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Chapter 227: Goodbye's and a First Day
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Upstairs, I find Chase sharing his feelings with Odette, saying, "It almost breaks my heart Odette, to be leaving you and the girls! I'm not sure I can do it!"

Odette says firmly, "You can Chase, remember what the Watcher told us! We won't even realize the passing of time while you're at Uni. You'll be so busy with classes, lectures, and homework, the two weeks will just fly by. And if you get a little homesick and miss me or the girls, just call, and we can work through it."

Chase corrects her saying, "About that, the way it's set up, I've decided to just sign up for one term! Since I already have 18 credits, I'll only need to earn 30 more to complete my degree. I was hoping I could take 18 credits one term, and 12 the second, but that only works doing two terms separately, so I should only be gone a week. Then I'll come back home for a quick break with you and the girls, and go back for my 2nd term."

"That sounds even better! I was thinking of visiting you at Uni over the weekend between your terms, but that would have meant leaving the twins with just mom and dad here. I know they wouldn't even notice, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing that."

Then she pulls him close and holds him tightly, whispering, "I love you so much, Chase. Just keep hold of that thought, and let our love make you strong!"

Chase squeezes Odette tighter and says, "That should help, you've always been so strong Odette. I'll just think of you and try to keep focused."

Odette says, "Don't just think of me, think of us. We're stronger together."

And they kiss one last time.

Then Chase goes to the nursery to say goodbye to the twins.

First, Janette, and he cuddles her close, tickling her to hear her baby laugh, saying, "Now as the eldest you need to be a big girl and be a good example for your sister. Daddy will be home before you know it."

Odette smiles as she watches Chase, her heart swelling at what a loving and caring father he is.

Giving his daughters equal time, he picks up Jemma, playing with her, as he says, "Don't forget me while I'm gone little one. And be good for mommy and your grandparents."

Chase takes the aptitude test one more time, not that he needs a scholarship, but to confirm his credits.

To his satisfaction, with his extra skill points in art, he's now earned 18 credits towards an Art degree, as well as 18 credits towards a Technology degree.

But he decides to go with his first choice and chooses Technology, signing up for one term, and taking 18 credits, just like he'd discussed with Odette.

Then he clicks accept as his heart pounds louder and louder in his chest.

As a wish he's held for a very long time completes, he realizes that he's really going through with it!

He's actually going to University and pursuing his LTW!

The thought fills him with courage and confidence at finally taking this step in his life.

Then he hears the van and grabs his suitcase as Odette, Rory, and Cinda gather outside see him off.

He strides down the sidewalk, his face showing his new confidence, hoping this feeling will last.

Odette, Rory, and Cinda all wave, and shout encouraging words to show their love and support.

Rory says, "I know you can do it Chase, study hard and take lots of notes. Call if you want to discuss any research. I'll do my best to help."

Cinda smiles, despite being outside, and says, "I will take special care of your daughters, right here in the house! No more outings until you're back home. You've got my word on that!"

And finally Odette, saying, "The twins and I will be just fine Chase. Let our love keep you strong and follow your dreams!"

Chase climbs into the Uni moving van, and looks over at his family, as they wave and smile, their words echoing through his mind and heart.

He can do this and make them proud!

As the van drives off, Odette still waving, shouts, "I love you Chase! Call when you get there and tell me all about your new place at Uni!"

And as Rory's face goes sober and still he says, "Watcher, please watch over him and bring him safely back to us."

"I'll do my best Rory! I haven't lost an heir spouse yet and I'm not planning on starting now!"

I follow them inside for one last goodbye, before I tag along with Chase, and I'm surprised when Odette pulls out her guitar.

"You're going to play a song now? I'd thought you'd be sad and need a little pep talk."

"I'm taking a page out of Scott's book and writing a special song for Chase. As soon as it's finished, I'll record it and send it to him along with a montage of photos of the girls, so he won't be lonely!"

"That's a great idea! I'm sure that will really help him. Bye Odette. Chase and I will be back as soon as his term is over. But I'll remind him to call so you can keep in touch and give him the love and support he needs."

The words barely leave my mouth and I find myself looking down on Hidden Springs getting one last glimpse of the Frio family home on the shore of the blue, blue, lake.

I also spot Hope house and even a part of the Shawkti ranch.

My stomach tingles with excitement, and a little bit of trepidation, as I realize that it's finally happening, Chase and I are off to Uni!

Chase and I discussed it and decided that since he's not the typical YA student, but a married father of two, renting a house of his own is the best idea.

That way there'll be no wild parties or slobby dorm mates to deal with, and no distractions from his studies.

We choose this cute 1 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow on a spacious lot, close to campus.

The rents pretty cheap, and with access to our household funds, not a problem at all.

As soon as Chase arrives, he nods and says, "This place looks nice, the outside anyway. I think choosing a private place was a great idea. But I'm feeling really hot and uncomfortable. I hope I'm not coming down with something?"

That's when I notice Chase is no longer wearing the clothes he left the Frio home in just a few moments ago.

"When did you change your clothes and where did that black turtleneck come from? And why are you wearing gloves?"

Chase shrugs and says, "I didn't change my clothes, this is what I left in, do you wear glasses by any chance Watcher?"

"I do, but …"

Then I stop in mid-sentence as when Chase walks along the porch, his suitcase disappears, his clothes are no longer black, they look normal again, and the black gloves are gone too!

"That's weird!"

"What Watcher? Has something happened?"

"Your clothes changed back, but your icon is still wearing black….hhhmm, let me try something else."

I switch Chase into another outfit, and it switches his clothes just fine, but doesn't change the black apparel in his icon.

"Let's just hope that's temporary. Why don't you go inside and check out your new home?"

The house came fully furnished, but with very basic furniture and appliances.

So, as Chase chats with Odette, I ditch the cheap stuff and add some upgrades, including a TV and video gaming system.

All of which I found in our household inventory, as we've got complete access to that too, and it's holds a bounty from past homes.

Then I tune in to Chase's conversation, "Wow, Odette, the Watcher wasn't kidding when she said everything would focus on me when I went to Uni! Not only is she here with me, but we've got tons of stuff in inventory and she's decked out my house so it looks great. And the money!!! You told me your family was well off, but I had no idea!"

Chase laughs and says, "Right MY family too, once a Frio always a Frio! How are the girls? I miss them already and you too!"

Chase listens to Odette's response and says, "Really? It's the same time there as when I left? So the Watcher was right about that too! Doesn't make sense, but I'm glad it works like that."

I check out the rest of the house, updating the bedroom with a good quality bed, switching out the plumbing for top of the line pieces, and totally remodeling the kitchen and dining area.

The only thing I actually had to purchase was a refrigerator as I didn't have an extra one in inventory.

But all of those upgrades should definitely make Chase a lot more comfortable in his new home, even if it is just temporary.

With my remodeling and furnishing complete, I check back in with Chase.

"No she hasn't added any art work yet. I'll let her know you want my home visually appealing as well as comfortable. In fact, she probably heard me say that. Oh, I'm getting a text from my counselor Odette. I'll should check it out and see if it's important. I love you! Give the twins hugs and kisses from me. I'll call later."

The text for Chase lets him know that a Meet 'n' Greet is taking place at the Student Union building, and though not mandatory, it's highly recommended for new students.

Chase heads off to attend, but apparently I chose a home too close to campus because instead of hopping in the Motive Mobile I packed expressly to keep his needs up, he goes on foot.

"Chase! If you use the motive mobile…."

"No need Watcher! It's not far, and I want to soak up the atmosphere in this College town. I can feel myself getting smarter already!"

I laugh and say, "Chase, you're a genius! How much smarter do you need to be?"

Chase, his breathing a bit labored from running, says, "Being a Genius means having the potential to learn skills easily, like Logic, but you still have to learn them Watcher!"

"Oh, so how does your absent-minded trait come into play when you're a genius?"

"It makes focusing harder, and sometimes I even forget what I'm doing, right in the middle of doing it. I'm hoping that being here at University will lessen it's affect on me. Like being at the Library helps you learn and read faster, I'm hoping the studious atmosphere here on campus will help me focus more too."

Chase gets to the Student Union and introduces himself to the Llama Mascot first thing.

"Chase Frio, Technology Major and nerd extraordinaire!"

"I'm Rob, I mean Ray Wise, the uummm…"

Chase raises an eyebrow and says, "By the outfit I'm guessing, Llama Mascot.  You're absent-minded too! Glad I'm not the only one!"

Ray smiles, and says, "Just between you and me, sometimes I have to check myself out in a mirror to remember! But I'm a nerd too, and we need to stick together, bro!"

While the two guys chat, I do a double-take!

There's a fairy at Uni!

And it looks like she wants to be friends with Chase.

I quickly have Chase turn around and introduce himself.

And these two share a trait as well as they're both Light Sleepers.

"Mika Moore, I'm a Phys Ed Major. And a fairy, of course, pretty obvious with the wings! But you don't seem to be uncomfortable with that. Know a few fairies do you?"

Chase nods and says, "My wife's family come from a long line of fairies, though she didn't inherit fae genetics, and it wasn't passed on to either of our twin daughters. But my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and one of my sisters-in-law all have beautiful pink wings." Then he adds, "My other sister-in-law became a witch when she was a teen! But my wife, my father-in-law, and myself are ordinary humans, along with three married in human spouses."

Mika whistles and says, "Now that's some family you have there! I figured you were already taken, being cute and a bit older than the rest of us! But, wait, pink wings and the name Frio!?! I've heard that name before, let me think." With a snap of her fingers, Mika says, "I've got it! Torre Frio the fairy Superstar athlete!?!"

Chase nods and says, "My mother-in-law's grandfather. I've never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I've heard lots of stories."

"I'd love to hear them, keep me in mind for any study groups you put together!"

Chase nods, saying, "Sure thing."

And they part ways to check out the rest of the Student Union and meet other students.

Chase grabs the free items available, a poster, a flying disc, and a kicky bag, as well as a soda and a candy bar.

Then he looks over the information on the welcome table, checking out his curriculum and class schedule, as well as signing up to receive text messages from his Technology Professor, Wade Anthony.

Then he shows off his nerdy nature by going upstairs and heading straight for two arcade machines tucked in a corner.

As he sees the blue one, his eyes light up and he pops in the required simoleans and grabs the controls.

He says "This is so cool! I haven't played Fire in the Skies since I was in high school! Watch this move, Watcher!"

I smile and say, "Go for it Chase!"

And then I watch as he blasts through screen after screen, in his element and totally content only moments after arriving at Uni.

It was a bit touch and go for Chase to make the decision to leave Odette and the twins, but he did it!

He managed to say goodbye to all of them and head off with confidence to make his family proud.

He's settled down in a small private bungalow close to campus and we've added plenty of comfy, upgraded, amenities for him to feel at home.

Then Chase attended the Meet 'n' Greet for new students at the Student Union and the first two sims he met he shared a trait with!

Then he grabbed some campus freebies and found a familiar video game on the 2nd floor.

I think things may just work out well for our boy genius at University after all!

But he's still not done looking around or even gone to a class yet.

So plenty of new adventures for him to discover during his first term.

Let's see what happens in Chapter 228: A Major Change
Coming soon.

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Chapter 228: A Major Change
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But I'm not the only one watching Chase as another student wanders over and watches intently as he plays.

When the game is over and Chase is a top scorer, the guy says, "Great job! I'm Nicholas Albright. Feel like some foosball? We need a fourth player!"

Chase all pumped from his arcade win says, "Sure, I'm always up for a game! But I haven't played foosball since high school so I'm probably a little rusty."

Nicholas laughs and says, "If you're as 'rusty' as you were with Fire in the Skies, you'll do just fine."

And Chase proves Nicholas' words correct as he scores the first goal!

"Alright, I still have the moves!"

Che Justice, his partner, says, "Oh yeah! I'm glad you're on my side bro! Nicholas is finally going down!"

Nicholas laughs and says, "Dream on, Che! You've not beaten us yet!"

The guys play several games and have lots of fun ribbing each other and jeering at bad plays.

Then Chase asks about classes and if anyone's looked over their course work yet.

Che puts up both hands and says, "Dude, no academics while playing foosball! It puts me right off my game!"

Nicholas laughs and says, "Like you were ever on in the first place, Che!"

But soon their rowdy laughter and playing has others drifting over to their side of the room.

As the guys finish another game, with Chase and Che the winners, a girl says, "Great job!" With a laugh she adds, "You've got to be a nerd with foosball moves like those!"

When Chase steps over to introduce himself, he finds out the girl is another new student majoring in Science and Medicine, and that she's an even bigger nerd than he is, having maxed that social group and being at level 10.

Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for them to discover that, though they share a  love for games and Geek Rock, their excitable and brooding traits clash, big time!

Esther says, disparagingly, "Oh, I thought it was artists that were brooding, not nerds!"

With a frown at her tone and words, Chase replies, "And I didn't think a Science and Medicine major would be all giggly and excitable either!"

But then the two of them, being the nerds they are, can't resist chatting on about comic books they've read, and video games they've played over the years, boasting about their top scores.

Those topics seem to have made them forget about their previous clash, probably because Chase has truly already forgotten about it!

Sometimes being absent minded isn't a bad thing.

As Chase decides to get in some more game, he strolls back towards the arcade machines, and meets one of the professors on campus.

"Professor Billy Jean Sparks, Communications Department. Welcome to our campus."

"Chase Frio, Technology Major."

Chas's greeting was friendly enough, but his quick look at the arcade machines has the Professor smiling and saying, "I won't keep you from your games, I just wanted to extend a welcome and thank you for participating in our Meet 'n' Greet. It really helps new students break the ice, especially when it's their first term. If you're a die hard nerd like me, check out Keith's Komics for the latest issues. You'll have your 'hands on' class there later in the week, but you'll be busy with class projects then."

"Thanks for the heads up Professor! I'll definitely check it out. I'm married and the father of newborn twins so I haven't had a lot of free time, but I was hoping to catch up on a few of my favorites while I was here. After my course work is done, of course. I didn't come to Uni just to play games and read comics, obtaining my degree is my objective, but it's a definite perk!"

"I wouldn't expect anything less from a Technology major, especially one who's a nerd! Enjoy the rest of your day and watch out for party invites, as the head of the communications department, I host quite a few of them."

Chase continues to the arcade machines, but now there's a girl at the gold machine playing Night of the Shambling Shades IV.

As we all know, nerds take their games seriously, and Chase is no exception.

He wouldn't dream of interrupting when someone's focused on a game.

So he stands quietly and watches, admiring her quick reflexes and handling of the joysticks, as she maneuvers past hordes of shuffling zombies.

When the girl earns a top score, she's surprised to hear Chase's shouted, "Well done! It's not a game I've played much but you handled it like a pro!"

"Oh, thanks! I was so caught up I didn't realize anyone was watching."

"That tends to distract people when they're playing, it does me anyway, so I stayed quiet."

"Thanks again. I'm Manisha Kapoor, Phys Ed Major, and quite the nerd, not the usual combo, but it works for me. My boyfriend Paul's a Business major, and I've managed to get him interested in a few games and started down the nerd path! We're polar opposites when it comes to personality, but you know what they say, 'opposites attract!' Oh, you're good and a light sleeper like me, that's cool too."

Chase, totally lost with such a fast conversation, latched on to her ending words with relief, and said, "You're the second student I've met today that's a light sleeper. It's nice meeting others with similar traits. I've been pretty lucky and have only met one student today that I had an incompatible trait with, though our nerdiness helped us overcome it."

"That's pretty good. Hey, you wanna get a jump start on our grades and get in some study time?"

Chase wasn't all that sure that Manisha would make a good study partner, but he did want to check out his study manuals so he said, "Sure. But let's use the room downstairs, it's too loud up here with everyone at the foosball table and arcade games."

Chase settled down in a chair and began looking over course material right away, hoping Manisha would take the hint and do the same, and do it quietly.

To his relief, she pulled out her chair and said, "I prefer quiet when I study. I hope that's okay?"

Chase smiled and said, "Me too," and focused all his attention on the book in his hand.

Since Chase doesn't have an academic bar until classes start Monday morning, I'm not sure if studying now will do any good, but he's happy, so I let them study for a bit.

Then they headed out to the lobby where Chase ran in to Mika.

"Hey, Chase, Professor Sparks has invited me to join her at Keith's Komics to check it out and maybe get in some study time. Wanna come with?"

"Manisha and I just got in some study time, but I'd love to check that place out."

Mika said, "Great! You wanna come too, Manisha?"

Manisha nodded and headed for the door and Chase said, "My van's just down the block, I'll go get it and we can all ride over together."

A few minutes later, Chase dropped the Professor, Mika, and Manisha off in front of the comics store saying, "I'll find a parking space and catch up with you!"

The three girls nodded and as Chase drove off, Manisha said, "For a Technology Major and a nerd, he's pretty hot!"

Mika giggled and said, "I thought you had a boyfriend! But you're right he IS cute, and he's comfortable with fairies too. Not like some that avoid us like the plague. But he mentioned a wife when we first met, so I'm guessing hands off."

Professor Sparks added, "And he's the father of newborn twins!"

Mika said, "Right! He did mention that too. But he's got so much family, I'd forgotten."

Learning both of those facts had Manisha, saying loudly, "Very hands off! But I can still enjoy the view!"

Professor Sparks laughed, and said, "As long as he's here on campus! Remember our motto girls!"

The three of them laughed even harder and chorused, "What happens in Uni stays in Uni!"

Inside, Keith's Komics was a nerd's heaven with new issues of a variety of comic books as well as back issues of long forgotten ones.

Well, forgotten by normal sims, but never forgotten by true nerds!

Chase grabbed one he'd hadn't read yet and settled down in a comfy chair.

He was so absorbed, he finished it quickly.

Manisha, true to her word, didn't chatter on when she was reading either, and Chase enjoyed her silent company along with his comic book.

Mika decided she'd browsed enough, and strolling by the professor said, "I'm going to check on Chase and Manisha and see if they want to get in some study time."

Professor Sparks, engrossed in an on-line game, answered distractedly, "That's fine."

The three students then settled down to get a head start on their curriculum studies.

It was getting late, but their ride in Chase's Motive Mobile had maxed out all their needs, so no one was feeling hungry or tired.

By the time their study group ended, Chase had a well-rounded concept of what Monday's classes would cover and he was confident he understood the information.

But reading information and understanding it wasn't a problem for him, it was retaining the information, so before he left the store, he stocked up on notebooks for all the notes he'd be taking.

Then, with a parting wave to his new friends, and Professor Sparks, he headed back to his new home.

More than satisfied with his first day, even though it was just Orientation, Chase decided to continue working on his inventing skill, as he still wanted to max it.

With nothing else to occupy his time until classes in the morning starting at 8 am, and full needs again after the drive home, he started discovering new inventions in earnest.

In a burst of confetti, he shouted, "I've done it! I've made a time machine! Can you believe it Watcher!?!"

"Of course Chase, you're a Genius after all! Clarisse made one back in Bridgeport and she was just Eccentric and loved inventing….and blowing things up!"

Chase's enthusiasm wanes as he says, "Oh, so I'm not the first one to make one, that's a bit disappointing. Why haven't I ever noticed it before if you already have one? I know I'm forgetful but I doubt I'd miss a time machine!"

"No, if it was in the house, you would probably have noticed it, but I've kept it in the family inventory since the last incident, what I like to refer to as Medieval Marcy Madness. But that's a long story and one for another time. Suffice it to say that it caused a bit of a family problem, that ultimately was resolved in a positive way, but not until after much suffering and bad feelings were felt by all."

"So you're not thrilled to see another one?"

"Well, the circumstances are totally different and I'm not sending another couple through ever again, so it should be safe enough."

"You mean you'd let me try it out!?!"

"Sure, I don't see any harm in it and maybe you'll come back with some cool outfits, from the past or the future. We have one Medieval female outfit from Marcy, but I can't quite remember if Clarisse came back with any. But we don't have any male outfits so you'd be the first to get one of those. Let me find a place big enough for it."

"Big enough? It doesn't look that big. Now that I've thought of that, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even fit inside it."

"Give me a sec, you'll see."

I place it on the ground outside of the house near the driveway and Chase stares as it reaches it's full size.

"Oh, it did get much larger than it was on the workbench. I wasn't expecting that. I guess it's like time standing still back home, right? Can't explain it, but it works in your favor, so don't question it?"

"Something like that. I'm not sure where fishing poles get stashed either, but I try not to think about it."

As I'm speaking, Chase starts pushing buttons and when nothing happens, he says, "I guess it doesn't work!"

"Give it a minute, it needs to warm up the first time."

And a couple of minutes later, the door opens and Chase is rewarded by a pulsing purple glow emanating from inside.

I start to explain saying, "It's a portal to other dimensions. Which time period did you choose?"

But without answering me, Chase dives headlong into the machine!

I start getting messages about his adventures and realize he's chosen the past.

As I start hoping for a caveman costume, or something equally cool, one of the messages mentions that Chase helped an arguing pioneer couple make up and, as he was leaving, he noticed they looked vaguely familiar.

Then I notice the paper girl standing in the bushes beside the house with thoughts of Chase's bed!

I check the time clock and it's way too early for the paper girl as it's the middle of the night.

Then I realize with horror that there's a child's icon under Chase's!

I scroll over the 'paper girl' and stare in shock as it reveals her name, Marisol Frio!

I check Chase's family tree and can only stare again, open mouthed, as Marisol is listed as Chase's daughter!

Just as I'd forgotten that Insane sims reject proposals, I'd forgotten that traveling to the past or future could produce a child of that sim.

