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Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 30 May 20
« on: November 22, 2018, 04:56:28 PM »
Welcome to ...


Where the school is built over a ruined church, a church that guards the Hellmouth.

The Hellmouth, mystical portal of dark power which attracts zombies, werewolves, incubi, succubi... everything you've ever dreaded was under your bed but told yourself couldn't be by the light of day. They're all real, including vampires.

Fed up with being the youngest and least powerful of his Sire's line, Spike has come to town to create his own vampire dynasty. 
Spike: The truth is, I like this world. You've got... dog racing, Manchester United, and you've got people. Billions of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs. It's all right here.

And where's there are vampires, there's a Slayer. One girl in all the world, a choosen one. One born with the the strength and skill to hunt the vampires...
Buffy: ... to stop the spread of their evil blah, blah, blah, I've heard it, okay?

While on her way to visit friends in Strange Town, Aaliyah's ship registered an anomalous power surge in a normally bland region of the world.  Going closer to invistigate was a mistake as another power surge took out her wormhole generator forcing her to land in a hurry. After sending a warning message to her homeworld she ran the diagnostics programme and realised there was even more damage. Now she is stuck until she can rebuild.


Yes, I'm a Buffy fan, and I couldn't resist a Dynasty that lets me play around with the Buffyverse.

This RDC is unofficial because I want to keep my favourite mods in play.  They are all visual changes but not legal for HoF. I've listed them in a spoiler in case you are curious.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC)
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2018, 11:48:35 PM »
I'm such a Joss fan and I couldn't help but have a MASSIVE smile on my face when I saw your first screenshot of the Sunnydale sign! Your likeness of Spike is fantastic. I love Buffy and all that world, so am looking forward to this very much!

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC)
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2018, 11:57:01 AM »
Great start!  I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.  I'll probably be rooting for all three of them. 

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC)
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2018, 06:38:17 PM »
This looks good -- I love your Buffy, but will be rooting for all three.
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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC)
« Reply #5 on: November 24, 2018, 09:39:55 PM »
Best wishes with your RDC! I recognized Spike right away! ;D

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC)
« Reply #6 on: November 26, 2018, 07:25:50 AM »
@KTK10 Thank you, there's Buffy and Firefly cc on various sims in this world too.
@BallerinaHippo, @MarianT and @oshizu Thank you for reading

Spike week 1

An abandoned warehouse on the edge of town seemed a perfect place to start, so Spike moved in and set about building a new life.
Spike Home.jpg

First on the list was some immortal company.  The old vamp on the hill was too much like his sire's line for comfort but the young vamps in town were a much better prospect.  A bit of chatting and some vamp training was all it took to convince them to move in.
Spike gang.jpg
S&L Training.jpg

It didn't take long to pursuade Lillith that he would make a great father, and so he started on his bloodline.
Spike woohoo.jpg
Lillith pregnant.jpg

Meet Spike's heir, Saul Marsters
Lillith & Saul.jpg
Saul age up.jpg
Saul Toddler.jpg

Next on the agenda was some vampiric offspring of his own.  As always a nightclub seemed the best place to look for candidates.  It was not quite The Bronze, but The Muckery proved to be a fertile hunting ground.
at Muckery.jpg

Lillith insisted on a painting club, thankfully they also made great food.  Here's her favourite:
lillith food.jpg
She also joined the fashion influencer career.  Having seen some of the clothing choices Spike's offspring had made, she felt it was vital to improve the local style.

In order to maintain his connections to the underworld, Spike joined the criminal career and quickly rose through the ranks.
spike promo 1.jpg
He made it to level 5 (Minor Crimlord) by the end of the week.

Caleb was not forgotten, he joined the food critic career, looked after Saul, worked on his Vampire skills and fished a lot.  The Garden Gnomes proved quite tasty, and willing to lend a wrist.
C&S friends.jpg
Caleb & Saul.jpg

As the week continued and the offspring became newly fledged vampires, Spike was able to train them (and adjust their fashion choices).  In fact things went so well that he finished his vampire family aspiration within the week (just) and was able to get full sunlight resistance.

The garden was flourishing too, with garlic, wolfsbane and mosquito traps fully grown and fruiting, a plasma tree nearly mature and cow plant & dragon fruit planted.

