before he can respond, Lucy laughs and says, "I know, TMI, Marshall, TMI! I just wanted you to know that having such a love, such a wonderful foundation, is an essential part of a happy life. Both of you building on that foundation, loving and supporting each other and your children, your bond becoming stronger with every passing day." *her voice turning serious* "Of being partners in heirship."

Marshall *brushing his hair back nervously* "You've talked to Dahlia about what she wants. Her idea of leaving but only if I accept heirship."

Lucy: "Yes, but it's not just what she wants Marshall. She was willing to give you up to let you continue the journey when she thought the family was leaving and she wasn't in a position to go with you. Putting others ahead of your own desires is not something most people choose to do, let alone a new young adult." *shaking her head* "Granted her method was unorthodox for sure, but it got everyone's attention! We were all shocked of course, but not you. You knew what was in her heart, Marshall. Of course, you also knew about the guardianship, so you were aware of what was going on. But not just anyone would have forgiven her. Not just anyone would have called her bluff and then made the decision to step down from heirship and stay here with her. You and Dahlia are very special sims. On your own you're both amazing, but together, Marshall, together you could be the strong heirship couple that this family needs to continue the journey."

Marshall *his voice reflecting the ache in his heart* "But what of Lucinda? I've already told her she's probably going to get heirship by default with Lucas Disliking Children. If her heart's set on it now, I can't just take it away! That wouldn't be loving or fair at all."

Lucy: "And it wouldn't be fair to deny your own heart either Marshall. Dahlia may be Ambitious now, and being part of the heirship couple a big factor, but her main focus is you. She's always known you wanted to continue this journey. So now she's doing what a woman does for the man she loves, not letting him give up on his dreams! Didn't she push you to complete your LTW before she'd accept your proposal? YOU are the biggest focus in her life now that her siblings are almost on their own. Be true to yourself Marshall!"

Lucy pulls him in her arms and squeezes him tightly as she whispers, "Thinking of others is all well and good, but don't forget to search your own heart. It will lead you in the right direction. If you let it."

Marshall *some of his stress melting away in the comfort of her arms* "Tito's right Lita, he may be the Superstar athlete and the Black Belt, but it's you who makes his foundation strong. You who's made him the man he is today. You who made being the heirship couple look easy. I know both of you were mom and dad's inspiration. And I know for certain that all of you are going to be hard acts to follow! For whoever becomes heir."

Dahlia's changed her career to Lifeguard to follow her LTW, in MH, in winter.

Lorelei and Samuel are enjoying their grandchildren.

They've had a wonderful party in celebration of their last Snowflake Day here in MH.

And Lita Lucy's had a serious talk with Marshall about following his own heart.

Will that mean staying in MH or accepting heirship and continuing the journey?

And how will Lucinda react if he chooses heirship?

Only time will tell, so join me in Chapter 154: Sober Thoughts and Parties
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 154: Sober Thoughts and Parties

While Marshall and Lucy were discussing heirship, the party had dwindled down to just a handful of family members.

One of them was Randy Frio, Marshall's youngest nephew.

He asked Dahlia to read him a bedtime story and when she agreed, he climbed into the hover bed to listen with rapt attention as Dahlia read him a story, changing her voice for each character and making the story come so alive, he hated giving in to sleep."

But eventually he succumbed to dreams and left Dahlia with this big smile on her face.

Dee: "Well, that's a happy look if I ever saw one Dahlia! I never knew you were so family-oriented."

Dahlia: "Me either Watcher, my siblings weren't young enough for me to read to them so I've never had the chance before. It was so flattering having Randy ask me, his aunt-to-be, for a bedtime story. Then he hung on my every word, his sweet face looking up at me with such adoration. It filled me with feelings I've never experienced before."

Dee: "Really? What kind of feelings?"

Dahlia *sighing dreamily* "Feelings for a family, a child that's Marshall's and mine! Being able to bring a little one, or maybe two, into the world as an expression of our love for one another. Seeing them grow and seeing their children, our grandchildren. I was so overwhelmed with love and joy that I had to smile!"

Dee *speaking gently as I know my words will burst Dahlia's happiness bubble* "And then staying behind when one of your children chooses who continues the journey as their heir."

Dahlia *her face draining* "Oh, Watcher! I never thought of that when I brought up Marshall being heir. It's hard enough to think of leaving my family behind here. I don't know if I'm brave enough to have our children move away!"

Dahlia's up bright and early after a fitful night of wrestling with the idea of having to leave children behind if Marshall chooses heirship.

Something she was pushing for!

When Marshall wakes up and finds her crying in the bathroom she breaks down and tells him all of her worries.

Dahlia *crying so hard she can barely speak* "We can still go Marshall, but not as the heir couple! I take it back, heirship is not a condition of my leaving!"

Marshall holds her close and says, "It will be okay Dahlia. It's not something that's written in stone yet. I haven't even discussed heirship with mom, dad, or Lucinda."

But his stricken face, shows the feelings he's trying to allay with his calm words.

And once Dahlia heads downstairs for breakfast, Marshall's thoughts are focused solely on Dahlia's fears.

He'd thought staying behind here in MH was the worst goodbye he could even imagine.

But now the idea of having to say goodbye to his own child and grandchildren is tearing him apart.

A child and grandchildren he doesn't even have yet! How neurotic can you get!

And with those thoughts come other questions.

Is heirship really something he's brave enough for? Strong enough to handle?

Outside, I see snowmen taking center stage on the Frio lawn.

I hadn't been paying much attention to the occasional snowman, but then I saw two classic and four grim reaper ones!

Compliments of Lorelei's recent preoccupation with a snowman army.

I can't fault her logic though, reel them in with the classic ones and finish them off with all of the reapers!

But who is the army supposed to fight off?  I have no idea so I ask her.

Dee: "Um, the army of snowmen outside. Should I be concerned?"

Lorelei *remembering* "No, it was sort of a last minute deterrent in case any of the townspeople were angry at Marshall for all  of the Inner Beauty enchantments. I was just making random snowmen when suddenly I made a grim one. He was so scary I thought it might give others pause in case they decided on making mischief with any of the family. Samuel thought it was such a good idea he helped me make the last one when he got home from work one day. They weren't needed but I don't like leaving the safety of our family to chance. I thought they'd have melted away by now, but it's been so cold, they're all still frozen solid."

Dee: *gulping as I see the glow of the red eyes* "It would have worked on me, that's for sure!"

Even though her mind is full of thoughts she hadn't considered, Dahlia's got a lifeguard shift to attend to, so she rushes off to the beach.

I can't bear looking at the creepy grim snowmen any longer, so I tag along.

At the beach the crazy citizens of MH are swimming in the frigid waters again!

And Dahlia not only makes a rescue but four before her shift ends!

It would have been 5 or 6 if one of the Sims hadn't gotten stuck in a snowbank preventing others from moving.

But I'm just amazed, four rescues under her belt in the middle of winter!

After all her rescues, Dahlia heads to the gym for a soak in the hot tub to warm up.

And Lorelei and the twins go to a concert with Lucy and some of their friends.

But why is everyone deserting the house?

Because it's time for Marshall's bachelor party!

His grandfather, Torre, and Dahlia's father, David Ziggfield, are the first guests.

By David's outfit, I'm guessing Dahlia comes by her Insane trait genetically.

Torre looks as dashing as ever in a white suit with flashy red dress shoes and suspenders!

But Samuel wins the title of best dressed when he comes downstairs flaunting this outfit!

A smoking jacket with red accessories, shorts, and a pair of Torre's old Superstar sunglasses!