Oh boy! Or more appropriately in this case, girl!

I'm starting to feel an odd sense of déjà vu as those words pop into my mind.

I follow Marisol inside as Chase is still busy in the blasted time machine.

She's hungry and tired so I have her grab some yogurt from the fridge.

I don't speak to her yet, as I don't want to startle her.

I figure introductions will be best coming from her father.

I check on the time machine and Chase comes flying out in a rain of deadly arrows!

"Great, that's all I need, for you to die here in Uni! Shut the door Chase!"

As Chase ducks and darts around trying to avoid them he shouts, "I'm trying Watcher! I wasn't expecting arrows!"

"There's a lot more than arrows to worry about now!"

As I explain, Chase stands there more shocked and horrified by the minute, the agony on his face plain to see.

"I'm so sorry Chase, not for you having another daughter, Marisol is beautiful, she looks just like you! But the circumstances are going to be difficult to explain and mostly my fault. I totally forgot about possible children, even if it's just a single sim adventuring in the past or future, and not a couple actually trying for a baby in it."

"Single sim? I'm not single, but very married with two daughters…." With a gulp, Chase adds, "Three daughters now!"

"That was a poor choice of words, a lone sim. But that still doesn't change the fact that you have another daughter. One who's school age in fact. And there are no schools in Uni, so I'll have to figure out how to keep her occupied, especially when you are at class."

Chase jumps and says, "At class!?! Are you expecting me to continue with classes like nothing has happened!?! Like this isn't a major change in my life? While a little girl, my daughter, is sitting here at home all alone?"

"Of course not. I'm expecting you to go to class and study hard, while I look after Marisol."

"Marisol, what a beautiful name," Chase says, his focus shifted upon hearing her name.

"It is, isn't it! Once I got over the shock, I was thrilled by her name. And she loves pink, too. I can't wait to get her a whole new wardrobe."

"Whoa, whoa, Watcher! You may be over the shock, but I'm still reeling! And…" This time his gulp is even more audible, "I have to call and tell Odette what happened, try to explain everything, cancel my classes, and bring Marisol home…"

"Yes, you do have to call Odette. It will come as a shock, I'm sure. But neither of us planned this Chase, and we can't let it interfere with your dreams. I don't want that, I'm sure Odette doesn't, and I know, in your heart, you don't want that. But  once it sinks in, I think everyone will realize that staying here and completing your term is best for you and for Marisol. And I'm perfectly capable of looking after one sim child! Besides, this will give them time to take it in at home, to prepare for Marisol becoming part of the family. Odette will come around, and so will Rory and Cinda."

Chase's eyes get huge behind his glasses as he breathes…."Cinda is going to kill me! Showing up with a child age daughter after adventuring in the past in a time machine is so much worse than forgetting Janette on the steps of City Hall!"

"Yeah, you're right there." Seeing Chase's look of horror at my agreement, I quickly, add, "You're right that it's a bit worse, not that she will kill you!"

Chase decides he needs to get explanations over with and makes the call to Odette.

"I'm so sorry I'm calling so early Odette. Oh, right, it's still late morning there. No, nothing's wrong, exactly. I'm fine. I just need to tell you something and it's kind of difficult to find the right words.

"Start at the beginning? Oh, okay. I can do that. It started when I had this idea to invent a Time Machine and I actually did it! Thanks honey, knowing you're proud of me does help, though it doesn't make the rest of this any easier to tell you. Where was I?

"Oh, right, the time machine. Then the Watcher said it was okay to use it, so I decided to check out my past. That turned out to be a mixed blessing. The past was full of interesting places, some good, some not so good. And then I overheard this couple arguing, and I could see that they really loved each other so I decided to help them out and pointed out that they needed to work together as a couple not against each other. And it worked! They ended up walking off hand in hand, their relationship restored and back on track. But as I was leaving them, I realized they looked a little familiar. I couldn't place them specifically though, you know what my memory is, so I just continued on with my adventures. And now comes the difficult part honey…."

"I can't sugar coat it so I'll just tell you straight out. I have a daughter Odette!"

I could hear Odette's laugh as she shouted, "Chase, you have two daughters! I know you're forgetful, but really, I don't see how you could forget that!"

Chase stammered at Odette's misunderstanding, "No, no, I don't mean our two daughters. I mean, I have a daughter, one from the past, who came out of the time machine! I haven't met her yet, but according to the Watcher, she's school-age and she looks just like me."

I saw Chase's face change, going from struggling explanation to horrified concern as he shouted into his phone, "Odette? Odette? Honey, please answer me!?! Say something!"

Then he turned his pain filled eyes to me and said, "I've killed her with the news Watcher! I heard a thud and some banging and now nothing!"

"She probably just dropped the phone Chase. Give her a minute to pick it up."

"Honey? Are you okay? Yes, it is startling to hear for the first time. It all happened just moments ago. I called you right after the Watcher told me what happened. Where is she? Oh, the Watcher said Marisol was hungry and tired so she had her get something to eat and she put a bed in my room. Yes, the Watcher and I both think it's a beautiful name too. The Watcher hasn't introduced herself to Marisol yet. She thought that should come from me, though I haven't met her yet either. I could barely explain it to you, so I'm not sure how much a child will understand it. I'm not sure I even understand it! It's a lot to take in!"

"But the Watcher told me there are no grade schools here on the Uni campus, so I'll need to make arrangements to bring her home…Yes, that means dropping out of Uni…What? You don't want me to give up my dream? The Watcher said the same thing and that you'd feel the same way. But…are you sure? I haven't started classes yet, so I haven't lost any progress, but I do start in a couple of hours. You're right, I would feel even worse just dropping Marisol off and then returning to Uni. I could barely stand the thought of leaving you with the twins, and now a third child…one so unexpected, I probably would give up my dream if I came home now. Yes, the Watcher said she's perfectly capable of looking after one child. I just…it just…seems so selfish. But if you and the Watcher think it's best, then I guess I'll give it a try. But if my going to classes and leaving Marisol in the Watcher's care doesn't work out, I'm coming home with her."

Then I hear the catch in his voice as Chase stumbles over his next words, "That is…if you want me, us, to come home!?! I didn't mean to take that for granted Odette! I know we've talked about having a third child, but having it happen this way isn't what any of us expected. I know it will take some getting used to, but I can't abandon my own child, no matter how she got here!"

Odette's voice, raised to the highest pitch I've ever heard, comes over Chase's phone loud and clear, "Oh, Chase, of course I want you to come home! And…Marisol too! I would never ask you to abandon any child, especially not your own, or ask you to choose between her and us! Neither of you carry Frio blood, but you both carry the Frio name and you know our motto Chase."

I can hear the relief in Chase's voice as he says, "Once a Frio, always a Frio! Oh, I have to go to class honey, my phone alarm just went off to remind me. And I want to meet Marisol and introduce her to the Watcher, get her settled in before I leave for class. I love you Odette! I'll call you soon. Kiss the twins for me. Bye, honey."

A time machine child for Chase from an alternate past wasn't part of the Uni plan at all!

But when you play with time, unexpected things can happen and you just have to deal with the consequences.

One of those consequences being explaining it to Odette, who's taken in the news as best she can.

Once this term is completed, he'll have to bring Marisol home and introduce her in person.

But that's not until the end of term, and it's only Monday!

Can Chase keep focused on his studies and can I keep one little girl busy and happy while he does?

We'll find out in Chapter 229: Manic Monday
Coming soon.

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Chapter 229: Manic Monday
« Reply #252 on: April 15, 2020, 09:09:56 PM »

Chase comes inside and sits down heavily in one of the kitchen chairs as Marisol looks over at him questioningly, and a little fearfully.

Seeing her for the first time, Chase realizes she has his skin tone and hair color, but with big, expressive blue eyes.

Eyes that look more than a little scared, so Chase says gently, "It's okay Marisol, you're safe here. I'm, I'm your father. You weren't expected here but you are welcome, and I want you to make yourself at home. This isn't our permanent home, just a temporary one for me, us, to use during my first college term. We're on the Uni campus, a college town with classes for university students, but there are no schools for kids your age here. So I need to introduce you to someone, someone who will watch over you and care for you, help you out, while I'm at class."

Marisol's eyes haven't left Chase's face the whole time he was speaking, but at his last words, her gaze darts around and she asks, "Like a babysitter? Is she coming soon or not 'til after you leave?" Adding nervously, "Will I have to stay here by myself!?!"

Chase smiles and says, "Yes, like a babysitter! But she watches over me too, so she doesn't just take care of babies, but of our whole family. I don't have time to tell you everything right now, and it's probably best if you learn about stuff a little at a time, so you're not overwhelmed. The thing is, it will seem like you're by yourself, because you can't actually see the Watcher, but she can see you and she can speak to you."

I helpfully interject, "Hi, Marisol! I'm the Watcher. It's nice to meet you."

Marisol jumps and says, "Holy cow! Who was that!?!"

Oh, maybe that wasn't as helpful as I thought.

Chase tries to smooth it over saying, "That's the Watcher, no need to be afraid. She's very helpful and if you need anything, just ask her and she'll take care of it for you. In fact, she was hoping to help you out with some new clothes, in your favorite color, pink, if you want to do that while I'm gone."

"I'd rather do something fun. Do you have any games or toys?"

Chase gets Marisol set up with a video game and soon she's so engrossed that she's leaning towards the TV, controls in hand, bouncing in her seat.

Chase claps encouragingly as she performs a flip and outmaneuvers a rival, shouting, "That's my girl! You're a natural Marisol. I'm sure the games will keep you entertained for quite some time, but grab anything you want out of the fridge, and feel free to look around the house. And if you have any questions or need something, the Watcher will be right here to help you."

Caught up in her game, Marisol says distractedly, "Games, food, ask the Watcher. Got it."

So Chase slings his backpack over his shoulder, cheerfully says, "Have fun Marisol," and strides towards the door.

He smiles and says, "You know Watcher, this may work out fine after all. Marisol's happy with the video games and I'm eager to get to class. But I do have one request."

"What's that Chase?"

"Could you please not 'forget' any more important aspects of my world? I'd rather not come home to anymore unexpected children or life-changing events!"

Knowing that Chase it actually letting me off the hook rather easily, I say, "I'll try Chase. Have a good first day and work hard!"

"That's the plan Watcher. I can't get an 'A' without putting in a good effort, so hard work it is!"

This time, I'm happy to say, Chase hops into the motive mobile and he says, "You're right again Watcher. The way this baby fills my needs, using it often should help me get through Uni much easier."

"That's the idea Chase."

Then, as he realizes I'm tagging along with him, he says pointedly, "I thought you were going to keep an I on Marisol!?!"

"I am, but she's busy with that video game so I'm going to see you off to your first class. I can't follow you inside so I'll be spending most of your class time with her. But I'll check on you in between, to make sure you're doing okay. No sense having you stay at Uni if you don't focus and get an 'A'. And I want to do my part to make that happen."

Chase, a note of accusation in his voice,  says, "Doing your part should have included remembering that one of the consequences of exploring in the time machine was having a child!"

"I know, I know! But now that she's here, I can't change that. And frankly, I wouldn't want to. Would you?"

Chase, his tone softening, replies, "No. I wouldn't….couldn't give her up now!" Then a note of pride enters his voice as he adds, "Did you see how well she picked up on that video game!?! A chip off the old block!"

I laugh and say, "Like a Frio in that respect as nerd has been their social group of choice over the years, and playing games is a big part of that."

"I didn't think of it that way! But it makes me feel better to think she's got that in common with other Frio family members."

By this time we've reached Chase destination, well, a place to park anyway, and I follow Chase as he runs down the paths towards his 8 am class and enters the building.

"See you later Watcher! Please go home and keep an eye on Marisol."

"I will Chase. Good luck!"

"Luck will have nothing to do with it Watcher! Working hard and paying close attention, along with taking reams of notes is what will earn me that 'A'!"

True to my word I check on Marisol at the house and she's still happily playing a video game.

I don't want to distract her by speaking so I focus on making her home more kid friendly.

Not something I was planning on at all for Chase's time here, but she needs to feel just as comfortable as he does.

Probably more so being an impressionable child thrust into a situation that's going to take some getting used to.

But after I think about that, I decided it may actually be easier for her than it is for the adults in the family, children being so adaptable and not set in their ways.

When I'm finished, the yard has plenty of activities I found in the family inventory to keep Marisol busy.

A play tower as well as a kid's club house, a busy bee ride on toy, a hopscotch court as well as a lemonade stand.

And I added a bustin' bronco to the covered porch too.

With a swing and a teeter totter, I consider the outdoors complete, and start on the inside.

Besides a twin bed with a pink coverlet in the lone bedroom, I add a blocks table in the kitchen, along with a toy oven, a dollhouse, and a clown-in-a-box.

The living room becomes more kid friendly with a toy box and a costume chest.

When I'm finished with all of that, I say, "How about we work on your wardrobe Marisol? I can pop you into stylist and we can pick out some pretty pink clothes for you."

Marisol agrees, though a bit reluctant to end her game, and we go through the clothing options fairly quickly, choosing her formal outfit for her introductory bio.

Marisol Frio---Chase's human time machine child
Traits: Light Sleeper, Easily Impressed, and Frugal
Favorite color: Pink (I'll check the others next time I'm in game)

By the time we're finished she's much more comfortable with me and says, "That was pretty fun! I love all my new pink outfits. Thank you, um, can I call you Watcher too?"

"Yes, Marisol, I've gone by that name for quite some time and I'm quite used to all my Frio family members using it. I do have another name, one you'll learn when you move to Hidden Springs, the town the rest of your family lives in, but that's a bit complicated to explain right now."

"Hidden Springs sounds nice. Will there be other children to play with there?"

"Yes, the town is filled with children of all ages, in fact you have two baby sisters, twins, and several cousins, but they are all younger than you. But they'll grow up soon and you can meet them and play together as much as you like."

"I have two sisters!?!" she asks excitedly. Her face thoughtful she adds, "I guess that's part of the 'everything' daddy mentioned before he left. Can you tell me more about my family?"

"Sure. But why don't I tell you while you take a bath and get all cleaned up?"

"A bath?" she asked wrinkling her nose, "what's a bath?"

"Head off to that small room off the kitchen and I'll explain. Better yet, you can go on a submarine adventure and have fun and get clean at the same time!"

That suggestion has Marisol quickening her step as she heads towards the bathroom.

"This is so much fun Watcher! I'd never imagined going on any adventure, but a submarine one in a bathtub, wow!"

"Well, I think the point is to keep children interested long enough to get squeaky clean and it works so well, it's hard to get them out. Speaking of out, it's time you finished up and got some sleep."

"Aww, do I have to get out already? It seems a shame to waste all this lovely warm water! And you promised to tell me more about my family."

"That's your frugal trait talking and also a way to try to get to stay in longer, but I'll give you a few more minutes and tell you about your family. I already mentioned your baby sisters, their names are Janette and Jemma. And their mom's name is Odette. And Odette's parents are Rory and Cindy, but you'll probably call them Grandpa Ro and Cici, just like all the other grandchildren."

"Cici? Why not just Grandma?"

"Because Cici isn't quite the grandmotherly type, she's very young still being a fairy…"

"A fairy! Really? With wings?"

"Yes, Cici has beautiful pink wings. And turquoise hair."

Marisol's eyes grow huge and she says, "Is everyone else a fairy with pink wings and turquoise hair?"

"No. In fact, she's the only fairy still living in the main Frio house. But you have an Aunt Merida and an Uncle Eric who are both fairies with pink wings but they have dark hair. Your Aunt Ella, Eric's twin, has dark hair too, but she's a witch. And that's enough family history for now! You need a nap so you'll be wide awake for this afternoon. Besides I've got a surprise for you in the bedroom."

"A surprise? For me? What is it? What is it?"

"Dry off and meet me in the bedroom and you'll find out!"

A few minutes later, fresh and clean from her bath, Marisol scampers into the bedroom and gleefully picks up her surprise.

"Oh, a teddy bear! And she's dressed in pink! She really is for me!"

"Of course, I try to accommodate my charges whenever I can. Now hop into bed for your nap. Once you're asleep, I'm going to check on your father and make sure he's doing okay between classes. But I'll be back soon."

And with all the excitement of her first day in a strange place, followed by a warm bath, and having a cuddly new friend to snuggle with, Marisol is off to dreamland in the blink of an eye.

I quickly find Chase and he's finished his first class and studying course material for the next one.

I check his academic performance bar and stare as it's already half full!

"Wow, Chase, your group study sessions really paid off! I wasn't sure they would count before classes started, but you're already half way to your 'A'!"

"Yeah, and I figured if I studied in between classes, it would keep it up. Is that happening?"

"Yes, the bar is increasing!"

"Good. How is Marisol doing? Should I come home before my next class."

"She's sleeping now and we had a great morning. While she played video games I added a bunch of kid stuff to the house and yard. Then we worked on her clothes, and she went on a submarine adventure, while I told her about her family. She's pretty excited about meeting everyone, especially the fairies. When she wakes up, I have several activities planned for this afternoon, so you can focus on your classes. I think I've got this."

Chase gives a relieved sigh and says, "Then I'll just study and head on to my second class, it's starts soon, then my last one is from 4-6, so I won't be home until after that. The course material, so far, is really interesting and not too difficult. If the rest of the week goes like my first class, my 'A' should be in the bag!"

"Great! I don't want to leave Marisol alone too long, so I'll leave you to your studies."

When I get back, instead of still being asleep, I find Marisol eating ice cream for her lunch.

Probably not the best lunch choice, but I'm not going to object to that right now.

We'll save the nutritional lessons for when she's more settled in, besides, ice cream's made of milk and she can use some vitamin D!

And, like most sims, she loves it!

"This stuff is the best Watcher! It's so sweet and cold and just melts away in my mouth! What's it called?"

"That's ice cream Marisol! A favorite treat for sims of all ages."

"Oh, a treat, not really something I should have had for lunch then?"

"It won't hurt this one time and the sugar from the ice cream should perk you up for all the activities I have planned this afternoon. But I'd actually though you'd still be asleep. You didn't nap for long."

"I heard a noise and it woke me up. I looked out the bedroom window and there were horses in the back yard! They were so pretty, I just had to watch them and after that, I couldn't go back to sleep."

"Well, you are a light sleeper like your father, so I guess horses would wake you up. I can't wait to see them next time they show up. I love horses myself. But let's get you started on some fun activities. Is there something special you wanted to try?"

"Can I paint? That sounds fun!"

As she's paints, she returns to our earlier conversation, asking, "Do they have horses in Hidden Springs? At daddy's house there?"

"There are horses in Hidden Springs, but the family doesn't have pets anymore. They all moved to the farm, the cat, the dog, and the Unicorns."

"Unicorns!?! Real live Unicorns!?! Wow, Hidden Springs sounds really magical with fairies, witches, and unicorns!"

"It is. It's one of my favorite towns in all of Sim Land. And your Aunt Ella is the one that helped restore magic to the land along with safeguarding the unique sims with green skin. Your family has pale skin, peachy skin, gray skin, dark skin, and the honey tone skin of you and your dad. But though their skin is unique, it's not what makes them special."

"So what does make them special? The turquoise hair?"

"Well, I do love the turquoise hair, and one of your cousins even has it. But what truly makes them special is that they accept everyone, whether they are rich or poor, pale or dark, or something in between, whatever their hair colors or whatever traits they may have, your family tries to give everyone a chance to be their best self."

"Even me?"

"Even you! Like your daddy said, you might have been unexpected, but you are very welcome in this family. We've only ever had one other family member come from the time machine, and she was a young adult, so you are our first child. And if I have anything to say about it, the only child from the time machine!"

"Well, that's good then."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because, since I look like daddy, with his skin and hair, there's nothing all that special about me, but if I'm going to be the only child from a time machine, then that would make me unique too!"

Marisol was so engrossed in her painting that she painted all afternoon and into the evening.

In fact, it was dark by the time Chase finished his last class and returned home.

But he'd just gotten onto the porch when his phone rang with an invitation to a party being held on Tuesday evening, from Professor Sparks.

"Marisol, if the Professor says it's okay would you like to attend a party with me?"

"Sure, daddy. A party sounds fun."

"Well, let me find out what kind of party and see if it's appropriate before I accept."

Then Chase rushes onto the front lawn and calls Marisol to join him, saying, "Quick Marisol, there's a shooting star!"

Marisol manages to see the shooting star just as it flies to the edge of the sky and says, "That was awesome! Do you know a lot about the stars daddy?"

"Some. In fact, I discovered a comet once and named it after my wife, Odette."

"The twins, my baby sisters' mom, right?"

"That's right. I guess the Watcher explained a few things when I was gone today."

"Some things. I know I'm unique because I'm the first child to come out of the time machine in this family, but…. Daddy, how will your wife feel about that? Will she want to be my mom too?"

His enthusiasm for the night sky evaporates at Marisol's innocent question.

But then, his voice gentle, he says, "Technically she'll be your step-mother, Marisol, but she'll be the only mother you've ever known, and if I know her heart, she will definitely want to be your mom."

Marisol says, "I hope so daddy. I already love knowing I have baby sisters, and a Grandpa Ro and Cici, who's a fairy, and Aunts and an Uncle and cousins too. But a mom is special, and I'd really like to have a mom too."

The two of them chat for a while until the night air stirs with a colder breeze and Chase says they should head inside for some dinner.

Chase hasn't had much experiencing cooking, but he figures he should be able to make mac 'n' cheese.

It started off pretty well, but then he got distracted, cheese oozed out of the pan, and while he was trying to clean that up, what was in the pan burned and stuck to the bottom!