And there we must leave them, at 5:10 on Sunday morning, because the next family is calling.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 26 Nov 18
« Reply #7 on: December 05, 2018, 05:13:30 PM »
Aaliyah Week 1

After hastily converting her broken ship into a house, Aaliyah set about gaining the knowledge she needed to make the repairs.  To this end she entered the science career and started researching the local rocket ship text books.  This soon proved boring so she tried contacting any other aliens who were on the planet.  She found a few and they all gathered at a local library to exchange knowledge.  The only male was quite unpleasant (active, mean, glutton) but one of the females was very compatible and willing to join Aaliyah in her quest.

They all agreed to join an entity called a 'club' and together they built a space worthy vessel.

Kimberley found Leonard less incompatible than Aaliyah had and soon she was pregnant.

Aaliyah doubled her efforts and eventually discovered the correct upgrade needed to visit the holiday world 'Sixam'. 
Sixam.jpgSixam home.jpg

She got lucky and found a more genial male on the planet. After a little logical discourse Lincoln agreed to return with her and father her child.  They formalised their mating in a quaint local ceremony called a 'Wedding'
Even the guests behaved themselves and sat through the ceremony

There was a strange lack of Sims working as scientists, although her club mate Joyce was the receptionist so she had company.  Thankfully after setting fire to a chair while testing the transform function on her Sim-ray, the Lab Director turned up.
Lab director.jpg
However, despite completing all her daily tasks, promotion became more elusive, so she started treating it like all the other jobs and just turning up.

The house by this point was quite crowded and an overhaul was implemented. 

Later that week, some friends came to visit.  They were testing a prototype designed to counter the effects of the power surges.   
It seemed to be working and after a pleasant visit Aaliyah came home even more determined to complete her own rocket.

While all this was happening, young Ariadne (Kimberley and Leonard's child) aged up into a charming toddler.

So at the end of her 1st week on the planet, Aaliyah has reached level 4 scientist, married and become pregnant, and fully upgraded her rocket ship.  She has also spent satisfaction points on Steel Bladder and Antiseptic.
A pregnant.jpg

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 5 December 18
« Reply #8 on: December 06, 2018, 06:47:45 AM »
You are moving through this so fast! Well done. I loved Spike and I am very much looking forward to seeing how their toddler ages into a boy! Aaliyah looks very interested as well. I always love how you build your homes, it spreads inspiration!

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 15 December 18
« Reply #9 on: December 15, 2018, 06:45:39 PM »
Buffy Week 1

Having accepted that being the Slayer was unavoidable, Buffy set about being the best Slayer ever.  First stop was the gym, partly to get fit and partly to meet other Sims.  She was successful on both counts.
B fitness.jpg

The members of the Powerhouse club were there and Buffy soon made friends, especially with Paolo.
B meets Powerhouse.jpg

Paolo and Marcus accepted her invitation to move in, and brought along their housemates, Jade & Eva.  With the Scooby Gang in place, and her friendship with Paolo growing, Buffy turned here attention to work.  A school career day (BtVS s2 ep 9: What's my line? pt 1) had suggested that Law Enforcement would be a good choice for her so she went ahead and joined the Detective career.

Some things in life seem destined to repeat themselves, so I guess it was no great surprise to Buffy when she found out that Paolo was a vampire.  And, just like with Angel, it didn't stop them getting intimate, in fact they become parents as well as girlfriend and boyfriend.
B&P flirt.jpg
B&P Girl&Boyfriend1.jpgB&P Girl&Boyfriend.jpg
B Pregnant.jpg

With Marcus taking the role of Watcher, Buffy was kept neck deep in vampire research.  Paolo is supposed to be studying too! 
BPM study.jpg

Marcus copes much better with tame vampires than Giles ever did.
P&M feed.jpg

Knowing that she would have to cure vampires to earn her place as a Slayer, Buffy started a garden with all the plants she found mentioned in the Lore books.  By the end of the week even the Plasma Trees were ready to harvest.