Dee *with a wolf whistle* "Mr. Charismatic himself!"

Samuel poses, tilting his head for a profile view, and says, "You like Watcher!?!"

Dee *smirking* "Careful Samuel, remember Dahlia lives here now. She might not be able to resist you in that get up!"

As Samuel's mouth drops open in horror, I realize my words hit the mark, just as intended.

But he quickly forgets about my words and Dahlia as he joins Marshall, dancing and singing his heart out.

Then Marshall gets a phone call.

Apparently the party's already too loud and they're sending over some officers to contain it.

But when the officers head straight upstairs and more music comes blasting down, they realize these aren't regular officers.

They're party dancers!

And the party moves to the 2nd floor.

Then Marshall, getting into the bachelor party spirit, shoots fizzy nectar at his grandfather.

And then his father!

Then I see Antony joining in their dance, though Dean's trying hard not to laugh.

It is a funny sight, a yellow ghost sizzling with electricity gyrating to party dancer music!

And as Ian and Dean join the party dancers, bopping and grooving to the music, I have to laugh myself as both of them are too funny trying to copy the party dancers moves!

Maybe even more so than Antony was, as Dean not only dances but tries to sing.

After all the dancing, the party dancers joined them for some food in the dining room.

Oh, I never realized you could actually see plates of food through Antony---kind of takes away your appetite!

Well, mine away.

It doesn't seem to bother anyone else at all though as they grab plates and chow down.

But that's not the only party in town.

After the concert, Fluffs invited everyone over to her house.

And even though he hated leaving Marshall's bachelor party, Torre attended as a special guest.

Lorelei: "Thanks for agreeing to stop in dad. It means a lot to Fluffs, having a celebrity like you here!"

But Torre is looking past Lorelei with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Then he asks, "Who did you say Fluffs' partner was Lorelei?"

Lorelei *puzzled* "You're looking right at him dad! Nervous Subject, the late Olive Specter's son. Why?"

Torre: "Well, if we were looking for unique genetics, we should have been looking in his direction! Just look at the daughter those two have!"

I'm as curious as Lorelei by now, so we focus on their daughter, Olivia Subject.

And boy was Torre right!

This little girl does not have her mother's café au lait skin tone, or her father's light one.

She's very unique with, maybe her grandmother's skin tone?

Or could the rumors possibly be true that Grim is her grandfather!?!

Let's take a closer look!

Wow, the skin tone is definitely not either one of her parents or her hair color, white with black tips!

I can't resist and pop her into stylist for a brighter view.

Well, no matter who her grandfather is, she's a cutie!

With that dark skin, black and white hair and her mother's turquoise IF eyes!

Wow, Torre was right! Some very unique family genetics.

I just have to dress her up in style, in outfits matching her eye color.

Her pajama outfit in white that contrasts so beautifully with her skin tone, and turquoise polka dots bringing out the color of her eyes.

And her outerwear all in turquoise that makes her eyes pop with their matching color.

This is one toddler I wish we were taking with us!

It's just our luck that she must stay here in MH with her own family.

Speaking of toddlers staying here in MH, we have some nooboos that are ready to age up.

Three of them in fact, as Kimberly and Antony's triplets are celebrating their first birthday!

So more parties on the way, well, at least cake.

Join me in Chapter 155: Toddler Triplets
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 155: Toddler Triplets and Heirship Confessions

Samuel proudly holds Anastasia as Kimberly and Antony cheer for their oldest daughter's first birthday.

And when the sparkles disappear we see another very unique toddler.

But she's the opposite of little Olivia Subject, having her father's very fair skin and all white hair, but her mother's dark eyes.

How I wish ghosts could safely travel.

And stylist gives us a close-up that's so adorable, I couldn't resist adding it for all to see.

Here she is in her outerwear, a beautiful blue and white outfit, being super cute for the camera!

It's almost like she's looking up at me and saying, "What's that Watcher? I'm adorable? Oh yeah, no doubt about that!"

Lorelei excitedly brings Seth to his cake amidst Kimberly and Samuel's cheers, while Antony gives us a ghostly smile.

I can see why Kimberly's so excited! She's expecting again! So she needs the triplets to move on to the toddler stage.

Toddler number two, coming right up!

And with the sparkles disappearing, we have a toddler Seth.

Samuel looks so proud of his grandson and Antony claps in delight at his son.

With his ghostliness he hasn't changed much, just his size along with some white hair.

But is his hair really white?

Stylist gives us a very different picture of this little guy.

Who looks just like Kimberly with dark hair and brows and light skin tone.

And Lorelei does the honors with Jennica as well.

With Kimberly just as excited to see this little one become a toddler as she was with the first two.

But little Jennica is not quite as happy to grow up as her siblings.

Or maybe she was just frightened by the sparkles and the loud cheering?

But what will stylist reveal for our little ghost girl?

Another one who looks just like her mother with dark hair and light peachy skin!

And with Kimberly expecting another baby, or two, maybe three, we get them to skilling right away.

Well, after Lorelei consoles her youngest grandchild and lets her know she's safe, and sound, and very much loved.

Then they share the love with the other two so no one feels left out.

Seth getting cuddles from Gramlei and Ana getting her first tickles from Grampa Samuel.

The girls get popped into the playpen to learn how to talk.

And spend some time playing together for some socializing.

While Seth enjoys the toys on his walker, not yet realizing he can have some mobile fun with it.

Lorelei says her goodbyes as she needs to head off to work, so Samuel says his goodbyes as well.

Leaving the Salas family happy and content.

Antony eating birthday cake on the couch and watching TV, the ultimate in relaxation for a couch potato.

The triplets happily occupied in the walker and playpen, so Kimberly can relax and destress by painting.

Until their next child or children are born!

While Lorelei headed over to the restaurant, Samuel took a page out of Lucy's book and went to the toy shop.

He sees Leighton and Christa but he's a Grampa on a mission!

Buying gifts for his three grandchildren, a drum, a jack-in-the-box and a teddy bear, something for each one of them.

There will be no playing favorites for Samuel's grandchildren.

He's saddened by the thought that they'll be leaving these three behind, but happy to have these last few days to get to know them and love them.

As well as the child or children Kimberly is currently expecting.

Now that was a surprise! More nooboos so soon.

Not that he's complaining, he popped that wish for five grandchildren just like Lorelei!

But neither of them expected they'd come from Kimberly again with her hands full with the triplets.

Samuel decides focusing on enjoying the time they still have with family is much better than dwelling on goodbyes.

When Samuel gets home he finds his sons looking pretty serious, so he gives them some privacy, and heads to the side porch to paint.

With all of his mixed feelings about continuing the journey, he expresses them best through his art.

And he was right, Lucas does look rather serious as Marshall shares information from his phone.

Marshall: "Oh, it's Tito Torre asking me if something's wrong with your phone. He's been trying to set up those athletic sessions but can't seem to reach you. What's up bro, having second thoughts?"

Lucas *groaning* "I'm still sore from dad's training! And dad said that would be nothing compared to Tito's! Tell him I'm real busy with my final days in school, but I'll try to visit soon."

Marshall: "Well, since that's not a lie, you being busy, I'll do that. But you can't avoid him forever Lucas, you need to bite the bullet and get it over with!"

Lucas, sore and in a bad mood, responds with, "I think you need to take your own advice Marshall! You've been avoiding Cinda, and mom and dad for days now!"

Marshall realizes Lucas is right. Again!

So he takes his own advice and calls Cinda over from the computer, where she was signing up for another after school class.

Cinda's really shown her strengths in high school, not only being a straight 'A' student, but holding down a part-time job at the Day Spa, plus participating in not one, but two clubs.