But Marisol had much better luck with her first cooking attempt with the toy oven.

Mixing the batter like an expert, she said, "It's okay daddy, I'll make muffins! Do you prefer plain vanilla or would you like yours with blueberries?'

Chase, still cleaning up the mess from his disastrous dinner, asks, "Whichever you make is fine with me, but where did the toy oven come from? And that dollhouse? And this blocks table?"

"Oh, I told you I made the house and yard kid friendly, Chase. But you were busy studying so you probably didn't take in that information."

"You bought all this stuff Watcher? For Marisol?"

"No, most of it was in storage in the family inventory, I just dug it out for her to use while we're here in Uni. Frio children have been using these toys since the first generation, back in SV. Well, except for the twin bed, I did by that for Marisol and add a pink coverlet, and the teddy bear, I bought that too. After all, every child needs something that's just for them. Something special to call their own."

Chase ate his muffins quickly and headed off to take a shower, while Marisol helped herself to
another muffin and we chatted a bit more.

"Daddy really seemed to like my muffins, Watcher. Do you think he was just being nice when he said they were good?"

"No, he wasn't just being polite, they really are good quality. Don't you think so?"

"I love them! And I was thinking, that I could stay busy and earn some money if I baked a bunch and sold them! But only if they were really good. I wouldn't want to think they were good and try to sell them and have them be awful! That would be disappointing and such a waste."

"Well, if you keep practicing your baking with the toy oven, you can make muffins, cookies, and brownies, then you can bake different varieties and try to sell them."

With dinner over and Chase fresh from his shower, the two of them settle down for a game of chess.

As they start the game, Marisol brings up her bake sale idea.

Chase says, "Well, if you're planning on doing that, make sure you check the baking report first, then you can see what baked goods are in demand. Today's paper is still on the porch, so you could check it out after we're done with this game. But make sure you check out the new paper the day of the sale, to make sure you get the most current report."

"That's a great idea Daddy! But I need to learn a few more recipes before I set up my stand. I can practice baking all day tomorrow though, if you're busy with classes."

"I felt bad about leaving you here alone all day today and that's going to happen again on Wednesday with my full course load. Friday too, I'm afraid, as I have my finals in each class that day. But tomorrow I only have my class activity and that's not until 4 pm, and since it's held at Keith's Komics, you can come with me and check out the store while I work with my brain enhancing machine. So we can spend most of the day together. Thursday too, but I have a lecture that day and you wouldn't be allowed to go with me for that. It'd probably bore you to tears anyway."

"Oh, I had a great day today daddy! With the Watcher here, explaining things to me, I didn't even feel alone. And I loved painting! But getting to spend the day together sounds really good too. What will we do?"

Chase smiled lovingly at Marisol and said, "Whatever we want to do! It's our day! And we still have tonight, so let's get this match under way and see what else we can do before bedtime."

After the game, Chase decided to work on his inventing as Marisol wanted to continue with her painting.

But after she checked the baking report.

"It says that Vanilla goods are in demand with chocolate and other goods doing okay. But now I know where to find it, so I can keep checking before my bake sale and see if it changes."

"That's the way to do it! Always make sure you know the market before opening any business."

"Are you planning on going into business after you finish here daddy? You seem to know a lot about it."

"No, not a business of my own, but I'm thinking I may go into Video Game Design. It's not specifically under my Technology Degree, but it is a passion of mine, just like inventing!"

"Oh, are you going to invent another time machine and maybe get a brother or sister for me!?!"

Chase jumps at the very thought, and says, "Noooo, I think one time machine adventure that gave me you, is enough for my lifetime! Besides, that makes you unique, just like being here at Uni makes me unique, along with becoming a game designer, as no one in the Frio family has done either of those things before."

Marisol smiles and says, "I like being unique daddy. I'll have to think about what I could do to keep being unique when I grow up. What other things haven't been done?"

"That's a question you'd have to ask the Watcher, I'm not sure of all the careers that all the Frio family members have tried. I know they have criminal, law enforcement, as well as athletics, covered. And your Gramlei was a master chef, just like the Founder, but there have been a lot of heirs, spares, and spouses through our nine generations, so I'm not sure what other career paths they all followed. But I'm sure there are a lot of other careers and lifetime wishes that haven't been done yet. And even if you did do something that has already been done, it's not been done by you, so you would bring your own ideas and creativity to it, making it something special that way. And though you may not be a Frio by blood, your love of art is something that several family members have shared, including your mother and your grandfather. And I enjoy it too, so I may go into the artistic branch of game design. I haven't quite decided on the specifics of that yet. Speaking of painting, it's getting late, so you'll probably have to work on yours in the morning. I'm almost finished here, so you go get in your nightgown, brush your teeth and I'll come tuck you in."

A few moments after Marisol heads off to get ready for bed, Chase finishes is current discovery.

"Down to the home stretch on my inventing skill Watcher. It's been so enlightening, discovering all these toys, gadgets, and widgets, and the big inventions, too."

"Even the time machine? The consequences of that will be around for the rest of your life."

"Oh, I don't regret Marisol at all Watcher! But I do regret the circumstances, having it happen this way, with Odette and me being so far apart. I can't help but wonder if she will be able to accept Marisol as her daughter. It's a lot to ask of a spouse."

"Well, yes and no. If you'd had another relationship and Marisol was the result of that, I think that situation would be much harder for Odette to accept. The way the time machine works, you are Marisol's only biological parent."

"What!?! I never even thought about that! But…biology doesn't work that way!"

"It can in your world Chase. Just like how time stops in HS while you're here or traveling anywhere actually."

"And having a back pack that holds an endless supply of stuff. And that disappearing and reappearing fishing pole you mentioned. I have twisted my brain thinking about that after you brought it up!"

"I told you it would do that if you thought about it too much! But getting back to Odette accepting Marisol, try not to brood about it too much. Odette knows the situation since you called her, but with time not really passing…"

"It's going to seem like I just left and then I came back with a school age daughter minutes later! Oh, no! But you mentioned giving them time to get used to the idea….the only ones having time to worry about it will be me and Marisol!"

"I'm afraid so. Traveling and time travel in your world messes me up too! All I can say is I'm sorry and try not to worry too much."

"Asking a brooding sim not to worry is futile Watcher. And not the best thought to try and go to sleep on,  but I'll give it a try."

With Marisol joining Chase's Uni household, it's kept me busier than I would have been with just Chase here, that's for sure.

In fact, now that I've experienced a whole day of rabbit-hole classes, I'm sure I would have been pretty bored without having Marisol to watch over.

But since we got to spend the whole day together, I feel Marisol and I have a solid foundation for a true friendship, just like the ones I have with the other Frio family members.

And Chase is doing well in all his classes, with his academic performance bar 3/4 of the way filled already!

His absent-minded trait hasn't been nearly as detrimental as we'd thought it'd be, probably because his genius trait carries more weight, and he did work hard and study between each class today, so that was a big help too.

Chase and Marisol are bonding and their father/daughter relationship is coming along nicely.

But this is only day one of Chase's classes, and we still have the rest of the week to finish his term, so plenty of time for more bonding and socializing, and in Chase's case, brooding.

Can he hold it together and continue, or will his broody nature have him spiraling down a dark and dangerous hole?

And will Marisol be able to make it through the week with her only her father and me for companions?

It's a rather lonely existence for a child in Uni!

Let's see what happens in Chapter 230: Together Tuesday
Coming soon.

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Chapter 230: Together Tuesday
« Reply #253 on: April 17, 2020, 11:24:41 PM »

Chase and Marisol started Tuesday off with some companionable skilling on the front porch.

Chase was still working on his final inventing point while Marisol worked on her painting, increasing her skill as well.

As the morning grew later, the paper girl, the real one this time, showed up and after dropping off today's issue, she was so startled to see a child on the porch that she couldn't help but exclaim, "Hey, you there, little girl! What are you doing here in this neighborhood!?! Only grown-ups live here!"

Chase, focused on his latest invention, hadn't even thought about Marisol being the sole child on campus, besides the paper girls and boys that lived in a children's home in a nearby town.

But with the young paper girl's question, he paused for a moment and said, "She's my daughter and will be living here with me this week." Then, addressing Marisol, he added, "Come and say hello Marisol. This young lady is just your age!"

I'm shocked that Chase has actually thought of Marisol having a friend her age before I did, but whoever's idea it is, I'm thinking it's a good one.

I mean, I'm perfectly capable of looking after Marisol, but it's not the same as her having a special friend she can talk to and play with.

Marisol comes over at her father's bidding and introduces herself, and finds out the paper girls' name is Phyllis.

And it's not long before the two are happily chatting away about their favorite colors.

Marisol sharing her love of pink as Phyllis tells her she loves red.

"It's my favorite color because it's so bold and bright. You can't miss red!" Then she adds sadly, "But I don't have anything red. You have such nice clothes, and in your favorite color, too. We don't get to choose our clothes at the children's home, it's just whatever hand me down that fits. I got stuck with blue jeans and this orange shirt! But at least it's pants and not a dress! That would make it much harder to ride my bike and deliver papers."

Marisol, her eyes wide, asks, "Don't you go to school either?"

Phyllis shakes her head and says, "No, we're all home-schooled at our group home, that's why we're always the paper girls or boys, because we can work our schooling around the paper deliveries."

"Speaking of deliveries, I better get going on my route before I get too far behind and get a demerit."

"A demerit?"

"Yeah it's a bad mark against you and if you get too many, you lose privilege's the next week. But it was really nice meeting you Marisol. I wish I could stay longer, so we could play together."

"That would be nice!" Then, raising her voice to get her father's attention she asks, "Daddy, do you think there's a way to have Phyllis be able to play with me?"

Chase, working on yet another invention, says, "I'll call the children's home and see if they can allow it. Seeing as you're here all week, they may bend the rules as it's an unusual circumstance."

Phyllis her eyes shining and with an added bounce in her step, says, "Thanks, mister! I'd love a chance to make a real friend."

Marisol feels the same way and the two girls part with a budding friendship begun, and hopes of continuing it.

Then Chase and Marisol head across town as he gets an easy opportunity to increase his celebrity status at the local store.

Marisol happily skips beside him and I can't help smiling at this unexpected daughter that's quickly become such an important part of Chase's life.

Chase must have been having similar thoughts, as he says, "I'm glad we're getting to spend the day together Marisol. It'll give us more time to get to know one another. Having you here with me, it's made being at Uni not quite so lonesome."

"I'm glad daddy because I feel the same way! I don't remember anything about the past so everything here is new to me. Having someone to share it with makes it a bit easier. And you won't forget to call about Phyllis playing with me, will you? Having a friend my age would be super and I wouldn't feel so lonely when you're busy with classes."

"I'll call later today, we have a busy afternoon. But I do tend to forget things, so remind me when we get home. Okay?"

"Sure thing daddy! I certainly won't forget about Phyllis!"

After they arrive, Chase heads inside the store, asking, "You're sure you don't want to come inside? I'm not so sure I should leave you out here alone."

Marisol, playing a game on her phone, says, "I'll be fine daddy. I'll stay right here and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while I play games."

But it wasn't long before Marisol got tired of the game, and she noticed two sims coming out of the store.

So she walked over and introduced herself to the older sim with the flowing white hair.

"Hi, I'm Marisol Frio. I'm staying here with my daddy while he goes to Uni."

"Well, well, I didn't realize children were allowed to accompany students here on campus. Must be a new program since I was a student here."

Marisol doesn't quite know what to say to that, so she just smiles and nods and makes her way over to the other sim standing nearby.

But before she can speak, the sparkling eyed woman says, "I'm Nina Simons, pleased to make your acquaintance young lady. I couldn't help but over hear as you were so close by, didn't even need to use my vampiric hearing!"

Awe in her voice, Marisol says, "Wow, you're the first vampire I've ever met! Though my daddy told me we have them way back in our family, and the family back in Hidden Springs has fairies and witches in it, along with unicorns!"

"Well, sounds like you come from a long and varied supernatural family! That's a bit unusual as most supernaturals stick to their own kind."

Proudly Marisol says, "That's what makes my family special, accepting everyone, no matter what their differences are, and adding their uniqueness to the family."

Marisol and Nina chat for awhile, but then Marisol notices a male sim with blue hair standing nearby.

"Hi, mister!  I'm told my grandmother, Cici, has turquoise hair, but your hair is such a lovely shade of blue, quite unique I would think!"

The student, Cid Serverus, can't help thinking what a doll Marisol is and smiling he says, "Thanks sweetheart! I wish some of the older girls felt that way here on campus. But I'll take a compliment anyway I can get one. As part of the rebel crowd, my blue hair really helps show what a non-conformist I  am!"

Not knowing anything about rebels or what non-conformist means, Marisol just smiles and is grateful that her father has come outside and is heading for the motive mobile in the parking lot.

But before she can jump inside, Chase has taken off, leaving Marisol standing alone on the curb!

Luckily, another student notices and says, "Did you want his autograph sweetie? I heard him mumbling about heading for his activity class across town at Keith's Komics."

Marisol, her lower lip trembling at being left behind, shakes her head and sadly says, "I was supposed to go with him. He's my daddy! But I guess he forgot about me. He does stuff like that sometimes."

The fairy student, shocked that someone's brought a child to Uni and then forgotten her, quickly says, "What's his name? As a student I have access to the student directory and I can call him and tell him to come back for you. It'll be okay sweetie. Please, don't cry."

Chase, after getting the fae student's frantic call, comes racing back to pick up Marisol.

But after hugging her tightly and apologizing for leaving her alone, he sits down on the sidewalk brooding about his failure!

"Chase what on earth do rockets have to do with you forgetting Marisol?"

Chase replies bitterly, "You think I know Watcher!?! Some parent I am! A blasted genius that can remember highly involved mathematical formulas, but who forgets my own daughter and leaves her on the street! This isn't going to work! I need to make arrangements to bring Marisol home where she'll be safe, having other adults around to look after her. Adults that don't forget about her!"

Before I can say anything, Marisol pipes up and says, "It's okay daddy. I'm fine. I was a little scared at first, when you drove off, but I'm sure the Watcher would have fixed it if that nice fairy girl hadn't been here to help me out."

"Out of the mouth of babes, Chase! Marisol is correct. She wasn't alone, I was right here. And if the fae student hadn't taken care of the problem, I would have done so myself. But if you continue to sit here brooding, you're going to miss your 4 o'clock class!"

Marisol, adds, "Hurry daddy! I want to check out the comic store too! That's what was making me sad, the thought of missing out on going to the store with you."

Chase pulls himself together, and they make it to Keith's Komics to see some of his classmates already busy using their brain enhancement devices.

Chase heads inside to get Marisol settled with a comic, a book, something to keep her occupied while he does his class activity.

But before he finds Marisol, he's asked for his autograph, the first one of many he'll be signing over the next week.

Chase writes, 'To Toby, good luck at Uni!' and signs his name with a flourish, asking, "Is that okay? It's my first autograph so probably not really worth much Toby, but I'm happy to oblige."

Toby, almost rendered speechless stammers, "Your…your, first autograph Mr. Frio? This will be priceless! How can I ever repay you?"

"For starters, you can call me Chase, Toby. After that, repay me by doing well at Uni, and making a name for yourself. Before you know it, you'll be signing autographs of your own!"

Chase finds Marisol at one of the stores computers, as she's decided to work on her writing skill.

Once she's found the right program, she says, "I'm all set daddy! You can go do your class activity now. And daddy?"

"Yes sweetheart?"

"Is there a way for you to remember to take me home with you when your class is done? I'm sure the Watcher would help me get home, but I'd like to be with you."

Chase shakes his head at his resilient little girl, who's trying to help him with his forgetfulness, instead of blaming him for leaving her behind!

"Of course Marisol, I can put a reminder on my phone. I don't know why I didn’t think of that before."

Marisol laughs and says, "Because you forgot daddy. But reminders on your phone should help!"

With Marisol busy inside on a computer and a reminder all set on Chase's phone, Chase finds a place outside to set up his brain enhancing device.

He works diligently with the device for the whole two hours of class time, his logic skill increasing as well as his academic performance.

But just as Chase arrives home, Marisol safely by his side this time, his phone goes off with another reminder.

This one is for Professor Sparks' party, so they quickly change into formal clothes and jump back into the van and head to her home.

There's a juice keg inside in the living room, so Chase decides not the best place for Marisol to be.

But Professor Sparks, intrigued by Chase's tale of Marisol's arrival from the time machine he built, says, "I'd love to play some chess outside on the porch and get acquainted with your unexpected daughter Chase. I've never had the pleasure of talking with someone from the past."

"She doesn't really remember anything before walking out of the time machine Professor, but she loves meeting new people and doing everything for the first time. She's already played chess with me, but this is her first party so she's pretty excited."

Professor Sparks laughs and says, "Then I'll make sure she has a good time. It wouldn't do for her first party to be a dud!"

Marisol is delighted to be invited to a game of chess with the Professor, and eagerly sits down in one of the chairs.

As they play, they chat and get acquainted.

"Thanks so much for allowing me to attend your party Professor. It's my first one so I got to wear my pretty party dress for the first time! Daddy wasn't sure if it would be appropriate for me to come but I'm glad it was okay as I wouldn't want him to miss out just because of me."

"Well, you are more than welcome Marisol. And your dress is beautiful! It's quite the honor to have mine being your first formal party. I just wish I'd ditched the juice keg this time around so you could come inside. We're not used to children here on campus, but I'll make a note of it for next time."

"Yours is the very first house I've been to, besides daddy's house. It's quite lovely, from what I've seen of it, but it seems awfully big for just one sim."

"You're right there Marisol, this big house gets pretty lonesome with just me for company, so I tend to throw quite a few parties to fill it up with fun and laughter."

"Well, that works out then! No sense having a nice big house and leaving it empty most of the time."

Chase had watched the chess match for a few minutes and then assured that Marisol was in good hands with the Professor, he took Mika up on her invitation to play some table tennis.

With Marisol in attendance, they decided juice pong wouldn't quite be appropriate, and Chase added, "Besides, with my memory, I don't need anything clouding my brain up more than it already is! I really owe that fae girl for calling me about Marisol today. I can't believe I forgot her! She's only been with me since early Monday morning, but still. It galls me that I'm that forgetful!"

"She seems fine Chase, so don't beat yourself up about it. But how did you get permission to have a child join you here in Uni? I didn’t think children were allowed here. Besides that, I thought you had infant twin daughters, not one that's child age!"

Chase takes a deep breathe and as he hits the ball back he says, "I do have infant twin daughters, back in Hidden Springs with my wife and her family. But, Marisol didn't come here with me, she's the consequence of my traveling back into the past in the time machine I built Sunday night. She walked out of it early Monday morning, while I was still back in the past."

Mika, stunned by Chase's revelation, misses the ball completely, and as it flies past her onto the floor, says, "What!?! A time machine child!?! Wow!!! I've heard of such things but I've never actually known anyone that had one. No wonder you forgot about her, with her only being here since Monday! But imagine the accolades you'll get for accomplishing something like that your first day at Uni! Take it from me Chase, your celebrity status is going to increase dramatically when word of this gets around campus! And your Technology Professor will be marking you as his star student for the term! That will really help you ace your classes, you lucky dog!"

Chase smiles and says, "I hadn't thought of it that way. But my little Marisol has brought plenty of positive things to my life already, just by being her sweet little self. I'll have to make sure I let her know that when we get home."

Once they arrive home and Marisol gets ready for bed, Chase tells her how much he's enjoyed having her with him.

"I know I haven't said it before Marisol but your presence here has been so rewarding for me. Seeing everything through your eyes has made me see the wonders of our world all over again. I really enjoyed our day together, the first of many I hope."

"I had fun too daddy! Meeting my first friend this morning. Going into town for the first time, meeting new sims, going with you to the comic store, and working on my writing skill. And then my first party! I felt so grown up in my party dress! And playing chess with Professor Sparks, it was a lot of fun. She's very smart daddy, and she showed me some special moves I'd never seen before. But she sometimes forgets where we are in the game, if she doesn't focus, just like you. And she loves painting, even more than I do!"

"There are a lot more absent-minded sims than I expected here at Uni, that's for sure. But I promise to do my best to protect you and keep you safe, Marisol!"

At Chase's words, Marisol looks up at him and smiles her sweet little girl smile, love and trust pouring out of her eyes as she says, "Thank you daddy. That makes me feel a lot better. And daddy?"

"What sweetie?"

"I love you!"

Chase's heart swells and he bends down and hugs Marisol tightly.

His voice husky with emotion, he says, "I love you too Marisol! More than I ever dreamed possible. I know we've only been together for two days, but I can't even imagine my life without you in it! But I've kept you up way past your bedtime and you're having trouble keeping your eyes open. So off to bed with you. I'll be in soon and I'll tuck you in. Sweet dreams!"

"You too daddy! But after our wonderful day together, I can't imagine them being anything else!"

And Marisol is right.

She has lovely dreams that include going to school for the first time.

As well as meeting all her family in the house back in Hidden Springs.

And Chase has wonderful dreams about his family too.

Being with Odette and the twins again, introducing Marisol to everyone.

As much as she's a part of his life and his heart now, he knows that she'll soon find her way into everyone else's heart too.

So ends day two of Chase's first term.

A day filled with togetherness for him and Marisol.

But will Chase be able to persuade the children's home to let Phyllis spend time with his daughter, so she can enjoy the companionship of another child her own age?

What will the remaining days of this term bring for both of them?

Let's find out in Chapter 231: Mid-week Happenings
Coming soon.