Eventually all the research paid off and Buffy maxed Vampire Lore.  Paolo insisted on testing the Vampire Cure drink so Buffy mixed him one.
B max VampLore.jpg
B Mixing.jpg
P drinking Cure.jpg
P cured.jpg

It turns out Paolo was worried that Buffy wouldn't take a relationship with a vampire seriously and as soon as he was Sim again, he proposed.  They don't feel any great hurry to marry.
P propose.jpg
B accepted.jpg

Working as a Detective was harder than expected.  Buffy only managed 2 promotions, ending the week on level 3.
B Pregnant & promoted.jpg
B promoted 2.jpg

The best bit though, was when Buffy went to a crime scene.  At the BFF house in Willow Creek, she found 2 of the witnesses were... Spike Marsters and Aaliyah Oakes. So I have a pic of all 3 founders together.
B with S&A.jpg

I decided to have the baby at hospital so we could get the certificate.  Meet Dawn Summers.
She made it to toddler by the end of the week. 
D age up.jpg

I just got time to change her clothes, pics will follow next Slayer turn, as will pics of the house.

Jade and Eva are less visible in the story but still important members of the house.  They have both had promotions in their jobs, Jade is working on the last level of Painter Extraordinaire, and Eva is on the last level of Bestselling Author.

Time to switch back to the Vampires, with Buffy 1 fitness level away from completing Bodybuilder, only a level 3 Detective (Corporal), but having a working Slayers Garden.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 15 December 18
« Reply #10 on: December 19, 2018, 04:25:08 PM »
Ooohh I'm wondering if Dawn will be a vampire? Unless I'm wrong that Paolo was still a vamp when Buffy was pregnant? Loved the reference to "What's My Line" episode of BTVS... I'm going to keep my eyes open for Willow and Oz!

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 15 December 18
« Reply #11 on: December 20, 2018, 03:00:38 PM »
Eee, love this!  Love all the Buffy references.  Spike was always my favorite. Well, one of them. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out! (I can't seem to choose who I want to win XD)

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 21 December 18
« Reply #12 on: December 21, 2018, 05:06:14 PM »
@KTK10  You're not wrong :)  There were little bats round Dawn when she was born.  Good job the Vampire Cure works.  Not sure about Willow and Oz, but I'm planning for other Slayers - how many can you remember?
@Shewolf13  Thank you for reading, I'll put you down for Team Everybody then.

Spike Week 2 - Mostly about Saul

Toddler Saul was really quite sweet.  He took to learning like a vampire to plasma.
S cute thinking face.jpg
Saul max comms.jpg
Saul tod 2.jpg
L&S tod.jpg

In a short space of time he had maxed Thinking, Communication and Potty and aged up to child.
Saul child.jpg

A quick change of clothes, and he was ready to start his child aspiration – Social butterfly.  It took him less than a day (I didn't time it) and his last action was to make friends with Elsa Bergsen.  Lucas Munch is his BFF.
Soc But 1.jpg
Saul Teen.jpg

His choice of clothes still being a bit suspect, another trip to the wardrobe was called for, and he is now ready to embark on his unique aspiration: Chief of Mischief.  He even joined the Renegades club to see if it would help.

He become good friends with Morgan Fyres in the process, and it turns out he finds her especially tasty, so not wife material, decent food is too good to waste.
Saul mischief.jpgSaul Voodoo.jpgmischief 3.jpg

Picking the people to dislike him was easy, after all which vampire likes a slayer? (Well apparently several, but lets not go there.)
S making enemies2.jpg

When he went to make himself disagreeable to Aaliyah, he discovered that alien abductions were still a thing.  Didn't stop him from being mean though.
S Making Enemies1.jpg

Mischief took him to the Garden of Healing to clog a drain, so while he was there he used the Well to guarantee himself a B grade on his next school day.
School boost.jpg

Mischief was managed by the end of the week, and he too picked Vampire Family as his bloodline option.  He got some training with his Dad, and spent some time meditating with both Spike and Caleb.
Spike teaching.jpg

While he is waiting for the next school day, he has started working on his unique skills, Video Gaming and Programming.

Spike has had a good week too.  He started working on Master Vampire which took him back to the Muckery to fight with some of his offspring.
Spike fight1.jpgSpike fight2.jpgSpike fight3.jpg

That, lots of detect personality and reading the Ultimate Vampire Compendium eventually got him to Master Vampire, and he picked Influence Emotions level 1 and Mist Form as his tier 5 powers.  Eternal Sadness and Nightmare sleep are his last weaknesses.

He got 2 more promotions at work and is now level 7 in the Boss branch (Getaway Driver).
Da Boss.jpg

Lillith took photo's of him in Sim and Vampire form and actually painted a masterpiece of each, so that's the pictures sorted and in the museum. 