This time she signs up for Drama Club. She'll only get to go a couple of times, before she graduates but she's sure the experience will be beneficial.

Marshall starts with, "I have to say Lucinda, you've really shown just how determined you are to be Good now.  And so focused,  with your excellent grades, working hard at your job and participating in after school activities. Really proving yourself to be an excellent candidate for heir."

Cinda *puzzled* "Candidate!?! I thought you said it was all up to me?"

Marshall *taking a deep breathe* "About that, you see Dahlia's expressed an interest in continuing the journey with us. First if I took over heirship…"

Cinda bursts out, "You?! I thought you stepped down to stay here with Dahlia and help her with guardianship?"

Marshall, nodding, "That was the plan. But with us staying in town through your and Lucas' teen years, Gayle and Nathanael both aged up to YA. And Dahlia knows I've always wanted to continue the journey, either as an heir or spare. Her condition on continuing the journey was only if we went as the heirship couple. But…"

Cinda *interrupting him loudly* "What do mom and dad think about this change of plans?! I can't believe you're springing this on me now Marshall! After all my hard work, and.."

Marshall breaks in with an apology, using her nickname to show his sincerity, "I'm sorry Cinda. It was quite the shock to me too. I haven't even talked to mom and day yet! But you need to let me finish, things have changed a bit again…"

But Cinda sticks to her guns and says, "Then I think they both should hear all of this! You can get it all out in the open with one explanation, since you've not been up front with any of us! You've really given in to your Neurotic trait Marshall, I'm really disappointed, I thought we were closer than that!"

Marshall says dejectedly, "Not any more disappointed than I am with myself little sister. But I'm still smart enough to know a good idea when I hear one! Let's get mom and dad and we can all discuss it. But I don't want you feeling so defensive and hurt, I've had your best interests in mind as well, and I think you'll all be satisfied with the end result."

Cinda frowns and says, "I'm not so sure about that, but I'll give you the chance to say your piece!"

Once the four of them are settled in the living room, Marshall starts with, "It all began right after Dahlia moved in when the Watcher was so thrilled with her traits and skills, and asked Dahlia if she was sure about staying here in MH. Dahlia brought up the idea of being willing to go but only if I was reconsidered for heir! Then Dahlia talked with me and Lita Lucy. Then Lita had a long discussion with me. The bottom line being I needed to search my heart and follow my dreams."

Cinda's so restless and unsettled she can't sit quietly on the couch any longer.

Samuel's not sure what her intentions are so he stands to console his youngest daughter.

But Cinda doesn't need consoling, as she says, "But what of my dreams!?!  I've been working really hard to be worthy of heirship, even if I was only getting it by default. Marshall should have let us know before this! Don't you agree daddy?"

Samuel nods and says, "Those are valid points Lucinda. But have you given any thought to what Marshall just said sweetheart? Lita Lucy told him to search his own heart. That doesn't happen overnight. It sounds like Marshall and Dahlia have been trying to do just that."

Lorelei breaks in with, "Marshall, you said this was Dahlia's idea, but did she have any basis for thinking you wanted to continue the journey?"

Cinda doesn't wait for Marshall's answer, but speaks up herself, saying, "She did! Marshall couldn't even say goodbye to Lita and Tito when they were moving across town! He'd always expected to be part of the family continuing the journey, he told me that himself. He was heartbroken to be staying here, but he was doing it for Kimberly and Dahlia! And now she's decided she can leave with our extended time here and her siblings grown up. I'm standing in Marshall's way for something he's always wanted!" *then her voice trembling* "Something I just realized means more to me than I thought, now that it's being taken away."

Lucinda nervously plays with her fairy magic to hide her devastation, but with the opening, it gives Marshall a chance to continue with his decision.

Marshall, "I'm especially glad to hear that little sister! That you want heirship. That it's become a privilege you're more than willing to accept, not a burden, taking it on because no one else would. Because that was a crucial factor in my own decision. A decision about something Dahlia brought to my attention with tears after hearing the news from the Watcher."

Lorelei *thoughtfully* "What heirship news would make Dahlia cry?"

Samuel looks at his son with heartfelt understanding as he replies, "That the heir couple is required not only to continue the journey to the next town, but to the one after that, with their own child as the new heir, leaving other children and grandchildren behind." *continuing with deep sorrow in his voice* "Something we're already having to do in this town. Something that hurts more than you ever thought possible. Leaving Kimberly and her children behind!"

Marshall nods his head and says, "Exactly dad, you've hit on the crux of the matter. As brave as Dahlia and I both are, we can't conceive of doing that. But Cinda, she's so much stronger. Maybe it's her mean- streak or just an innate inner strength, like a lot of our maternal forebears have. Whatever it is, Cinda's got it and she will make a great heir!"

With the weight of heirship no longer stressing him out, Marshall's talk then turns to the upcoming wedding.

Marshall *enthusiastically* "And Dahlia's set a date for the wedding. Before we leave town so her family can attend!"

Lorelei exclaims, "But that only gives us a few days to prepare!"

Marshall smiles, "Not much to prepare Mom, we'll have a private wedding if you'd prefer. I just want to marry her!"

Lorelei says, "No way! Kimberly and Antony did that and I for one plan on making this one a big deal! I'm off for the next four days, and since you both love green, the wedding area will be easy to decorate."

But Cinda isn't participating in the discussion. Hearing Marshall's final decision her legs felt so weak she had to sit down.

Heirship is hers!

But, as Marshall pointed out, with all it's privileges, come very hard decisions.

Decisions he's sure she's strong enough to deal with. If only she was as confident of that!

Samuel watches his youngest daughter with concern as Marshall and Lorelei finally realize Lucinda's silent as a stone.

Marshall says, "Don't worry little sister, now you won't be the only fairy in the next town. Big brother will have your back and hopefully a little fairy boy and girl of my own to play with yours!"

And with Marshall's words, Cinda's heart lightens, she won't be the only fairy!

And Lorelei lifts her daughter's spirits even more when she adds, "And about getting heirship by default. As soon as you aged to toddler and had my hair, I felt the stirrings of you being our heirship child. But I wasn't placing that burden on you from that young age. I wanted all four of you to have an equal chance at it, without my interference."

Lucinda finally speaks though her voice is barely above a whisper, "So heirship has been my destiny all along."

And it was.

Everyone knows the Watcher can't resist Dashing Desmond's turquoise hair!

Kimberly and Antony have their hands full with the cutest toddler triplets ever, but have another child on the way!

Marshall searched his heart and agreed with Dahlia that heirship just wasn't something they were strong enough to handle as they could never bear saying goodbye to their child and grandchildren.

And proving her strength of character in her final teen days has Lucinda being named the 8th gen heir!

With Lorelei's blessing and admission of this very outcome, along with the Watcher being unable to resist that oh so special turquoise hair!

So let's see what other surprises our final days will bring in MH.

Join me for Chapter 156: Family Time
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Chapter 156: Family Time

With the heirship decision settled, Lorelei and Samuel pull each other close in relief and discuss the less stressful subject of grandchildren.

Not the sadness of leaving some behind, but the happiness as they look forward to Kimberly and Antony's next child.

And they rejoice that even having to leave a daughter behind not only did they get the chance to see her happily married but with a house full of children.

They know that Marshall's decision to continue the journey will probably sadden her, but with Kimberly's life so full now, they know she won't begrudge her twin's happiness.

Well, not too much anyway! Her evilness does tend to make her relish the thought of others misery.

But then Samuel asks, "Sweetheart, one of the things we didn't talk about tonight was our next town. With heirship decided, that's getting closer and closer."