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Chapter 231: Mid-week Happenings
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Upon waking in the morning, and seeing Marisol in her bed, Chase makes his bed quietly so as not to disturb her, his thoughts filled with his precious little girl.

But Marisol wakes soon after, and dresses hurriedly to make more muffins for their breakfast.

With Marisol out of the room, Chase gives Odette a call, his first words, "I miss you and the twins so much honey! It's been great having Marisol with me, not as lonesome that's for sure. But then thinking about her being family, I start thinking of you and the twins and I miss you guys even more. So it's kind of a catch-22 situation."

"My Monday classes all went well, and I've earned a 'B' between classwork and skilling. Marisol's doing fine. The Watcher kept her busy Monday, and we got to spend the day together yesterday. She even came with me to Keith's Komics where my class activity is held, well, after I went back and got her. Yes, your mother will be crowing about that if she knew, so I'd rather you didn't pass that part on! Anyway, she worked on her writing skill while I was busy with my class. And we even attended our first party at Professor's Sparks house!

"What was that about kid's her age? Oh, thanks for reminding me honey! Marisol met the paper girl yesterday and I promised to call the children's home to see if Phyllis can come and play with Marisol. Though I'm not really sure if they'll let her. I've probably set both of the girls up for a major disappointment.

"Oh, now that's a good idea Odette! Do you really think I could pull off something like that? I know your mother could in a heart beat, but I'm not in her league at all when it comes to throwing the Frio name, reputation, or wealth around. I'll give it a try though. I'd rather not disappoint the girls now that I've brought it up.

"I've got to get ready for classes today honey, and make that phone call before I leave, but it's been great hearing your voice. Only a few more days and we'll be back in HS with my first term done! Love you honey, bye!"

Chase quickly showers, dresses, grabs one of Marisol's fresh muffins and calls the children's home.

"Yes, Headmistress, those Frios! It's a pretty unusual request, I know, but it's a pretty unusual situation. You see I had my oldest daughter, who's school-age, visit me unexpectedly here on campus and she met your Phyllis yesterday when she delivered our morning paper. The girls hit it off and my daughter asked if Phyllis could come and play with her one day while she was here. Phyllis mentioned that she doesn't attend school, but is home-schooled so I thought that maybe she could come visit us after my last class today and spend the night with my Marisol, and the day tomorrow. I do have one class tomorrow but not until late afternoon, so the girls would be under my direct supervision."

"I see. You're not sure about allowing one student such a privilege, how it might affect the other children's moral, being left out. Well, I think I could help out with that. I'm sure the students would enjoy a pizza party tonight, while Phyllis is away? And for your trouble, laptops for each of them, including Phyllis, to help out with their classes?"

As I hear the Headmistress' voice change to one of gushing agreement, I smile and my smile grows even bigger at Chase's next words, "Wonderful! I'm glad we could come to a satisfactory solution. Oh, Headmistress, one other thing, please find out each child's favorite color and let them pick out a shirt or something. The hand me down stock will do for starters, but then make arrangements with a local clothing store for new clothes for all of them, and send me the bill. I know Phyllis likes red so hopefully you've got something she likes in her size for her to wear this afternoon."

As he rings off, I can't help but say, "Well done! I'm really glad you added that part about the clothes. I'm sure it will lift Phyllis and the other children's' spirits to have their own outfits in their favorite colors."

"You know Watcher, that was actually kind of fun. I've never had a name to use like that before and then when you add in the ability to make a generous donation, well, it really greased the wheels!"

"It usually does Chase! But you better hurry before you're late for class!"

With her father off to classes for the day, and Phyllis not expected until dinner time, Marisol plays with her toys.

First the clown-in-a-box, where luckily she gets the good one, as the bad one has a tendency to scare children.

Then she plays on her bustin' bronco, having a grand time chasing bandits.

Then she gets in some skilling at the blocks table.

While she's occupied, I go and check on Chase.

And find him between classes, brooding outside in the pouring rain!

"What's the matter now Chase? Didn't your class go well?"

Dejectedly he says, "My class went fine, I worked hard, but then I started thinking about my phone call with the Headmistress. Maybe I shouldn't have come on so strong with the Frio name, and offering pizza, laptops, and clothes. I could practically hear the woman falling out of her chair at my offer! But why did I need to bribe her to let Phyllis come over and play with Marisol? Can't sims do things out of the goodness of their hearts, just being satisfied that it's the right thing to do?"

"Not everyone is as good as you are Chase. Even Cinda can be mean despite being good, so sims that don't have the good to fall back on let other things become more important. But for the Headmistress, she didn't actually accept a bribe for herself, everything you offered was for the children, so it works out for their good. I'm sure she saw that. Now, I'm sure it will look good on her record to have been the one that accepted your generous offer, so she will benefit that way. But ultimately, it's Marisol, Phyllis, and the other children that benefit. So stop brooding, realize you've done a good thing and get going to your next class!"

The long afternoon finally came to an end and Chase got home just as Marisol was coming out to greet Phyllis.

"You girls have fun, I'm going to stay our of your way and get in some inventing time."

"Thanks so much for getting them to let Phyllis come over daddy! This is going to be so much fun!"

The girls come inside and eat a quick dinner and Phyllis chats excitedly about how they got to pick out different clothes, saying, "The only thing with red that fit me was this sweatshirt. It's maroon, but that's a dark red, and it's got this brighter red on it, so it's at least better than the orange shirt. Though these green shorts don't go very well. But the Headmistress said we'd all get to pick out new clothes soon too. And the rest of the kids were having a pizza party when I left, with music playing and everyone laughing and having a great time."

"Oh, I'm sorry you'll miss the party Phyllis. I didn't mean for that to happen. Did you want to try and stay another night?"

"Are you kidding? I'd much rather be here having a sleep over with you! I've never got to do that before, ever!"

"Me either. And even though we had mac 'n' cheese instead of pizza, we do have music! We can listen to any station you want to!"

The girls listen to different music and continue chatting on and on as young girls will do.

But as Phyllis tells Marisol more and more about life in the children's home, with the Headmistress, lessons masters, and such, she can't help feeling that Phyllis needs someone special to watch over her, a mom or dad of her own.

The girls play hopscotch, and tag, but soon it's too dark to see very well.

Then Marisol asks, "Daddy said we could sleep in the house and share his big bed, or sleep in the treehouse? I'm all for the treehouse, how about you?"

"Oh yeah! That would be so awesome! I've never even been in a treehouse and we can actually sleep in it? That's so cool!"

Then Marisol notices Phyllis getting sleepy and she asks, "Did you have to get up early and deliver papers this morning?"

Phyllis nods and trying to hold back a yawn, says, "Uh huh. But I don't want to miss out on our time together by sleeping!"

Marisol says, "Me neither. But why don't you head up to the treehouse and make up our beds, while I grab some snacks and comic books? Then we'll be all set!"

"That sounds great! I'll see you up there!"

With the girls all set up in the treehouse, Chase gets in some work out time.

For a brooding genius, he looks pretty fit to me, but he's promised Odette he'll keep his body in shape, as well as his mind, while he's here on campus.

It doesn't hurt that he's got another op that will increase his celebrity status with 4 hours of workout time either!

"I didn't really think you cared about being a celebrity, Chase, why the big turn around?"

Between breathes, he says, "Well, I figured if I'm going to have some celebrity status anyway, just being a Frio and knowing Frio family members, then I should at least do some of the work to be one in my own right, not just leeching off the fame of the rest of the family."

"Once again, your goodness comes to the fore, so I'll leave you to it."

"I'm almost done. Then it's a shower and bed for me too. I'm sure the girls will be up early and I promised the Headmistress they'd be under my direct supervision the whole time. Can't be supervising them if I'm asleep!"


The next morning, Marisol wakes up as soon as the light filters through the leaves and into the windows of the treehouse, so she quietly plays and lets Phyllis sleep in, since she's got the day off from delivering papers today.

Then Marisol bakes muffins, brownies, and cookies, in a variety of flavors.

Once she's all done, she says, "I'm ready Watcher! All I need is that bake sale table set up now!"

So I grab it out of inventory and set it up on the front lawn, next to the driveway.

A few sims wander by, some out for their morning jogs, but no one stops to buy anything.

Chase, seeing Marisol's look of disappointment, quickly makes some phone calls inviting everyone he knows to come over.

Soon, there's a house full of students, including Chase's Technology Professor, Wade Anthony.

And one by one, they've all done their duty and purchased a bake sale item!

Inside, Chase thanks everyone for helping him out, but then Esther asks, "What's on your mind Mr. Broody? You can't still be upset about a bake sale after we all bought stuff."

Phyllis, who'd been presiding over the royal court is stunned to learn that Marisol's dad invited all these people over just to buy stuff from Marisol's bake sale. She can't help thinking what a gem of a dad he is, to do something like that for his daughter. And though she's happy for Marisol, it leaves her feeling sad at the thought of not having a parent like that in her own life.

But Phyllis' attention is caught by Chase's next words, as he says, "No, it's not that. I really appreciate everyone coming over. It's just that I have a class this afternoon, and I really hate the idea of leaving Marisol alone again. Phyllis is here with her now, but she's leaving soon and then I have to leave and Marisol will be here by herself, physically anyway."

"Oh, well that's not a problem. My class was early this morning, so I'm free. I'll hang around until you get home."

"Really Esther? You wouldn't mind? I'd really owe you one!"

Esther laughs and says, "I'll remember that too!" But then seeing Chase's face, she adds, "Kidding Frio, kidding! You are just too easy!"

Hearing that she's got to leave soon, Phyllis doesn't even bother changing and runs outside to find Marisol and get in some more play time together.

The girls play hopscotch again and then spend some time on the teeter totter.

With Phyllis saying, "You've got a really great dad Marisol! Making arrangements with the Headmistress for me to come over and…other stuff. He must really love you a lot."

Marisol smiles and says, "I know he does! He tells me that every night when he tucks me in now." Then her smile fading, she adds, "I just hope the rest of his family will love me too. I'm a little nervous about meeting them on Saturday." Frowning even more she says, "But daddy told me that even though it will be Saturday when we leave, it'll be mid-week in Hidden Springs. He said traveling to the Uni campus stops time back home. Isn't that odd?"

Phyllis, her face shocked at this news, says, "Traveling stops time in other places!?! No wonder I'm still a little girl and don't remember anything before this week. Time here only started when your dad arrived! That explains so much, thanks for telling me Marisol." Then Phyllis's face falls too as she says, "But that means when you and your dad leave to go back to Hidden Springs, I'll stay a little girl, while you grow up! Unless someone comes back. Do you think anyone will?"

The two young girls slowly get off the teeter totter and face each other tearfully.

"I'm so sorry Phyllis! But it's even worse than that! NO ONE ages here in Uni! Even if someone did come back, they stop aging too! Until they return to their own town. Daddy explained that to me when I asked about growing up and missing school this week."

Phyllis, even more distraught with this news, holds her hands out helplessly and says, "But why? It's so unfair! I've delivered papers all week, except for this morning, and I've never even gotten a demerit, not one!"

Marisol grabs the only friend she's ever known and hugs her hard, asking, "If I called you from Hidden Springs would the Headmistress let you talk to me or would you get a demerit?"

Phyllis, hugging Marisol back tightly, says through her sobs, "I don't know. But what do demerits matter if I'm never going to grow up! Never going to see you again! Phone calls would just make me miss you even more. You'll make new friends there, have your birthday, and forget all about me."

Marisol tries to hold Phyllis tighter, saying, "I could never forget you Phyllis! We'll think of something…"
but Phyllis pulls away and, still sobbing, runs off!

With Phyllis gone and Chase on his way to class, Esther asks Marisol to play chess.

Marisol sits down dutifully enough, but her heart is so saddened by Phyllis' departure after their conversation, that she just stares dejectedly at the board.

"Don't you know how to play? I could explain some simple moves?"

Marisol sighs and shakes her head, saying, "I… I know how to play, I just can't right now. Esther, can I ask you a question?"

"I guess. If it's not too personal." Then smiling, thinking she knows the subject, she says, "Is it about girl stuff?"

Marisol frowns and says, "Girl stuff? Well, it's about me and Phyllis so I guess it's about girl stuff. But the thing is, with no one aging here, Phyllis will NEVER grow up and she left crying and I don't know what to do to fix it! What would you do if your best friend, your only friend, was in that situation?"

Esther stares in shock at Marisol's words, and realizes that 'girl stuff' is the least of Marisol's worries, or her own. If Marisol's words are true, then her own unlucky trait has proved the winner and she too will be stuck in Uni as a student forever!

Esther clears her throat, her mouth dry and says, "I'm so sorry Marisol but I don't have an answer for that question." Then her face brightening she adds, "But your father is a genius and if we ever needed one, it's now! So when he gets home, explain the whole situation to him and hopefully he can come up with a solution. For Phyllis and for Uni!"

Chase, unaware of the aging issue, is working hard in his last class for the week.

He's been able to focus by taking extensive notes and even the other students questions haven't distracted him.

And though he can hear snoring from a student across the room, Chase finds Professor Anthony's lecture to be informative and thought provoking.

So much so that he's noted several questions he wants to research later.

After class, Professor Anthony calls Chase over saying, "I was surprised to learn you had a young daughter with you here on campus Frio, and even more surprised to learn where she came from! Your work in my classes has been top notch all week, that, along with your time machine discovery has definitely earned you the spot as my star student this term!  Congratulations, you've made the Dean's List and I'd say your 'A'  for this term is in the bag!"

With his Dean's List wish completed, Chase pops a wish to ace an exam, and with his finals tomorrow, I quickly promise it, knowing that Chase isn't going to have any trouble completing it with his academic performance putting him at the top of his class!

And Chase confirms that belief when, his face glowing at the professors words of praise, he says, "Thanks Professor. But I'm not going to lose my momentum now, I'll definitely be putting my best effort into my finals tomorrow!"

But when Chase gets home he's shocked by Esther's quick departure with barely a word of goodbye.

That is until Marisol, her eyes bright with unshed tears, explains the whole situation, ending with, "Esther told me that she couldn't think of any way to fix it, but that since you're a genius, maybe you could come up with a solution. Can you daddy?"

Chase stares into his daughter's hopeful face and says, "I've never even thought about the non-aging being a problem. But now that you've brought it up, I'll give it my full attention."

"Okay daddy. But if you think of something that will help Phyllis, please tell me right away. She left crying and I'd rather not have her be sad anymore."

Chase, his heart breaking for both little girls, says, "I can't promise I'll think of a solution, but I'll do my best Marisol."

Marisol and Phyllis got to have a sleepover and have cemented their friendship.

But the information about no one aging in the Uni world has the girls distraught and saddened by a friendship that will be one-sided, with Marisol growing up in Hidden Springs and poor Phyllis doomed to just the few days they've shared together.

But on a more positive note, with Wednesday's and Thursday's classes completed, and Chase making the Dean's List, Friday's finals should be in the bag for our resident genius!

Unless he starts brooding about Marisol's request and loses his focus!

I may need to intervene before that happens.

Follow along as Chase finishes his first term in Chapter 232: Finals and the Longest Day
Coming soon.

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Chapter 232: Finals and the Longest Day
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As the sun comes up Friday morning, I find Chase standing lost in thought in front of the inventing table.

"Out of scrap?"

"No Watcher, I finished up that invention and mastered inventing."

"You don't sound all that enthused about it. It's quite the accomplishment you know, maxing a skill. And you've had that wish promised for what seems like forever."

Sighing and with that very familiar brooding tone back into his voice, Chase asks, "How could I feel remotely good about accomplishing anything when Marisol is so upset about Phyllis!?! And with Esther knowing about the aging issue, it's probably all over campus by now. And even though I've thought about it all night, I haven't come up with a solution! Do YOU have any bright ideas Watcher!?! Something to fix all this and make my little girl happy again!?!"

"I'm glad you finally asked, because though I can't fix the aging issue for the Uni campus, that's beyond even my powers, I think I've come up with the answer to help out Marisol and Phyllis!"

"And you're just telling me this now Watcher!?! I spent the whole night before my finals brooding…"

"Chase, you're always brooding, besides I try to give my family members time to solve their own problems. But when they can't, they come to me and ask for help."

"Instead of thinking that as the resident genius they can't fix it themselves, like I did. Well, don't keep me in suspense Watcher! How can you fix this for the girls!?!"

"My part should be as easy as a few clicks on my keyboard, once we return to Hidden Springs. But we have to have a certain someone's agreement. Cinda may be able to help with that. Call and tell her what's going on and she'll set the wheels in motion. In case that doesn't work out, I'll start thinking of a plan B! But let's keep this between us as I don't want to get the girls' hopes up. Then you need to get ready for your classes, you have your finals today!"

Chase makes the requested call to Cinda, showers, and heads off eager to take his finals, confident in his knowledge of his course material.

"Good luck Chase! Not that you'll need it, with all of your hard work, your performance bar is maxed, but it's customary to say it."

"Understood Watcher! But I'm still going to try my best on my finals, after all that work, no sense in messing it up now."

After Chase leaves for his finals, Marisol bakes up a storm and sets up her table again.

I feel badly as with all of Chase's friends buying stuff yesterday, I'm afraid she feels confident it will happen again.

But with my continued silence, so unusual for me, Marisol says, "No need to worry Watcher. I know daddy called all his friends to come over yesterday. But that's not the same thing as selling stuff on my own, that's why I waited until he left this morning. I do NOT want anymore pity sales! Besides, keeping busy keeps my mind off Phyllis."

"They weren't actually pity sales Marisol. Everyone enjoyed your baked goods. But with your dad at classes all day, I don't see any harm in trying to sell a few more items. But what if Phyllis comes by to deliver the paper? Will that upset you?"

"Oh, not at all Watcher, I'd forgotten about that possibility. I hope she does! I want to tell her daddy's working on the problem and make her feel better."

Before I can comment, we get a visitor.

But it's definitely not Phyllis!

"Oh, a customer! Good morning, sir. I've got fresh baked muffins, brownies, and cookies for sale. I have samples on this plate here if you'd care to try one?"

"Oh, no I couldn't sweetheart. I'm on a vegan sugar free diet, but I heard from some friends that a little girl was having a bake sale so I thought I'd help you out."

"Help me out? You want to tend my table for me?"

"No, you're doing a fine job of that already. I'd like to broadcast your bake sale, if it's okay with you?"

"Sure mister. But, I'm not supposed to talk to strangers, only customers."

"The name's Skip Taylor, Communications Major, of course. And now that we've met, how about letting me set up my equipment and letting others know about your sale?"

"Okay, if you think it will help."

I was so busy listening to Skip and making sure he was on the level, I didn't get a chance to see how Chase did on his first exam.

But then I realize he's got an open wish spot and an 'aced it' moodlet, so there's no need to ask.

And it's too late now anyway, as he's walking into his class for his next exam.

So I'd better get back to Marisol and Mr. Broadcast!

"Sorry sweetheart! I really thought my broadcast would drum up more business for you! But I guess everyone is busy with finals. Maybe you'd have better luck setting up in the commons tomorrow?"

"The commons? Where's that?"

"It's just across the road, between all of the campus buildings. Lots of students and professors walking about, even on Saturday."

Marisol says sadly, "Oh, but we leave Saturday, and I really wanted to sell something on my own. My daddy had all of his friends visit and buy stuff yesterday."

"Well, that was nice of him. Sounds like you've got a great dad!"

"It was nice and he is a great dad! But I'd still like to do it on my own."

"Well, good luck sweetheart! I'm sure you're a fine little baker and I'd love to buy something, but I can't have sugar or eggs. It's been killing me standing here smelling everything, especially those brownies. I better be on my way."

I finally caught up with Chase between his 2nd and 3rd class and he says, "I aced that one too Watcher! Only one more to go! But I'm not going to cheer yet, I have to stay focused!"

"Whatever works for you Chase! Your performance bar is still maxed, so I don't think it will be  a problem."

When I get back to the house, Marisol has given up on the bake sale and is working on her painting.

"That's looking very nice Marisol. Your skills have certainly come a long way since you arrived here Monday. You've earned skill points in logic, painting, and writing, and you've worked with the blocks table and even maxed the toy oven. That's pretty impressive for a week."

"But I never sold any baked goods on my own. I still have that wish."

"Well, you could try again, maybe at the Festival Park in Hidden Springs, that may drum up more business. Especially since the sims there aren't busy with classes, they're just there to have fun. And what's more fun than enjoying ooey-gooey cookies and brownies!"

"That's a good idea Watcher. But I'll have school in Hidden Springs."

"Yes, but it won't take up all your time, though you could sign up for an after school activity, scouting or ballet. I think I have other options for children too, but I don't remember all of them."

"Wow, those are hard choices. I'll have to think about it."

"Take your time. Your father and I won't be staying in Hidden Springs long, so things won't really get going until we get back after he graduates."

"Oh, so time won't be passing after you and daddy leave. That's really hard to understand Watcher."

"Maybe hard to understand, but you won't even realize it as we'll come back just after we left."

"And then I'll start growing up and Phyllis won't, unless daddy can do something about it. But daddy's smart Watcher! I'm sure he'll think of something!"

Daddy, or Chase rather, is smart!

I catch him coming out of his last class and he says, "That's it Watcher. All three finals and I aced them all!"

"Then why don't you look happy?"

"I guess I'm just in shock that my first term is over. The week went by so fast, meeting all the new students and the professors, building the time machine and Marisol's unexpected arrival. Then classes all week, spending time with Marisol, her meeting Phyllis. And now finals are over and I'll be making arrangements to go home."