Lillith is still in love with Spike (unlike Dru), so he took her to the Romance Festival to show his appreciation. He also picked all the flowers available which netted him plenty of Birds of Paradise to fertilise the garden.
Romance fest.jpg

The garden is expanding, because gaining an orchid to use to make a death flower is proving difficult.  Spike is also spending much of his free time reading gardening books.  He wants level 10 so he can buy the rare seed packets. Here's hoping.
Spike gardening book.jpgmoo.jpgNeed orchid.jpg

So at the end of week 2, Spike needs to max his career and grow a Death Flower. Saul needs do quite a lot but he has made a good start.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 21 December 18
« Reply #13 on: December 21, 2018, 06:44:43 PM »
Wow, moving along so quickly!  That's awesome.  lol and yes, team everybody, for now.  I don't know, maybe sometime down the line, I'll be able to choose XD For now, I'll just enjoy all of them!

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 7 Jan 19
« Reply #14 on: January 07, 2019, 07:00:15 AM »
Aaliyah Week 2

Jonathon was born before this week started and Aaliyah was delighted not to be pregnant any more.

She cared for him as much as she could in between the activities necessary to her continuing success at work and those she needed to ensure the success of her family. 
transforming stuff.jpgPromotion.jpg

The success of her family was now a matter of concern to the government of her home-world and they sent a special envoy to fill her in on the new situation. 
A Abduction.jpg

They also gave her a list of new criteria that would have to be met before her genetic line could be allowed to returned to the planet.

Some of the tasks were very pleasant, like learning to cook
festival cake fp.jpg
and going on romantic dates with her husband so that her alien abilities of Hardly Hungry and Seldom Sleepy could be re-acquired.  She discovered that she enjoyed the 'kissing' activity even if it looked a little strange to start with.
Being kissed 1st person.jpg

Other tasks were less attractive, such as cleaning up after the toddlers missed the potty.

In time Jonathon aged up into an inquisitive toddler.
A&J Toddler.jpg
He spent a lot of time watching the adults in the house and chatting to the very friendly dragon. 
J thinking.jpgJ Comms.jpg
Eventually he had learned all he could at this stage about thinking and communicating, and after some focused work with his father, he mastered the basic self care expected of his age group and was allowed to progress to the next stage.
J todd complete.jpg
J Birthday.jpg

He continued to focus on his communication skills as a child, and soon became so fluent in the local language and customs that he was named a Social Butterfly, a special award from his home-world, only given to the most able communicators, and one that guaranteed him entry to the space programme once he reached adulthood.
J asp complete.jpg

His transition to the next life stage went smoothly.
J Teen.jpgJ teen 2.jpg

Ariadne was not forgotten in all this, her parents had other aims for her and delayed her change to childhood so she could learn everything possible at the toddler stage. She became a Top-Notch Toddler, a rare accomplishment usually only achieved by a few children from the most wealthy home-world families.
Ari TopNotch.jpg

Her favourite activity was flying on her fathers back
Ari flying fp.jpg

Aaliyah knew that her home-world government would expect proof that the tasks had been completed, so she spent some of their hard earned money building a special room. Inaccessible to people outside the genetic line, it would house the items that they needed to collect. She started the collection with portraits of herself.  Thankfully her husband was an accomplished painter.

So at the end of week 2, Aaliyah has completed all her requirements except maxing the career, which is nearly level 6.  Jonathon is about to start his teen/move out requirements.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 18 Jan 19
« Reply #15 on: January 18, 2019, 07:36:08 AM »
Buffy Week 2

Well it's been a busy week in the Slayer house. With the help of her Watcher, Buffy has maxed fitness and therefore the Body Builder aspiration.
B Fitness.jpg

She managed 2 career promotions to reach level 5(Senior Detective) and is part way to level 6.
B Promo.jpgB promo 2.jpg

Marcus decided to test her slaying skills and took her to a nightclub to search for vampires
B Balcony.jpg
Buffy: There's one
Marcus: How can you tell?
Buffy: Oh, please! Look at his jacket ... and the shirt! Deal with that outfit for a moment.
Marcus: It's dated?
Buffy: It's carbon dated. Trust me, only someone living underground for ten years would think that was still the look.