Lorelei gives it some thought and says, "I'm glad you waited until we were alone to bring that up darling. I think Lucinda had more than enough on her mind with being officially named heir! She's only got two days of school left before her birthday, so let's table that question until she's had time for heirship to sink in. Besides she won't be able to ask Rory to move in and join us on our journey until she's a young adult. Then as the heir couple, they can discuss the next town. Like you and I did."

Samuel sighs with relief and says, "You always were the brave, practical one! I will be thankful when they take over and I don't have to wrestle with all these tough decisions anymore. Just read and paint to my heart's content as the former heir couple spouse, and be a Grampa!"

Lorelei gives him a knowing look and says, "You brought a lot of those tough decisions on yourself, questioning the family ghosts and the Watcher!"

Samuel rolls his eyes and says, "And confessing to your father how I threatened poor Roderick Synapse with the family. That was truly an excruciating experience, being taught martial arts by an expert!"

Lorelei's attention was caught by the mention of the evil old scientist and she can't help but question, "Poor?! He was a menace to the town! Praying on defenseless young women to control them!"

Samuel interrupts her softly with, "He's gone Lorelei. I got the news earlier today. Jennifer Doe told me he passed in his sleep. His spirit was broken by his years of confinement and he just lost the will to live. As bad as he was, I can't help but think of what a wasted life he led, no wife or family, just a cat that bears his name."

Lorelei's anger dissipates and she hugs him consolingly, "Even if it's not fond memories, you'll always remember him Samuel. Maybe you can write an article about him, praise his scientific work, but caution others of the dangers of leading such a life, one ending in misery and loneliness."

Samuel nods and squeezes her tighter, "That's a great idea, admire his work, not the man or his methods. It would make a great article! A tribute of sorts, one that might alleviate my guilt for threatening him. You know me so well, my dear."

With Samuel at work, the rest of the adults in the family works on skills.

Marshall finally taking some time to work on his athletic skill for a celebrity op.

He looks so bored, I have to laugh.

And it doesn't surprise me that he quits as soon as his four hours is up.

Dahlia working first on Charisma to increase her experience for her lifeguard career.

She really gets into it, gesturing with her arms and hands, staying totally focused until she earns her next point.

Then on her athletic skill, having a lot more fun than Marshall!

The Ambitious trait seems to really help keep her focused on her goals too.

Lorelei makes crepes for a culinary opportunity, flipping them through the air with such ease it makes me jealous.

And she's clearly having a blast sporting that lovely smile.

When the twins get up for breakfast, Lucas, not being part of his parents earlier conversation, says, "So Ms. Heir what town are we going to next?!"

Cinda almost chokes on her waffles and says, "I just became heir do I have to decide that already?"

Then bursts into tears!

Lucas hurries to assure her it's not a decision she needs to make now and gives her a brotherly hug.

His twin is not usually so emotional, so he knows he's hit a nerve.

But their sibling affection doesn't last long!

Lucas accuses her of being mean for no reason Cinda can think of, so the negative vibe between them is readily apparent to all.

Well, to me, anyway, as I'm the only one witnessing it.

But Cinda being who and what she is, quickly turns the tables on Lucas and throws a tummy twister trick on him!

Lucas gasps as his stomach rumbles, then he belches forth green, stinky breathe.

Cinda laughs with glee, and says, "Be careful who you accuse of being mean brother dear. It's not wise to get on the wrong side of a spiteful fairy!"

Once Lucas recovers, he starts shouting and yelling at her so loud, the whole town probably heard him.

Cinda throws her hands up in alarm, and says, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I know it's not fair to use fairy tricks when you can't use them back."

Lucas grudgingly accepts her apology and they head off to school.

Thank goodness as I've no idea what's gotten into the two of them.

Until I notice that not just one but both of them are having a mood swing!

No wonder there's been such teen drama in the house this morning.

With the teens off to school, and the noise level back to normal, Marshall fixes the rec room TV.

He's gained enough handiness skill that it's pretty safe to let him fix the wall mounted speakers and other electrical appliances around the house.

Once he's repaired the blasted thing, he pops a wish to upgrade it to unbreakable.

I agree that that's an excellent idea, so he starts on that right away.

I think he finds working on his handiness skill much more enjoyable than athletic.

I didn't even think to have him a do a fairy repair on the TV.

I'm not sure the option was even there. I'll have to check on that next time we have something broken.

But does repairing appliances with fairy repair actually fulfill the repair wish?

Something else for the Watcher to check on while we wait for Lucas and Cinda to age up.

After completing an op at the Business office, our intrepid lifeguard heads back to the beach for her next shift.

There are plenty of sims braving the cold water but they are all using caution and staying close to shore.

But I notice of pair of unmistakable pink wings.

I can't resist checking out Garreth Frio, Ian and Miriam's oldest son, now a teen.

He really is a nice blend of both of them, sporting Ian's hair color and wings along with Miriam's smaller frame.

I'm not sure about his facial features though he was the spitting image of his father when he was a toddler.

When I look around the beach, I find Ian, and both his other sons there as well.

Little Randy to the left with Miriam's blonde hair, and Ryan running away from us on the right.

Then I spot Miriam in the water!

This is certainly the day for seeing family.

But with both Ian and Miriam and their three sons here at the beach, I wonder where Mandi is?

I don't have to wonder for long though as I find her outside Lorelei's restaurant.

She's focused on doing her homework so I don't disturb her.

But finding Mandi wasn't my main purpose for being here.

There she is! Lorelei Frio, Five-Star Chef everyone!

She completed her wish to reach level 10 of the culinary career, on week 8, day 1 of our time here in MH.

Dee: "Congratulations Lorelei, fantastic job! It's not every couch potato who can say they maxed a career!"

But Lorelei seems lost in thought, focused on some inner surge of pride at accomplishing such a feat.

But Cinda's definitely not lost in sober thought, she's chatting and telling jokes to a very grown up Rory!

And he seems just as taken with her as he was as a teen.

Well, within the parameters of teen/YA relationships any way.

Then Cinda realizes there is one romantic interaction that is available.

Taking a romantic photo together!

So she quickly steps to Rory's side, drapes her arm around his neck, having to stretch a bit as he's now so much taller, and pouts her lips in his direction and her cell camera does the rest.

But Samuel's just gotten home and witnesses the whole thing.

Cinda, seeing her father, steps away from Rory quickly, but Rory questions her abrupt movement out of his arms.

He frowns and says, "What's the matter? Afraid your parents are going to catch us out here in the dark?!"

Seeing Cinda's eyes fly open wide at his remark, he whispers, "Your dad's behind me isn't he?"

All Cinda can do is scrunch up her face in embarrassment and nod.

Samuel, seeing and hearing this exchange, and the romantic photo, is not amused.

But after inviting Rory into the house for a man-to-man talk, and learning Rory is an artist, he's pretty excited at having another one in the family.

Especially after living with his own father-in-law who can't stand art!

Samuel relents and let's Rory spend some time with Lucinda.

In the house. Helping her with homework.

Rory endures the whole experience pretty well, only saying, "Your dad's pretty tough for an artist."

Cinda, finishing up her homework, carelessly replies, "He learned martial arts from lessons with my Tito. If he can survive that, he's tough enough to survive anything! He'd probably give you some lessons if you want."

Rory, his face going even paler than normal, wonders what other surprises the Frio family has in store for him.

This chapter was full of family.

Family that's keeping busy and patiently wait for Lucas and Cinda's young adult birthday.

Well, maybe not everyone's so patient, not me, or Rory!