"It has been a pretty busy week for both you and Marisol, I'll give you that."

"Not just for us Watcher. You did your part too, getting my house fixed up, first for me, then for Marisol, adding kids stuff so she would be comfortable too. Watching her when I was at class. Making sure I didn't miss my classes."

"It really was a joint effort Chase. But we've got an even bigger day coming up."

"Yeah. Bringing Marisol home and introducing her to everyone." He lets out a breathe adding, "I've really got a lot of explaining to do! I'm not looking forward to that part. I'm still afraid of what Cinda might do to me! Though she seemed quite sympathetic to Phyllis' plight. Told me not to worry and she'd call me as soon as things were arranged."

When Chase gets home, Marisol races down off the porch and Chase gives her a big hug.

"I missed you girl! Have you stayed busy today?"

"I missed you too daddy! I did some more baking, but still no luck with sales, though that nice student tried to help me with a broadcast about my bake sale. He said I might do better at the commons on Saturday, but we're leaving so I guess I won't find out. Then I painted some more and I finished my painting. Come see it daddy!"

Chase raises a questioning eyebrow at me and I add, "Communications major, Skip Taylor. Go check out her painting, she did a great job!""

As Chase looks at Marisol's painting, he says, "Very nice. I guess we'll have another budding artist in our house. That'll make four of us, and maybe the twins too. We could have a whole house full of artists!"

"But you're not thinking about art, you're thinking about school."

"Yes, after this week, after my finals today, I'm starting to think that my goal is really within reach Watcher! Just one more week and I could earn my degree!"

Thoughtfully, Chase checks Marisol's painting and seeing that's it completely dry, he packs it away for the trip back home.

After stowing his back pack away, he begins a painting of his own, saying "Marisol's busy on another submarine adventure and I'm going to do something totally fun and non-school related for once this week!"

"Well, I'm not going to stop you! You deserve a break."


"Just think daddy! Last night was our last night sleeping here together in this house. Tonight we'll be in Hidden Springs. Will I share a room with you there too?"

"No, that won't be necessary Marisol, you'll have your own room there. We've got an empty room with two twin beds that used to belong to your Aunt's, Ella and Merida."

"But won't that room be for my twin sisters daddy?"

Chase shakes his head, saying, "Not for a long time. They're still babies Marisol, and they'll still be in the nursery when they become toddlers. By the time they need those beds, you'll be a teenager and you can have the other spare room upstairs. It has a big double bed with a canopy and it's been in the family for a long time."

"That sounds like a lot of rooms daddy! It must be a big house!"

"It is! It's one the Watcher built for us. Big enough for the whole family. We'd better get the beds made, and breakfast over with and finish up our packing. 9 o'clock will be here before we know it!"

But 9 o'clock comes and goes with only one thing of note happening.

Chase gets his final grade for the semester---an 'A' of course!

"Well, that's quite satisfactory Watcher! All that hard work and studying paid off. But I'm surprised the van hasn't arrived yet, it's close to 10 now. I'd better call and check on the delay."

"No need Chase. I did some checking of my own and term doesn't end at 9 am Saturday, but at 9 pm! So we've got almost 12 hours to go before it shows up!"

"What? But…what are we going to do for 12 hours!"

It didn't take me and Marisol long to convince Chase that we could kill several hours hanging around the commons trying to sell baked goods.

Since it was a such a beautiful sunny day, he decided to encourage a crowd by playing guitar.

But it wasn't a crowd Marisol needed, just one sim that had a sweet tooth!

And to my surprise, she gets one right away!

Nina Simons, the vampire student that Marisol met outside the store on Tuesday, comes rushing over and quickly buys a brownie!

And Marisol's wish to sell a baked good on her own, comes true!

Chase and Marisol hang around the park for several hours, but though a lot of students and professors come around, no one else buys anything.

I've had quite a few children hold bake sales throughout the TJ towns and frankly, I'm almost as disappointed as they are with the results.

Apparently sims don't love chocolate and brownies as much as I do!

After they get home, Marisol calls Phyllis and persuades her to come over just as Chase accepts a party invitation.

"I can't leave you girls here alone Marisol. I'll have to call Matthew back and tell him I can't make it!"

"Daddy! Phyllis and I will be fine and the Watcher will look after us, won't you Watcher?"

"Sure. That way you'll get to see Phyllis and your father can get in one last party this term."

"Well, I guess, if you're both sure….I'll just stay for a few minutes and see how everyone did on finals."

When Phyllis arrives, Marisol says, "I asked my daddy about your problem Phyllis and he's thinking about it. But I'm not sure what he's going to come up with so let's make the most of our last day together."

Phyllis says, "I think that's a good idea. Crying about it didn't do any good, so let's just have fun while we can. But I wanted you to know Marisol, that if I could only have this time while someone was here in Uni, I'm happy it was you! Happy I got to make a friend!"

"Me too Phyllis! So what do you want to do first, play with the dollhouse, watch TV, or  play video games?"

As the girls decide to play video games, Chase gets a reminder about Matthew Tellmer's party.

"I won't stay long, I want to be back in plenty of time for the moving van. But I'm still not sure about leaving you girls on your own…."

Busy with their game, Marisol says, "We'll be fine daddy! This game will keep us busy for a long time."

Chase, knowing just how involved the game is, relents and says, "Okay, but I want you both to stay inside the house. And don't answer the phone or open the door to anyone. Got that?"

Phyllis says, "We understand Mr. Frio. There's so many fun things to do here, I love being at your house. I'm glad I got to come visit Marisol this one last time." Then she adds, "Blast it! I wasn't paying attention and you pushed me off the track!"

Chase, realizing he's broken one of his cardinal rules and disturbed avid gamers, says, "Sorry Phyllis. I'll be on my way and stop interrupting your game."

Just as Chase gets to the party, he gets a phone call from home.

"She agreed? Just like that? Wow! I didn't think it would that easy. But your mother can be very persuasive when she wants to be, so I shouldn't be surprised. The girls will be so happy. But, I agree, best to keep it under wraps until all the details are worked out. Thanks for letting me know honey! Oh, I aced all three of my finals and got my 'A' for the term! So with this news, I've got plenty to celebrate! Bye, honey, hugs and kisses for you and the girls."

And Chase does indeed celebrate, by doing a keg stand for the very first time!

Matthew helps him out, saying, "I'm happy to assist Chase, having you choose my party for your first keg stand will really boost my own popularity!"

Professor Anthony stares, astonished that the studious Chase has relaxed enough to participate in such a traditional college student past time, but the other party guests cheer him on!

"Go, go, go!" screams one student, encouraging Chase to gulp juice faster.

But soon Chase has reverted to his past time of choice and is engaged in a fast-paced video game with Professor Anthony.

"Nice move Professor! But you've not got me beat yet!"

"Term is over Chase, call me Wade! But that's not going to help you win, I've got plenty of better moves in store for you!"

"Give it your best shot, Wade! You've got nothing on me!"

Seeing as Chase is happily occupied, I head back home to check on the girls.

I get back just in time to see them saying goodbye.

"Thanks for coming over Phyllis. I'm going to miss you."

"I'm going to miss you too, so please call me whenever you can from Hidden Springs. I don't care if I'll still be a little girl, our friendship is more important than our ages."

"I will Phyllis. And don't lose hope! My daddy is still working on a solution to the aging problem here in Uni. And if he can build a time machine, and deal with having a daughter from the past, he can do anything!"

Phyllis hugs Marisol tighter and says, "I knew you were special, but I never even dreamed…Wow! A girl from the past is my best friend!"

Marisol says, "Yes, Phyllis best friends, best friends forever!"

Chase gets back home from the party with plenty of time to spare, especially since 9 pm comes and goes.

Then, finally, the van driver shows up, checks his list and says, "Mr. Frio and child? Well, that's a first! No wonder this one got pushed to the bottom of the stack. I'm sure the other drivers thought it was a mistake and meant for another town! Sorry for the delay sir! But if you're both ready, I'll have my guys get everything packed up and we can get going."

Chase, keeping his eye on the softball Marisol has just thrown, says, "More than ready. We'll finish up here and wait for you in the van."

"Very good sir. With an extra passenger, I'll drive myself and tell both my partners they can go home once the van's loaded. They'll be happy to hear that, it's been a long day for all of us."

"Well, you tell them that if they can get that van loaded fast, they'll earn a big tip from me. It's after 11 and my daughter needs to get some sleep. We'd thought we were leaving this morning, so it's been a long day for us too."

"I'm sure that will provide the needed incentive sir! In fact, I'll help load too so we can get underway faster."

"That would be very appreciated and something I'll remember when I come back for my next term."

Marisol, her excitement overcoming her nervousness, shouts, "I'll get my bags and help too! Oh, I can't believe it's finally happening. I'm going home to meet our family in Hidden Springs!"

Chase aced his final exams and ended the term with his coveted 'A'!

The plan we've set in motion for Marisol and Phyllis is well underway, and that along with his 'A' had Chase participating in his first keg stand.

Marisol and Phyllis have said their goodbye's, vowing to remain best friends, no matter what!

And the longest day ever finally comes to an end with the moving van showing up at 11 pm!

So let's see what's in store for our Marisol, Chase's time machine child, as she travels back to Hidden Springs to meet her family.

All the details are noted in upcoming chapters, starting with Chapter 233: Marisol Meets the Family
Coming soon.

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Chapter 233: Marisol Meets the Family
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It was a long drive back to Hidden Springs, but the driver made good time and Marisol and Chase slept through most of it.

But both were wide awake as they entered the outskirts of town and headed into the downtown area.

Marisol was bouncing on the seat, her gaze darting all around trying to take in everything all at once, saying, "Wow, Hidden Springs is so pretty! Look at all the green grass and trees." Then asking excitedly, "Are we almost there daddy? Is our house in town? Does it have a big yard? Do we have neighbors close by?"

Chase, trying to keep the strain out of his voice, answered, "We actually live on the far side of town, so far out the roads aren't paved there. But our house is right on the lake shore, with a nice yard, and access to the water. Though we haven't been here long enough to explore it much yet."

"Oh, that sounds amazing daddy! Can I swim and fish? What about boating or snorkeling, or parasailing!?!"

Chase, unable to resist Marisol's enthusiasm, smiled and said, "Fishing for sure, because you'd be safe on the shore. But for the rest, you really need supervision." Seeing Marisol ready to voice her objection, he added, "More than just the Watcher. Your mother, or your grandparents, or me, when I get back from my 2nd term. Understood?"

Marisol's face fell just a bit, but even that information couldn't quell her excitement at being in a real town, a town with other children and her own large extended family, so she nodded, saying, "Yes, daddy. I understand." Then bouncing on the seat again, she asked, "Are we there yet!?!"

Chase just shook his head and said, "Almost. We passed through the downtown area and we're heading for the lake shore section now."

And within just a few minutes, the Frio family home was in sight!

Marisol's eyes flew open wide at the size of it, taking in the green grass, the trees, and the sims standing in the front yard.

Not just any sims, but her family!

Oh, how she hoped they would like her!

But then she noticed the vehicles in the front yard.

She recognized the motive mobile, but the police car was a surprise, and she asked nervously, "Is something wrong!?! Why is there a police car?"

Chase patted her hand reassuringly and said, "Relax. It's fine. The car belongs to your grandmother, Cici. She's a high ranking police officer now, way past needing a cruiser for patrol, but she keeps it for sentimental reasons. We still have her great-grandfather's police cruiser too, as he was in law enforcement and reached the top of the career as well."

"Does she arrest people?"

Chase patted her hand again and said, "Only those that commit crimes, so you don't have anything to worry about. Unless you've robbed a bank I don't know about!?!"

Marisol giggled and relaxed at Chase's words, just as he hoped, though he was far from relaxed himself.

But no time to think of that as the van had stopped and Chased grabbed his suitcase and followed Cinda inside.

Cinda wasn't spending a moment more outdoors than she had to, but her opening remark had Chase on alert as she said, "So Mr. Game Designer, seems like you were up to more than just working on your gaming while you were at Uni!"

Everyone else had followed them inside, but Rory quickly steered Cinda off to the nursery, saying, "Let's check on the twins, Cinda. I think I hear one of them stirring."

This left Chase, Odette, and Marisol standing in the entry way alone, giving them a private moment.

A moment that could set the tone for this new family dynamic.

Chase gazed at Marisol wondering how to initiate this meeting.

It's not everyday that a time traveling husband has to introduce his unexpected offspring to his wife!

Then Odette broke the awkward silence, saying, "Welcome to your new home Marisol. It's so nice to finally meet you. Chase, um, your father, has told me so much about you."

Marisol stared off, feeling the butterflies flying wildly around her stomach, wondering if the welcome was real or if her step-mother was just being polite.

Then she realized she was being impolite by staying silent, so she ventured a few words, "Daddy and the Watcher have told me a bit about you too."

Odette tensed as Marisol's voice tripped so easily over that word, 'daddy'. But she tried to relieve the young girl's tension, as well as her own, by continuing with a safe topic, saying with a smile, "The Watcher sure can be a fountain of information, and just like a fountain, she bubbles over with it! Sometimes too much, don't you think!?!"

Marisol's lips twitched at that remark, but defended me valiantly saying, "Sometimes, but she means well."

At her words, the trio all laughed, and the ice was truly broken, as they were now united in thought and feeling for a mutual known friend.

And though I was a bit rueful at it being at my expense, it was a small price to pay for bringing them together.

Odette gave Marisol a quick tour of the main floor, to get her acquainted with her new home, and as they checked out the rooms and got to know each other, their conversation flowed even more freely.

And even became animated and enthusiastic as they discussed art.

"Your father mentioned how much you enjoy painting, even though you're not artistic, but don't give up hope on that as I didn't get that trait until I was a young adult. And even if you don't ever get the trait, it's a wonderfully relaxing past time. Well worth the effort, though I didn't think so when I was younger. If the easels around the house are full, just ask and we can free some up, or buy another one. Maybe you'd like one in your room?"

Marisol, staring up at Odette with obvious affection already showing on her face, said, "If it wouldn't cost too much or be too much trouble, that would be great! Oh, the one daddy and I used at Uni is in the van! Could that one be mine? Then you wouldn't need to buy another one. 'Waste not, want not'!"

Odette's smile grew as she looked at Marisol, the spitting image of Chase, and with all the love she felt for him, a kernel of it started to grow for his daughter, at her enthusiasm, tempered by her frugalness, and she allowed herself to relax even more, confident that the situation would work itself out.

Then the topic turned to favorite colors and Odette told Marisol how she shared her love of purple with the Watcher.

"I love it in every shade, from lightest lilac to darkest plum, and all the ones in between! The Watcher and I had such fun picking out my wardrobe after every birthday." But she ruefully plucked at her sweater, as she added, "But the Watcher has been remiss in changing my everyday outfit to one more appropriate for the warmer weather. Sometimes you have to remind her of that!"

Marisol laughed and said, "She seems to be a lot like daddy when it comes to remembering some things. But she did let me choose all my outfits in my favorite color pink! And she filled our house in Uni with lots of things for me to do. I even learned to bake everything I could with a toy oven, muffins, cookies, and brownies. I sold some too! Most of it with daddy's help, but one on my own too."

"You sound like quite the little baker, that will come in handy to fill up our refrigerators! I miss some of those yummy kid treats! Your great-grandmother Lorelei, we call her Gramlei, was a five star chef and cooked the most amazing meals! We still have some of them in the replicators, but no one's a chef like she was, or our Founder Jerad. They were both natural cooks and earned us the best refrigerators that never let anything spoil."

Marisol was intrigued by that information saying, "Really? No spoilage or wasted food? That's awesome!"

Odette added, "Well, as long as it's all eaten or kept in the fridges. Anything left out will still spoil. And with our lower cooking skill, sometimes we still burn a meal, so those get tossed."

Marisol giggled and whispered, "Daddy burns the mac 'n' cheese most of the time, so we ate a lot of my muffins!"

With favorites known and secrets shared, the first bonds of friendship have been forged, setting the foundation for a lasting, loving relationship.

And with this thought in both their minds and hearts, the two smile at each other, content with this, their first meeting.

Chase, relieved that this first important meeting was going so well, settled more deeply onto the couch with a book.

One he hadn't been reading until Odette and Marisol had shown such obvious liking for one another.

He even smiled as he overheard Marisol mention his disastrous attempts at cooking.

And as Odette's voice raised in obvious enthusiasm as the topic turned to music, he felt like this first hurdle had been cleared, cleanly and painlessly.

He knew there would be more to come, but for now, he relaxed, listened to Odette's and Marisol's happy chatter and actually read the first paragraph.

But soon Jemma was awake, so Chase eagerly got reacquainted with his youngest daughter.

She might not have been aware of his departure from the household for a week, but he sure was!

"I don't care what anyone says, sweetie, you have grown! Look how big you've gotten and your eyes so bright. Did you miss daddy? I sure missed you. And I've brought someone special home with me. A big sister to watch over you and show you how to play with blocks and bake muffins! She makes delicious muffins!"

Jemma waved her arms and gurgled, her soft baby coos showing her delight at being in her daddy's arms.

Odette and Marisol, who had both joined him in the nursery, smiled at the interaction between Chase and his infant daughter.

Odette, her eyes shining with unshed tears, as the sight brought a pang to her mother's heart, just smiled softly, enjoying having Chase back home to make their family complete again.

Marisol, happily riding away on the rockin' rider, chuckled and said, "Oh, daddy, she's so sweet! Just look at her unique skin, and she's waving her arms like she knows what you're saying. I'll definitely help her out with the muffins, when she's big enough."

Odette added, "You'll be a teen by then, and too big to play with the toy oven, but after her birthday tonight, she'll be old enough to play at the blocks table with you. And when she and Janette are children, I'm sure they'd love some instruction on baking and painting!"

"That sounds like the perfect plan mommy!" Marisol said, the name coming out naturally in her happiness.

Odette stood stock still and felt her heart swell even more.

Marisol had already won a place in her heart, this child without a mother… No! That wasn't true!

Marisol had changed that with one simple, heartfelt word, and Odette knew that, like Chase, she didn't have just two daughters, but three!

Leaving Marisol in the nursery watching over a still sleeping Janette in her swing, Chase brought Jemma to the swing in his in-laws bedroom, wondering just how much Marisol would change the relationship he had with Odette.

His anxiety grew as Odette stood silently looking out the sliding doors, and he could feel the tension between them.

Finally, unable to stand it anymore, he quickly spoke, saying" Honey, please forgive me for…."

Surprised at Chase's choice of words, Odette asked, "Forgive you for what Chase?"

"For the time machine, Marisol, it's such an unusual situation…I don't blame you for being angry with me. But I can't just abandon her…we'll both leave if that's what you want. I was hoping, since your first meeting went so well, that it would work out. But I can feel the tension between us. I'm so sorry."

Odette quickly placed her hand on Chase's arm and kissed him. Hard!

"You brilliant, brooding, goof!" she whispered huskily, "The tension you feel isn't one of anger, but one of passion. I've been dying to be alone with you! But I wanted to have time with Marisol and to give you time with the twins. I mean what kind of impression would I have made on such a young child if I'd jumped into your arms and kissed you passionately as soon as you got out of the van!?!"

Chase, his face showing his own love, quickly pulled Odette closer, saying, "Well, we're alone now, Jemma's asleep in the swing!"

Odette, gazing into his eyes, didn't speak, there was no need.

Her actions spoke more eloquently than any words!

Cinda, believing she'd shown more than enough patience, found Marisol in the nursery, and introduced herself.

"Hello, Marisol, I'm your grandmother, you can call me…"

Marisol interrupted with, "Cici! The Watcher told me all about you. Oh, your wings are sparkly and so beautiful! How lovely to be a fairy! And your hair. It really is turquoise. I met a student in Uni who had blue hair, but not like yours. But I liked it and I told him his was special too. Daddy told me how important it was for Sims to be unique and special. But that looks wasn't the most important thing, what mattered most was how you treated others."

Cinda, almost at a loss for words at this spate of information, finally managed to say, "Well, aren't you quite the chatterbox! I can see you've taken a page out of The Watcher's book. But I guess that makes sense, since she's been your principle guardian, with your father at classes. But that will all change now! You'll have fours adults to watch over you, to guide you, help teach you skills. Though your father was right. Treating others well is important. Something I really have to keep a tight reign on myself."

Innocently, Marisol, said, "Why? Aren't you nice to people!?!"

So Cinda explained all about traits and being a fairy, and how she had her own share of not-so-good traits.

"I don't mind plants, but I don't like the outdoors at all, so unless it's cut flowers in a vase, or plants growing in a green house, nature's just not for me. I'm not sure why, but I was born that way. As far as being nice to people, I'm really conflicted on that one. You see I got the mean-spirited trait as a child and adding that to my fairy genetics, where fairies are generally very mischievous, it made my childhood pretty rocky. And though no one was more surprised than me, I got the good trait when I became a teen! Though my mean trait still took over sometimes." She bent closer and whispered, "I've never told anyone, though the Watcher knows, as she sees everything, but I egged my Uncle Ian's house once on Spooky Day!"

"You didn't!?! You threw perfectly good eggs and made a mess on someone's door!?!"

Cinda gave a rueful nod and said, "I'm afraid so."

"But you're a police officer now so I guess you can't do things like that anymore."

"No. Now I spend my days keeping in shape with athletics and martial arts to keep sims from doing really bad things to other sims. Now, I'm not saying I still don't enjoy a good fairy prank, especially if someone deserves it, but for the most part, I've become an upstanding, responsible, citizen that keeps the streets of whatever town I'm in safe."