So with more success than her first slaying experience with Giles, Buffy removes the vamp from Caleb.
Paolo was more than happy to engage Rania in conversation while Buffy made a cure, and Hakim just happened to walk by at the right/wrong time.  If anyone knows what Buffy is using to hit Hakim with, please let me know.

Thanks to Jade finally managing to paint a half decent portrait, Buffy has everything finished except her career and it's time to turn our attention to Dawn.

Even as a toddler, she thought deep thoughts,
B & D.jpg
But she played a lot too
D imag 2.jpg
and with some help from the rest of the household with the potty skill she soon maxed her toddler skills
D potty.jpgD maxed toddler.jpg

Her birthday fell on Midsummers Night (appropriate for the Summers family)
D birthday 2.jpgD birthday.jpg
Which meant she could work on her motor skills to the flickering light of the bonfire while the adults enjoyed a barbecue and some dancing.
D motor.jpgmidsummer.jpgmidsummer3.jpg
Marcus was careful to make sure the bonfire was safely out at the end of the day
Midsummer 2.jpg

She spent some quality time with her dad on the roller skating rink.  They had fun with the synchronised falling over.
D & P fall over.jpg

Eventually she finished her aspiration and had her teen birthday
D child asp.jpgD teen 1.jpgD teen 2.jpg
From the side I think she got her fathers chin
D & P chin.jpg

Now she was old enough, Buffy sat her down and explained the Slayer thing to her.  It was a lot to take in and Dawn made good use of her journal to sort out her feelings before starting work on her Scouting badges and Leader of the Pack aspiration. (She joined the Paragons and took control of the Slayers club.)
B & D talk.jpgD journal.jpg
D scout 2.jpgScout progress.jpg

So at the end of week 2, Buffy is half way through her career with everything else done.  Dawn is a Unicorn scout and at level 3 in her aspiration. She has 3 good friends as well as being good friends with Buffy.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 18 Jan 19
« Reply #16 on: January 18, 2019, 07:38:59 AM »
House photos
I promised pics of the slayers house but I hit the picture limit for the first time ever!

Ground Floor – Main living space with a garden in the middle.
House g.jpg

1st floor – Slayers museum waiting to be filled
House 1.jpg

Roof up
House r.jpg

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 20 Jan 19
« Reply #17 on: January 20, 2019, 10:26:28 AM »
Spike Week 3 – Hardly anything about Spike

Spike had a quiet week, he enjoyed New Skill day, Talk like a Pirate day and the Harvest.
He bonded with his bees,
Spike Bees.jpg
he maxed Gardening and bought loads of rare seed packets which thankfully gave him a Death Flower to plant,
Death flower.jpg
and he gained a promotion
Spike promo.jpg
that's it.

Saul has had a much busier time.
He got his A grade and joined the Barista career.
Saul jobs.jpg
He programmed to level 9,
Saul Programming.jpg
he played games to level 7 and he went through phases.
Saul Moody.jpg

More importantly, he made enemies with Dawn
Saul Dawn fight.jpgSaul Dawn vamp fight.jpgSaul Dawn enemy.jpgSaul Dawn fight 2.jpg
and Jonathon.
Saul Jonathon fight.jpgSaul Jonathon fight 2.jpgSaul Jonathon enemy.jpg

Unluckily for Eva, angry teen vamps can't control the urge to drink.
Saul uncontrolled drink.jpg

Saul has also planted some Dragon Fruit, he plans to use the produce as his museum collection.
Saul dragonfruit.jpg

Caleb quite likes being Sim again.
Caleb nap.jpg
He can still nap in a coffin but he can also enjoy the gourmet food he cooks for his Food Critic career.  Unfortunately he now has to provide food for the whole house, although none of them find him especially tasty.
Saul Caleb drink.jpg
Caleb cow 1.jpg

The house has grown to accomodate everything, and Lillith has managed some masterpieces to put in the museum.
Museum 1.jpg

They mostly live in the basement,
House b.jpg

With skilling and club stuff on the ground floor.
House g.jpg

It's turned into a busy warehouse complex.
house r.jpg

So at the end of week 3 Spike has everything except a full grown and flowering Death Flower and 2 more promotions. Saul needs 1 more level of programming, 3 more levels of video gaming, to max his teen career and to sort his museum items.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 26 Jan 19
« Reply #18 on: January 26, 2019, 11:09:30 AM »
Aaliyah Week 3

This week it was Mckinley's turn to update home-world on the progress they had made.  She was happy to report the many advances they had achieved.
M abducted 1.jpg

Ariadne started the week by moving on to the next life stage.  Her smooth transition set her up for a very productive week
Ari birthday.jpgAri child.jpg

She worked hard on all the child specific qualifications that were recognised by home-world, and by the end of the week she had completed the Whiz Kid, Social Butterfly and Artistic Prodigy certificates. These would allow her entry into any of the scientific, communications or creative careers on offer.  She still plans to acquire the Rambunctious Scamp certificate to allow entry into the physical careers such as law enforcement.