And we're expecting another Frio/Salas at any moment as Kimberly comes closer to delivering her child.

Or will it be children?

Find out in Chapter 157: Waiting for Baby
Coming soon.

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Chapter 157: Waiting for Baby
« Reply #172 on: September 11, 2019, 12:44:58 AM »
***Author's note: With MrsFlynn's diligent assistance, I am now using an imaging mod that will put less stress on the Forum with my photo heavy story chapters.***

Please click on thumbnail images to see larger photos.

I kept getting a message that Cornell Evans was stuck so I went and checked it out.

He was holding his infant daughter Nella and was stuck on the front porch.

When I reset him, he disappeared, so apparently he doesn't live with Cora and Nella.

I'll have to see about getting that fixed next time I'm in game.

But once Cornell was out of the picture, Cora came outside to cuddle her little daughter.

And then Nella Flynn Evans became a toddler! Finally an Evans child!

It took a little Watcher intervention, but it worked.

But soon after little Nella aged up, we heard the news that Cora's expecting again!

So that makes me feel much better about pairing those two up.

Speaking of pairing up, Marshall and Dahlia are acting like lovebirds again.

With heirship settled, they're concentrating on skills, LTW's and of course, each other!

They share an early morning hug and hope for clear skies so they can have an outdoor wedding.

But before that Marshall gets in a little more work out time.

Dee: "Marshall if it's that awful, why are you working out?"

Marshall, panting with exertion, manages to mumble, "Want to…look good…for the wedding."

Dee *laughing* "Well, that pained expression won't be great for photos. Smile a bit!"

Marshall doesn't respond as it's all he can do to breathe.

Unfortunately, the rain just gets worse, pouring down in sheets so heavy, you can barely see.

But Dahlia insists on covering her shift at the beach, even though no one is venturing out in such weather.

It's still raining later that day when Lorelei sees a young woman outside, who asks for Lucas.

Lorelei tells her Lucas is still at work and then does a double take when she realizes the young woman is Tia!

Lorelei:  "My goodness, I almost didn't recognize you Tia, until I thought about the hair. You had your birthday! Congratulations! I'll have Lucas call you as soon as he gets home. I'm sorry I'm being so short, but Samuel's waiting for me in the car. We're on our way over to Kimberly's. She had the baby and I can't wait to meet the new little one!"

Tia, smiling and holding her umbrella higher, says, "Another baby! That's so nice Mrs. Frio, share my umbrella and we'll run to your car."

And our newest Frios have arrived!

Introducing the Salas' twins, ghostly Jayson and his human sister, Leah!

Lorelei plays with her newest granddaughter, who Loves the Outdoors and is Friendly like her mother.

And she has Kimberly's peachy skin tone too.

Will she have her coloring as well? I'm hoping we can stay in town long enough to find out!

And Jayson, all cuddled in his Grampa's arms, is a Disciplined, Loner.

Ouch. That's going to be tough with four siblings!

But Crewe and others endured it with big families, so I'm sure he will too.

With the newborns in their cribs, Kimberly puts Jennica in the playpen for some skilling and play time.

While Lorelei helps Ana with her first music lesson, but it's rather short as Ana's quite sleepy.

And as soon as Ana hits the crib, she's off to dream land.

Followed by Seth.

And then the twins, Leah and Jayson.

While Lorelei gets in one last snuggle with Jennica, she takes a moment to chat with Kimberly.

About art of course. It's the only thing keeping Kimberly sane with triplet toddlers and newborn twins!

Kimberly enthuses about her latest paintings, but wonders how much free time she'll have with five children now.

But as Lorelei settles little Jennica in her crib, the last one of the five, she feels like she's done her Gramlei part well.

A grand feat has been accomplished.

All five of her grandchildren have been changed, fed, played with and snuggled and are fast asleep!

When Lorelei gets home that evening, she's surprised by Founder Jared asking for her autograph.

She says, "Why would you want my autograph? You've been a celebrity longer than I have!"

Jared laughs and says, "Because I'm starting a family collection of autographs of Five-Star Chefs, so far it's you and me!"

Lorelei laughs too, and says, "That will be a very small collection."

Jared counters with, "Yes, but the truly magnificent are made up of only a select few! I'm proud of you Lorelei, not every one has the stamina to reach level 10 of a career. Yet the both of us did it with two sets of twins!"

Lorelei looks at him and says, "And lots of help!"

Then they both chat about new recipes they've learned and enjoy the camaraderie of old friends.

But not everyone's conversation is a laughing matter.

Cinda's asked her dad a serious question.

She'd asked her mother first, but was told it was her dad's story to tell.

And Samuel answers as honestly as he can, saying, "How did I handle choosing the next town? Well, it was a job offer for me. The paper I worked for in Appaloosa Plains had heard about a family of active yellow ghosts. Ghosts who had children! And they were offering a position on the paper here in MH for anyone willing to take it."

Cinda responds with, "The Salas family! So you really didn't just have to choose out of thin air?"

Samuel shakes his head and says, "No, thank goodness. When the opportunity came up I asked your mother if the family had picked a town yet, and told her of the paper's offer. Your mother, brave soul that she is, was intrigued with the idea and wanted me to have the opportunity at the story of a life time!"

Cinda, relief in her voice, "So I don't have to decide on my own! I can talk it over with the rest of the family and see if anyone has any ideas. That's really a load off my mind dad. I was really worried about choosing by myself. What if I made the wrong choice?"

Samuel smiles and says, "There's no wrong choice Lucinda. But if nothing strikes you or anyone else as the perfect place to move to, just ask the Watcher. She has a list of available towns and will help you out. But once you and Lucas have your birthdays and choose LTW's, and Rory and Tia move in and tell us their life focus, there may be a town on the list that fits better than the others."

Cinda nodding, says, "That's even better, dad. Waiting until Lucas and I are young adults, and the whole family that's moving is in the house and then getting everyone's input. Make it a family decision."

Samuel smiles and reminds his daughter, "That's a very important part of our journey Lucinda, doing what's best for the family. Trying to make every heirship decision all on your own would definitely make it a burden. Follow your mother's example, and get advice from everyone, including the family ghosts and the Watcher, then it's easier to make a decision. But most importantly of all, take the advice that your Lita Lucy gave Marshall and follow your heart."

Cinda follows her father's advice and completes a wish when she practices with the training dummy.

So was so focused she earned a new belt!

Then immediately used her new skill to try out the board breaker.

Dahlia relaxes nearby in a rocker, saying, "You go girl! I was very much mistaken about your mean-spirited trait being a drawback, especially for martial arts. Between that and your disciplined trait, you're going to be a pretty unstoppable force Cinda. A force that's definitely up to the task of heirship. And Marshall and I will be there supporting you in every way we can."

Cinda's too focused to respond, but Dahlia's words touch her so much that she pops a wish to be friends with her!

Let's hope she concentrates on friendship and not playing fairy tricks, like she did with Lucas!

Speaking of Lucas, he's trying his hand at preparing a meal.

He's earned three cooking skill points now and figures it's time he actually worked with food!

Dahlia spends some time with her brother Nathanael before she leaves town.

Of course, her wedding is the biggest thing on her mind right now, and she wants to make sure her whole family attends.

Nathanael: "We wouldn't miss it Dahlia, mom and dad are really excited about it, even Gayle's promised to come."

Dahlia smile grows bigger as she says, "That's wonderful. I want to spend as much time as I can with all of you before we move. Now if only this rain would stop!"

Nathanael agrees as he says, "Yeah, dad's been complaining about it a lot too. He's not feeling so good lately and he's blaming it all on the rain."