"And I've become a real big advocate for animals of all types, ever since I picked animal lover as my social trait. It came in real handy when I had to make friends with your Aunt Ella's pets in order to adopt a male unicorn to add to her menagerie."

"You've actually made friends with different animals, including a unicorn?"

"Yes, two unicorns actually, plus a cat, and a dog. The smaller animals weren't a big challenge as I could spend time with them inside, but with the unicorns, that meant spending a lot of time outside."

"But you hate the outdoors, so why would you do something like that?"

Cinda smiled and said, "Because my love for my daughter Ella outweighed my hate of the outdoors. And I knew it was temporary, not something I'd have to do forever, especially with the Watcher's assistance, so not as big a sacrifice as it sounds. And it wasn't without it's perks, watching the white unicorn with his herd of wild horses was a sight I will cherish forever. I miss having all the pets around."

Marisol perked up at that admission and asked, "Do you think we could get a pet!?!"

Cinda said, "It's something we could discuss as a family and decide together. A pet is a big responsibility."

"Would I get a vote too?"

"Of course! You’re a Frio! Once a Frio,…."

Marisol laughed and chimed in, so they chorused together, "…always a Frio!"

Cinda nodded and said, "I see your father has taught you the most important things already. Our motto and our creed."

While Marisol takes a moment to explore her new home, Cinda makes a phone call to invite some guests over for the twins toddler birthdays.

"Well, I hope you can make it. We'd like to get the girls together as soon as possible. But I understand having family commitments too."

Then, a smiling Odette, brings Janette to her cake, as the oldest twin she'll age up first.

Marisol enthusiastically joins Rory and Cinda, loudly tooting a party horn as they twirl noise makers.

A few moments later, the bright birthday sparkles shower around Janette and she laughs delightedly, trying to catch them with her chubby little fists.

I stare stunned, as she's not only beautiful, but she's aged up in a toddler outfit that suits her coloring to a tee, a cute white top with black polka dots and black rumba pants.

I pop her into stylist straight away for two reasons.

One, I want a close-up of her, and two, as much as I love the age up outfit, her favorite color is green.

So I keep the outfit, along with the polka dots and just change the color to green, which really pops against her skin.

Oh, make that three reasons.

I want to change her hair to a more feminine style, which I do, along with adding matching green ribbons.

I wasn't expecting such exotic genetics for this generation, but I'm loving this little tyke already!

As Rory and Chase sit companionably at the kitchen counter digging into Janette's birthday cake, Rory brings up the subject Chase has been dreading all day.

"Well, son, I was expecting the 'A', but bringing home a daughter was sure a surprise!"

Chase freezes and focuses on his fork, like cutting a bite of cake is the most important thing in the world.

Then he stutters, "I…I…don't…I'm so sorr…."

Rory, realizing Chase has taken his words as an admonishment, says, "No, no. Nothing to apologize for. She's beautiful, looks just like you. And the look on Cinda's face when Odette told us. Well, all I can say is priceless! And you did the right thing, calling Odette as soon as you knew what happened. I can't say I envy you the moment the Watcher explained what happened and you knew you had to explain it to Odette. And knowing you had to face Cinda when you got home, that must have been worrisome, especially with your brooding nature. But I've tried to ease that part for you, a least a little. You're not the first Frio to explore a time machine, and you went into it without knowing what could happen, unlike Cinda's great-grandparents, who wanted it to result in a child. A child they lost for years, but who finally appeared as a young adult. And caused a lot of disruption to the family, even challenging heirship, since she was the natural child of an heir, though she finally gave that up and it fell to Odette's grandmother, Lorelei, who had been chosen for heirship before she showed up. So it all worked out in the end."

"Medieval Marcy Madness! That's what the Watcher told me. She didn't go into all that detail, but she said that's why the family time machine was kept in storage. Thankfully, there's no heirship issue with Marisol being only my child and not Odette's, but I never wanted to cause distress to the family like this."

"Distress? Is there a problem between Odette and Marisol? Or you and Odette?"

"Oh, no, Odette and Marisol are getting along splendidly. Their first meeting went so much better than I expected."

"You mean brooded about, don't you?"

"Yes, still can't fight that aspect of my nature, as much as I've tried."

"So the problem is with you and Odette, then?"

"No! I thought it was, my brooding nature again, but Odette cleared that up quite plainly. We're more in love than ever!"

"So what distress are you talking about? It sounds to me like you were the one in distress, brooding about all of this, and it's turned out fine."

Chase pauses a moment, thinking Rory's words over and says, "It has turned out all right. More than alright actually. And as soon as Marisol's surprise turns up, I think everything will be all set for me to go back to Uni."

The Frios are back together as a family unit, briefly, and Marisol has been accepted into the family with open arms.

She's already called Odette, 'mommy' and has established a relationship with Cinda too.

With the twins becoming toddlers, she'll be able to play big sister, and become even more a part of the family.

But for that to happen we need to celebrate Jemma's toddler birthday.

So the party continues, with a surprise for me as well as for Marisol.

After that it's back to Uni for Chase to complete his degree!

Let's see what happens in Chapter 234: Birthday Surprises and More Goodbyes
Coming soon.

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Chapter 234: Birthday Surprises and More Goodbyes
« Reply #257 on: May 05, 2020, 12:43:23 PM »

Cinda is the first one to pick up Janette and give her a cuddle.

"I hope Cici's made up for leaving you at City Hall and all is forgiven little one? I promise to never do such a thing again!"

Janette just gave me the cutest look like she was posing for the camera!

Then Cinda took care of Janette's most pressing need, before settling her down with some toys in the nursery.

"Once you're done with the potty, you can play while we have your Sissie's birthday. Then the two of you can play together."

As Odette blows out Jemma's candles, the guest that Cinda spoke with earlier has finally arrived.

And Marisol hurries in to join the family in celebrating Jemma's toddler birthday.

As Odette places Jemma on the floor and the rest of the family cheers, I'm wondering what color hair this little one will inherit.

Rory's black, Odette's dark brown, Chase's lighter brown, or Cinda's turquoise?

But the game shocks me again by giving Jemma bright blonde hair with red hair ribbons!

It could be one of those random hair moments the game likes to surprise us with, but I'd rather consider it a throwback to Carly or Lucy, our most recent blondes, though several generations ago!

And an age up outfit in a color combination that is so oddly mismatched that I just shake my head.

After Janette's super cute outfit I should have expected an odd one, a purple top, cream patterned pants and aqua sneakers, though it could have been worse.

But Marisol's not concerned with anything but her cute baby sister as she squeals, "Happy Birthday baby sister! Now you're both big enough for me to play with you."

So it's another trip into stylist to fix the clothing disaster.

Though, since it's a toddler outfit, not as bad as a teen, that's for sure.

Jemma's favorite color isn't hard to guess, and again, it pops against her dark skin tone, that's much darker than her twin's.

I'm still shocked at the blonde hair, but it's growing on me and super cute with the matching hair ribbons!

But as Marisol's clapping has diminished, we can see that she's starting to get sleepy after her long drive and busy first day in her new home.

So before Marisol falls asleep and misses it, Odette tells her there's a surprise for her down in the basement.

"For me? But it's not my birthday. Why do I get a surprise?"

Cinda laughs and says, "I'd have been down in the basement already. Let's just call it a welcome home present okay? Our guest, Granny Shue, was the real hero here, so we hope all of our plotting and planning will be appreciated. Now run down and see what it is."

Marisol's screams of delight can be heard not only upstairs, but probably half-way down the street!

She flings her arms around her friend, screaming, "Phyllis! Phyllis! You're actually here in Hidden Springs! I knew my daddy would think of something! How long can you stay? For the weekend? Until your birthday, so we can become teens together?"

Phyllis smiles and says, "I'm here for good!"

Marisol's mouth drops open in shock as she asks, "You're staying here forever!?!"

Phyllis shakes her head, then stops and says, "Well, kinda. I'm not going to be living in your house, but I am going to be living in my own house with my own family here in Hidden Springs."

"Really? Who's going to be your mom and dad?"

"There's no dad in my new family, but I have 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers that are in high school, then a sister that's closer to my age, who's in grade school, and Granny, too. Granny's the one that fostered me. She's adopted all my brothers and sisters too! And she told me that I can keep my own last name or she can adopt me and I can change it to Shue. But it's actually my choice! Just think, someone asking me what I want to do instead of telling me! That's something I'll have to get used to. But I'm sure there will be rules too. I just don't know what all of them are yet. Though when I asked, Granny did tell me there are no demerits, so that's a plus."

"She sounds really nice. Do you think she'd let you stay over? I have twin beds in my new room!"

"I'm not sure, but I'll ask her. She's over by the bookcase."

Phyllis goes over and asks, "Ms. Shue, Marisol and I are both getting sleepy, could I stay over and sleep here tonight?"

Granny smiles to soften her answer, saying, "I think you'd better spend the night with us Phyllis, especially with school tomorrow. Since both you and Marisol will be going to school for the first time, you really need to get into that new routine. You'll be on the same bus and in the same class as Marisol, so you'll get to see each other every school day.  And I'm sure you'll be visiting each other after school too. Plus there's a weekend coming up, so it will be a short week."

Phyllis nods, as she's used to obeying without question, and really too tired to argue about it, not even trying to cover her yawn and staggering on her feet.

Granny says, "Child, you're almost asleep on your feet! Arriving this morning, meeting all of us, going to Sweet's dance recital, then coming here to surprise Marisol! No wonder you're asking about a sleep over! Let's get you home so you can get some rest. And Phyllis, no need to be so formal. I've been Granny to everyone in this town for as long as I can remember. The older kids call me Granny but I've had Sweet since she was a nooboo, so she calls me 'Mom'. Though, you're free to call me 'Mom' if you'd like, now, or whenever you're comfortable with it. Your choice."

Phyllis stands there a moment reveling in that word, 'home'!

For the first time in her young life she has one of her own.

And though it's still full of children, these will be her actual brothers and sisters, plus she'll have dear Granny, instead of a headmistress!

As tired as she is, almost overwhelmed by it all, Phyllis can't help but add, "I'd like to go home and be with my family, Granmom. Is that okay if I call you, 'Granmom'?"

Granny's heart swells for this newest child of hers and she takes her by the hand and says, "Granmom sounds perfect Phyllis!"

As excited as Marisol was after seeing Phyllis, and disappointed with Granny's decision on postponing their sleepover until the weekend, Marisol quickly fell asleep in her new bedroom.

Her thoughts were filled with her new house, her new family, and having her best friend living nearby.

Odette and Chase got the twins settled down with toys in the nursery.

Janette happily playing with the pegbox as Jemma chewed on the xylophone mallet.

I was more than shocked by their dark skin when these twins were born, but like all of my other toddlers, I find them adorable!

With all three of their daughters settled down for the night, Odette finally gets that alone time with Chase.

They cuddle together, whispering sweet nothings amidst repeated murmurings of, 'I missed you so much', and even more frequent, 'I love you's'.

And then, with a pointed look from Chase, I give them some much needed privacy.

Early the next morning, Rory gets the girls up from their cribs, hands out bottles, and cleans the potty chair.

His snort and words of disgust are typical of parents and grandparents everywhere, but the twins totally focus on filling their little tummies.

As Rory helps Janette with her morning potty time, we're joined by Lorelei, who's settled into the nursery rocker.

"It's nice to see the nursery filled with toddlers again, and to hear them happily playing, but I could do without the potty chair smell," Lorelei comments, wrinkling her ghostly nose.

Rory snorts again, trying not to breathe through his nose, adding, "You and me too! Luckily it doesn't last very long."

Cinda, helping Jemma learn what the potty is for across the room, says, "And it's even worse with twins. Double the trouble and double the smell!"

Lorelei says, "And we've all had our share of twins! This set, your set, and my two sets!"

I laugh and say, "Stop complaining! It could be worse! Logan and Sasha had triplets!"

My comment has the room going silent as my words sink in, and I add, "Once you two move out, that could happen, you know, twins or even triplets! Though I haven't noticed any wishes for more children from either of you since we moved to Hidden Springs."

Lorelei, a note of shock in her voice, asks, "You two were thinking about more children!?! Seriously?"

Rory nods and answers, "We had been, back in Roaring Heights. Not here in the heir home, of course. But after we moved to our own place here in Hidden Springs. That and extending my life too, so Cinda and I had more time together, since she's still a YA."

Lorelei whistles at that, saying, "Well, better you than me. Raising four children, two sets of twins, no less, and helping out with four grandchildren was enough for me!" Then she smiles, adding, "But I loved cooking everyone's favorite meals and storing them in the replicators, that was more fun than work!"

Cinda says, "And we've be so busy here with weddings, unicorns, the twins, and now Marisol, I really haven't had time to think about another child."

Lorelei frowns and says, "Who's Marisol? Did Odette have a nooboo that I missed?"

Rory shakes his head and Cinda snorts, saying, "Now there's a story for you, Mom! Join me on the side porch rockers and I'll tell you all about it! I'm sure you, of all sims, will appreciate this one!"

When Chase makes it down to the nursery later that morning, he finds the twins playing with their toys again.

Though they've switched now, with Jemma playing with the pegbox and Janette at the xylophone.

First, Chase sits in front of Janette trying to get her to play a tune, to no avail, as Janette finds chewing on the mallet just as fun as making music.

But always the proponent of equal time with his daughters, Chase moves to help Jemma with the peg box.

Then decides it's actually the best spot to help both girls out at the same time.

Pointing out the square hole for Jemma, he can still encourage Janette to strike the xylophone keys rather than eat the mallet!

Unexpectedly, I'm pulled upstairs.

I'm wondering what could be going on as it's not close to anyone's birthday, or worse, a visit from Grim.

I find Odette still in her sleepwear moaning, "Watcher…I don't feel so good."

And moments later she's on the stone floor of the upstairs porch, out cold!

What on earth!?!

I've never had a sim pass out like that before, for no reason!

Sam, of course, every time he spotted a ghost, but Odette's no coward and has never done that with a ghost before and, as I frantically look around, there's no ghost in sight.

Then I check Odette's moodlets to see if that will give me a clue and I fine the culprit, 'bored to death'!

Oh, looks like she may have been chatting with Lorelei again and that no sense of humor trait has carried over even into her ghostly conversations.

After Cinda filled Lorelei in on Marisol's origins, Odette probably got an earful from Lorelei, first commiserating with her on the unexpected child and making sure Odette wasn't suffering like she did, but then going on to the dangers of jumping into the time machine as you never know who will jump out!

At least, that's my theory….I mean, what else could it be?

A few minutes later, Odette, dressed and none the worse for wear, though I've forgotten to change her outfit again, is cuddling Jemma as Chase holds Janette.

Odette's words clue me in on what's going on here as she says, "Don't worry little one, daddy will be home before you know it! In fact, you won't even realize he's been gone."

Chase's face sobers as he adds, "But I sure will miss all of you! Though unexpected, Marisol was at least company, family to keep me grounded. This time around I'll be on my own! And I promise, no matter how desperate I am for company, I won't be jumping in to any more time machines! It's way too dangerous!"

With both twins in their cribs for naps, Chase says goodbye to Odette.

Seeing his torn face, Odette says, "It's only 7 days. You can do it, Chase. Keep focused and don't worry about us here. We'll be fine."

After a lingering hug and kiss, Chase breaks away saying, "I'll just say goodbye to Marisol and then grab my bags. The van should be here soon."

"I met her in the kitchen and gave her permission to check out our stretch of beach. And she promised to only fish, no swimming or water sports. I was surprised she asked me. She's such a thoughtful child, Chase. You should be proud."

"That's a relief that she's following my rules and already accepted you as an authority figure. I was shocked when she called you 'mommy' yesterday, but grateful too. That she was so comfortable with you to say that so soon. I hope it didn't startle you too much?"

"Oh, Chase, just the opposite! She's so sweet and she looks just like you! How could I not love her already? And the 'mommy', it touched me more than I would have believed possible. I'm the only mother she's ever known, ever will know! It's not just you that has three daughters now Chase, we both do!"

Their heartfelt words engendered another tight hug and then Chase headed outside.

He found Marisol on the lake shore, fishing, but she quickly turned to him when he said, "It's time for you to be really brave now. The moving van will be her soon and I have to say goodbye."

"Oh, don't worry about me daddy! With Phyllis here, mommy, my baby sisters, and Cici, I'll be fine! And there's the house, the lake, and the town to explore when you get back. The Watcher explained about time not passing here. It's hard to understand but she says I won't even notice. But…will YOU be okay without me daddy? The Watcher will be with you so you won't be totally alone. And you've made lots of friends at Uni, so they should help keep you busy too."

Chase reached down and pulled Marisol in for a hug saying, "Your mother was right! You are thoughtful and sweet and I'm very proud of you! You're not worried about yourself but about me! But I'll be fine. Especially knowing you're safe here with our family."

Then Chase heard the toot of the van horn and hurried back to the house.

He grabbed his suitcase and once more was seen off by Odette, Rory, and Cinda.

But now he sported a smile as he said, "You're all more than capable of taking care of things here on the home front. Marisol's fine and more worried about me than about herself. So, I've got this everyone! I know what to expect and I'm confident I can ace my two final classes and earn my degree!"

The others nod at Chase's new found confidence, agreeing with him wholeheartedly, yet occupied with their own thoughts.

Cinda cringing at being outside yet again, Rory distracted by something down the road, and Odette wishing Chase to be free of thoughts of family so he can focus on his classes and complete his degree.

All seems fine on the home front, with Marisol settled in, comfortable enough to call Odette, 'mommy', and Odette already accepting Marisol as her third daughter.

Jemma's birthday brought the surprise of blonde hair back into the family as the twins begin their toddler years.

And Marisol's surprise was finding Phyllis living in Hidden Springs, the foster-daughter of Granny Shue, with the choice of keeping her own name or being adopted.

I'm sure the two young girls, thrown together with the limited children on the Uni campus, and quickly becoming best friends, will relish this opportunity to continue their friendship as they start school and Phyllis gets to age along with Marisol.

But before that happens, Chase has a second term at Uni to complete to earn his degree and complete his LTW.

With Chase so confident and Odette's wish repeated almost like a mantra, what could possibly go wrong?

Let's find out in Chapter 235: A Wish Comes True
Coming soon.

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Chapter 235: A Wish Comes True
« Reply #258 on: May 12, 2020, 04:40:40 PM »

Okay, so we all know that you should never tempt fate as Murphy's Law is just waiting to pounce!

So asking what could possibly go wrong was a huge mistake!

Chase arrived in Uni, stored his clothes away, and quickly made a phone call.

I smile, relieved that he's remembered to call Odette and tell her he'd arrived safely, without me doing any prompting at all.

He's really made progress on his absent-minded…Wait! Who is he talking to!?!

Mika Moore?

Why did he call her before calling Odette?

That's strange.

I listen in to see if I can figure out what's going on.

"Hey Mika! Yeah, I just got back in town!  It feels great to be back here in Uni! Everything looks fine. See you at the meet 'n' greet later? I know we're not new students but I think it would be nice to welcome others, don't you? Great! I'll see you soon."

I'm thinking he just wanted to get that set up and he'll call Odette next, so I'm rather shocked when he heads outside.

"Chase, aren't you forgetting something?"

"Who is that!?! Who's talking? Show yourself!"

"Chase, it's me, The Watcher. Stop goofing around and call Odette, let your wife know you arrived safely."

"Odette? My wife!?! I don't know what game you're playing lady, but it's not going to wash. I'm much too smart to fall for a trick like that. And I'm on my way to meet my friends and make some new ones, so quit wasting my time and go play your tricks on someone else, or better yet, stop playing them!"

While Chase heads off to the meet 'n' greet, I frantically check his relationship panel.

To my shock, Odette is not listed, and neither is anyone from the main Frio home, including Marisol!

But oddly enough, some of his in-laws are listed, Eric, Ella, and Merida, though just as acquaintances.

So I check his family tree and it's still intact with his parents, his in-laws, Odette, the twins, and Marisol.

But he knows NOTHING about Odette or his daughters, and…oh my goodness, HIS status is listed as single!

Well, Odette's wish came true!

But not in the way we expected at all, as she just wanted him to be free of worrying and brooding about the family, not forget them altogether!

Maybe it's a form of amnesia? A safe-guard to protect himself from being too lonely and missing his family?

Whatever it is, I realize I need to catch up with him and fast, as an attractive, and seemingly unattached male student, he'll be fair game for everyone on campus, both students and faculty!

With that horrible thought in mind I click on his icon to get wherever he is fast and prevent anything worse from happening.

Oh, no, am I too late already!?!

He's greeting a very attractive new student, a blonde bombshell! (Get away from my charge, you hussy!)

But after they start chatting for a few minutes, I see this, and relax.

If her face and bugged out eyes are anything to go by, Chase's remarks about working hard, staying focused, and graduating with honors had just the opposite affect for this new student.

Apparently he laid it on a bit too thickly and really missed the mark on this one.

Which I am grateful for, as I don't want any personal entanglements to mess up his relationship with Odette or the rest of his family.

With his first attempt at making a new student feel at home in her new environment going so badly, Chase heads straight for his favorite video game, where he finds another new student.

He's more successful at getting along with this guy, more than likely because they kept their conversation focused on nerdy topics, like comic books and video games.

I couldn't help but smile as Chase boasted about his high score on Fire in the Skies, "Yeah, that's me, CMF! I got that high score last term and no one's been able to beat it!"

Chase then has to give beating his own high score another shot, and just as he blazes away at the last ship, he gets a call from Mika, who's downstairs in the lobby.