While she was working for the Social Butterfly certificate, she visited the Summers home.  Jonathan accompanied her.  While Ari spent some quality time with Buffy,
Ari social.jpg
Ari & B stargaze.jpg

Jonathan discovered that Dawn was a strange hybrid creature, one that closely resembled the terrifying monsters from his home-world's past.  Fear became anger, and he told her exactly what he thought of her.
J & D argue.jpgJ & D fight 1.jpg
Her ability to fly confirmed her species
J & D fight.jpg
and he declared his undying hatred and determination to extinguish her kind from the planet.
J & D enemies.jpg

Jonathan continued his research into the cultures and customs of the planet by examining the Selvadoradan culture.  Mckinley accompanied  him on the first trip but he made another on his own and plans several more.
J & M jungle.jpg
 He is now over half way through the Jungle Explorer qualification, but he didn't neglect his studies of the culture close to his home base and continued to go to 'school' where his hard work resulted in the 'A-grade' reward and 2 achievement trophies.
J A-grade.jpg
J Bunnies.jpg

He has ambitious plans to transplant the plants from Sixam to the local soils to see how it affects their growth, so he made a couple of trips through the wormhole.  His last trip resulted in the collection of glow fruit seeds, but he nearly got stranded there, making it home at 5.58am on the last Sunday morning.

In preparation for the plant experiments he started studying the local gardening techniques and books on the flowers of this planet.
J garden.jpgJ Flower.jpg
He even made an arrangement of the flowers which he sold to help finance the trips to Selvadorada.
J flower 2.jpgJ flower 3.jpg

Somehow he found time to pose for photographs of his true and disguised forms so that his father could document them properly.  The completed masterpieces now hang in the archive.

Aaliyah continued to work hard at her career and spent a lot of time at home working with the invention constructor, trying to find ways to integrate the local technology with that of her home-world.
A tinker.jpgA Promo.jpgA promo 2.jpg

Mckinley also worked hard at her career, which was recognised by her superiors and rewarded with a promotion.
Mckinley promo.jpg
She continued to increase her understanding of the primitive local computers until she was able to exploit them in many interesting ways.
Mckinley asp.jpg

The Autumn Equinox occurred in the middle of the week and the family celebrated it as best they could with the resources available to them.  It seemed the planet was celebrating with them as it provided deafening sonic booms and earth-shaking electricity charges.
costumes.jpgHomework.jpgStories round bonfire.jpg

At the end of Week 3 Aaliyah needs 3 promotions, while Jonathan has his A-grade and enemies in place, is part way through his aspiration and unique skills, and has 2 of his 3 good friends. He hasn't started on his collection yet.

Notes:  The Equinox holiday was held on a day of 'mysterious' weather which included a thunderstorm, even though I had turned thunderstorms and blizzards off in the seasons settings.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 8 Feb 19
« Reply #19 on: February 08, 2019, 08:40:08 AM »
Buffy Week 3

The week started well for Dawn, she worked on her charisma and finally completed her aspiration to be Leader of the Pack.
D no reflection.jpgD asp complete.jpg

However she just couldn't shake the memories of the fights she had been in with Saul and Jonathan.  Saul was just a nasty vampire, but she felt that Jonathan's reaction to her had been extreme and she didn't like making someone feel so bad.  She wrote it all down in her journal (of course).
D Diary.jpg
then spoke to Mum.  Buffy reminded her of her Dad's choice and Dawn leapt at the chance.
B & D hug.jpgD not vamp 3.jpg

No longer a vampire, Dawn found she had new energy to devote to the other things she wanted to do.  (Because a Book of Life doesn't fill vampire energy or thirst). She maxed out her handiness skill and along the way produced 7 high value ornaments.
D max handiness.jpgmuseum.jpg