Dahlia, concerned, asks, "But he's okay right?"

Nathanael, nervously, "I wasn't supposed to worry you before the wedding. I promised mom!"

Dahlia knows her little brother never was one for keeping a secret, and suddenly realizes that it was probably through Nathanael that Marshall found out about her guardianship.

But that's all in the past with Gayle and Nathanael all grown up now.

So to put her brother at ease she distracts him by saying, "I never even asked about your new job! You look so handsome in your uniform! How's it going?"

And as Nathanael lights up and starts telling her all about it, Dahlia's the only one left worrying about her father.

I find Samuel soaking up sunlight under the covered entry to the sunporch.

The rain has finally stopped and he's out here reading, of course. If Samuel's not painting lately, he's reading.

That bookworm trait he gained when he earned a social trait has really come to the fore since he's become a Star News Anchor.

Dee: "What book are you reading today Samuel?"

Samuel *not looking up* "Oh, I'm following Lorelei's suggestion and reading up on Roderick Synapse, about the man and his scientific discoveries. The man really was a genius, his work is incredible. If only he would have used it for good."

Dee: "Not everyone can avoid evil tendencies Samuel, it happens to the best of sims. Just the luck of their birth. But in a loving family they've got the chance to overcome it. For others, they give in to it all too readily."

Samuel: "That's pretty much what I'm finding out. He had a poor childhood and no real outlet for his genius, until he turned to evil, and stealing. But I've read enough to know what I need to say in my article, so now it's time to get it written up."

And Samuel writes the best article he can about a man who was feared and died, unloved, and largely unknown.

No family or friends, except a lone young woman who stayed with him from her teen years, keeping him company and helping him with his experiments when she was young.

Then keeping him behind bars, in the cell he himself created, for the whole town's safety.

A man who was a genius, who contributed greatly to the study of electricity, but allowed his evil to cloud his judgement so that his only legacy was a cat named Zoe.

And when Samuel's finished writing his article, Lucas shocks him with a question.

Lucas, "Do you think one little baby would bother me dad? I mean I dislike children, but maybe I could get through one, right? Just like I hate the outdoors but I endure it when I have to."

Samuel, not able to keep the smile off his face, "Uh, mind if I ask what brought this up?"

Lucas blushes a bit and says, "Well, you see Tia's had her birthday. And dad, I didn't think it was possible, but she's even more beautiful than when she was in high school. And I was thinking, that well, I'm not heir, but our journey IS about adding unique genetics to the family line. And Tia's not just unique, she adds gorgeous to it! So maybe, maybe, I could handle one little baby? If we're lucky, a little girl that looks just like her!"

Samuel, his smile growing, says, "Well, it's really not up to me Lucas. It's up to you and Tia, but I think you could handle it and I know your mother and I would love more grandchildren!"

Lorelei, standing nearby, can't resist adding, "Look on the bright side Lucas, if there's one thing we know babies do, it's grow up! So you'll like them eventually."

Lucas smiles now and says, "Thanks mom! I never thought of that! Maybe a girl and a boy would be okay!"

Well, we didn't have to wait long for the Salas' twins' birthday as they showed up right on time.

So now Kimberly and Antony have five children! Triplet toddlers: Anastasia, Seth, and Jennica
and newborn twins, Jayson and Leah. Three girls and two boys, with three of them being ghostly!

Cinda's busy learning martial arts, focusing on her disciplined trait.

Samuel's appeased his conscience by writing an article about Roderick Synapse, who met grim recently.

And Lucas has surprised us all by considering having children!

But with the rain finally stopping, a momentous event is upon us, Marshall and Dahlia's wedding!

Everyone is invited to share in this joyous occasion.

Join me in Chapter 158: Wedding of the Year
Coming soon.

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Chapter 158: Wedding of the Year
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With the rain stopped and the twins home from after school activities, and jobs, it's time for Marshall and Dahlia's wedding.

The chairs, cake table, and carpets have all been recolored to the couples favorite green.

All it needs now is a bride and groom and their family and friends to witness their vows.

Our bride waits on the sunporch with a nervous smile, she was hoping her mother and sister would arrive early, but hasn't heard from them.

Her heart feels a bit heavy and she's not sure why, probably just bridal nerves she tells herself.

But when Marshall arrives, looking so handsome, she only has eyes for him.

Marshall tells her the guests are arriving, and glances at his Uncle Dean as he adds, "on the front lawn where the wedding ceremony will take place."

Dean shoots him a disgusted look, but Marshall ignores him and takes his bride by the hand and lovingly leads her to the wedding arch.

The guests start assembling as the bride and groom smile at each other, watching their family and friends gather in their honor.

Tito Torre is his usual solemn self, with Everleigh shining as the Diva she is.

Samuel,  hands clasped to his chest as the proud father of the groom.

Lorelei,  bestowing a loving smiling on her son and his bride.

Gayle Ziggfield overwhelmed with tears, and Todd Landgraab with a smile for a new friend.

Rory in the back row, who takes weddings to heart, sharing a look with young Cinda.

Lucas looking as solemn as his Tito, with Nathanael Ziggfield clasping his hands in joy.

Antony shedding tears of happiness for his brother-in-law, with Fluffs feeling proud to be part of this family.

Dean and Christa Cole showing their happiness for the new couple as well.

Dahlia slides the ring on Marshall's finger as she says, "I, Dahlia, take thee, Marshall, to have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, forsaking all others, I pledge my troth to thee, 'til death do we part."

Marshall does the same, slipping on her ring as he repeats his vows, "I, Marshall, take thee, Dahlia, to have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, forsaking all others, I pledge my troth to thee, 'til death do we part."

Marshall kisses his bride and it's official!

Introducing Marshall and Dahlia Frio!

Without any prompting, Marshall heads for the wedding cake, as we know it's not really official until there's cake!

He cuts into the cake with relish, but his bride is distracted by something across the lawn.

Her mother sobbing!

And not with tears of joy but ones of sorrow, as Dahlia realizes her father is not here.

Not just unable to attend, but gone. Gone with Grim, on to another life.

Nathanael shared the news with Lucas, who passed it on to his father and sister.

They stand by Alia Ziggfield, ready to step in, to uphold her in her grief.

Gayle's earlier sobs more easily understood now.

But Grim's work is not finished this night and a paparazzi woman starts glowing and fading away right before their eyes!

The family and guests draw closer barely giving Grim enough room to do his duty.

The wedding festivities forgotten in view of this tragic event.

Marshall doesn't want to expose Dahlia to any more grief, so he brings her inside and takes her in his arms.

Marshall, "I'm so sorry sweetheart. And on our special day."

But to his surprise Dahlia smiles, a gentle, loving smile, and says, "It's still special Marshall, we're married and now daddy will look over me always. But my mother's grief was hard to see. She doesn't have the same affinity for ghosts and spirits that I do. It's a harder loss for her to bear. And I have you, and your whole family. I saw how they stood by my mother, Marshall. They don't really know her but they gave her what love and support they could."

Marshall looks into Dahlia's eyes and knows his wife was mistaken in thinking she didn't have the strength for heirship.

He whispers, "You do have me Dahlia, from this day forward…"

Dahlia stops him, placing a finger over his lips, "Don't say it Marshall, I may be brave and insane but I don't want to tempt fate."

Then a family ghost shows his approval for this wedding.

Adam materializes to give his blessing to the newly married couple.

Only to realize he's in the presence of an active ghost, one who's joined the family no less!

Even with Grim's arrival, Marshall and Dahlia's wedding ends on a beautiful note.

A final wedding dance with Lorelei and Samuel and Kimberly and Antony joining in.