But my words earlier must have struck a cord, as after they greet each other, Chase asks, "I know this is going to sound odd Mika, but I trust that, as one of my best friends here, you'd be one who would know. Am I in a serious relationship with anyone?"

Mika, shooting Chase a look, says, "Everyone knows you are VERY married! And that you have three daughters, infant twins, and a school-age one, that came out of the time machine you built last term! You talked about them and worried about them so much last year you almost made yourself sick! Is this about my commitment issues or is this some joke you're trying to play? "

Chase stares at her horrified, trying to keep his voice calm, saying, "I thought someone was trying to play a joke on me right after I got into town. She  told me I should be calling my wife, instead of you." His voice raising in pitch, he added, "Mika, I don't remember having a wife, let alone three daughters! What's happened to me!?!"

Mika can see Chase is on the verge of hysteria, so she comforts him with a friendly hug saying, "We'll figure this out Chase. But we need to stay calm, freaking out won't help. Maybe someone in medical or science can help you out?"

Since there's no medical facility on the Uni campus, Mika drives Chase over to the Busche School of Science building, where all the professors and students of both Technology and Science and Medicine do their class work, and have the most up-to-date labs.

Chase endures a battery of tests on his saliva, plasma, and oddly enough, giggles, with the conclusive finding that he is a victim of selective amnesia, possibly due to the temporal disturbances from the time machine!

He remembers his childhood in Roaring Heights, along with his own parents, and brother, and all of his extended family.

And he remembers the name's of his wife's three siblings, though he's not especially close to any of them.

But he has lost all memory of his wife, her parents, and his daughters, not knowing anything about any of them.

Getting married, the birth of the twins, Marisol coming out of the time machine, he can't remember any of it!

Once they've done all they can at the Science building, they send him home with a notebook of questions to answer about his recent activities, especially concerning his adventure in the time machine, hoping to find any other aspects of what might have triggered the amnesia.

Professor Anthony's parting words, "I'm sorry Chase, but the only thing we recommend in these types of cases is to try to relax and rest, if you try to force the memories, it can lead to additional memory loss. But of all the forms of amnesia, selective is the least harmful, and full memory of forgotten events usually does occur, given time. Before you ask, each sim is different, and it could be a day, a week, or many of them, before you remember everything."

Once they get to Chase's home, he sits jumpily on a chair looking over the first page of questions, asking, "Why would knowing how much time I spend on the computer have anything do with losing my memory!?! I've forgotten the most important people in my life and the only advice they can give me is to relax!?!"

Mika, dancing to one of her favorite songs says, "Fussing about it won't help Chase, and I don't think trying to answer all of those questions right now, after all the questions and tests you've already been through today, will help. The Professor advised rest and relaxation, so…, " smiling and flashing her eyes, Mika added, "come dance with me!"

After a few minutes, the music and Mika's encouraging mood had Chase relaxing and he even smiled.

"That's better! Hey, you know what we need? People, noise, and music! Let's go bowling and focus on something fun!"

Mika's unforced cheerfulness and upbeat attitude had Chase agreeing to a night on the town, so they headed over to B's Bowlarama.

Once inside it was hard not to let the music and lively chatter, along with the sound of pins crashing, lighten Chase's mood even more.

He got so caught up in it, they played several games before calling it a night, not wanting to stay out too late with classes in the morning.

But Chase was still too keyed up to sleep, so he painted for a bit.

The silence was so thick I could almost hear his brushstrokes.

Then he broke it asking, "Um, Watcher lady? Are you still here?"

"Yes Chase, I'm always here. Are you feeling any better? Now that you know what's really going on."

"Yes and no. Selective amnesia's the least harmful amnesia, as Professor Anthony explained, but now I'm worried about what else I might have forgotten.  I remembered how to bowl, and that I'm not very good at it, tonight being no exception! And painting isn't awkward, the brush feels comfortable in my hand, and the smell of the paints is familiar letting me know I've done this before too. But what if I get to my classes tomorrow and don't remember any of last terms material!?! That would be a disaster!"

"It wouldn't be great, but you could relearn the material. Besides, didn't Professor Anthony and the others at the Science Lab, test your mental aptitude and it was fine?"

"Yes…they had me run through basic math and physics and some technical material, but…"

"Then stop worrying before you start brooding and have yourself in a deep depression before classes start! Maybe you should focus on something that takes a bit more effort, painting seems to be giving you too much time to…think."

"That's your not very subtle attempt to say worry or brood isn't it?"

"You're catching on fast!"

Chase paints for a bit longer than says, "Well, this speaker has been bugging me anyway, so I'll just get it fixed up!"

"Um, be careful with that. You don't want to get electrocuted. I'm sure that wouldn't help your memory at all!"

"Right. Although, maybe it would…"

"Don't you dare! I promised Odette and Rory that I wouldn't let anything happen to you while you're under my care here in Uni. Don't make me break that promise!"

"Okay, okay, has anyone told you that you're bossy!?!"

"Many, many, times! It's part of my job!"

After fixing the speaker, Chase heads off to bed and though I'm sure he's still a bit worried about his memory problem, he sleeps through until morning.

His classes Monday prove to be a breeze, no issues with memory loss on that score, so Chase comes home in a great mood.

One that's made even happier when he gets a phone call from his friend, Matthew Tellmer, inviting him to a party.

"Hey, it's Matthew, and he's throwing the first dorm party of this term! Can I go?"

"Of course you can go! You didn't get to experience a lot of parties when Marisol was here with you last term, especially having a full course load with three classes. But now, on your own, and with only two classes, I think you should get to have some fun!"

But I'd forgotten all about Chase's 'single' status due to his memory loss and was rethinking the party idea when he met the fairy who'd saved Marisol from being stranded and hearts flew for both of them!

"I'm Ayana Yuki. I don't think we've met before but I'd love to get to know you better!"

As he warmly shakes the hand she has held out, Chase replies, "I'm Chase Frio, Technology Major."

Snatching her hand back, Ayana, frowns saying, "Oh, you're the one that left that cute little girl on the sidewalk last term! What kind of a father brings a little girl to Uni and then forgets about her!?!"

Chase sighs, not even remembering the event as it has to do with Marisol, but bravely says, "The absent-minded kind who brings back an unexpected child from a time machine. I probably forgot to thank you for rescuing her too, so thanks for everything you did that day. I'm sure you're familiar with the nerdy genius types, the ones that, if it wasn't attached, would probably forget their heads? I, unfortunately, am one of those."

Ayana smiles at Chase's sincerity and innocently says, "You're very welcome, I'm glad I could help. And she didn't come to any harm. Besides, we all forget things now and then, don't we?"

Chase tries to smile and replies, "For me, that's the understatement of the year!"

"Well, have you forgotten how to play video games? I believe you were heading for Keith's Komics last term for your hands on class, and Professor Anthony mentioned you were pretty good at them!"
Chase, relieved that he's stumbled through the conversation without revealing the extent of his current memory loss, says, "Sure! I'm game!"

"I'm not going to be easy to beat, like an NPC on a PC game Frio, I play to win!"

"Give it your best shot Ayana! Professor Anthony couldn't beat me and neither will you!"

I just smile as the two of them go after each other in the game like the nerds they are, thankful that gaming is their focus, not those hearts that flared between them when they met.

Lucky for Chase, and me, Ayana is not the type that goes after married men with children!

Early the next morning, I find Chase exercising as his class today doesn't start until 4 pm.

"Wow, I didn't realize you were so fit! Look at your biceps! They are huge!"

"Thanks. I guess. Should you be commenting on my physique? You're the one who made sure I knew I was married!"

"I am not a corporeal being in your world, well, at least not here in Uni, so it's not like we can get together. Not like you and Ayana!"

"Oh, you noticed that huh? Since you didn't say anything at the time, I was hoping you missed that. I guess I have to expect stuff like that to happen since I think of myself as single."

"Of course I noticed! The two of you had so many hearts flying between you it's a wonder I could see anything else in the room. But that's not something that just happens to single sims or those that think they're single, it can happen between any sims, even ghostly ones, no matter if it's appropriate or not. But I also noticed that you and Ayana didn't pursue it and kept things platonic, so thanks for that." "

"Well, I may feel single, but I KNOW I'm not, so I wouldn't act on attraction like that. At least I hope I wouldn't."

"Don't worry. I'll do my best to keep your conscience clear. A word of advice though, I wouldn't be mentioning Ayana to Odette, or worse, to Cinda, when you get back home."

Chase nodded and said, "That's where being absent-minded comes in handy! I'm surprised I even remembered it happening this morning!"

"Well, Uni has done wonders for your memory, you passed all three of your classes last term and earned your 'A'!"

 At my mention of memory, Chase abruptly stops exercising and says, "I need a shower and you don't need to join me!"

I kick myself for reminding him of his memory loss, even inadvertently, and realize this is going to be a very long week.

Chase has started another painting when he gets a visit from Professor Anthony.

"I just wanted to make sure you were doing okay, Frio. You really have gone where no sim has gone before, well not many of them anyway, and your selective amnesia has many of us wondering if it's connected to your time travel experience. I know you've already got that questionnaire to provide us with some insights into that, but I was wondering if you wanted some help with that? I could really use the information in a paper I'm writing."

Chase stares at the Professor for a few minutes and says, "I wouldn't mind helping out, but the thing is Professor, I really don't remember any of it clearly. I guess because it's connected to my daughter, Marisol, who came out of the time machine after I helped a couple in the past. Mostly I remember being chased by Indians and narrowly escaping back to my own time here in Uni with arrows flying all around me!"

Fascinated, Professor Anthony replies, "Indians and arrows, why I hadn't realized you'd gone that far back in the past! That reminds me of one of my favorite movies from the eighties. Maybe I could ask more questions that would trigger other memories?"

"If you think it would help me Professor, I'm all for it!"

Chase got out his notebook and professor Anthony scrolled through his phone for an appropriate memory test.

Not one that would force memories but one of association that could help lead from one memory to another.

"Okay. Just write down whatever comes to mind when I ask the questions. Just think of me as a voice in your head, like I'm not really here beside you."

Chase's sputter of laughter at those directions has me holding back my own smile.

Professor Anthony says, "Did I say something funny Frio?"

Chase quickly says, "Oh, no Professor. It was just the thought that most therapists try to stop you from hearing voices in your head, not encourage it!"

Professor Anthony laughs and says, "Good point Frio. At least your sense of humor is still intact. That's a very good sign! Much rather to laugh about the situation than fall into a depression. Ready to begin?"

"Yes sir! I'm ready now."

With the therapy session over, Professor Anthony says, "I really think your amnesia is strictly concerning your immediate family Frio. All questions concerning any other aspect of your life, including mental aptitude, you have total recall of. I think you've been worried about being away from your wife and daughters in the past, and this is your minds way of keeping you from doing that again! So not a tragedy of memory loss, but a safe guard to keep you sane, and from spiraling into a deep depression."

"That really does make sense Professor! I don't recall that, but my friends here and, um, others, have told me that if I wasn't careful I could brood about my family to the point of harming other parts of my life. So you think that once I return home and I'm reunited with my family again, all those memories will come flooding back, when it's safe for me to remember them?"
"I do, Frio, I really do. So don't dwell on what you can't remember right now. I believe that part of your memory is being blocked for your own benefit. My advice for you this week is simple, go to class, study, and relax, enjoy the freedom of being a student again. On that note, I'm still looking forward to a rematch! I've been practicing on my PC, but nothing beats a game of one on one with a real opponent!"

Chase grinned and said, "Any time, any game, Professor! I'm in!"

Much more relaxed after Professor Anthony's prognosis, Chase went eagerly to his afternoon activity class at Keith's Komics.

The hum of the brain enhancing machine, with the noise of students coming in and out of the store, had him relaxing even more and he let the machine take over as he immersed himself in the activity.

On his way home after class, he gets an invite to another party.

"Oh yeah! Party again tonight!" he shouts as he texts Professor Sparks back that he's on his way.

But this party is rather more sedate, being a formal one, and soon, dressed in his best, he's chatting about comic books with Professor Sparks.

They spend the evening chatting together, and before Chase knows it, it's quite late.

He quickly wraps up the conversation and to his surprise, gets an unexpected hug from the Professor.

Just as Chase starts to feel a bit uncomfortable with the closeness, the Professor whispers, "Don't worry about it Chase. All of us here, the Professors and the students, are doing our best to keep you on track and worry free."

Realizing the hug is just a friendly one, with his best interest at heart, Chase relaxes, hugs her back and says, "Thanks Professor, I'll take all the help I can get."

On his way home, Chase sees an opportunity board and accepts a challenge to win three games of chess against any opponents.

With the fulfilling effects of his Motive Mobile, he stays up all night learning chess moves for his upcoming challenges.

And I watch quietly, letting his genius mind focus on the task and not on his lack of memory of Odette and his daughters.

I think he's decided to take Professor Anthony's words to heart and let this week play out without brooding, and there's no way I want to ruin that!

Odette got her wish that Chase would be free of worrying and brooding excessively over her and their girls as he's been struck with a case of selective amnesia!

Not the way she expected that wish to come true, but with the help of his Uni friends and Professors, Chase is dealing with it rather well.

He's gone to two days of classes and attended parties both nights, so he's almost half-way through the term, and gotten his term grade up to a 'B' already.

Let's see how the rest of the week pans out in Chapter 236: Parties and Making More Uni Friends
Coming soon.

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Chapter 236: Parties and Making More Uni Friends
« Reply #259 on: May 16, 2020, 04:04:28 PM »

Chase's first class on Wednesday proved to be just as easy as the two preceding days, so he headed off to his last class in a great mood.

After class, he got yet another invitation to a party, this time from Ayana Suki!

"Watcher lady, is this your doing? A way to keep me busy so I don't dwell on what I can't remember?"

"It's not me Chase, I promise. I don't control party invitations in any town or here at Uni. I think it's your Professors and friends doing their best to help you in the only way they know how, by keeping you from brooding on your own."

"Everyone has been pretty great about it. I'll tell Ayana I accept. After all, what better place than Uni to party!"

"That's the spirit Chase! You've almost reached the top of your academic performance bar now, so you deserve a night to relax with your friends."

But Chase's idea of a wild night of partying isn't quite what students dream of as he focuses on his chess challenge.

His first opponent is Professor Sparks who laughs and says, "Now take it easy on me Chase. You know I'm just a poor Communications Professor!"

Chase laughs and says, "Poor nothing, Professor Sparks, you're one of the best brains on campus. After accepting the chess challenge I did some research to see who would be worthy opponents. After seeing your record, I stayed up all night practicing chess moves, with the hopes of coming close to beating you!"

Miles Forthright, an avid chess fan, though a jock, watched the game intensely.

With Chase beating the Professor in their first match, she took a break, changed into more comfortable clothing, and challenged him to a second game!

"You're on professor. But I won't go any easier on you this time than I did the first time!"

"I wouldn't want you doing that Chase. Never throw a game for anyone!"

But Professor Sparks was soon sitting their stunned as Chase beat her quickly, saying, "Sorry Professor, I'm guessing you'll pass on a third game?"

"You've guessed right. I'm not used to being beaten once, talk about twice in a row, and so quickly that second time. It was like you guessed my every move before I even made it! Besides, I think Skip would like the pleasure of meeting you. He's been freaking out with excitement ever since he realized who you are!"

Chase sobered and asked, "Who I am? And who is that?"

Professor Sparks took a surprised breathe and said, "Oh, I guess your celebrity status comes from your wife's family, that's why you don't remember it. But everyone on campus thinks a lot of you Chase, and as they get to know you, it's more about you than your family name. You're one of the nice guys, always friendly and willing to sign an autograph."

And soon Chase found out the Professor was right, because students in this dorm eagerly introduced themselves and conversed with him on a myriad of topics.

He even performed a mind meld on Miles Forthright learning that Miles was athletic and that he wanted to be a Superstar Athlete, and that they had the Good trait in common!

And that other students were eager for his autograph as shown by Liz Tarry's excitement when he sheepishly signed the paper she held out.

Miles, looking on said, "Hey, Mr. Celebrity, care for a game of chess with one of us lowly peons!?!"

Chase laughed at the ribbing and said, "Yes, but don't think I let lowly peons win anymore than lofty Professors!"

Miles retorted, "Duly noted."

Miles and Chase beat each other back and forth across the board, each of them making moves that had the other groaning in dismay.

The battle lasted long into the night, long after most of the others guests had left.

As I watch, I realize Chase doesn't have a logic skill bar anymore, so he's mastered logic!

Whether it was that or just his natural skill at the game, I don't know, but a few moves later, he triumphs over Miles and completes his challenge, winning three games of chess.

"Oh, good move Frio! I didn't see that coming at all. Any time you want a rematch let me know. You are some player."

"You too Miles! It was a great game!"

Once he gets home, I replace Chase's inventing table with a chemistry lab, and after discovering a potion, he pops the wish to discover them all!

With the high happiness points it gives that wish is definitely a keeper, and a wish I don't mind coming true.

When Chase is still at it late the next afternoon and has discovered seven potions, I interrupt saying,
"Hey, save some potion discovering for later! You have a lecture to get to!"

Before the class lecture begins, Chase agreeably gives yet another autograph.

This time to Gabby Ahmed, a student that he hadn't met last term.

Gabby's so excited that she clenches her hands saying, "I can't believe it! An honest to goodness Chase Frio autograph! And you're so nice about it too. Just like a normal student."

Chase smiles at her enthusiasm and says, "I am a normal student Gabby, just like you. With hard work and study, and such a friendly attitude, I'm sure I'll be seeing your name on some pretty famous papers soon enough. Aren't you a Science and Medicine major?"

"I am, but, honestly Mr. Frio, my love is food, I want to learn every recipe! I only went into Science and Medicine because that's what my parents wanted. They said it had better career opportunities."

"Call me Chase. Abby, you may make better money in those fields, but if your heart isn't in it, it won't matter. I'm sure your parents would understand if you followed your own dream as well. In fact, if it's not cooking you love but the knowledge, you could buy and learn recipes with all that money you'll make as a doctor or scientist, and travel to distant lands and buy and learn those recipes too."

"Wow! I never thought of that Mr…um, Chase. That's really a good plan. I can make my parents happy and fulfill my own dreams too."

"Not only that, but if you actually make all those wonderful recipes, your family will really appreciate it. My wife's Gramlei made everyone's favorite meals and they were truly delicious!"

Chase's words leave me stunned as he makes his way to his seat and acts like nothing's happened.

In fact, while I'm freaking out, he calmly listens and asks question throughout the lecture.

Just when I think maybe Chase didn't notice what he'd said about Gramlei, and I don't want to bring it up in case it freaks him out, I see that he's taking notes through his laptop!


That can't be good.

Oh no! I hope that doesn't mean Chase is losing substance?

No, no, of course not. It's just probably a weird glitch in my game.

Not unlike the recent wiping of his family from his relationship panel.

But that was explained by Professor Anthony as selective amnesia.

What would explain Chase's hand and notebook going through his laptop!?!

I'm just going to ignore it and hope it doesn't happen again, or get worse!

When Chase's lecture is over,  I catch up with him outside, all excited about yet another party invite!

"Hey Watcher. Ayana's throwing another party tonight, I guess that means she really has forgiven me for leaving Marisol behind  last week. You know, everyone's been so great about keeping me busy, I really need to keep in touch with all of my Uni friends after graduation."

I don't want to burden him with my own worries so I just agree, saying, "Keeping in touch with friends is important Chase. You better get going or you'll be late for the party."

It's another formal party with everyone dressed in their best.

Well, almost everyone.

Looks like Ayana's decided to liven up the party first thing by streaking through the newly arrived crowd!

"Chase! Are you actually staring at Ayana!?!"

"Um, what? Oh, no, not at all. I was…. Okay, you caught me, but wow, that girl has very nice….wings."

"Good save. Need I remind you this meeting with Ayana should never be mentioned to Odette or Cinda either?"

"I won't even be mentioning it in my memoirs Watcher! If I ever write them! Some things are just too private."

The juice keg is finally free and Chase grabs a cupful, just as another student decides to drop his clothes and run upstairs!

Chase keeps his eyes firmly focused on the guys doing a keg stand.

And both girls nearby are focused on their phones.

I just have to laugh when the streaker complains, "Really? Ayana gets applause and I get nothing?!? What's a guy got to do around here to get noticed!?!"

Liz, not looking up from her phone says, "Um, workout?"

I cringe at that shot as the guy says, "Ouch! Tough crowd!"

Then Chase gives Matthew a hand with a keg stand as Skip complains about some students hogging the juice!

Then Chase, getting into the spirit of the party, poses for a photo.

Then he helps a now clothed Ayana do a keg stand.

Then amidst cheers and shouting, the crowd urges Chase to do one himself.

Chase begs off saying he has finals tomorrow, but he shows off one of the Llama cheers that Roy taught him.

Ayana captures a video of Chase's cheer just as another streaker heads up the stairs, with Skip Taylor eyeing Chase and acknowledging his cheer with a smirk.

Or maybe he's wondering how Chase's plasma would taste, after all he his a vampire now!

Then Ayana, taking Chase's words to heart about finals, asks him to help her cram for her biology test.

Chase willingly agrees as he wants to go over some of his own study material, so they head to a quiet spot in the dining room.

"Seriously? The abominable snowman? That's actually one of the answers you can choose? Boy, I'm glad I stuck with Technology courses!"

But even the dining room can't filter  out the noise from the still partying students, so Chase asks Ayana back to his place to study.

I'm wondering if that's a good idea, as I remember the attraction between them when they first met, as well as Chase's comment about Ayana's nice…wings.