She became a top rank 'Lamacorn' Scout.  (And discovered that you could take out the same bit of rubbish over and over).
D & rubbish.jpgD max scout 2.jpgScout finished.jpg

She had fun with Dad in Granite Falls
D & P horseshoes.jpg
She got her A grade at school despite a mood swing
D a grade mood swing.jpg
And she logged it all in her journal.
D diary 2.jpg

The other major event of the week was the Winter Feast.  Buffy and Paolo were fortunate enough to get the same day off and had plenty of fun in the snow. 
Snow 1.jpgsnow 3.jpgsnow 4.jpg
Then the house was decorated
House decorations.jpg
Presents were opened
and a Grand Meal was enjoyed.
grand meal.jpg
Later that day Father Winter visited, and Eva got very friendly with him
E & FW.jpg
until 'puff', he was gone.
FW gone.jpg

Alongside all the fun, work was done.  Buffy got 2 promotions and is now a level 7 Lieutenant
B promo 1.jpgB promo 2.jpg

While Eva and Paolo are both at level 9 of their respective careers.
E & P Promo.jpg

Watchers Note:
While panning round the house, I spotted this touching scene.  Caleb and his Significant Other (forgotten her name) snuck away for a romantic break.  This definitely influenced some of the events in the Vampire Week 4.
Caleb kiss.jpg

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 8 Feb 19
« Reply #20 on: February 18, 2019, 01:43:54 PM »
Just getting caught back up with this story.  I still can't choose a favorite.  It looks like Spike might have the advantage in his career right now, but that could change. 

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 8 Feb 19
« Reply #21 on: March 18, 2019, 08:10:14 AM »
@BallerinaHippo Thank you for commenting, and yes, the vampires are doing very well at the moment.

Spike Week 4/Saul Week 1

The vampires had a very good week.  It seems the Wishing Well quite likes the bad boys.
Spike ww 1.jpgSpike wishingwell.jpgSpike ww 2.jpg

This allowed Spike to max his career before the end of the week
Spike max career.jpg

and Saul got his last promotion as a Barista.
Saul promo.jpg

He aged up to young adult while still working on his skills and collection and so started his adult job, and duly gained his 1st promotion.
Saul JA.jpgSaul promo 2.jpg

He took lots of holidays to max his skills
Saul maxed skills.jpg

and finally decided on his museum collection.
Saul museum 2.jpg

Despite Spike's objections, Saul took over leadership of the family club and left home on Thursday night.
Saul club takeover.jpgS moved out.jpg

Finally in his own home, Saul's first task was to find the mother of his heir.  He filled the club with all the female vamps in town and started a gathering.  The best match was Ulrike Faust, who has good traits and some levels of painting skill.
S chosen bride.jpg

A bit of fun in a coffin
S & U try baby.jpg

and confetti!
Ulrike pregnant.jpg

Saul was very happy to get the news
Saul big news.jpg

Overjoyed to be having a baby, Ulrike managed 2 promotions before the week ended.
Ulrike promo.jpgU promo 2.jpg

Remember that sweet moment between Caleb and his significant other outside the slayers house, well I decided that as they loved each other so much I'd move her in (still can't remember her name) along with their child.  I built a small apartment for them in the other warehouse and Caleb got to enjoy family life.  He also complete his aspiration and gained another promotion.
Caleb apartment.jpgCaleb family.jpgCaleb Asp.jpgC promo.jpg

So at the end of Week 4, Gen 2 has moved out, started his family, garden, aspiration and career.  The vampires are looking good.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 23 April 19
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Aaliyah Week 4

A very bitty report this week, our watcher got distracted playing another game (Lord of the Rings online) and didn't take enough photo's.  Thankfully none of us were required to report in with Home-world so we are not in trouble there.