The next day, Rory surprises Cinda with an early morning visit.

Rory, excitedly, "I know your birthday party isn't 'til tonight Cinda, but I wanted to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday! Today's your big day, and after that we can be together again!"

Cinda's heart flutters with Rory's words.

Since he's become a young adult, he's been totally committed to their relationship and to her.

And when she looks into his eyes, she could just drown in them forever.

Well, until the bus horn blasts letting her know it's time for school.

The last day of high school!

Cinda and Lucas chat excitedly about their last day, last clubs, last work shifts.

Then their young adult birthday party!

Both of them are anxious to be with the Hyde siblings on equal footing again.

With the twins attending their last day of high school, Lorelei calls the movers to start packing up the house.

Since the third floor contains rec room items and skilling objects, she has them pack those non-essentials up first.

With the floor empty, except for Samuel's easels that held two of his completed paintings, Lorelei packs those herself, so they're not damaged in any way.

Then, on a whim, she tires her hand at her first painting.

She gains three skill points from her toddlerhood skilling and smiles at just how relaxing painting is.

And it's something she can share with her husband, a nice hobby for their later years.

After work, Samuel checks out Antony's performance in front of the local gym.

Antony's been working very hard in his profession and has reached the mid level of his career.

Samuel gets to see him produce a bouquet of flowers out of thin air!

Then a fan asks him for his autograph.

When his attention is back on Antony, he realizes his observation has made Antony a bit nervous.

As he sets himself on fire!

Samuel smiles and tells Antony to keep practicing because it really is something special to see a ghost magician.

Then I find Dahlia at the beach.

She'd been planning on working her scheduled shift but she's been given time off after her wedding.

So she takes advantage of it by relaxing on a towel with a book.

And then trying her hand at windsurfing.

Activities she doesn't get to enjoy when she's on duty.

But her choice of outfit for windsurfing makes me laugh, as she's in her outerwear!

Dee: "Wouldn't your bathing suit be more appropriate for the water?"

Dahlia, shaking her head, says, "No, the wind is freezing out here. I could get frostbite with the chill!"

Dee *puzzled* "But, you've saved sims in water in winter, in much colder temps, what's the difference?"

Dahlia, shaking her head in disbelief at my ignorance, "Because I'm the lifeguard and it's my duty to save them, no matter how cold or dangerous it is. But when I'm on my free time I have to be much more cautious because there's no lifeguard to save me!"

I can only stare as the logic of insane sims both astounds and amazes me.

But when Dahlia heads home, she's greeted by an unwelcome sight.

Another paparazzi glowing and fading as her time has come.

And the family that's home gathers with solemn faces as Grim does his duty.

They may have not been close friends with this paparazzi woman but they feel the need to acknowledge her passing just the same.

No sim should have to experience the transition alone, so they watch silently, each dealing with it in their own way.

But Dahlia, her affinity for such things coming to the fore, says, "Go in peace, and find your place, knowing we hold you in our thoughts and hearts, among those we've loved and lost here in this town. My father has recently joined your ranks, and his spirit will help guide you through the first steps of your new existence."

The new ghost nods in thanks and goes with Grim willingly, eager to meet other ghostly companions and be reunited with lost loved ones of her own.

Dahlia's heartfelt words are a comfort not only to her but to her new in-laws, as they too draw ever closer to their elder years and the final goodbye.

Marshall and Dahlia's wedding was a momentous event even if their joy was tempered with the sorrow of losing her father and her family's grief.

Grim's been quite busy lately here in MH with the passing of  Olive Specter, Morgan Yates, Roderick Synapse, David Ziggfield, and Lucien Hyde, Rory and Tia's father, along with two paparazzi women that have been residents in town since the Frio families arrival.

But hopefully, the next family event will be free of such an occurrence as Cinda and Lucas celebrate their upcoming YA birthdays!

Please join us and half the town in Chapter 159: Final Birthdays and a Full House
Coming soon.

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Chapter 159: Final Birthdays and a Full House
« Reply #174 on: September 15, 2019, 01:11:40 PM »

Rory and Tia are part of the first wave of guests to arrive for the twins double birthday party.

They chat with their respective partners but with the expressions on the girls' faces, I can't even imagine what the guys are saying.

Well, maybe I can!

Is Lucas telling Tia that maybe he wouldn't mind a child!?!

Or that having one would put him in a straight jacket!?!

As for Rory, he's not giving his thoughts away.

But hopefully that doesn't mean he doesn't have any and he's forgotten who Cinda is again!

But Cinda's too excited to wait any longer and hurries to her cake.

Family and friends start filling up the room with cheers, clapping and noise makers.

And Cinda ages up to a young adult, adding Loner to her traits!

I don't know if she's more disappointed or I am.

I know we were both hoping for a trait that would trigger some different LTW's.

Dee: "Well, at least it's something else you'll have in common with Rory. And you kept your cute hair!"

But Cinda stares straight ahead, and says, "Please tell me I'm not in an 80's leotard!"

Dee: "Um, it's in my favorite purple along with your black."

But Cinda's eyes narrow as she says, "But it's an 80's leotard!"

Dee: "We'll do a makeover soon enough. You're holding up the cake line."

Just look at this crush of birthday guests, truly the biggest birthday bash ever seen in MH!

And half the guests are still out on the front porch waiting to get through the doors.

I'm not sure what the issue is and why everyone insists on using only the front door when there are two other entrances to the house through the porches.

Dean managed to find the sunporch entry when the wedding was outside, but when it's an indoor event, everyone seems oblivious to the other doors.

Even family that's lived here can't seem to find one of the others, as I see Torre standing out there too!

But more of the crowd finds it's way in as Lucas stands by his cake.

Family and friends sharing in this final birthday of the Frio family here in MH.

Families and friends made up of Frios, Coles, Does, Hydes, and Salas members with a paparazzi or two thrown in.

And possibly friends of friends who love Frio parties!

Lucas joins in the celebration as the crowd claps and cheers.

With his Tito Torre in the forefront of the group that are blowing noise makers behind him.

Before I can get his YA picture by his cake, he's moved half-way across the room.

And I find out why as I find him stalled by the crowd trying to flee the party.

His YA outfit is….is….I am at a loss for words!

Lucas won't even look at me or the camera.

Dee: "Are those slippers?"

Lucas, outraged, "I'm wearing painted on pants, a shirt that's two sizes too small, and you're focused on my feet!?!"

Dee *puzzled* "But you're a slob, why do you care about your clothes?"

Lucas takes a deep breathe and says, "Because being a slob is one thing, but this outfit is just ridiculous." *then he glances at the crowd nervously* "And I think something's wrong with the sink and there are so many people in here I can't check it!"

With that comment, I realize that it wasn't just his twin that got a less than optimum trait, as Lucas is now Neurotic!

But then Lucas spots Tia and he's gone like a shot, leaving me looking at some familiar Frio faces.

Miriam, Ryan, and Randy, Ian's wife, and two of his sons, the non-fairy ones!

Looks like they're trying to get across the room for some cake.

Good luck in this crowd!

Then I spot Lorelei giving me the nod for a photo of Cinda and Rory.

As they meet for the first time as young adults, they smile and chat getting to know one another on an equal footing again.

And I can see Cinda's point about the 80's leotard, even if it's in our favorite colors.

But who's the young girl in front of Lorelei?

It's Olivia Subject!

And she impresses me now as much as she did as a toddler.

I hope Cinda and Rory have a child that's just as unique as this little girl.

I finally track down Lucas outside to see about those new clothes, but he's otherwise occupied.

And these two only have eyes for each other!