Seems like it could be a little too tempting for the two of them alone at Chase's house.

But after giving Ayana the 'tour' of his place,  Chase, who takes tutoring seriously, says, "A game of chess will get us focused and in the right mood for studying."

Ayana agrees, though a bit reluctantly, and joins him at the chess table.

The sun coming up, bright in the sky, finds these two still avidly pouring over their books.

"Well, if I don't know this material by now, I never will." Ayana says as she closes her book with a snap. Adding, "Playing chess first really helped me focus on the material Chase. That's a great study tip. Thanks for staying up all night and helping me cram. That van of yours is a marvel, I still feel full of energy."

"Well, go back to your dorm and get a few hours of sleep anyway, it'll free up your mind and you'll ace your exam."

"Aye, aye, Professor Frio!"

Chase does the same, hits his bed for some real shut eye, and then heads off to his first final that afternoon.

I don't need to wish him luck as his performance bar is maxed and he's got the Dean's List moodlet to let me know he's got this!

Though I'm a bit worried about Skip Taylor being out in this bright sunshine as he works on a broadcast about how students feel about final exams.

He waits with several other students to enter the building for his last final exam.
Seeing Miles Forthright, his chess opponent from last night, neither one of them speaks as they don't want to break the others concentration, but they share a nod of confident encouragement for the upcoming exam.

So Chase has become even more popular with his classmates, attending several more parties and deepening his friendship with Ayana, the fairy student that helped Marisol reunite with him when he left her behind last term.

Not that he remembers having a wife or daughters, since he's still cursed with selective amnesia.

But Professor Anthony's theory is that it's not a curse for Chase, but a blessing, his minds way of protecting him from worrying and brooding about his family obsessively, and that Chase's full memory will return, if not with thoughts that trigger those memories now, then in full when he returns home and it's safe for him to remember them.

And I've already seen it happen!

Chase remembered Odette's Gramlei when he was discussing careers with Gabby and she confessed to wanting to learn every recipe.

I'm hopeful that now that he's remembered something about Odette and her family, the rest will follow.

So all that's left of Uni is Chase's exam results for this term and earning his degree, which would complete his lifetime wish, and then, of course, a long Saturday, that will hopefully include graduation, to endure,  before the moving van arrives to return him to Hidden Springs and his family.

I'll tell you all about it in Chapter 237: Chase Completes His LTW
Coming soon.

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Chapter 237: Chase Completes His LTW
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Right after his last final, Chase headed to Matthew and Ayana's dorm, to congratulate all his new friends on completing another term, and to start saying his goodbyes.

The dorm was pretty empty, though Liz Tarry did greet Chase in the living room.

"Hi Chase! Matthew and Ayana aren't here, they've thrown so many parties and become so popular this term that they are on a round of parties at other dorms and houses tonight. I was just heading out myself."

"That's okay. I'll catch up with them before I leave tomorrow, I'm sure. Have you finished your degree Liz or will you be coming back next term?"

Liz gave Chase a knowing look and said, "You do realize that Esther Atkins has told everyone how time stands still here for inactives and nothing happens at all after an active goes home, right? So we'll be here 'til the end of time, I guess."

At Liz's words, Chase realizes that he's not seen Esther at all this term, and it's probably because of what Liz has just revealed that Esther's been avoiding him.

"Right. Sorry to bring that up. My memories a bit worse for wear this term. Is anyone else around I could say goodbye to?"

"I heard someone in the kitchen earlier, Skip I think."

Chase heads off to the kitchen and finds Skip all dressed up too.

"Hey, glad you caught me Frio! Congratulations on getting your degree. It's been nice getting to have sort of a life with you around these last couple of weeks."

"You seem pretty chipper for someone knowing they'll be a perpetual student Skip, I guess it's kind of like being in a sci-fi comic book, 'Into the Uni Zone'!"

Skip shrugged and his smile grew broader, "Something like that! Some of us are happy with what we get out of sim life, others want more, a lot more. I guess I'm one of the first group, just happy to have gotten some live time, even on the side lines. It's better than no time at all. And I plan on wringing ever last minute of party time I can out of it bro! Catch ya later!"

Chase goes home deep in thought and spends the rest of the evening discovering potions.

When he makes Young Again potion, he does a cheer, as he's now discovered all of them!

To celebrate, he actually uses the hot tub I placed out back at the beginning of his first term.

"Wow! Look at your grin! I don't think I've ever seen you this happy before, unless…"

"Unless I was with my family? It's okay Watcher, you can say it. Nothing could depress me tonight! I aced my finals, discovered all the potions, it's a good feeling to know you're at the top of your game!"

"But your grades haven't even come in yet, don't you feel that's tempting fate?"

"Not this time Watcher. I had a full academic bar, was on the Dean's list, and I aced both tests. It's in the bag. I'm completely confident that my LTW will be completed as soon as my grades arrive! But…hey, what am I doing lazing around here!?! There so many things I haven't done in Uni with classes and all that studying. Come along Watcher, I'm going to have some fun!"

"Chase, you've been to parties every night, and it's too late to visit anyone now!"

"Not parties Watcher, I've already done those as a student. Now I'm an alumni and I'm going to explore this town before I leave it behind forever!"

Chase takes off in the motive mobile and I finally catch up with him at Llama Beach.

"Wow, Watcher! Just look at all these wild horses, they are so beautiful. Marisol told me about some visiting our lot last term, but I never got to see any. I see why she was so fascinated. The beauty, the power, stunning beasts!"

I'm stunned at what Chase has just said and I hold my breathe to see if he's noticed.

But he just starts playing with a soccer ball I didn't even know he had, as the wild horses go about their business.

Then just as the sky starts lightening up the sky, he says, "That water looks really tempting Watcher! I'm going for a swim!"

Before I know it, he's changed into swimwear, dived into the water, and his strong arms are propelling him further and further from shore.

"Chase, Chase, we don't know these waters! And they don't advise swimming alone, especially without lifeguards."

"I'm not alone Watcher, you're here! And it's not like this is the ocean, with sharks and Kraken roaming around attacking unsuspecting sims."

"No, but maybe you should do something a little safer, where others could at least see you."

"Like what?"

"Like what? What does that mean?"

I can hear the note of condescension in his voice as he patiently says, "Like what are my options on this body of water?"

"Oh, right, your options. Let me see, boating, parasailing.."

"Parasailing sounds great! Let me do that!"

"Are you sure? You've never even swam before and now…Okay, okay, parasailing it is!"

To my amazement, Chase is a natural and goes parasailing around the lake again and again.

Swooping here, racing there, he's all over the place, confident and assured in every move!

After he's finished, he races back to the van, and then stoops to pick up some unknown seeds.

"What are they?" I ask.

"Watcher, if I knew, they wouldn't be unknown seeds! Are you sure you don't need to spend some additional time here in Uni to focus your own memory?"

"Har-de-har-har! But you, Mr. Genius, aren't a Graduate with a Degree yet either!"

"That's soon to be rectified Watcher. What time is it?"

"Almost 10, why?"

"Time to head back home and attend to unfinished business."

We barely get inside the door, when Chase's grades show up!

He takes one look…..frowns….

My heart plummets….

Then he pumps a fist in the air and shouts, "YES! YES! I'm a graduate with a perfect 4.0 GPA!"

"That wasn't funny Chase, you had me scared for a moment! But I did see your LTW complete and you rack up all those happiness points! Even if I didn't get a photo of it!"

"You missed my LTW completion photo!?! Seriously Watcher? You had one job…"

 Chase can't keep it up any longer and cracks up as I frown.

"That wasn't funny either!"

"Come on, it was kind of funny…"

"Okay, okay, it was a little. If I didn't know better I'd swear you were taking lessons from Cinda!"

Chase smirks and says, "She's a bit on the mischievous side, but since she's a fairy, I guess that's part of the package."

I don't say anything, but I hopefully, check Chase's relationship panel.

Nope. Nada. Everyone from the main Frio home is still MIA.

When I return, I find Chase whistling, and happier than I've ever seen him at Uni, as he puts the finishing touches on his last Uni painting.

Then I get the announcement I've been waiting for, Graduation Ceremony time!

And it gives us a chance to invite family…..

But with none of them in the relationship panel I'm not surprised, as I scroll through the names of those available to invite, that one name above all others is still missing, Odette's.

Chase says, "Don't worry Watcher, she probably wouldn't have made it in time for the ceremony anyway. But we better get going if I'm going to graduate!"

Chase heads inside with the other graduates and I watch the wild horses running nearby.

I hear the graduation music and the reading of student names, all in Simlish, of course.

Then I pull back to catch the graduates coming out.

Oh, he threw his diploma in the air!

But wait, that's not Chase!

Where is he?

Oh, coming out of a door on the far side!

I get there in time to see him kissing his diploma!

"Really? Kissing it?"

I hear his muffled, "Don't judge Watcher!"

"I'm not judging, what I'm doing is wondering where your graduation cap and gown are!?! Why are you in your athletic clothes? Even your everyday outfit would have been better than shorts and a muscle shirt!"

Chase shouts, "I'm a graduate! I don't care what clothes I'm wearing, it doesn't change a thing!"

And it doesn't.

He completed his lifetime wish, and got his graduation trait.

He chose artistic, to help him in his video gaming career, as he's thinking of focusing on the artist branch.

He looks so happy that it makes me happy too.

Back at his Uni home, Chase has decided to throw his very first, and last, party.

He grabs some hot dogs from the fridge and starts prepping them for the grill.

Not sure what there is to prep for hot dogs, but I see onions, so maybe he's making chili dogs.

Then his guests start arriving, any and everyone he's ever met at Uni has been invited.

Even Esther accepted his invitation!

And someone brought hamburgers, probably heard about Chase's cooking last term!

While Chase is busy grilling, I spot Ayana's wings, and Professor Anthony taking one final photo of his 'star' student!

I have no idea what that poor girl is doing in mid-air on the other side of the porch railing!

Is she levitating?

Oh, I guess not. She seems to be stuck there.

Sorry Manisha, resetting you will remove you from the party, but there's nothing else I can do.

Oh, she managed to land on the ground and started playing guitar!

That's a first.

Oh, and so is that guy skinny dipping!

I think it's the same streaker student from before, I guess he prefers being au natural!

After grilling, Chase lights the bonfire and wonders if he should have bought a keg for the party.

"Not necessary, Chase. You've already got one student levitating off your porch and another skinny dipping in the hot tub! I'm not sure juice will help either of those situations."

Chase laughs and says, "Not help them, Watcher, but it may help the rest of us deal with them easier!"

Soon a crowd of students has gathered round the bonfire, and as Chase stirs it up, Esther laughs and throws a test tube on the fire!

"I'm glad I came Chase. Skip is right, better to live at least a little, than not at all. I'm glad we got to be friends, keep in touch!"

As everyone shouts the words back and forth, promising to do their best to keep in touch, a familiar horn is heard by the curb.

Chase quickly says goodbye to all of his Uni friends with his finally words being, "Someone put the fire out and don't let my house burn down okay?"

His friends chorus, "You got it Chase! Good luck back home!" as he jumps into the van.

I'm with all of Chase's friends, hoping luck is with us as Chase arrives back in HS, with his needs totally filled in the motive mobile!

"Hey, what happened to the moving van?"

"It was too slow. I told them I'd go on ahead and they can meet me there later."

The house looks the same, with another motive mobile in the drive way and Cinda's police cruiser parked nearby.

I hurriedly check Chase's relationship panel and see that everyone's back!

But looking wasn't really necessary because as soon as he sees Odette on the sidewalk, he grabs her and kisses her soundly!

So things are back to normal with my dear Frio family, and Chase is safely back home, his memory and relationships restored, just like Professor Anthony predicted.

What a relief!

Chase's amnesia, and the other small Uni glitches, had me worried until he returned home.

But our graduate is home with his LTW completed, and he's been reunited with Odette and his three daughters.

Daughters he'll need to help grow up over the next few weeks, teaching toddler skills, or in Marisol's case, help with homework, and then it will be more homework, and teenagers!

Along with those responsibilities, he now embarks on his Video Game Developer career, one I've not played in my TJ game, or maybe ever.

So we'll be breaking new ground in upcoming chapters.

And get a visit from a dear friend as someone joins the family in Chapter 238: Houseguest
Coming soon.

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Chapter 238: Houseguest
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"Oh, with a greeting like that I'm guessing our love is just as strong as ever honey! I was afraid you'd either brood about us all too much or forget about us altogether! Especially your old wife, with all those pretty co-eds running around!"

Chase's thoughts are clear as he remembers every moment he's ever spent with his wife and their daughters, but mentioning that he'd actually forgotten them all while at Uni, due to his selective amnesia, probably wouldn't be the best idea.

But will he remember NOT to do that?

Apparently his time at Uni has focused his thoughts better, either that or his Uni experiences are still so fresh in his mind that he's very aware of the hurt he could cause Odette by revealing that information.

 "You are so beautiful and so amazing that I would never even dream of replacing you Odette. And everyone, my Uni friends and Professors, kept me so busy that I didn't have time to brood! And I did it! You are looking at an Alumni, a Uni graduate with a Technology Degree, top of my class with a 4.0 GPA!"

"That's wonderful darling! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!"

"It's a good feeling, I must admit. But enough about me, I can't wait to see the twins and Marisol and spend some time with them!"

"Oh, that may have to wait just a bit as the twins are taking a nap and Marisol went next door to play with some neighborhood children."

Chase raised his brows and gave Odette quite the look as he asked, "I see, care to join me upstairs!?!"

Odette's answering look was just as flirty, but she said, "Unfortunately there's not time for that, the twins should be waking up soon, so we should stay close by."

Chase answered, "Aww, the responsibilities of parenthood! But I wouldn't give them up for anything, so I'll settle for a game of chess. I can show you some of the new moves I learned at Uni as the resident champion of the chess league!"

"Wow, those are some moves Chase! You beat me in about three seconds! I demand a rematch!"

"Sure thing honey, set up the board again!"

With the two of them busy playing chess, I take a moment to check on Marisol next door.

Sure enough, she's met a new friend as I find her chatting with Sweet Shue.

Granny and Sweet's older brother, Gary, are part of the group visiting Lakeshore Cabin.

Along with Jenny Lo Swete, who married Louis, and I can see Jenny's intent gaze on young Sweet, so I'm guessing she, at least, is privy to Louis' theory that Sweet is his daughter.

But that's understandable as I'm sure Louis has gone on and on about Emmaline's deception and his unwavering belief that Sweet is his child, which a quick check of Sweet's family tree proves without a doubt!

Then Marisol chats with Kirk Abbot, the other child in the group.

I was hoping Kirk was closer to Marisol's age, but he's only two days away from being a teen.

But a friend is a friend so I let Marisol continue chatting away.

Then I have her invite Phyllis over to join them.

When I pop back to the house, Chase is just getting Janette out of her crib.

"Aw, daddy's so glad to be home sweetie! Home for good this time. Look how cute you are, and so happy to see me!"

Chase takes care of Janette's pressing need to use the potty.

With her skill bar so full, she'll be mastering that soon enough, thankfully.

I find Odette teaching Jemma how to talk in the living room.

Looks like Jemma has a ways to go on that skill as her skill bar has just begun.

I'm not surprised that though Jemma is looking intently at Odette, she isn't trying to repeat the first word Odette tries, as 'frying pan' seems a bit much to ask a toddler to learn right at the beginning.

In the nursery, Chase is having better luck teaching Janette to walk, as she starts taking her first steps towards him.

"That's my girl! Come on sweetie, one more step, two, three, and grab daddy's hand!"

I watch for a few more minutes, until I see Janette reach Chase's outstretched arms.

I love watching toddler's learn their skills, but it's pretty much the same routine every generation, so not very exciting to recount.

I head back over to the Cabin lot to see how Marisol is doing with her new friends, to find that Phyllis has joined the children in their game of tag.

Her foster sister Sweet is now her half-sister as she's been adopted by Granny Shue!

And she decided to keep her surname but add Granny's to it so she's now Phyllis Spitzig-Shue.

She's showing off her new red everyday outfit so the headmistress at the children's home must have sent her new wardrobe on to HS.

I'm glad to see that Phyllis kept her trademark cowboy hat though as she looks so cute in it.

And another new boy has shown up too.

This is Christian Winterly, Charles Winterly, Sidney Shawkti's husband's younger brother!

Oh, maybe…nope. He becomes a teen tomorrow!

But it's too dark for good photos, and the children are getting tired, so I send Marisol home.

And I see Cinda heading off somewhere, so I follow her to see what's going on.

I find her heading into the criminal warehouse in HS, working on an op to foil a criminal's attempt to annihilate the town with a super weapon.

"Hey, haven't you already done that!?!"

"That was back in RH Dee. So having done it once with the master criminals in that town, the ones here should be a breeze!"

"What if it's Eric!?! Or if he's involved somehow? Arresting your own son and tossing him behind bars won't be much fun or look very good on the Frio record!"

"Please! I made sure that Eric is not on duty and besides that, he's not even close to becoming a criminal mastermind."

"Well, since you have it all under control, I'll leave you to it!"

Back at the house, Marisol plays peek-a-boo with Janette, which is super cute to watch.

Look at Janette's adorable face as she gets to know her older sister!

And playing peek-a-boo together makes them friends faster than playing at the blocks table, which requires the toddler to know how to talk for them to converse.

Not so peek-a-boo, as after a few minutes, the friends faces come up!

Then I get the cutest photo of Marisol hugging Janette.

"Wuv you Mari!"

"I love you too baby sister!"

Then I hear the ghostly visitor music and go upstairs to find Adam and Claire in the rockers on the side upstairs porch.

Then ghostly Sam pops out of his urn for a visit.

Then I find ghostly Samuel downstairs in the rocker in the nursery.

And ghostly Jared in a rocker on the side porch!

Seeing all these ghosts reminds me that my simself has not yet had the opportunity to meet any of them.

So I quickly pop her into the Frio home using MC.

I direct our unexpected house guest to introduce herself to Adam first, to make sure he doesn't disappear before she gets the chance to meet him.

"Hi Adam! We finally get to meet!"

"Well, hi yourself Watcher!'

"Now that we've met, please call me Dee! We've known each other so long, it only seems fitting."

As I turn to get another photo, I see this, hearts between the two of them!

And then the typical message pops up as they both say, "We have so much in common, I'd love to get to know you better!"

"Seriously!?! I leave you guys alone for a second, two at the most, and you do that!"

"Well, what do you expect Watcher!?! I'm a writer, she's a writer, and just because I'm dead doesn't mean I can't appreciate an attractive sim!"

I am nonplussed when I hear my simself gush, "Why thank you Adam, I find you very attractive too! Even though I'm definitely not dead and very married to a gorgeous sim in town, and we have a daughter together. So we'll table that and just stick to being friends!"

And that's when I notice ghostly Claire rocking nearby with the biggest smirk on her face!

This is just turning into more and more of a nightmare.

I thought it was bad when I didn't have any control over my simself, now,  though I'm able to control her actions, I still have no control over her thoughts!

Or her words, apparently! *facepalm*

Thankfully, she sticks to platonic actions and is super excited when Adam agrees to an autograph.

Okay, I can deal with that.

Then they talk about books, each one of them praising the others efforts, with Adam encouraging Dee in her chosen profession.

"Now don't get discouraged by a bad book. It happens to the best of us. Just put your nose to the grindstone and start another one, and switching genres can help to give you more versatility as a writer. Which ones have you tried so far?"

"I've written a fiction book, a sci-fi adventure, and I'm currently working on a humor novel. I love mysteries and westerns too, so I'll probably try my hand at those as well."

"That's a great plan! Try your hand at a lot of different genres, build up your writing skill, then choose a specific genre once you've mastered writing."

"Thanks Adam! Coming from you, that's high praise indeed and wonderful advice."

But apparently those topics don't interest Claire at all and she departs back to her urn.

I was hoping my simself would get a chance to talk to Claire too, but she's still deep in conversation with Adam.

"Well, advice doesn't really compare to what you did for me popping that death flower in my inventory! Sophie and I really appreciated the extra time together."

"I just wish my Watcher self had thought to let you stay in town with Sophie, like she has the other spouses."

Adam shook his head, defending me to my simself, saying, "Not in the cards. It's only heir spouses of long-lived supernaturals she can do that with, like Logan's wife, Sasha, and Carly's husband, Dashing Desmond."

"You call him that too!?!"

"Just to make the Watcher blush!"

My simself holds her hand up like she's telling Adam a secret and says, "It's fun to mess with her isn't it!?!"

And Adam laughs out loud, saying, "So much fun!"

"Hey, I am right here you two!"

This only makes the two of them laugh louder!

Boy am I glad this is the end of this chapter!

Chase is back home and settling into the routine of being a father again.

With Odette's help, they are starting to teach the twins their toddler skills.

Marisol is keeping up her friendship with Phyllis as well as making new friends with other children in HS,
and her baby sister, Janette, with a few quick games of peek-a-boo.

I got a brainstorm and added my simself to the Frio household so she could meet the family ghosts.

That's come to pass as my simself has met Adam, but they both have me so embarrassed I'm afraid the heat will never leave my cheeks!

I'm not sure how much longer I can stand my simself's shenanigans, but I'd like for her to meet some of the other family ghosts, especially Lorelei.

I'm sure she'll be doing everything she can to mess with me and I hate to think what that will mean if she gets to meet ghostly Claire, or worse, ghostly Jared!

Follow along in Chapter 239: More Ghostly Meetings and Friendships
Coming soon.