However, there was progress on all fronts.  I gained another promotion leaving me with just 2 more before I reach the top of my career.
A promo.jpg

I also aged up to the life-stage this planet calls 'Adult'.  Despite being older I do not feel much different than before and still have plenty of energy.  There are no foreseeable obstacles to stop me completing all my tasks before the end of next week.
A adult.jpg

My First Lieutenant, Mckinley, reached the top of her career and as it coincided with a local celebration called 'Night on the Town', we went out to celebrate.  Mckinley's mate refused to disguise himself but thankfully none of the staff or other diners seemed bothered.  Jonathan was able to become good friends with Ariadne during the meal.  I'm hoping she will be a good mate for him.
M max career.jpg
Night on town.jpg

Jonathan worked steadily at his tasks.  He gained a promotion in his part-time career
J promo.jpg

He continued to work on his garden and planted the last of his test flora in the museum pots.
J museum.jpg
J Garden.jpg

Local rumours and hints found in the gardening and flower books led him to investigate an artefact called 'The Wishing Well'.  His research paid off and it promoted him to the top of his career.  I may investigate this strange item myself if I get the time.
J well 1.jpgJ Well 2.jpgJ well promo.jpg

At the end of my 4th week on the planet I need 2 more promotions in my career.  Jonathan needs 2 more levels of gardening and 3 of flower arranging, and 2 more visits to the temple to complete his investigations of the Selvadoradian culture.

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 16 May 19
« Reply #23 on: May 16, 2019, 08:33:43 AM »
Buffy Week 4/ Dawn Week 1

It has been a very busy week in the Slayer household.  There has been an abduction, many birthdays, an engagement, a house move, a pregnancy, several promotions and some skill gains.

1st up was Marcus's elder birthday, he was not impressed by the back ache but didn't let it stop him from exercising at every opportunity
Marcus elder.jpg

While that was happening, Dawn was working on her last unique skill.  She picked DJ Mixing and joined the Spin Masters club.  It gave her 2 benefits, she maxed the skill in under 2 days and she met Joaquin Le Chein.
D maxed skills.jpgD & J.jpg

With 2 unique skill maxed, Dawn was ready for her young adult birthday. Soon after that it was Eva's turn.
D ya.jpg
E adult.jpg

The next day Dawn started her new job and got her first promotion.
D promo 1.jpg

Promotions and birthdays came thick and fast after this. Buffy used the well and it gave her an instant promotion.
B well 2.jpgB well 1.jpg

Ariadne was invited round by Buffy and encouraged to age up.  She was more than happy to comply and gained the Dog Lover trait.
Ariadne Teen 1.jpgAriadne Teen.jpg

Then Jade aged up to adult
J adult.jpg

Buffy went back to the well and it gave her a guaranteed promotion at the end of her next shift.  In fact it did it twice.  Now the founder's household contains 2 Chiefs of Police.
B well 4.jpgB well 3.jpg
B well 5.jpgB chief.jpg

While this was going on, Dawn and Joaquin were working on their relationship. It grew so much they felt ready to get engaged.
D & J going out.jpgD & J engaged.jpgJ engaged.jpg

Then they hit a snag.
D abducted.jpg
2 weeks previously, Mckinley Eddy had reported to her home-world the discovery of monsters long thought extinct. This prompted her government to investigate and so they abducted the creature in question.  The scientists on the mission where very happy to discover that Dawn was not the same species that terrified and nearly exterminated their ancestors millennia ago and that it was a misunderstanding.  Dawn was very happy to be returned home unharmed.

Having survived her abduction unscathed, and with everything else in place, Dawn turned her back on her parents home and moved into a place of her own on Friday of Buffy's 4th week in town.
D moved 1.jpgD moved 2.jpg

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Re: Welcome to ... (my unofficial RDC) Updated 16 May 19
« Reply #24 on: May 16, 2019, 08:38:05 AM »
Buffy Week 4/ Dawn Week 1 (continued)

Knowing that she couldn't take over the mantle of 'The Slayer' all by herself, Dawn quickly moved in her fiancée Joaquin and her good friend Siobhan.  Then she employed a builder to make them somewhere to live.  The resulting house was small and cosy but contained everything they needed.
House 1.jpgHouse 2.jpgHouse 3.jpg

Soon after moving in, Dawn became pregnant, and she took every opportunity to eat strawberries and listen to pop music, encouraged by Buffy.
D pregnant.jpgstrawberries & pop.jpg

Thankfully she was still able to exercise for her daily task and the whole household went to the gym with the senior scoobies so that they could work on their fitness
fitness 1.jpgfitness 2.jpg

She chose to follow her dad into the Professional Athlete career when she got her next promotion.  Her parents came round to celebrate with cake.
D promo 2.jpgD welcome wagon.jpg

At the end of week 4, Dawn has moved out, got pregnant, reached level 5 (Minor Leaguer) in her career, planted her slayer's garden and completed 2 tiers of the Fitness aspiration.