And Lucas doesn't wait for an opportune moment, in nice clothes, inside where he's comfortable.

Oh no! He asks Tia to move in first thing!

And she accepts without a moments hesitation.

After all, this is the man who, when he was just a boy, alleviated her fears about her parents divorcing.

The young boy who assured her any trait can be overcome with support from those that love you.

Introducing Lovely Letitia (Tia) Hyde---young adult human
LTW: Home Design Hot Shot
Career: Architecture
Traits: Loves to Swim, Loser, Eccentric, Artistic, and Heavy Sleeper
Fav's: Hip Hop, Ceviche, and Violet
Skills at move in: Gardening-4; Guitar-1; Logic-1
BF: Lucas Frio

And she's already proved Lucas' right as no one who becomes a part of the Frio clan is a Loser!

We decide that her LTW and career just aren't going to cut it for a spare.

But since she's artistic and has a point in Guitar, as well as a guitar, bass, and set of drums in her inventory, she chooses Master of the Arts as her new LTW.

And begins practicing with her guitar immediately.

But Tia's not the only one making changes, Marshall decides to use some of his Happiness points to purchase King of the Fae.

And with that reward, he changes his wings!

He keeps the dark blue color, but changes the shape to fit better with his adult stature.

And Lorelei decides that now that she's the mother of four young adults, and the grandmother of five, it's time for some changes herself.

So she styles her hair in a single pony tail with wispy strands framing her face.

And dons a cute dress for the warmer weather, one that's got a pop of orange in it, of course!

Then we get the notice that it's graduation day!

But only for Lucinda as she aged up before midnight the night before.

So all the family dresses in their best and joins her for this auspicious day.

Well, everyone except Lucas who wears yet another ridiculous outfit!

The pink sneakers are the icing on the cake, but I am not pointing out his footwear this time.

And then Lucas shocks me yet again with his thoughts.


His twin is graduating, he's not, but his thoughts turn to children?

I'm seriously wondering if he's Insane rather than Neurotic!

And after the ceremony Lucinda tosses her diploma and cheers.

She gets named Class Valedictorian and Most Likely to Never Leave the House, just like her mother!

I'm sure it's because she Hates the Outdoors and has added Loner to that!

But when all the cheering and congratulations are over with, they head in different directions.

Lucas and Tia go straight home, while Marshall and Dahlia head for the Festival park.

It's Love Day after all, and our newlyweds want to spend the day together.

Their first stop, the love tester, who confirms they are meant to be, but likens their love to a passionate night with the claw machine!

Dahlia finds this a romantic notion, but Marshall doesn’t quite see the logic in it at all.

Cinda knows it's Love Day too, and she has a special moment on her mind.

Asking her love to join her and continue her families' journey as the other half of the heir couple.

Rory asks, "You're sure Cinda, that I'm the one? I'm not perfect like you Frios, in fact my best trait is Artistic, the others are, umm,… Great, I forgot them again!" *he thinks for a moment* "Oh, one of them's Absent-Minded, Tia's constantly laughing at my forgetfulness. And another one is Loner! How's that going to work in a house full of people?"

Cinda *looking deeply into his eyes* "It works because we all love and support one another to overcome our not-so-good traits, just like Lucas told Tia when they were in grade school. So the most important thing is, do you love me Rory? Enough to leave your mom and Oliver, leave MH, travel on to a new town?   Start the next generation and support me as heir?"

Rory *returning her look to stay focused* "I might forget a lot of things Cinda, but never you! Our love has been the one thing that kept me grounded during our teen years and through my father's death. We weren't close, even though my father was an artistic genius, and he passed his artistic trait on to both me and Tia, he refused to let us paint for some reason! It was odd, and it caused a rift between us that grew wider as we grew up.  And my mother, well, your family's quite aware of all of her issues. But even through all that there was you, us. Our love kept me going, from the day we met until now, and the feeling has only grown deeper, so I know loving you is one thing I can do. The most important thing I want to do is love you, support you, and any children we're blessed with, giving them the love and support I didn't have. But… I may need help remembering their names!"

Cinda smiles at what is surely the longest speech Rory has ever made. And with love in her voice she says, "We'll find names that are easy for you to remember. Maybe from other fairy tales. If Dahlia can use flower names, I don't see any reason we can't name our children after princes or princesses!"

And with that settled, Rory packs a few of his prized possessions, leaves his childhood home and returns to the Frio home with Cinda.

Introducing Rakish Rory Hyde--young adult human
LTW: Home Design Hot Shot
Career: Political
Traits: Over-Emotional, Loner, Absent-Minded, Artistic, and Never Nude
Fav's: Digi Tunes, Goopy Carbonara, Spiceberry
Skills at move in: Athletic-2; Charisma-1; Cooking-1; Logic-2
GF: Lucinda Frio

This was his default everyday and I liked it so much I let him keep it!

It just suits him so much and his coloring really stands out.

But his LTW and career are not what he really aspires to do.

He wants to focus on his artistic ability, something he was not allowed to do when he was growing up.

So we change his LTW to Illustrious Author, which will also give him a break from the family with all that painting and writing by himself.

He doesn't have any points in either skill so he's got a lot of work ahead of him.

Rory's really excited to be able to finally put his artistic trait to use and starts off with some writing practice at a computer immediately.

And pops a wish to join the Writer career!

While Rory's busy with his writing, Cinda reminds me of her promised makeover.

She still likes her hairstyle and make-up so no dramatic changes there, just some lipstick.

But the 80's leotard needs to be what it is, a thing of the past!

And with this frown, I see she doesn't really like this outfit either.

I love it as an everyday look, but I have to agree it's not very formal.

Dee: "Introducing Lovely Lucinda….oh, it's really hard to say that with you frowning in the photo!"

Cinda: "You already used lovely for Letitia, try something with a 'C'."

Dee: "Well, Captivating Cinda works even less, and it just doesn't flow."

Cinda: 'Why does it have to be alliterative anyway?"

Dee: "It doesn't really, but I did it with your great-grandfather, Dashing Desmond. And I used Rakish Rory, but it works better with similar syllables too. And without a frown!"

Exasperated Cinda says, "Just pick one of my make-over photos, and add my bio! The front door's open and I don't like all that icky fresh air either!"

Introducing our 8th gen heir, Lucinda (Cinda) Frio---young adult fairy
LTW: International Superspy
Career: Day Spa currently
Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Disciplined, Mean-Spirited, Good, and Loner
Fav's: Hip Hop, Firecracker Tofu, Black

Dee *grudgingly* "You do clean up well, and at least you have a smile in here!" *then pointedly* "But with your attitude, I can definitely see who's going to be the 'bad' cop when you get into law enforcement!"

Cinda, perking up, "Now that's the best suggestion you've made for me yet!"

Dee: "It wasn't a suggestion…!"

But I've already lost her attention as she heads for a computer to see if there are any open jobs at the local police station.

I'll say one thing for Disciplined sims, once they get a notion in mind, nothing stops them until they've accomplished it!

The younger twins, Cinda and Lucas, have finally aged to young adults.

And they've both invited their respective partners to move in, the Hyde siblings, Rory and Tia.

Cinda's graduated and our heir has her sights set on becoming an International Superspy.

Just like her great-grandfather, Dashing Desmond, though I think it would be pretty hard to hide that turquoise hair!

But Des managed and with Cinda being Disciplined, I'm sure she'll figure out a way.

So it all comes down to Lucas.

Will his graduation announcement happen soon?

Or will the Frios pick a new town and continue their journey first?

Let's see what happens in Chapter 160: Final Graduation, Final Choices
Coming soon.